Mia Ambrose Tells of Abuse as She Petitions Court for Restraining Order Against Father, Not Mother

This is the petition of Mia Ambrose, an intelligent, well-spoken nearly 17 year old young adult, whom Judge Thomas O’Neill has ruled is a brainwashed nincompoop.

Mia explained in a letter to Judge O’Neill, Mia Ambrose’s Letter to Judge O’Neill: ‘I’m Almost 17, I Speak for Myself – My Father Is the Abuser’

that Chris Ambrose knew she and her attorney had been seeking a restraining order against Chris since April 2023. The RO Ambrose secured against Riordan “on behalf of Mia, Matthew and Sawyer” came after their claims of abuse/neglect against him, and after he learned of Mia’s pursuit of a RO against Chris.

In a gripping and detailed petition Mia wrote, she outlines her father Chris Ambrose’s abuse – something Judge O’Neill has ignored.

Judge O’Neill, on August 8, issued a restraining order against Mia’s mother Karen Riordan – against Mia’s wishes, preventing her from living with or even contacting her mother.

Mia submitted a letter to Judge O’Neill explaining that she sought a restraining order against her father

Judge O’Neill chose not to hear from the three teenagers whose lives her overturned. For reasons unclear, he relied entirely on the word of their father, the alleged abuser, Chris Ambrose, that the children are brainwashed and coercively controlled by their mother.

Rather than return to their father, the teens ran to their maternal grandfather for safety.

Mia Ambrose is capable of speaking for herself, and writing too.

She is over 16 – the age of consent in Connecticut. She must have a voice in where she wants to live, and with whom she wants to live.

She desires that instead of having her mother restrained from seeing her, she wants her father, whom she says is abusive, restrained from seeing her.

I am adding photos and links to provide evidence of the abuse Mia alleges.

There is a gofundme account for their mother and the teens.


By Mia Ambrose

I am asking the court for immediate relief from a pattern of isolation, threats, stalking, intimidation, and sexual assault at the hands of Chris Ambrose.

I’ve tried to get a restraining order filed since I left his house on April 22, 2023. He harasses me and gets the police to join him through his false claims against me. I need the courts protection TODAY.

The Ambrose children were kept in isolation for three years at his home. They escaped this year.

I have evidence (videos, audios, photos, journals, witnesses) to support everything I have written below.


I am Mia Ambrose and I have been abused and in fear of Chris Ambrose since 2018. I often broke out in hives when in his sole care and pleaded not to be with him.

He put secret USB recording devices in our bedrooms and nanny cams in the house. He said he had work saved on the usb’s that we found in our bedrooms. Then we realized they were secret recorders from “Spy Guy”.

Chris will call “Spy Guy” to check his recording devices

He removed all the doorknobs from the doors, so we had no privacy and he threatened to remove the doors all together.

Chris Ambrose removed the doorknobs of the children’s bedrooms.

He’s stared at me for long periods of time and followed me around the house—into my bedroom even, despite my distress and requests for him to stop….

He stripped me of all my belongings to punish me and lied to everyone about me. After being forced back with the person who SEXUALLY ASSAULTED ME, I continued to self-harm by cutting and got really depressed.

Mia began cutting after she was taken from her mother.
Mia later put tattoos on her arms to hide the cutting she did because of her depression after losing her mother.

I stopped going to school and gained a lot of weight to comfort and protect myself as I lived in fear 24/7 and so did my brothers.

Mia was on the YMCA Showtime Team and traveled to Austria to represent the USA in July 2019.

Mia, depressed at losing her mother and her happy life, and isolated with her father, took to overeating.

I never had any depression or self-harm or anything before I was forced to live with Chris Ambrose.

Sawyer was also sexually assaulted and began cutting. Chris said we
were liars and being dramatic. We are all telling the truth.

If you think the above is the result of Riordan’s brainwashing, ask yourself if the blood curdling screams of Sawyer and the sad face of Mia trapped in her room [below] are also the products of brainwashing or authentic sounds and sights of abuse. 

On August 13, 2021, I told the police that my father had told me to kill myself. They didn’t do anything.

No one helped. That night I left a note saying, “I can’t take it anymore” and ran away to my mom’s house in the pitch dark. I was terrified because it was dark and on a main road, but I was more afraid to stay home with Chris Ambrose. The police came and Chris was with them outside. They told me to “Put on your big girl panties and get in the car.”

They said, “The guy with all the power is outside,” referring to my father. I have this on tape.

Chris Ambrose tells everyone that we are the liars—that he has all the power- and the police said we had to be with Chris no matter what.

They refused to give us the number to call DCF and Chris Ambrose refused to allow the 211-assessment person to see me. I was so sad and desperate and scared.

After I was forced back, I thought I would not make it. All three of us have been suicidal and struggle with depression every day. Living there was hell.

ISOLATION FROM FAMILY AND FRIENDS—Made us feel alone, scared, and totally dependent on him.

1. I was forced to live in his sole care on April 24, 2020. His abuse increased because he could do whatever he wanted to us whenever he wanted. He cut me off from my mother, and all family and friends who loved us. He moved us into a new town, new house and new school where no one knew our history. I have not seen my cousins, grandfather, Joani (grandmother), Aunts, and close family friends since I’ve been in his sole custody – almost 3.5 years.

2. We had limited use of phones since April 24, 2020. All family and friends were blocked on our phones. But after we experienced and then reported sexual and emotional abuse in September 2020, we were severely punished for two months and had no electronics or access to anything from September 2020 through November 2020.

We were threatened and told if we reported the sexual abuse again, that we would be put in DCF care or sent to an institution.
That we would never see our mother, dogs or family again. I felt paralyzed and really scared.

3. We reported the abuse again in December 2020 but were forced back with him. Chris made us pay the price for speaking up and our phones were taken for a year to punish us and preventing us from reporting about his abuse. There was no home phone. We could not even call 911.

We were so terrified, and he punished us after we told Yale that he was sexually and emotionally abusive (see video “After Yale, NO MORE”)

AUDIO- Chris worried Mia is recording abuse- AFTER YALE- NO MORE!

• Chris Ambrose sexually assaulted me several times, and said, “What are you going to do about it? Call DCF/ Call the police? How’d that work for you last time?”

My brother witnessed at least one of these assaults. In response to me telling him to stop, he says, “Why do you have to be so nasty?” (audio).

He also molested Sawyer multiple times. I have an audio where Chris
doesn’t deny his sexual abuse of me and Sawyer. It shows Chris Ambrose trying to get the information from me to figure out how to protect himself.


4. He calls me a “fucking bitch”, “a nasty little person,” a liar, that I have a “horrible reputation” and tells me to kill myself repeatedly.

He also told me “It’s your job to kill yourself.” My brothers have witnessed this. I think he wants me dead. He wants me to kill myself and then he could say I’m crazy. He’s also told everyone I’m crazy and has called me “Crazy” as if that’s my name.

On audio, “who told you that? Crazy?”-referring to me.

• When a parent tells you to kill yourself it is threatening and intimidating because he clearly wants me dead.


I am a female. Chris has attacked my gender identity by telling me I was more of a boy than a girl—See video—I asked why he calls me a guy all the time and he said, “Because you act like one” and looks at me with disgust. This attacks on my gender happens every day. He makes fun of me and humiliates me in front of my brothers.
“You’re a guy! You’re a man. You act like a man.”

6. Isolates us from authorities that are supposed to help us. He has threatened us with the police, with DCF, and school authorities. He uses the authorities to scare and intimidate me and my brothers. He lies to them about us to cover for his own behavior and threatens us by telling us what we can and cannot say to them.

(Audio recordings-of threats to police, dcf, counselors).

7. Harasses me based on gender discrimination. I am a girl. He told me I was more like a guy than a girl, would humiliate me and confuse my gender when he’d say, “You’re a guy. You act like a guy. You’re more like a guy than a girl.”

(See video).

8. Chris created a home environment where we were isolated, tormented and abused. I started drinking alcohol every day and my brother Matthew became dependent on drugs to cope. Audio-we’ve listened to Chris mock us daily for years.

Sawyer used drugs as well as we couldn’t take it anymore. He called me fat all the time, “Eat Mia eat. Have more pasta Mia. You weigh more than I do Mia, You’re the heaviest in the family.”

Sawyer when he lived with his father takes a toke.

(I have audios to prove this)

9. Makes me afraid of authority. Chris threatens us that the police and FBI are investigating our mother and us and constantly accuses us of being in contact with her—as if she’s a criminal and we are in deep trouble. He has threatened and said, “the police have evidence that you’ve been with your mother” and “the FBI has your phones and have confirmed ongoing contact with your mother.”

This makes us feel sad, scared, isolated and in fear of authority. He does this so we have nowhere to turn and nowhere to seek help. (I have voice recordings). We hadn’t seen our mother in three years.

10. Guys as old as 23 were allowed in our house and Chris permitted them sleepovers with girls who were only 14 in my bedroom. There were three double mattresses in my room. Chris knew of the drugs, alcohol and sex and encouraged it. He gave me money and thought it was cool. He found all the alcohol and drugs and condoms and said, “Glad you your friends are using protection.”

I was only 15 and it was like he wanted me to self-destruct. My brother Matthew was totally isolated in his room, not going to school, and he thought about suicide all the time.

Sawyer was scared and up at all hours of the night. I would leave for volleyball and Chris would leave whatever strangers were in my bedroom with my brothers in the house. Many men were between 19 and 23 years old.

(See my videos, pictures, and voice memos of Chris).

11. He let my brother get addicted to drugs and he was high in his room all the time and missed over 40 days of school. He failed all his classes. My friends could smell the weed as soon as you entered the house. Sawyer has asthma and drugs, and alcohol were all over the place. Cars were coming and going all night long.

12. Chris let me drive the car but would not let me get my permit. He taught me to drive and let me pick up Sawyer and take the car whenever I wanted. He put me and everyone at risk by letting me drive with no permit or license and he let me take the car out day and night—as late as 3am on school nights—without a permit. I had no idea that was illegal as Chris said it was ok.

13. I stayed as far away from Chris as possible in the house and lived in the basement mostly away from everyone for most of the past two years. He isolated all three of us from each other.

14. Chris constantly walked in on me when I was changing, which made me extremely uncomfortable. He gave me no privacy and no matter how many times I told him to stop he wouldn’t listen.

15. Racial slurs and threats: Me and my brothers are all Latino. When I told him to STOP calling us derogatory names like “Beaners” and “Nibbas” – Chris threatened and said, “You make this an issue for me, and I’ll make issues for you.” (I have an audio of this)

16. Chris threatened to “get me good”. He said, “I know all your soft spots and know just how to get you.” He would do this in front of my friends to humiliate
me. (I have audio)

17. I was 16 in January 2023 and on April 22, 2023, I packed my bags and left. I had stood up to him for so long and finally saved myself for good, I thought. But Chris WILL NOT STOP, and this is why I need my attorney to apply for a restraining order. I have made this request since I first left.

18. I wrote him a nice text asking not to fight. To free my brothers and just let us go (see my text).



19. He threatened my friends and me saying, “This is going to end badly for you and Mia if you don’t tell me where she is.”

20. My mom has a SafeHome protected address (certificate #1114). The police promised they would not give the address to Chris, but somehow, he found out my mom’s address.

21. …Chris told my brother’s that he knew my mom’s address. He told my brothers to scare them and intimidate me. No one can explain how he got the address.

22. HARASSING TEXTS: Chris texted me after Sgt. Jacobowsky told him not to contact me. I asked Chris to stop. … Chris … continued to contact and harass me with texts.

23. On Monday April 24, 2023, I filed a petition to protect me from his abuse and neglect in juvenile court….Chris…  WOULD NOT STOP and would continue to threaten, harass, and intimidate me and would manipulate and lie to the police to do the same.

24. USES POLICE TO HARASS and does not give police all the information. …Chris has used the police to threaten and harass me and my brothers for three years. (Audio evidence)…

26. The entire spring, I feared going to school because I was afraid Chris would try to take me. My attorney called the police and they confirmed they would not do that, but Chris continues to
use the police to intimidate us and says we must go with him.

27. I then asked my attorney to file a restraining order against Chris Ambrose (see email). My attorney tried to file a restraining order in family court in New Haven (because we all live in Madison and there was no open case in family court), but they said he was my juvenile court attorney. My attorney asked to file a restraining order in juvenile court, but the judge said it had to be in family court. Chris was served my petition on May 2nd re Juvenile court. 3 days later
May 5th – when he responded to my petition against him, Chris lied to the family court and said there was no other open case. He did not tell the court I had run away because of his abuse and did not tell the family court that there was an open case in juvenile court with a date of May 21, 2023, scheduled.

28. Chris then filed a PPA restraining order on my behalf to protect me from my mother. This goes against everything I want and need, and he is trying to take control over me! He did not tell the judge there was a case against him in juvenile court. This is very scary and threatening that he uses his power to try to harm me—to have me removed from the safety of my mom’s care, where I’ve wanted to be for four years….



– CHRIS LIED TO THE POLICE AND TRIED TO HAVE ME ARRESTED (see audios of car chase and four Madison cop cars – he petrified me and my friends)

a. I now know there was a hearing scheduled on May 19th where Chris was trying to get a restraining order as PPA on my behalf against my mother. He requested that I be physically forced out of my mother’s home and back into his home. This petrifies me and it’s the opposite of what I want. He never sent anything to my attorney, Mike Curley, and he knows I’m represented by counsel.

b. I am going on 17 and know how to drive. I’ve driven with and without my father in his car for over 8 months (evidence of photos and witnesses). I’ve driven on highways for hours.

Though unlicensed to drive, Ambrose let Mia take his car and drive it at any time day or night.

Even 12 year old Sawyer drove Ambrose’s car. [see below]


c. I want to be like every other teenager and get a legal driver’s license. My mom told me I cannot drive even if I know how. That I must get a permit. I’ve studied for the exam and signed up online to take the written test. My social security card is required, but my social security card is at Chris’s house. … I went to Chris’s house to get my social security card and some of my belongings. As I was in the house, I heard Chris pull in. I left in fear and exited through the front door with my belongings. I had a container that I believed held my social security card and my ear-piercing kit.

d. CHRIS USED HIS CAR TO TRY TO TRAP ME: My friends were waiting for me in their car parked across the street. As I was walking out of the driveway, Chris turned his car around and used the car to cut me off—he swerved in front of me.

e. I then went and tried to go around the back of the car.

f. Chris then backed the car up to cut me off and nearly hit me. It was terrifying

g. I managed to get into my friend’s vehicle.

h. We drove away and Chris followed closely behind us. We were all scared (view video tape).

i. We parked at Town Campus for safety, but Chris then put his car sideways to my friend’s car and trapped us in place. We were all so scared. (see photos)

j. We managed to drive up on the grass and escaped Chris, but he followed us on the highway— he was talking on the phone the entire time—with his phone to his ear as he chased us.


Ambrose and Madison PD chase innocent teen girls

Ambrose chased Mia and her teenage friends in his car until his police friends came to the rescue.  


l. I had done NOTHING WRONG! I had not committed any crime, but because Chris lies to everyone, the police believed him and they chased me, pulled us over, without any reason, searched the car and us.

m. I called my attorney from the car because I was so scared.

n. Chris lied to the police and told them I was not allowed in his house or on his property….

s. Based on Chris’s false statements to the police, they search the car looking for passports.

t. They search all our belongings and did a body search on me to find the passports.

u. They found no passports because I didn’t take any. This was a traumatizing experience.

v. My father was screaming so loud I could hear him from a distance. He was demanding my arrest and asking about bail….

2. May 22, 2023- My brother Matthew who is also 16, left the house, filed a complaint in juvenile court of abuse against Chris and then went to my mother’s home.

3. July 4, 2023. My brother Sawyer, 13, managed to escape Chris’s house. He showed up at my mom’s house and was soaking wet and shaking with fear because he believed Chris would chase him and bring him back to his home. Sawyer told us he contacted his birthmother months ago to tell her what was happening. She filed a petition in juvenile court for him because he’s been sexually molested by Chris and emotionally abused.

4. July 4, 2023: Chris tells more lies to the Madison Police: Chris told the police my mother picked up Sawyer from his friend’s house. My mom was home with me and Matthew. Sawyer told me and my
brother EXACTLY how he escaped which had nothing to do with my mother.

5. Sawyer called the police, and my mom called the police to do a wellness check on Sawyer. Hours went by and no one called or came out. At 8:45pm the police came and threatened to arrest my
mother based on the lies Chris had told them! The police said this right in front of all of us.

(See video recording).

6. The state prosecutors refused to file charges against my mother because she did not interfere.


• Chris wrote to Judge Rodrigues and TOLD him in an affidavit that there was an ARREST WARRANT out for my mom! He lies but still gets what he wants from the court because they don’t know he’s lying.

But who would lie about something like that? He does this all the time. And he is believed. And we are told we’re liars or brainwashed by our mom. We were forced to live with Chris 24/7 for three years and still our mom is blamed, and we are discredited by Chris.

7. July 6, 2023. We were not home. Chris came to my mom’s home (even though her address was supposed to be protected and he got it anyway) and walked all over the property before putting a card
in the mailbox. (See ring camera video).

8. July 10, 2023. STALKING I was leaving my mother’s home. We live on a dead-end street far out of the way from anything—there’s no reason to go down this road.

• I was leaving with my girlfriend Tyler around 7:45…. Tyler told me she just saw Chris. I was panicking and scared. He then passed us in his car and was talking on the phone…. Chris started following us. When we got to the next stop sign Chris got out and took pictures of us.

• We went to the next street and Chris followed closely behind and took pictures….


….Each time we are in court Chris gets the end seat so he can stare at me and intimidate me in the hearing. Chris then made sure we heard him say, “you’re so low class” to me or my mother…

During the hearing Chris said, “Karen (my mother) took the kids from my home.” And she’s “holding them.”

I’m going on 17 and his lies are scary because he knows they are not true. I was sitting right there and when he says these things—about me—when I’ve done everything to tell him and everyone how I feel, it’s threatening, and I feel intimidated.

10. July 11, 2023.

…  Chris continues to file motions to have me physically removed from my mom’s home….

11. MY EMPLOYMENT: Since leaving Chris’s home, I tried to get a drivers permit but he refuses to give me my social security card. I also got a job, and never told Chris where I was working for fear he would come to my work and try to kidnap me.

12. 1:40am July 12th:

A Madison police car with lights on drove past our house, down the cul de sac and back out.

There were no sirens, but my brothers and I came racing down because we were scared Chris sent the police to take us again. We don’t know why the police did this drive by, but this I the kind of fear we all live with

13. On July 12th I was working from 11-2:45. My mom drops me off and picks me up.

• My boss and store manager, Kelly, can confirm the following events:

a. I was getting off from work at 2:45pm.

b. Around 2:35pm there was a police SUV with lights on in the parking lot. We looked out thinking there was an accident.

c. I saw Chris car with him in the driver’s seat. The police car was with his and the officer was standing and talking to my father.

d. My knees buckled and I asked Kelly for help. I was hysterical crying because my father had found out where I worked (just like he found my mother’s home address).

e. He was at my home two nights before. He had stalked me and taken unwanted photos. Then he harassed and intimidated me at juvenile court.

f. I called my mother crying and panicking with fear. I asked her to come get me. My boss stayed with me.

g. My phone set off a message that Chris and the police car were now driving past my mom’s house.

h. My mom picked me up at work.

i. I called my attorney, and he called the Madison police and again confirmed that no one would put their hands on me. He asked why my father was at my job.

j. See text message from my attorney. He said that Sgt. Roy told him, “Mr. Ambrose had requested a police escort to his ex-wife’s house, but no contact was made.”

k. Sgt. Roy did not explain why my father and a police car with lights on came to my job. They were there to intimidate and threaten me with their presence and they did. I’m afraid now I might lose my job as my father is showing up like that and it’s causing a scene.

l. Sgt. Roy did not say WHY my father was going to my mother’s home.

m. No one ever called my mother, nor did they ring the doorbell.

I need protection right now and I can’t wait for something else scary to happen. I am in fear of my life and don’t want any contact with Chris Ambrose. I saved myself and fled his home. I will not go back,
but I do not want him to harm me, and I believe he will get back at me for running away from him. I can’t sleep and have nightmares that he will take me I am always stressed and worried that he will
show up and try to hurt me. I am so scared.

Mia Ambrose
July 19, 2023


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  • Anyone happen to know an attorney David Schneider who seems to be be dragging out a DCF case in Connecticut? Separating children from good parents for as long as possible, keeping children in foster care for as long as possible seems to be a thing in Connecticut.

    • The state of Connecticut and Connecticut DCF employees are supposed allow those teenagers to live with “relatives, kin or someone they know”. Why isn’t Connecticut stepping forward to make sure those three teenagers are allowed to live with “relatives, kin or someone they know” and love and trust?

      Those three teenagers are like all other teenagers in the state. They need comfort. They have a right to care. They also deserve more stability than most after all the nightmares the “family court” bureaucrats forced them through.

      Who allowed Mr. O’Neill and DV expert Mr. Cuda to order those three vulnerable teenagers into the wild world with no secure plans for housing, care or the new school year?

      It’s August 28th.

      Are those three teenagers as excited as other Connecticut teenagers about the new school year?

      Maybe Steve Stafstrom at Pullman and Comley can do something about the candidate his committee promoted?

      Shame on government employees and private vendors directly and indirectly involved in that nightmare.

      Did Mr. O’Neill and DV expert Mr. Cuda plan and order that new scenario to try to force those vulnerable teenagers back into the care of such a frequently identified perpetrator?

      Anyone thinking, “That would never happen.” should look up the history of “family court” in Connecticut and Germany starting around the 1970s.

      “… Marco was assigned to live with Henkel, a forty-seven-year-old single man who supplemented his income as a foster father by repairing jukeboxes and other electronics. Marco was Henkel’s eighth foster son in sixteen years. When Henkel began fostering children, in 1973, a teacher noticed that he was “always looking for contact with boys.”

      … When a public prosecutor launched an investigation, Helmut Kentler, who called himself Henkel’s “permanent adviser,” intervened on Henkel’s behalf—a pattern that repeats throughout more than eight hundred pages of case files about Henkel’s home. Kentler was a well-known scholar, the author of several books on sex education and parenting, and he was often quoted in Germany’s leading newspapers and on its TV programs.

      The newspaper Die Zeit had described him as the “nation’s chief authority on questions of sexual education.” On university letterhead, Kentler issued what he called an “expert opinion,” explaining that he had come to know Henkel through a “research project.” …


  • Mia, I found some more places you can call.

    This is the CT Children’s Law Centre:

    And this is Family & Children’s Aid:

    All three of you are old enough to call these numbers.

    I’m not 100% sure if you are still staying with your grandfather, but if so, they might be even be able arrange some financial support for your situation.

    I’m sorry if its different in Canada, but this might be worth a try. All you have to do is give them a call.

    • I see you’re in Canada.

      Please know: Many organizations “helping children” in Connecticut are part of the problem.

      The Children’s Law Center finds mostly random, mostly unqualified guardians ad litem to get involved in cases:

      “A coalition was formed after the incident and identified the lack of legal services for children in family court as a major factor in the girl’s death. That led to the creation of the Children’s Law Center of Connecticut, a nonprofit organization led by Rakich-Kelly, that offers low-cost services to low-income residents. Her office is working on more than 200 cases involving a GAL.” https://www.middletownpress.com/middletown/article/Jennifer-Dulos-divorce-shows-controversial-role-14190438.php

      👉 All three teenagers already have their own attorneys.

      👉 The judge (Mr. O’Neill) has very little experience in family law and even less experience in cases such as the Ambrose case. Mr. O’Neill wouldn’t let the children speak for themselves. He wouldn’t let the teenagers’ attorneys speak for them, either.

      If the three teens need anything, they need the DOJ to arrest the judges who the committed crimes that got that horrible snowball rolling down the hill. In Connecticut, bogus “family court” opinions are often turned into “facts” which everyone must then agree about. It’s the same dynamic happening in several spheres of influence in the world today — and illustrates yet again what an exponential mess official fiction usually creates.

      The teens simply need to be allowed to speak for themselves and they need to be represented by sane and competent counsel in that … family court circus.

  • It is awful that the girl was cutting herself but guess what, sadly, many teen girls in good homes cut themselves, unfortunately. I don’t understand how she can cut herself and then mother tries to say it’s the fathers fault she did that to herself. And then, after she does that to herself, she gets angry when he wants to take the door knobs off. ??? It doesn’t add up at all.

    • Bulimia, anorexia, cutting, drugs, promiscuity, “furries”, rainbows, surgeries, population reduction, satanism etc. etc. … pushed onto any and every teen … online … by certain adults for various reasons.

      Not long ago, this made sense: “Traditional schoolwork focused on training the faculties, or mental capacities. Philosophers thought that the mind was made up of discrete parts, each of which controlled an aspect of thought. The three main faculties were the will, the emotions, and the intellect. Training the intellect by acquiring knowledge developed reasoning. Training the will and emotions would cultivate self-control and appreciation of beauty. The ultimate aim of education was for pupils to develop good character through the improvement of these faculties.“ https://historicgeneva.org/organizations/19th-century-schoolwork/

      Then, multinational corporations via nonprofit foundations and endowments decided to control the entire world, all nations and all people. Most people had no idea what was happening. About hundred years later, Black Rock, Vanguard, the IMF, multinational banks and corporations in the “World Economic Forum” are just about ready to take control of all families, all currency and all nations. Now that some pay for food with a palm scan or a face scan, people wonder who allows corrupt family courts to destroy children and families in the exact. same. ways. all over the world.

      What kind of criminals would allow family court judges and attorneys to so blatantly ruin children and bankrupt families?

      Those in control who know what’s happening. It must be funny to them that so few know what’s happening. Those who know why the corruption is allowed must feel superior to the rest of humanity in so many ways. Anyone interested in learning the plans the multinational corporation owners had in the early 20th century for Americans in public schools of the future should find Norman Dodd’s interview with G. Edward Griffin and Charlotte Iserbyt’s research regarding “the deliberate dumbing down of America”.

    • Doorknobs came first. Cutting is a sign of sexual abuse. She reported it, was found credible as was her brother and then the power of the father along with the gal whom he alone paid $200,000+ worked to force kids back the next day.

      Yes, cutting can occur in many homes but this is just one piece of the many symptoms. None of the outcomes- depression, cutting, school failure, truancy, morbid obesity occurred prior to the isolation with the father.

      This was not a healthy option. And one the father knew was not working yet he continued to deny their wishes as a means to control and isolate from all family – no just the mom that raised them.

      No kids should be isolated in that way and no parent would endorse such measures.

      Regardless she is now going on 17 and the father will still not let her go. He calls the cops when she refuses to go with him. This is unhealthy. And the teens are making claims against him which is their right. The idea that a mother- after having been isolated from her for years- is brainwashing these teens is not plausible and an excuse for his coercive control and need to dominate.

      • She has not been isolated from them. That is a complete and utter lie. She has been in constant communication with the daughter at the very least.

          • I didn’t pass any judgment on whether it was good or bad. I’m just saying it’s yet another big Karen lie to try to say she was not in contact with the teens. Karen is a prolific liar. And she is willing to lie on the record. Bodycam footage proves it. Nusbaum’s documents proved it. She is a pathological liar.

        • 5:02 pm,

          Pass judgment on whether it’s good or bad to take the mother’s money to pay attorneys and various strangers to stop children from seeing their mother.

          Most good people would easily and quickly lie to protect their children from harm. If you were in Nazi Germany and the soldiers were destroying families, would you lie to save lives?

          Same vibe:

      • “None of the outcomes- depression, cutting, school failure, truancy, morbid obesity occurred prior to the isolation with the father.”

        It was a contentious divorce. That would depress the hell out of any child.

    • he didn’t take the doorknobs off because i cut myself. he was the reason i was so depressed.he never cared how depressed we were he was praying for out downfall.

      • It sounds like maybe he wasn’t able to parent as well as he would have liked to parent. Most of us do the best we can do. It might be difficult for him to admit mistakes and his attorneys might be convincing him to make more mistakes. Not sure why he doesn’t make life easier for you all. He should know the hundreds of thousands of dollars he gave to attorneys is money you and your brothers won’t have. This is all very sad. Hoping everything will be better soon, Mia. Keep the faith. Everything will eventually be okay.

  • Why is the bar so incredibly high for these teens? The racketeering is painfully obvious. Mother is wicked for all eternity – goes for a divorce and Ambrose uses life savings to make sure kids never see their mother again.

    He’s insane. Obsessed with the power he bought in a court order to make mom submit to quackster bullshit.

    The players keep changing but psychopath Ambrose finds new people to pay like Cuda.

    It’s not worth it to ONeill. They did their best but it won’t hold. Play is too obvious and kids too credible. That’s on Ambrose not anyone else.

    • The father filed for divorce, and he wanted shared custody. Karen is the one who forced to court to take away her legal and physical custody. Not the dad.

        • Maybe because Karen won’t agree to shared custody? She wants to continue kidnapping and brainwashing the kids. I’m willing to bet Karen encouraged the daughter to cut herself in the hopes that it would help Karen in court. Why do I think that? Bc Karen clearly believes somehow that the cutting evidence worked in Karen’s favor, which is why she gave you the images to publish. This sick woman seems to have convinced the children that if they harm themselves, it will work out well for her court case. Would you want your children spending time with an evil person like that?

          • Mia would not have given you those images without the mother getting involved with you to write the stories. And clearly the mother tried to twist it in the daughters mind that it was father’s fault she cut her own arm. Karen is sick. Did it ever occur to you or to Karen that publicly publishing the daughters images of self harm would potentially encourage her to do it more to get sympathy? This whole going public with the custody case with names and photos of the children is wrong on so many levels.

          • Has it ever occurred to you that if you let your daughter live with her mother she would not cut?

          • your a sick fuck. my mother never told me to do jack shit. No one is brainwashing me or kidnapping me besides Christopher, if you’re gonna comment at least comment something reliable. i’ve made statements before and i’ll make it again. I’m sixteen years old almost 17 i have my own brain and i’m gonna use it. i’ll continue to defend my mother and brothers against ppl who decide to claim shit they don’t know. you are an evil person for assuming the worst not my mother.

  • O’Neill is insulting on so many fronts. How can he discredit young men and women without the chance to testify themselves? It’s hearsay and more hearsay. And based on hearsay you put a RO against a parent for a year? And no doubt Hollywood pedo writer can spin a tale – outmaneuvering his ex along with tubby pal Cuda.

    Love this intro: “ This is the petition of Mia Ambrose, an intelligent, well-spoken nearly 17 year old young adult, whom Judge Thomas O’Neill has ruled is a brainwashed nincompoop.”

    Haven’t heard the word in ages but O’Neill needs to step aside on this one. Vacate or step down. WTF was he thinking?

  • Ahhh. The end of a beautiful summer for the Connecticut family court cabal, their families and friends.

  • Like those sick puppies who hold people hostage in their basement
    Totally unaware that their victims feelings matter
    He is a mentally deranged individual

  • What the F does he want them back for ? Vengeance ? If he abused them before , obviously everyone is wondering if he will seek retaliation, and it will be even worse

    If I was a kid I’d never go back to his crazy lair

  • Hey Mia? I went the extra mile for you and learned that in Connecticut, you can start by calling 211.

    If you tell the operators what is going on, they should be able to connect you to a social worker eventually. Please remember that you can say no to anything they offer that doesn’t feel right for you. Not everything they can offer may be right be for you and it’s okay to say no. But, it seems like Connecticut has really similar programs to the I help received in canada.

    I decided I didn’t mind sharing with you that I had a social worker since I was 14. Because I was a good kid suffering an intolerable situation, I was able to eventually move into something called a supported independent living program. That program helped pay my rent so that I didn’t have to live with my abusers and was able to complete some education.

    If this sounds good to you, you’ll need to phone them immediately. Before your 18th birthday. I’m sorry it’s so late in the summer and you’ve only got a few weeks before back to school. But I dearly hope you’ll give it a chance.

    And I hope you’ll know that there’s always help out there no matter if you’re over or under 18. But, please? If I were you? Please just try. It’s gonna be a lot of work. A lot of phone calls and meetings but it will be worth it. You deserve to be cared for, Mia. And your school counselors will understand. And while maybe the court system is full of assholes that don’t give a shit? There is also an entire army of social workers willing to help you that you probably don’t even know about yet!

    Your situation sounds pretty bad, Mia. I really hope you’ll give this a try!

      • A social worker might be able to help arrange kinship care so the kids can stay together with friends or family. And help get all of them get access to supports.

        • My personal experience and speaking to others. Connecticut has no concern with sibling bonds. It is access and visitation at all costs. These people are not interested in the best interest of children. It’s greed. Money, power and prestige. Shameful .

      • Social workers are NOT “in on this”. There’s not a single social worker mentioned in this story once! Just a bunch of rich lawyers, judges and GALs. Legal people. Not one social worker mentioned. Social workers don’t work for the courts.

        • DCF found abuse allegations to be unsubstantiated. So I guess that means they are also corrupt? Please. More like Karen has coerced and brainwashed the children.

          • Unfortunately for the good people of Connecticut, a few bad apples know the following and pretend they don’t:

            ⚠️ “Unsubstantiated” disclosures of abuse doesn’t mean the abuse didn’t occur.

            From Lori S. Kornblum and Daniel Pollack: “… (T)he decision to unsubstantiate can rest on any of a number of factors that do not determine that abuse or neglect did not occur. According to the DCF’s Child Protective Services Access and Initial Assessment Standards (the Standards), CPS must make the decision to substantiate or unsubstantiate within 60 days.

            The Standards state that the determination to unsubstantiate is different from a determination that a report of child maltreatment is “clearly wrong.” According to the Standards, “Occasionally, CPS receives a report which, upon assessment, is found to be clearly wrong. This is different than a report that is found to be unsubstantiated …”

            “… The legal parties involved often interpret a designation of unsubstantiated to mean that the child should be treated as if nothing happened. Moreover, the reporting (nonoffending) parent may be viewed as vindictive or unstable for imagining that something did happen.

            In addition to failing to protect and provide services to a child who is the subject of the unsubstantiation, this fundamental error may allow a perpetrator to sense he or she has leeway to continue the maltreatment …”

            Tricky, right?

          • How much pressure is DCF under due to the fatherhood initiative funding? What is being taught in Newport?

        • How much does Adam Teller attempt to discredit substanced DCF reports? Has Adam Teller right a letter back in 2014? Has he ever got caught hidding substantiated reports of abuse? Sliding scale fees=dirty deeds done dirt cheap.

          • The Adam Teller at 33 Connecticut Boulevard? Member of Connecticut Collaborative Divorce Group with Bruce Freedman? Mr. Teller went to law school after an undergraduate degree in Engineering & Applied Sciences. Did Harvard’s Engineering & Applied Sciences program teach about child abuse? Or, did Bruce Freedman help Mr. Teller help the court dismiss substantiated DCF reports?

  • In Ancient Rome the wise lawmakers had the doctrine of Pater Familias. The father had complete control of the children. He could kill them with impunity.

    Dr. Richard Gardner brought the concept to the modern age adding the long-standing right of the father to the unrestricted access to the children’s body.

    This is the true law. In Connecticut we follow that law. Our Superior Courts Family Division enforcers the will of our sovereign people.

    • Dr. Richard Gardner pushed Kinsey’s concepts with help from Morris Ernst, Nazi research and Rockefeller funding.

      Look it up.

  • It is interesting that literally every single person on Karen’s side is crooked. They’ve been disbarred they’ve been fired. They’ve been jailed. Like attracts like.

    • “F-01
      IV-D Authorized Filer:
      This appearance was filed 4 days ago. OFFICE OF CHILD SUPPORT SERVICES A (104028)

      2081 S MAIN ST SUITE B
      MIDDLETOWN, CT 06457

      For: IV-D Child Support Only File Date: 08/15/2023
      Y DSS IV-D Authorized Filer”

      According to The Department of Justice website: “There are a variety of state civil and criminal remedies for collecting child support. In each state there are agencies, known as ‘Title IV-D’ agencies, which are required by federal law to provide child support enforcement services to anyone who requests such services. …”

      Hearing only Mr. Ambrose’s case, Director Adelman penned a forty page opinion.

      On page 35, he wrote: “O. The presumptive child support is the defendant to pay to the plaintiff $0 per week and to contribute 0 percent of all uncovered medical expenses and reasonably necessary childcare for the minor children.”

      For letter “I.”, Director Adelman instructed Treasurer Robert Horwitz, “to continue to provide reunification therapy to the minor children and the parties as he sees to be appropriate (sic).”

      Director Adelman’s Section V. of his opinion says, “The defendant (Ms. Riordan) shall pay to the plaintiff as child support or the three minor children the sum of $249 per week and said support shall commence one week after the defendant receives her first paycheck from employment and she shall contribute 31 percent of all uncovered and/or unreimbursed medical and dental expenses for the minor children as well as all reasonably necessary childcare expenses …”

      📝 Who signed the form?


      I hereby request Title IV-D child support services. I agree to cooperate with the Bureau of Child Support Enforcement, and any cooperating agencies or contractors, and authorize them to use all legal means necessary to provide requested services. I certify that all information provided by me in this application form is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that if I begin receiving Title IV-D services, child support payments by way of income withholding will be directed through the state disbursement unit both while I receive such services and also when such services are terminated for any reason.

      Applicant’s Signature _______________________________________ Date _________

      • Which scholars in Connecticut think parents engaging in risky online behavior don’t endanger their children?

        • You can go to your attorney with the report of other adults stating that a father was engaged in lescivious conduct Infront of minors. In writing. . Because it’s not their own children it doesn’t matter. Because the gal represents the other party’s family in another matter it will be hidden from the court. AFCC family court professionals label it poor social skills. This is how Connecticut family court rolls. Even children not involved in the custody dispute are disregarded.

    • Chris- you’re the one without a law license and fired for theft of intellectual properties and plagiarism.

      Keep lying buddy. We’re never going back to you.

      • I’m not Chris, but please tell me what I am lying about?

        Luthmann = Disbarred felon
        Parlato = felon
        Bandi Lee = fired for unethical behavior
        Boyne = arrested. Dangerous antisemite
        Cunha= disbarred
        Jones-Soderman = license revoked


        I could keep going.

        • A few more for your list…

          Francis Lewis … home razed; his wife taken prisoner
          John Hart … farm and mills destroyed; died while fleeing capture
          Carter Braxton … lent personal fortune for The War for Independence; never repaid
          John Brown … hung
          Joan of Arc … burned at the stake
          Thomas Becket … killed in Canterbury Cathedral
          Peter … hung upside down
          Paul … decapitated
          Andrew … tied to a cross
          James … executed with a sword
          Thomas … stabbed with a spear
          Matthew … burned, stoned, stabbed, or beheaded
          John … exiled to the island of Patmos
          Jesus Christ of Nazareth c. 4 BC – c. AD 30 / 33 … nailed to a cross

          The few who read Isaiah 7:14 and yet mock that 33 do the most harm in and to the world.

    • What’s interesting is that the children want to be with Karen and not CHRISCO. That’s the only thing that matters.

      • Is it the only thing that matters? So I guess you would’ve let your kids sleep over with Michael Jackson if they wanted to do that?

    • “Mark my word, if and when these preachers get control of the [Republican] party, and they’re sure trying to do so, it’s going to be a terrible damn problem. Frankly, these people frighten me. Politics and governing demand compromise. But these Christians believe they are acting in the name of God, so they can’t and won’t compromise. I know, I’ve tried to deal with them.”

      ― Barry Goldwater

  • Family court system, you continue to attempt to control children around the united states. You are damaging society. These children are almost adults. They want to be with their mother. They continue to show signs of abuse. You have contributed to CPTSD with your actions and conduct. Anger irritability and emotional response are associated with more than narrasisim. These AFCC psychologist know it. Children are at risk of running to places that are not safe. Drugs and postution to survive. These and many other children around the united states have attempted to have their voices heard. You ignore them. You are aware of the countless suicide thoughts and attempts from children Forced into the homes of parents that children reported abuse from. Our society has an addiction epidemic and these children are at risk. Woman in particularly are punished for coming forward to protect their children. Hundreds of women are complaining about the domestic violence agencies and related agencies that supposedly have set up to advocate for them. With the voicing of opinions you have labeled them with a host of labels rather than look internally and fixed it. Karen Riordan is one of many women you have chosen to discredit and relentlessly ignore the crying out of children. You have taken the most valuable asset to our future and victimized them for profit. Connecticut has been in the spot light for years for its curruption. Yet you continue the rain of terror. Your family court has become a dangerous place. People have the right to be angry and frustrated. You want to put Karen in jail to shut her and everyone up. The legislators and power in Connecticut red taped the 2014 investigation. There is curruption and greed ramped in your state. You continue to cover it up. Several attorneys especially gals have been caught covering up abuse. You cover it up with judicial immunity. You have bought the press and refuse to provide real avenue to complain. You refuse to change the mechanism of family court intentionally to keep it’s ability to abuse power. We need a change in leadership in Connecticut. We need accountability with the current political line up we are not going to get it.

  • Sorry, but Mia’s text to her father that says “You won’t get in trouble if you let Matt and Sawyer live with mom” PROVES this whole thing is just a lying stunt orchestrated by Karen to have the children lie against dad to get what Karen wants. It is extremely cruel that Karen has convinced these children they need to tell heinous lies against their father to see their mother, when the exact opposite is true. Sad. And very transparent.

    • Proves nothing. When people are abused they want to get away. These children are pleading to be able to get away and go with Mom. Beyond Dr. Lee people feel their story is credible. We are teaching children that they will be punished for reporting. What is transparent is these children have been reduced to bargaining to be set free. There are so many cases of confinement of children. Often becoming suicidal in CT. It is amazing that this has been and continues to go on for years.

      • “What is transparent is these children have been reduced to bargaining to be set free.”

        Yes, because their mother has forced them to do it by not participating with the court from day 1. These kids should be focusing on school and their social lives, not on this bullshit drama that Karen created but blames on dad.

    • not true at all i meant to say we won’t have to go though a more traumatizing trial if you just give up legal custody.Sorry for not texting like a 30 year old woman, again i’m 16 and my grammar isn’t the best. but don’t assume i’m being brainwashed. shit isn’t being planned out.

    • Did Attorney Cuda take this case to hide AFCC secrets and the state bar? In 2014 a massive complaint was filled against a AFCC GAL. Which seem to disappear. . Another massive complaint was filled with the bar association against the same GAL eventually dismissed.. No written explanation. You must call to find out why? This GAL was also almost the exclusive GaL to the attorney who shot and killed his wife and himself on Christmas day. She was appointment to recover and manage all of the attorneys case files. Had several conversations with the attorney in pervious day. She has made statements in the press about how he assisted a father. Not a parent in receiving exclusive custody. She has been forced on many cases. Majority accuse the mothers of parental alienation. After she forces appointments of psychologist of her choosing. Coda being the head of the state bar. Almost 30 gal complaints have been dismissed on Codas watch. Evidence of the covering up of abuse in family law cases involving AFCC members are coming to light. Is it possible Coda has a vested interest in the out come of this case? That could open up a can of worms for the AFCC and Connecticut state bar association? Several women and children have died in the state of Connecticut during family court cases. The AFCC and alienation industry have come under the spotlight. The united nations has spoken. Now we are targeting Jennifer law. What is really going on in the state of Connecticut and why?

      • “… A well-known divorce lawyer in Connecticut killed his COVID-19-positive wife before fatally shooting himself in a murder-suicide on Christmas Day, authorities said.

        Cindy Liquori, 55, was dog-sitting at her mother’s home in Windsor Locks on Friday when her husband, 59-year-old John Liquori, gunned her down in her sleep, police sources told the Hartford Courant.

        John Liquori then lay next to his wife and shot himself to death, according to the source.

        Hartford police said Monday that Cindy Liquori — whose business produced face masks and hand sanitizer for her customers — had the coronavirus and that her husband also might have had the infectious bug.

        That Friday evening, John Liquori called Cindy’s brother to pick up the dogs from his wife’s mother’s house while his mother-in-law was hospitalized with COVID-19, police said.

        When Cindy’s brother arrived, he found the bodies and a gun, according to cops. …”


      • CT Chief Disciplinary Office appointed Ms. Bergamini as Trustee to inventory Attorney Liquori’s clients’ files:

        “Last week, a family court judge in Hartford allowed a guardian ad litem to withdraw from a highly publicized child custody case. The guardian, Enfield attorney Mary Bergamini, asked to withdraw after the father filed a massive complaint accusing her of perjury and ignoring the best interests of his children, among other things.

        The father, Eric Stevens, of Simsbury, is upset that his ex-wife, Tiffany Stevens, still has legal custody of their 9-year-old daughter despite her having been charged in 2012 with attempted murder for allegedly trying to hire a hit man to kill Eric Stevens.

        Tiffany Stevens has pleaded not guilty and is free on $1 million bail. She and her lawyers have not returned messages seeking comment.

        Bergamini didn’t return messages seeking comment about why she withdrew from the Stevens case. The Connecticut Law Tribune first reported last week that dozens of lawyers who work as guardians ad litem or attorneys for minor children were in the process of withdrawing from custody cases or no longer accepting appointments to such cases.“


        • There is definitely a whole lot not right with Garduim ad lithium Mary Bergamini. Lurking in the hallways of Hartford waiting for her appointments.

          • How many cases running on parental alienation involve Nastri, Bergamini and Janet Shrager in Hartford?

  • Jocelyn Hurwitz of Cohen and Wolf was involved in the Tracy Do case as well (Westport) She was the $200,000+ GAL that abused and forced these three teens into the care of their father. She buried the abuse, the depression, the cutting, the truancy, the father’s porn and hair fettishes– and she tried to drive Riordan over the edge. Just like Hurwitz drove Tracy Do over the edge.

    This is good v evil. Hurwitz is pure evil– it doesn’t matter what side they’re on on paper. The cases are fixed and prices known ahead of time. Jocelyn dragged Tracy Do through every court imaginable. Jocelyn Hurwitz did the same thing in the Sandra MacVIcar case!! SHe trafficked two adolescent girls to the father and gave the mom no contact– and father got sole legal and physical custody.

    Even when Hurwitz was outed in the book: Trafficking Children Through CT Family Courts– she was protected. She’s an evil, vicious, money-making predator.

    And yes, Tracy Do is absolutely a victim of Jennifer’s Law– as are Riordan and her teens. This is outrageous. It must stop.

    Does CT courts want another tragedy? How many will they have to bury — literally and figuratively.

    Look at Westport alone! The biggest trafficking cases are from the wealthiest towns! Westport has Hickman– that no one hears about but they took Angela Hickman’s two sons… she was a teacher as well– they arrested her for contact with the boys she raised and drove her out of town and likely out of her mind. There was Paige Styvan- the adelman/aldrich team stole that child and Paige never saw her again– it’s a playbook– adelman, Horwitz, hurwitz… they’re all the same players, and now Riordan– they won’t stop until she’s dead. And the courts are allowing it. O’Neill appears to be as psychopathic as Ambrose.

  • Three years couldn’t break the maternal bonds of love so Oneill stepped in to add on a few more years.

    Child trafficking by CT courts.

  • O’Nell makes a mockery of PA 21-78. He needs to step down from his judicial appointment.

    ONeill abused children and violated laws with his incompetent ruling.

    Has it been appealed yet? Or reconsidered? O’Neill is an embarrassment to Justice. He engaged in child abuse when he recklessly allowed Ambrose to testify as if he were the victim!

    The RO is not against him- only the teens who filed abuse against him and the. Sought safe harbor with the mother.

    Let them stay in RI and end this nightmare created by Ambrose – a failed lawyer and failed writer and at 62 has nothing left but to devote to legal fiction to destroy his wife and kids.

    He’s a psychopath. Doesn’t take a medical license to see that.

  • The mom coercively controlled Ambrose to forget his towel and walk around naked. She coercively controlled Ambrose to promote drugs and alcohol in his home. And coercively controlled Ambrose to steal her children and her maternal inheritance.

  • Those kids really want to be with their father and drink smoke pot and take psychiatric medications but the mother controls their brains and forced them to think that being drug free and going to school and living with the woman that raised them while their father was away stealing other writer’s work was better.

    How horrible brainwashing is. Especially remote control brainwashing.

  • Chris Ambrose never had a chance with those coercively controlled kids. Their mother used remote control neuron beams to make them do whatever she thought even when she did not see them for three years.

  • Ambrosia should brand a new cologne, “CHRISCO “
    He could market it as the slithery slimy smell for pedophiles. Kind of like the coded spiral 🌀 that yes even our smart phones have as an emoji to let other pedophiles know that they celebrate and welcome sexually abusing and destroying precious children. Every judge, cop, lawyer, clerk, family law (so called “ expert”) court reporter, DA, senator , Vice President, President, Hollywood writer, producer, corrupt Priest, corrupt Rabbi, cult leader, dead beat would STOCK UP on this shit. Either buying it for themselves, or as a little offering to a pedo colleagues /associates to lube up a little deal.
    Just like all the freaks say Pineapple as the “ safe “ word in the dark S and M world, CHRISCO would be the stench to let you know that they are all part of the club-they’ll do WHATEVER it takes to cover up for their cronies ( and themselves)
    The scent of CHRISCO would be a bouillabaisse of desperation, ball sweat and rancid mucus. ( to represent their panting saliva that exerts in their mouths from greed and their perversions)
    Chris might as well just go out and wave his freak flag Liberace style! We all know exactly what he is now. What everyone in these circles are. They are absolute freaks. Demented sociopaths… here’s the thing , they are boring. Yes, that’s right all you dumb nut CHRISCOs, the only interesting thing about any of you is that you make us all laugh at you. Because we can all see through the charade and we all know that none of you have a chance of true happiness because of the heinous choices you’ve made. It’s so mediocre. I won’t even call you evil, that would delight your egos. Oh the power you all think. None of you have power over our souls. You all sold out. Your souls are spoiled and moldy. That’s why you need CHRISCO, to cover up that absolutely hedious stench, the smell of rotting souls.

  • Now you’re talking about some of the ways you teach people ways that they can get involved,
    can you speak more specifically about that? Well Granito: How to Nail a Dictator is really
    about how a film that I made in 1982, When the Mountains Tremble, is now being used as
    forensic evidence in a genocide case. And actually in the case, the film I shot in 1982
    parts of it were projected on the wall as part of the prosecution for Generals who are
    accused of committing genocide against the Maya population. The film itself shows to
    a lot of people, especially young people, especially students who are trying to figure
    out their lives and what their Granito will be, multiple ways of becoming a human rights
    activist. You could become a human rights activist as a documentary filmmaker, as a
    forensic anthropologist, as a forensic archivist, as an attorney, as a peace advocate and that
    there are multiple ways into this. So I’m hoping people will see that in the film and
    take that idea away with them. Guatemalans have shown us a great example of never having
    given up on the quest for justice. The sole genocide of the 20th century in the Americas
    was perpetrated in Guatemala and very few people know about it. The Guatemalans have
    never given up on this quest for justice and I think that’s what makes Granito a kind
    of feel good human rights film. You actually feel that you can do something at the end
    of the film.

    Connecticut “family courts” are next.

    • “… Mayans were repeatedly targeted during the period of repression that lasted from 1954 – when the US engineered a military coup – to 1996. More than 200,000 people were killed in Guatemala during that period, 83 percent of whom were Mayans.

      The crimes committed by the Guatemalan state were carried out with foreign – particularly US – assistance. One key party to these crimes has so far eluded any mention inside the courts: Israel.

      Proxy for US
      From the 1980s to today, Israel’s extensive military role in Guatemala remains an open secret that is well-documented but receives scant criticism.

      Discussing the military coup which installed him as president in 1982, Ríos Montt told an ABC News reporter that his regime takeover went so smoothly “because many of our soldiers were trained by Israelis.” In Israel, the press reported that 300 Israeli advisers were on the ground training Ríos Montt’s soldiers. …”


  • Here is an idea for these genuine jacked up judges. Custody flip. The children have been isolated from their mother for three years. Let’s give Mom time with the children. They flip custody from mother’s who’s children are doing well. Just because they ask for child support from a father who doesn’t want to pay it. News flash. Food, gad, electric, water and clothing are very expensive. The teenagers in this case want to be with Mom. You have forced children to homes they don’t feel loved or safe in. If these children wanted to live with Dad there would be nothing for Frank to report on. Connecticut has a prolonged history of taking children away from loving caring mothers. Closing the gate to pediphia, physical, and mental abuse. There is a large picture to look at here. Once upon a time fathers were in the same position mothers are now in. What changed? The funding it’s that simple. Billions of dollars to father rights over mothers. The best interest of children is lost to the money dumped in to the states.

  • He keeps them trapped, isolated, and abused and yet she and her friends are allowed to come and go at all hours.
    Which is it?
    Here we go again with another single sided account

    • “Child abuse entails acts of omission or commission that may have harmful physical or emotional impact on a child.”
      Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace, & Conflict (Second Edition), 2008

      • Exactly. This is the tip of the iceberg. The evidence is clear. Suddenly kids are diagnosed with depression that they never had before, suicide risk, self harm, truancy, alcoholism, drugs, failing grades.

        All the symptoms of abuse have been documented and consistent since taking “temporary” sole custody and isolating these kids from their mom.

        These are horrific outcomes for any kids and dcf would typically intervene swiftly. The courts would listen to the kids and make a change in custody – this is what demonstrates racketeering. Nothing makes sense.

        But the outcome is clear and true.

        Their feelings have been consistent for years. Please listen. Just let them live where and with whom they want. They are not objects. Ambrose believe he owns them. He sees them as property.

        He is an ill and dangerous person.

        • “Suddenly kids are diagnosed with depression that they never had before, suicide risk, self harm, truancy, alcoholism, drugs, failing grades.”

          Any child caught in the middle of an ugly custody battle like this one would be doing the same. And Karen created it. Just look at the uglyness she took online starting three years ago. That is all her. Not Chris.

    • Yep. Let’s demonize the father for the kids being teenagers. Mia, and let me clarify this is not her fault, but she has clearly been taught by her mother to blame the father for everything in her life. She probably blames a bad hair day on dad. Again, not her fault it’s with her mother has taught her. The brainwashing is evident. This has been a years long campaign by Karen and Frank, and clearly it was successful at fully brainwashing the kids. Sad.

      • Interesting interpretation. Dad is unable to manage the household. It brainwashing? Get a clue. Ambrose is a ding a ling daddy.

      • 9:24am. I wasn’t going to reply but you seem to be defending the demon. Takes one to know one, doesn’t it?

      • Amusing. The mom hasn’t had the kids for three years. The father is blaming the mom for brainwashing the kids.

        Don’t undermine the teens credibility Chris. So blatant.

      • Anon 9:24 you’re as mean as Chris Ambrose. That asswipe stole Karen’s money and took from the children the person they loved the most. To even suggest that Mia probably blames Chris for a bad hair day is repulsive but also kinda funny since he’s also known the “lettuce trimmer”. You bad guys are pretty transparent.

        • Sorry, but I was reading this text waiting to hear about some abuse from the dad, but all I heard was about things the kids did on their own. And blame on dad. The mother has the kids thinking if they stub their own toe, it’s abuse by dad. Classic manipulation and brainwashing.

    • Trapped from all the family and friends who were in their lives prior to taking custody.

      No grandparents for almost four years, aunts, cousins etc. He has tried to eliminate their history and all close connections. Eliminated all known supports- fired therapists who the kids were closely connected to. Anyone who would advocate for the kids were denied access and eliminated from their lives.

      Hope this clarifies.

  • The mother must be setting up Chris. She probably snuck in all the booze and alcohol for the party palace that his house became. She must have sent the drugs to their son so he could get addicted to drugs and be high 24/7- in his room.

    She must have coercively controlled Chris to teach Mia to drive and let her and her friends take the car at all hours of the night. And she must have made sawyer take drugs with his asthma.

    She must have paid all of the Madison kids who confirm Ambrose was condoning sex, drugs abs drinking it in his home.

    Bottom line: he’s a psychopath who wanted Mia to crash the car- Jill herself or others. Then he’d blame Mia for it- saying she had a bad rep bc of her mother.

    Then he wanted the son to commit suicide. Allowing him to be high and depressed 24/7 in his home. Then presenting always as the victim. The good guys who needs the help of all authorities to combat what his evil wife did to the kids who had no issues befire he paid for custody and trapped them in inhumane circumstances.

    He’d have sawyer all to himself. Alone traumatized and dependent on his captor.

    He’s their jailor. This is all Ambrose.
    He may have paid for custody which is bad enough. But his brutal vicious treatment of these teens is all his own.

      • 😂🤣😂 in the family court world where children are for sale. Yes they warned that of the kids were not successfully silenced their claims of sexual and psychological abuse would continue! Spot on Chrissy.

    • He underestimated how strong these kids are. They are a credit to formative early years their mother raised them on her own. They have gone against his persistent, sick, twisted encouragement to kill themselves and stuck it to him. They have suffered horrendously but they know the true reason for this – him. They are a credit to their mother and they will fight until they prevail. Keep on fighting mother and children 💪🏼

      • Totally agree – with the OP’s understanding of what Ambrose intended by bringing chaos into the lives of Mia,Mathew and Sawyer. Vile man. Pusher. Psychopath. Probably had monologues ready for the car crash and the overdose he created the opportunities for. And you’re so right about these young people’s strength. He will pass long before they do, a lonely bitter old man- nothing but a distant disgraceful memory in their bright future.

  • I lived in his neighborhood. He was nothing then and nothing now. Socially awkward but arrogant. Everyone knew he was odd through high school – definitely a sexual deviant – his uncle is a pedo too. The neighbors in Wethersfield all know. His mom was a sweetheart. Abused by the father is what’s rumored.
    What a waste this clown is.
    Stay in RI. Don’t go near your father again. There’s no helping him.

    • He needs to just wrap it up. What does he think is going to happen, he’s going to force the kids back with him and then what ? For what ? To have children who absolutely despise him ? Then when they leave , when they are of legal age , does he think they will stay in contact with him? They won’t . But everyone will know Chris as this creeper who could only buy children as pawns in his shallow, broken world ? What’s the point? It’s over . It is only going to get worse . Get therapy , move on !!!!!

      • “But everyone will know Chris as this creeper..”

        Nope. Everyone will know him as a father who wanted his children in his life.

  • Mia and her siblings must be heard! The fact that these Connecticut judges have silenced these kids and their mother is horrifying. O’Neill’s actions are the most egregious of all, forcing the kids into the arms of their abuser, and away from their mother with whom they wish to be. How can these kids possibly be silenced? How can such an atrocious judgment be made without the kids being able to tell their side. O’Neill is literally facilitating further abuse and harm to these kids. They must be kept away from Chris Ambrose, who will continue to weaponize and hurt them solely for his own amusement.

    • O’Neill knows about Adelman’s history in “family court” or he doesn’t.

      If he knows, he’s complicit. If he doesn’t, he’s not as smart as he thinks he is.

  • This guy the father is the victim. It’s clear the children are coercively controlling him making him act like a total pig. Stop it you kids. Stop forcing him to abuse you. Stop coercing him into filing papers to ruin your happiness.

    Coercive control is bad. When Ambrose is arrested he will blame his kids for coercive control.

    • Everyone is coercively controlling everyone. If we ask Evan Stark what we should do about it, he can write a book and win an award for telling us the secret to happiness.

  • Aww geez. Mia, I just wrote you a letter on the last post about what you pled to the court. Uff. Hearing all these details just breaks my heart. He is so mean. I’m so sorry.

  • You have a diagnosed psychopath and reporting from Frank Parlato, Wayne Dolcefino, and others who have covered this case for years.

    All medical professionals have found these teens to be credible. They have no history of mental illness. They had no issues before they were forced to live in isolation with their abuser.

    Mia is saying he will hurt her. The brothers live in fear. It’s time to make Ambrose walk away and let the kids be with their mother and live in peace.

    The state is lucky they haven’t committed suicide. Not that the mainstream media would cover it.

    And now they seek incarceration of an innocent mother. Are they trying for another Katherine kassenoff outcome? How much can the human spirit endure?

    • Connecticut mainstream media doesn’t report anything of real significance. Lots of fluff and drama to sell stories. No in-depth investigations. Nothing about causes of the tragedies in “family courts”, just symptoms. The whole Jennifer Dulos story turned into Norm Pattis’ “Gone Girl” theory and the rulers who rule the peasants of Connecticut let Pattis keep his secrets for the next forty years.

  • Ambrose is insane.
    What father chases their daughter and friends?? You can hear the young lady say she called her mom bc the father was following them and they were scared.

    Then he traps Mia is a store and have police detain her? To force her into his home—

    Someone is going to wind up dead. Ambrose is doing everything possible to destroy his ex wife and kids.

    Connecticut is on notice.

    • It’s the time factor.

      As in the NXIVM scandal, it will take a while for The New York Times and Connecticut AG offices to catch up. The quicker more stories get published on FR the sooner the gap will narrow and the sooner the prosecutions will begin.

  • God knows teenagers from good homes NEVER sneak boys and booze into their basement bedrooms. Um, the fact she did doesn’t mean dad is abusive. That shows how the mother has twisted her mind to blame everything on the dad. Does she also blame dad for Maui fires?

    • Nothing was snuck Chris. That’s the problem. Promoting drugs and alcohol and reckless driving are crimes.

      Encouraging and financing drugs and alcohol use in your home puts these three teens at risk- as well as many other teens in Madison.

      Wouldn’t be surprised if you used your secret recording devices to jerk off to the exploitation of young girls in your home.

      Or was it the young guys you were jerking off to?

      When is this pedo going to be arrested?

    • Can you please go fucking jump in a river or lake and hopefully land right in the open mouth of a fucking alligator?? Please? Im asking nicely?? No… I’m begging nicely!! Anyway. So.. let me get this straight.. Karen twisted Mia’s mind so Mia would make all of this up and blame Chris for everything? And I suppose Karen hired some actor to play the part of Chris on these recordings and videos too? If so, she did a really good job because that guy on those videos really looks like Chris!! Where did you find him Karen?? Or wait a minute.. I know..! Karen has now brainwashed all of us to the point where we think we are seeing these videos snd hearing these recordings.. but we’re really not! They really don’t exist .. do they??? Wow.. Karen.. you are fucking good!! I think you are the one that should’ve been the Hollywood writer.. because not everyone can make shit like this up..!! Ok.. now back to reality.. as I was saying.. can the idiot (anonymous aug.17, 2023 @7:38 pm) that posted that ridiculously ignorant , and just all around jackass sounding comment , go jump in a River or lake and hopefully land right in the open mouth of a very pissed off and very hungry fucking alligator?? Like .. tonight if possible! The sooner the better..! Please and fuck you very much!!

        • Since this horror show involves children and their peer group friends, this may well be a young commenter.

          Perhaps you – anon @11:32 – could wind your own neck in with that creeper ‘grown-up’ condescension and just, you know, as a human – grow some manners.

          • Are you seriously telling me to grow some manners? That’s rich. But you’re OK with people comparing the father to cum stretched out like a spiderweb between a women’s breasts? You people are sick hypocrites.

    • Taking the father’s car and claiming her dad let her is the oldest trick in the book.
      Scabs the right arm and showing tattoos on the left was really easy to spot.
      2 distant yelps do not mean a child is being s3xually assaulted.
      Whose e-cig is the minor toking on?
      But, the best is………the father took the boy’s Internet away. Jail every parent in the nation in that case.

        • We don’t know that yet because we are not given the other side of the story.
          What we do know is she gave us photographic proof she lied about the arm cutting and tattooing. A good investigator must then ask what else is not true.
          You were doing fine with the NXIVM reporting but with Kassenoff and this case, your approach has been guilty until proven innocent.

      • Dear Sherlock – she had scabs and scars on both arms. She does tattoos herself and she’s right handed. Therefore, she put tattoos on the left arm.

        Why you’re so hostile to a child in pain is curious. Why are their words not enough? Why are you holding them to such a high bar when prior to the family court trafficking nightmare, they were happy and healthy kids.

        Time to find a new career. But thanks for attacking an innocent teen.

        • “Prior to the family court trafficking nightmare, they were happy and healthy kids.”

      • If the teens could speak for themselves in court instead of allowing their alleged abuser silence them, that would be helpful. I’m sure you agree. You have doubts. That’s why teens have a voice. That’s why alleged victims have a voice. These teens have been silenced by their alleged abuser.

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