Susan Dones Wants an Apology From Nancy Salzman; ‘She Needs to Wake Up’

Susan Dones has a few comments on Nancy Salzman now that the BOP has released her from prison to a halfway house in Albany, NY.

Dones joined NXIVM in December 2000, stayed about ten years, and headed the Seattle-Tacoma NXIVM Training Center.

Dones said the BOP released Salzman from FCI Hazelton to deal with her medical issues at a halfway house.

“She was not considered sick enough for home confinement or a hospital,” Dones said.

Though Salzman is in the last year of her sentence, Dones does not think she realizes the harm she did to others.

“Has Nancy Salzman fully awakened and taken responsibility for her actions in NXIVM? Not in my opinion,” Dones said in a recent comment. “She has not even come close to coming clean of her sins.”

Salzman appeared in Season 2 of HBO’s ‘The Vow”. She blamed Raniere and claimed she didn’t know about the criminal side of NXIVM.

“Denial,” Dones said, “can be a beautiful thing. It might be the only way Salzman can hold it together.

“But I know (and so do others) that it wasn’t all Keith Raniere.

“When I was in NXIVM, I (and others) confronted Nancy on the ethical, moral, and illegal BS in NXIVM. She can’t say she didn’t know. She knew and did nothing to stop Raniere. She fucking helped him.”

Vanguard [Keith Raniere] and Prefect [Nancy Salzman]

Psychiatric Nurse Claim

In the past, Dones enumerated some of the illegal and immoral things Salzman knew about. In her early days of NXIVM, Dones said Salzman told people she was a psychiatric nurse.

“Salzman attempted to tell me that her training in NLP qualified her to be a psychiatric nurse. This was a lie she told all the time,” Dones said. “I knew she didn’t have the licenses to do that. This was insurance fraud and when the bills went into the mail, it was also mail fraud.”

Tax Evasion

Dones recalls being approached by Salzman about evading taxes, which she wanted her to do since Raniere believed paying taxes was “unethical.”

“I was under constant pressure from Ms. Salzman… because I would not mind bend into her way of thinking.”

Dones is skeptical about Salzman’s claims of being forced by Raniere, let alone unaware of what went on.

Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman

“The company was in her name. She could have gone to the Feds at any time and ended it.”

An Extortion Bid

Dones told the story of how  Salzman once tried to “feel her up” in a car, which Dones suspects was “a seduction assignment given to Mama Salzman by Vanguard/Keith Raniere.”

Dones had no romantic feelings for Salzman.

Susan Dones

Later, Nancy insisted Susan write a letter professing she had a romantic or sexual interest in her as a “test” based on NXIVM’s teachings, which Susan reluctantly did.

Susan informed her spouse about the coerced letter.

Financial Exploitation

Dones said Salzman and others strong-armed her into paying $30,000 for multiple levels of training, putting her deeply into debt.

She once commented, “It was like shark-infested waters with the inner circle chumming the waters feeding on people to stay.”

Illegal Financial Activities

In 2009, Dones claims Salzman admitted that NXIVM evaded taxes on millions of dollars received from Mexican members and hid the cash in her basement.

“She told me about their money laundering and tax evasion from Mexico. She could have stopped it, but didn’t because she got a huge cut.”

When the FBI raided Salzman’s house, agents recovered more than $500,000, in cash.

Some of the cash found at Nancy’s home


More of the cash found at Nancy’s home

Dones said when Salzman told her about the money laundering scheme, she left NXIVM and shut her center down.

“I was not going to be part of a criminal organization,” Dones said.

After she left in 2009, Dones had a protracted legal battle against NXIVM, which required her to go pro se because she couldn’t afford an attorney.

“Salzman tried to get me arrested and signed papers for NXIVM to come after me, with seven attorneys to sue me,” Dones said.

During the battle over Dones’ bankruptcy, NXIVM’s attorneys used the letter Susan wrote to Salzman against her to portray her as a jilted lover.

The bankruptcy judge, Brian D. Lynch, dismissed NXIVM’s claims against Susan, criticizing their legal tactics and stating that Susan’s only “fault” was leaving the organization.

Dones said, “Did I at one time look up to and respect Nancy? Yes. Was I in love with her or crushed out on her? No. She betrayed me, she emotionally abused me, and she used me for her personal financial gain.”


According to Dones, Nancy never publicly apologized to anyone but her daughter Lauren.

Nancy Salzman with her daughter Lauren

“Everyone else, including Clare Bronfman, made a public statement of regret for what their actions created, except for Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman,” Dones said.

Dones would appreciate an apology.

“I still haven’t gotten a letter or phone call from Salzman saying she is sorry for the shit she put me through trying to bend my mind or the legal hell she was part of.

“When she does this publicly for me and the others she has helped harm, we will know she has started to wake up and is healing herself.

“Nothing would please me more than Nancy Salzman to start her healing process. It will help her with health.

“It will all depend if she can sallow that giant ego of hers.  She must admit she stood next to Raniere as the top leader of the Cult of NXIVM. Salzman has never been an innocent victim she tries to make herself out to be.”


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        • Good question. If she hasn’t, I imagine people close to her have. My guess is that The Vow was not as sympathetic to her as she had hoped.

          • Read this Nancy…. you and your two daughters and your own sister are whackjob scum. You have never owned up to what you did or sorry. The four of you are weirdos with serious mental psychological issues and social skills issues.

  • I always thought she deserved a harsher sentence. All the money and legal stuff yes, but also she knowingly gave her own daughter to keith, in order to keep her place of power. Keith had already showed his true colors to Nancy and jilted her as a used up old lover, then set his eyes on her daughters. When Nancy learned he was able to seduce one of them, Lauren, she stood by and let it happen. She knew who Keith was at that point. She sold her daughter to a predator. That’s just as disgusting as what Keith actually did to Lauren. Her own mother standing by watching it happen. All in the name of keeping her place of power and cash cow. Gross.

  • Keith Raniere and his attorneys are very busy. There is so much to do. The plaintiff’s (K. A. Raniere) response to the defendants’ (Merrick Garland, et al.) motion for summary judgment is still pending. It is due by September 18. Raniere and his attorneys will have to work hard to get this all done out of the Special Housing Unit (SHU) where K. A. Raniere is housed, as K. A. Raniere must review and approve everything his attorneys want to file.

    Case 4:22-cv-00561-RCC Document 51 Filed 07/28/23 Page 1 of 1

    Keith Raniere,
    Merrick Garland, et al.,

    No. CV-22-00561-TUC-RCC

    Upon consideration of Plaintiff’s Motion to Request an Extension of Deadline to
    File Response in Opposition to Defendants’ Motion for Summary Judgment, it is hereby
    ORDERED that Plaintiff’s Motion is GRANTED. (Doc. 48.) Plaintiff’s response to
    Defendants’ Motion for Summary Judgment shall be filed on or before September 18,
    Dated this 28th day of July, 2023.

    Honorable Raner C. Collins
    Senior United States District Judge

    • Wait…i thought that was their name along…then they changed it to Salzman? Actually…Nancy was always Nancy Loshin originally…. The Loshin family must be very disappointed in Nancy…. But why hasn’t Nancy changed her name when she got divorced? She likes her ex-husband that much?

  • By ECF

    September 14, 2023

    The Honorable Nicholas G. Garaufis
    United States District Court
    Eastern District of New York
    225 Cadman Plaza East
    Brooklyn, New York 11201

    Re: United States v. Keith Raniere
    Case No.: 18-Cr-0024-NGG

    Dear Judge Garaufis:
    On August 25, 2023, the Court granted th defendants’s request for a 14-day extension to
    file our Reply, as Mr. Raniere’s incarceration poses logistical challenges to enable him to easily
    participate with our office in the drafting of his response. To that end, although we have
    attempted to provide Mr. Raniere with a draft of our Reply, he only just received it today, and we
    have not yet had adequate opportunity to discuss its contents with him and receive substantive
    feedback from him. We feel it it necessary to do so before filing. As such, we are requesting an
    additional 14-day adjournment to file our Reply.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Arthur L. Aidala, Esq
    Aidala, Bertuna & Kamins, P.C.

  • The trouble with NLP is that even low level practitioners believe they can argue or ‘reframe’ themselves out of anything.
    the morality of doing so is lost on them. NLP is just rhetoric basically – Plato gives a great account of its pitfalls in The Giorgias. Nancy doesnt have even a whiff of the character of Susan Dones. No courage, no integrity – no love.

    I reckon Susan cares more for Nancy’s health and well-being than she herself does. Moral corruption will eat her soul.
    So sad that she cant see how a simple heartfelt ‘sorry’ would be the start of a real ‘cure’ for all her ills.

  • You CANNOT teach on old dog new tricks. Speaking as an old dog myself. Nancy is too old to get it. Also, remember, her own daughter was served up as as part of the dos buffet. Foregoing the prospect of her own children and grandchildren herself. That, in of itself is a heft person price that will be paid generationally.
    Nancy, like Allison have two options, fully media saturation, or attempt slipping unseen unheard into the shadows.
    My advice to both women.
    And this extends to ALL ex NXIVM people.
    Shout, yell, constantly update, publicise, write columns get interviewed, contribute to all discussions about cults, coercive control, the latest cult leader exposed, the latest dodgy looking burgeoning outfit that needs outing. Keep it loud, open and be in front of the lawsuits THAT WILL COME IN THE FUTURE FROM THE BRONFMAN CHEQUE BOOKS via other intermediaries.
    Nancy is over as a person. She could literally give a kidney to the Pop and she would not be redeemed. She blew this life, maybe the next one she does better.

    • Will never happen because they know Clare Bronfman will crush them when she gets out.

      Clare will be on the warpath on day one of her release. She is still 100% committed to Keith Raniere. She lives every minute of every day to “protect” her Vanguard from his – in her warped mind – evil enemies.

      Clare was intimidating and threatening her victims at her own sentencing. That level of brashness can only be from someone who is bent on revenge. Clare is a highly litigious person who uses her money to bribe the authorities to do what she wants. She flew to meet two Attorney Generals to have charged filed against people. She ended up being able to coerce the FBI to file charges.

      Not that any of this is new knowledge. I think most readers already know this. But I cannot express the importance of never forgetting: Clare and others like her have an extraordinary amount of power. She is a detestable person. She will pull every lever of power at her disposal to avenge her squarefooted Vanguard…

    • Tenzin,

      Please demonstrate Nancy is too old to get it in her mouth! Common! When making statements of fact publicly you are automatically obliged morally to demonstrate their veracity! 😒

  • I heard on a podcast earlier this year that Sarah E has forgiven Nancy. She wants to see Lauren and Nancy. I wonder if Sarah ever met up with her old pal Lauren?

    • I’d love to see that!

      Honestly, I think Frank Report needs to set up a Wrestlemania type event: NXIVMMANIA . With the Defectors vs. The Dead-Enders.

      First tags team matches:

      “The Groomers” (Nancy and Lauren)
      “Dumb and Dumber” (Sarah and Nippy)

      “Horse Manure” (Clare and Suneel)
      “The Trippin’ Twosome” (Catherine and India)

      “Big Pimpin” (Allison and Dani Padilla)
      “The Botox Brood” (Toni and Karen)

      “Malpractice” (Danielle and Brandon)
      “The Blogger Brothers” (Frank and Chet)

      Any others?

  • I have heard that Nancy’s brother in law Steve Kass of Tofutti, muled money to different places, hid alot in his home, and put alot in insurance policies. I suggest you forensic account him and you’ll likely find the money trail.

    • Nancy was born, raised, and lived in hell. Coming out of prison will only give her a chance to return to where she came from. Nancys unlisted number is 666 if you want to call for an EM.

  • Nancy Salzman is like her Vanguard. She cannot apologize.
    She has been lying consistently for years, pretending to be innocent. It was all Raniere’s fault.
    In comparison, with Raniere, it was everyone else’s fault, but never his own.

    • If Nancy just apologized we would tend to believe Nancy was a victim. But Nancy is holding a hard line that she did nothing and nothing wrong was being done. Just say sorry Nancy and then ppl might start to accept you again and give you a pass. Admit you knowingly hurt people and that you regret your sins. Until then Nancy….I wish you never make it to heaven and that you never be forgiven. It’s up to you to make amends here on earth before you pass to the other side. Otherwise I wish you live in purgatory forever.

  • RE “When the FBI raided Salzman’s house, agents recovered more than $5000, in cash.”

    FBI agents seized $520,000 in cash from Salzman’s home when they raided it on March 27, 2018 -two days after Raniere’s arrest.

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