Riordan Not Alone –Nusbaum Has Been Sued By Clients for Malpractice for Decades

Some people might think CT Attorney Edward Nusbaum’s overbilling and malpractice lawsuit with Karen Riordan is unique in the career of the high-charging attorney.

Nusbaum billed Riordan $98,630.19 over four months in a divorce matter with zero legal accomplishment, zero court appearances, and an apparent host of fictional phone calls and phony emails.

MK10ART – Ed Nusbaum

In an angry call to FR, he vowed to defeat Riordan, his former client, because he won every case against every client he sued or who sued him – thanks to his special retainer agreements.

His retainer disallows jury trials if there is a fee dispute. His newer retainers require rules-free arbitration with one of his fellow family law attorneys with offices in Fairfield, CT, to act as judge and jury.

His retainer also includes a provision that there can be no discovery. This dodgy agreement allows Nusbaum, if he so desires, to purloin, plunder and pilfer fees by phony billings, claiming work he never does through a billing fraud scheme. No one could be the wiser – since discovery is not allowed.

The Crafty Barrister of Graft has not lost a case when his client sues him, he says.  But on the other hand, FR could find no record of a case the Peculating Pilferer ever won for any of his clients.

The old “Shark of Fairfield” can boast he defeats his clients both ways. First, he loses for them in court while charging them outrageous and likely fraudulent fees. Then, when they sue him for overbilling, he defeats them again thanks to his special retainer agreements.

As I said, Riordan was not the only case.

The Sultan of Swindle has been doing his mis-representing of clients for decades.

Consider Christopher Homonnay, who was getting a divorce.

Before Nusbaum was done, the Rapine Rascal billed Homannay $397,831.28 – for disastrous results – and possibly because he did not do 1/10th of the work he billed.

You Don’t Mess Around With Ed

Homonnay filed an eight-count complaint in CT state court against ‘Misapplication’ Ed and his legal firm for a breach of good faith, fair dealing, and violations of the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act.

The retainer agreement contained a provision that any dispute arising out of the relationship would be submitted to binding arbitration before the American Arbitration Association.

The Homannays demanded arbitration through the Connecticut Bar Association, but Nusbaum refused to submit to judgment by the CT bar.

Homonnay charged Eddie ‘Fudge’ Nusbaum that he “breache[d] the faithfulness of the agreed, common purpose of the retainer agreement.” Homonnay thought he would only be charged a reasonable fee,” instead Pillaging Ed’s fees were “excessive, unconscionable and contrary to public policy.”

The results of the arbitration were not published. 


The Slin-King of Farifield, Ed, the ‘Larcenous Looting Lawyer’ Nusbaum, represented Harrison Bubrosky in a divorce case.

Harrison Brubosky

A simple divorce – once stoked by the old chicane master in tandem with the opposing attorney – got the bill up nicely.

Brubowsky wound up with a typical Ed ‘Cardshark’ Nusbaum result — with some $260,000 in annual alimony payments and the shaft in court. 

Burbosky would not pay Nusbaum’s outrageous fees for horrendous and, evidently, double-dealing performance.

So Pilfering Eddie of Saugatuck sued Brubrosky for $531,554.49 for legal fees. 

Ed Nusbaum’s office — abandon hope [and your money] all ye who enter here.

The Great Padder added $263,405.27 in interest for a total of $741, 959.76. in fees for zero results.  

Nusbaum’s retainer required the dispute to be settled by the American Arbitration Association but required the arbitrator to be a Fairfield County family court attorney. The results of the arbitration are unknown.

Then there was David DeLeo, who retained the ‘Westport Poacher,’ Eddie ‘Quacksalver Nusbaum to represent him in a divorce in 1992.

Like many clients, he was overcharged and unrepresented.

DeLeo was gonna get back some of his six-figure payments he made to the Bandito of Compo Beach. 

Seated: Thomas P. Parrino, Edward Nusbaum. Standing: Harold W. Haldeman, Laura R. Shattuck, Randi R. Nelson, Tom M. Melfi.

So DeLeo sued the Rascal of Post Road on June 27, 1996, for malpractice. Slick Nusbaum’s defense was the statute of limitations passed.

DeLeo complained that Slyboots Nusbaum committed 12 nefarious acts or omissions of malpractice, including entering into a contrived agreement on behalf of DeLeo regarding supervised visitation with his child without his informed consent.

The judge ruled the statute of limitations had run.


Or right this year, Sabina Brandt – 2023.

Blackleg Nusbaum sued her for a balance of $80,254 in unpaid fees – possibly entirely fictitious.

The Old Smoothie used his old no-discovery clause ruse. It went to arbitration to be decided by a fellow sharper – a family law attorney in Fairfield County where the people are fair, but the attorneys are serrated.

Edward Nusbaum MK10ART

The results are unknown.

What is known is that Brandt commenced a lawsuit seeking a jury trial against Nusbaum for the old Knave of Hoax, she claims, fleeced her out of $10 million in damages with egregious acts of conspiracy, collusion, and professional misconduct. With zero results to show.

We look forward to the jury’s verdict.


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  • Is it true that Chris Ambrose had a three year affair with the cousin of his attorney- Nancy Aldrich?

    Jennifer Bicks is a Hollywood writer. I’ve been told he selected Aldrich because of her power in the courts with her Senator son, as well as her partnership with a vicious gal.

    However, I’ve been told Nancy Aldrich was also selected because the mistress would stay out of it.

  • Attorneys have it worked out ahead of time- They are literally court actors. Looking back on transcripts of hearings it so obvious.

    The gal, custody evaluator, judge and counsel for both sides know they’re taking the children and isolating them from their parent.

    They are sadists.

  • Bruce Freedman and Sue Coussineau work in tandem to strip mothers of custody and give sole custody to the abusive father. They traumatize the children by doing this — putting in a no-contact order with the mother. The children suffer mightily. It’s child abuse– Depriving children of the love, affection and attention of a parent is indeed child abuse.

    Family court has created a no-contact order to isolate children and hide evidence of the abuse.

    Bruce Freedman tells children their thinking is wrong– distorted– that they’ve been brainwashed by their mother. This is his position no matter what the family dynamic may be. He draws conclusions without ever seeing them as a family!

    This is how Sue and Bruce keep the money going long after the divorce is final. They recently abducted a perfectly adjusted, happy teenage child from a loving mother. It’s disgusting. And the courts allow it.

    These court appointed therapists WORK FOR THE COURT– they should be independent of the court. These are the same ‘professionals’ involved in the racketeering industry that was taking place within the judicial system. Leaders within the AFCC and on every CT Bar presentation, every child advocacy team in the state and on the committee to investigate GAL abuse. The wolves guard the henhouse.

    • Yup. The state of Connecticut is falling it’s residents who have to use the family court system. They are failing the children. These people are wolves in sheeps clothing. Clean up the curruption in family court and throughout the state agencies!!!!!!

  • Mother’s in Connecticut have no choice but to go public with the horrible details. As a woman who has gone through Connecticut family courts I was in complete shock of how bias the system is. You can go to court with all the evidence in the world of emotional, physical and financial abuse. Your own attorneys don’t care. The children In Connecticut are being held ransom. This attorney is one of many. The judicial branch and the court players are going to continue to defend the uneithical business practices of the Connecticut family court players.
    The system is cruel and inhumane.. No one is focused on these children including the judges. They are solely focused on forcing gals. In turn forcing the psychologist. Who are bankrupting parents. The children are forced into unhealthy relationships with abusive parents. No one focused on the abuser and their behavior. The Red carpet is rolled out for them. The attorneys feel justified in billing as much as possible “it takes two to tango” often the generic phrase used by the Attorneys. The attitude is you deserve to be financially punished for getting into a marriage and having children with an abusive person. The courts are system discriminating against women reporting abuse. They are continuing to place children in bad situation I have spoken with a significant amount of women in the court and out. Each time I am even more discussed with what I hear. The public absolutely needs to know what is going on. In the best interest of the minors. Karen is not crazy, she is a mother who loves her children. She has to go public in an effort to save her children. She is spot on about the preditory practice going on in Connecticut. Nusbaum is one of many lawyers who need to be disbarred. The family court attorneys need to be investigated. I have reported fraud and uneithical behavior. I reported a GAL for engaging in mental health services. Ganging up on minor with the psychologist and Dad. . A violation of Connecticut general statues. Gross and negligent misconduct Not even a slap on the wrist. No one in Connecticut should have to be forced to allow an Attorney at law to engage in and render mental health services to their minor children. 20 hrs of training do not make an attorney compitaint to provide mental health services or consult on the course of mental health treatment of a minor children. Attempting to push out other mental health professionals with a license!!!!! The judge was told. He did nothing but cover it up. She is being pushed on cases currently. The Connecticut department of public health ignoring the complaint She has a well published complaint. I have sent documented reporting the same uneithical behavior. She continues to repeat the same behavior. Cause no one is going to stop her. I’ve never meet Karen but I believe her cause she is one of many. Nusbaum is one of many. The residents of Connecticut deserve to be protected from the preditory system. The Connecticut residents abused by the family law system deserve justice.
    Judges, clean up your court system it’s a mess .An embarrassment to the state. Harming children and parents. Bankrupting people. Using Cunha and Pattis to distract from the bigger problems with Attorneys in the state. Folks running around under the color of law pretending to be representing the best interest of minors in the state. Attorneys billing for ineffective rediculous counsel. Delivery their clients and children as sacrificial lamds to Slater for the almighty dollar.

    • Sounds like a parasitic system designed by a special chosen group acting on an ideology that is alien to the American culture, promoting evil over good.

    • This is exactly what they do. And the court appointed psychologists work for the judicial system. There is no objectivity. They go with the gal and target innocent parents.

      These psychologists and gals gang up on the children. It is absolute cruelty.

      Abusive Psychologists:
      Robert Horwitz
      Linda Smith
      Jessica biren-caverly
      Bruce freedman
      Debra Gruen
      Sidney Horwitz
      *debra Gruen and Robert Horwitz also flip hats and work as gals.

      Many many more

  • Linda Munro is a leader in family court abuse and racketeering.
    One example:

    Wednesday, July 22, 2015

    Here is my favorite Munro story:

    The psychologists that were big into the “custody study” business realized that it if they actually had to write a custody study, someone might actually read it and realize that there was no scientific, psychological or other basis for anything in the report.

    So Horowitz & Krieger perfected the art of delaying, deferring, demanding “feedback sessions” and other dirty tricks to avoid ever having to issue the report.

    Of course, they still got paid for their work but they’d try to make the case settle without having to write anything for which they could be held accountable. The other psychologists started to copy their methods. Then the game became how to bill the greatest number of hours and make life as difficult as possible for the parents to force the family to settle (or just let the crazy people kill each other or the kids) and never have to issue a report.

    However, in some rare cases, they actually had to write a report, which some logical litigant might actually read.

    What to do?

    Answer: get the judge to order that the parents not be permitted to read the report. You make up some reason like the parents might release the report to the public in a manner that would hurt the kids.

    (Remember, in family court fantasyland, the PARENTS are bad for the kids, while the DIVORCE INDUSTRY is good for the kids.)

    Thus, in a Stamford matter, Munro ordered the parents to take the kids to (I think) Horowitz, pay him whatever he asked for, then Munro ordered that the parents not be permitted to read the Custody Evaluation, and then she started issuing orders based on the Custody Evaluation that she had forbade the parents from even reading. At this point, the ultimate goal has been realized: the parents role has been reduced to simply writing checks to the divorce industry.

    True story. This is due process in Connecticut family court. You get to write the check, or you will lose custody of your kids and be incarcerated.

  • What “benefit of his services” does Mr. Nusbaum provide?

    Mr. Nusbaum asked Ms. Riordan and Ms. Brandt to sign a contract with a clause about the possibility of disputes regarding his services.

    Has Mr. Nusbaum had many disputes with clients? How many of those disputes did he send to arbitration?

    Mr. Nussbaum’s contract says: “You and the Firm expressly agree to be bound by the decision of the arbitrator/panel and agree to waive the right to conduct discovery during the arbitration.”

    What kind of arbitration is conducted with no discovery?
    How can anyone “waive the right to discovery” when discovery in law is a fundamental right and common practice?

    If just two cases (Riordan and Brandt) are a pattern, the pattern in those two cases look like a scam, not law:

    Lawyer takes a divorce case.
    Lawyer tells client: “Sign this contract.”
    Contract says: “Lawyer will do everything well and right and according to law.”
    Contract also says: “If there’s a dispute between lawyer and client it will go to arbitration with no discovery.”
    Client thinks: “What could go wrong? The contract says lawyer will do everything well and right and according to law.”
    Lawyer destroys the client’s case (on purpose?).
    Client objects to the destruction of the case.
    Lawyer says: “You got a problem? It’s going to arbitration! My friends will handle the arbitration! No discovery allowed!”

    That was Mr. Nusbaum’s template in the Riordan case and the Brandt case. Did he then refuse to give Ms. Riordan and Ms. Brandt their case files?

    How many lawyers practicing family law in Connecticut act the way Mr. Nusbaum acted in those two cases?

    • He did refuse to give case files. Even when Sabina requested him to provide files because she needed it for her family
      Court case, Nusbaum refused.

      Attorneys are to keep files for 7 years. Nusbaum is refusing Riordan a copy of her file. No valid reason given.

  • From what you say Riordan has been unfairly treated by Nusbaum. A usual we only hear her side of the story. But she is a win at all costs person herself and she went looking for an attorney who thinks the same way. It’s not surprising that two fighters like that would clash. When they did, Riordan looked for another unethical attorney who would bring a machine gun to a fist fight just like she wanted. She ended up with Cunha who is is as dishonest as Nusbaum, but at least he wins. She is a total incompetent. But Riordan chose both because they play dirty just like her. She has no one to blame but herself..

    • I think people underestimated the lengths mothers will go to protect their children from harm. Ambrose will learn this in time.

    • Chris- you are so jealous and angry that you wrote a screenplay and hired the court actors – paying over a million for a no contest divorce.

      You did it because your straight great guy Hollywood image was shattered and you were faced with a wife who wanted out of your marriage and three kids that never trusted you and didn’t want to be alone with you.

      Like many malignant narcissists you created a false narrative and used the legal system to further abuse your wife and children because you had lost control.

      You are a classic abuser.
      You used pedo promoter Richard Gardner and engaged in ct court racketeering.

      You trashed your wife’s name and reputation by lying to police, dcf and hospitals to undermine your children.

      There’s a special place in hell for you. But the truth is easy to see outside of your paid circle.

      And you’re a thief like Nusbaum.

    • “It’s not surprising that two fighters like that would clash.” What kind of person thinks of victims of crimes as “fighters” who clash? Were Jennifer and Fotis Dulos “two fighters” who clashed?

      Abusive parents and their accomplices who use the “parental alienation” scam to take full custody of children from good parents aren’t fighters who “clash”. Family court cases involving crimes aren’t “custody battles”.

      When victims look for protection from medical providers, guardians ad litem and lawyers in “family courts”, those victims of crimes are supposed to find law and protection, not: kidnapping, fraud, extortion, theft and crime after crime after crime until the children “age out” of the system.

  • “…. Part of the successful negotiations amid the 21 congressional holdouts to the McCarthy speakership, was a pledge to create a subcommittee styled after the Frank Church committee. The purpose of the subcommittee would be to investigate the intelligence apparatus of the U.S. government and the conflicting intersections created by the unconstitutional surveillance state.

    It appears from a review of the 6-page framework, the subcommittee will fall under the jurisdiction of the House Judiciary Committee which will likely be chaired by Jim Jordan (R-OH). The framework of the committee as it is surfacing would be structured to have investigative authorities into U.S. intelligence operations, Homeland Security, FBI and DOJ-NSD activity. …“

  • You mention a number of other clients who got taken advantage of by Nussbaum. You know what I notice? None of them have put their family’s dirty secrets and their kid’s pictures in the news. They all kept their dignity showed concern for their kids. Except for Karen Riordan. I know you will send this comment straight to the circular file but you know it’s the truth.

    • Are you saying they all didn’t fight like Karen. Could be. But then they didn’t go up against Ambrose. He is a fighter. And he won’t stop until he destroys Karen and ruins the children’s happiness.

      Most relentless person imaginable.

      • Oh OK it seems like Karen’s strategy was to use the children as pawns… Let’s freak out the poor kids and put their pictures, personal information and medical and psychological records online and hope that the dad who actually wants to protect the kids might give in to keep their information off-line. Sounds like Karen was trying to emotional blackmail the dad using the kids emotional distress as leverage. But dont underestimate the length a father will go to protect his children’s best interests.

        Karen is so fucked up, does she really think she is protecting her children by destroying them online?

      • Thank God the courts are protecting those children from their psycho mother who obviously doesn’t give a shit about them. It’s all about her. I think the Connecticut courts are doing a stand up job of keeping those kids safe.

        • And the abuser responds with nothing to do about the article. Just another false attack on his former spouse without foundation. No finding of unfitness; simply the narrative of an abusive spouse who pays the GAL, custody evaluator and court appointed therapists.

          Ambrose did his homework. He’s also an attorney and his brother Neil Ambrose is also an attorney in CT.

          Ambrose consulted with Bruce Freedman who leads the charge on parental alienation along with Robert Horwitz and Jocelyn Hurwitz. Ambrose had Caverly lined up long before litigation.

          He’s a classic abuser. These hired guns earned their pay as Ambrose has many skeletons and no friends to support his position.

          It’s a classic DARVO case. This mother had nothing against her at all. Ambrose had everything against him but he is cunning and a malignant narcissist.

          The court violated Jennifer’s law throughout this litigation. The mother was determined to be indigent and Ambrose has over a million. How is that 50-50 in CT courts?

          Sick man. Those kids are suffering in his care. No father of sound mind would do this to children.

          • No finding of unfitness? She refuses to cooperate with therapists schools courts… She also attempted to kidnap the children. She publishes the children’s full names,photos, med and psych info online in an attempt to hurt her ex husband. That doesn’t sound very “ fit” to me.

    • Chris Ambrose is the only dirty secret and the dirty player. No surprise he’s upset when his life of secrecy, coercive control, and blatant abuse of his children comes out.

      He’s a Hollywood fictional screenwriter, fired for plagiarism – but had a bad reputation prior to that and was unemployed for years. A lazy wanna be guy.

    • Prissy Chrissy, STFU. What would you know about dignity? Any mother who cares for her children would do the same. Of course, this goes right over your head because you care nothing for anyone or anything but your garbage ass.

    • Did it occur to you that those families don’t have the dirty secret of a psychopathic abuser who leads a double life as a gay abusive barber who trolls for teen boys online?

      Who married under false pretense? Maybe that would help you.

      But interesting perspective.

    • 12:06,

      Most good parents who lost their children to dangerous parents in corrupt family courts usually shine very bright lights on the cases hoping someone will help the children.

      “The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.”

      ― Augustine of Hippo

  • It is not enough for an attorney that he be honest. He must be that, and more. He must be believed to be honest. It is absolutely essential to the usefulness of an attorney that he be entitled to the confidence of the community wherein he practices. If he so conducts in his profession that he does not deserve that confidence, he is no longer an aid to the court nor a safe guide to his clients.He may be a creditable and useful member of the profession, so long as the practice is to him a clean and honest function. But possessing all these great faculties, if once the practice becomes to him a mere “ brawl for hire,” or a system of legalized plunder where craft and not conscience is the rule, and where falsehood and not truth is the means by which to gain his ends, then he has forfeited all right to be an officer in an court of justice or to be numbered among the members of an honorable profession. Bar v Taylor 60 Conn 11, 17.

    Per the case law above, from the state supreme court in 1891, the standard to practice law requires Nusbaum be disbarred, as his practice is mere ‘craft of plunder’, as is Aldrich, Hurwitz, Trembicki, Callahan, Laliberte, Knopf, Finch, McKeon, Brigham, Fasano, Guiliano, and their pals in the Family Bar under leadership of Alex Cuda, all protected by Judge Albis, Bozzuto, Grossman, Adelman and the big guy Richard Robinson.

  • I think you should stop name calling this lousy lout lawyer.

    He may be the Knave of Nutmeg, The Rogue of Custody Losses and the Peon of Parental Alienation.

    A curse on your house you blasphemer. Leave this ruddy rascal alone. Damn you.

  • His awards need to be pulled. Do you think anyone who honors this clown has seen his “no discovery” forced arbitration with his buddies club? And zero oversight?

    Let’s have Nusbaum’s kids read his retainer ‘agreement’. They will know it’s against public interest — and takes total advantage of prospective clients who believe attorneys will be honest with them and work on their behalf.

  • Ed– can your kid sculpt a shark? We can put it in the center of town as a tribute to the most criminal attorney in the Gold Coast! It can be a golden tribute to your career of looting and abusing clients and their children.

    No doubt your family has experienced your hot temper.

  • Nusbaum has kids of his own. Wonder how they feel about his unethical tactics. His silver porche wasn’t honestly earned.

    I bet Jessie has no idea Nusbaum lets kids be abused and isolated from their own father or mother. Great role model Ed.

  • Sabina Brandt is being screwed over by CT civil court as well as family court. She makes a motion against Nusbaum, which has sat on the docket (#103), wholly ignored since May 2021! She goes on to request that Nusbaum turn over here complete file quickly so she can effectively represent herself before the conclusion of her family court case.

    Here Trembicki and Nusbaum say that puts him in an “untenable” position because she owes $80,000. This is CT family court where assets are supposed to remain the same– and equal access for both parents. NOT SO in Connecticut.

    Denial of all records to the mother (usually) is a well played strategy. Mothers are locked out of accounts, are denied GAL files, therapists records– it’s all to handicap her and destroy her further.

    Sabina Brandt wants a 6 person jury. She wants justice. The juries keep powers in check. Without juries, the people and our rights will be destroyed. This is the case in CT family court.

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