Allison Mack is broke; blew through fortune under Raniere [millionaire in 2007- broke 2017]

Allison Mack is broke.

Another example of the value of Executive Success Programs’ curriculum.

When she first started taking ESP classes, she was a giant TV star with millions of fans and millions of dollars.’

She began around 2007.

By 2010, her mentor, Keith Raniere, persuaded her there were more important things to do with her life than star in a TV show with millions of fans.

Miss Mack, 34, came to Mr. Raniere with millions of dollars and quickly blew through her savings.

She had made substantial money for her nearly decade long role in Smallville.

She did lose some money in real estate investments unrelated to Mr. Raniere, but she took her entire fortune with her to Clifton Park, NY and soon lost what was left of it.

Curiously too, after joining Mr. Raniere full time, she has consistently turned down acting work, some of it quite lucrative.

In Clifton Park, people have ridiculed Miss Mack for considering acting roles that are, as they say, “too commercial.”

Consequently, Miss Mack – who needs Mr. Raniere’s permission to accept any outside work – mainly works for his companies.

While Miss Mack is the second in command of the women’s group DOS [Dominant Under Submissive] just under Mr. Raniere, some say she now owes Mr. Raniere’s companies hundreds of thousands of dollars for training.


2 thoughts on “Allison Mack is broke; blew through fortune under Raniere [millionaire in 2007- broke 2017]

  1. All this is true.

    I also heard that she is married to Nicki Clyne to keep her in the states. India Oxenberg was the witness to the whole thing apparently. Anyone call ICE yet?

    I wonder too, are these girls all sleeping together? Does KR let the women sleep with each other? Does he watch?

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