Confidentiality Clash: CT Attorney Edward Nusbaum Suspected of Sharing Sensitive Info in Ambrose Custody Case

Connecticut Attorney Ed Nusbaum
Connecticut Attorney Ed Nusbaum

By Richard Luthmann

Chris Ambrose has a history of litigious behavior. He appears to be trying to use CT’s Jennifer’s Law as a sword to decimate his ex-wife, Karen Riordan, and send her to jail.

He has employed local attorneys who seem bent on using the CT family court proceeding to their advantage, potentially violating ethical rules and the sanctity of the attorney-client privilege.  

It warrants an investigation into federal racketeering conspiracy, a crime that growingly appears to be at the heart of high-conflict family court divorce and custody battles in CT. 

Chris Ambrose is fighting for the arrest of the mother of his children.

The father, Ambrose, is a suspended attorney and a disgraced Hollywood screen writer who lost his career over allegations of plagiarism. 

A noted psychiatrist identified him as likely psychopathic, and there are allegations of molestation by his adopted children, including some revealed in communications from CT Department of Children and Families. 

Ambrose brought in the big guns at a recent Jennifer’s Law petition hearing. His newly-hired attorney Alexander J. Cuda of Westport, Connecticut, approached the Family Court Bench with documents from a sealed attorney misconduct hearing.  

Attorney Alexander Cuda

Ambrose accused his ex-wife of “abusing” their three children by forcing them to make false claims against him.

His attorney Cuda presented sealed documents from an attorney misconduct hearing to the court.

Cuda said the records in the sealed document showed a pattern of abuse by the mother, Karen Riordan.

Riordan wasn’t a party to the confidential attorney grievance proceedings. She is not an attorney, and the Grievance Committee never asked her to reply.

The matter concerned her former attorney and relates to a time when three frightened children escaped from their father, Ambrose, after DCF put a 96 hour hold on Ambrose being with his children based on the children’s allegations of abuse.

Ambrose had custody of his children.

But that is not the point.

The point is where did Cuda get the documents related to Riodan’s attorney that supposedly reflected badly on her?

Judge Thomas J. O’Neill asked Cuda the question.

Where did he get the documents?

Cuda said from attorney Edward Nusbaum.  

Westport, Connecticut attorney Edward Nusbaum was the mother’s former attorney. He and Riordan are in a fee dispute over $64,000 Nusbaum holds in his attorney’s escrow account.  

Cuda told Judge O’Neill that Nusbaum gave him and his client Ambrose documents intended to harm Riordan, the mother of Ambrose’s three children and Nusbaum’s former client. 

If Cuda told the truth, Nusbaum may have violated the Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys Rule 1.6 – Client Confidentiality.  

CT Superior Court Judge Thomas O’Neill may have accepted improper evidence at a recent hearing, where the plaintiff sought to bar a mother from seeing her teenage children…..

If the documents presented to Judge O’Neill, offered by Cuda, originated from Nusbaum, then they were acquired based on protected information and confidences from an attorney-client relationship with Riordan.

Nusbaum may have committed a severe breach. 

The entire court record becomes suspect. Nusbaum, and maybe Cuda, could be punished. 

Judge O’Neill, a newcomer to the bench, may be excused because of lack of legal knowledge and reliance on Cuda’s superior knowledge.

Cuda’s important role in the CT bar association could be important to Judge O’Neill’s future assignments.

Still, they might have gone too far.

The sanctity of the attorney-client privilege is pivotal in allowing individuals to provide candid facts and receive frank counseling about a legal issue.

Even in CT, this is a highly valued rule.

The exception to the general rule of attorney confidence is that information can be used defensively by attorneys against claims of wrongdoing or in fee arbitration proceedings to establish their good-faith billing.  

Under no circumstances can confidences imparted in good faith and with legitimate purpose be used offensively to hurt the former client.  

By giving sensitive information to a former client’s ex-husband and his attorney based on the information and knowledge imparted in confidence by the former client to gain a litigation advantage in a pending fee dispute, Attorney Nusbaum has crossed the Rubicon of his profession. 

Disbarment is not out of the question.

The bar association must also scrutinize the conduct of attorney Cuda, but here Cuda will have a strong chance at avoiding sanctions.

Cuda has been a leader in the CT bar association and until recently he headed the CT Bar Association Family Law Section. 

Nusbaum apparently provided Cuda with non-public information against his client in violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct. 

Attorney Cuda chose to use it in court.  

 Ambrose’s last lawyer, Milford, Connecticut attorney Christopher T. Goulden, recently resigned from the case. 

In this case, three teenagers, Matthew, 16, Mia, 16 and Sawyer, 13, claim they are the prolonged objects of their father’s abuse. 

Ambrose claims the children are lying, being coercively controlled by their mother to make the claims.

Ambrose successfully blocked the children from seeing their mother for three years.

They recently fled from his home and lived with her.

That ended today.

Ambrose wants the mother arrested for custodial interference and sought from Judge O’Neill a restraining order preventing the mother from coming within 100 yards of her teenage children.

Before making his decision, Judge O’Neill ruled he would not allow the teenage children of Ambrose and Riordan to testify.

He would rely on the word of their father.

FR will report the results of the most recent hearing – which ended with disastrous results to the children. 

But before we do, let us take a moment to consider: 

Riordan’s former attorney released confidential documents to submarine his client.

Frank Report previously published articles claiming evidence exists that Nusbaum worked covertly against Riordan when he represented her, while billing her almost $100,000 for what appears to be a falsified work product.

New evidence revealed yesterday shows Nusbaum not only worked against Rirodan’s interest when he represented her, but is still doing so now.

A full investigation is warranted.


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Richard Luthmann


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  • Is Alex Cuda’s appearance not listed in the family case on the Judicial Branch page to try to hide the many obvious conflicts of interest?

  • “Chris Ambrose has a history of litigious behavior.”

    Karen is worse. She actually sued the governor of Connecticut and about five other people because she didn’t like a temporary order she received in her divorce case.

    • Chris Ambrose has a history of litigious behavior … and posting comments anonymously .. and disparaging Karen and her children … and, twisting narratives to try to convince the public that Karen is “crazy” for doing everything she can to protect her children from the for-profit perverted criminal networks in Connecticut family courts.

      The danger those children were in would NOT have been temporary.

      Thank goodness they’re safe. May they unlearn every bad habit they were taught for the past three years so they can live their happy healthy normal lives again as soon as possible.

  • Question.. to Frank Or Richard or Whoever.. all of this evidence that you have.. and you keep saying is about to come out. , and it’s just a matter of time.. . its about to come out.. its about to come out… why haven’t you released it yet? If the court won’t accept it.. release it elsewhere! Social Media.. News Reporters..Newspapers.. anyone??? And another there a law that prohibits you from releasing such evidence anywhere other than in a judge’s presence in court? Social media is everywhere.. and the more people who know about this situation and see the evidence , the better!! I think that you are doing an outstanding job of trying to help the children and bring justice to this horrible situation, but maybe if it ( the evidence) was put on any social media website or brought to the attention of more people, the right person might see it and run with it ..

  • Richard “The Disbarred Damager” Luthmann is back!

    Ed “Cialis Phallus” Nusbaum is a dirtbag. Most CT attorneys are pedos or pedo enablers.

  • I don’t understand why the kids can’t emancipate themselves, especially if they all have attorneys?

  • Chris is the psychopath. Just let the kids live with their mother. Why the courts continue to protect this monster is beyond me.

    • That family court case just morphed into a massive cover-up.

      Look up the history of a company called “AFCC, Inc.” in Connecticut family courts. It’s a public-private network of professionals who were allowed to monopolize these worst kinds of cases for profit since 1984. They registered in the state then withdrew the registration, and continued the same activities unregistered in the state to promote sexual perversions, sexual abuse and the breakdown of the family unit. They promoted “Dr.” Richard Gardner’s theories and philosophy to push a specific political and cultural agenda.

      Anyone thinking Connecticut family courts couldn’t possibly be hit with political/cultural influences should consider the Connecticut Governor’s cover up of the allegations of discrimination against conservatives in Greenwich public schools. The political and cultural agenda in public schools is the same political and cultural agenda pushed in “family courts”.

      The difference is, parents can protest the forced indoctrination at school board meetings. Parents who protest the forced indoctrination in family courts are immediately punished in a court of law. Attorneys who protest are disbarred.

      Parents who object to perversions and abuse are ordered into “therapy” to change their beliefs.

      Those who control the courts and the people of Connecticut knew what George Orwell knew:

      “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.“

      “A society becomes totalitarian when its structure becomes flagrantly artificial: that is, when its ruling class has lost its function but succeeds in clinging to power by force or fraud.”

      “Real power is achieved when the ruling class controls the material essentials of life, granting and withholding them from the masses as if they were privileges.” — and, mandatory “Central Bank Digital Currency” is next.

  • How incredibly sad. Can’t imagine what hell awaits these teens at their fathers house. Did not see this coming but should have guessed the corrupt good ol boys club would strike again and get one over on a green judge. 🤦‍♂️

    This is just beyond the worst and is truly mind blowing. I thought there was going to be a happy ending to this story after all this time. Oh well, in 2 years two of the teens will be adults. The other teen has five more years to serve in his adopted fathers prison.

    All of it beyond the pale. Way beyond.

    Will pray for the mom and teens tonight.

    Do we need to rally a go fund me for the mom and kids to level the playing field in the crooked courts?

    • They need help. Karen has been hunted and targeted by Chris for four years. The kids need financial support.

      They are not with their father. They will never go back to him.

      It’s not about father v mother. It’s kids v abuser and they want to be safe and loved.

      They have told everyone they will never go back. It’s a death sentence to go back there.

      • Death sentence? Get real. Karen has clearly coached and coerced these poor kids to lie. She is the abuser here. It’s obvious the daughter got a car, went to see her mom despite no contact order. Ok. Understandable. But Instead of Karen spending quality time with her daughter, she used it to hatch a plan and use the girl as a soldier in her battle to destroy her ex. Which is exactly why there is a no-contact order. It’s so sad and horrifically damaging to those poor children.

        • Much talk about what Karen did. Where is the proof? Hearsay is running the courts. The girls ran away from the father to the mother. She didn’t just drop in for a visit. She ran away.

          • Before “running away” she visited. someone was writing here about how awful it is that the poor girl has to sneak to see her mother. The kids were also all coached to file these complaints with the juvenile court.. what child knows how to do that? Karen has coerced them into trying her abysmal silver bullet method yet again. It looks like there was evidence that’s what she was doing, which is why there is now a no contact order.

            If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing but expecting a different result, Karen is clearly insane. And she has forced those kids into the middle in a very cruel and sadistic way.

            This is all so unnecessary and harmful to those children. Karen doesn’t care. It’s all about her. Karen wouldn’t even let the children speak to the police alone. She insisted on having them stand inside in front of her window to talk (police outside) while she filmed them. That sounds like classic abusive controlling behavior to me. Talk about keeping kids caged! You all would be calling for death to Chris if he did that. The hypocrisy here is astounding.

          • Why do you think the teens can’t think for themselves? Why doesn’t Chris back off and let his teens be with the woman who raised them?

      • Really? Everyone is filming dad’s mom’s everyone. That can be taken out off the table. There all being advised to do so. Nobody trusts the people surrounding the court. We have outside mental health professionals saying that the abuse reported is credible. Couching reporting actual abuse. Did she couch them to say those things? They clearly don’t want to live with Chris. Something is the matter.

  • Is Karen still in Jail? Is there someone that can help her. An Appeal needs to be filed and a motion for articulation. If custodial interference per the statutes was in fact true then the father would have called the police and the police would have arrested based on discussions with the children. She NEEDS help now. Appeal needs to be filed ASAP. She needs to get out of jail now.

    • Tried to look her up in New Haven County Jail and the search returns no records for her? If she is in fact in jail, I would help to get her out in a heartbeat

    • She’s not in jail. Chris has been trying to get her in jail for 4 years. She explained this is in court. Twice they’ve tried to get her for custodial interference and there was no case. The prosecutors refused.

      The family court bullshit that out this into effect had ZERO evidence. It was the abuser saying his kids were brainwashed by the evil mother and none of their allegations were true!

      So now they’ll likely dismiss the kids complaints in juvenile court and use this bullshit order from family court to silence the kids and toss out their complaints.

  • Frank I think you should disclose what was presented? Is Karen in jail and where are the kids? What custodial interference?

  • So I was right all along. Riordan was using the unethical and abusive silver bullet method to get custody. and it blew up in her face. If only she valued the truth, she’d probably have at least 50/50 custody today.

    “Never try to destroy someone else’s life with a lie when yours can be destroyed with the truth.”

    • I am not sure you got it right. But Chris Ambrose did win in court today and the three kids lost.

      • Don’t give up hope. I raised three children. I only have a relationship with my biological child. I got custody despite my former spouses bad mouthing me and claiming alienation. I love my step children but we have no relationship. I caught one driving by my house today. Not the first time. I am not filled with false hope. I know I did the right thing. So do they even if we never speak again. These children will come back to Karen. At 18 they will run as fast as they can. This is heartbreaking so sorry. I’m not sure what happened but I’m worried for the kids.

        • It’s not over. Plenty of motions and news reporting to come.

          They’ve set a precedent in this bogus restraining order that will forever allow the abuser to silence and persecute the children and mother.

          PA 21-78 is to give victims a voice. Here Ambrose overrides that. Kids not permitted to testify as victims.

          It’ll get over turned.

          • “… Sec. 6. Subsection (e) of section 46b-38c of the general statutes is repealed and the following is substituted in lieu thereof (Effective October 1, 2021) …

            … (2) Each person who receives an order of the court in accordance with this subsection shall be given a notice that contains the following language: “If a protective order has been issued on your behalf or on behalf of your child, you may elect to give testimony or appear in a family court proceeding remotely, pursuant to section 46b-15c. Please notify the court in writing at least two days in advance of a proceeding if you choose to give testimony or appear remotely, and your physical presence in the courthouse will not be required in order to participate in the court proceeding.”..


    • Nice try Chris. You psychopathic liar. You and your could paid for buddies are the only place your stories are upheld. How’s the plagiarism going? 🤣

      Getting old and pudgy there pal.

    • This makes me sick. I have little faith in the system to fix this. This was supposed to be the fix. My level of disgust cannot be described. So what’s the next step? An emergency injunction? These poor kids! ♥️

        • “A temporary injunction is a preliminary order of the court, granted at the outset or during the pendency of an action, forbidding the performance of the threatened acts described in the original complaint until the rights of the parties respecting them shall have been finally determined by the court.” Deming v. Bradstreet, 85 Conn. 650, 659, 84 A. 116 (1912).

          “The primary purpose of a temporary injunction is to maintain the status quo until the rights of the various parties can be sorted out, after a full hearing on the merits.” Danso v. University of Connecticut, 50 Conn. Supp. 256, 261, 919 A.2d 110 (2007).

          “No temporary injunction may be granted without notice to the adverse party unless it clearly appears from the specific facts shown by affidavit or by verified complaint that irreparable loss or damage will result to the plaintiff before the matter can be heard on notice. It shall be sufficient, on such application for a temporary injunction, to present to the court or judge the original complaint containing the demand for an injunction, duly verified, without further complaint, application or motion in writing.” Conn. Gen. Stat. § 52-473(b) (2021).

          “…Before a permanent injunction may be issued, it must be decided upon facts proved at trial.” Gerdis v. Bloethe, 39 Conn. Supp. 53, 55, 467 A.2d 689 (1983).

          • Awesome. Thanks. Apparently I am making up legal jargon. But this situation is an emergency for the kids. Read the latest updates from Frank.

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