Mia Ambrose’s Letter to Judge O’Neill: ‘I’m Almost 17, I Speak for Myself – My Father Is the Abuser’

This is a copy of a letter Mia Ambrose wrote to Judge Thomas O’Neill, who on August 8, 2023, issued a one-year restraining order against her mother, Karen Riordan barring contact between mother and child.

The restraining order was not at Mia’s request but at her father, Chris Ambrose’s request. Judge O’Neill made his decision without talking to the nearly 17-year-old young adult.

Judge Thomas J. O’Neill

Astonishingly, the judge ruled the mother has coercive control over the teen and her two teen siblings, as if they have no minds or hearts to think or feel for themselves.

The teens are living with their maternal grandfather because they refuse to live with their father.

Here is Mia’s letter to Judge O’Neill, written from Rhode Island. Judge for yourself whether this is an intelligent young woman who has her own thoughts and feelings or whether she is a brainwashed zombie who cannot think, do or speak without her mother putting words in her mouth. You decide.

Mia, Sawyer, and Matthew Ambrose.

August 16, 2023

Bridgeport Court- RO against Karen Riordan to Judge O’Neill

By Mia Ambrose

Dear Judge O’Neill,

My brothers and I sent you a letter and it had attachments. I’m writing this separately because it is Chris Ambrose, I need a restraining order against, not my mom. I have evidence to show you that Chris filed against my mom AFTER my attorney tried to file a restraining order against him in both juvenile and family court.

The steps I have taken, and my attorney has taken since April, to file a restraining order against Chris Ambrose for my protection are outlined in my petition below. My attorney spoke to the judge in juvenile court and Chris and my mom were right there.

I was there too. Chris was informed that my attorney was pursuing a RO against him on my behalf, and to regain control of me Chris filed motion after motion to force us back to him. I was living in fear even in my mom’s house because he kept threatening us with motions to have us physically removed from her home—against our will. The police told us they found us to be safe and would not touch us. They told my attorney this too. But Chris is a constant threat.

My attorney said for my mom to file a TRO on my behalf, but my mom didn’t want to because she said the court could think she was trying to stop me from seeing Chris or blame her for what I wanted and needed. My mom was right. You put a RO against my
mom for a year without even hearing us testify. She is not brainwashing or convincing us of anything. I’m almost 17. I speak for myself and always have, and I want you to hear the truth Your Honor. Chris is an attorney and was a Hollywood tv writer. He’s

I asked my ADA support person if she would file it on my behalf in family court. She agreed and we had to reschedule because I had to work at Roberts Food Store—a job I got after I moved in with my mom and I was happy. I was a great employee too. My ADA support person and I were arranging another day because she lives far away.
Your RO is against the wrong person. We think you will see that if you hear from us and see what we have to say. The person accused of abuse filed to isolate us from our safe home and parent.

In another case, Judge Wilson ruled against Chris because she realized Chris was dragging out a case just to punish my aunt who stood up for us. I hope these documents will let you consider the truth and see who Chris is like Judge Wilson and Judge Nieves and Judge Rodrigues did—we faxed and mailed this evidence to the court before to stop Chris from getting the PPA TRO. It was denied and we think the judges had our evidence. Maybe it doesn’t get transferred to you or something. Maybe you didn’t get it. Please review it and consider us. I hope you drop the RO now that you have our information. Or at least let us testify because if we are victims, we
have the right to testify and we were never given the chance to participate. My attorney was never notified of this motion.

We are not victims of our mom, and we hope with this information you will let you see the truth, and remove the RO. If you won’t remove the RO, then we need to testify because it’s our right to testify and somehow Chris tricked you and you didn’t honor our right to be notified and to be heard.

I want my attorney to be appointed in your court so we can testify, and he can advocate for me. And the boys have their own attorneys too who they want to represent them.


Mia Ambrose


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  • Will the Connecticut police arrest Chris Ambrose for more than donuts? 👮🏼‍♂️👮🏽‍♂️👮‍♂️ 🚔 says:

    “Connecticut Parents Arrested for Letting Kids, Ages 7 and 9, Walk to Dunkin’ Donut …

    … the officers proceeded to charge Rivers’ husband with risk of injury to a minor. They charged Rivers separately for the same thing. Then they arrested her husband and took him away. …”


      • “… The charging documents allege that both defendants agreed to utilize their respective positions within BSO unlawfully to further the interests of RRA, its Chairman and CEO, Scott W. Rothstein, and other persons associated with Rothstein. Specifically, the charging documents allege that Benjamin received approximately $185,000 in money and other things of value from Rothstein and RRA in return for providing his assistance when needed, including arranging with Poole to arrest the ex-wife of an attorney who was engaged in a child custody dispute with her, arranging to use force and threats of force against the boyfriend of an escort who was threatening to expose the illicit relationship which existed between the escort and one of the partners at RRA, and assisting Rothstein in loading cash and jewelry onto a private airplane which was used by Rothstein to flee to Morocco on October 27, 2009 as the Ponzi scheme being conducted through RRA was beginning to unravel.

        U.S. Attorney Wifredo A. Ferrer stated, “David Benjamin and Jeff Poole used their official positions as law enforcement officers to commit civil rights abuses to further the interests of Scott Rothstein and others associated with Rothstein. When law enforcement officers betray the trust of the people, it strikes at the very core of our democracy. The informations filed today charging Benjamin and Poole should serve as a reminder that no one is above the law. When law enforcement officers violate the public’s trust, they will be held accountable. Benjamin and Poole are the nineteenth and twentieth accomplice, respectively, to be held accountable in Rothstein’s $1.2 billion Ponzi scheme.”

        “When David Benjamin and Jeff Alan Poole began to use their official positions to further the illegal schemes of Rothstein and his cronies, they crossed a very bright line,” said William J. Maddalena, Assistant Special Agent in Charge, FBI Miami. “Their criminal misconduct undermined the public’s trust in law enforcement. As such, the FBI will continue to work with our partners to remove those law enforcement officers who violate the law. The FBI, in particular, would like to thank BSO for their close partnership investigating this matter.”

        IRS-CI SAC José A. Gonzalez stated, “Law Enforcement Officers and individuals in positions of our citizens’ trust are held to an even higher standard than the general public. It’s a sad day when a lieutenant and a detective of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office who are sworn to uphold the law, allegedly misuse their positions by engaging in criminal acts. IRS-CI, together with its law enforcement partners, will continue to ensure that no one operates above the law and are held accountable for their actions.” …


  • Chris is the father. He owns the rights to what these Kids says and do and live they are minors. He’s their dad.
    A child can have many mothers but you only have one father.

  • Mía! You hold your head high!! You are an amazing person! Keep doing what you are doing- the truth always comes out!

    It will be a great day when you turn 18 and never have to see that loser again! Then you will stay away from him for the rest of your beautiful life. Focus on keeping yourself healthy for now and know so many of us are praying for you and trying to send as much support as possible.

    • 1. “No one in their right mind would believe one person’s side of the story without hearing the other.”

      2. Mr. Adelman heard only one side of the case before he wrote his 40-page opinion.

      • You are delusional. He heard the full results of the investigations from police doctors, therapists, family from both sides, DCF, interviews with the children, and more. You people live in a La La Land of denial.

        • CT AFCC, Inc. Director Adelman’s footnote on Page 1 of his April 26, 2022 BS opinion says, “… to account of this matter taking so long to try … restrictions imposed on the court proceedings by the Covid pandemic … Finally, the defendant began to simply not appear for the trial and her counsel began to make derogatory comments about the court and its proceedings …”

          Director Adelman doesn’t mention Attorney Cunha’s concerns about the obvious corruption and bias in that case. Director Adelman simply writes, “… C. The defendant was defaulted fo failing to appear for trial and failing to prosecute her claims; …”

          • Yes, she didn’t show to court for the last few hearings but convinced the kids that dad “played tricks in court” to get custody. Those poor children are completely lied to and brainwashed into believing the lies. Very sad.

          • How did their dad how had them for three years brainwash the three teens into thinking he was bad when he was really good?

          • It’s easy to spot your comments.

            Is Your pattern of “[insult] [lie] [insult]”, Rule Number 5 in the Saul Alinsky Method or something else?

            Back to reality: Did the mom and Attorney Cunha say, “dad played tricks in court” or did the mom and her mostly attorney address the blatant corruption in the court’s mishandling of the case?

            For example:

            Attorney Cunha said, “I have a list of cases where Attorney Aldrich was one of the attorneys where Attorney Hurwitz is the guardian ad litem and either Judge Grossman — or specifically Judge Adelman (manage the cases)…”

            “… (the children) are complaining of sexual assault. It has been established that the complaints have been substantiated by a multidisciplinary task force team who recommended those children not be with their father. And, because of the lies presented to the court by the guardian ad litem and Attorney Aldrich manipulating the facts, Judge Adelman has ignored the real evidence.”

            Parents can dance a jig on a desk and stand on their heads while picking their noses in the middle of the courtroom. Good judges and good attorneys in good family courts know what to do with that.

            In the most corrupted Connecticut family courtrooms, good parents and children don’t have a say in their own lives — no matter what one or the other parent does.

            That’s the actual problem. You know that though, right?

            “… Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. There is no defense. It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage …”


  • Good job, Mia! I am so proud of you!

    It’s so good to hear that you were able to see your mom and got a little break! I’m also so happy you were able to find some work. It must feel so good to make a little bit of money for yourself and feel appreciated for a change!

    I’m also deeply sorry that this was taken away from you.

    Girl, if you can manage to keep your head above water for just a little bit longer? You’re going to be 18 so, so, very soon and this man won’t have any power over you, any more.

    You’re doing such a great job, too. I loved hearing that you and Matthew helped Sawyer get in touch with his mom. You’re a really good big sister.

    And while I’m not sure counselling is always super helpful? I wonder if you’ve tried reaching out to any organizations that support youth in your community? I’d definitely warn you to remain super cautious if they try to put you in any group stuff. Maybe it’s weird to say, but I’ve always done way better when surrounded with untroubled people in untroubled siutations instead of hanging around other troubled kids in other troubled situations.

    But? Maybe you can find a good counsellor and some kind of something that can help you realize your dreams?

    I mean? I do understand that it’s impossible to really have dreams at a time like this when you’re basically just surviving your present situation. Especially one in which every possible authority is trying to disempower you.

    But I’m very impressed by your courage, Mia. I really believe you can push through this. And I’m very deeply hoping that your voice will be heard. Your voice deserves to be heard.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

    My thoughts are with you and all of your loving family.


    PS. Mia, I live in canada so I can’t reccomend any youth programs. But I really hope you aren’t afraid to call around. Chris might have made you feel like you can’t say no, but actually? You can! I hope you know that if something doesn’t feel right? You don’t have to participate. You actually do have rights.

    Given what you’re going through with the courts, I don’t blame you if this makes you feel suspicious, but I really wanted to tell you from the bottom of my heart, please don’t be afraid of social workers, especially at your age. You’re nearly 18. Its gets better at this age. I know your dad used this as a threat against you but you also know he’s a liar. So, you shouldn’t be afraid of this. Worst case, you get connected with a lazy social worker. Best case? You get someone who cares. Either case? They both may be able to help connect you with supportive programs that can help you even into your mid twenties.

    I believe in you Mia! I was once really scared to pick up that phone and ask for help, but please, let me assure you? My only regret is that I let people make me feel so bad about myself that I didn’t keep in touch with my siblings. The help I received was good. My only real regret was that my self esteem became so bad that I felt unworthy of being a big sister. I really hope that never happens to you.

  • O’Neil in under some sort of neuro linguistics programming by Cuda. No judge could possibly be as brain dead as O’Neil.

    I hope these letters will break him from this trance he is in. O’Neil is probably a decent man, just with very confused judgement, under intense political pressure.

    • Let’s hope that’s the case and the words of truth from these teens will wake him up.

      Ambrose is a failed attorney, a failed Hollywood writer due to plagiarism – but his narratives – relentlessly repeated 24/7 for three years have overpowered the mom and the kids

      And he has all the money which makes it easy for Cuda and others to hop on the money train.

    • How many “family court therapists” admit using Neurolinguistic Programming when they use it in “family court” cases?

  • For the love of God someone help these children 🙏. Almost adults. The damage. The courts, police are supposed to help people. Connecticut has a lot to be ashamed of.

  • Judge O’Neill is a victim. He is being coercively controlled by Alexander Cuda who is being coercively controlled by Chris Ambrose.
    Coercive control makes so many people victims.

    And poor Chris he is being coercively controlled by his inner demons. When does it end ?

    • There is a reason they placed a brand new judge on the case. Maybe O’Neil was set up for failure. That Coda is a trickster. Slick from his years in the curruption.

  • I’ve known Mia since she was in kindergarten. She is as sharp and quick as they come. She’s always been a fun loving, adventurous and is no one’s fool.

    The suffering she’s endured is evident. Her mom ran girl scouts with all of us. There’s no abuse.

    Many are too afraid to speak out as the father is peculiar at best and is highly litigious.

    But all from Westport love these three teens. They are each kind, fun, beautiful people.

    When any parent calls the police to trap or force a child into their care, the game should end. Enough Chris Ambrose. Shameful.

    • Chris and his associates seem to want to push Karen over the edge “by any means necessary”.

      She can’t work with a TRO in place and it looks like Chis and his associates just filed for child support. If Karen doesn’t pay child support she goes to jail. See how that works?

      When Chris and his associates were in Judge Nieves court, Chris and his associates told Judge Nieves they want Karen in jail. That was their one and only goal the day Mr. Goulden left the case.

      Then, Mr. Cuda and Mr. O’Neill showed up to eventually push Karen into a jail cell to sweep the cover-up under the rug for CT AFCC, Inc. Director Gerard Adelman, CT AFCC, Inc. Treasurer/Secretary Robert Horwitz, CT AFCC Inc. Treasurer Bruce Freedman (they needed lots of Treasurers), Stephen Grant (the guy who communicates with his hands just like Gerard Adelman does) … and all the other crooks who ran the CT AFCC Inc. to run Connecticut children, parents and extended families into the ground.

  • These three kids have been through hell and back and deserve justice for everything. They are brilliant sweet and kind people that should have never been taken away from their mother in the first place. chris is a horrible and sick person and it’s so unfortunate everything that happened and what he did. These children need to be heard and they need to be helped. their shouting for help and no one is listening. I hope someday soon they get their happy ending just like they deserve.

  • Historically CT family courts rule with abusers and their attorneys, GALs, shoddy shrinks. In CT family courts, abusers have ruled supreme and judges ensure it

  • These teens are incredible, but they SHOULD NOT have to flee from safety and then spend their summer advocating to be heard. How many times are their rights going to be violated?

    The courts need to back off. Stop allowing this father to control and dominate the narrative. His propaganda warfare against the mother has gone on too long. The teens can speak for themselves. They shouldn’t have to.

    CT courts need to deal with the reality– whatever order and conclusions were drawn are NOT in the best interest of the kids who were capable enough at the time of the divorce to have their wishes honored. They were capable then of having a choice, and they are certainly capable now.

    Do CT courts OWN parents and children who enter their halls? It seems to be the case.

    Happy they are advocating but again, they should not have to. The fact that this monster of a father is demanding their return is enough to show his insanity.

    • Anyone disobeying his pro-pedophile “family court” orders suffers “under penalty of law”.

      If the local mainstream news ever covers the Ambrose case and the CT AFCC, Inc. public-private monopoly on those kinds of cases, public awareness should prompt cameras in every “family court” courtroom — and maybe eventually two family courts: one for those who cherish and protect children and one for those who don’t.

  • “… Chris was informed that [Mia’s] attorney was pursuing a RO against him on [her] behalf, and to regain control of [her] Chris filed motion after motion to force [the teenagers] back to him …”

  • You are so strong and smart, I am so proud of you for standing up for yourself and your brothers. Don’t stop, stay strong and know you have love and support from us all. We will be with you thru it all. Love to you, Matthew and Sawyer.

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