Bangkok: CT Attorney Edward Nusbaum Seems Like an Unsavory Thief Based on Record

I wrote a story about attorney Edward Nusbaum. He charged his former client Karen Riordan $98,163.50 for nothing more than four months of emails, phone calls, and texts.

He did not make one court filing or court appearance on her behalf. He did not accomplish one legal goal.

But it is not just that he billed $100,000 – at $750 per hour – and accomplished nothing. Nusbaum cannot even prove he spent the hours he claims to have spent to accomplish nothing.

We are investigating.

So far, it looks like this:

  1. Nusbaum billed for dozens of phone calls he never made.
  2. He charged for composing emails he never sent.
  3. He charged to review emails he never received.

The story is Fraud? CT Atty Edward Nusbaum Billed for Scores of Phone Calls and Emails That Don’t Match GAL Hurwitz Billings –Criminal Charges May Result.

Now let’s hear what Bangkok has to say.

By Bangkok

I actually support Karen Riordan on this issue.  Her former attorney (Nusbaum) seems like an unsavory thief, in my opinion.

The records seem to prove it BEYOND a preponderance of evidence.

Therefore… I hereby implore my two esteemed colleagues — Mr. Frank Parlato, Jr. and Mr. Ricardo Luthmann — to facilitate a strategy for bringing justice to this asshole attorney.

On a different note…

I gotta admit, the massive volume of Frank’s biased reporting (on this particular issue) is starting to change my view and make me believe that something smells rotten in CT.

Even though Frank is certainly not 100% objective here, I’m actually starting to believe that CT family court has become a fiefdom of corruption —- with absolute control being exercised by a few unsavory cretins.

I mean, even the ‘discovery waiver’ (contained within that asshole attorney’s retainer agreement) calls for all arbitration matters to be resolved ONLY by CT family court personnel. LOL.

It reminds me of the SMALL county in Texas which saw most of the nation’s patent troll cases filed there (because the judges were corrupt and so were the attorneys).

Thankfully, in 2017, the Supreme Court put an end to Marshall, Texas’ corrupt fiefdom —- by ruling that you must file patent cases in the county where the business is located/incorporated.

Patent trolls long found a home in Marshall, Texas.  

Anyway, getting back to the CT family court topic

I now believe that it’s a huge good ol’ boys network.

I just hope that Nickola Cunha hasn’t poisoned any chance for justice with her ‘Jewish’ comments and her mental issues. I don’t doubt that many of these personnel are Jewish, but I don’t think that argument is gonna help anybody here.

Frank, have any documentary makers shown interest in exposing this story?

It’s probably the only way you’ll get the CT state attorney or the FBI to seriously investigate.

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  • Do you realize you are slandering and hurting a good lawyer with an impeccable record. He never lost any of these disputes in arbitration. He won’t lose this one. You should not be writing this until after he wins.

    • To Anonymous January 1, 2023 at 7:08 pm:

      Offering the facts of a case isn’t “slandering”.

      “Good” lawyers don’t bill for promised services that were never rendered.

      Any lawyer claiming “an impeccable record” in arbitration in which no discovery was allowed should be disbarred.

      Not losing “any of these disputes in arbitration” with NO DISCOVERY ALLOWED isn’t a good thing. That’s a very, very, very, very, very bad thing.

      The new year is a good time to challenge your preconceptions, 7:08 pm.

      Please read the comment Anonymous December 31, 2022 at 3:30 pm wrote to you:

      “This is a prime example of what happens to you when you do not challenge your preconceptions.”

    • A good lawyer is invested in their cases. There position is that of their clients. They don’t push for gals. They don’t push for the same psychologist. They provide cost effective counsel. Come up with compelling legal argument. Fact find on their own. The general public doesn’t share your views. Advising the public of the legal experience and expenses. Anyone out side the legal cummunty is welcome to share good experience. As a client. If anyone wants to write a good experience with this fella as their attorney we’re ready to read it. The residents of Connecticut are fed up . If someone wants to defend him please write the facts to support.

    • Kevin Finch did similar talk and bill along with Maria McKeon in the Campos case … dragged out the case, which is such a mess it is still in post judgment litigation …. Bleeding family bank, Lisa Knopf is making a killing raping childhood.

      Two years of pointless litigation to obtain an administrative no fault divorce issued by the state, then another year of post judgment arguing, with no end in sight, while kids are destroyed at whim of Judge Truglia.

  • Filing billings like nubaum did is not stealing like in the Bible. It’s hard to remember how you spend the day and you just recap. It’s not always accurate to the detail but is is roughly. It not stealing. It’s using common sense.

  • Nusbaum and Trembicki have been playing this money making scam for decades. The identical filings can be found in this case.
    BRANDT SABINA N. BRANDT, SABINA N. v. KELLEY, KEVIN W. This case is a paperless file FST-FA-19-6042047-S

    Same pattern– just change the name. There is no winning with their private arbitration counsel of buddies with no rules, no discovery, and all results sealed.

    • What “benefit of his services” does Mr. Nusbaum provide?

      Mr. Nusbaum asked Ms. Riordan and Ms. Brandt to sign a contract with a clause about the possibility of disputes regarding his services.

      Has Mr. Nusbaum had many disputes with clients? How many of those disputes did he send to arbitration?

      Mr. Nussbaum’s contract says: “You and the Firm expressly agree to be bound by the decision of the arbitrator/panel and agree to waive the right to conduct discovery during the arbitration.”

      What kind of arbitration is conducted with no discovery?
      How can anyone “waive the right to discovery” when discovery in law is a fundamental right and common practice?

      If just two cases (Riordan and Brandt) are a pattern, the pattern in those two cases look like a scam, not law:

      Lawyer takes a divorce case.
      Lawyer tells client: “Sign this contract.”
      Contract says: “Lawyer will do everything well and right and according to law.”
      Contract also says: “If there’s a dispute between lawyer and client it will go to arbitration with no discovery.”
      Client thinks: “What could go wrong? The contract says lawyer will do everything well and right and according to law.”
      Lawyer destroys the client’s case (on purpose?).
      Client objects to the destruction of the case.
      Lawyer says: “You got a problem? It’s going to arbitration! My friends will handle the arbitration! No discovery allowed!”

      That was Mr. Nusbaum’s template in the Riordan case and the Brandt case. Did he then refuse to give Ms. Riordan and Ms. Brandt their case files?

      How many lawyers practicing family law in Connecticut act the way Mr. Nusbaum acted in those two cases?

  • He was my attorney. He signed an agreement for supervised visitation without my consent and against the best interests of my daughter. He was working for the GAL and my ex-wife.

    The court then makes gal fees part of child support!

    It’s a racket. A criminal enterprise in Connecticut that is deeply rooted and well protected. Money driven.

    The entire state is corrupt.

  • Four months and filed not one motion with the court?

    It seems like Nusbaum’s world includes lots of bullshitting on the phone with Westport pals Nancy Aldrich and Jocelyn Hurwitz.

    Phone records must be put before the court. He doesn’t even list items separately. How long were the calls and what purpose did they serve?

    And two back to back status conferences? This is an error or total larceny. What needed to be updated from one day to the next? Zoom records need to be provided to the court.

    How long and what purpose did all these status conferences hold?

    They are an attorneys way to increase Billings. Private discussions and the ones not on record is where the dirty work occurs. It’s up to the judge whether or not to record a status conference.

    There’s another huge red flag- no record on half of these.

  • Nussbaum is one of the most vile, cowardly scumbags I have ever had to do business with. I’m surprised Trembicki is still representing the turd. Of course, Trembicki could never resist a good scam either so they may well be in cahoots.

  • A dreamer’s opinion. FBI investigate corruption in Corrupticut…who is this moron who holds false belief that the FBI is some benevolent arm of law enforcement. FBI works to protect the corruption. State’s Attorney, prosecutors? They are the protectors, exercising discretion not to pursue criminal charges. This clown Bangnuts is a moron. Wake up, Connecticut is the kingdom of paedophilia, child trafficking, childhood rape, all things profitable for the ruling elite are protected, legal or not, Nusbaum is just an example of how it works, no surprises here, been going on for a long long time, judges are just as corrupt as Nusbaum, it is a team effort to rape the peasants, steal their money. Praying for an investigation by FBI is fantasy, the feds are in on it!

  • Hey Bangkok, what mental issues are you accusing Ms. Cunha of having? Have you ever sat in the courtroom when an innocent mother has had her children taken from her and given to a suspected pedophile and proven abuser? Have you ever watched a mother fight with all of her might (financially) to keep her children safe from an abuser? Or have you just read about it? Have you ever investigated enough to know how many mothers in Connecticut have reported pedophilia suspicions and other abuses and then the mothers end up living in Section 8 housing with nothing more than the clothes on their backs? Ms. Cunha is more than likely suffering from PTSD after believing in the U.S Judicial system and learning that is so corrupt in Connecticut that you lose total faith in the entire system you fought to protect. Then you are just spouting your opinion if you haven’t done that level of investigation.

    • Family courts in Connecticut (and California and many other states) in these cases are the worst hell for conservatives. Many of the cases torture protective parents and good lawyers to the point of PTSD. Now, since children can go to California to have cosmetic surgery without parental knowledge or consent:

      “parental alienation” and “coercive control” and “gender reassignment”

      will triple the billions for “family court” lawyers who will eventually harm every family in America — directly or indirectly.

      This isn’t a biased opinion:
      Those who strongly oppose conservative, traditional morals are in full control of many family courts and public schools.

  • Would there be so much “butt hurt” if Nickola Cunha mentioned there is a belief that there was a tie between Southern Baptists, Catholics or Methodists in the Connecticut Family Court? Just a question…

  • FBI has known about CT family court for years- started a task force that included it in public corruption investigation- guess what- though they call it “the Baby Thing,” they have done nothing and it still operates the same way. Christopher Mattei was in charge of it with doj (joint task force) he left the doj and went into private practice as an attorney

    • We will hopefully see exactly how dirty the FBI is and the FBI can’t stop the information coming out no matter how hard they try. Can’t wait to see that organization destroyed as it is criminal in its actions and lack there of..

      • Ted Gunderson was a good and great FBI agent. Most people are good people. Some good people still work for the FBI. A few small and very powerful political groups — probably with limitless financial resources — have worked very hard to destroy public trust in law enforcement since the 1950s. Look up: “Order out of Chaos”.

        We need good law enforcement for obvious reasons. Maybe we need to do what JFK asked Americans to do. Maybe we just need to stop asking what our country can do for us and start asking what we can do for our country.

        Question: Has the FBI ever investigated Connecticut family courts?

  • The Grinch lives in the hearts of many family law attorneys. Please look into the Hartford the central hub of the system. The amount may be a little less but the game is the same. Freed Marcroft. They have meetings with you. Your paying for the Attorneys and the paralegal. Billed for both. I spent a few thousand dollars arguing with my own Attorney. I sent legitimate documents to support my legal argument. Which were reviewed and billed for. She ignored all of it. I was told I would have to endure significant legal experiences if I didn’t sign an agreement that I know was not in my best interest or my child. The agreement was complete bullshit obsolving my former spouses of financial responsibility. Forced me to go back to continue to pay for a clinical psychologist for reunification therapy that already failed. The psychologist abandoned the case 8 months prior. I disclosed unethical conduct that was going on in my case with evidence. . It was never reported. The attorney they assigned me appeared more interested with her relationship with opposing counsel. She was definitely back door wheeling and dealing in my opinion. Red flag warning to Connecticut litigants thinking of using this high price firm . Your retainer gets eaten
    real fast. Don’t believe the hype about this firm. I wanted to complain to senior partners and meet with a fire wall of office staff trying to do so.

  • It was NXIVM VIP member Kristin Kreuk’s 40th birthday yesterday. Strombo, somewhat famous Canadian host and interviewer, writes in response to her annual Instagram post about it: “you are one of the truths.”

    Sure, right, uh huh. With a ten year VIP membership in NXIVM that she hid from and never talked about, she certainly must be.

    • Get over it. She was young and naive and trusted her musician boyfriend at the time who got her involved. All of these groups have a hook to reel you in, and she was caught in the Vancouver pond. She already said she was embarrassed by the association. She was lucky to extricate herself unscathed, and obviously isn’t going to talk about it anymore.

      • Sultan of Simp, how does it feel to have spent twenty years pining over a woman who doesn’t even know you exist while she’s been polishing the knobs of and playing ride the schlong with guys of the superior race instead of your lonely, brown, loser self?

          • No. From what I hear, he was walking a lonely street late at night and somebody jumped out from a dark alleyway he had just passed and snuck up behind him and stabbed him in the back a number of times, piercing his lungs, heart and liver.


          • That escalated quickly, “Anonymous January 3, 2023 at 3:56 pm”.

            Is that an indirect threat to intimidate all readers of that comment or anyone in particular or was your violent comment just good clean fun?

          • I don’t understand how that’s a threat. It seems like it’s just relating an unfortunate story. I’m sure Frank must be happy though.

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