Facebook: India up, Lucas down, People Magazine, and two NXVM doctors facing medical misconduct

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People Magazine is coming out with a three page spread on Keith Raniere and his blackmail and branding scheme.  People is an American weekly magazine with an estimated readership of 47 million. It is reportedly has the largest audience of any American magazine.

It is also no secret that a host of other publications are investigating the story of a cult leader named Keith Raniere who continues to commit crimes against women while law enforcement official turn a blind eye.

Reportedly, the Albany Times Union, and the New York Times are investigating further wrongdoings by Keith Raniere, who prefers to be known by his self-given title of Vanguard.

This is not going to end anytime soon.

Becker’s Hospital Review has reported on Dr. Brandon Porter M.D. and Dr. Danielle Roberts D.O.

When trade publications report on bizarre and possibly criminal behavior of their own brethren, some might say the issue has a degree of merit worthy of the scrutiny of law enforcement officials. But NOTHING continues to happen as the well-insulated Raniere continues to operate what some have termed an “international criminal enterprise”.

Whether they are charged with a crime, lose their license, or become ‘branded’ as unethical, and too tainted to get employment anywhere that Google exists, it will be hard for these two physicians to recover from the fame Keith Raniere brought them.  But, meanwhile, life goes on for Vanguard with no changes in sight.

Welcome to Executive Success.

India Oxenberg wants everyone to know she’s perfectly fine with being branded.

India Oxenberg posted on her Facebook page a defense of Executive Success Programs.

When she joined NXIVM about six years ago, she had about $120,000 in her trust fund account. She spent almost all of that on ESP courses. Now she is in debt to ESP for more than $100,000.

Here is her statement on Facebook:

For anyone who’s read the recent articles in the New York Times this may help answer some questions and alleviate any confusion.
Thank you for your care and concern it’s been an incredibly sad situation and I’ve been anticipating this article.
I’m absolutely fine, great actually. I would never put myself or the people I love into any danger.
These are my friends and colleagues I’ve never seen anything but good come out of this work.
Please share if you feel compelled to let people know what’s really going on.

More than 100 Espians ‘liked’ her comment. One of these was Jane Jeffries, wife of Dr. Brandon Porter. She writes, ‘With you, India.”


To India’s credit, she left the post up and allowed critical comments. This is not in the Vanguardian tradition where free speech is stifled and punished when defiant.

On the other hand, there is timid Lucas Roberts, one of the leaders of the Society of Protectors. Lucas posted his defense of Executive Success Programs on Facebook.

Lucas, who is also more than $100,000 in debt to ESP, pulled his down suddenly after getting some critical remarks.

Fortunately, several people screen shot his defense of Keith Raniere.



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  • Tax evasion, money laundering and medical misconduct are most likely the only thing these cult leaders are going down for.
    Under age girls maybe, Visa issues maybe, illegal marriage maybe.
    Some women might sue for the branding if they can prove the were held down against their will or coerced.
    Being in a cult is not illegal.
    So far NY law enforcement has turned a blind eye.
    Clare Brinkman isn’t going to fire her Vanguard like other sexual predators have been in the TV & film industry lately. She could care less how that looks morality or ethically to the rest of the world.

    Hopefully by spreading the word no more Hollywood types will go to NXIVM.

    Maybe if some past Hollywood stars who have attended spoke out saying they would of never gone or never will take another course knowing the abuse that is taking place, this would go along way to draining the swamp.

    • It would help, but they are too worried about their own careers. More concerned with Self-actualization then any real moral stands.

  • Even in its heyday in the 80’s People NEVER reached 47 million people. It has a current circulation of about 3.75 million. It’s respectable but like the rest of print journalism, it’s dying a slow, steady death.

    • Talk about missing the point. People reaches more people nowadays than ever. Where in the past you had to go to the store to purchase or own a subscription to read the magazine, now people simply need a internet connection – which the majority of the world has now – and can read the information while on the toilet with some clicks of a virtual button.

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