CT Family Law Attorney Edward Nusbaum to Sue Frank; Threatens: ‘I’ll Put Your Face Into the Pavement’ & I Reply

MK10ART's portrait of a CT Sumo wrestler, Edward Nusbaum.

On January 19, 2023, I received an email from Alexander Trembicki Esq. of the law firm of Lynch Trembicki Boynton of Milford CT.

Attorney Trembicki wrote to inform me that his client planned to sue me if I did not retract what I wrote about him.

His client is Edward Nusbaum Esq, of Westport CT.

Attorney Trembicki wrote.

Attorney Alexander Trembicki

Dear Mr. Parlato:

This office represents the Law Offices of Edward Nusbaum, PC and Edward Nusbaum individually. It has come to our attention that you have made and published a number of defamatory statements concerning our clients through your so-called Frank Report. You have published false and defamatory statements including accusations of criminal misconduct and malfeasance relating not only to Mr. Nusbaum but also as to the undersigned.

You have published defamatory statements as to Mr. Nusbaum ethics, professionalism, and reputation.

In the comments section of your publication, you have misappropriated the names and identities of “commenters” to add to the defamatory statements.

In one instance you attribute a comment made under the name of my client’s son. Other “comments” were from judges of the Connecticut Superior Court, Supreme Court, and family law attorneys, who clearly did not weigh in on your report.

These publications are libelous and meet the definition of libel per se. We believe that these statements have been made maliciously and intentionally and as a result of an improper or unjustifiable motive.

We hereby demand, pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes §52-237, that you retract the defamatory statements that you have made as to my client and me, in as public a manner as that in which they were made no later than Friday, January 27, 2023, including on the Frank Report.

This retraction must occur on all platforms in which they were published. Your failure to do so will establish that the statements were made maliciously. My clients intend to bring claims against you for actual and punitive damages, pursuant to applicable Connecticut law.

We further demand that you cease and desist from the further publication of defamatory and libelous statements as to my client and the undersigned. Your failure to do so will cause us to review all of our legal options. You should note that Connecticut’s jury pool is not afraid to award damages to internet provocateurs who publish false and malicious information about their subjects. See WilUam Sherlach et al v Alex Jones et al, UWY-CV18-6046437-S, pending in the Judicial District of Waterbury.

Additionally, it is my client’s intention to make Judge Arcaro aware of your conduct. I am sure that he will find it interesting when he considers an appropriate sentence for you. I am sure he will weigh it along with his order for you to undergo an anger management evaluation for the assault complaint filed in Monroe County, Florida, in March of 2022.

Very, truly yours,

Alexander Trembicki

MK10ART’s painting of Edward Nusbaum is not libelous, it is art.

That was an interesting letter. I especially liked the last paragraph. Naturally, I had to answer the specific allegations.

However, I do not see any false statements about Mr. Nusbaum. I hope readers will help find anything defamatory, libelous, or even untrue about the less than savory Wesport lawyer.

Here is my email response to AttorneyTrembicki. 

RE:  Edward Nusbaum’s (Your Client) Baseless Libel Claims

Request for Specification of Objectionable Statements

Rule 11 Notice

Offer of Compromise

Dear Mr. Trembicki:

I am in receipt of your letter dated January 19, 2023.

As you may know, I am an investigative journalist. While it is true that your client, Edward Nusbaum, has been the subject of articles I recently published, I disagree with your client’s claims of libel and libel per se.

I disagree that I “published false and defamatory statements including accusations of criminal misconduct and malfeasance” related to Mr. Nusbaum and yourself, or that I published defamatory statements regarding Mr. Nusbaum’s ethics, professionalism, and reputation.

The Frank Report is a Newsgathering and Reporting Outlet

The Frank Report is a journalistic media outlet engaged in newsgathering and reporting. I have been engaged in journalism, newsgathering, and media production for 35 years.  You can read my biography on the Frank Report website and elsewhere.

Additionally, the Frank Report provides opinions and commentary on newsworthy issues.

In your letter of January 19, 2023, you did not provide me with any specific statements that I have made and/or published that you claim are defamatory and false.  You have not made any showing that my journalistic product was produced and/or disseminated in bad faith or with actual malice.

The Frank Report vets information and all statements are based on facts. The Frank Report and all its contributors, including myself, act in good faith when reporting news and disseminating information. We hold ourselves to the highest industry ethical standards.  See, e.g., the attached from the Committee on Publication Ethics.

Your client requested a retraction based on libel and falsehood. We take this request very seriously.

In this case, your client failed to identify with specificity which statements are objectionable and the reasons for each. Unless and until we receive specifications of your client’s objections, we cannot take further action in good faith and due diligence.

I believe that none of the statements in the reporting concerning your client, Mr. Nusbaum, were actionable defamation. They either are substantially true, are not “of or concerning” Mr. Nusbaum, are not reasonably susceptible to defamatory meaning, or are mere opinions rather than assertions of fact.

The statements are not libel as a matter of law.  See Held v. Scott Silver & Silver & Assocs., No. 3:10-cv-00992 (CSH), 2013 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 148514, at *25 (D. Conn. Oct. 16, 2013); Lopos v. City of Meriden Bd. of Educ., 3:04-CV-00352, 2006 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 32469, 2006 WL 1438612 at *8 (D. Conn. May 16, 2006) (citing Grossman v. Computer Curriculum Corp., 131 F.Supp. 2d 299, 312 (D.Conn. 2000)); see also Daley v. Aetna Life and Casualty Co.,, 249 Conn. 766, 795, 734 A.2d 112 (Conn. 1999) (“To be actionable, the statement in question must convey an objective fact, as generally, a defendant cannot be held liable for expressing a mere opinion.”).

If there are statements of fact to which you can present evidence to show are demonstrably false, please present the evidence.  If the facts and circumstances warrant it, Frank Report may issue a retraction.

Retractions are issued in certain circumstances:

  • There is clear evidence that the statements are unreliable
  • Plagiarism
  • The statements have previously been published elsewhere without proper attribution to previous sources or disclosure to the editor, permission to republish, or justification
  • The submission contains material or data without authorization for use
  • Copyright has been infringed, or there is some other serious legal issue (e.g., libel, privacy)
  • Statements have been published solely on the basis of a compromised or manipulated peer review process
  • The author(s) failed to disclose a major competing interest (aka, conflict of interest)

Retraction may not be necessary for certain instances:

  • There is no reason to doubt the validity of the statements
  • The main statements of the work are still reliable, and correction could sufficiently address errors or concerns
  • There is inconclusive evidence to support retraction, or we are awaiting additional information

The Third-Party Comments on the Frank Report are Protected Under 47 U.S.C. § 230

With respect to the “Comments” section of the Frank Report website, neither the Frank Report nor I am legally responsible for these comments. The Frank Report’s comments and interactive message board place all communications within the ambit of 47 U.S.C. § 230’s immunity protections.

Additionally, 47 U.S.C.S. § 230(e)(3) states: “No cause of action may be brought, and no liability may be imposed under any State or local law that is inconsistent with this section.”

Any claims or complaints you may have regarding the comments on the interactive message board, you should take them up with the third-party users themselves.

To the extent that you make any claims against the Frank Report or me, where we are entitled to § 230 immunity, said claims are frivolous as a matter of law. If you choose to proceed with litigation against me, I will ask for dismissal and Rule 11 sanctions upon my removal to Federal Court after proper jurisdiction has been obtained.

Claims That Smack of Extortion

In the January 19, 2023, letter, you made claims I would not expect from a member of the Bar.

Please write and do whatever you and your client wish to do.

However, I do not know what adverse effect Mr. Nusbaum’s plan to write to, call or communicate with a federal judge, whose name you did not even bother to spell correctly, will have on me.

Perhaps judges are different in Connecticut, but I fail to see how any judge can assess or infer alleged bad conduct from the fact that I, as a professional journalist, wrote stories about an attorney who has had numerous claims by clients of price gouging, bullying, wildly uncontrollable anger, malpractice and misconduct.

Furthermore, consider the extortionate manner by which you made this threat: It was done before you provided me with a single specific statement that you claim is libelous.

Consider your conduct, Sir.  You write me demanding I retract anything and everything without any specificity, or you will sue me and threaten me by telling the judge.

These are the actions of a bully.

As for anger management, when, on October 17, 2022, your client, an attorney, called me up screaming and threatening me when I was in Nashville and revealing his client’s confidences and acting like a raving lunatic, I made a recording of the conversation since I was not sure if he was going to commit a felonious act which I would be obliged to report.

I will gladly play the recording I made, and I believe you will be impressed with two things:

  1. That your client may need anger management
  2. If you heard this recording, and did not know who it was, and were later told it was made by a member of the bar, you might seek to have him disbarred under your ethical obligations to report misconduct of attorneys.

The recording alone is probably damning enough for me to file a grievance against Mr. Nusbaum.

Mr. Nusbaum’s literal threats and unethical disclosures made during his phone conversation of October 17, plus those made recently by your client and conveyed through your letter of January 19, are of such an unusually virulent nature that perhaps you should advise your client to consider controlling his anger, stop bullying or trying to extort me, and provide specific instances of defamation instead of blanket statements and conclusory allegations.

I am happy to discuss the matter further anytime.

However, based on your client’s conversation with me on October 17, I do not see him providing me with the means to assess the truth or falsity of any statement I made. This is likely because everything I wrote was true, and your letter is his attempt at bullying me, as I understand he does with his clients, many of whom are in distress.

Happily, I am not his client.

Offer in Compromise

If Mr. Nusbaum prefers to sue me, I suggest we agree to a federal venue.

However, last year, Mr. Nusbaum proposed an alternative dispute resolution. He has a penchant for alternative dispute resolutions, which I have written about. He seems to prefer removing matters with his clients from the court system, requiring them to resolve them in arbitration without discovery, and it seems without rules.

In his dispute with me, he offered another alternative forum.

In his telephone conversation with me on October 17, 2022, Mr. Nusbaum offered the following, and I replied:

Nusbaum: “If you are a real man, come over here. And we’ll talk in the playground, like we used to do in New Jersey, okay? We’ll see how tough you are Pal….

Parlato: Okay, well, it’s good. You’re a tough guy. I’m a tough guy, or you know you’d like to prove it one way or the other. But I’d like to —

Nusbaum: You’re a tough guy? What does that mean?

Parlato: You said, I believe, you invited me…

Nusbaum: Did you to play college sports, tough guy?

Parlato: I was a very capable boxer. In my day, while I was —

Nusbaum: I was doing the champion wrestling show. Anytime you want to take your boxing skills against my wrestling skills, I will put your face into the pavement.

Parlato: … As long as you tell me you’re in good physical shape, I’ll —

Nusbaum: I work out six days a week. Any day of the week.

Parlato: I will accept your challenge to the fight.

Nusbaum: Good. Get a release signed by your lawyer. Get it signed by my lawyer…

Parlato: OK, that sounds good… I’ll be happy to meet you on the field of honor…. But I’m not coming to Connecticut. You know, we’ll have to have a neutral place. How about Las Vegas?

Nusbaum: Sure. Set it up, Pal.

Special Arbitration

If Mr. Nusbaum is serious about what he might call the “face in the pavement” arbitration, I am amenable.

If Mr. Nusbaum wishes to settle the matter in this way, please execute a release from your client, holding me harmless for any injuries he may sustain in mutual combat with me.

Upon receipt of Mr. Nusbaum’s release, I will provide the same.

As for the date and venue, I am flexible. However, I am firm that it cannot be Connecticut, where laws seem to be made up as they go.

Also, please advise if Mr. Nusbaum, you, or his designated second, plan to negotiate the rules of combat, such as the use of a weapon[s], holds barred, the obligations, if any, of the victorious party in the event of a fatality, and what legal steps we must take so that our mutual combat is judicially sanctioned in the jurisdiction of the fight.

Finally, if a further dispute arises over our contractual agreement to resolve our dispute by mutual combat, I will not consent to arbitration without discovery, and where the arbitrators are lawyers in his neighborhood who practice the same field of law as he does.

I would consent to mutual combat with a dispute clause that specifies jury trial, and with a contractually binding clause, relative to jury instructions, that the jury may apply the unwritten law of the “fair fight” and disregard punitive damages if the jury finds Mr. Nusbaum’s heirs are entitled to compensation based on the well-settled family law principle that if any person slays or permanently disables another person in a duel, the slayer must provide for the maintenance of the spouse of the person slain or permanently disabled, and for the minor children, in such manner and at such cost, either by aggregate compensation in damages to each, or by a monthly, quarterly, or annual allowance.

If this proposal meets your approval, or if you believe we should talk further, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to your specifications detailing precisely what statements I have made that are defamatory, or libelous.


CC:         File

Encl: Retraction Guidelines: Committee on Publication Ethics

MK10Art’s painting of what appears to be CT Attorney Edward Nusbaum.

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  • It would appear frank is under attack for reporting on Connecticut. Many women throughout Connecticut have been attempting to get help for what is happening in Connecticut. We are silenced and the door is slammed in our face. We gain the attention of the media that is now being sued for telling peoples stories. Family court system should not be allowed to operate undercover. Where is the accountability? We just disbare, dismiss, suspend and provide legal assistance to those who don’t want to bring forth change. Business as usual in Connecticut it’s so sad. There is no focus on change it appears to be about silencing people. Thanks you Frank for reporting on Connecticut.

    • Those controlling family courts control children and families through racketeering, extortion and censorship in the press.

  • Also… I believe the truth is a defense for libel. And in a court of law, you would certainly be allowed discovery to prove what you have reported was true. If I’m not mistaken, that would entitle you to access to that which Attorney Nusbaum has tried so hard to hide. Oops…

  • Can you please play the recording? The public deserves to hear who Nusbaum really is– and how he treats his clients. His threats, rage and temper tantrums and coerced clients into compliance against their best interests. Play it Please!

  • Just on the point about avoiding court – most wise lawyers try to do so as other forms of resolution are much better and cheaper all round. It is a sign of good lawyers if they avoid court, not that they want to hide things.

  • Lo and behold, wouldn’t you know it, but this dudes office is in the same location as this year’s Frank Report Bloggers Convention and Gun Show. It would be most unfortunate if several of us were to find disagreement with gentleman.

    And as keynote speaker this year, I’ll be explaining how I made my millions in Amway.

  • The public has a right to know which lawyers have a record of destroying families for profit.

    If destroying families for profit isn’t racketeering, it’s at least a class A misdemeanor.

    According to Conn. Gen. Stat. § 53a-58: “(a) A person is guilty of criminally negligent homicide when, with criminal negligence, he causes the death of another person, except where the defendant caused such death by a motor vehicle.
    (b) Criminally negligent homicide is a class A misdemeanor.”

    Sabato Fiano and Lori DaSilva represented a father of two children.

    Clifford A. Merin and Jocelyn Hurwitz represented the mother of those two children. The mother and father weren’t married and they lived their lives together for 14 years. They raised two children for 12 of those 14 years. The mother was the father’s pro bono employee while she raised their two children.

    The father was wealthy. The mother was not. With or without marriage, so many of the worst family court cases look like the lawyers set up the parents to fail. It’s as though a mathematical formula exists to determine how much money can be made from: highly emotional child custody cases + mandatory proceedings + purposely adversarial courts wherever lots of money can be spent on attorneys’ fees. The potential for leverage and profit in those cases is predictable. The death toll isn’t.

    Holding family law attorneys accountable will reduce the death toll significantly. After so many family court fatalities, the FBI must now be able to gain all access to all communication to and from all offices involved in fatalities.

    In one case resulting in two deaths, there was a $1.8 million home to take.

    Did the lawyer in the case decide to make the mother “vacate the premises”?

    Did a lawyer advise the father to charge the mother $10,000 a month?

    On October 21, 2020, Jocelyn Hurwitz and her law firm filed a motion for custody on behalf of the mother.

    Five months later, on March 29, 2021, the father’s attorneys filed a motion claiming the mother was “neither owner, tenant or invitee” who “began occupying premises as an invitee in and around March 2011.”

    Did the father’s lawyers’ motion to the court shame the mother or to crush her?

    Eight months later, one firm’s client was gone and a child was lost.

    In that case, lawyers wrote: “From approximately 2006 to 2018, the Plaintiff and Defendant maintained a romantic relationship with each other … As a result of their romantic relationship, the Plaintiff and Defendant, who were never married, have two minor children between them.”

    They had been together for fourteen years. They raised two children for twelve years. To the lawyers, they were “the Plaintiff” and “the Defendant” cohabitating in a “romantic relationship” with money for lawyers.

    “… 8. Since the Minor Children were born, the Plaintiff has been their primary caretaker … Since 2006, the parties have cohabitated together …”
    “… 11. From approximately 2008 through 2018, the Plaintiff continuously assisted the Defendant with his business operations for the Defendant’s Company by working on various administrative tasks such as picking up and dropping off materials, correspondence with customers, and organizing payroll … acted as a property manager for the Defendant’s Rental Property. In this role, the Plaintiff prepares leases, communicates with current and prospective tenants, organizes files and documents, maintains records and bookkeeping, and various other tasks related to managing the Rental Property …

    “The Plaintiff was never compensated for her work for the Defendant or the Defendant’s Company … During the course of their romantic relationship and cohabitation, the Defendant made promises to the Plaintiff that if their romantic relationship ever ended, he would take care of the Plaintiff financially and purchase a home for the Plaintiff in Westport, Connecticut where she could live with the Minor Children … The Defendant continued to make these promises to the Plaintiff both during the course of their romantic relationship and after their romantic relationship ended …

    “Based on the promises made by the Defendant, the Plaintiff remained in the Westport, Connecticut area, continued being the primary caretaker of the Minor Children, and continued cohabitating with the Defendant at the Premises …

    “Based on the promises made by the Defendant, the Plaintiff continued working for the Defendant and the Defendant’s Company …

    “The Defendant, by his actions, manifested his agreement to compensate and support the Plaintiff financially and purchase Plaintiff a house in Westport, Connecticut in exchange for her remaining in the Westport, Connecticut area, continuing to be the primary caretaker of the Minor Children, continuing cohabitating with the Defendant at the Premises, and continuing to work for the Defendant and the Defendant’s Company …

    In early 2018, the parties ended their romantic relationship …”

    That part was the best part for all attorneys involved.

    In October 2020, an attorney filed a motion for the mother. The mother asked the court for custody of the children.

    March 29, 2021, the father’s attorney filed a motion stating, “the Defendant is an occupant in possession of the subject Premises by virtue of a romantic relationship between the Plaintiff and the Defendant. The Defendant began occupying the subject Premises as an invitee of the Plaintiff in and around March 2011. The Defendant initially occupied the Premises as an invitee of the Plaintiff …”

    Did the father’s attorney tell the father to charge the mother $10,000 a month — retroactively from 2017? Did one motion, two motions or three motions push the mother over the edge?

    By June 18, 2021, she was gone. She took one of her children with her.

    Someone needs to write a bill and that bill needs to be a law as soon as possible.

    In every family court case resulting in death and/or major harm to any family, the DOJ needs to be able to access all communication to and from all lawyers — on all sides — of each of those cases.

    From the New York Post: “In his suit, Malon demanded that Do “vacate the premises” of the spacious, two-story home he owns on Lyndale Park and Weston Road, claiming she failed to pay him $10,000 a month in rent.”


  • Wrestling? Is it my imagination, or is he just a perv? Nusbaums rants are borderline kinky..like he fantasizes about it. If so, he’s got no game. He probably pops a bottle of Viagra every time he reads the FR. Who says stuff like that unless they have issues. He might need psychiatric assistance.

  • That is a funny painting of Nussybaumy

    There should be an entire museum of paintings of all the lyin’, lootin’ lawyers in the world!

    Then file it in the Guinness Book of World Records-the largest selection of repulsive subject matter ever to grace the art scene !

  • Frank the woman about a few hundred want in on the match. We will not only Carry signs and water bottle. We will pin him down. We are completely fed up with the bull shit.

  • Epic. God bless America. This is proof that there’s freedom of speech ( for now ) Frank Parlato is the Clint Eastwood of free speech. Friggin rockstar.

  • >his order for you to undergo an anger management evaluation
    As far as I can tell, Frank Report basically IS an exercise in public anger management, and very well managed too, all things considered. We’d love to see the Judge’s evaluation.
    >Very, truly yours
    Worst use of a comma I ever saw, even for a lawyer. If you deconstruct it, you get “Very yours”, total garbage. Unless it’s meant to be a threat, in which case he should say:
    Truly yours. Very.

    Truly, I say unto Mr. Trembicki, Esq.: Show us the statement! Just one! Since you imply there are so many to choose from.

    This is typical legal bluster when you have absolutely nothing, and these people also clearly do not realize how Frank works — the more they squeal, the more free contentious content he has. But this is a nice one. How can I retract a statement when you won’t tell me what the statement is? Spell out, in detail, each and every statement Frank has himself made to which you take objection, and tell us exactly and in detail what is wrong with it. I’m sure if Frank is apprised of clear facts, he will give them due weight. We’d love to see you capture all these odious “statements” for us in the appropriate legal setting.

    Otherwise — here is another clear example of “the law” being used by lawyers to bully and intimidate people without a shred of a case in sight. I think Frank should sue Mr. Trembicki, for putting him in the same category as Alex Jones. I certainly would.

    • Please. Frank is a psychopath that desperately attempts to deflect from that by writing about people he perceives as MUCH worse than him. If you have followed him long enough you will find his opinions change course as recklessly as a fart in the wind. People pay him to write hit pieces. I hear his going rate us about 5k to smear someone. Like Rainieres hired and fired pet slime really cares about women, children or justice. He just wants whatever attention he can get and money. Pathetic.

  • Can’t make this up. His website says he was “a New England wrestling champion.”

    While not East Coast champion, New England is large enough and vague enough for it to sound legit. However, I call bbbbbullshit.

  • Is almost as hysterical as your response Frank.

    I’ve had to read it several times because it literally makes me belly laugh how politely and comically you bitch slapped him with the mighty pen 🖊️

  • In any case, wouldn’t Judge Arcaro have to recuse himself due to Nusbaum’s supposed contact with him regarding Frank Parlato? Wouldn’t there be a supposed taint or bias?

  • One bully representing another bully. But that apparently is what Connecticut courts are all about, isn’t it? Did you receive a response over the weekend, Frank?

    • No, I have not yet heard. I hope to hear soon. I am eager to learn with specificity what they think is defamatory.





        💪🏻 FUCK YEEEAAAHHHH!!!!!!! 💪🏻


        THERE’S A BETTER WAY! ✊🏻

  • “This office represents the Law Offices of Edward Nusbaum, PC and Edward Nusbaum individually.”

    I’d ask to see the retainer agreement, if one even exists. They’re generally not covered under attorney-client privilege. And if such an agreement does exist, I wonder if it contains a no-discovery arbitration clause.

  • Why the fuck does it take you guys so long to post certain comments when comments written much later show up first? What is selective BS? Does the content not fit your agenda?

      • You do not understand Snorlax. He is not a bigot. He is a comedian. He has wit. He has a nuanced meter. He has insight and clever observation. He is beloved on Frank Report.

        I have never met Snorlax, but from his writing, I can deduce certain things. This is a little speculative, but I would say he is black, a gourmand with buck teeth which can be inconvenient.

        Two of his wives disappeared under curious conditions. Their bodies were never found. When his third wife asked about the first two, he condemned the first, saying she was awfully tough, and praised the second, saying “she was simply delicious.” But he is not a bigot.

        • ‘You do not understand Snorlax. He is not a bigot. He is a comedian. He has wit. He has a nuanced meter. He has insight and clever observation. He is beloved on Frank Report.’

          ‘I have never met Snorlax, but from his writing, I can deduce certain things. This is a little speculative, but I would say he is black, a gourmand with buck teeth which can be inconvenient.’

          ‘Two of his wives disappeared under curious conditions. Their bodies were never found. When his third wife asked about the first two, he condemned the first, saying she was awfully tough, and praised the second, saying “she was simply delicious.” But he is not a bigot.’

          🧐 🤨 Sounds like you’ve got a [redacted] Ginzo!☝🏻

          And that sounds like real trouble! 😳🥵😥😨😰😱🤯😠😡☠️

          🫵🏻 Are you man enough to deal with him properly or do I need to contact The Glorious Night Riders to investigate this and do it right?!

          GET THAT [redacted]

          DOUBLE!!!!! GET MOVING!!!!!!!

          THAT’S AN ORDER,

          ✊🏻 THERE’S A BETTER WAY! ✊🏻

  • Attorney Alexander Trembicki states the following to Frank Parlato:

    “You [F. Parlato]should note that Connecticut’s jury pool is not afraid to award damages to internet provocateurs who publish truthful and factual information about their subjects.”

    In the above quote Trembicki admits Frank Parlato’s information is “truthful and factual information.”

    How is Frank being slanderous or libelous if he’s being truthful and factual.

    Attorney Trembicki is an ineffectual attorney.

    Frank has as much to fear from this goofball as he does over cooking his own crepes.

  • Awesome response, Frank. lol.

    I love it… “If Mr. Nusbaum is serious about … ‘face in the pavement’ arbitration, I am amenable to it.” LOL.

    You’ve been very noble not to publish the actual audio recording of his unhinged phone call.

    Kudos for showing such restraint and professionalism.

    His ‘fighting challenge’ was unprofessional enough for an attorney, but if he truly talked about client confidences with a total stranger over the phone (as you alleged he did) then I’m guessing that not many future clients would wanna hire him, if you ever published that recording.

    Hearing him sound like a raving lunatic (in a live audio recording) is a lot worse than just reading his words. Again, you have shown great restraint there.

    I’m also not sure he wishes to initiate a court process which would allow you to enter into a discovery process to prove your claims, you know, the same discovery process that clients cannot partake in. lol.

    As an aside… He said that he was a ‘champion’ wrestler in college (which is possibly true).

    Thus… I wonder if he was an All-American wrestler in college, or at least All-region?

    If so, did he compete in Division 1?

    Or was he relegated to the inferior Division 2 or Division 3 wrestling programs?

    Was he a bench warmer or a starter?

    If somebody boasts about being a champion —- then I want details. 🙂

      • Nothing about what Nussbaum’s done is legit.

        He’s already a black eye for himself and his friends and should walk away before he embarrasses them more. He should admit to himself what he did and leave it at that if he can.

  • Mr. Treblinki seems to be as insincere as the worst attorneys, writing: “In one instance you attribute a comment made under the name of my client’s son. Other ‘comments’ were from judges of the Connecticut Superior Court, Supreme Court, and family law attorneys, who clearly did not weigh in on your report.”

    Information online says Mr. Treblinki has practiced law since about 1980. 1980 is about forty years ago. Did Mr. Treblinki not know victims of Connecticut family court lawyers and vendors started using those kinds of aliases starting around 2014?

    2014 was almost ten years ago.

    If Mr. Treblinki practiced law in Connecticut for the past forty years, maybe he knows what happened around 2014 when many family victims of the state family courts with active cases started commenting anonymously in public forums to expose the corruption. Mr. Treblinki must have known for a while about the risks victims of family court corruption face. He must have known when he wrote that letter that many victims of family court corruption chose aliases — sometimes using the names of perpetrators of the crimes in family courts — to make light of otherwise unbearable cases of extreme harm and extreme threats.

    It’s not difficult for anyone — involved or not in family courts — to understand how aliases can be harmless inside jokes among otherwise helpless victims of crimes and corruption. Mr. Treblinki must know that inside jokes can keep some victims of horrible crimes from totally falling apart. He must know that those kinds of aliases have had the potential to eventually draw much-needed public attention to the literally evil, literally sinister crimes of small groups of lawyers and vendors who have enjoyed the protection of mainstream news outlets for the past 40 years.

    While the use of “the client’s son’s name” for an alias on a public site does seem to cross the line, it seems obvious that whoever wrote the comment chose the alias.

    If Mr. Nusbaum then convinced Mr. Treblinki to assert his own fiction and accompanying slurs in the matter, how can they both think that their own fiction and slurs should go unnoticed?


  • well that was pretty damn amusing. Please do sell tickets – I might actually consider a trip to Vegas for that spectacle.

    • Peter, this is very kind of you. As you know, a good second provides dignity and gravitas and, of course, ensures the agreed-upon rules are followed.

      We have to work out the details. For myself, I prefer a single-shot quick-draw pistol duel [I’ve never needed more than one shot] at 20 paces, but my preliminary research indicates we won’t get a judge to sanction it.

      It has been my experience that if we do not get judicial sanction, it can be problematic. Thanks again Peter.

      • No worries, Frank. I was thinking more in terms of an FGM-148 Javelin just in case the scoundrel was wearing body armour. You can’t be too careful these days.

  • 1. How many former clients has Mr. Nusbaum sued?

    2. Have Mr. Trembicki and Mr. Portanova played roles in all of Mr. Nusbaum’s “no discovery arbitration” cases?

    3. In how many cases did Attorneys Trembicki, Portanova and Nusbaum use “no discovery arbitration” clauses?

    Where can investigators and concerned citizens find the above information: the courthouse, FOIA or subpoenas?

  • This is fantastic! Nusbaum almost got away with a bullshit career of robbery, verbal abuse, threats, and unethical conduct.

    At 74 he should have packed it in but his greed and arrogance have led to his demise.

    Nusbaum fucked me over and severed my relationship with my son. He destroys lives and laughs all the way to Portanova where they share the plunder.

    Glad it’s catching up with him. Thanks for citing my case and other cases as well. Riordan’s is just the tip of the iceberg.

    This will get picked up. It involves Fairfield county family court attorneys – nusbaum and parrino among others.

  • This anonymous writer is Christoper Plagiarizer Ambrose.

    January 29, 2023 at 9:14 am
    Riordan is straight up going to put you in the poor house.”

    This is his strategy. To exude his rage and hostility by using the courts to bleed innocent people dry.

    He left the mother of three children penniless, sues everyone under the sun- hopes to prevail but either way, his verbose motions as seen on frankreport will cost the opposition thousands of dollars to read and respond to. It doesn’t matter if his claims are valid.

    An aunt delivers Easter baskets to three kids. He sues her? 😂

    Little men are easily threatened. They hide behind anonymous posts, use their law license to threaten, intimidate and drive innocent people to the poor house.

    Nusbaum and Ambrose should seek therapy immediately for Napoleon complex.

    Both are seniors and shrinking with each day that passes, making the condition far worse with every inch that is lost.

    I’m referencing height since I agree with Pilgrim that impotence abounds.

    • “An aunt delivers Easter baskets to three kids. He sues her? 😂”

      Oh please.
      First, it wasn’t an aunt. It was Karen’s “best friend.”
      Second, she wasn’t just delivering Easter baskets, she was trespassing and harassing a family on Easter on behalf of narcissist Karen, aka, she was being a good little flying monkey. Then the gaslighting started, or is it called DARVO, where you turn your own wrongdoing back on the victim, trying to make the victim feel like they’re in the wrong and “crazy” for being upset.
      Third, she isn’t being sued for delivering the baskets. She is being sued for smearing the victim with unfounded, serious accusations online after her little flying monkey escapade.

        • In this instance, I’d say yes. He didn’t trespass on anyone’s property, crash their private family Easter celebration, and then go online to smear that person because that person happened to be upset about the unwelcome, uninvited holiday intrusion in the midst of a contentious divorce and custody case.

          I don’t know if the court will determine that he was legally a victim of defamation, but I do believe he was the innocent party in the Easter incident.

  • This is why no one reports on family court system. Nusbaum could make his own statement. We would love to read it. He could possibly use his hands in a nonviolent manor. I am sure Frank would publish it. Maybe this would give Connecticut lawyer a sense of how the mothers in Connecticut feel when they go into court and engage in character assassination. Without a shred of evidence. Gender profiled as alienators, hysterical, mentally unstable and good diggers. Addicts. Let this sink in. Look at Nusbaum ready get physical over the matter. Yet mother’s are “crazy” at any sign of frustration or emotion.

  • otherwise they would have known Frank would publish their extortionate letter.

    These asshats think that through threats, intimidation and extortion that they’d get FR contributors to stop reporting on Nusbam and the kangaroo court mediation panel they’ve set up for their financial benefit?


    If Frank withstood the NXIVM Bronfman funded litigation machine that used the same extortionate tactics and prevailed, they are asinine to think he won’t also prevail against these silly playground bullies.

  • He’ll never be a Tom Brady. I bet Nausbum and trebikki snort erectile dysfunctional pills off toilets.

  • A wrestler, a judo champ…. Who will be you next public enemy Frank? Make sure you don’t get into too much trouble now boy!

    • A wrestler, a boxer and a judo champ.

      One day Frank the boxer fought a wrestler and a judo champ. Frank used his skills, and gave each man a good “fisting.”

      …..The next day Frank woke up with a horrible case of pink eye.

      The moral of the story:
      Always wash your hands after “fisting” other mens’ dirty bungholes.


  • He wants to wrestle Frank? Lol. I’d counter-sue for harassment. Is it possible Nusbaum and his lawyer are impotent? Impotence makes older men aggressive and insecure. Alarm bells are going off for me anyways.

    • Yeah, probably onto something. I also heard impotence can turn you into a crook.
      I wonder if he used to prance around in his wrestling leotard like AC Slater?

    • Is it possible that Nusbaum talked about a playground fight in an effort to inject some levity into a tense situation?

      • He did not seem amused when he said it. In fact, I tried to lighten up the conversation, thinking a grown man, supposedly educated and sophisticated, might be brought to his senses with a little levity, but he was so carried away with temper that there was nothing I could do to induce civility on his part.

        I believe that if I call someone I am opposed to or have been offended by, it is far better to try reasoning. I was willing to reason and listen to his complaints. But he was not interested in discussing what was untruthful about what I wrote, he was interested in name-calling.

        I stand ready to engage in a respectful conversation with anyone willing to be respectful and work to find the truth. I am pretty sure when someone won’t do that and instead wants to scream, yell, and try to intimidate, they are not interested in the truth.

    An underrated part of this is how he views himself as a badass wrestler. I wonder if he’s a 3 year letterman? Frank should be careful if he was a two sport star and also played soccer. Bet those high school glory days resulted in getting voted to homecoming court. (assuming his school didn’t have a football team)

  • Its not the , “so called”, Frank Report It “IS” the Frank Report. Nauseum, I’m a girl and I know 100% I can personally kick your ass any time any where. I have mad Street cred due to me beating up 5 cops. I’d rather, as a female, knock you out with my accurate right hook, rather than Frank jeopardize his phalanges.

    • This is Ambrose. Obsessed with his ex-wife, blaming her for all the wrongs in the world, and unable to detach from his laptop.

      Frankreport exposes unethical and likely illegal practices of Nusbaum – where clients are railroaded into secreted no-discovery arbitration void of rules, where his pal Portanova decides all- and Ambrose makes it about his ex-wife.

      Did you take the time to read all the clients Nusbaum has railroaded in this manner?

      Ambrose- what do you think of the threats Nusbaum has made?

      Are you too a tough guy wrestler like Nusbaum? 🤣

      • I’m not Ambrose, but I think Nusbaum was possibly trying to lighten up a tense conversation.

        Arbitration agreements with no discovery are 100% legal.

        • 😐 Nusbaum’s threats were threats. Those threats were illegal.
          His “no discovery arbitration contracts” are illegal traps.
          Traps aren’t agreements

          100% of your comments are trolling.

          • @5:38pm can’t handle the truth

            A contract for arbitration with no discovery is legal.

            It sucks, but it is reality.

            Toughen up, snowflake.

        • “Arbitration agreements with no discovery are 100% legal.” – Said no legal ethics expert ever.
          What does the ABA have to say about releasing client files?

          In July 2015, the American Bar Association (ABA) provided further guidance on the return of client files in Formal Opinion 471, Ethical Obligations of Lawyer to Surrender Papers and Property to which Former Client is Entitled. The ABA noted that the lawyer must, at a minimum, turn over materials that would likely harm the client’s interest if not provided.

          Applying Model Rule 1.15, the ABA determined that the lawyer must return all property that came into his possession in connection with the representation.

          • Is release of client files the same thing as discovery? It seems to be a separate issue. Also in the Riordan case, Nusbaum released her file to her then-new lawyer.

          • Then you go down the rabbit hole of lawyers’ retention of documents. The activity is part ministerial and part public service. Did Nusbaum retain copies of the files for seven years? Even if he did give the file to Cunha (who was disbarred), Nusbaum should have kept a copy. And the Cunha situation shows why. Attorneys are servants. It is a master-and-servant relationship. But more than that, the Bar serves the public and attorney file retention serves important public purposes.

            If Nusbaum has copies of the materials (which he does because he wants to get paid), he should give them up. He’s been a lawyer for 50 years. If he can’t win a simple fee dispute against Karen Riordan, it’s not because he’s not a sly old fox. And he should do it now. It may get very difficult to set up a law practice in the hospital after Parlato knocks him out in Las Vegas.

          • I think that the arbitration over the fee dispute will eventually be ordered to take place whether Karen shows up or not. The foolish lady will be a no-show as usual and Nusbaum will win.
            Believe it or not, I would be happy to be proven wrong.

          • ““Arbitration agreements with no discovery are 100% legal.” – Said no legal ethics expert ever.”

            But the fact of the matter is THE LAW says no-discovery arbitration agreements are legal. No discovery, limited discovery, full discovery. Anything goes if it’s in the contract and the party with more bargaining power doesn’t overreach.

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