Allison Mack gets attacked on Instagram for role in slave cult – especially when she quotes Harriet Tubman

Allison Mack has gotten some fairly unflattering comments on her Instagram account recently.
Her account is: Allisonmack729 She describes herself as: Storyteller, question-asker, music lover, theatre-goer, movie-obsessor, Shakespeare-studier, globe trotter, food inhaler, woman of 35 and counting….
She has 91,000 followers, 405 posts and thousands of comments. Up until recently, the comments were almost all favorable and mostly from fans.
Then it changed radically following the revelations of DOS and her role in branding women.
Here are a few posts and selected comments.
October 20th:
  • robertwestonofficial What’s the deal Allison? People have a ton of questions waiting for you here in the States.
October 22nd: 
October 24th:
  • anthonyames11 How do you think Rosa Parks would like your initials branded on her crotch?
  • danielleeswanson Rosa parks is an amazing icon for women, you shouldn’t be allowed to post this considering you hate women.
October 31st: 
"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other." #mothertheresa #nourishment #soulfood #inspiration #traveladventures
  • snikdanhojI may not be a big fan of Christianity but at least it’s not a rape cult.
October 27th:
October 28th:
  • sdpmeghSounds like ur in a fkn cult


October 31st:
  • lobbydonSexual slaver
  • amccracken51Allison Mack enslaves women in a sex cult – don’t fucking get it twisted, she’s a monster.
  • ln310Joni Mitchell would never be in a sex slave cult where she’s a doormat for some ugly guy.
November 3rd:
  • sdpmegh You and Keith are fucked in the head cunt. Terrible terrible thing what you are doing to yourself and young women. It’s 2017 stop fucking making slaves out of the innocent. It is not their destiny nor yours.
  • lolocosta1978Stupid bitch….you will go to hell you know that


November 5th:


November 13th:

  • Allisonmack729Oh Mr. Ortiz…. cant wait until we play together again … misisng your jazz….
  • edatzmeCult band?
  • 35supermanIs just lies right
  • eaf58@olhaogabs Do your research. It’s plain to see.
  • elisacuccoloWhy if is lies everything quiet?!!
  • ocrisvieiraLegal
  • civanq“If I completely ignore the shit they’re saying about me in the media, maybe it’ll go away.”… Nice tactics miss Mack.
  • c_v_i_i_iShow us the brand you got and trick other young women to get for your sex cult.
  • nerdyplaygroundBrainwashed 😩
  • pickeringandlaceWhy arent you in jail?
  • masterdisasterhcult bitch how dare you abuse women!
  • 1234ssunnyOmg this is crazy! I used to love you in smallville and now you’re a cult leader who brands and abuses women!
  • mdmndzzzzYou’re a psycho
  • nickclark89get out of that disgusting cult Allison, you deserve better


November 26th:

Gotta lova llama.... #lovemymama #goodtimes #bellylaughs
  • edatzmeCult mascot?
  • dogeatweedworld@allisonmack729 cult leader Keith Raniere fled to Mexico. Let’s hope she’s with family.
  • lena_noldorI just dont believe what people are saying about you
  • robertwestonofficialDo me a favor. Go back to your mom for a month. Get off FB, Insta, and Twitter . No contact with your regular friends. If you still wish to go back, do it.


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  • First off Allison doesn’t check her instagram. I will explain how it works

    Folks like her who don’t have the time post the same MATERIAL to ( twitter, facebook, instagram and her blog) using a company like Meet Edgar a social media tool that lets them schedule. That’s why you see the same hashtags in all of the social media places.

    However, someone who does check their social media is Nicki Clyne. She bans people if they speak against her being involved. Seriouly go give it a try she will ban you.

    • wrong/ the person in charge of it is allison mack/ the creator of her website / the designer is adrianne styles. i know. im a P.I and yes allison does post the stuff herself.

      sadly she cant right now. shes not allowed to use the internet, or phone..

  • I can’t believe that Allison Mack, who always talked a good game about promoting young girls to feel positive about themselves would be brainwashed into willingly hurting other women at the behest of this strange man?

    • I know its hard to wrap your head around but thats how cults work. Its subtle at first and then they replace a person good identity with their own. Keith had COLLATERAL on her. Go view the 25 page legal papers on this here

      He had 4 things against her ( letter about her parents, she had given up rights to a child if she had one, her home and another letter that would allege she abused her nephews )

      However most clear headed people would go to the police, deny it and speak out. She never.

      Sarah edmonson did though. ( brave woman )

  • After reading these comments it makes me wonder how Allison can go on Social Media and write anything and try to justify herself.

  • So young Allison is getting the flak now. I mean she seems to deserve it, but when you look at her account she still believes to be the victim of a consipracy of oppressive individuals and fake media

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

Frank Parlato was the lead investigator and coordinating producer of Investigation Discovery's 2 hour blockbuster special 'The Lost Women of NXIVM.'

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