Fraud? CT Atty Edward Nusbaum Billed for Scores of Phone Calls and Emails That Don’t Match GAL Hurwitz Billings –Criminal Charges May Result

Edward Nusbaum MK10art

CT Attorney Edward Nusbaum’s retainer agreements do not permit clients to have discovery.

If they later end up in a legal dispute over his billings, there may be little they can do.

This unusual retainer agreement has come front and center in the lawsuit Nusbaum v. Riordan.

Nusbaum claims Riordan owes him $64,809 in unpaid invoices. 

Coincidentally, Nusbaum holds $64,000 of Riordan’s money in his attorney’s client account. He wants to move the money into his personal account.

Karen Riordan is in a lawsuit with Edward Nusbaum over his billings.

Riordan objected. She found it hard to believe Nusbaum did $98,163.50 worth of legal services, even at his $750 per hour rate.

Nusbaum represented Riordan for four months in 2020 in her divorce and custody matter, Ambrose v. Riordan. His average $24,541 monthly billings don’t correspond, she thinks, to any measurable work he did.

Nusbaums’ four months of invoices show multiple emails and phone calls, five telephone status conferences with the judge, consults with other attorneys, and one court appearance.

Nusbaum is suing Riordan, arguing she has no right to question his billings.

Edward Nusbaum has practiced for decades in Fairfield County

Nusbaum’s retainer agreement requires any lawsuit he has with his clients to be resolved not before a judge or jury, and not by the American Arbitraton Assolciation, where there are well-established rules governing mediation.

CT Superior Court Judge Charles Lee raised an eyebrow when he read Nusbaum’s arbitration clause does not specify AAA mediation.

Family law is a specialized practice. Most family law attorneys in any county know each other. They are, have been, and will work on various cases together.

Nusbaum’s retainer with his clients reads. “Any and all disputes between you, the Firm and/or its employees shall be adjudicated by one arbitrator, who shall be an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Connecticut, and who shall be a member of the Connecticut Bar Association’s Family Law Section, and who shall maintain offices in Fairfield County.”

Nusbaum’s retainer also reads that clients “agree to waive the right to conduct discovery during the arbitration.”

When Judge Lee read the no-discovery clause, he said it was highly unusual.

Without discovery, the client has only Nusbaum’s invoices as proof that he did the work he says he did.

When asked by Frank Report about no discovery, Nusbaum admitted, “It’s not a standard clause.”

Nusbaum said, “If they want to sign [the retainer], we will represent them…. I’m not gonna waste three weeks of my time, at my hourly rate, sitting with a jury to prove… the client was wrong, and I was right. I haven’t lost yet. I never lost in arbitration.”

But the old fox Nusbaum might have slipped this time.

His four months of invoices include very few details about his work.

They show to whom he spoke on the phone, to whom he sent and received emails and the dates he did this.

How would anyone know if the old badger was fudging his billing? But in this case, the wily Nusbaum may have been caught in the snare trap.

Usually Nusbaum’s client would not have corroboration of whether he made a phone call to another attorney.

With his no-discovery provision, she only gets Nusbaum’s bills. She has only the good word of attorney Nusbaum, even if the bill is almost $100,000 for mostly phone calls.

Because there is no discovery, the client can’t even look at his phone records to see if he placed the calls.

But the silver rabbit may have jumped too far. Just a slight mistake, and he may get caught in the old rabbit trap, and might one day be served as Nusbaum stew.

Many of his calls and emails on his invoices were to the guardian ad litem [GAL] in the case. Thousands of dollars in phone calls and emails to the GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz.

GAl Jocelyn Hurwitz

Attorney Hurwitz is GAL for the children in Riordan’s custody dispute. GAL Hurwitz billed $400 per hour, and over two years on the case, she billed more than $190,000.

The GAL represents the children, but bills the parents. Her invoices are meticulous.

So we have Hurwitz’s billings. These include the four months Nusbaum represented Riordan. We have at least one way to check the honesty of the good lawyer Nusbaum.

For every phone call he spent billable time speaking to GAL Horwitz – at $750 per hour, we checked to find a match on Horwitz’s invoices.

Hurwitz’s retainer allows her to charge by 1/10th of an hour, just like Nusbaum’s. If they spend six minutes or more, they can bill the client.

GAL Hurwitz works for a large law firm, Cohen and Wolf. Billings is how the firm earns its money – billing by the hour, divisible by 1/10 hours.  It is not likely she would be derelict on her billings. 

Nusbaum represented Riordan from May 2020 to August 2020 — four months. Nusbaum’s invoices to Riordan include 36 phone calls to GAL Hurwitz.

But Hurwitz only billed for speaking to Nusbaum 12 times.

To be clear, Nusbaum billed Riordan 36 times for calls to Horwitz, but Hurwitz billed Riordan for only 12 phone calls with him.

There are 24 Nusbaum phone calls not found on Hurwitz’s bills.

Unless someone can come up with another explanation why two attorneys who both bill by the 1/10th hour would have such a discrepancy, Nusbaum billed Riordan for 24 fictional calls.

It becomes more apparent why Nusbaum wanted a “no-discovery” clause.

Two-thirds of Nusbaum’s phone call billings (24/36) do not match GAL Hurwitz’s billings.

Yet if they were really speaking on the phone, they both would be billing Riordan.

Nusbaum’s Phone Calls with GAL Hurwitz 

Billed at $750/hr. by Nusbaum; $400/hr. by GAL Hurwitz

Nusbaum Billed for 36 calls with GAL Hurwitz. 24/36 not supported by Hurwitz billing records.

Review the bills side by side:

Nusbaum invoices 

Hurwitz’s invoices

Phone Call Dates

Honey-sweet May, when the birds sing and flowers bloom, and Ed Nusbuam was busy billing for phone calls.

5/7/20  Unsupported by Hurwitz Records

5/12/20- Unsupported 

5/13/20- Supported 

5/18/20- Unsupported 

5/20/20-  Unsupported 


Green and wet and full of light, the month of June “trembled like a butterfly.” But Nusbaum’s billings were flighty, and unsupported most times.

6/1/20 Unsupported 

6/3/20 Supported 

6/4/20 Unsupported 

6/8/20 Supported

6/9/20 Unsupported 

6/10/20 Unsupported

6/11/20 Unsupported 
6/15/20 Unsupported

6/17/20  Supported

6/22/20 Unsupported

6/25/20 Unsupported

6/26/20 Supported 

6/30/2020 Unsupported 

If in June, we picked the clover. With July, Nusbuam turned over a new leaf. For four straight billing days, his phone calls matched Hurwitz’s.

7/8/20 Supported 
7/13/20 Supported

7/14/20 Supported 
7/15/20 Supported 

But echoes fade and memories die. Nusbuam missed the 5th billing date in July.

7/17/20 Unsupported 
7/21/20 Supported

And the rest of the month did not match up at all.

I can well imagine Nusbaum saying “Here I am in July, and why am I thinking about Christmas pudding?”

7/21/20: Unsupported

7/22/20: Unsupported
7/24/20: Unsupported 
7/27/20: Unsupported 
7/28/20: Unsupported 
7/29/20: Unsupported

7/31/20: Unsupported

‘July was done felled by the knife of August sun.’

Nusbaum’s last month of billings ended with a mash of the fake and the real.

8/13/20: Unsupported

8/20/20: Supported 

8/21/20: Supported

8/24/20: Unsupported 

8/25/20: Unsupported 

Half of Nusbaum’s Email Billings Do Not Match Either 

Nusbaum and GAL Hurwitz were in email communication. But Nusbaum billed twice the number of emails or reviews of emails as Hurwitz.

 Remember, lawyers bill for composing and reviewing emails. If Nusbaum wrote an email to Hurwitz, she would bill for reviewing. 

And vice versa.

 Nusbaum billed for reviewing or composing 32 emails, while Hurwitz only billed for 16.

 If it takes time to compose and read an email. How did Nusbaum spend 1/10 of an hour or more reading an email, which Hurwitz spent less than six minutes writing?

 We might never know the answer since Nusbaum does not permit clients to have discovery.

 On some days, Nusbaum billed Riordan for reviewing and composing emails to Hurwitz. But she neither billed for composing nor reviewing any emails to or from Nusbaum to Riordan that day.

 Half (16/32) of the Email Communications Don’t Match

 Hurwitz’s email billings are precise. She calls a telephone call a “TC” and emails “communications.’

 Half the time, there is no corroboration.


  1. 5/7/20  Supported 
  2. 5/8/20 Supported 
  3. 5/11/20 Supported 
  4. 5/12/20 Supported 
  5. 5/18/20 Unsupported 
  6. 5/21/20 Unsupported 
  7. 5/26/20 Unsupported 
  8. 5/27/20 Unsupported 
  9. 5/28/20 Supported 
  10. 5/29/29 Supported 
  11. 6/3/20 Unsupported
  12.  6/5/20 Unsupported 
  13.  6/5/20 Unsupported 
  14. 6/11/20 Supported
  15. 6/17/20 Unsupported 
  16. 6/19/20 Unsupported 
  17. 6/22/20 Supported 
  18.  6/24/20 Unsupported 
  19. 7/2/20 Supported 
  20. 7/6/20 Supported 
  21. 7/7/20 Unsupported 
  22. 7/9/20 unsupported 
  23. 7/10/20 Supported 
  24. 7/14/20 Unsupported 
  25. 7/20/20 Unsupported 
  26. 7/22/20 Supported 
  27. 7/28/20 Supported 
  28. 7/29/20 Unsupported 
  29.  7/30/20 Supported 
  30. 8/11/20 Supported 
  31. 8/12/20 Unsupported 
  32. 8/14/20 Supported 

Status Conferences? Were they scheduled? 

Clients usually do not attend status conferences.

Status conferences are sometimes held by teleconference. Sometimes they are in-person meetings with judges and attorneys.

Nusbaum billed Riordan for five status conferences. However, some of them may not have occurred.

6/2/2020- Status Conference Held

7/23/20 Status Conference Held/Deceptive billing
8/3/20 – Possibly No Status Conference.

 8/24/20 Status Conference Held

8/25/20  Possibly No Status Conference

Other oddities appear.

Attorney Harold W. Haldeman

Nusbaum billed Riordan for inter- office conferences with Atty Harold W. Haldeman at $700 per hour on several occasions. It is unknown what Haldeman did, but the two of them huddled together would be charging $1450 per hour.

Who is Aidan Welsh?

Another curious item on the billings is the name of an attorney, Aidan Welsh.  Welsh had nothing to do with Riordan’s case.

Attorney Aidan Welsh of Schoonmaker George Blomberg Bryniczka 

On 5/8/20, 5/14/20 and 6/4/20 Nusbuam charged Riordan for his work with Aidan Welsh for about $1000. One wonders if Welsh ever heard of Riordan.


It is ironic in a sad and twisted way. This was the only time Nusbaum ever appeared in court on Riordan’s matter.

When he did appear, he sat with the opposition and huddled with the GAL. The same GAL claimed to have called and sent many emails, but her billings did not match his.

Why did Riordan fire Nusbaum?

Her day in court was vital to her. She expected Nusbaum would be there at her side fighting.

She also thought there was ample money out of the $100,000 she paid him.

Edward Nusbaum bills at $750 per hour. 

Nusbaum told her before the hearing that the $100,000 retainer was extinguished by work he had already done.

Riordan was flabbergasted. How could that be? What had he done for $100,000?

Nusbaum said, if you want to complete the hearing and want me to appear in court, you must replenish the retainer.

Riordan asked, “how much?”

Nusbaum said, “I need another $100,000.”

Some of Nubaum’s billings was time he spent calling her friend and her father to determine how much more money Riordan could pay him.

He must have known there was not much more to milk on this matter. Riordan had liquidated an IRA, sold her house, and borrowed from friends to pay him the first $100,000.

Now he wanted another $100,000. He did not get it, because she had no more money to pay him.

Now it is time to find out what happened to the first $100,000.

There may be more than disbarment in the wind for Nusbaum. This may be an open-and-shut case of criminal fraud.

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[…] Rascal Ed Nusbaum is at it again. As if submitting questionable billing to clients isn’t enough, now he’s sending threatening lawyer letters to Frank Parlato, publisher of Frank Report and multiple other digital media outlets, including Art Voice, for the “high crime” of reporting all about it. […]


[…] That story is: Fraud? CT Atty Edward Nusbaum Billed for Scores of Phone Calls and Emails That Don’t Match GAL Hur… […]


[…] The story is Fraud? CT Atty Edward Nusbaum Billed for Scores of Phone Calls and Emails That Don’t Match GAL Hur… […]

11 months ago

He should be disbarred for charging her $2000 to sit with opposing counsel.

At least it was clear to see who he was working for!

That’s where the judge has to know what’s going on. Nusbaum clearly violated his duty to his client. It’s disgusting.

the national family court scandal
the national family court scandal
10 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Either sitting with opposing counsel is what all attorneys usually do — or, sitting with opposing council was an attempt to gaslight Karen while adding another $2000 to her bill.

Everyone paying attention to any of this should question Nusbaum’s intent and Adelman’s intent in every case. The state should have a list of every case involving one or both of them.

Every square inch of all of those cases should be thoroughly reviewed and every victim should be interviewed and compensated for damages done.

The family court system is far more devastating than the Catholic Church scandal ever was.

11 months ago

I actually support Karen Riordan on this issue.

Her former attorney (Nusbaum) seems like an unsavory thief, in my opinion.

The records seem to prove it BEYOND a preponderance of evidence.

Therefore… I hereby implore my 2 esteemed colleagues — Mr. Frank Parlato, Jr. and Mr. Ricardo Luthmann — to facilitate a strategy for bringing justice to this asshole attorney.

On a different note…

I gotta admit, the massive volume of Frank’s biased reporting (on this particular issue) is starting to change my view and make me believe that something smells rotten in CT.

Even though Frank is certainly not 100% objective here, I’m actually starting to believe that CT family court has become a fiefdom of corruption —- with absolute control being exercised by a few unsavory cretins.

I mean, even the ‘discovery waiver’ (contained within that asshole attorney’s retainer agreement) calls for all mediation matters to be resolved ONLY by CT family court personnel. LOL.

It reminds me of the SMALL county in Texas which saw most of the nation’s patent troll cases filed there (because the judges were corrupt and so were the attorneys).

Thankfully, the Supreme Court put an end to that Texas county’s corrupt fiefdom —- by ruling that you must file patent cases in the county where the business is located/incorporated.

Anyway, getting back to the CT family court topic…

I now believe that it’s a huge good ol’ boys network.

I just hope that Nickola Cunha hasn’t poisoned any chance for justice with her ‘Jewish’ comments and her mental issues. I don’t doubt that many of these personnel are Jewish, but I don’t think that argument is gonna help anybody here.

Frank, have any documentary makers shown interest in exposing this story?

It’s probably the only way you’ll get the CT state attorney or the FBI to seriously investigate.

11 months ago

I am an advocate for families like this. I speak up and speak out for these atrocities and more. Because of this I have pissed off some of the lead dirty old boys network attorney players. And I believe my attorney has been compromised. I believe my attorney, James Hirschfield, has done the same thing and other stuff as well.

On June 26-29, 2020, I sent him all of my medical information for my case. He responded that he got it. Since his admission of receipt, he has asked me to resend the same information to him at least 5-7 more times, and billed me each time. He also refuses to provide me with my complete file of all his communications. Refuses to detail his billing charges. Has done absolutely the bar minimum on my case.

I have fired him 3 times and he attempted to withdraw once. We no longer can afford an attorney as COVID Small Business unemployment ended and that was the only way we had any money. I cannot get a public defender, because they are hell bent on believing that I am hiding money despite being seriously in debt. Judge refuses to remove my attorney. I have tried to put myself on as pro-se but judge denied. Judge is demanding that my ineffective counsel remain on case until I can “secure” another attorney. We cannot afford, let alone find because of the deplorable shape my case is in from my attorney and because my attorney continues to badmouth me to other attorneys.

Judge has violated my constitutional rights by refusing to remove this attorney, an attorney that he knows is not doing his job as I reported it on the record 3 times. By demanding I have to have an attorney, which is a financial burden, the judge has caused serious financial hardship upon us. In addition, the judge has violated my ADA rights, as he is claiming I am not competent to defend myself, yet has never ordered a psych evaluation or spoken to my medical professionals. He is discriminating against me because I am disabled. Disabled does not mean incompetent.

My attorney has refused to subpoena time sensitive evidence and now has probably lost that evidence. I even tried to put myself on in addition to my attorney, so I could preserve evidence that my attorney has refused to secure since day number one. The judge refused to respond to this request in a timely manner and I got paranoid and had to rescind the request.

My attorney has even bold faced lied to my ADA Advocate, my husband and I trying to terrorize me under duress to take plea for a crime I did not commit. Judge even made a comment on the record that proved my attorney lied to us. Instead, of trying to get the case dismissed based on the massive amount of evidence I provided my attorney and that supports my innocence, he continues to terrorize me take a plea and false felony charges. Instead of providing the DA with evidence that shows the DA that they have no case, the DA and my attorney, continue to abuse me and terrorize me with lies and trying to get me to take a plea for a crime I can prove I am innocent of.

This is abuse of the disabled. Violation of my constitutional rights to remove my attorney. And this is severe financial abuse to demand I have to pay for an attorney that we cannot afford to protect my ADA rights, Constitutional Rights and prove my Innocense with the preponderance of evidence I have.

11 months ago
Reply to  Joan

Hi Joan,

Did you know Dr. Richard Gardner?

📚 Education is everything.
📚 Education is everything.
8 months ago
Reply to  Avel

Was Dr. Richard Gardner a family friend — or your therapist?

If so, maybe we could all learn from your experiences?

11 months ago
Reply to  Joan

Is your attorney out of Litchfield, CT?

Who is the judge? Can you provide link to your case so we can view the docket of lies and corruption?

11 months ago

it’s sad that the CT media outlets will NOT disseminate these stories w due to their fear of retaliation and connections with the family court system. The public must know about this AND the se vile corrupt slime bags need to be put away to pasture.

11 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Why would media outlets “fear retaliation” if they have connections in the court system?

How does that make sense?

Edwin Mahoney
Edwin Mahoney
11 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Connecticut media is controlled by the same evil forces that traffic children, rape childhoods, loot family savings, they are not going to sell advertising by exposing what lurks in the shadows.

11 months ago

See how the media in Connecticut was all over Cunha. The lawyers on this blog talking all about her. Don’t see an article on this guy. No comments from the Attorneys. Thanks again Frank for your coverage of the Connecticut family court shit show.

Ben Lambert
Ben Lambert
11 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

The coverage of Cunha was by a select group of journalistic puppets who do their masters’ bidding. Ed Mahoney, Lisa Backus, both washed up reporters with no purpose in life. Like the ‘media’ in Corrupticut provides a public service? C’mon.

11 months ago

Hey dude is slick. But this lady should have been more on top of it.

Lawyers are good to get what they can. Why not fake the money? He has expenses too

11 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Hard to be on top of it when you are distracted by the well being of your children. These kind of Attorneys take full advantage. Karen has been mistreated at every corner. I pray 🙏 she gets her children back this year.

11 months ago

Trembicki is a whore. He controls Portanova. Daniel Portanova. See how many times fat Alex has been to Portanova.

They have a gang mentality from the start.

Wait til you see how disgusting Trembicki is. He and Nusbaum are two of the sleeziest in the state.

Trembicki and nusbaum hate women. Abuse the hell out of female clients. Nusbaum is a hot headed moron who sucks up to Hurwirz, Welsh and Aldrich. He’s one of the girls.

He joins them in their cat fight against mothers. They’re all sociopaths. Exposed.

Paul H
Paul H
11 months ago

Frank- can you contact nusbaum and get the list of attorneys who participate in the Fairfield county family court arbitrators? Another den of thieves no doubt.

I’d love to see that posted. Maybe I’ll inquire myself. It is indeed a public concern.

We know Alex Trembicki is part of the club.

11 months ago
Reply to  Paul H

A general list of members of family court arbitrators (or a general list of AFCC members) doesn’t say much.

Shouldn’t the state attorney general’s office file a few motions to ask Mr. Nusbaum for the list of all the attorneys who participated in his 100% successful arbitration endeavors? It’s probably just a few. How many good lawyers would risk their reputations tricking unsuspecting people into to quasi-judicial proceedings without discovery?

11 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

You would be surprised how many Connecticut Attorneys are not representing their clients appropriately. There playing screw the bitch/bastard Connecticut family court Cash cow dumpster fire 🔥.

11 months ago

Billings and phone records of all parties must be subpoenaed. Nancy Aldrich, biren caverly, Robert Horwitz, Jocelyn Hurwitz.

Let the party begin!

They’re all thieves. If the court shuts it down it’ll be appealed. They can’t cover up blatant fraud.

The whole Fairfield county family court cabal and arbitration scandal will blow up.

Investigate Alex trembicki and nusbaum. Dirty scoundrels. Follow the money.

Brian Adams.
Brian Adams.
11 months ago

Nussbaum is a cheat and a fraud and hip deep in the pocket of the Gal, the judge or whomever is the highest bidder. Total whore

Sabbatai Zevi
Sabbatai Zevi
11 months ago
Reply to  Brian Adams.

Nusbaum, Hurwitz, Aldrich, Caverly-Wienberg, Gruen, Horowitz, Adelman, Grossman do not sing Christmas carols.

Sabbatai Zevi
Sabbatai Zevi
10 months ago
Reply to  Frank Parlato

You need to study some jooish history. Where did the term blood libel come from? Where did no-fault divorce come from? What religious order were the Bolsheviks? Who advocated destruction of family, elimination of marriage, abolishment of christian religion? Who tore down hundreds of churches for ‘state’ interest? The act of isolating children from parents has little to do with money, it is an ideology not endorsed by any new testament beliefs. Sorry, family court is the devil’s playground where jews frolic.

Frederick Freedman
Frederick Freedman
10 months ago
Reply to  Frank Parlato

Elliot Solomon is the architect of Connecticut family law, his jurisprudence voids constitutional parental rights and eviscerates religious freedom, children instantly become wards of judicial discretion on application for divorce, family savings become lawyer plunder, it is all jewish, Solomon is a jew, all the nasty judges of the family court are jews, all the nasty GALs are jews, all the nasty psychologists are jews. Wake up, it is a horror show run by jews. Quoting Gardner proves you are clueless, he was a pedophile along with having a brain stewed in mental defects. Ignoring the jewish control of family court is to ignore reality.

AG Tong- please help CT families
AG Tong- please help CT families
11 months ago

Frank- Can you get a list of their “Fairfield country family law” attorneys who are on this private, elite, arbitration team without rules or guidelines?

Are the names posted anywhere? Does this club report their earnings?
Are their records public?

This is clearly a scam. Will AG Tong investigate?

11 months ago

William Tong is probably part of it in some way so why would he investigate? I’m sure Billy Tong knows the shenanigans going on… May they all get the Karma they deserve.

11 months ago

This is an issue for the entire state. We need someone out side Connecticut to come. The attorney general’s office turns a blind eye so far.

Marty Libbster
Marty Libbster
11 months ago

Willie Tong is on the team of childhood rapists, he is the AG because he provides protection, AG does not have to investigate, he is paid to protect the looting. Family Court is a criminal racketeering operation, acting outside the Constitution, under protection of the state. Wake up! Tong is not your friend.

Judge Buzzuto Help?
Judge Buzzuto Help?
11 months ago

Did Connecticut family court administrators ever care enough to collect data on victims of family court corruption?

Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto is the new Administrator of Connecticut’s entire Judicial Branch. Maybe she knows enough and cares enough to start the process.

For example, she should want to know how many litigants have been subjected to “the issuance of a written decision that wrongly states the facts, that is filled with findings that are based on ignoring the law, rules of practice and basic common sense”.

Data collection usually determines policy. The CT judicial branch surveys taxpayers have funded so far asked general yes/no questions such as, “Were judicial branch employees polite?” Judge Bozzuto will probably want to know much more than that.

The FBI won’t say whether or not they investigated Connecticut family courts in 2014-2015 during the “public corruption investigation”.

According to one rumor at the time, someone at the DOJ decided the corruption in family courts had been taking place for so long in networks involving the judicial branch and private offices (sounds like AFCC, Inc) it was “too big to fail”.

2023 is a few days away. How much longer will such obvious corruption be too big to fail?

11 months ago

Let’s hope Judge Bozzuto does something for the good. Not likely— but perhaps with public pressure.

The gals need to be eliminated. It’s a money making factory.

Stefy Dembo
Stefy Dembo
11 months ago

Who thinks Bozzutto, Ficeto, Carroll or even Robinson are working for the people or care about the kids? These are the people who promote and protect childhood rape and looting of family savings. These people are in positions to protect and promote the racket, there is no honesty in state government, it is a machine that devours citizens, destroys culture, harms children, benefits only the chosen. Wake up.

Nusbaums no role model
Nusbaums no role model
11 months ago

Nusbaum should head for early retirement. It’s laughable that he said “I haven’t lost a case in arbitration yet.”

Why yes Eddie, with a scam like yours there’s no possibility of a client ever getting justice.

I’m sure your kids are really proud of you. What a role model you are. 🤣

Turn over phone records Nusbaum.
Turn over phone records Nusbaum.
11 months ago

Let’s see those phone records! Notice how his billings aren’t even broken down. Just a laundry list of bullshit lumped together under his hourly rate.

This guys a clown. A wealthy, criminal clown, but a clown nonetheless.

11 months ago

Affidavits and grand juries will probably happen sometime soon.

11 months ago

All of these “high conflict” aka victim of family violence women and children suffer this- substantially more if some money and sssets are to be had. They bill for full days of court- up to 16 clients in a day! Not one has matching billing. Family bar is public corruption on steroids

Jen T
Jen T
11 months ago

Excellent post, Frank!

I wonder how Nusbaum will answer to these discrepancies. What a scumbag.

11 months ago

Give. It. Up.

11 months ago

This is crazy 🤪 Karen could have used her money to set her and her kids up in a new place, instead she gave it to a stranger. She had years to squirrel money and ditch the sexless marriage. Ambrose was gone and she could have went on with her life. Chris was the wiser. He planned ahead, secured the money and booted the less wiser out of the home.

11 months ago
Reply to  Peaches

He knew how to play the system. He’s an attorney himself and so is his brother- who practices in New Haven. He had the connections and wasn’t going to spend a penny on alimony or child support.

That was his motive. She stupidly asked for a divorce and he wasn’t having it. He consulted Bruce freedman of the afcc, got his ducks in a row, and she was taken before she even entered the courtroom.

Didn’t stand a chance and the kids are the ones who suffer.

11 months ago

It should be headline news.

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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