Children of Ambrose: Uncovering the Dark Reality Behind a Father’s Custody

Chris Ambrose

Be assured Christopher Ambrose won’t relent.

Somebody, somewhere perhaps, will have mercy on these poor teens, but not Ambrose, Not Family Court.

This Friday, September 15, Judge Thomas O’Neill will put the clamps down hard on the children of Ambrose and their mother.

He will hold a hearing in Kangaroo Court, prompted by his kith Chris Ambrose, to find the mother in contempt and punish her by sending her, without a jury trial, to jail, to try to extort the kids back to the hateful home of Ambrose.

Chris Ambrose is stalking his kids who ran away from him

Without evidence, Judge O’Neill will likely rule that the mother, Riordan, pushed her kids to run. She did not need to push them. She couldn’t stop them.

It’s hard to force teenagers – two above the age of consent – to stay with a man they claim abused them. You need not believe their stories of Ambrose’s torment.

Isn’t it enough? They want to be away so badly they risk arrest and run like fugitive slaves, not to be sent back to the dungeons of Ambrose.

But oh how Ambrose loves to cry about how good was his loveless home. You should have seen him crying about the kids not taking their psychiatric medicine. But they never needed psychiatric medicine before Ambrose stole their mother.

Karen with Mia, Matthew and Sawyer, before they were snatched from their happy, loving home

The mother gave up her teaching career to raise them. Ambrose was mostly gone writing for TV shows – in Hollywood or NYC – until he got fired for plagiarism in 2018 and returned to Connecticut.

Every day of their lives, it was mom and them, and mom and her extended family – and visits to the beach, sports practice, school, family friends, and Sunday picnics, everything running nicely—a rich, full life.

They were happy children with their mom—no need for psychiatric medication.

It is a false but profitable notion that because kids do not want to be with an abusive father, it means parental alienation. The remedy is barbaric. The courts remove the mother from the children’s lives, ruining their happiness.

Sometimes, I think Ambrose deliberately tormented his children so they would hate him. Then he got his kettle of high-paid court professionals to call it parental alienation.

He had the children for three years – three lonely kids.

Mia went from being a gymnastics athlete with her mother to being obese at her father’s home because of depression. Then she started drinking and cutting.

Mia in her mother’s care, healthy and happy


Mia in her father’s care


Mia has been cutting since the time she was taken from her mother

Matthew went on drugs, self-prescribed and doctor-prescribed, and a bright and happy kid plunged into depression. He stopped going to school and required a regiment of therapists.

Sawyer, Karen and Matthew, living with mom


Matthew’s Instagram account living with Chris Ambrose


One of Matthew’s Instagram posts

Sawyer, claiming sexual abuse by Ambrose, started vaping and cutting.

Sawyer in his mom’s care


Sawyer under Chris’s care

All these things started with Ambrose and stopped when they returned to live with their mother. Mia began to lose weight. Matthew stopped using all drugs. Sawyer stopped cutting and vaping. Mia stopped drinking.

Matthew, back with his mother after running away, no longer needed depression medication.

All was well until Judge O’Neill for his kith Ambrose came. For two days of August hearings, Judge O’Neill listened to Ambrose’s motion to arrest the mother and get a restraining order to bar her from the kids – without letting the kids testify about how they feel.

On the eve of O’Neill’s decision, which Mia knew was coming, Mia relapsed and got drunk – at the thought of her father coming to take her.

Her friends took her to the hospital. When the father came into her room, she was half-conscious. Yet Mia sensed the menacing presence and cried out, moving fitfully in her bed, as if she felt his cold, unfeeling eyes like glassy marbles staring at her, revealing nothing but a ruthless father’s calculation of how he could force her home.

It seemed she would rise out of bed and run in horror out of the room. The nurses, noting Mia’s visceral reaction, ushered Ambrose out of the room. The teenager calmed down when her mother came to her bedside.

Now, one would think that any man who witnessed his child’s reaction to him would stop and think. Stop trying to force his kids, but if he cared for them, try to salvage a relationship. Not use force, but try love. Banning the mother has not worked. It will never work.

One day, the kids will turn 18 — a little more than a year to go for Matthew and Mia. Then they will shake the dust off their feet and try to bury even the memory of a beast calling himself their father, who had no love for them at all.

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Frank Parlato


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    • The verdict is still out on this judge. Benefiting financially from the alienation claims. 30 perfect increase for judges and family court employees over the last few years. . Getting a huge raise along with the state government. They are collecting a large amount of funding for fathers through the fatherhood initiative welfare reform. Crimes are not protected in Connecticut. Women punished for reporting sexual assault. Faculty for children are dangerous. Children sexually assaulted and beaten. Abuse and pedophilia are appearing to be encouraged and ignored for financial gain. The judges such as this have a significant financial insensitive to push parental alienation. Possibly guiding cases into alienation cases and flipping custody for raises and secure retirement benefits Tax payers funding to legalize child abuse and pedophilia appearing to be the case. Is he a good judge or controlling the head of the snake? Using this case to governor all others?

  • Which “therapy” did the family court judges order? Which protocols and practices did “therapists” and “evaluators” use on those children? For how long? Those three children were close to perfect before being forced through that “family court” hell since 2019.

    AFCC Inc. members working in Connecticut family courts apparently conducted social science research on those teens.

    That kind of research on human test subjects requires informed consent:

    “… The regulations require that the following information must be conveyed to each subject:

    a statement that the study involves research, an explanation of the purposes of the research and the expected duration of the subject’s participation, a description of the procedures to be followed, and identification of any procedures which are experimental;

    a description of any reasonably foreseeable risks or discomforts to the subject;

    a description of any benefits to the subject or to others which may reasonably be expected from the research;

    a disclosure of appropriate alternative procedures or courses of treatment, if any, that might be advantageous to the subject;

    a statement describing the extent, if any, to which confidentiality of records identifying the subject will be maintained;
    for research involving more than minimal risk, an explanation as to whether any compensation and an explanation as to whether any medical treatments are available if injury occurs and, if so, what they consist of, or where further information may be obtained;

    an explanation of whom to contact for answers to pertinent questions about the research and research subjects’ rights, and whom to contact in the event of a research-related injury to the subject; and

    a statement that participation is voluntary, refusal to participate will involve no penalty or loss of benefits to which the subject is otherwise entitled, and the subject may discontinue participation at any time without penalty or loss of benefits to which the subject is otherwise entitled. …”

  • The latest news from the Hartford Courant/Associated Press/Judicial Branch Media Committee:

    … By Ed Stannard | Hartford Courant … July 24, 2023 … A Virginia man was arrested Monday for allegedly cyberstalking three Connecticut Superior Court judges. New Haven State’s Attorney John P. Doyle Jr. announced the arrest of Paul Boyne, 62, of …

    … By Edmund H. Mahony | Hartford Courant 21 Aug 2023 … Free speech at issue in threat case: Possible showdown looms over man accused of intimidating family court judges through blog …

    … Connecticut prosecutors finally made the arrest in July of Paul Boyne, who they say is behind the blog that relentlessly identifies and targets lawyers, judges and others associated with the family division of the state court system, leaving them in fear for their lives and the lives of their families. …

    … A Connecticut investigator, speaking on the condition he not be identified, said, “We took his computers and we analyzed them … It was him that was doing it and the computers show that.”

    Much of the content attributed by law enforcement to Boyne cannot be reproduced in a newspaper.

    A frequent blog target, Superior Court Judge Gerard Adelman, referred to it in a decision he wrote on an exceptionally contentious divorce. At about the time Adelman was writing the decision, one of the lawyers who appeared before him was disbarred for making antisemitic claims identical to those repeated incessantly on the blog.

    “This blog, produced by an unnamed person, is filled with anti-semitic, homophobic and racist rants of the worst kind,” Adelman wrote in the court document. “It is based on the belief that the entire family law bench and bar in Connecticut and other states are being controlled by a mysterious Jewish cabal in order to steal children away from loving parents and give them to rapists and pedophiles.” …

    … After state Attorney General William Tong defended the court, the blog turned against him. …

    … The Family Court Circus Blog regularly defends such postings as protected commentary under the first amendment.
    One posting said, “Making nasty, vile, disgusting, vulgar, wretched commentary about the personal characteristics of a public official is just a day in the life of the home of the brave and the land of the free.” …

    … The state Judicial Branch will not discuss Boyne …

    The author of a blog post about Boyne recently wrote, “Paul Boyne is one of many parents who lived a lawful, peaceful existence in Connecticut until he entered family court. There, he was dragged through years of litigation abuse and tormented by the judges. He stood up for his rights – which is always greeted with power and dominance by those who control family court proceedings.” …

    … Law enforcement authorities in northern Virginia, where Boyne was arrested, did not respond to repeated requests for information about the case. But Connecticut prosecutors said he was taken into custody in Virginia upon his arrest and is awaiting a hearing on extradition to Connecticut for prosecution. …

    Boyne could not be reached. …”

    Boyne could not be reached? And, twenty nine (29) days have passed since August 21, 2023. 🤔

    Press release from the New Haven State’s Attorney’s Office … July 24, 2023 … The case will be prosecuted by the New Haven State’s Attorney’s Office. The charges are merely accusations and Boyne is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. …

    Fifty seven (57) days have passed since Paul Boyne’s arrest. 🤔

    Is Paul okay?

    If Connecticut is still supposed to act like “The Constitution State”, how can the Connecticut’s judicial branch/news media committee “Fire Brigade” control freedom of speech with freedom of reach?

    Note: The Connecticut Judicial Branch actually calls a judicial/news media subcommittee the “Fire Brigade”. 🎪

    • Power became the essence of political action and the center of political thought when it was separated from the political community which it should serve.

  • June 11, 2007: Summary of Task Force Recommendations; Role of Judicial-Media Committee in Implementation

    “… A Judicial-Media Committee shall be established in accordance with the principles listed below:

    • The goals of the Judicial-Media Committee are to foster and improve better understanding and relationships between the Judicial Branch and the media, both print and electronic, and to discuss and recommend resolutions of problems confronted by the media and the public in gaining access to court proceedings and documents.

    • The committee should be operated under the policies governing committees appointed by the Judicial Branch.

    • The committee should be chaired by a member of the Supreme Court and a media executive. Membership should include representatives of print and electronic media, judges, members of the state bar associations, a victim representative, and others whose experience and expertise could benefit the committee.

    • The committee should be charged to form a quick-response team. Comprised of judges and reporters, structured similarly to the committee known as the “Fire Brigade” that has operated successfully in Massachusetts. …” 🎪

  • Those who committed federal crimes via the public-private networks of “CT AFCC, Inc.” such as Adelman, Horwitz, Munro, Horowitz etc. are finagling behind the scenes for a “guardian ad litem” to prevent emancipation.

    Because: Free teenagers can file lawsuits …

    Conn. Gen. Stat. § 46b-150d

    … Under Connecticut law, emancipation grants minors certain rights. Conn. Gen. Stat. §46b-150d. A minor must be at least sixteen years of age to petition a court for emancipation. Conn. Gen. Stat. § 46b-150. The emancipation procedure is governed by Conn. Gen. Stat. §§ 46b-150 through 46b-150e.

    … (1) May consent to medical, dental, or psychiatric care; (2) may enter into binding contract; (3) may sue and be sued in own name; (4) entitled to own earnings and free of parental control; (5) may establish own residence; (6) may buy and sell real and personal property; (7) may not fall under certain child abuse statutes; (8) may enroll in any school or college; (9) may obtain operator’s and marriage licenses; (10) may register motor vehicle; (11) parents no longer guardians; (12) parents have no obligation for school attendance; (13) parents have no obligation for support; (14) no parental liability for minor’s acts; (15) may execute releases in own name; (16) may enlist in military; (17) may obtain certified copy of birth certificate. …

    • “… Undue influence: when one persuades another’s decisions due to the relationship of the parties. One of the parties, in a position of power over the other. The more powerful individual uses this advantage to coerce the other individual into making decisions that might not be in their long-term best interest. …”

      … and, exculpatory evidence withheld at each of those hearings should eliminate the immunities of all involved.

      Section 1 of the Civil Rights Act of 1871: “Every person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of any State or Territory or the District of Columbia, subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law, suit in equity, or other proper proceeding for redress….” (42 U.S.C. § 1983, rev. stat. § 1979.) …

  • Connecticut AG William Tong “practiced for 18 years as a litigator in state and federal courts at major firms in New York City and Stamford. He served as a State Representative for 12 years, during which he was chairman of the Judiciary and Banking committees.”

    Mr. Tong knows Robert Horwitz was treasurer of CT AFCC, Inc. He knows Mr. Adelman was director of CT AFCC, Inc.
    He knows it’s a federal crime for employees and officers of the court to run a for-profit business with judicial authority and immunity. Mr. Tong knows that’s what the Pennsylvania “kids for cash” scandal was about.

    When Judge O’Neill read Mr. Ambrose’s JD-FM-138 form dated 07/21/2023, was he expected to notice the conflicts of interest when he read: “Dr. Robert Horwitz, identified in the Decision, has been involved in the family since 2020. … the trial court (Adelman, J.) determined …”?

    Was Judge O’Neill expected to know about the state and federal crimes the AG and DOJ offices ignored for the past forty years? Who should tell Mr. O’Neill that Robert Horwitz was treasurer of CT AFCC, Inc.? Who should tell Mr. O’Neill that Gerard Adelman was director of CT AFCC, Inc.?

    Would Mr. O’Neill care about those conflicts of interest and federal crimes? The Ambrose case will determine his future as a judge in the state. Was Thomas O’Neill thrown under the bus or is he on the bench in Bridgeport to cover for Mr. Horwitz, Mr. Adelman, Ms. Munro, Mr. Horowitz, Mr. Holzberg and Mr. Freedman etc.?

    How much damage done in the Ambrose case eventually be AG Tong’s fault and/or Judge O’Neill’s fault?

    Which state, federal and/or private offices provide oversight and accountability for any or all of that?

    • Our attorney general in CT is aware of the bias agreements, funding and what is happening in family court. He should be investigated by the GOP.

    • The American people: “The guy with dementia isn’t in control.”

      Fr. James Altman: “Bergoglio isn’t the pope.”

      Parents and children in Connecticut: “Family courts aren’t family courts.”

    • Robert Horwitz was the “therapist” in the Ambrose case — and was also the Treasurer of CT AFCC, Inc.
      Gerard Adelman was Director of CT AFCC, Inc. — and the judge who wrote the Ambrose “Memorandum of Decision”.

  • Stalking his kids?
    Lol, this blog is definitely plunking its readers.
    I never in a million years would’ve ever thought people could possibly consider a father looking into his kids’ whereabouts as stalking. Seriously folks, you can’t make this sh1te up but FP can and he gets people to believe it.
    Like I’ve said before, I’m here strictly for the comments and, boy, do they never fail to deliver.

    • Yep. It is sad. you can see how the kids have been brainwashed into thinking their own dad checking on them is “stalking.”

    • Is it possible that the children really do not want to live with Chris? Is it possible that Chris might consider backing down a little and not try to put his ex-wife in jail and not try to force the teenagers to live with him?

      • Checking on your children’s whereabouts is the minimum of what stable parents do. Considering this to be stalking is outrageous.
        Remember, “it’s 9pm, do you know where your children are?”?

    • Oh, we are hardly plunked (or punked) and the early oughts called and want their phrase back

      What you have here with FR readers are the PUBLIC. Not bad court actors that have been bought and paid for to do the bidding of a narcissistic madman.

      Here’s an exec summary of this saga;

      – man and woman marry
      – both from extremely religious families
      – man and woman never consummate marriage
      – man is a celebrated writer
      – woman is a celebrated teacher
      – man and woman have no children
      – man and woman adopt three children
      – man has woman quit career to raise adopted children
      -man works out of state 13 years
      -woman raises children those 13 years solo
      -man looses job and career because he lies (plagiarism)
      -man decides to divorce wife
      -man has house sold
      -man takes all assets
      -woman destitute and homeless
      -man uses family court to seize sole custody of adopted kids (now teens)
      -woman has no assets or ability to fight him in court
      -man terrorizes and abuses teens as sole caregiver for 3 years
      -woman has no contact w teens those three years
      -adopted teens exhibit signs of abuse
      -teens flee man
      -teens return to woman
      -man manipulates and lies to courts to have restraining order put against woman
      -teens flee state to grandparents house
      -man tries to have woman jailed over the actions of teens
      -teens flee again to another state
      -man tries to punish woman for run away teens actions
      -woman still has no means to defend against man

      And those are just the highlights, I didn’t even mention the more tawdry and salacious details of the man’s behavior.

      Any reasonable person can see this man is unhinged and yes he is staking these teens (he’s not even their father but rather the husband of the woman who adopted and reared them)

      Hopefully this comment also delivers

      No Capin’ 🤪

    • If it weren’t for the Latino Boiz activity, barber playtime and the police car chase, everything would probably be fine.

  • Colin Ambrose is Ambrose’s brother. He’s a known bully and wife-abuser to his ex wife Clara, who’s an angel.

    Must run in the family.

    • No doubt this runs in the family

      Since we all know Ambrose is also a frequent reader and commentator (and pot stirrer) of Frank Report, would he kindly enlighten us as to why he’s desperate to have these teens back given they want zero to do with him and have literally gone on the lam in order to avoid having to spend another moment with him ?

      Answers to a few other questions would also be most appreciated:

      What would the day to day at his home slash prison camp be like for them ?

      What would they talk about over dinner ?

      How does he envision their relationship improving?

      Is he wiling to address their abuse claims?

      Would they be spied on with cctv?

      Would they have door knobs and doors on their rooms?

      Will he still parade around naked in front of them ?

      Walk in their rooms in various states of undress?

      Will his rent boys still be frequenting the home ?

      Will they be forced to take psych meds ?

      Will they be permitted to use weed, nicotine and alcohol ?

      Will they be allowed to attend school?

      Will they be allowed the use of a phone?

      Will they be permitted to have contact with the outside world?

  • Sale of children in family court and racketeering is a silent epidemic occurring daily in family courts throughout our country and internationally.

    The United Nations has determined parental alienation to be a weapon of abusers in family courts and is calling for all states, and countries to eliminate parental alienation from all court proceedings.

    And now Alex Cuda – makes a mockery of Jennifer’s law and morphs coercive control into parental alienation.

    We must act swiftly and reverse the RO he underhandedly secured from O’Neill.

    We need to move the coercive control aspect of Jennifer’s law to be a criminal offense and one that must be proven with evidence in s criminal venue.

  • The courts have emboldened an abuser.

    What Ambrose fails to realize is HE is being USED by Aldrich, Hurwitz, Horwitz and all the other vendors that promised him his kids and vengeance against his wife of 18 years who dared to divorce him.

    He was biting a cover story for his failed career and poor relationships with his three children.

    Had Ambrose just acted reasonably, instead of putting every effort into creating a case of parental alienation, these past 5 years could have been joyful.

    Please Christopher Ambrose, take a step back from the racket that has embroiled you in a never ending court battle, where the children suffer and your ex-wife has been tortured – which has become your goal.

    Your conduct has gotten more disturbing. You’ve isolated your ex-wife by bombarding her friends and relatives with your endless court motions- each designed to prove Karen is unstable and a bad mother. No one will ever believe it because it’s not true and your kids love for her has endured against all odds.

    You’ve isolated the children from all who loved them and all that they loved. I believe Matt put that in his letter on FR.

    The deprivation of love decreases lifespan and traumatizes children.

    You’ve threatened and sued so many who advocated for the children. You drained $20,000 in a baseless lawsuit against their aunt. The docket shows you never rewrite your complaint. Such vexatious litigation is abuse of a godmother who your children love. Your children will resent you for this. And after a year of threat and intimidation to this loving godmother, your bogus case was dismissed with prejudice against you. Judge Wilson saw what J Nieves saw, what Judge Moore saw, what J. Truglia eventually saw and what J Rodrigues saw.

    I daresay you are the worst nightmare that arrived before Judge O’Neill. A judge who was selected to do a dirty deed with the assistance of Alex Cuda, who hides his name and has yet to announce himself on your public family docket.

    You’ve duped DCF. And sent fear and threat to all witnesses. You’ve threatened your kids with police and dcf that they cannot tell dcf all you have done. Your recordings- your secreted usb devices and spy guy technology has created a toxic home. Something in time DCF and police will come to learn.

    You tried to “flush” your children out of safe harbor by lying to O’Neill as you lied to Adelman. As Luthmann so accurately reported, the only talent you truly have is the ability to deceive. And then you sued Luthmann, lied to chief of police Jack drumm, who, like a dummy made your false report to Luthmann’s probation officer, in an attempt to send him to prison.

    Your plan failed. You made Jack Drumm play the fool. The probation officer knew you were a fraud and Luthmann now has a claim against you- and one that the world will follow. Luthmann showed the evidence he’s gathered which demonstrate you are a pathological liar, a diagnosed psychopath and you have endangered the lives of many, many Madison teens. It will all catch up with you Chris. It already has.

    Edward Kim was another innocent. A childhood friend who advocated for your wife. He did not defame you. Merely advocated for children who love their mother and a draconian outcome equivalent to child abuse.

    In turn, you penned horrific letters replete with falsehoods about him and sent it to his supervisors and colleagues, but did not send to him.

    You wrote five letters to the Honorable Judge Arcara to put Frank parlato in prison. The problem is you are no victim of Parlato or anyone else. Judge Rodrigues saw through your verbose single spaced, obsessive, over the top commentary that rings utterly false outside of family court vendors on your payroll.

    I don’t know you but pray for you everyday. I pray your inner demons will exit. I pray the goodness within will overcome the darkness of your soul. A darkness fueled by family court.

    I pray you drop the RO, leave court and relocate with your ex wife and kids to get a fresh start. Away from all that took your family down, abused, and continues to torture and trigger your family.

    Walk away from the trap you are in. You send your wife to jail- and it is you who is doing this – please don’t hide behind the court- your kids will never forgive you.

    It will only serve to show you as ruthless and the psychopath many believe you to be. I pray you walk away.

    • I debate between “tragedy accidentally befalling him” and having a trial in kangaroo court and locking him away forever as an example to all those who dare to expose the family court racket.

      CT created legislation for the sole purpose of arresting Boyne.

      Legislation continues to be proposed to protect our judges and ensure there is never oversight or checks and balances.

      And no juries or recordings in family court. Why not? It’s a public forum. Why can no one record? What’s so secret? Why are no family courts streamed online?

      Why is O’Neill hostile when Riordan shared the public link to her contempt hearing?

      The game is so apparent. All one has to do is look.

    • Nothing in the Hartford Courant about Paul since the three judges had him arrested … and he’s such a dangerous guy that his blog still online.

      Meanwhile, has AG Tong not noticed the owner of the “Stop Paul Boyne” website who’s been telling the public to call Paul’s sister to “tell his sister … and tell his brother-in-law to call his parents”?

      WTH is going on in Connecticut? What an embarrassment.

  • “… Satan doesn’t want children, he wants slaves. …”

  • Every time I read about this case, I wonder what planet I live on. This judge is morally and psychologically sick and needs to be removed. Is anyone protesting outside his courthouse?

    • Anyone who can show up in court it’s this Friday at 10am. 5th floor of Bridgeport court. 1061 Main Street Bridgeport. Judge O’Neill.

      We need eyes on these criminals or nothing will change. They’ll send Riordan to jail without any witnesses of the collusion and corruption.

  • O’Neill, Ambrose and Cuda are classic child predators. They know how to manipulate the system to get minors to obey them.

    These three psychopaths are CHILD TRAFFICKERS!!

    The entire CT Family Child Trafficking Court needs to be ABOLISHED!!

  • I think I read that FR wrote 800 stories about crimes within Nxivm before its fall. Does anyone know what number FR is on pertaining to Ambrose?

  • Mia, Matthew and Sawyer are Karen’s children!!

    The government overreach is out of control! The public better wake up and see out cit government for the criminal enterprise that it is.

    They are for profit businesses that exploit the people. And have us running around chasing the red herring.

    They’re Karen’s children. Wtf gives out give the right in a no fault divorce to have lawyers- lawyers! Decide the best interest is no contact with the mother that raised them.

    Fuck Grossman. fuck Adelman. Fuck Oneill – you’re all going to hell and you’ll suffer til the end of time.

    • Exactly, courts have no right to attempt to sever a mother child bond. Wtf is happening in this world?! The courts will disrupt but they will never break the bond between a mother and child. This Ambrose creep can kick rocks.

  • Sadly this is only ONE example of every single family that does not have an amicable divorce….and all it takes is one mentally ill spouse.

  • Neil Ambrose is an attorney in New Haven. He and his wife Sandy were ministers at our church.

    Seems they are hypocrites based on what they endorse for their nephews and niece. I’ve never seen these kids and I’ve known sandy for decades.

    Never at her famous Christmas cookie swap. If not bloodline than no cookies? Very telling.

  • DCf is to get involved in serious issues of abuse. There was no need to investigate while in moms care. The only reports were by Chris Ambrose for he paid for- and likely write- Adelmans court order. With the endorsement of Horwitz who hasn’t seen kids and actually quit the case in 2021 (coincidentally after Wayne Dolcefino published a video of parental alienation court crimes highlighting this case) it would make sure mother never saw her children ever again.

    So why is dcf using such manpower to rule against what the kids want? Safe, happy healthy kids should be the priority.

    They are safe, healthy and happy where they are now. Let them begin anew and enjoy the freedom and peace without threats by Ambrose. Threats of dcf, police and court orders that have taken their happiness since they were 12. Let the three remain together with friends and family who love them.

    Dcf has enough to do. Let them free of the chains if CT family court.

    Slaves to the court, chains on children, cask for kids by Ambrose. Stop the madness.

    • Do Adelman, Horwitz, Gruen, Grossman, Hurwitz, Aldrich and Nusbaum condone the sexual grooming of children among their neighbors, families and/or friends? Or, do they only condone the sexual grooming of children in families in Connecticut’s family court cases?

      Did Judge O’Neill know he used Gardner’s “Threat Therapy” in the Ambrose case? The mother and children refused to condone the father’s sexual fetishes. … The father never apologized. … O’Neill made the children homeless and threatened to jail the mother. The public has no idea this is happening.

      A million great flyers with facts, a call to action and contact information would help.

  • These kids have runaway status. Stop treating them like they are the property of Ambrose and the state of Corrupticut.

  • This article should be enough to allow the kids the freedom to choose. They are to have a say in their care and custody.

    But CT law leaves everything to the discretion of the judge. And judges like Nieves and Wilson (who happen to be non-white) are able to apply law and common sense.

    Judges like O’Neill are pure evil. Zero regard for the alleged victims of coercive control under Jennifer’s law.

    It was a set up to steal these teenagers. Ambrose bullshits about how they need to be in school.

    Where was the concern when Mia ran away and hadn’t attended 8th grade for half the year? Oh but the gal got paid to NOT report any of this to the court.

    Just like Ambrose totaling the car when kids had no seatbelts got buried by dcf and the gal. Never before the courts.

    The findings of Chris Ambrose being a high risk abuser surely found its way before Adelman?? Oh no. That was buried also. Along with the findings of sexual abuse in forensic interviews the mom had zero knowledge of. Fuck it. Bury it!! Silence these kids and let the money flow!

  • Enough! The kids should not need to PROVE ANYTHING to ANYONE! They’ve been saying the same thing for three years!!!
    They are close and made a plan. End of story. They’re done. They’re going on 17 and have had enough.

    The court IGNORE the symbolism of Mia filing a petition with juvenile court 3 years to the day she was taken!
    Three years of torment for all three kids. Matthew was a month later! And Sawyer CHOSE INDEPENDENCE DAY TO RUN!

    These are BRIGHT kids who have survived long enough under the stress of Chris Ambrose.
    Please let the professionals involved just let these kids live. Let them remain in NY or wherever they are.
    Let them stay with family or friends and have a happy life without fear.

    STOP making it a high conflict divorce.
    STOP saying the kids are brainwashed.
    It’s insulting to three capable teenagers who support each other and are as close as can be after surviving years of trauma and unhappiness.


    Since when are runaways hunted?? We now hunt runaways? Really? ANd the state gets involved in such hunts? Please.

  • By custody you mean ownership, correct?

    Slavery. He is snd them. They are the property of grandmaster albino Ambrose.

    Interesting, when crying on the stand, Ambrose felt the peculiar need to explain that Sawyer, doesn’t look Mexican, but could pass for white.

    So why exactly is this relevant? Sick fuck that calls his kids beaners. Because albinoboy thinks that’s funny. Or is he envious of having pigmentation?

  • ... a billion a month to Nazis in The Ukraine and people wonder if there’s corruption in “family courts” ... says:

    “… Six of seven members on a CIA Covid Discovery Team were given ‘significant monetary incentive to change their position,’ according to a whistleblower …“

  • But what about the 13 year old? What kind of shape will he be in before he can legally get away from him? He’s got 4 or 5 years to be molested and abused. He will spend these years alone with a psycho pedophile. This cannot happen!!!

    • It cannot. And Manuel Gomez and others have the evidence that will bring down Ambrose and protect Sawyer. They said why the hunt is on. Better silence these kids-

      Get them back to CT. As soon as they put a toe in the state Matt and mia will be thrown in dcf lockdown/therapeutic placement- recommended by sinister Dr. Horwitz – and drugged or trafficked until they’re 21.

      Sawyer will be taken against his will to live with psychopath Chris Ambrose and will have nowhere to turn. Because those who have been said and led by Ambrose are now complicit in the abuse of these kids.

      What’s it going to take for someone to simply say- we’ve been played by a psychopath?

      Or- allege a change in circumstance. The kids have plenty of shot against him from the 222-2023 year alone!

      No court oversight and Ambrose was more abusive than ever! Much never reported to dcf. That was clear when mother crossed dcf. They can’t investigate what is not reported.

      Ambrose manipulates everyone in positions of power and compels them to act on his behalf- then holds it against them as soon as they do so they cannot cross him.

      Deceit is Ambrose’s playground. Time for heavy takedown. We know these aren’t the only victims of Chris Ambrose.

      Haircut anyone? Teen boys? Head shaves? The Door? NYC access to his prey?

      Talk about the fox guarding the henhouse.

      • For the past few decades, partnerships involving Robert Horwitz and Gerard Adelman used public-private business ventures for massive profits via the AFCC. Inc. international network. While “international network” sounds impressive, it started in the 1980s with federal funding and astroturfed after that starting about 2009.

        Participating judges, attorneys, guardians ad litem, “therapists”, “reunification experts” and supervisors enjoyed judicial immunity, judicial authority and cases circulating among providers of that “liberal” pro-pedophile network. Proponents of the early sexualization of children in public schools push that lifestyle on students in much the same way without the tens of thousands/hundreds of thousands of dollars per child.

        Just as librarians/classroom teachers promote early sexualization of children in Connecticut public schools, Horwitz, Adelman and that network promote early sexual action of children in Connecticut “family courts”.

        Horowitz has been one of their company’s treasurers and “therapists” — Bruce Freedman was another “Treasurer”. Adelman was one of the directors/attorneys and is now one of the judges passing cases to Horwitz and others in the network. They dissolved the corporation after the 2013 Judicial Ethics Committee finding and the New Haven DOJ public corruption investigation in 2013–2015.

        Elizabeth Bozzuto was a judge in Ted Taupier’s case. Ted was researching the Liberti case and was conducting a forensic audit on Connecticut family courts when he wrote the adolescent email which was then used to jail him. Paul Boyne started “TheFamily Court Circus” blog to expose the corruption Ted was investigating, to protest Ted’s silencing and to help victims of those public-private “family court” for-profit networks.

        Stephen Grant was one of the directors in the Court Support Services Division (CSSD) and apparently an AFCC liaison for the federal/state grants offered to the AFCC network in New England. Those networks went across state lines. Crimes crossing state lines means AFCC Inc. networks committed felonies.

        Judges Nieves and Rodriguez probably saw what was happening and tried to protect the teenagers from what looks very much like a massive cover-up of those many years of crimes in Connecticut family courts.

        Research: “The Connecticut Chapter of AFCC, Inc.”; minutes from the CT Judicial Ethics Committee meeting in April 2013; The New Haven DOJ public corruption investigation of 2013-2015. Attorney James Comey of Connecticut probably knew what was happening, but he was apparently too busy to do anything about it.

        • Why is Mr. Grant gone? Why is Mr. DiTunno still the Director of Family Services at CSSD?

          Why is Gary A. Roberge the new Court Support Services Division (CSSD) Executive Director?

          Stephen Grant was AFCC Inc. president when he worked for Connecticut CSSD. Lynda Munro worked for AFCC, Inc. and was a family court judge before she stepped down from the bench in 2014. Robert Holzberg Was a judge who stepped down around that time, too — then he and Ms. Munro went to work at Pullman and Comley.

          Ms. Munro started the “Overcoming Barriers Reunification Camp Inc.” and Mr. Holzberg destroyed Catholic Churches with his report. His report should have noted that the Institute of Living was supposed to know what to do with crimes against children. According to Mr. Holzberg, the experts at “The Institute of Living” weren’t those kinds of experts. They were apparently not mandated reporters and didn’t need to report crimes against children to law enforcement.

          It’s sort of how no one involved in the Ambrose case is a mandated reporter, either.

          Mr. Adelman resigned as “Director” of Connecticut AFCC, Inc. in 2013 after the Judicial Ethics Committee decided Connecticut AFCC, Inc. “violated Rules 1.2, 1.3, 3.1 and 3.7(a)(6)(B)” and Mr. Adelman is still a judge.

          Did New Haven DOJ and AG offices not prosecute ANYONE involved in AFCC, Inc.?

          • Who started the AFCC, Inc. public-private networks in for-profit purposely adversarial “family courts”?

            Who decided mandatory for-profit purposely adversarial public-private networks should manage dangerous child custody cases in Connecticut, in America and around the world?

            Since the 1980s, family law attorneys and private vendors have extracted trillions of dollars from families in Connecticut, in America and around the world.

            Hundreds of millions of children, parents and families have been harmed — and, how many were destroyed? AFCC, Inc. was “an experiment”. AFCC Inc. members were said to be doing”research” on children and families.

            Where’s the data? Who tracked the outcomes?

            It’s long past time for a systematic review to chart the evidence of the harm done.

            According to his bio on the Overcoming Barriers, Inc. website, Matthew J. Sullivan, Ph.D. specialized in forensic and clinical work in the Family Courts for over 30 years. He’s also a Past President of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) international organization and a co-founder of Overcoming Barriers, Inc.

            Two years ago Dr. Sullivan said to his colleagues: “… and everyone around the world sees these cases. And, uh – – and everyone around the world struggles.These are – – these are the hot button issues. These are the ones that when you go to a conference, that particular seminar is packed with people who are struggling with these cases. …”

            When “everyone around the world is still struggling” with any social service issue after forty years, someone in charge usually asks:

            “What happened and what’s happening, now?”

            And, who’s in charge? 🤔

  • How many tens of thousands of dollars were taken to take the safety and well-being of those three beautiful teenagers?

    • The GAL alone got over $200,000 on the books. AMbrose is pissed because he paid and continues to pay– and he wants his chattel dammit.

      • It’s malpractice and it’s criminal.

        The GAL needs to give back that $200,000.

        • All these gals apparently are making a mess. That’s what they are paid for. Professional court officers to ensure that these cases are turned in to alienation cases. How many gals also practice criminal court? Co counsel for these abusive people. Run through the public defenders office. Why is a former public defender with the Ccadv? The state statics are wrong. I’m fairly certain of it. When you look up child trafficking statistics Connecticut is no where on the map. Neighboring new York and Vermont are near the top of the list. Rumors in Connecticut that the Berlin turnpike home to seedy hourly rate hotels is the largest trafficking ring in the country. Yet, no reports on it?

          • Robin Deutsch:

            founding member of Overcoming Barriers
            paid consultant in the Family courts of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Indiana
            2008-2009 “President of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts”
            2002 “President of The Massachusetts Chapter of AFCC“

            In describing “how Overcoming Barriers evolved in terms of its mission and its identity”, Ms. Deutsch says: “… So, by the – – after – – I don’t remember how many years – – but after a few years when we realized about what Matt described as ‘a slippage’ that would occur, we then wouldn’t take a family unless they had those resources in place when they left

            🕰 👉 because it would be a waste of their time and money 👈 💵

            to have this experience where there was growth and change, whatever that looked like per family, and then it would all slip back. …”

            How many of those parents and children gave full consent for those experiments?

            Did every participating child and parent receive a full refund in the cases resulting in “slippage”?

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