Connecticut Family Court Conundrum: Money Can Buy Dirty Daddy Custody

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Connecticut – My Kind of State

By Midge Renault

A divorce and custody case involves three teenage kids who don’t want to live with their father, Christopher Ambrose.

It also includes a father who wants to force them to live with him.

Papa Ambrose blames the mother for brainwashing the kids. If only she were in jail, dead, or forced not to contact them, the kids would know they want to live with him.

Chris Ambrose says the mother brainwashed them.

Matthew wants to live with his mother, Karen Riordan. He is almost 17.


Sawyer, 13, wants to live with his mother.


Mia wants to live with her mother.


They lived with their mother all their lives.

Until the father got a CT Family Court Judge to take them away from her – for three years.

Chris Ambrose took the kids away from their mother for three years.

Then the kids, Mia, almost 17, Matthew, almost 17, and Sawyer, 13, ran away. They went back to the woman they lived with all their lives – except for three years.

Then in August, Ambrose went to CT Superior Court Judge Thomas J O’Neill, who issued restraining orders against the mother barring her from contacting the teens for one year.

The mother could not afford an attorney. The father had attorney Alexander Cuda of Needle Cuda.

Judge Thomas O’Neill swore an oath to uphold the enterprise.

Once again, after only a few months of being reunited with their mother, the kids were deprived of their mother.

Mia, the daughter, wanted to tell her side of the story

But Judge O’Neill refused to let the teens testify before removing them from their home with their mother.

Despite O’Neill’s orders, the kids did not go back to Papa Ambrose.

Ambrose is now asking Judge O’Neill to force the teens back and arrest the mother. Judge O’Neill will hold a hearing on September 1st to rule of those requests.

Cuda means ‘tail’ in Italian.

Melissa Needle and Alexander Cuda are partners in a CT family law firm.

Who Are the Judges?

CT Family Court Judge Jane Grossman

In 2020, Judge Jane Grossman ruled Chris Ambrose had the money to buy his kids. Judge Grossman knew the children lived with their mother. She knew they wanted to live with their mother.  Their happiness was at stake.

Judge Grossman ruled the mother, who had no money, was to be excluded from the children’s lives – a shocking surprise for the kids.

In 2022, Judge Gerald Adelman ruled Judge Grossman was right. Ambrose purchased his kids. He continued the exclusion of the mother by order of his court.

In 2023, the kids ran away from their purchaser, Ambrose, and returned to the woman the judges excluded,

Mia, Sawyer and Matthew Ambrose had been sold to their father in 2020. Three years later, objecting to their sale, they ran to their mother, and for a few months, they were happy.

But Judge O’Neill came to their father’s rescue.

If a dog, cat, or fugitive slave ran from its owner, the owner had every right to enforce its return.

Ambrose went before Judge Thomas J O’Neill, who ruled Judge Adleman was right. Ambrose had bought those kids fair and square, and Judge Grossman excluded the mother from the kids’ lives.

So Judge O’Neill said no, kids, no mother – through a restraining order.

Judge O’Neill was simply upholding the law in Connecticut, where they sell kids for cash to the man who pays and let the devil take the hindermost.

And speaking of the devil, artist Alistair Noir’s new painting, Beezelbub Crimson, is magnificent.

The central figure, Judge Beelzebub Crimson, dominates the canvas.

This magistrate of the Infernal Tribunal is said to have been modeled after Thomas J. O’Neill, placing the cash-for-kids Superior Court judge in a fiery red surreal setting reminiscent of a courthouse in Hades Hall of Judgment.

Dark, brooding tones, such as the deep reds and ominous blacks, create a foreboding atmosphere for parents who do not have the money to buy their children in malevolent family court.

Noir’s somber masterpiece captures the essence of corrupt judges who faithfully follow Chief Justice Satan, of which there are several in the glorious state of Connecticut.

A group of CT family law attorneys, led by Alexander Cuda, climb the steps of CT Family Court.

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  • “Records obtained from the Judicial Branch show that the corporation continued to transact routine business in the State and serve as an often relied upon Judicial Branch vendor well after Salius withdrew their application in 1984. Vendor reports show that between 2007 and 2010, the Judicial Branch paid the AFCC over $70,000 for services provided to the family court by Dr. Klein Pruett, her assistants, and the Charter Oak Group.”

    • Dear Mr. Tong and Mr. Lamont,

      Please read the following as many times as it takes:

      “the corporation continued to transact routine business in the State and serve as an often relied upon Judicial Branch vendor”.

  • “… According to William Silk, a staff attorney for the Connecticut Secretary of State’s office explained that in most cases, the Connecticut Nonstock Corporations Act requires all nonprofit businesses to file registration documents with his office, the IRS, and the Attorney General’s Office before conducting business in the state. Documents obtained from Silk’s office show that Jessica Pearson, Ann Milne, and Frank Orlando (a Florida judge) first registered the AFCC with the Connecticut Secretary of State in 1982 while Pearson was under contract to set up the court’s mediation services. …”

    • Here’s a headline, Hartford Courant: “Massive Connecticut Family Court Cover-Up Since 1984“ says:

      “in most cases”?

      In which cases does Connecticut Nonstock Corporations Act not require all nonprofit businesses to file registration documents with the Connecticut Secretary of State’s office, the IRS, and the Attorney General’s Office before conducting business in the state?

  • If only she were in jail, dead, or forced not to contact them, the kids would know they want to live with him.

    This is all Ambrose wants. Preferably jail so he can relish in her torture. He’s controlled the narrative like the abuser he is. Locked her out if all financial accounts and the court vultures took her half of the assets to deliver kids. Playbook.

  • After reading through Mia’s testimony and viewing the evidence she provided, it’s quite clear she’s in the midsts of extreme teenage rebellion. Taking the keys and sneaking in her boyfriend after hours so the father won’t know indicates he’s the disciplinarian which is probably why he was awarded custody. And we all know how teenage girls hate discipline.
    I believe there’s a brother around her age. Does he also take the car without the father knowing and party in the basement after the father goes to sleep so he won’t hear?
    Mia claimed the father took out the door knobs and as evidence she presented a stock photo of a Caucasian adult with wedding ring. Why not a photo of the actual door? No decent parent allows their children to lock their rooms but to a rebellious teen, this can be twisted and used against the father. Bottom line is she’s stretching the truth and judges and social workers are keen to this deception.
    Of course she’s going to want to live with the parent that sets looser or no boundaries which is typical of mothers. If Mia stays with her mom, I wouldn’t be surprised if ends up pregnant by year’s end.

    • It wasn’t a stock photo. I hope you’re not in the field if therapy, law enforcement, investigations, or teaching.

      Is this Dr Horwitz? Or perhaps Jessica Biren Caverly? Likely Caverly the cadaver – Horwitz is a lifetime criminal who puts little in writing. Caverly the cadaver in the other hand, writes books of fraud to fill her bags of loot.

      Eight families and counting – caverly hands kids to the financier of the operation.

    • This isn’t about custody. It’s child trafficking. Any 16 year old that chooses to run away isn’t hunted down and forced back into anyone’s care. Stop following the red herring and see what’s happening.

      They’re distracting you from children for sale issue. Ambrose paid. End of story. They’re his property. This is Connecticut under Ned Lamont.

  • Has the judicial website been updated to reflect Cuda? Upon search for juris number the info on other cases don’t match. Are they intentionally failing to put cases on the list? So someone investigating can’t see the number of times an Attorney has been paired up with a gal for custody flip? Why is your website not accurate? Are you hiding something from people looking?

    • Cuda isn’t seen anywhere. Chris Goulden is still listed as his legal counsel.

      This was intentional judge shopping from J. Nieves – background in DV and mixed race herself to j O’Neill without explanation.

      Ambrose had the TRO before J. Nieves and he made a play – it was denied and then he refiled the same day! The purpose was to get a new judge. Goulden passed to Cuda. Then Cuda couldn’t know what was done with the TRO before Nieves.

      It was intended to evade and confuse. Total set up. No matter what these teens had their rights violated and are now being punished further by CT courts. May they never return to Corrupticut!!!

  • I’m getting very tired of this attack on my brother Alexander. Stop now or face the legal consequences.

      • Okay, never mind. Very funny. “Barracuda”, right?

        It only took me a few days. Thanks for the obviously 🙄 much-needed brain workout.

    • Bring your A game, Barry. Bring your A game if you threaten to the free speech rights of journalists and citizens. You may find yourself at the wrong end of a lawsuit. Best bet, stay quiet and just worry about yourself. Don’t try to be a hero or a tough-guy. You’re neither.

  • How can I get Attomry Cuda on my side? I need the rat’s tail to get that dirty rat of a spouse from seeing my children ever.

    I thought of hiring a hit man to end my spouse’s interference in my life but Cuda is a legal hit man. Though more expensive, it eliminates the risk of prison.

    • You can also call Tiffany Stevens for more referrals. She got custody despite trying to hire someone to kill her x husband. She served no time in prison.


    It goes so high up, it’s an organized legal mafia. The high powered leaders, judges, lawyers, police, experts, Hollywood players all take oaths. They vow not to ever tell on their own. It’s a tsunami of power. It’s all about the brotherhood.

    Once you get locked into this system, it’s very hard to get out. If you do, believe me you, you’re going to have some war scars. These people do not play.

      • Ambrose has spent millions. The courts have done him no favors. They’ve played him and his kids resent him for it. He played along, believed the court could make mom evil and he would be the victim and the hero.

        Ambrose continues to be used to drain the family bank.

        How could denying kids full access and a relationship with a parent ever be a good idea?

        This woman raised them. The kids had access to both parents for 13 years and then LAWYERS decided there should be no contact with the mother? Based on one fraud report about parental alienation? One report from a quackster they never knew for 13 years and who the father paid in full. Mother never saw a bill. It’s all about the $$$$$$$$

  • Word from the Wise 🦉. Criminal court system is at the State’s expense. Civil is at the person’s expense. Domestic violence is a criminal matter being pushed through civil court. The promotion of fatherhood and marriage is running the courts. The government has made it loud and clear that fatherhood is forced. “Making them more marriageable. Women will be compliant. This is the repercussion of the Welfare Reform Act. Fatherhood initiative funding the nation. These children and many others are suffering because of it. Your program is not working. Connecticut is the leader in the fallout.

  • “… Concerns of systemic corruption within Alaska’s judicial system have grown rapidly in recent years.

    One concern is direct evidence that the only investigator of all Alaskan judges for the last 33 years, and counting, has falsified official judge investigations to keep corrupt judges on the bench and ruling over us.

    A second concern is direct evidence the judge investigator falsified a certified written document to cover her tracks.

    A third concern is direct evidence that a district attorney has conspired with law enforcement to falsify physical evidence, and then, knowing it is false, used it at trial – and violated an official discovery request to keep his (and law enforcement’s) crimes hidden. …”

      • Info here:
        HHS database: (shows grants and grantees)

        Info here:
        CONCORD Connecticut Commercial Recording Division: business (dot) CT (dot) gov

        Info here, but investigators somehow overlooked Sidney Horowitz’s records in the Boyne v. Boyne case during the 2015 New Haven DOJ “Public Corruption Task Force” investigation.

        June 18, 2015: “Inspector General Daniel R. Levinson speaks at the June 18, 2015 press conference on the nationwide takedown of doctors, patient recruiters, home health care providers, pharmacy owners, and others. As of the date of the press conference, this coordinated takedown is the largest in Strike Force history, with 243 defendants charged, and approximately $712 million in false billings.”

        • “… In addition, CGS 4-61dd, the Whistleblower Act, provides that complaints involving corruption, unethical practices, violations of state laws or regulations, mismanagement, gross waste of funds are to be filed with the auditors of public accounts, and the auditors are to report to the attorney general if an investigation is warranted. …”

          • The Connecticut inspector generals office last I checked was only investigation the death of inmates and deadly force by police officers? Has it been expanding? Does the state of Connecticut finally have a fully functioning inspector generals office? This is something we desperately need in the state of Connecticut.

      • Information request from State Comptroller’s Office:

        Request all vendor payments made to:
        Name(s) ______________________ Year _________

        Request info re: all federal grants; all state grants; all HHS grants to:

        family court office(s) __________________ Year __________

        Court Support Services Division office(s) _______________________ Year ________

  • Bring in that Master Jurist Art Vandelay!
    He now works for Joe Biden!
    The Life & Times Of Art Vandelay | Seinfeld


    Damn shame the Underground Railroad was disbanded in 1861, these teens would have already been free.

    If the age of consent in CT is 16, it makes NO sense that these teens would have no say in where they want to live. If they can consent to sex they should be able to consent to where and with who they want to live.

  • It is the same cabal of suspects with Melissa Needle (wicked witch) newly publicly outed although there are those who knew her dirt. These people will never change because if they go back on one lie, the entire house of cards falls. They all fall once one suspect opens up…quite the horror show to watch, but those innocent involved (over 300+ mothers in Connecticut with some having lived and still living in their cars). Everyone reporting on this is helping uncover child trafficking and thieving…

  • Needle, Cuda, Adelman, Grossman, and O’Neil are child traffickers. They are sick, twisted perverts who care only about power and money.

  • Some say, “Connecticut family court is the Wild West.”

    The good people of the Wild West would never allow this to happen to children.

  • “Judge O’Neill will hold a hearing on September 1.“? 🤔

    Why and why O’Neill?

    Was Judge Nieves pushed off the case?

    Did someone replace Judge Nieves with a rookie judge or a corruptible judge for a reason?

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