An example of harem name-redacted report

A source wrote the following report including names.
I have redacted the names in the following report and replaced them with ***
The question is, should the names of the members of the entire harem be made public or is the redacted version sufficient to illustrate the point, which in this case is the relationships women get with Keith Raniere.
My source writes: Update on the harem:

*** – alone, on post for Keith, loveless, boyfriendless since 1999. Probably given up on having one of Keith’s “golden children” as she is approaching 50. So, no baby ever.

*** – head NXIVM bookkeeper handler of all KR’s nefarious bank transactions. Alone on post for Keith, loveless, boyfriendless since 2003.

*** – assistant to ***. Beautiful, intelligent, and educated, on post for Keith to throw her a few crumbs since early 2000’s. Living loveless and boyfriendless since then.

*** – flunked out of harem in mid-2000’s. Now living in guilt and insecurity for “failing Keith and failing to work her issues” despite being a gorgeous, educated, successful, real estate entrepreneur. Dating with guilt.

*** – flunked out of harem for her failure to “heal her ethical breach” early on but stayed loyal to organization. Career destroyed as a result of NXIVM and Keith’s pummeling of her self esteem. Totally brainwashed, refuses to see reality.

*** – joined harem after divorcing ***. Does EM therapy sessions with other haremites about their “jealousy issues” with Keith. Main clients – *** and ***. Approaching 40. Likely to follow path of rest of older harem and have a loveless, childless middle age.

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