Unpublished photos of branded women show handiwork of Dr. Roberts, D.O.

It remains to be seen if the branding of the women's pubic region with the initials of Keith Raniere was meant to be a prison branding.

It is a matter of deep regret that I must advise my readers of photographs that were shown to the Frank Report of a woman who was branded.

The photos were of her pubic bone area.

The face of the woman was not in the photo.

There was no ink used. This was not a tattoo. The outline of initials were in crude pattern that seemed to be an attempt at use initials to form some kind of logo.

They appear to have been made by burning flesh and rather crudely forming the initials of Keith Raniere and other letters in juxtaposition.

To protect the identity of this branded woman, who is one among many, I will not discuss the details of her brand further. Each branded woman’s mark is different since the women often squirmed in pain as they were held down by other naked women while the hot iron brand was applied to their pubic region.

I did not take possession of the photographs.

I may take possession of them in future but I feel that at least for now, they belong in law enforcement hands.

I understand there is a pending investigation into Dr. Danielle Roberts. D.O. that commenced this month. The investigation is now one where the the suspension or revocation of her medical license is one of the options of investigators.

Branded women inside and outside the Raniere-sphere should expect to be contacted.

For your advice and well being, please be advised that an FBI agent may accompany the State Investigator. Please be aware that the FBI agent may be there to ensure truthful answers.

And unlike it is with state investigators, it is a crime to lie to federal law enforcement agent.

No one wants to see the victims of Keith Raniere put under undue stress or charged criminally. Do not lie to investigators. You are not required to talk to them – and it is often advisable to consult with an attorney before speaking with an FBI agent or, for that matter, any law enforcement agent.  But also be aware that the FBI is very adept at obtaining search warrants when people do not voluntarily cooperate with them.

If you do decide to consult with an attorney be careful who you pick.  Because of all its legal battles, NXIVM has hired lots of attorneys in lots of cities. And the last thing you want to do is spill your guts to an attorney who will inform NXIVM about your visit (EVEN THOUGH THEY SHOULD DO SO, DO NOT COUNT ON AN ATTORNEY TO WARN YOU OF HIS/HER PRIOR INVOLVEMENT WITH NXIVM).

I intend to reach out to Dr. Roberts for her comments.  I will, as usual, be happy to post any comments she wishes to make in their entirety.

It’s possible that Dr. Roberts ends up being the only one charged criminally – and, happily for the supporters of Keith Raniere, the matter may end with only Dr. Roberts being punished. Incarceration seems unlikely unless someone wants to make this prosecution a headline grabber.

Since Dr. Roberts is a professional, she will likely be held “most culpable.”

According to our sources, Dr. Roberts is telling Mr. Raniere’s followers that she branded the women only because  Mr. Raniere devised the idea.

It was not her idea.

Supporters of Mr. Raniere may be likely to argue that he is not a licensed physician and that Dr. Roberts is; therefore, she is more culpable.  Karma’s a bitch that way, isn’t it, Doc?

“For instance,’ one of Mr. Raniere’s supporters argues, “If Keith were to advise Dr. Roberts to swap brains between two people and she did it when he was not there, she is to blame for not knowing this is illegal. Keith was never there at any of the branding. If he called, during the time or texted understand that was Karen Unterreiner’s phone.  Understand that there is no way to even prove he knew about it and no witness that he does.”

The source added quickly that this is not to imply there is any schism between Dr. Roberts and Mr. Raniere. It is not known whether if she is offered a plea deal, she will fulfill her lifetime vow of obedience to Mr. Raniere — even if some of her life has to be spent in prison sacrificing for her master.

Our knowledge of the group suggests that several higher-up women in the circle of Mr. Raniere – including Nancy Salzman and Lauren Salzman and Miss Unterreiner have been kind enough to offer Dr. Roberts the support she needs including expanded sessions of  Exploration of Meaning or EM sessions.

To compare Keith Raniere’s [right] scientific experiments with the experiments of Dr. Mengele is unjust his followers say.  And I ask, “Why”?
Women who were branded were not bound by ropes but held down by four naked women so they would not hurt themselves.


Every woman must provide collateral before they are branded to ensure they will keep the practice secret.
An artist conception of a happiier time: DOS women celebrate in the moonlight of Clifton Park as they dance off the pain of branding, which Mr. Raniere equates with love.
Capture 5
As long as the DOS slave-women do not betray their Master, the Vanguard, he may not be charged.
mack needs help
Allison Mack may need to show investigators her pubic region.
Karen Unterreiner is on the Executive Success Program’s Board of Directors and is believed to be the most qualified in advising the DOS women in what to say and what not to say to investigators.
dr roberts
Dr. Diane Roberts D.O. mugs for the camera in happier days. She is now under growing scrutiny for her practice of branding is outside the allowable practices of physicians in the US. She may be able to argue that it is a religious practice and escape criminal prosecution. If she has not done so already, Dr. Roberts is strongly advised to get the advice of a competent attorney who is not directly under the thrall of Keith Raniere.
Who wants to be next to be branded with Keith Raniere’s initials? Raise your hand.
Branding cattle shows who owns them. If a woman agrees to be owned  by Mr. Raniere, why is it any different?
salmn kiss
Prefect Nancy Salzman wants women to come under the command of her master, Keith Raniere. She is said to be eager to give therapy to women who have been branded and now regret it.

salzman h

Mr. Raniere has identified who is and who is not a Luciferian. Dr. Roberts will likely soon be faced with a choice: She can take the fall in the system for Keith Raniere and accept charges without turning evidence against Mr. Raniere, thereby protecting him so he can continue to teach. Or she can be a Luciferian and betray her master and inform on him. However, if she betrays Mr. Raniere, she takes the fall in a spiritual way and that, Mr. Raniere teaches, is far more severe than merely getting one’s physician’s license revoked or spending six months in a low security state or federal prison.
Women who are contacted by law enforcement are STRONGLY urged not to lie. You do not have to speak with any agent. You have the right to consult an attorney before making any statement – even if you are arrested.
paddle babuy
This is not a real photo. Any similarity between the people in this fictional artwork and real people is said to be coincidental: The artist describes it as such: Some of the women have introduced corporal punishment into the practices of DOS but they are always punishing the wrong people.
Not a real photo: Artistic representation of Master Raniere as Count DOS

dr rob

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  • Not only is this fraud (Keith the red nose reindeer-points for ref children story as he’s stuck mentally at his first spanking at his 1st clear sign of NPD narsassistic personality disorder by his mom, which should have been clear to his right hand therapist Nancy Salzman. As he clearly hates females & fears their power ) a walking contradiction .. he’s also thinking he’s some 18 century king trying to build a submissive AF army of BOTH MEN & FEMALES. I wonder if he thinks he’ll get by with his EMs in prison… where fear was truly invented. I’d love to see that documentary Mark… think about it guys… it’s kinda brilliant.. I’ll let you have that one . You’re welcome. You’ve earned it.

  • It is amazing how careless and stupid a licensed medical doctor can become under the direction and will of a deeply disturbed individual who has been often described as a misogynistic sociopath. I think it is a good thing for the safety of the public that she has her license revoked. Her master KR is seemingly best described as an “psychophagic” – a soul sucker – who slowly but surely, eventually sucks the career, money, spirit, life, etc., out of those around him.

  • The investigation of the DOS blackmail, slavery, and genital branding will be much more efficient if the FBI and medical license investigators set up a booth at Silver Bay conference center. All of the DOS women who haven’t left the Raniere-verse will be there.

    Maybe V and P will write some special modules about how to “non-disclose” the truth (I.e., lie) to uphold “ethics” over mere “rules” like criminal law.

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