Raniere claimed supernatural powers: ‘I can make it rain’ on you…

According to a woman who knew him, Keith Raniere claimed he has supernatural powers.

Raniere told her a story of his “amazing power”.

According to our source, who I will call “Janet” [not her real name]: “Keith wanted to have sex with me and he told me it would be a spiritual experience because he had supernatural powers.

“I said, ‘like what?’

“Keith said, ‘I was walking with a woman once and I wanted to teach her and I told her that I could make it rain.’

“He was trying to convince me that he was a prophet and that he had supernatural powers so I would sleep with him,” Janet said.

“Keith went on; he said, ‘I was walking down the road with this woman who, like you, was having difficulty believing. It wasn’t raining at the time. But I used my powers to make it rain. But I made it – and here’s the part  – you understand –  we were walking together, hand in hand, and I made it rain – but only on her! Not a drop fell on my head, while she got wet. So you see there was not a drop of rain on me. She was flabbergasted. Then she knew. I can make it rain and direct it wherever I want.'”

So what was Janet’s reaction?

“The message was clear,’ Janet told me. “He wanted me to believe he had control of the elements. He was not pleased when I was not buying it.”

What did you think at the time?

“‘This man is lying,’ I thought. Later I came to realize he is a psychopath. He never stops torturing his victims. I thought this guy will tell any story to get a girl. He scared me.”


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  • Hahahahahahahahaha!

    It has been assessed by various studies that over 70% of the people in cults are women. I don’t know if this is because they are more compassionate or more gullible than men in general. I think it’s probably both. However, it looks this “Janet” wasn’t gullible enough to to fall for the idiotic nonsense spewed out by – as Bug’s Bunny would say – a maroon. It was obvious his little “head” with its little “brain” was talking.

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

Frank Parlato was the lead investigator and coordinating producer of Investigation Discovery's 2 hour blockbuster special 'The Lost Women of NXIVM.'

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