Jennifer’s Law? Sawyer’s Biological Mother Says Teen Accused Adopted Father of Sexual Abuse a Year Ago

Ed. Note: NOTE: A Go Fund Me Page has been established to help Karen Riordan and her three children, Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer, reunite and achieve justice. If it is within your means, please help this family.


On August 8, Connecticut Superior Court Judge Thomas J. O’Neill issued restraining orders against a mother, Karen Riordan, forcing three teenage children – Mia (16), Matthew (16), and Sawyer (13) – out of their home. 

The father brought the application for the restraining order on behalf of the teenagers – but against their wishes.

All three teens were adopted shortly after birth. The mother, Karen Riordan, raised them as a stay-at-home mother, leaving her full-time tenured position as a special education teacher, while the father was mainly absent working as a Hollywood screenwriter.

His career imploded in 2018 after allegations of plagiarism surfaced, and he returned to their Connecticut home and soon after, filed for divorce. Before he did, he changed the passwords on all the joint accounts and locked Riordan out of her half of the marital funds, as well as her own inheritance received before the marriage.

Ambrose was never required to submit a financial affidavit and got away with taking the entire marital assets as he left his ex-wife homeless.

The three teens remained under the primary care of their mother from infancy until three years ago, when the father, with ample money to pay family court professionals, won a shocking legal victory.

In 2020, Judge Jane Grossman flipped custody to Ambrose, alleging parental alienation.

Now, the new restraining order favoring the father, Christopher Ambrose, brought a payday for his attorney, Alexander Cuda, estimated to be around $25,000. Riordan could not afford an attorney and appeared pro se.

Judge O’Neill’s application of Jennifer’s Law to support the restraining order is perhaps precedent.

The law was named after Jennifer Dulos and Jennifer Mangano, both mothers involved in custody disputes whose husbands murdered them and then committed suicide. 

The CT legislature intended the law to offer preemptive intervention in potentially dangerous domestic situations. 

The restraining order against Riordan requires her to keep a distance of 100 yards from the three children –and have no phone or email contact with them. 

No one has ever accused her of abuse or neglect of the teens. Nor has she ever been accused of violent behavior. 

The basis of the restraining order is that Ambrose claims Riordan has exerted mind control over the teenagers, hypnotically forcing and/or intimidating them to lie about their father.  The term of art is “coercive control.”

A recent photo of Matthew Ambrose, 16, and his mother Karen Riordan. The photo shows the teenager is large enough to not be physically intimidated by his 110 lb. mother. His father Christopher Ambrose instead alleges mind control.      

Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer temporarily reside in Rhode Island with their maternal grandfather.

The abrupt upheaval in their lives via this restraining order is the second time CT Family Court has left them without their mother – their primary caretaker.

During the three years of Ambrose’s custody and control, they did not see their mother. Ambrose held them in his isolated rural home and insisted they could not see her or any of her family.

This year, they ran from Ambrose, and returned to their mother.

This month, after two days of hearings, Judge O’Neill, who refused to hear from the children and ignored allegations of sexual abuse made by Sawyer against his father, was persuaded that the mother coercively controlled Sawyer to allege abuse falsely.  

Sawyer with his mother, Karen.

In a message posted to Frank Report, the biological mother of Sawyer, Tara Southern, brings new evidence that Sawyer, independent of his adopted mother, seeks protection against his father’s abuse.

This speaks against the adopted mother, Riordan, fabricating the abuse stories then brainwashing the children into alleging them.

Tara was responding to an anonymous comment on the story, Ambrose’s Attorney Withdraws, as National Media Outlet Looks at Ambrose CT Custody Case

The anonymous comment was directed at her: Karen has done nothing? Hahahahhaha. You’ve been fooled, Tara. And you are participating in the abusive manipulation of your bio son. Sad.

Here is Tara’s response:

By Tara Southern

Chris, you are a fool. There are so many things I want to say to you. And I know you wrote this absurd message because you said my name. Tara!  And then referred to me as the biological mother. Who else knows that? 

Let me explain something to you. I haven’t seen or spoken to Karen other than the few days in Utah when I met you and her at the hospital when Sawyer was born. 

I met my biological son, Sawyer, when I was in Connecticut to file the petition on his behalf against you.

Sawyer and his biological mother together for the first time since his birth.

I picked him up, and we spent some time together. I called him and let him know that I did it. And that I was going to be there for a few days, and if he wanted to meet me, just to let me know. And he did.

But before that, I’ve been in touch with him through text and phone calls since the day he found me on Facebook with the help of his siblings. And that was about a year ago. He reached out to me because he needed help.

The day I got that message, there were so many emotions going through me. I was mad. I was sad because of the things he said were happening to him. I was happy (because I talked to the son that I gave up for adoption 13 years ago.) I was hurt. And so many more. 

But I was willing to do anything I could to help him. So the more we talked, the more we got to know each other. And a relationship was created between a biological mother and son and a whole other family that he has never even met, that are willing to do anything we can to help him. 

Biological mother and her son.

As far as Karen is concerned, I don’t know what you and her have going on and really don’t care. From everything I’ve been told, it all boils down to the fact that you are a conniving, sick person that adopted my son and then started sexually abusing him.

I would’ve never thought that the man I met in the hospital on the day that my son was delivered, the man that seemed like a good person, could’ve ever turned out to be so fake and vindictive.

But that’s what you do. You wrote for the television show Law and Order. So you know how to do it well. 

I want to let you know that Sawyer is a part of my life now, whether you like it or not, and that I am going to do everything I possibly can to see that you are punished for all of your wrongdoings. And sooner or later, you will be.

God does not like ugly. 

And there are things that I’ve done in my life that I’m not proud of. I’m almost positive that everyone has. But I’ve never done anything as evil as what you have done.

Chris Ambrose wants Sawyer home with him and away from his adopted mother and her family.

The adoption was open. You know it, Karen knows it, and I know it. Oh. And the adoption agency as well. Don’t think for one second that I did not notify them of this situation. And they are in the process of seeing what they can do to help. You are about to have a lot of people, new people, in your life. Not these same ones that keep giving you a slap on the wrist. 

Adoption paperwork showing the adoption was open

I don’t care who you are, how much money you have, where you worked before, or even who you know, none of that bullshit matters. All that matters to me is Sawyer Elias. Remember that. Know that. Don’t forget that!

Tara Southern

Frank Report commentary:

Independent of Karen’s influence, Sawyer, while living with his father, a year ago, told his biological mother that Ambrose abused him. 

Now, Ambrose is trying to force Sawyer back, using Jennifer’s Law, named after two women who alleged their husbands, the fathers of their children, abused them and their children.

In both cases, CT Family Court misidentified the father’s potential for abuse, as loads of money were thrown at family court professionals who profited by obfuscating the obscene abuse. 

The irony in Ambrose v Riordan is stupendous and colossal in its potential to ruin, as it did in the cases of the late Jennifer Dulos and Jennifer Mangano.

Once again, the court is misidentifying the dangerous one (though he has the money). The irony is that this time it is done in the name of the slain women, Jennifer Dulos and Jennifer Mangano, as if their husbands were justified all along.  

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  • Tara, you don’t need my judgement (good or bad) or my opinion or my approval but I’ve just read this story and I’m so impressed and overjoyed for you and for Sawyer.

    New beginnings are so exciting! I hope that as you deepen your relationship with Sawyer that you always remember that you made the best decision you could have at the time and that life is a marvelous adventure! Maybe you can even find a little place in your heart for Mia and Matthew, too? Sounds like these kids really need someone right now and that the mom who raised them is kind of hamstrung at the moment.

    I don’t know either of you, but in hearing both your stories, I gather a sense of your personalities. I actually hope some day you and Karen will meet because I bet you would like each other.

    You both seem like really nice, good people.

  • Suppose we even gave Chris the benefit of the doubt and what if Karen actually did coerce the children to make their claims of abuse? (I don’t entirely believe this, but please hear me out).

    What good father would insist on depriving their children of a mother that they loved so much and wanted so badly that they were willing to lie in order to make that happen?

    A good man, an innocent man, would have the self awareness to realize that these kids would do absolutely anything to be with her.

    A good man, and a better human being, would put away his selfishness and pride and find a way to make that happen for them.

    Chris Ambrose could have taken the position that, you know? These kids are lying and potentially damaging my reputation, but I’m innocent enough and wise enough to read between the lines.

    Instead, this guy chose to behave like an absolute monster. Destroying Karen and the lives of these precious kids. He could have spent his money getting some family therapy to help everyone adjust to the divorce. Could have saved those hundreds of thousands and put it into a college fund for each of the kids.

    But instead? He wastes it all in the courts just to point the finger at everyone but himself so that he can be “right”.

    Chris Ambrose is nothing but a lying, theiving, selfish narcissist through and through. It’s plain for everyone to see. He has a bizarre predilection for near child porn and doesn’t care about using and exploiting youth for his pleasure.

    And this is why I believe the kids.

    • Um, Chris paid for the supervised visitation that Karen blew off after the 90 days no contact were up. Just one small example of Chris extending an olive branch and Karen refusing it and choosing instead to dig her own grave but blame it on her ex. She is completely insane.

      • Why would Karen need supervised visits with her children, who she raised for 13 years without Chris? Chris bought custody and took all Karen’s money, and then arrogantly offered to pay for supervised visits with her money. V

        • The court probably ordered it because they anticipated she would try to kidnap the children (again) the way she has done now.

          But why they ordered it doesn’t matter. the fact is, they ordered it. and she didn’t show. Even though it wouldn’t have cost her a dime.

          How could any court say “well the mother never showed up to court never showed to visitation, but we’re going to give her custody over the father who showed up to everything” ?

          There was no corruption here. Besides the corrupt behaviors of Karen that blew up in her face.

      • Chris paid which “supervisor” to “supervise”?

        CT AFCC, Inc. Director Gerard Adelman was the judge who ruled after hearing ONLY Chris’ case.
        CT AFCC, Inc. Treasurer Robert Horwitz was the “reunification expert”.

  • Sawyer will be President of Mexico some day and Frank will have saved Mexico and America, yet again. 🙂

  • This, “man” , is some kind of Evil.
    This woman, Tara Southern,is a dear friend of mine for just one reason because I’ve experienced her compassion & unselfish caring she can have for someone.
    These attributes and many other “motherly love” values is all that Tara carries for Sawyer.
    It’s horrible to see evil, when it’s beat and down, still kicking it’s defeated legs. Why would the judge take these wonderful kids away (no contact!!!) from a loving environment for a year when they have just been released from a living, well you know… SMH?
    Let Sawyer , and Hell, let all the kids we have in this 🌎 have a real and fair chance at the True love & happiness that Tara and Karen know how to Bless them with…!!!
    Thank you so much Frank for your hard work in bringing out this powerful and unfortunate story that needed very badly to be brought to the publics attention.
    Please pay attention to what these kids are saying and feeling in these family cases. Their words are what really matters, right?
    Taras’ friend,

  • Riddle me this: what if Sawyer decided he wants to move in with his birth mother and sever all ties with Karen? Will Karen let him go since clearly children should always have whatever they want?

    • Sawyer would never sever all ties with his mother, he loves her too much. He would be more likely to do that with that man that calls himself his father

    • I have never heard anyone say children should have anything they want, that’s ridiculous. But no child should have to live in fear of their parent and be abused.

    • Nobody ever said that the children should get what they want .. it’s only been said that they should be happy and be where they won’t be abused.. and not have to live in fear or somewhere that they feel like they are prisoners and are not allowed to speak or see any of their family..

      • Is a child spoiled if they don’t want to be abused sexually assaulted? Biology is not an entitlement. If the relationship is toxic and unhealthy. These children are showing signs of abuse from Chris Ambrose. Judge O’Neil is not listening. He doesn’t have the capability to understand. Or refusing to acknowledge. It’s a sure sign there is something amiss when he is refusing evidence and testimony. Do process violation. It’s another mistrial. Will Karen Riordan truely be able to find representation in Connecticut? She is better off consulting with a lawyer. Any attorney going up against the court Mafia has been warned with the disbarring of Cunha.

        • “Is a child spoiled if they don’t want to be abused sexually assaulted?”

          Of course not. But it was proven that the children were coached to make these claims. That is not the children’s fault. It’s the toxic mother’s. Whenever someone says something about how Karen lost custody because she didn’t go to custody hearings or visitation and was constantly violating court orders, Frank asks “But what about the children’s wishes?” The fact of the matter is Karen has no custody, not physical or legal. She has as much legal right to these children at present as the birth mother does. Which is, in legal terms, none. Karen could get some of it back if she shows she can follow the rules and not keep coercing, coaching, brainwashing, and attempting to kidnap the kids. Simple.

          I only speak out here because I think it’s wrong how the father has been vilified and accused of being a pedophile when there is zero evidence of that despite in-depth investigations by police, DCF, doctors, therapists, etc. Karen hatched that plan of attack only when the judge imposed a 90-day no-contact order. Before that, there was not a single peep about any alleged abuse.

          • Where is the “proof that the mother coached the kids to make these claims? “..Whoever you are… ( btw, I am not the only one who thinks that you are Chris.. ).. you say the same thing over and over .
            1.. Karen could’ve gotten to see the children if she would’ve showed up at custody hearings..
            2.. Karen is the one that coerced the children into saying the father abused them..
            3.. Karen is the one that should be put in jail for abusing the children.
            4.. I’m not Chris, I’m just following the case and commenting because it’s so obvious that Karen is the one that’s at fault!!.’, not Chris..

            Can you please provide your proof of all of these comments that you continuously make?and also proof that your not Chris.. ! that would be just great if you could do that for everyone!! Ok? Alrighty then.. you have a nice day now!

          • I learned that she didn’t go to the custody hearings in blog posts about that here at the Frank report.

            The mother was out of state in Florida instead of going to the hearings. Then she tried to give some excuse that she had Covid and couldn’t go to the custody hearing,, but she refused to provide any evidence of a positive Covid test. Ok. That was also written about in blog posts here at the Frank report.

            It was also documented here in Frank report posts that she did not go to any visitation with the children.

            The part about the investigations and the findings of coaching was provided in the custody evaluation that was published here at the Frank report. The fact that all allegations were investigated and found to be unsubstantiated, was published in that custody eval and in the divorce ruling that was made public at the family court circus blog.

            And as for proof whether I am not Chris, sorry. I am not sharing my identity with a hate mob. But I do not know any of these people personally. I don’t even live in Connecticut. I started reading the Frank report years ago when the Nxivm case was in the news.

            Have a nice day.

          • You actually “learned that she didn’t go to the custody hearings in blog posts about that here at the Frank report.”?

            You learned from FR, “The mother was out of state in Florida instead of going to the hearings. Then she tried to give some excuse that she had Covid and couldn’t go to the custody hearing,, but she refused to provide any evidence of a positive Covid test.“?

            You also read, “in Frank report posts that she did not go to any visitation with the children.”?

            You also read, “The part about the investigations and the findings of coaching was provided in the custody evaluation that was published here at the Frank report. The fact that all allegations were investigated and found to be unsubstantiated, was published in that custody eval and in the divorce ruling that was made public at the family court circus blog.”? 🤔

            And as for proof whether you are Chris, you share the identity of hate mobs. You probably know all of those people personally. You probably live in Connecticut.

            You actually started “reading the Frank report years ago when the Nxivm case was in the news.”? Would you be willing to copy and paste a few of your comments On NXIVM articles from “years ago” so we can compare your writing style then with your comments today?

            What did you think of NXIVM years ago, 11:51?

            Were you as interested and as certain about the details of NXIVM as you are today when reading on FR about the Ambrose child custody case?

            So. What do you think of NXIVM?

    • If sawyer wanted that and was happy and healthy in Tara’s care, after all this young man has endured- you bet!

      She isn’t threatened bc her children love her and will remain connected to her. Chris- if you haven’t managed to sever their bonds (and we all know you’ve tried 🤥) they won’t be broken.

      Karen and Tara love Sawyer and they are all family now- including Mia and Matthew.

      Shame Chris. You just don’t get it.

  • How would you know what an abused kid goes through. An abused Adult has problems dealing with the issues never mind a child. Kids do not know how to process it and start believing it is there fault and they have a great deal of shame.
    Shame on anyone who doesn’t believe these kids need help. Family court is corrupt, it is just a business there to make money for everyone else while destroying the lives of those involved.

  • when a man ejaculates between a woman’s breasts. she then presses her breasts together and when they come apart, the semen resembles cobwebs.

    • Chris has bulimia? I can see him now, with his barbershop ✂ sicksors chopping up lettuce, like Edward Scissor Hands. Using barbershop Paraphernalia to masticate on heads of lettuce and throwing it up.
      If you stand Chris aka Crisco next to a bright 🔆 light and turn the lights off he glows for up to an hour.

    • You’re so boring Chris. So transparent to all the readers.

      Do you do anything with your life other than file motions, obsess over Parlato, and find was to bring pain and suffering?

  • “Independent of Karen’s influence, Sawyer, while living with his father, a year ago, told his biological mother that Ambrose abused him. ”

    Sorry, but independent of the mothers influence is complete bullshit. At the very least Mia and Matthew were talking to Karen regularly. Bio Mom even says it was the two siblings that helped Sawyer find her. They were acting as Karen’s agents. Hello?

    Also, Chris is not the only one who would know Tara’s name. Her name is listed publicly on the court docket, which anyone can view. I did.

    And frankly, Sawyer, not wanting to report sexual abuse at age 12 because dad will take his stuff does make it sound like the kid was not sexually abused. Let’s be real here.

    • Good try Chris. Not gonna work.. I don’t care what you believe. I’m pretty sure that sawyer has known my for name a long time . That just shows how much you k ow.. and how much you’ve been “involved “ in his life since you adopted him. Stop using Karen as your defense strategy! Enough already.!! Stop making this a “ Karen and Chris “ issue. This is about the children.the only thing you ever say is “ Karen influenced the kids to hate me”. “ it’s Karen’s fault that the kids contacted Tara”.. “it’s Karen’s fault that everybody is posting lies about me”.. every time you post something.. that’s the only thing you say. Over and over and over . It’s pathetic. And so played out. Hyatt like you. You are played the fuck out..

      • I’m not Chris. If you want to communicate with him, maybe send him an email instead of wasting your effort here? I repeat I’m not Chris.

        I don’t know how you can say this is not a Karen versus Chris thing when Karen has been viciously trashing Chris online for the past 3+ years and making sure the children see it.

        They think the only way they can see their mom is to tell lies against the father. It’s really sad. Karen did this to them.

      • Anyone defending the other side must be that person themself? See it your way or go to hell? This reaction will only encourage more to actually seek out the other side’s story which, so far, has not been presented to the readers of this blog.

    • What reason would you have to look at the court docket? Real is these kids deserve a better life than they have been pushed into by Chris, I guess you’re one that believes everyone but the kids. If they were happy with him why wouldn’t they just say so after three years away from their mother?

      • They might prefer to live with their mother, but Karen is the one who has created this horrible situation.where no court with a good conscience could grant her custody.

        The Frank report has been reporting on the story for years. People have provided links here multiple times to the court docket. It’s very easy to view.

        • Isn’t that what it’s all about? The kids, not Karen or Chris and who did this and who did that, it’s about these kids being traumatized and shuffled around from one place to another. No security of where they may be tomorrow. Kids don’t need that kind of drama in their lives, they need to be kids and enjoy this time of their lives instead of being scared to death all the time.

    • And how would you know all this? Were you there and heard the kids talking to Karen? Karen’s agents? You make it sound like an employer/employee situation. Where you getting all your info, just curious.

  • O’Neill has perpetuated a crime against these children. He’s cleared the path for this monster, Chris Ambrose, to continue to abuse and mistreat Sawyer and his siblings. These children have been used as weapons, and the justice system in Connecticut has made it easy for predators like Ambrose to continue committing their crimes. Why haven’t the children been permitted to speak in court in their own defense? It makes no sense that the wishes of these teens haven’t been considered. They clearly don’t want to be with Ambrose. Why would they want to be with someone who abuses them in such horrifying ways? Where is the national media on this?

    • The kids filed in juvenile court and have their own attorneys. This restraining order was a tactic to blame Karen for their filings of allegations of abuse against him in juvenile court.

      Of course in juvenile court the mother also gets named as a respondent. So why is Chris so determined to silence his teens?

      Why not let them be heard?

      He filed a restraining order on their behalf’s against Karen – saying all three needed a restraining order against her! He never notified their attorneys so no one could appear.

      The teens- who filed complaints against him and had fled to their mother for safe haven – are allowed to speak in court if they are the alleged victims of anyone.

      Under PA 21-78 the alleged victims are entitled to testify and can testify remotely- but Ambrose made sure this never happened.

      He deceived the courts- manipulated judges, switched attorneys, feigned ignorance even though he has a JD from NYU- and blamed everything on Karen as he’s done for four years.

      This won’t stand up. It makes a mockery of domestic violence.

      He’s an animal who is working feverishly and spending tons of money to silence these teens and put Karen in jail.

      He knows he’s guilty of all kinds of abuse.

      The gal earned that 200,000- this sadistic predator is far worse than anyone ever imagined.

      Just leave the kids alone and take custody from this monster.

      • Of course the mother is responsible for the filings in juvenile court. What kid or even adult would know how to do that? An uncoached person would call 911 or walk into a police station.

        • Haaaa!!! Chris would know!!!! He does it once a week!! He’s a court groupie…. They probably learned how to file petitions in court from living with Chris … seeing as that’s all he did the whole time they were there!

      • Wake up people. There are laws forcing father’s like Ambrose in the lives of their children. There is funding attached to these laws. Folks you must figure out how the state works to understand family court. It’s been years of reporting such cases. No matter what Karen does or doesn’t do she is being set up for failure. Women attempting to use Jennifer’s law are ignored. These children in the eyes of Connecticut property of the father.

        • “There are laws forcing father’s like Ambrose in the lives of their children.”

          “The Model Penal Code, or MPC, is a comprehensive set of codes that address criminal law. These codes are not in themselves laws nor are they binding, but they are an effort to create uniformity in criminal statues and prosecutions across the states. It grew out of the ALI’s tradition of developing restatements of law that would create clarity and cohesiveness to improve laws and increase justice. These restatements and codes, including the Uniform Commercial Code, are foundational to legal study and practice. The MPC itself was a massive effort that took 10 years to develop and was funded by the Rockefeller foundation. …

          … If we live in a world where everything sexual is okay for everyone all the time, we lose our ability to discriminate, which diminishes true consent. True consent necessarily requires true information about harms and benefits-physical, mental, and spiritual.

          My purpose is to shed light on what I believe is a long-running agenda to weaken families, communities, and relationships between men and women, fueled by globalists, like the Rockefellers, who have vied to control us for a very long time. The ultra-relaxed ideas around sexual crimes have led to harm and caused the pendulum to swing too far in a hedonistic direction. You are laughed out of the room if you point to pornography as being a factor in increased sexual violence, negative attitudes toward women, and decreased sexual performance and satisfaction. It’s de rigueur for young women to sell their bodies online and prostitution is labelled as work rather than a form of trafficking with serious consequences. Media is currently mocking people who watch a movie about child trafficking, claiming it’s exaggerated, and even the DOJ has pared down the child trafficking information available on its website after interest in the issue escalated from the movie.

          We have completely dismissed the sensibility that private acts can and do affect the public sphere. …”

  • This child was so scared and needing help that he found a way to contact his birth mother. Does that not prove anything? And the birth mother was willing to file something on his behalf? That speaks volumes. This story gets better and better. I feel like I’m watching a lifetime movie. You know how all of those movies have a wonderful ending that always makes you cry? This is going to have one of those endings. I have faith that everything is going to be ok. And Ambrose, who is a psychopath, a horrible , excuse for a father, a husband, a lawyer, a writer, will get what he deserves. And so will all of the people that supported him. Hang in there kids..

  • The only one winning are these attorneys $$$$$. Family court is supposed to be about the best interest of children. Sending these kids to a dangerous Dad. Disgrace. For God sakes the biological parents are stepping in. This judge is a nightmare like plenty on the bench in Connecticut.

  • Karen has done nothing? Hahahahhaha. You’ve been fooled, Tara. And you are participating in the abusive manipulation of your bio son. Sad”

    What’s telling about this is the need for Chris to refer to Sawyer as Tara’s “bio” son.

    Chris you can continue to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to attorneys to “own” these teens. But the paper you get has no meaning to the heart.

    You’ve thrown around “I have sole legal custody” literally thousands of times in three years. Your children are so sickened by your statement. You’re too foolish and threatened to realize what an ass you sound like.

    Announcing your ownership. To dominate and belittle their mother.

    But it’s over Chris. No matter how many pieces of paper you pay for. No matter how high a wall you try to build to isolate these teens from the mothers and family their love, evil fails. The children were raised with the love of their mother and the love of extended family and friends.

    They have not forgotten what you stole from them. Three years of hell with you is enough. Stop blaming your ex wife. Stop blaming Tara. Stop saying that anyone who calls you an abuser is crazy.

    For you Chris are the crazy one. You just happen to have the money.

    Roberto Garcia will see Sawyer soon. He’s got Karen’s entire family, Tara’s entire family and Roberto’s entire family to love him. And they all love Mia and Matthew as well. That’s what love is Chris.

    Enjoy your papers. The teens have spoken. Let them live in peace. Let them have a voice and be free of your abuse.

    This isn’t the court Chris. This is all you. You’ve abused all three teens for years. You’re a pathological liar. Your brothers know it. That’s why you never have a soul (an unpaid person that is) appear in court with you. You were found out long ago.

    Matthew, Sawyer and Mia- you are loved!!! We are your family! As are your parents in Guatemala!

    Chris won’t give you your birth papers because he’s threatened. But we will help you and we are your family too. ❤️❤️❤️

    • I made the comment and I am not Chris. I saw Tara’s name on the public court docket as a third party filing a motion to intervene. Then I saw Chris’s filing made public at the family court circus saying that Karen contacted Sawyer’s birth mother to intervene. it was all public for like, what is it, a month or two now?

      I don’t know any of the parties involved I’m just a reader at this blog with a different take on this than the Qanon mob. I believe Karen has coached and coerced these poor kids to lie from day one of the divorce. And Apparently that was proven in the Nusbaum documents.

      Those kids could be living with the mother today if she had not coached them to lie and if she had actually showed up to the custody hearings.

      What Karen is doing to this birth mother is also very cruel.

      Personally, I think Karen should be locked up in a mental institution so she can’t hurt anymore people.

      Have a nice day.

      • Karen has not done anything to me. And please do not try and act like you care about what anybody does to me. I can speak for myself. I don’t need you or Karen to do any damn thing for me. . Tu comprende?? You hate me as much as you hate Karen. Especially now that I’ve revealed to you that I talk to sawyer ?? Everyday! Thats right!! Everyday I talk to him.. I bet you hate hearing that don’t you? Good!!! because you know what? There’s nothing you can do about it Chris.. ! stop hiding your name when you comment .. it’s so obvious it’s you. It’s “someone Reading the court dockets “.. you sound so ignorant. I see right through you . Don’t insult my intelligence or try to play your childish mind games with me., IT WoNT wORk..!!! Roberto … (Sawyer’s real father) . And his whole family will also be talking to him soon .. And there’s not a thing you can do about that either!! Loser

        • OMG I am not Chris. Relax.

          I am glad you are in contact with your birth son but it’s really sad you had to be reunited with him as part of this woman’s manipulation and deceit. You have been probably losing sleep over the lies Karen has fed you. That is very cruel of her to do. Sorry. It just is.

          • That you would consider Karen ‘cruel’ marks you out as a creature of spectacularly low mentality – ambrose or not ambrose, not sure which is worse – a random stranger with so much hate, prepared to damage someone they only know from a court docket?

            or that father-thing, about to find out what it means for a child to be OPENLY adopted i.e. No secrets and lies between the loving mothers and a real dad of entire families, serving the best interests of Sawyer, and of course Mia and Mathew.

            Your advocacy and enjoyment of this child abuse will destroy you without anyone having to lift a finger. Hell will mend you as you live.

      • No evidence of any coaching. Please provide the medical expert that concluded the kids were coached and please share the evidence.

        Hearsay from a gal is not evidence.

        This follows the AFCC playbook. It’s just that Chris is a psychopath and the courts will remedy before people die. There are ample signs of abuse of every kind- predatory litigation abuse on top of his more heinous crimes.

        • The evidence is all there for everyone to read in the documents made public here at FR. The allegations were investigated by multiple doctors, psychologists, police, DCF….Those are facts presented in black and white, not hearsay.

          Chris is guilty of litigation abuse? Karen is the one who sued the governor of Connecticut over her divorce case! And multiple other people. Of course, the cases were all dismissed. Let’s get real here.

      • … In a People’s Court “Volksgerichtshof” trial in Vienna,
        an old, seriously-ill and frail woman was sentenced to four years in prison
        for possessing a note she wrote found in her wallet with the rhymed text:
        “Wir wollen einen Kaiser von Gottesgnaden und keinen Blutmörder aus Berchtesgaden” …

  • The CT Child Sex Trafficking system must be ended!

    Also, we need to END qualified immunity for judges. You sex traffic children, you go to jail. And we all know what happens to CHOMO’S in “the slammer”.

    • The truth about Ambrose exposes the CT ring. He was also in Hollywood, close to the Hollywood ring. I think Mel Gibson’s on exposing that one. He was also a lawyer for the DNC and personally worked for Bill and Hillary. And we all know what happens when you get too close to the Clinton ring.

  • It’s good that the biological mother stepped in. That must have made him feel so loved. Even though this is a hot mess, these children are being given many gifts. They are being taught they are worth fighting for. This will teach them to fight for others.
    I pray that these children get away from this very troubled man. Why that man wants to put himself through all of this is mind boggling.
    People have to respect that children are human beings, not objects. Doesn’t he see how gauche his desperation is? The children have only reuniired with the adopted mom for a brief time, how could she mind control them that quickly and if her alleged mind control makes them smile like they are in the photos then so be it! Don’t they deserve to be happy ?
    They do.
    If they end up throwing the adoptive mom in jail, the children will only hate that man even more. It’s just common sense.
    Any good mother would say their children are worth dying for. The more this man sacrifices their adopted mom, the more they see her as the one who truly loves them.

    He will burn down his own house to win his war. He doesn’t care who goes down with him. He has zero self respect, so why would he respect anyone else?

    He’ll never stop. It seems like he is rabid with hatred. He must be so miserable. I’d almost feel sorry for him, but with all the money he spent on legal fees, he could have used it to better himself and his children with therapy. He could be working on charities to help others.
    He can’t see past his own, snarled nose!

    Thank God these children will not get his DNA.

    • He has no empathy. The kids were thriving before this man took them in family court. It’s a playbook and he’s an attorney and his brother neel Ambrose is an attorney.

      Let the kids have a voice!!! They’ve said the same thing for four years!

      Let’s stop the nonsense of parental alienation, mental illness, brainwashing, witchcraft and mind control and deal with reality.

      Chris is incapable of parenting.

      Regardless of his deficits or what type of abuse, they are miserable and have left him and are refusing to return.

      That’s enough. They deserve to be happy. Why is the bar set so high for these kids to price anything? And why is the bar set so low for Chris Ambrose?

      Only as a result of being in his sole care have they:
      1. Been diagnosed with depression abd report they are depressed.
      2 Been diagnosed with self harming behaviors and state it as well

      3. Been found to have suicidal ideation and have self reported same.

      4. Admit to drug and alcohol dependency or usage to cope with being miserable and stressed in his care and subjected to his abuse.

      5. Have been significantly truant from school (two kids missing over 40 days in a school yeat) and failed academically.

      6. Isolated from family and close friends.

      These outcomes are known to the court. They are documented by medical professionals.

      Dcf or the courts need to end this nightmare.

      Ambrose is a psychopath. It’s easy to be deceived. Admit error and let them be with their mother.

    • Connecticut’s Judicial Branch employees, judges, attorneys and vendors poured the gasoline.

  • So it was an open adoption? The proof is there! Why would Chris Ambrose lie about that ? Did he not think anyone else had a copy of the paperwork? Frank, Why wasn’t this shown in court? This would’ve proved him to be a liar. I’m dumbfounded..

    • Judge O’Neill did not want any evidence introduced in his courtroom that would contradict his predetermined decision – that’s my opinion.

    • This is just a little bit of evidence that has not been allowed to be presented in court, you really would be dumbfounded if you knew all that has been denied.

    • He lies about everything. If the teens get their evidence out- and I believe FR will- it will demonstrate that Ambrose is one of the most spectacularly convincing liars ever.

      I believe court professionals are crooked but I also believe many were totally shnuckered by Ambrose. He’s up there with Ted Bundy.

      I believe this is the tip of the iceberg. No one knows what he was doing in his pedo world of Hollywood for 16 years. But we have confirmed he lives there for years at a time and maintains he stayed in hotels m-f but has no receipts. 🤥🤥🤥

  • It is unbelievable how the court is trying to force us back to Chris when I have reported sexual abuse for years. Chris claims that “we are being told things” but what we are saying is what we have experienced. The fact that he got a restraining order on my behalf without my consent/permission is crazy. We have voices and need to be heard.

    • You will be Sawyer! Keep writing. You have two moms and their whole families and a world of friends.

      Chris took all the money and he’s a great liar but the court will see he’s used them to abuse your mom and you and your siblings.

      Frank Parlato and many others are reporting about this tragedy. It will end. We believe you. Stay strong and safe and stay out of Connecticut. They’ll realize who your father is. They already know.

      It’s time for his arrest.

    • You are a brave young man Sawyer Elias! Thank you for being so strong and telling your truth no matter how many try to silence you.

      You are on this earth once. This is your life!

      Children and teens have constitutional rights! You matter! You are being heard.

      It seems Chris has manipulated the system for a while. Stay strong – people will have another look and realize what has occurred.

      Take care of you. Stand up. Don’t be intimidated. They threaten and intimidate. No one can touch you. You three all matter and are valued.

      You have all of us watching – three miracles!

  • This is the hardest thing I have ever had to try to understand. The feeling of helplessness, knowing I could do nothing to help my grandson, or my daughter who was going thru something she never thought she would. Nothing I could do for her either, knowing she was hurting and she also felt helpless. Chris Ambrose will burn in hell for what he has done to these children and Karen, not to mention what he has put my daughter thru. You will meet your maker one day, Chris and you won’t be able to pay Him off.

  • Very good. maybe the judge will see this proof and realize what a big mistake he made. Change is coming..

    • The open adoption form was presented to the judge. Ambrose denied it. Said there were other papers that showed otherwise. He’s a practiced liar and lying on the stand is his forte.

      He loves this. It’s all a game to him and he can demand his ex wife sit through 7 hours of court being belittled and degraded. On an uneven playing field where he’s an attorney and he has high powered attorneys (or a team of them when he had Chris goulden) and his ex wife has no one.

      It’s his glory. His pleasure. He thrives on it. Relishes in the pain of others. That’s why these teens have suffered so badly.

    • The judge onkt sees whats on calender and how her / his career will Advance ahead they literally do not care

  • I’m just going to stand here all wet. I killed my kids dog. I’m a pedophile with eyes for Latino boiz. I’m currently in route to the VFW to trim some lettuce. I’m a pasty snow angel. I’m just going to stand here all wet.

  • It’s is an amazing story.. it brought tears to my eyes! I hope the best for everyone involved and I hope that Chris will get to experience what it’s like to be sexually abused when he goes to prison! Wonderful article Frank.. keep up the good work!

  • I was with Tara in Utah for her delivery of Sawyer, I was actually the first person to see him besides the doctor, she gave him up because of the love she had for him, and she had no idea that she was giving him to a sick pedophiler, He seemed like a decent person, but that shows you how everything you see is not what you should believe.,

    I have known Tara for over 15 years and I’m going to tell you what Chris you better back the hell off Sawyer and his siblings because now you’re going to lose this battle, besides that God knows and you will pay ! I just want Tara to know that I am so proud of her for doing what she has done to help as much as she can. And if there’s anything I can do to help, I’ll be right there helping you God bless you, Sawyer and your siblings and Karin.!🙏🏼🥰

    • Yes she is!!! The only good that’s come out of Chris’s abuse is families unite and will raise these children together. ❤️❤️❤️
      Love wins. Truth wins. Mia, Matthew and Sawyer are miracles and we need to all rise up and support them.

  • Is the governor of the state complicit in the family court crimes?

    Besides speaking to nominate the worst judges for the state’s courts, does Governor Lamont ever speak about the corruption in family courts?

    Is Connecticut the creepiest state or is there a creepier state?

    • No he doesn’t I tried to contact him. He can not be bothered with such matters. He’s a part of the problem.

      • Too many “selfies” and too much narcissism — very little transparency in Connecticut government.

      • Wow. I can’t believe how messed up the court system is there. In SC sexual abuse would only have to be accused one time and the kids would of been removed. This is gonna effect those kids in everything they do and change them forever. Why are so many people trying to justify why one parent should of did this or that. Screw the parents. Just get the kids to a safe environment. What is wrong with some of you people?

    • Of course, we all agree he must be stopped legally. In CT, especially, speech is closely monitored, and the tie goes to anti-First Amendment forces.

      Frank Report does not condone violence, and if someone has committed a crime the remedy is the rule of law.

        • mi Ames Victor Garcia, soy el tio de Sawyer. Soy el hermano de Roberto. seremos parte de la vida de Sawyer, porque él es familia. nadie puede detener eso. Te digo esto para que no lo intentes.

          • Tara told us all about you! Sawyer has shown us photos! We can’t wait to meet you and your family and Roberto Garcia. Praying this ends soon. 👍🏽💪🏽❤️🙏

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