Raniere’s Name Is on Nothing? AKA “Get to law enforcement first or be left holding the bag?”

Artist depiction: "The lecherous Mr. Raniere."

Our readers have raised a number of significant points, and asked questions. Here are some of them, with our replies and answers to questions”

Get to law enforcement first:


One of the most important things for DOS members – and other Mr. Raniere followers – to consider is that whoever goes to the legal authorities first usually ends up with the best deal.  Personally, I wouldn’t waste time going to the Albany County DA because of his close and ongoing ties to NXIVM and Clare Bronfman.

I’d also avoid the local office of the NYS Police whose chief investigator was “compromised” by NXIVM a long time ago.

That basically leaves the FBI – which has pretty much taken a “hands off” approach when it comes to NXIVM and Raniere; the new Acting U.S. Attorney in Albany, who may want to make an immediate name for himself with a high-profile case like this; or the Saratoga County District Attorney, Karen Heggen.

All in all, I’d probably go to Heggen because of her prior work on domestic violence cases.  But get there quick before a line forms out front of her office!

To repeat: whoever goes to the legal authorities first usually ends up with the best deal.

Reader 2: Raniere may be guilty of RICO Act

I’m not sure why anyone … thinks {Keith Raniere’s] name has to be on … business[es] to make [him] culpable….  RICO says otherwise. Everyone in and out of NXIVM knows Raniere is the mastermind behind all.

According to Wiki:

“The RICO Act focuses specifically on racketeering, and it allows the leaders of a syndicate to be tried for the crimes which they ordered others to do or assisted them in doing, closing a perceived loophole that allowed a person who instructed someone else to, for example, murder, to be exempt from the trial because they did not actually commit the crime personally.”

There are other conspiracy crimes Mr. Raniere might be guilty of committing.



You can try to portray Nancy as an “innocent person” who got bamboozled by Keith Raniere but the simple reality is that she was a con artist long before she met him.

Just ask her about all her fraudulent Medicaid billings and her own bogus resume.

And no matter what else you might argue, you have to come back to the fact that she pimped away her two daughters to Keith. What the hell kind of mother does that?

Ask Nancy about all her own unreported income like her $40,000/year “clothing allowance”, her rent-free house, her many gift card purchases, etc.

She deserves to be prosecuted just like everyone else who is part of the cult leadership and she’s also the one that’s most likely to take the fall for Raniere and his cash cow, Clare Bronfman.

Response: It is likely true that Nancy Salzman laundered money, and committed acts of tax evasion amounting to more than one million dollars. That is relatively small compared to what Mr. Raniere and Miss Bronfman engineered.

If an investigative agency had the capabilities to properly audit these two, they would be able to uncover well over $10 million in laundered money through multiple shell bank accounts in various people’s names.

However, it is not as simple as pinning the tail on the Raniere.

Keith Raniere never gives the orders directly to the person opening the bank account. That is generally done through Nancy Salzman or Karen Unterreiner. If they are willing to go to jail for him, it may be hard to prosecute Mr. Raniere.

Miss Bronfman should have enough money to buy her way out of prison.
If law enforcement does take up the task, it seems most likely that Ms. Salzaman and Miss Unterreiner will get charged.

Now the problem with that is they are not very newsworthy people.

Nancy to some degree is, but she will not generate the same headlines as Bronfman or Keith Raniere. And most prosecutors require savory headlines to prosecute a complicated prosecution for it takes up manpower.

Allison Mack could sweeten up the deal for prosecutors. Or if there were enough little fish like Alexander (Alejandro) Betancourt Ledesma, Edgar Boone, Omar Boone, Esther L. Chiappone/Carlson, Sean H. Craney, James J. DelNegro, Adrianna Fernandez, Silvia Lloyd, Matthew J. McMorris, Steven T. Ose, Farouk Rojas, Wendy Rosen-Brooks, Kathy Russell a/k/a “Sage”,  Lauren R. Salzman, Michelle D. Salzman, Karen A. Unterreiner a/k/a “Gozer”, Ben Myers, [redacted], Ivy Nevares, Loretta Garza, Rosa Laura Junco, and others, it might make sense.

But there would be pressure to charge Keith Raniere – especially if two dozen small fry are charged and the big guys gets away.

On the other hand, it would not be proper to charge wealthy individuals such as Clare and Sara Bronfman or Emiliano Salinas Occelli since a double standard of law operates in the US similarly to other places throughout the world.

In addition, here as elsewhere, prosecutors are known to rewrite the crime scenario to fit the persons [i.e., stretch the crime to fit the target] to make Nancy Salzman the “boss lady” giving the orders.

Keith and Clare should be able to get out of it unscathed.

Crimes that should be investigated include:

  • The Bronfman sisters, Clare and Sara, have given $100 million to Mr. Raniere through various shell corporations. Mr. Raniere never reported the income – and the Bronfmans never reported the gift, preferring to list it as a loan with (phantom) interest payments.
  • The Bronfman sisters spent $1 million for “litigation support” – which was in fact illegal surveillance on judges involved in their lawsuits.
  • NXIVM/ESP made millions in coaching fees but never paid taxes.
  • Top aides have not filed tax returns – and ESP never reported the payments it made to those people. All of ESP is a large tax evasion scheme.
  • The Bronfmans set up false charities and under-reported income while laundering millions from Mexico for Mr. Raniere.
  • Carriers brought cash to Mr. Raniere and may “ roll” on Nancy Salzman and the Bronfmans.
  • Mr. Raniere has not reported income since nothing is in his name.
  • The Bronfmans and NXIVM bundled money to politicians in return for indictments against enemies.
  • NXIVM got numerous members to make political contributions to Hillary Clinton and others – and then re-paid those contributions in cash.
  • The Bronfmans evaded more than $35 million in unpaid taxes through deceitful “loans” to Mr. Raniere.
  • NXIVM/ESP has been harboring fugitive illegal foreigners for years, many of whom have been forced to work for the company or its principals without any pay.

The NY Post [March 27, 2010] reported that Mr. Raniere “Blew through $100 million of (Bronfmans’) fortune…. Raniere ran out of money to fund a long-running commodities scheme and a real-estate development deal involving (the late Edgar Bronfman Sr.’s) two daughters, Clare and Sara”.

Another story, “Guru: Blow off taxes” (January 31, 2011) the NY Post writes, “The leader of an Albany ‘cult’ financed by the Bronfman booze fortune urged followers to dodge taxes…. and dispatched top advisers to break into the homes and ‘sweep’ the bank accounts of his detractors, according to a new court filing.”


A Host of Shell Corporations

NXIVM Corp (New York State corp.) has many related and affiliated corporate entities or “shell” companies and appears to be engaged in a classic Klein Conspiracy to defraud the government.

The shell companies – all of them under the control of Raniere – are ostensibly owned by various Raniere followers.

Raniere’s name appears on none of them.

Associated bank accounts also do not have Mr. Raniere’s name or social security number on any of them.  More than 75 entities under Mr. Raniere’s control do not have his name attached.

The list of companies include:

  • 26 Realty Property Management, LLC
  • A Cappella Innovations, Inc.
  • Aletheia LLC
  • Alpha Development Group
  • Axiology, Inc. (Nevada: March 18, 2008)
  • Buyers Advocate, Inc. (Delaware: June 28, 1999)
  • Center for Ethical Justice LLC (Delaware: October 7, 2007)
  • Consumers Advocate, Inc.
  • Consumers Buyline, Inc.
  • Crosspoint Communication, Inc.
  • Ethilogia
  • Elite Housing Corporation
  • Elite Marketing Professionals, Inc. (Delaware; August 26, 1 999)
  • Essence Interactive
  • Ethletics LLC
  • Ethical Principles Inc.,
  • Ethical Publishing LLC (Delaware: August 26, 1999)
  • Ethical Value Exchange, Inc.
  • Events for Humanity, Inc. (Delaware: November 2, 2007)
  • Executive Housing & Properties, Inc. (Delaware: January 28, 2004)
  • Executive Housing & Properties, Inc. (New York State: January 9, 2004)
  • Executive Success Programs, Inc. (Delaware: July 20, 1998)
  • Executive Success Programs, Inc. (New York State: May 6, 2002)
  • First Principles Inc. (Delaware)
  • Grow Sport, Ltd. (Great Britain)
  • House of Equus LLC
  • In Lak Ech
  • International Center for Change, Inc. (New York State: October 14, 1992)
  • J. Cricket LLC
  • JM Tax Consulting
  • Jness
  • Karmar
  • Krunch Corporation
  • Las Casitas Rental
  • Moving Pix LLC
  • My Home, Inc.
  • Nataraja Center for Movement Arts
  • NXIVM Corporation (Puerto Rico: October 25, 2005)
  • NXIVM Properties LLC, (NYS),
  • NX Trust
  • Occam’s Razor LLC
  • Our Evolution LLC
  • Peak Physique, Inc.
  • PERSENSEO, Inc. (Delaware)
  • POIESIS, Inc.
  • Precision Development, LLC (Nevada)
  • Rainbow Cultural Garden, Inc. (Delaware: September 7, 2007)
  • Rainbow Cultural Garden LLC
  • Remick Consulting (Delaware)
  • Rochester Media Management LLC
  • Signature Event Marketing Group
  • Slate River Farm, Inc.
  • Slate River Mobile LLC (Delaware)
  • Slate Sista Farm LLC
  • Spirit@19, Inc. (Delaware)
  • Sunshine Properties LLC
  • The Art of Movement, Inc. (Delaware: April 12, 2004)
  • The Athletics Foundation
  • The Dalai Lama Trust
  • The Ethical Foundation, Inc. (Fictitious)
  • The Ethical Foundation, Inc. (Massachusetts: January 22, 1979)
  • The Ethical Humanitarian Foundation
  • The Ethical Science Foundation (Delaware)
  • The First Foundation, Inc.
  • The Raniere Group, Inc. (Delaware: April 12, 1994)
  • The Think Fund, Inc. (Nevada: October 10, 2001)
  • The World Ethical Foundations Consortium
  • Truth LLC (Delaware: August 23, 2007)
  • Ultima ® (New York State: May 6, 2008)
  • Veinte Seiz LLC f7k/a Blue Skies LLC
  • Veinte Siete LLC f/k/a Charly’s Wings LLC
  • Village Hall LLC
  • Whare LLC
  • World Audience Productions LLC

And the rest of us just keep on working – and paying the taxes.  Makes you wonder why, doesn’t it?

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In defense of Frank Parlato, and why you should not care
In defense of Frank Parlato, and why you should not care
6 years ago

Mr. Parlato’s trial date is irrelevant to either the truth of the allegations against Raniere-world, or to the truth of the charges against Mr. Parlato.

The truth of the charges against Mr. Parlato is irrelevant to the truth of the allegations against Raniere-world.

A standard Raniere-world legal tactic is to find compliant prosecutors to bring criminal charges against their enemies. Mr. Parlato got on the enemies list by implying to the Bronfmans that Raniere’s investment advice was less than omniscient.

There is a genuine dispute about compensation for work Parlato did on behalf of the Bronfmans. His work clearly saved them $10-26 million. He was supposed to be compensated by a share of profits from the development project he salvaged, but he was fired for no cause except implying Raniere wasn’t the smartest man in the world before receiving compensation. A $1 million advance to pay taxes on an unrelated project is the subject of the dispute. It is very hard to see how Mr. Parlato’s conduct could be construed as fraud or theft, while that of Raniere and rhe Bronfmans seems to be at best unethical and much closer to fraudulent. The whole dispute would best be considered a.civil action, not criminal.

There DOES seem to be an open and shut case that Clare Bronfman has given blatently contradictory testimony, under oath, in cases related to the development projecf. When it was to her or Raniere’s benefit, she testified in some cases that there was a written contract for Parlato’s involvement. When it was to her or Raniere’s benefit, in other cases she testified that there was NOT a written contract.

It is helpful to Mr. Parlato in the current case if Clare’s inconsistent testimony in the past causes her to be disregarded. Then the remaining evidence points to there being no valid written contract for Mr. Parlato’s participation. That makes the fraud charge dismissable under statue of limitations. And if not dismissed, fraud implies misrepresentation about an agreement, and what was the agreement?

Clare going to jail on fraud would be a separate thing. And still would have no effect on tje truth of the allegations about Raniere-world.

In defense of Joe O'Hara
In defense of Joe O'Hara
6 years ago

Joe O’Hara was hired by Raniere-world for legal and PR advice in the early 2000s. Raniere-world’s big problem was bad press due to the Sutton family hiring Rick Ross to convince a son to leave Raniere-world, which resulted in some of their lesson material getting to Ross. Ross commissioned some psychologists to analyze it and published their analysis (still easily found online). Raniere-world both sued (and lost all the way up to the Supreme Court) and hired shady detectives to dig up dirt on Ross. O’Hara did facilitate the lawsuits, but not the detective work, some of which was clearly illegal. When he found that, he reported to Raniere that his minions were breaking the law, they needed to stop, and O’Hara would not participate. He didn’t actually go to the authorities, but he became a threat. So Raniere turned his lawyers loose on O’Hara, with multiple civil lawsuits, criminal charges, etc. The legal bills essemtially bankrupted him, and Raniere’s lawyers then interfered with the bankruptcy case (another Raniere tactic used against many).

The civil and criminal cases directly involving Raniere-world were all dropped or decided in O’Hara’s favor.

But he did plead guilty in a plea-bargain in a completely unrelated case. Multiple people in the El Paso, Texas school district were convicted of taking bribes to grant contracts, and one of O’Hara’s companies had one $5000 transaction with one of the bribe takers. The recipient (probably in a plea bargain to reduce his sentence on other, bigger bribes) said it was a bribe from O’Hara’s local rep. The local rep (probably in a plea bargain) said it was a bribe and his boss O’Hara was responsible. O’Hara initially said he was told that the $5000 was a campaign donation from a political action committee his company had in Texas (it had similar PACs in many states). Facing a maximum term of 20 years (a life sentence at his age), and nearly bankrupted by Raniere, O’Hara later pled guilty and received a 3 year sentence.




6 years ago

If people like Bronfman and Raniere can get away with tax fraud just because they have a lot of money, why should a little guy like me have to pay taxes at all? America is government for the people, by the people, not government for the rich, by the rich. This crime syndicate and its many shell corporations should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law along with its leaders, whether they exist on corporate documents, or are the “Al Capone” behind it all.

Law Enforcement Isn't Reading Blogs
Law Enforcement Isn't Reading Blogs
6 years ago
Reply to  VanDouche

Law enforcement isn’t reading this blog. Saratogaindecline frequently made similar assertions on it’s blog for years and then John Tighe was imprisoned for being a peddler of child pornography. Funny, some of the comments on this site sound just like John Tighe’s commenters back in the day. What happened there? John Tighe went to jail and his main poster / promoter Joe O’Hara went to jail for charges totally unrelated to NXIVM. Victims of NXIVM be warned. Just because someone is against NXIVM doesn’t mean they are good or honest people.

6 years ago

Why are NXIVM/ESP people so bad at logic? How other people are and what they have done, will never make Keith Raniere anymore good or honest either. Just because the sociopath can fuck underage girls or brainwash women into sleeping with him and use billionaire money to get away with it, doesn’t make him better than John Tighe or Joe O’Hara. Sorry.

This Blog Is For Real Victims Not Con Men
This Blog Is For Real Victims Not Con Men
6 years ago
Reply to  Irrelevant

It’s relevant if comments seem to obviously be written by Joe O’Hara. Joe, why don’t you back off? Your comments are so obviously from you and discredit the serious reporting, and serious INSIDER comments going on on this site. No one is saying Keith Raniere is not an evil monster. But there is a huge difference between being a real victim of Keith Raniere and being a willing accomplice like you Joe O’Hara, who accepted millions of dollars and went to prison. You know? Stop trying to exploit the real victims here for some desperate rationalization of your own complicity with NXIVM and crimes. It’s sad and obvious and takes away from the power of the original reporting and the real victims making comments here. I mean really. Are you going to keep the “VanDouche” thing up? Will you change? Vanfraud? Vanscumbag? Come on, Joe. Give it up. You got caught, you went to jail, you are a thief and a scumbag. No matter how evil Keith Raniere is (as close to Lucifer as anyone can get) does not change the truly deplorable scummy things you have done in your own life. Move on, stop blaming NXIVM, go to convict therapy.

6 years ago

LOL. Sorry, I’m not Joe O’Hara. I don’t even know why anyone would think so.

Monte Blu
Monte Blu
6 years ago

Yes!!! Keith Raniere is a victim.

Concerned About Frank Parlato Case
Concerned About Frank Parlato Case
6 years ago

The Biggest obstacle for law enforcement to move against NXIVM is the ongoing case against Frank Parlato, by the FBI and the IRS, of which Clare and Sara Bronfman are named (among others) victims. That should be taken seriously. Mr. Parlato is doing groundbreaking reporting on this site. Life changing for many people. However, his pending prosecution is a huge obstacle for law enforcement investigations. Mr. Parlato do you have a trial date? You published in February that you had absolute evidence of Clare Bronfman committing perjury in your case. If that is true, why haven’t the claims against you by her and Sara been dismissed by the Feds? Please help us understand as complaints to any authorities will be looked at through the prism of your case. Do have a trial date? What happened when you reported Clare Bronfman’s perjury to the court? Is a decision on Clare’s perjurious conduct pending? If your case was dismissed it would give many, many people courage.

6 years ago

I hope a detailed response to this comment is forthcoming. Answering all the questions? Trial date etc.?

Frank Parlato
Frank Parlato
6 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Check out previous posti: https://frankreport.com/2017/07/02/update-on-parlato-case-clare-bronfman-perjurer/
Do a little research on your own:
Miss Bronfman committed perjury – but at the behest of Keith Raniere.
Please be patient. Other things are in the works now that may spark their fleeing to Wakaya Island where extradition is very hard and very slow. Stay tuned.

Frank Parlato
Frank Parlato
6 years ago

Bronfman millions buys lot of things. But will it be enough to exculpate them from perjury? That remains to be seen. The wheels of justice are slow indeed. Check out my previous postings on Bronfman perjury – everything is carefully explained: https://frankreport.com/2017/07/02/update-on-parlato-case-clare-bronfman-perjurer/
Do a little research on your own:
Mr. Raniere and Clare Bronfman will soon discover how perjury starts and ends.
Please be patient.

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