Ambrose’s Attorney Withdraws, as National Media Outlet Looks at Ambrose CT Custody Case

Attorney Chris Goulden withdrew from the Ambrose custody case,

Following the Frank Report stories, a significant media outlet is investigating the Ambrose v Riordan case. The first story has cleared the editorial department and is now with the legal department.

While I cannot name the outlet, I can narrow it down for readers. This particular media outlet is one of the top 10 in the USA.

The reporter interviewed Frank Parlato more than half a dozen times. She has also interviewed other individuals in the CT divorce and custody case of Ambrose v Riordan

“When the [media outlet] publishes the story, it will break wide open,” Parlato told me. “The crimes against these three teenagers and their mother are nothing short of a federal racketeering conspiracy.”

Many people involved in the case have already withdrawn.

Attorney Chris Goulden got out of the Ambrose case. Was it in the nick of time?

Most recently, Ambrose’s attorney, Chis Goulden, withdrew after a shocking court scene where Ambrose repeatedly tried to have Riordan arrested because her three teenage children ran away from him, they said, to escape his relentless abuse.

Dr. Bandy X Lee…

Dr. Bandy X. Lee has identified Ambrose as a psychopath who, she says, scores dangerously high at 32 on the Hare Psychopathy Checklist.

Did Goulden withdraw because he knows that Ambrose and possibly several other court-related individuals aligned with him who were/are involved in the case committed crimes?

Did Attorney Goulden ever witness evidence of fraud and conspiracy?

He was “a past President of the Milford Bar Association” who “served on the Statewide Grievance Committee for a period of six years” and who also “serves as a Special Master for the jurisdictions of Fairfield, Ansonia/Milford, and Middletown” and is also “an Attorney Trial Referee for the Bridgeport Superior Court” who “has presided over civil matters.”

Is Mr. Goulden in a dilemma under the threat of professional death to protect Mr. Adelman?

Or can Mr. Goulden safely report the blatant family court corruption to trustworthy state and federal law enforcement officials?

If Mr. Goulden makes a signed statement, can he freely mention the harm done to the Ambrose family since 2019 – under the federal crime-fraud exception to attorney-client privilege?

Goulden came late and did not witness most of the four years of hell that a list of CT Court players, led by Adelman, perpetrated on the children.

Chris Ambrose is a relentless litigator.

I do not wish to be sarcastic, but if Mr. Goulden needs help staying silent CT Attorney Norm Pattis can advise him how to officially keep all kinds of secrets for the next 40 years.

For example:

“A probate judge approved a settlement with the estate of Fotis Dulos Tuesday that would require his former criminal defense attorneys, Norm Pattis and Kevin Smith, to not discuss the case surrounding the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos for 40 years.”

Jennifer Dulos is a casualty of CT Family Court. She disappeared, and her husband, Fotis Dulos, suspected of killing her, committed suicide. 

It was a money case. Jennfer’s maternal aunt was Liz Claiborne, and they founded a fashion company.

Attorney Norm Pattis with his client Fotis Dulos….

Jennifer’s family lent husband Fotis millions, most of which he did not repay. But he paid his CT court players well. Some of them are the same players involved in the Ambrose case.

This is CT family court, and its players played for keeps because they were raking in millions. 

On the night Jennifer Fotis disappeared, Fotis was caught on surveillance cameras disposing of garbage bags soaked with a reddish-colored liquid. 

The items later tested positive as having Jennifer’s blood on them. But her body has not been found.

Fotis Dulos and Jennifer Dulos…

CT Family Court is a special place, and prying eyes from around the nation are upon it. 

Attorney Goulden was wise, ever so wise, to leave the Ambrose case. But when the day comes – as it likely must – will he tell law enforcement about the corrosive relationships between the players who robbed three teenage children of their happiness by the purely financial act of de-motherizing?

Karen Riordan…

Did he refuse to continue to be part of the crimes against the children?

If Ambrose is arrested for alleged crimes, the whole thing may bust wide open. Many heads may roll.

How much law enforcement involvement is now present and active is unclear. 

Ambrose failed to persuade a federal judge to put Parlato in prison, despite sending five letters to that judge.

His case concluded, Parlato can now speak with federal authorities and put the case against Ambrose together, much like he did against NXIVM and One Taste.

The Albany Times Union reported:

In June 2017, Parlato’s blog, The Frank Report, first publicly revealed Raniere’s secret master/slave group known as Dominus Obsequious Sororium, or DOS, in which women were blackmailed, deprived of sleep, starved on 500-calorie diets or less, given assignments to seduce Raniere and in many cases physically branded on their pelvic areas with a symbol revealed later to be Raniere’s initials.

The New York Times expanded on The Frank Report’s stories. In March 2018, Raniere was indicted. In 2019, he was convicted at trial of sex trafficking, forced labor conspiracy, wire fraud conspiracy and racketeering charges. He is serving 120 years in federal prison.

I was present at four of Mr. Parlato’s interviews with the reporter for the top 10 news outlet, and I observed that he emailed and texted her copious documents.

It is my experience, and Mr. Parlato has far more experience than me, as a former publicist, that a reporter only spends the time this reporter has spent on the Ambrose case if she is certain it will get approved for publication.

When it does, Ambrose will enjoy a new kind of fame. This case will make him horribly famous.

Whether others who have enjoyed profits from this case will enjoy similar fame is anybody’s guess. But my guess is that Mr. Goulden wisely escaped the kind of fame that people pay crisis PR managers like Juda Englemayer millions to avoid.  

Chris Ambrose fought for the arrest of the mother of his children, but failed so far….

On Monday, Ambrose will appear with his latest lawyer, Alexander Cuda, to try to persuade Judge Thomas O’Neill to remove the children from their happy home by issuing a restraining order against Riordan. In this way, Ambrose hopes to persuade Madison police to arrest his three teenage children, Mia (16), Matthew (16), and Sawyer (13), and have them forcibly taken to his home where they will be on home detention.

Mia Ambrose is 16.


Judge Eddie Rodriguez Jr. has recused himself from the case.

Judge Eddie Rodriguez denied the application. Ambrose went to Judge Gladys Neives. She refused his application to arrest Riordan. He went to Judge O’Neill.

This may be Ambrose’s last ditch effort. If he can get the newly appointed Judge O’Neill to force the mother away from the teenage children who are old enough to know and tell about his abuse, Ambrose may prevent the children from telling authorities about his sexual abuse of two of them.

Frank Report has photographs which we cannot publish that the children took of Ambrose that show the truth of his abuse. Yes, the kids knew that Ambrose is such a good liar that they needed independent proof to save them.

But people with psychopathic conditions never stop until someone stops them and unhappily for others, they oftentimes take others with them.  Thanks to Frank Report, it is not going to be the children.

Matthew Ambrose at age 16, determined he is not returning to the abuse he and his siblings suffered at their father’s hands for years. He wants to tell his story to law enforcement and the media.



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  • Goulden pulled that crap even in my case
    He knew what was being done behind the scenes, documented it, and then pulled out, not disclosing. All the facts left me hanging dry my children were being psychologically abused, and he did nothing about it, and he had all the clear-cut evidence
    another attorney worried about his paycheck more than doing the right thing that he took oath for
    He’s just worried he’d get red flagged by judges and his colleagues

    Weak weak

      • I don’t think it’s the paycheck or the lack of backbone.

        He used to lurk in the courthouse hallways, observing cases involving sexual abuse/assault disclosures … then somehow suddenly be guardian ad litem, serving to “reunite” perpetrators with their victims.

  • The Connecticut family court swamp — and their accomplices — are on the offense.

    It is a major offense.

    The intent is to hide what they did since 1984.

    There is no hiding what they did since 1984.

  • 615.00 05/31/2023 D REQUEST
    Clerk to remove efile ‘restriction’ notice per [538.01]

    • The events of yesterday in Connecticut “family court” were the same as they have been since 1984.

  • It’s unfortunate that the children in this and Dulos case had to be the losers because of incompetent and corrupt system! First and foremost, the family court system is rotten, and the players allow the corruption! Aren’t they parents? Shouldn’t they be protecting the children instead of splitting up the $$$ to familiar faces??? A new judge making a verdict different from a previous judge! this is going to be a disaster for the children and their mother! I only know that the best decision will not be a positive reflection on past judges’ decisions! I do not see new judge changing course!

    • Everything about the machinations of Connecticut family court cases are designed to be a big secret — far above the understanding of peasants, you see. Just pay them the money, then pay them some more, under penalty of law.

  • Ambrose is deceiving Oneill and trying to get second bite at the Apple. This was already heard and denied by Judge Rodriguez!

    • Judge O’niel is more than happy to be “deceived”. He’s deliberately colluding with abuse. Anyone with common sense can clearly see that Ambrose is a vicious abuser.

      • Will the brand-new judge O’Neill’s insults thrown at the mother in the Ambrose case go unnoticed?

        Real judges are supposed to be neutral triers of fact.

        Neutral observers who know who Dr. Richard Gardner was. We know the new judge’s insults throughout what should have been fair “Emergency TRO” hearings is the exact same tactic used in Gardner-style family court hearings since the 1980s.

        Dr. Gerard Adelman’s April 26, 2022 prescription says all court-ordered therapy with the mother is “to be more challenging than supportive in nature.” The new judge must have read Dr. Adelman’s prescription.

        Mr. O’Neill’s weird enthusiasm in his new role as judge, therapist and political fixer isn’t a good sign for children and families in that state. What just happened in the Ambrose case means those complicit in CT AFCC, Inc. federal crimes are doubling down.

        Add the new judge’s challenging insults to the mysterious removal of the prior judge. The prior judge has years of experience in complex family law cases. Where did she go? Should she go into hiding?

        Add to that the corporate lawyer hopping on the bench a few months ago, just in time to take the focus off of the CT AFCC Inc. federal crimes committed since 1984.

        The Ambrose case isn’t about CT AFCC, Inc. Director Gerard Adelman and CT AFCC, Inc. Treasurer Robert Horowitz steering lucrative Connecticut family court cases, anymore. It’s no longer about Mr. Moukawsher disbarring Attorney Cunha for noticing the corruption in Connecticut family courts. It won’t be about two Connecticut fathers, frustrated to the point of extremes after the Connecticut DOJ offices covered up the racketeering and extortion in Connecticut family courts destroying children and families since 1984.

        If what just happened in the Ambrose case is a war game designed behind closed doors to sink the ship of the mother and her three teenagers, that theater to save the reputations of all who were complicit in the public-private racketeering in Connecticut family courts since 1984 is yet another crime.

        Remember the “kids for cash” scandal a few years ago in Pennsylvania?

        The good guys at the DOJ investigated two Pennsylvania judges. The DOJ successfully prosecuted the “kids for cash” cases and jailed the Pennsylvania judges for the same kinds of crimes committed in Connecticut since 1984. That’s what’s at stake in the Ambrose case, now.

        If the good guys at the DOJ investigate, prosecute and jail everyone complicit in CT AFCC, Inc. federal crimes in Connecticut: about a hundred judges, lawyers, evaluators and state government employees will probably go to jail.

        If over the years, all the good guys were pushed out of Connecticut DOJ offices, grand juries can help.

        Happy, healthy carefree teenage years for those three Ambrose teens isn’t on Mr. O’Neill’s To Do List.

        Mr. Cuda’s grandstanding for two days in a court that’s supposed to be reserved to hear life-threatening TRO cases:

        Served himself and those complicit in CT AFCC Inc. federal crimes, not the three teenagers;

        Served as a distraction from the AFCC, Inc. Director Gerard Adelman and AFCC, Inc Treasurer Robert Horwitz involvement in the Ambrose case — and hundreds or thousands of cases before that;

        Served as a distraction from Mr. Moukawsher disbarring Attorney Cunha for exposing Mr. Adelman’s association with Mr. Horwitz in the Ambrose case — and hundreds or thousands of cases before that;

        Served to promote the use of terms such as “parental alienation” and “coercive control” to churn lucrative child custody cases for profit in small networks of family court professionals throughout the state; and,

        Served the profitable family court industry, those who assault children and the deadly cultural/political wave consuming the state of Connecticut and the entire nation.

        Look out, Connecticut. If you need an emergency restraining order, you’ll have to wait a few days. Mr. Rowland and Mr. Stafstrom picked a doozy and Mr. Cuda’s Purple Ribbon Public Service Award isn’t what you think it is.

  • Re: Judge O’Neill ... Mr. Cuda must disclose ALL conflicts of interest as Rep. Tom O’Dea did on April 21, 2023. says:

    From TheFamilyCourtCircus blog:

    “Alex Cuda: Racketeer
    March 20, 2022

    Time for now-famous Blog to call out the shot caller of the criminal enterprise known as Family Section of the Connecticut Bar Association, Alexander Cuda, a highly respected family law attorney, who publishes and speaks, provides leadership in the family law community, a top family lawyer in Connecticut. The Law Tribune anointed him ‘NEW LEADER”. He studied Latin at Cornell, Law at Tulane, has deviant interest in ‘sexuality and the law’, lives in Easton with his family who does not realize the evil darkness of his practice.

    Racketeering is organized crime where perps set up victims in coercive, extortionary schemes to repeatedly collect ill gotten profit. Racketeering is an organized criminal act where perps offer a service that will not be put into effect, offer a service to solve a nonexistent problem, or offer a service that solves a problem that would not exist without the racket.

    This is done in Connecticut family court involving lawyers of the ‘family section’ extorting payments from parents for the fraud of selling zealous advocacy in a fabricated custody fight for the sole purpose of extracting payments from the victims. The state will issue the ‘no-fault’ divorce for free, without involvement of members of ‘family section’, but Cuda’s RACKETEERING operation generates huge fees for members of the criminal enterprise.

    A crucial element of lawyer racketeering involves judges who entertain the fabricated and unnecessary disputes over children. The judges are paid to adjudicate claims not permitted by law to stoke expensive litigation. Judges, being regulators of the Bar, protect the illegal scheme, ignore statute, and take kickbacks for benefiting the racketeers under the direction of Alexander Cuda.

    The racket has protection of extended sovereign immunity of the individual GAL, conferred by high court judges, not by the people’s will. The model of operation and protection reflects the structure of [redacted] criminal gangs like Purple and Murder Incorporated.

    The evidence of the racketeering operation is evident in the lawyer/judge collusion to thwart state law requiring ‘active and consistent’ involvement of both parents in the lives of children. The common isolation orders expose the criminal element that defeats law to produce ill gotten gains for lawyers.

    Denying visitation is beyond jurisdiction of the family court, for the State does not bring a claim of child protection, yet judges like Coleman, Grossman, Adelman, Wetstone, Munro, Solomon, Ficeto, Schofield, Heller, Stewart, Truglia, Goodrow, Bozzuto, Olear, Prestley, Epstein routinely make orders denying hugs from mother. An inhumane, but criminally profitable defiance of law, as §46b-56(b) prohibits parent-child isolation.

    Settled case law from 1902 convicts today’s ‘family section’ and judges for racketeering given the legislature declared its will, in plain, direct, and unambiguous terms. There is no uncertainty, the intent and phraseology ‘active and consistent’ are clear and unmistakable. Nothing could appear more certainly from the law than the General Assembly prohibits discretionary orders of child isolation. The ‘family section’ and colluding judges hold no power to override the statute, except by criminal enterprise.

    Here is evidence of the ‘family section’ collusion to defeat the constitutional protections in their lobbying efforts to keep the racket protected:

    Immunity. The Family Law Section opposes legislation that would remove tort immunity from all counsel and from AMCs and GALs (Carrubba v. Moskowitz, 274 Conn. 533 [2005]) involved in civil and family matters.

    Supervised Visitation. The Family Law section opposes legislation which would limit the circumstances under which the court might order supervised visits between a parent and child, or limit the period during which supervised visits may be ordered, or limit the qualifications of providers, or otherwise limit the court’s absolute power.

    Immunity for Psychologists & Psychiatrists. The Family Law section supports legislation which would confer quasi-judicial immunity in tort litigation on licensed mental health professionals appointed by the court to perform forensic evaluations of the parties and/or their child(ren) in custody cases.

    Family Court evaluations. The Family Law section opposes legislation that would (1) allow each parent to select his/her own evaluator in a child custody case, (2) delay necessary medical care for a child, (3) remove the child’s guardian ad litem from the list of persons who may receive a copy of an evaluation report, and (4) permits copies of such a report to be provided directly to the parents without a requirement that the report be kept confidential by the parents.

    Custody. The Family Law section opposes any attempt to reduce or eliminate judicial discretion to enter orders regarding custody or parental access (visitation) or eliminate the “best interests of the child” standard.

    The evidence of criminal conduct lies in lawyer invoices, court orders, and the defeat of statute for the harm of children, serving to enrich family court actors. Let the Grand Jury hand down indictments.

    Editor’s Note: Attorney General Tong is part of the racket for allowing the judges to defeat statutes for personal gain. Tong is just a puppet on strings, pulled by child traffickers …”

  • Hang in there Karen, Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer! Thanks to the Frank Report’s efforts it’s about to blow up in that psychopaths face. Ambrose should be in jail for all the pain and suffering he’s caused your family. I hope you can sue the pants off of Connecticut family court.

  • I don’t understand why Chris Ambrose doesn’t just let them be. .( the children, And Karen) if he loved the children as much as he says, he would want them to be happy.. what is it you are trying to prove Chris? That you have money? That you can’t be defeated bc you have money? All of that is going to end. It already has. If you do “win” the children back, do you think they are going to stay with you? And what has Karen done that is so bad that her children shouldn’t be able to come around her? Nothing! Absolutely nothing. Just stop. All you are doing is making matters worse for yourself ( in the long run).. all of the horrible things that you have done are about to be exposed. What are you going to do then? Are you still going to cry and wine and file obnoxious motions that do not even make sense? It’s over! And to the lawyer that took this case after the other one finally realized that he was fighting a losing battle… what are you thinking? Have you not read any of these children’s stories? What kind of sick Individual are you? Are you a pedophile as well? It seems that could be the only explanation .. for someone to support sexual abuse, mental abuse and who knows what else.. you have to be a predator as well.. you are sick. Chris, you are going to get your punishment.. you will answer to someone in the end.. the adoption agency even knows about all of the sick, twisted and perverted things you have done. They are so disgusted. You are shit. You are nothing. You will see….

    • Someone with the psychopathy that, this person presents with do not love. To this person, the children are possessions, not people. He will do anything within his power to hurt both them and their mother Karen because he feels they wronged him. I really hope that they can get a restraining order in place because until this creep is in jail, he is a threat. I hope Frank and any other journalist can do the same. This guy has gone way past crazy and I’m afraid he will only get more dangerous and desperate as he sees the walls closing in on him.

    • Karen has done nothing? Hahahahhaha. You’ve been fooled, Tara. And you are participating in the abusive manipulation of your bio son. Sad.

      • Whoever you are, you’re a terrible person.

        What kind of person would write “… Hahahahhaha …” in any comment at a time such as this to that wonderful mother?

        Are you trying to provoke her to respond to your comment emotionally, 9:38 pm?

        Are you trying to trigger some kind of response so you can use that response in court, 9:38 pm?

        Why don’t you show your name, 9:38 pm as she has been so courageous to do?

        Why should she care what you think? Who are you? 🧐

        A lawyer?

  • If only a few criminals weren’t targeting ALL law enforcement to distract the public away from AFCC Inc. crimes ... says:

    … Connecticut lawmakers said Judicial Branch officials need to be questioned and held accountable after a damning new audit found there is a “high likelihood” hundreds of family court employees and vendors collectively falsified hundreds of thousands of family court records over much of the past four decades.

    Rep. Steven Stafstrom said the Legislature should hold public hearings and conduct its own investigation into the audit’s findings.

    “It’s shocking and downright disturbing,” said Stafstrom, D-Bridgeport and co-chairman of the judiciary committee. “It raises a whole host of questions about Judicial Branch officers, employees and vendors and frankly the command structure and the oversight.”

    Separately, Gov. Ned Lamont on Wednesday said an investigation was being launched.

    Senate President Pro Tempore Martin Looney called the findings “serious” and “very disturbing.” He said he was glad the governor promised an investigation into the matter.

    “An investigation is certainly in order,” said another legislator, who has helped lead the passage of family court accountability laws. “These are clearly serious findings of a significant amount of improper activity by a number of Judicial Branch employees, officers and vendors.” …

    • The FBI needs to get involved. Too blue if a state to trust any Connecticut agency from investigating another.

        • We really do need to lose the labels asap. The powers-that-be have divided to conquer for far too long — in “family courts”, too.

        • Alot, these Democrats up to the white house are using the fatherhood initiative welfare reform to pump billions into their states. Using gender bias laws statues and politics. The welfare reform act and fatherhood initiative is violating the civil rights of women. Is violating the federal laws surrounding the welfare reform act. Being ignored by the democrats in power. The democrats have allowed this fatherhood initiative to be used as a weapon against mothers in family court. They have violated the Constitution being faith based programs in to receive funding. They have abused the fatherhood initiative welfare reform act to fatten up pockets and lead the family courts into a criminal enterprise. Someone should check into it. Look at all the senitors and attorney general in Connecticut. The governor office. Ignoring the problem, funding every organization surrounding courts. Failing to address the state family court system for gender bias funding. Misuse the federal funding.

    • Martin Looney is part of the problem. The judiciary committee is part of the problem. The entire Connecticut government body is part of the problem. Karen’s case is terrible but not unique. The judiciary committee and government in Connecticut has been aware of the ongoing issues. There disturbed because their state is on blast. Please post a single individual in some type of authority that is willing to gather ligitimat complaints? Giving the perception of concern is doing nothing. Much of the same as 2014. All talk and no action.

      • Connecticut has a few good legislators and many nascent whistleblowers who far outnumber the few scoundrels who have maintained such sinister control of the politics in that state for the past several decades.

          • Scared to death to come forward. Fear of false arrest. False reporting charges. Blow the whistle and have the children taken in family court and CPS. Loss of life. The reasons are endless. Labeled and put on a list.

      • On the Senate Dems site: “Senator Looney has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Fair Haven Community Health Center and of Community Mediation, Inc. “ 👈

        Anyone know anything about “Community Mediation, Inc.”?

        • Check out the Connecticut divorce collaborative. There is another business and members who have formed partnership in the court house. Divorce mediation is not necessarily a bad thing. What is forming inside these practices maybe 🤔 leading to future business relationship maybe the bigger problem.

  • Is James Horwitz of Koskoff Koskoff & Bieder related to Robert Horwitz, Treasurer of Connecticut AFCC, Inc.?

    • “Curriculum Vitae ROBERT A. HORWITZ, Ph.D.
      March 6, 1947
      Hartford, CT, U.S.A. …

      Current Position (Full-Time, since 1983): 👈 🧐
      Clinical psychologist in independent practice, specializing in evaluation and psychotherapy for children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families; divorce and family mediation; custody/visitation evaluation; co-parenting counseling and parent coordination.

      Former Full-Time Position (1976-1982):
      Clinical Psychologist, Adolescent Crisis Unit for Treatment and Evaluation (ACUTE), Hospital of St. Raphael & Clifford Beers Guidance Clinic, New Haven; Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology, Yale University Child Study Center.

      Former Part-Time Positions:
      1978-88: Counseling instructor, Yale University Divinity School. 1984-89: Consultant, North Haven Community Services.
      1988-1997: Consultant, East Haven Counseling & Community Services. 1989-2005: Consultant, Branford Counseling Center.
      2001-2006: Consultant, Child & Family Mediation Program, Community Mediation, Inc., New Haven.

      •Ph.D. Yale University 1976. Clinical/Community/Developmental Psychology. (APA-Approved Internship, Dept. of Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine; child, adolescent, adult, & family therapy, Connecticut Mental Health Center, Yale Child Study Center, and Yale University Health Plan)
      •M.S. Yale University 1972. Clinical/Community/Developmental Psychology.
      •B.A. Yale College, 1968 (cum laude). Psychology major.
      •H.S. Dip., Kingswood School, West Hartford, CT, 1964 (summa cum laude)

      Licensure: Licensed psychologist (CT #000662), since 1978. 👈 Around the time of Dr. Richard Gardner’s launch.

      Expert Witness Qualification: Superior Court, Family Matters & Juvenile Matters
      Have testified in New Haven, Bridgeport, Stamford, and Middletown. 👈 For how long? Which years? 🧐

      Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) Training: Completed in 2012.
      Additional Post-Graduate Training: Basic & Advanced Divorce Mediation; Interdisciplinary Collaborative Divorce; Parenting Coordination.

      Professional Association Memberships:
      •American Psychological Association (Life Member);
      •Connecticut Psychological Association (Fellow; President, 1991-93; Board Member; Former Chair of Referral Service & Independent Practice Committees, Public Interest Directorate Coordinator, and Editor, Connecticut Psychologist; Current President, Connecticut Psychological Foundation, Inc.);
      •Connecticut Council for Non-Adversarial Divorce (Co-President, 2000-2001; Board Member; Professional Development & Legal Affairs Committees);
      •Academy of Professional Family Mediators (Board Member; Co-Chair, Training Committee)

      •Association of Family & Conciliation Courts (Treasurer, CT Chapter) 👈 For how long? Which years? 🧐

      •American Orthopsychiatric Association;
      •Association for Conflict Resolution;
      •British Psychological Society;
      •International Council of Psychologists;
      •International Family Therapy Association

      Research Activities: 👈 until 1987 ?
      •1971-71: “Reflective vs. Impulsive Problem-Solving in Third Grade Children (MS thesis).
      •1973-76: “An Investigation of Some of the Long-Term Psychological Effects of Open Classroom Teaching on Primary School Children in England” (Ph.D. dissertation).
      •1980: “Drug Abuse, Adolescent Crises, and Family Interaction.” Co-Principal Investigator / Project Director of proposed 3-year program approved, but not funded, by National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).
      •1980-82: “Shoreline Health Educational / Risk Reduction Project: Smoking and Alcohol Abuse Among Youth.” Project director of four-town project funded by National Centers for Disease Control and State of Connecticut Department of Health Services.
      •1984-87: “Branford Stress Management Research Program.” Evaluation coordinator for delinquency prevention project sponsored by State of Connecticut Juvenile Justice Commission.

      Selected Publications: 👈 until 1988 ?
      •”Psychological Effects of Open Classroom Teaching on Primary School Children: A Review of the Research.” Monograph of the North Dakota Study Group on Education. Grand Forks, ND: University of North Dakota Press, 1976. •”Family Therapy.” In Benjamin B. Wolman (Ed.), International Encyclopedia of Psychiatry, Psychology, Psychoanalysis, and Neurology. Progress Volume. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1988.”

      To file a complaint against an individual health care provider please use:

      A fillable, printable complaint form …
      The completed complaint form may be mailed to:

      Connecticut Department of Public Health
      Practitioner Investigations Unit, MS#12HSR
      P.O. Box 340308
      Hartford, CT 06134-0308
      Emailed to:

      Prior to submitting the completed form, please note the following: Connecticut General Statutes Section 20-13d requires that Complaints against physicians and physician assistants be notarized.

      You should receive a written acknowledgment letter, via the US Postal Service or via the email you provided on the complaint form, within two weeks of the Practitioner Investigations Unit receiving your complaint. If not, please contact the Practitioner Investigations Unit via email at–Investigations/PLIS/Reporting-a-Complaint

  • He who has the gold rules

    Which is how Chris Ambrose was able to rule over his ex and these teens, he had all the gold courtesy of a biased and corrupt judge, GAL and multiple attorneys

    Given Ambrose hasn’t worked since 2018, spent much of the marital estate torturing his ex wife and her kids, how can he afford to continue to fund his ongoing and unnecessary, abusive, vexatious litigation?

    • Ambrose has hired Alex Cuda head of family court who has powerful connections. Suddenly Judge Nieves with a wealth of knowledge in DV is off the case and judge oneill- with little to no experience in this area- is somehow hearing a ridiculous case for TRO.

      • No appearance for Mr. Cuda on the family court docket.

        Random Appearance for Mr. Cuda (with many conflicts of interest) on Friday trying to bring the same issues in front of Mr. ONeill Mr. Ambrose already tried in Judge Nieve’s courtroom.

        Oh, and:

        The case is also in Juvenile Court case where the teenagers have their own attorneys.

        Last year, Mr. Boyne labeled Mr. Cuda as one of the main problems with Connecticut family courts.

        And … Mr. Nusbaum is probably playing a round of golf with Mr. Cuda.

      • Alexander cuda is listed as having a wealth of interest on domestic violence. He’s a GAL. I have heard of some good things in a case. Is he trying to cover up the legal atrocities committed by attorneys in the state? It’s questionable, however even Chris Ambrose is entitled to counsel. Where is Karen’s?

  • It is unbelievable that Chris Ambrose would continue to pursue this. It’s unbelievable that the court system has been allowed to operate in this fashion.

      • Five years into a Connecticut family court nightmare, I still couldn’t believe it was happening.

        It’s too surreal to believe. Until you go through it, you can’t believe “family courts” can be so criminal. One of the most sinister things about it is when those destroying children and parents in family courts laugh at their victims.

        How many family court employees working in the courts witnessed judges, attorneys and evaluators etc. get their kicks while causing pain?

        How many family court employees saw the damage done and complained? How many quit without saying anything? How many Employees worked there for years, witnessed the destruction and keep working there anyway? This is for you:

  • Anyone know anything about Judge O’Neill.

    Curious how we suddenly have Atty Cuda appearing and then an entirely new judge.

    How’s oneills reputation?

    • “Thomas J. O’Neill, 57: O’Neill graduated from Stonehill College and obtained his Juris Doctor degree from Suffolk University Law School … a partner at Day Pitney LLP and a member of the firm’s Finance Probate and Commercial Litigation Business Unit and Pro Bono Committee.

      His practice focuses on a wide range of commercial and civil litigation matters in both state and federal courts, including landlord tenant disputes, foreclosures, lender liability, corporate ownership disputes, tort claims, and alleged unfair trade practices.

      Prior to this, he was a Victim Compensation Commissioner presiding over appeals from denials of applications for victim compensation”

    • “Day Pitney has the resources, skills and experience to protect our clients’ interests whenever they are confronted by a government or regulatory investigation, whether at the regional, national or international level. Our clients include Fortune 100 corporations, private companies, universities and individuals. In addition, we conduct prompt and conclusive internal investigations for our clients, and help them assess and strengthen their compliance programs and ethics plans to mitigate the risk of future problems.

      Vigorous Defense of Criminal and Regulatory Probes

      Members of our White Collar Defense and Investigations team include a former United States Attorney from Connecticut and former federal and state prosecutors from New York and New Jersey. That experience translates into valuable credibility with government authorities and regulators and real-world know-how that enables us to provide the practical guidance our clients need.

      Day Pitney has defended hundreds of corporate clients and individuals in complex grand jury investigations, many of which involved parallel regulatory investigations and civil lawsuits. Our experience in this area is deep and diverse. For example, we have represented individuals and companies in connection with high-profile federal and state criminal and regulatory investigations involving alleged violations of the securities laws, health care laws, tax code, antitrust laws, environmental laws, political corruption, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the False Claims Act (FCA), economic and trade sanctions, and the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), among others. Likewise, we have effectively defended broker-dealers, funds, companies and individuals in investigations and enforcement actions by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, the New York Stock Exchange, and state securities agencies and regulators.

      Prompt and Thorough Internal Investigations

      When companies confront the specter of alleged misconduct or possible criminal activity, they engage Day Pitney to launch timely and thorough internal investigations. We have conducted investigations in many substantive areas, including, among others, corporate governance, insider trading, money laundering, financial reporting, bribery, embezzlement, environmental and accounting issues. We understand the pressures and practical problems investigations present, and know how to assist senior management and boards of directors in making sound decisions.

      Prevention of Problems from the Start

      When an investigation or compliance assessment reveals weaknesses in oversight or compliance practices, we offer guidance on improvements, training and other preventative measures. Based on the needs of individual clients, we have recommended solutions to specific weaknesses as well as comprehensive compliance programs, covering an array of topics from OSHA and environmental matters, to national security, to FCPA and sanctions matters.

      Our experience in criminal and regulatory defense, combined with our strength in investigations and prevention, has resulted in our selection by the U.S. Department of Justice to serve as federal monitor of an international bank and our appointment to act as monitor of a large public healthcare company.

      While the breadth of our experience in defending criminal and regulatory actions, conducting investigations and preventing future problems is extensive, we also focus on …” Connecticut AFCC, Inc. victims? 🤔

  • These three teens are warriors. The financial compensations owed to them is astronomical. Who is providing assistance to them now to help them heal?

    So thankful to Frankreport for bringing this predator out in the open.

    • They are owed money bc mom skipped out on court? She didn’t show to the custody hearings and seemed to think she could instead bully and blackmail her way into getting custody by destroying her husband’s reputation with a relentless online terror campaign.

      • Surely you can’t be serious? This mother was made literally homeless and financially destitute intentionally by her ‘husband’ to the point she did not have gas money much less money to fight him in court. Hardly some sort of failure by the mother but glaringly a moral and ethical failure by the father. Shameful behavior.

        If the extensively documented FACTS of this case being reported by news outlets constitutes ‘an online terror’ campaign then perhaps the party perpetuating all of the terror (we’re all looking at you Chris) would cease bullying, terrorizing and abusing his wife and children.

        • Broke? What a joke. She had money to fly to Florida instead of buying gas to drive to court. She had money to drive to Buffalo. She wasn’t broke any more than Catherine Kassenoff who cried poor then bought a 900,000 home in cash. Riordan got money from sale of home plus fully liquidated her retirement account and had her husband paying her 3,000 a month rent and astronomical credit card bills. Your sympathy is misplaced on that liar.

          • Chris you know damn well that is not true. You stole the marital assets, stole her inheritance, and stopped paying spousal support -and as for you paying $3000 a month for the few months you did– that was out of her own money, you skunk.

        • What a benevolent and generous husband you were ‘paying’ her 3000 a month spousal/child support for a FEW months (out of her own money) So generous in fact that she would have qualified for FOOD STAMPS and considered below the federal poverty level


          But you’re right, it was real big of you as a husband and father to take millions in the marital estate and her dead parents money too and then throw her 3k a month at her a FEW times. (If memory serves from reading the court transcript she received something like a whopping 18k in total throughout the divorce as supposedly ‘support’) Your Judge buddy never made you produce an income statement (which NEVER happens in a divorce proceeding) which seems all too convenient for you (and him)

          So you have your soon to be ex wife and children living below the poverty level (and likely no choice but to take assistance for food stamps) and you drag her through family court for two years where you spent a million to give credence to your lies, cover your secret life and have court bad actors in your pocket and you feign a level playing field with her having a paltry poverty level 3000k a month ?

          Do you have any idea how fucking nonsensical and ridiculous you are? You are clearly delusional and I am truly shocked any reputable attorney would continue to advocate for you with yet another frivolous vexatious motion that is meant purely to try and inflect further harm and injustice to your ex wife and almost fully grown children. Shame on you and shame on your new attorney

          It sounds like you’d be better served spending your money on a criminal defense attorney rather than this new attorney lapdog of yours given the child abuse allegations against you (and I don’t doubt they’re documented as the children say that they are and have been independently verified by members of the press (not to mention I recall reading a report from Yale Hospital concerning child reported abuse in the court transcripts that sounds incredibly damning but was swept under the rug by the GAL on your payroll)

          Your divorce didn’t have to turn out this way, it could have been just another run of the mill divorces that happens every day where honorable men do the right thing by their families, split the assets, share custody and move on with their lives. Rather than torture your ex you could have set her free to meet a nice man and who knows, maybe you would have too.

          If you had half a brain you’d withdraw your pending nonsensical motion for restraining order. It would be the start of finally acting like a decent man and human being.

          • “Your Judge buddy never made you produce an income statement” Did Adelman not ask for financial affidavits?

          • Um, I’m not Chris. And as for the food stamps, have you ever heard of getting a job? On the other hand, there is also a thing called welfare fraud. I wouldn’t put it past her to hide assets. She is all about being sneaky and underhanded. Nothing that she does is above board. She lies in court nonstop and even destroyed subpoenad evidence. You clearly don’t know who you are supporting. Have a nice day.

  • I did not know about the 40 year gag order. That is to silence the crimes of family court! Nothing to do with the murder.

    Jennifer’s case was in the news but the paid-for-fake media failed to investigate the actors – the “experts”- hired guns of family court!

    The custody evaluation trashed Jennifer! Total playbook.

    This is frightening.

    And why has there been no Justice for Jennifer? Why has Michelle Troconis yet to stand trial? They’re burying the entire case.

    Katherine kassenoff is one of many dead bodies at the hands of family court.

  • The tide has turned. The mother somehow manage to outlast the inhumane treatment of the gal and court actors.

    Since FR and other outlets are following the case, the court appointed “experts” have scurried.

    Ambrose keeps paying new vultures to appear. Now he seeks the head of the family bar- hoping for those power connections like his first attorney – Nancy Aldrich and her senator son, Will Haskell had.

    Then again, after delivering three kids, life savings, all custody, all power, and leaving his wife penniless, childless and homeless, that wasn’t enough for Ambrose – so he stiffed her 60,000+

    Because when one is a psychopath as we’ve just learned, it will never be enough. Destruction of all happiness and vicious abuse is what Ambrose feeds upon.

  • If attorney O’Neill knows attorney Jim Horwitz, does Jim know Robert Horwitz (CT AFCC, Inc Treasurer) and the other guys in New Haven?

    • If Mr. Goulden’s brief appearance was to collect and bounce the ball of information for the set up,
      Mr. O’Neill now has the ball for the spike.

  • “Law firms accused of overbilling area family
    Michael P. Mayko
    Dec. 25, 2015

    BRIDGEPORT — Two of the state’s most prestigious law firms are being sued, accused of overbilling a Wilton client in a medical malpractice suit that resulted in the largest settlement in state history.

    Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder of Fairfield Avenue in Bridgeport, and Day Pitney, which has offices throughout the state including New Haven, Stamford and Greenwich, along with several of their attorneys are named as defendants in a lawsuit brought by a team of lawyers representing the D’Attilo family.

    The D’Attilos’ lawyers include former Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz, Joseph Pastore and Christopher Farrell of Pastore & Dailey in Glastonbury, and Howard Altschuler of Bethany, who specializes in legal malpractice cases.

    The suit, pending in Superior Court in New Haven, accuses the Koskoff firm of overbilling the D’Attilo family by more than $5 million, in violation of state law.

    The suit identifies five Koskoff lawyers as defendants and two lawyers employed by Day Pitney.

    “The case it totally without merit,” said Stanley A. Twardy Jr., the state’s former chief federal prosecutor and now a managing partner with Day Pitney.

    Previously, Cathy and Domenic D’Attilo filed a complaint with the Statewide Grievance Committee. That probe found no probable cause in the complaint against the Day Pitney lawyers and recommended no discipline of Koskoff or its lawyers.

    Nevertheless, Altschuler said Thursday that he’ll be seeking intervention from the state Supreme Court and if that fails, “the state Legislature” in the grievance actions.

    “The fee cap is clear,” said Bysiewicz. “If an attorney wants a larger fee, there needs to be a waiver in writing that the clients agree to and sign. Without a properly executed waiver, all attorneys must follow the formula in the law.”
    That formula limits the Koskoff firm to $2.6 million for the case, according to Bysiewicz.
    The state court suit seeks triple the amount of damages, as well as legal fees and court costs.

    The fees charged and paid all were strictly in accordance with the agreement with the client and the law at the time it was entered,” countered James Horwitz, a managing partner with Koskoff. “It was carefully explained to the family and, additionally, the family had the assistance and advice of independent counsel at the time.”
    Anthony Nuzzo Jr., a lawyer representing the Koskoff firm, claims in court papers that Koskoff’s 28 percent fees were negotiated “on the plaintiffs’ behalf by an independent attorney.
    A clause in the D’Attilos’ contract with Koskoff calls for binding arbitration to settle any dispute over fees and expenses.

    • The current lieutenant governor of Connecticut Susan Bysiewicz used to be the Secretary of the State.

      If she didn’t know already, she should know now:

      On July 6, 1984: the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services sent a notice to AFCC directing them to file an Application for Withdrawal with a statement that the AFCC had made arrangements to pay all unpaid taxes; and,

      On December 10,1984: the Connecticut Judicial Branch Manager and AFCC President Anthony Salius and Milne filed that Application of Withdrawal of Foreign Corporation for the AFCC with the CT Secretary of State office; and,

      From 1984 to 2012: AFCC members and associates conducted business with the Connecticut Judicial Branch, Judicial Branch employees and private contractors without having re-registered to do business with Connecticut Office of the Secretary of State; and,

      March 26, 2013 9:00 AM: Filed in the Secretary of State’s Office … CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF AFCC INC Certificate of Incorporation: Nonstock Corporation Filing #0004828917 … “THE NATURE OF THE ACTIVITIES TO BE CONDUCTED OR THE PURPOSES TO BE PROMOTED BY THE CORPORATION: The Connecticut Chapter of AFCC, Inc, (The Chapter”) is established to promote a collaborative approach to serving the needs of children among those who work in and with family law systems, encouraging education, research and innovation and identifying best practices. Its members include judges, lawyers, mediators, evaluators, mental health professionals, academics, researchers, court administrators, and public policy makers. …” Those incorporation documents filed with the Secretary of State’s office in 2013 show: Ms. Lynda Munro, Ms. Holly Abery-Wetstone, Mr. Gerard Adelman and state Judicial Branch managers Kulak, Giovannucci, and Phyllis Cummings-Texiera were official AFCC “board members”; and,

      March 27, 2013 to December 31, 2013 and after, the CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF AFCC INC, PO BOX 9135, NEW HAVEN, CT 06532 claimed their organization was a “Section 501(c)(3) exempt private foundation”; and,

      April 19, 2013: CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF AFCC INC was not yet registered as a nonprofit organization; and,

      April 19, 2013: The Connecticut Committee on Judicial Ethics, “… with one member recused, unanimously determined that service on the nonprofit organization’s board of directors would violate Rules 1.2, 1.3, 3.1 and 3.7(a)(6)(B).“; and,

      June 19, 2014: The DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY, P. O. BOX 2508, CINCINNATI, OH 45201 sent a letter to the CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF AFCC INC, 385 ORANGE ST, NEW HAVEN, CT 06511, Employer Identification Number: 46-2716503 stating, “Dear Applicant: We are pleased to inform you upon review of your application for tax exempt status we have determined that you are exempt from Federal income tax under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. …“; and,

      October 6, 2014: Lynda B. Munro “retired from the Connecticut Superior Court in fall 2014 after 20 years of service … joined Pullman & Comley, LLC as a member … Prior to her retirement from the bench in 2014, Judge Munro created a mentoring program for judges and led the continuing legal education program for the branch for eight years. In each case she heard, she focused on women’s issues and biases against both women litigants and lawyers in the courtroom setting.”; and,

      March 26, 2015: United States District Judge Jeffrey Alker Meyer states, “… allegations against state court employees are also barred by immunity. When court employees perform official duties integral to the judicial process, undertake actions pursuant to a judge’s direction, or implement judicial orders, they are entitled to quasi-judicial immunity of the same character as the immunity enjoyed by judges.”; and,

      November 3, 2015: U.S. Attorney Deirdre M. Daly announced “new supervisory appointments within the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the District of Connecticut. Assistant U.S. Attorney Liam Brennan ’07 of the FFPC (Financial Fraud and Public Corruption) Unit … (was) asked to lead the Connecticut Public Corruption Task Force, which investigates corrupt public officials, the misuse of public funds and related criminal activity.”

      Does the former or the current Connecticut Secretary of the State have the courage to ask out loud:

      “How did AFCC involvement in Connecticut family courts since 1984 affect the lives of those three great teenagers?”

      • Dr. Robert Horwitz was a Connecticut Chapter of AFCC Inc. Treasurer/Secretary.
        Judge Gerard Adelman was a Connecticut Chapter of AFCC Inc. Director.
        Dr. Bruce Freedman (family court evaluator) was a Connecticut Chapter of AFCC Inc. Treasurer.

        March 26, 2013 9:00 AM: CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF AFCC INC Certificate of Incorporation: Nonstock Corporation Filing #0004828917 … “THE NATURE OF THE ACTIVITIES TO BE CONDUCTED OR THE PURPOSES TO BE PROMOTED BY THE CORPORATION: The Connecticut Chapter of AFCC, Inc, (The Chapter”) is established to promote a collaborative approach to serving the needs of children among those who work in and with family law systems, encouraging education, research and innovation and identifying best practices. Its members include judges, lawyers, mediators, evaluators, mental health professionals, academics, researchers, court administrators, and public policy makers. …”

        March 2013: “Connecticut AFCC’s incorporation documents filed with the Secretary of State’s office on March 26 show that founding board members include Judge Munro, Judge Wetstone, Judge Gerard Adelman, as well as Judicial Branch managers Kulak, Giovannucci, and Phyllis Cummings-Texiera.”

        April 19, 2013: The Connecticut Chapter of AFCC, Inc. was not yet determined as tax exempt.

        April 19, 2013: The Connecticut Committee on Judicial Ethics discussed the status of The Connecticut Chapter of AFCC, Inc., anonymously. They refer to the group only as an anonymous “nonprofit”. “[W]ith one member recused, unanimously determined that service on the nonprofit organization’s board of directors would violate Rules 1.2, 1.3, 3.1 and 3.7(a)(6)(B).“

        June 19, 2014: The Department of the Treasury sent a letter to the Connecticut Chapter of AFCC, Inc., Employer Identification Number: 46-2716503 stating, “Dear Applicant : We are pleased to inform you upon review of your application for tax exempt status we have determined that you are exempt from Federal income tax under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. …“

        Many individuals who organized and orchestrated Connecticut AFCC Inc. activities knew Connecticut parents were investigating AFCC network activities in the state’s family courts.

        After decades of not having registered to conduct AFCC business and AFCC-associated business in the state, prepared to register with the Secretary of State’s Office in 2013.

        Were rules and/or laws concerning Connecticut nonstock corporations changed / repealed in 2012 to somehow positively affect the future legal status of The Connecticut Chapter of AFCC, Inc. in 2013? They were conducting business in the state, but hadn’t registered as a business in the state since 1984.

        “ … 2012 Connecticut General Statutes
        Title 33 – Corporations
        Chapter 600 – Nonstock Corporations (Repealed) …”

        Again, on April 19, 2013, The Connecticut Committee on Judicial Ethics “determined that service on the nonprofit organization’s board of directors would violate Rules 1.2, 1.3, 3.1 and 3.7(a)(6)(B).“

        The New Haven DOJ “Public Corruption Task Force” investigated something somewhere around 2014-2015.
        The Connecticut Chapter of AFCC, Inc. was dissolved for some reason in 2015.

        Why has no state or federal office told the public what happened?

        Who allowed Director Gerard Adelman, Treasurer Bruce Freedman and Treasurer/Secretary Robert Horwitz to conduct their businesses in the state the same way they have conducted their businesses for decades — with and without registering with the Secretary of State’s office?

        Who allows those same individuals to continue to destroy families in “family courts”?
        Who allowed them to conduct business 1984 – 2013?
        Why did they register in 2013?
        Why did they dissolve their corporation in 2015?

        Why have they been above the law? Why are they still above the law?

      • Former Secretary of the State and current Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz …
        sued Attorney James Horwitz of Koskoff Koskoff & Beider in a lawsuit involving …
        former brand-new-family-court-judge Thomas O‘Neill’s former law firm which might know as much as …
        Mr. Moukawsher and Mr. Stafstrom know about how the state can tie cases into knots.

        How often do legislators suspend the rules for nominations?

        If Rules were Suspended on May 3, 2023 for Mr. O’Neill, why were those rules suspended?

        General Assembly
        Senate Joint
        Resolution No. 64
        January Session, 2023
        LCO No. 6970
        Referred to Committee on Judiciary
        Introduced by:
        SEN. WINFIELD, 10th Dist.
        REP. STAFSTROM, 129th Dist.

        “… May 03, 2023 | House
        Rules Suspended, Transmitted to the House
        Rules Suspended
        Adopted, House
        On Consent Calendar
        In Concurrence …”

      • She would be opening up a can of worms. skeletons falling out of the state of Connecticut closet. Some one out side of the state needs to start Snooping around in Connecticut affairs beyond the state police.

      • Since 1984 In Connecticut, Health and Human Services funded AFCC members and associates to conduct business AND human experiments in family courts *without* the consent of the victims.

        For example, family courts introduced Richard Gardner’s “Threat Therapy” In the 1980s.

        Richard Gardner’s twisted experiments are derived from Alfred Kinsey’s twisted theories — which were based in part on data gathered in Nazi experiments.

        More recently, the term “coercive control” is now used in “family courts” in the same kind of profitable experiments. The term “coercive control” is now used in the same way the term “parental alienation” has been used since the 1980s: to conduct more experiments, to instigate more conflict, to churn more cases and to make more money.

        • The Ditunnos need to be shut down. One running the fatherhood initiative out of Uconn health and human services. The other one running family services and violent offender program. A giant game of curruption and funding.

          • What documents point to the need to “shut down” what activities? One Mr. DiTunno has a long history in family courts — including work with Stephen Grant and AFCC Inc. networks that churn cases for profit.

            We’re going to need FOIA requests to sort it all out.

            The mainstream news outlets aren’t investigating. State and federal offices aren’t investigating. We the people are going to need to start investigating and advocating as relentlessly as we did starting around 2010 — up until around 2015.

  • Adelman and Goulden better pray they have no connecting tissue between them and Ambrose if he did in fact sexually abuse the kids. Pedophile rings overlap into the Family Court system. The truth will prevail. The truth is always fair.

  • Are the hidden powers-that-be in the state of Connecticut lawyering up ... with a new judge? 🧐 says:

    Judge Nieves is a Superior Court Judge for Family Matters.

    She works in that courthouse:

    She is the perfect judge to hear that case.

    “Prior to her nomination, Nieves was a Family Support Magistrate in the state Judicial Branch for seven years. Prior to that, she served as a sole proprietor where she represented children and parents involved in neglect and child abuse proceedings and termination of parental rights.

    Nieves’ parents came from Puerto Rico to Meriden in the 1950s. She was born and raised in the city and graduates from Platt High School in 1990.

    Nieves received her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Yale University. It was not until two years after graduation that she decided to go into law after working in the New York County District Attorney’s office as a paralegal in the special victims unit.

    “I wasn’t convinced I was going to be a lawyer. I was lucky enough to get that job and fell in love with the law,” she said.

    Nieves attended NYU Law school because it had a strong public interest program.

    “I was drawn to being a resource for families who needed help. Either solving a case or just being a resource for what legal options they had to try and better themselves, it was a way I could work with people,” she said.

    Nieves came back to Connecticut from New York in 2004 to be closer to her family and began to work as a senior staff attorney.

    Nieves said her inspiration came from seeing her parents and everything they did for her. This made her want to help other families.

    As part of Nieves wanting to inspire youth, she wants children to know everyone has a gift. She wants people to pursue their passions and make sure to nurture their gifts.

    “I want the youth to understand that it’s OK if you don’t know what it is that you want to do. What I think is important is that you always try. Reach out to teachers and resources in the community so they can help you,” she said.

    Brother Julian Nieves, a physician at University of Connecticut School of Medicine, said the family is very proud of her.

    “It seemed like a perfect fit. Connecticut really wins here,” he said.“

    She is the perfect judge for that family and she is the perfect judge for that case.

    What happened?

    Here’s a hint:

    “… most recently a partner at Day Pitney LLP, was a litigator and trial attorney resident in the firm’s Stamford, Connecticut office. O’Neill represented clients in 🗂complex litigation, including 🚨claims for fraud, commercial lease disputes, 🚨corporate dissolutions, claims for 🚨breaches of fiduciary duties, and violations of the 🚨Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act (CUTPA). He earned his B.A. from Stonehill College and his J.D. from Suffolk University Law School. O’Neill is admitted to practice in Connecticut and Massachusetts, as well as the U.S. District Courts in Connecticut, Eastern District of New York, Southern District of New York and Massachusetts …”

    More about how a former Day Pitney attorney can help🧑🏼‍⚖️🧑‍⚖️👨🏼‍⚖️💂🏻‍♂️🤴🤵🏻🎅🏼:

  • Things are looking up!!! Thanks to your relentless efforts on this case. Thank you Frank, you the man!!!

  • Wonder if the creep attorney actually served Ambrose and the creepy huge held a hearing. That is how an attorney must withdraw in Corrupticut.

  • Judge Thomas O’Neil?

    Did anyone at the courthouse explain why Judge Gladys Neives isn’t hearing the case?

    • No. I learned it was held in the same courtroom where Nieves presides but Judge ONeill sat at the bench.

      • Help Wanted ASAP: Family Court Whistleblowers 🕵️‍♂️ 🕵🏽‍♂️🕵🏻‍♀️🕵🏼‍♂️🕵🏿‍♀️🕵️‍♂️🕵🏼‍♀️ 🕵🏽‍♀️ 🕵️‍♀️ says:

        Does anyone know if someone somewhere displaced Judge Nieves to arrange for Mr. O’Neill to preside over that case from now on?

        1. Judge Nieves has FAR more experience in these kinds of cases.
        2. His expertise is in defending businesses such as “Connecticut Chapter of AFCC, Inc.” 🧐

        “Day Pitney’s Corporate, Litigation, and Trusts and Estates attorneys represent a variety of clients from individuals to Fortune 100 companies. The breadth and scope of our services to individual clients and families are among the most comprehensive in the country.

        The firm’s experience is extensive, including work in eight core industries:
        Energy and Utilities
        Financial Services
        Healthcare and Life Sciences
        Insurance and Reinsurance
        Intellectual Property and Technology
        Manufacturing and Transportation
        Real Estate and Environmental
        Tax Exempt Organizations and Charitable Giving”

        • Someone somewhere allowed Family Law Superstar Guy Mr. Cuda to present the same petitions to Judge O’Neill that Mr. Goulden brought to Judge Nieves in the “Family Court” while the teenagers are ONLY represented by competent legal counsel in the Juvenile Court case.

          You see in Connecticut law, teenagers have the right to zealous advocacy, but ONLY at certain times, in certain places, in certain ways for certain reasons. That’s probably why they call Connecticut “The Constitution State”. 🤡

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