Guest View: Is Chris Ambrose a Lying, Thieving, Selfish Narcissist?

Painting of Chris Ambrose, a father accused of not caring what his teenage children desire. His desires are all that matter.

Jessica Clark writes a guest view to offer her two cents about Chris Ambrose’s war on his three adopted children and their adopted mother, Karen Riordan.

After three years of CT Family Court keeping the teens away from the woman who raised them all their lives, they were reunited this year.

Judge Thomas J. O’Neill overturned the happiness and weal of three teenagers.

Ambrose went to family court and after two other judges rejected his motions, he got Judge Thomas J O’Neill to issue restraining orders to bar the teenage children from seeing their loving mother.

Despite the restraining order, the three teens refuse to return to their father and fled to their maternal grandfather in Rhode Island.

Tara Southern, the biological mother of the youngest, Sawyer, 13, got involved after the boy found her online about a year ago. She too is trying to protect the teens from their father.

My Two Cents

By Jessica Clarke

Chris Ambrose fights for the arrest of the mother of his children.

Unmasking Chris Ambrose

Suppose we even gave Chris Ambrose the benefit of the doubt, and what if Karen coerced the children to make their claims of abuse? (I don’t entirely believe this, but please hear me out).

What good father would insist on depriving his children of a mother they loved so much and wanted so badly that they were willing to lie to make that happen?

A good man, an innocent man, would have the self-awareness to realize that these kids would do absolutely anything to be with her.

A good man, and a better human being, would put away his selfishness and pride and find a way to make that happen for them.
Chris Ambrose could have taken the position that, you know? These kids are lying and potentially damaging my reputation, but I’m innocent and wise enough to read between the lines.

Instead, this guy chose to behave like an absolute monster, destroying Karen and the lives of these precious kids. He could have spent his money getting family therapy to help everyone adjust to the divorce. He could have saved those hundreds of thousands and put it into a college fund for each kid.

But instead? He wastes it all in the courts to point the finger at everyone but himself so that he can be “right.”

Chris Ambrose is nothing but a lying, thieving, selfish narcissist through and through. It’s plain for everyone to see. He has a bizarre predilection for near child porn and doesn’t care about using and exploiting youth for pleasure.

And this is why I believe the kids.

A Message of Support to Tara

Tara Southern is the biological mother of Sawyer.Tara, you don’t need my judgment (good or bad), my opinion, or my approval, but I’ve just read your story – Jennifer’s Law? Sawyer’s Biological Mother Says Teen Accused Adopted Father of Sexual Abuse a Year Ago and I am so impressed and overjoyed for you and Sawyer.

New beginnings are so exciting! I hope that as you deepen your relationship with Sawyer, you always remember that you made the best decision you could have at the time and that life is a marvelous adventure!

Maybe you can even find a little place for Mia and Matthew in your heart. It sounds like these kids need someone right now, and the mom, Karen, who raised them, is hamstrung.

Sawyer and Tara at their first meeting since birth.
Sawyer with his adopted mother, Karen Riordan.

I don’t know either of you, but after hearing your stories, I sense your personalities. I hope you and Karen will meet someday because I bet you would like each other.

You both seem like nice, good people.

Reaching Out to Mia, Sawyer and Matthew

Hey guys! I realize your life is being splayed out on these pages. So I feel bad for not wanting to share the details of mine. This might make it hard for you to believe but I’ve been through some equally and similarly bad situations. Most kids don’t go through this super heavy stuff, but some do.

You’re mostly alone. But not completely alone.

I can’t even really find the words to tell you how sorry I am about everything. As I heard your story and thought about it more, I hoped to share a few thoughts.

First of all? I want to tell you that life is weird.  And it actually never really stops presenting challenges that are hard to handle.

So? If you can get good at managing a situation like this right now, you will be set for life.

You might feel different from others for a long time. But that will be because you had to be so strong at such a young age. As you get older, you’ll see other people starting to have problems. I promise if you wait long enough to see this you will feel less alone. It’s lonely now because it’s hard to explain, and nobody understands.

I get it.

But you guys haves each other. I pray for the three of you that you always have each other and your bond is strong.

I know you are facing incredible oppression. But that’s also why you can understand each other. So, please don’t stop calling each other, even if the authorities threaten you! I really hope you guys can stay in touch and maintain your connection.

Do not let them scare you.


Matthew during that brief and idyllic time he spent with his mother, Karen Riordan, from May 22, to August 8, 2023, before Judge Thomas J. O’Neill, without meeting this intelligent teenager, chose to believe his father and removed her from his life.

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  • Don’t know much about Chris Ambrose but I know his attorney Al Cuda. He is big into protecting victims of domestic violence. Clearly Ambrose is a victim of DV OR attorney Cuda would not be involved.

  • Answer to question in headline
    Lying – yes
    Thieving – yes
    Selfish – understatement
    Narcissist ‘- no – total psychopath

    Forgot deviant

  • Oh please. Karen has committed provable perjury multiple times and has even lied to judge arcara. Bodycam footage proves it.

  • What will the “vast majority of Americans concerned about the future of democracy“ do about it? 🤔 says:

    What’s a healthy response to blatant corruption in government?

    Fear or action?

    According to a Quinnipiac poll, 83% of Americans are “worried”:

    … Eighty three percent of voters were either very worried or somewhat worried about whether democracy can still function in America, according to the poll of 1,818 Americans conducted between Aug. 10 and 14.. “If democracy is the complex engine that guides the country’s future, it’s clear a vast majority of Americans now fear a catastrophic breakdown is possible,” said Tim Malloy, analyst for the Hamden-based poll. …

  • I have heard there is insanity in the Connecticut Family Court system and even saw the U.N. went against “Parental Alienation” written by that certifiable quack, Richard Gardner. Richard Gardner stated something to the effect that “we all have some pedophilia in us” – no, we really don’t. It is the sick side of our society that does and the “Sound of Freedom” is exposing that fact. I found the below Frank Report as I dug deeper into this evilness. How in the hell does Geoff Herzog get the kids with that apparent mental illness in his background? There is sunlight coming and it is going to be beautiful.

  • beautifully said 2cents!

    Wishing all good things for the Riordans & Southerns & all the family who love and protect these children’s souls, while they deal with a devil who will only make them stronger, brighter and more brave in the long run.
    Lies might have immediate impact but this soon falls apart like cheap shoes. Truth endures and will always out.

  • Of course Chris Ambrose is a lying and mentally twisted POS. His padded room in a psych ward is awaiting his arrival. If he’s that bad, and he is, what can we say about the players who took the kids away from their mother? Exactly.

  • The inability to co-parent is a real thing. Ambrose is using the three of ad a weapon on the war waged on Karen. This happens in family law cases. It’s done by both genders. There is a difference between maternal gatekeeping. Protecting a child from real harm. Then their is the land of make believe. Where attorneys GALs, therapist and judges make up a carefully orchestrated non existent situation for financial gain.It is saying something when the birth mother is working with the mother to protect these children. In the best interest of the children. Karen’s case is one of many in Connecticut past and present. This case is an accurate duplication of the modern day witch hunt taking place in the state of Connecticut. These family court people are picking every last dime off the bones of dissolved marriage. Happens daily and on the hour in every court system in the country.

    • Yes, the inability to coparent is a real thing. It’s exactly why Karen lost custody. She was unable to coparent. That was the exact reason she was given the 90 day no contact order that made her go nuclear. I think it’s called narcissistic rage. You can see it in her approach today she just wants to kidnap the children and turn everyone against their father. It’s all about winning for her and destroying her ex-husband.

      • “.. DARVO (an acronym for “deny, attack, and reverse victim and offender”) is a reaction that perpetrators of wrongdoing, such as sexual offenders may display in response to being held accountable for their behavior. Some researchers indicate that it is a common manipulation strategy of psychological abusers. …”

        For example:

        “… Karen lost custody.” or … Gerard Adelman took Karen’s children from her.

        “She was unable to co-parent.” or … she was protecting her children.

        “90 day no contact order that made her go nuclear” or … Adelman took the children from her for 90 days.

        “narcissistic rage” or … a mother lion fighting for her cubs.

        “she just wants to kidnap the children“ or … she just wants to protect her children.

        “it’s all about winning for her” or … it’s all about protecting her children.

        “destroying her ex-husband“ or … protecting her children.

        • OR it’s actually the way I wrote it. Nice try to flip the script. The children need to be protected from her. Kids loved to sleep over with Michael Jackson too.

      • A parent becoming angry is a sign of many things. CPTSD often causes anger irritability and emotional outburst. If someone is hurting your children even their other parent it can cause a response. When you a personally attacked and accused of something you didn’t do. Anxiety and fear cause anger irritability and emotional response. Taking a child away from someone and placing them in a bad situation causes fight and flight mode response. It appears that Karen is justified in her fears. The children are showing signs of prolonged abuse. As well as reporting it. You can’t co parent with an abuser. The abuser doesn’t want to. The abuser is looking to control the other parent and children. It’s been three years since Karen has been allowed to parent the children. They are deeply longing for their mother. Ambrose doesn’t want them to love Karen anymore. Let the children go with Karen Chris. You have to let them go. They are human and material possessions. Set them free and get help Chris.

  • Chris got lots of fiends. O’Nell, Cuda, Adelman, Grossman, Moukaswher, Hurwitz, Caverly, Aldrich, Horowitz, Gruen and others he paid.

    One thing he don’t have. The love of his children. this one thing is kind of a big one. When will he wake up and realize you can’t force love or buy it.

    People like Judge Thomas O’Neill who sell custody for cash won’t be there when Chris needs him.

    When the arrests are made there will be no joint defense. O’Neill will take a plea and so will Ambrose.

    He make the plea deal first she act the victim and say Judge O’Neill and all the above used coercive control and lie and cry. That’s what he does lie, cry and blame others.

  • Thanks two cents! The adoption is open. Tara and her family have already welcomed Matthew and Mia into theirs. Because they understand love. They love sawyer and therefore love his siblings. We are all family.

    Love overrides court orders based on the foundation of Chris Ambrose’s lies and sinister planning.

    Sawyer has two moms that love him and Matthew and Mia do as well. They have birth fathers they will also meet and Chris Ambrose will be a distant memory.

    He had three beautiful spirited loving children and he alone subjected them to horrors no children should experience even once- he’s done it for three years.

    It’s over Chris Ambrose.

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