Christine Marie recalls first meeting with Raniere

Here is a note to the frankreport from Christine Marie, who met Keith Raniere in 1998:

I found a small journal entry noting my meeting Keith!

I wrote this on April 18, 1998, but I was catching up from not having written for a while, so it was not written the exact day I met him.

“I began homeschooling —– and —— in January. I love it.

—– went with me on a train trip to Albany, New York. I am getting involved with the National Health Network. In fact, right now I am on a train alone to Albany. I am hired to do some writing for them. I also want to market for them because they are taking on the Applebrook product line. Keith Ranieri is the founder. He is unique but he scares me. He is supposedly one of the smartest men in the world, but he’s really into energy and sex, and he’s trying to draw me into his way of thinking.”

Interesting that in my first entry I commented on feeling pressured to succumb to his way of thinking, to change my mind about not wanting to be intimate with him…and he scared me.

I was led to believe that he would be integrating my product line, but it was just a scheme I guess: Promise women he would help them with their businesses to convince them to give up everything and move near him.

I’m so relieved I didn’t fall for it, whew!

Christine Marie is thankful she did not fall in with Raniere’s plans.

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