As Mexican teenage girls come to Albany for Raniere lessons, litany of allegations, including harem herpes, might give parents ’cause for concern’

Good question< But what's it like to NOT tell?

From sources:


raniere 9
Teenage girls will learn about Keith Raniere and his teachings. .

Groups of Mexican teenage girls have been arriving in Clifton Park for months to be trained in the teachings of Keith Raniere.

The Mexican girls are between the ages of 15 and 20, and their parents are told the girls will be taught to be entrepreneurs.

rosa laura junco
Rosa Laura Junco is training teenage girls the wisdom of Keith Raniere.

Rosa Laura Junco, an Albany area resident originally from Mexico, heads the program. She is a salesman/trainer for multilevel marketing companies whose product is Mr. Raniere’s teachings, including Executive Success Programs, which conducts seminars based on Mr. Raniere’s intellectual discoveries, and Jness, a woman’s group.


She was also listed as CEO for The Knife of Aristotle, a company that utilizes the teachings of Mr. Raniere to evaluate media bias. Ms. Junco’s bio was recently removed from the Knife of Aristotle website, along with other media analysts, all of whom are known to be associated with Mr. Raniere’s Executive Success Programs.  The bios were removed shortly after an expose of the company appeared in Paste Magazine.


Ms. Junco is married to Luis Enrique Montes, a trainer/salesman in the Society of Protectors, a multilevel marketing company selling courses based on the teachings of Mr. Raniere for men.

Ms. Junco is a founding member of DOS [Dominant Over Submissive], a women’s group based on the secret teachings of Mr. Raniere.  DOS members make a vow to be “slaves” of Mr. Raniere who in turn holds incriminating or embarrassing documents or photographs as “collateral’ to ensure secrecy.


The branding process takes place in a secret location, identified by this website as the home of former TV actress Allison Mack who lives in Clifton Park and heads DOS, under Mr. Raniere’s direction.

Women submit to be branded with a hot iron cauterizer scarring the initials of Mr. Raniere and Miss Mack on their pubic region. The branding is performed by Dr. Danielle Roberts, D.O., a licensed physician and member of DOS.

Mr. Montes and Ms. Junco share a home at 21 Oregon Trail in Half Moon which is minutes away from the home of Mr. Raniere.

Classes for the Mexican teen girls are conducted at Ms. Junco’s home.

According to sources, Mr. Raniere teaches that adults having sex with children is acceptable if there is no pain, and claims mothers perform oral sex on their children in some tribes, and that fathers are sexually attracted to their teenage daughters and a daughter should feel free to stroke her father’s penis.

According to court documents, at a Halloween party at Nancy Salzman’s home, Mr. Raniere was observed, costumed in a bathrobe with a plastic penis protruding, flirting with a teenage girl whose father was taking ESP classes. The father quit the course and removed his daughter from further contact with Mr. Raniere.

This is not an authentic picture. This is an artist rendering of an actual costume Keith Raniere wore at a Halloween Party at Nancy Salzman’s house where he flirted with a teenage girl, concerning her father who witnesses it, according to court documents.
gina hutvhinson
Gina Hutchinson committed suicide. Her sister Heidi Hitchinson said that Mr. Raniere had sex with her when she was 15 and psychologically disturbed and manipulated Gina for her entire life.

Mr. Raniere’s student, Nancy Salzman allegedly permitted Mr. Raniere to have sex with her teenage daughters when they were 17 and 19. The elder daughter, Lauren Salzman, now 40, has forgone marriage and recently became his branded slave in DOS. She bears the initials of both Mr. Raniere and Allison Mack on her public region.

In 2012, two then-adult women told the Albany Times Union that Mr. Raniere had sexual relations with them when they were 12 and 15.  A third woman claimed Mr. Raniere had sex with her sister when she was 15-16. She later committed suicide.

He was never charged.

Kristin Keeffe, the mother of Mr. Raniere’s son, fled with their child and went into hiding with the aid of New York State Police. According to State Police investigator Rodger Kirsop, Miss Keeffe and her son were placed in battered women’s shelters.

Several women claimed Mr. Raniere raped them. No charges were filed against Mr. Raniere.

Mr. Raniere allegedly plotted with his Mexican disciple, Emiliano Salinas, son of former Mexican President Carlos Salinas, to lure two former girlfriends and two female business associates all of whom he was suing to Mexico to have them arrested on false charges and thrown in prison where they would be beaten and raped, according to court filings and reports in the Albany Times Union. The women were Barbara Bouchey, and Toni Natalie, former girlfriends and Susan Dones and Kim Woolhouse, former ESP trainers from Washington.

A source close to Mr. Raniere claims that DOS is the realization of Mr. Raniere’s longtime goal of creating a multilevel marketing company based on blackmail to hold its members to long term commitments.

Mr. Raniere’s first multilevel marketing program, Consumers Buy Line, was closed by Mr. Raniere as part of a settlement with the New York State Attorney General which sued him, alleging his company was an illegal pyramid scheme. As part of the settlement, Mr. Raniere agreed to pay a $40,000 fine and to never operate a multilevel marketing company again for life.

The multilevel companies which now teach his philosophies are held in various LLC’s owned by his female students.

It is unclear whether Ms. Junco remains as CEO of The Knife of Aristotle. One source said, “Keith Raniere created Knife of Aristotle so he could have a course for his students that debunks the bad stuff that is written about him.”

The source added, “He created the module ‘shifter strategy’ in ESP classes where it is taught that people talking negatively about something is unethical. News reports that speak badly about him are attributed to unethical authors who are shifters.”

Over the past decade, Mr. Raniere has been accused of keeping a harem where dozens of his female students have sex with him. Many of them said he psychologically or physically abused them.

A source said. “Keith doesn’t call it a harem. He calls it a circle of women. They all admit to having sex with him and only him.”

Dozens of women told FrankReport they had sex with Mr. Raniere and he required them not to have sex with any other man for the rest of their life.

Some reported they did “cheat” on him.

According to sources, Mr. Raniere, “never uses a condom.”

Good question< But what’s it like to NOT tell?

A correspondent who declined to identify who he or she was, said, there was a rumor that “Keith picked up herpes. Everybody in Nexivm was told not to discuss it so that it would not hurt [Mr. Raniere’s] chances with new recruits. But it has gotten out and it sounds like Keith is pretty pissed. It sounds like his love life has taken a turn for the worse because everybody is scared to f*** him.”

Another source said, “I don’t know if Keith has herpes, but at least one woman has herpes and I know for a fact Keith ‘fucked’ her without a condom.”

Ms. Junco, the teacher of the teen girls and a lifetime slave of Mr. Raniere is the daughter of  Alejandro Junco de la Vega, a distinguished Mexican journalist who publishes nine newspapers with an average daily circulation of 1.4 million, plus a large online readership.

While some, most or all of the allegations against Mr. Raniere may be true of untrue, it is striking that there are so many of them from so many different people, reported in so many different publications and court filings.

We wonder if it should give parents cause for concern.


Nancy Salzman [center] is said to have offered her teen daughters to Keith Raniere.
dr roberts
Dr. Roberts did the human branding.
It was a painful ordeal, women who have been branded say.
Heat is used to apply the brand.


Publisher Alejandro Junco de la Vega of Mexico has a daughter , Rosa Laura Junco, who has pedged to be a slave of Keith Raniere. She is living in Albany New York and is involved in human branding of women. She is also bringing in teenage girls from Mexico to learn the wisdom of her slave master Keith Raniere.

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5 years ago

They are like animals! The Junco de la Vega are nasty people!


[…] Rosa Laura Junco: Married. Likely branded. Has slave pod. For more info: […]

Do sources know the name of the Mexican youth auxilliary program?
Do sources know the name of the Mexican youth auxilliary program?
6 years ago

Age 15 to 20 sounds too young for conventional Executive Success Program or JNESS recruiting. Whether it’s via parents in ESP or JNESS, or more directly (shudder!), I would expect that a program to ship children from Mexico to Albany would have some kind of name (probably in Spanish).

What do our host’s sources say?

6 years ago

Crilafe might be the name,

6 years ago
Reply to  Reporter

That name googles to a Delaware LLC associated with Laura Rose Junco, and Annalea Holland, both characters high in Raniere world.

Google Translate doesn’t give any clues about what it means.

Anyone else out there with knowledge or theories?

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