Ambrose Teens Flee Once Again: The Relentless Pursuit of a Father

The Ambrose kids had to run again.

They ran on Sunday, September 10, from their grandfather’s home in Narragansset, Rhode Island, to the home of a family friend in rural New York State.

It’s the third time they ran this year.

The first time they ran was one by one – Mia, 16, ran in April, Matthew, 16, ran in May, and Sawyer, 13, ran in July – on the 4th – from their father, Chris Ambrose.

They ran to their mother, Karen Riordan. Mia had three and a half months, Matthew had two and a half months, and Sawyer had only a month with his mother. Their happiness ended on August 8, 2023.

Through the restraining orders filed by Amrose and approved by Connecticut Judge Thomas O’Neill, the teens were forced from their happy home with their mother. His orders barred the mother from coming within 100 feet of her teenaged children. So they ran to their grandfather in Rhode Island.

The relentless father, Ambrose, threatened to force the teens, with police or DCF, to return with him. Fearing he was coming to take them, they fled to rural New York with only the clothes on their backs.

There they are safe, until Ambrose makes his next move to force his children to be with him – probably by conspiring with Judge O’Neill to lock up the mother.

It must be clear to even the dullest person that Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer do not want to live with their father.

Mia, Sawyer and Matthew Ambrose …

They had him for three years, when in 2020, Judge Jane K. Grossman flipped custody from the mother to the father – and shattered the children’s happiness.

She used the old reliable method to ruin children’s happiness — a conspiracy to find ‘parental alienation.’ Grossman took them from their mother, with whom they’d lived and thrived for 13 years.

If you want to think of a reason other than his abuse why the kids don’t want to live with Ambrose, maybe it’s because he stole their mother from them.

If any of you who read this were perhaps once children, and your memory is not so feeble that you may not fail to recall a mother or father whose courage and love you depended on every day of your young life. In a world of greed and fear and large strangers – adults to the child – you may try to imagine that one day you are home in this comfort of love and protection, and in a moment – an hour at most – you are told to pack up everything. You must leave your home and never return. Leave the one you love and go to the house of a stranger.

Chris Ambrose fought for the arrest of the mother of his children

Maybe Ambrose did not abuse them, as the children claim.

Maybe they just cannot abide the trauma and loneliness they felt for three years when they lost their mother and return to the author of the hurt.

And the father, smirking, pretending there is nothing he could do to stop old heartless Judge Grossman from upending the happiness of the kids, to make the father happy.

You, too, might feel the same way. You don’t erase 13 years spent with one woman – your mom from fragile infancy to energetic teen. You don’t take that away by court order and expect kids to gratefully adjust.

For three years, Ambrose held his kids in captivity, not letting them see their mother, her family, or family friends – the ones they grew up with and loved.

After three years, they ran from Ambrose. Three years was enough. They went back to the woman they love. The mother did not force them. They wanted to go.

For a few months, the teens returned to the Halycon days, when they were happy and healthy with mom, before Ambrose took them.

Judge Thomas J. O’Neill

They ran from Ambrose this year, and Ambrose, with a little forum shopping to get the right judge, Judge Thomas J. O’Neill, who would choose not to consider the teenagers’ wishes, got a restraining order against the mother.

So they ran and ran again.



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  • “Exactly this You don’t erase the developmental years spent with one woman – your mom from fragile infancy to energetic child. You don’t take that away by court order and expect kids to gratefully adjust.” You’ll never be the parent sugaa shaemstrs094 #masters #bunchamethcookers #burleygirlsadventures

    • Are you familiar with the teens claims Ambrose permitted drinking and sex parties at his home when he had custody, and that their mother was not willing to let them drink, use drugs and have adult men stay over night? Mia said Ambrose encouraged this kind of behavior. But that is not what the teens want. They want to be with their mother who loves them.

      • I heard it through the grapevine that Sawyer’s real father, R.Garcia… never signed the adoption papers , and I also heard that he will be demanding that a blood test be done, so that he will have proof that he is Sawyer’s father, and then the further steps that need to be taken, will be taken. And then Chris won’t have to worry anymore about where Sawyer is , or who he is with.. in fact.. he wont be worrying about anything except finding a safe place for himself to hide …I’m just saying what I heard through the grapevine…

        • That might be the only thing that will save the youngest. It might take a little while and if it does, that should prevent what would otherwise be a train wreck. The oldest two teens should be able to emancipate themselves now. They probably want to protect their little brother so the real father’s help will help them.

          Meanwhile, state and federal authorities have allowed Mr. Adelman and Mr. Horwitz to run a racket for DECADES forcing children to live with fathers who sexualize children. Adelman and Horwitz have used their judicial authority and judicial immunity to force early sexual action on children for profit in the same way public schools have groomed American public school children.

          May that real father have all the help and resources he needs to protect his wonderful son.

    • Couldn’t be more wrong. It’s just the opposite. All three kids will tell you and have evidence to back it up. Shame you judge them without knowing them. They want love and security.
      They had a party house and left.

  • And yet attorney William Tong will continue to stay quiet, acting in the “best interest of the state”, not the people.

    And no other political power person will speak out against this because it fills everyone’s pockets, they have protections to not speak out through state Contracts $$$, and no one cares in Connecticut about mothers and children.

    • Grounds for investigation, possible impeachment? Covering up fraud and crimes against humanity. Co-conspirator to misusing of state and federal government funding?

  • Long term effects of being abused: educational difficulties, low self esteem, depression, trouble forming relationships. Alcoholism and drug dependency. Alcoholism is a disease that effects the entire family. Alcoholism is a disease that impacts the entire family. At it’s worst it’s a living nightmare. Leaving love ones desperate to escape. The collateral damage can be immense and long lasting. Scares that never heal. Tell me again it’s parental alienation. The entire family court system needs to be shut down. Parental alienation is a label slapped on cases for access and visitation. Brining money into the state of Connecticut through the fatherhood initiative federal welfare reform act. Court sanctioned child abuse. The buggy man doesn’t live under the beds of children. They are licensed attorneys, psychologist and judges sitting in the state of Connecticut family court Houses.

  • What an absolute nightmare. Why is this happening? Why can’t someone do something about this? It just needs to be put in the right persons hands.. but who is that person? How can we find that person? We have to help these children.. before it’s too late. Come on everybody..we need to put our heads together and come up with a plan. Find someone that will get a whiff of this.. and run with it. Make it go big time. The news.. the newspapers.. Facebook.. social media. Everywhere!! Time is running out. And these are precious children. Innocent , precious , children… it’s not right. And there got to be a way to end it all!!

  • Ambrose kids each need a computer. If anyone can help or has an extra available, please contact Frank Parlato.

    • Cash helps them buy whatever they need, new. Unless the used laptops are from trusted friends and family, random laptops from strangers run the risk of being delivered hacked.

      Speaking of hacked, WTH was O’Neill thinking?!

  • O’Neill DENIED mom’s public defender transcripts of the three day trial!!!

    O’Neill didn’t see the transcripts as relevant.
    He’s a pathetic excuse for a judge.
    Time for O’Neill to step down.
    Moronic actually.

    • Of course he did. Another assholes placed on the court bench in the state of Connecticut. Some day this will be 🛑 stopped. We need to get these people out of office. Fix the Connection government and the courts will follow. Lamont you sure did pick someone loyal to the money not the minors.

    • How are transcripts relevant? Riordan is in violation of court orders. No quote from an old transcript is going to change that.

          • Only a mother can say who is the father of an infant. Even the most conservative social contract theory gives dominion to the mother in the state of nature. Kings and Queens and presidents can usurp that dominion into despotic sovereignty. In lawful societies Despots should never thrive. Here, Frank will see to it that they dont.

          • “Only a mother can say who is the father of an infant.”

            In this case, both of the parents are adoptive parents. So they are on equal ground, wouldn’t you say? These children weren’t issued from either of their bodies.

          • Think you’ll find the adoptions were open – So no. there is agreement and transparency between bio and adoptive mothers and their children, as to dominion.

            You might have noticed that the the father figure in this case is not wanted. He is an abusive, destructive element in the life of this family.
            Christopher Ambrose, the pale rider of plagiarism and young male sex workers – is the father of none.

          • It isn’t natural for a father to pose online as a barber to receive sexual gratification from young males. Not natural for a father to insult his daughter and tell her to “kill herself”. Not natural for a father to steal the mother’s money and then wage lawfare against her since 2019 …

            Unfortunately, that list goes on and on.

      • She’s not in violation of oneills orders. This is a sham to threaten mom. With the hope that incarceration will compel kids to return. They make mom the red herring.
        This is about the kids and their father who has had sole custody.

        Chris is having a fit because the kids do not want to live with him and refuse to return.

        That’s the issue. The kids are runaways. Happens in America but in this case these Hispanic teenage children are treated like chattel.

  • I do believe O’Neill may have thought if he put a RO against the mother that the kids would run back to AMbrose. He doesn’t know shit about kids or family. But he knows about money. And he wants what Ambrose and Cuda can bring to the table.

    If he was smart, he’d let this case go– say it’s in juvenile court and will work itself out. He’ll leave the RO against the mother to punish her and stall on her filings to have it overturned. By the time she gets to appeal his ruling, people will have forgotten about O’Neill’s violation of rights of children and mothers.

    Cuda will also make his exit– Of course he’s yet to make a PUBLIC APPEARANCE IN THE AMBROSE CASE. His fatass appears nowhere on the court docket. All his dirtywork is opering behind the scenes on a court docket that O’Neill had denied the mother access to!

    The violations of due process are so grand in scale. Absurdities abound.

    Mom can’t see anything, but Cuda and Ambrose have access to everything. O’Neill is the worst of the worst. And his hostility cannot be contained.

    Ruining his reputation for a slimedog like Ambrose. Not a great look.

  • The cranial folicals split down the middle and lightly feathered on both sides is a classic look. Similar to those vulture feathers feathered on FR. Judge ‘STEAL’ O’ Neal must have had his lettuce cut by the master of salads.

    • Kind of hard NOT to see the forum shopping. The case was before J. Nieves– She was prepared to hear the PPA TRO for Ambrose, but he and Goulden played the court– Ambrose said the motion was already denied and Goulden said it wasn’t before the court. She denied the motion saying “Denied, Counsel did not pursue.”

      Within hours, Ambrose filed the PPA TRO again– and got it heard before O’Neill. He switched to Cuda, so that Cuda could say he knew nothing of what came before — when of course he had. Playbook– good ole boys club.

      And Cuda and Ambrose switch off on who is making an appearance in the cause.

      Cuda uses information from the family docket to make some bullshit case of coercive control (from a mom who’s had no custody for 3 years), based on info from family docket– but fails to list his name on the family docket as representing Ambrose.

      Cuda is a piece of shit. He belongs in bed with Ambrose.

  • This is absolutely insane. These poor kids. I don’t know how Karen is dealing with all this, but she is incredibly strong. Chris is so masterful at manipulating everyone to believe him, but when you step back it makes no sense. What father who had an ounce of empathy would drive their own kids into hiding, keep them out of school, make them scared and miserable, knowing they want to live with their mother, just to destroy his ex-wife in court? It’s appalling. And all the lawyers and judges are complicit in the abuse. I pray Karen and the kids prevail. They must. We are watching.

  • What’s it gonna take Chris for you to realize these kids are not going to come back to you? Even if they are forced to come back to you they are not going to stay, they will run away again. Are you going to force them to live on the streets because they have no where else to go the next time they have to run from you? You are are a sadist not to mention you are queer as they come, not only sexually, just in general. You will pay for what you have done to these kids, and I only hope I’m here to see it. Hell has a special place for you and your kind and you’re gonna fit right in.

  • Everyone knows court madness can end at any time. Ambrose insisted on a trial. Why? Because he had bought the children and court vendors needed billable hours to justify hundreds of thousands in payments.

    Ambrose is a psychopath who takes no responsibility for any actions. None. He says- but it’s adelmans orders- that force his wife- like many other parents, to submit to illegal orders, which pay court vendors for unneeded services, until the end of time.

    Well done Ambrose. You’ve fucked up their lives so badly. No man can eliminate the mother of their children.

    You are a sadist. This isn’t the court. This is Chris Ambrose.

  • Sad, these children haven’t had stability since they were with their mother . I hope Chris Ambrose and the Merry band of Connecticut child traffickers get in touch with reality quickly. What ever happened to the pursuit of life, liberty and justice for all? What is happening in the United States. We have drugs in the white house. Our president appears to have Alzheimer, people can’t speak out about elected officials, social services is going to expensive beach 🏖️ trips on the governments dime. You can’t report a crime as a woman with out running the risk of being jailed for it. There is a gender war. Kids are encouraged to remove their genitals. This is the USA? “Healthy marriage, welfare reform and the twilight zone.

    • Some say it’s “low intensity warfare”, an attempt at “order our of chaos” or “just business as usual.”

      Some say, “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” How was Chuck Schumer ordering an invisible entity to get out of his chair at the 2020 Senate impeachment trial not in mainstream news headlines?

      A few more good people need to get more involved in politics everywhere. That’s all it will take.

  • Richard Luthmann needs to write another letter to NY DCYF!!

    The pedos who run CT Family Court System must be stoppped!!

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