How Should Frank Parlato Respond to Rascal Ed Nusbaum’s Latest Missives?

Connecticut Attorney Ed Nusbaum
Connecticut Attorney Ed Nusbaum

Rascal Ed Nusbaum is at it again. As if submitting questionable billing to clients isn’t enough, now he’s sending threatening lawyer letters to Frank Parlato, publisher of Frank Report and multiple other digital media outlets, including Art Voice, for the “high crime” of reporting all about it.

On February 24, 2023, Parlato received a letter from Nusbaum’s “hatchet man,” Alexander Trembicki Esq. of the law firm of Lynch Trembicki Boynton of Milford, CT.

Trembicki is the “Lawyers’ Lawyer” for CT Family Court’s sharks. He represents Nusbaum on a slew of matters, including a fee dispute with Karen Riordan. Trembicki also represents CT Attorney Nancy Aldrich, the lawyer suing Riordan’s ex-husband, the disgraced Hollowood Writer/Plagiarist Christopher Ambrose, for unpaid legal fees.

Only the best for Ed Nusbaum, who claims he’s a “New England Wrestling Champion.”

Old Man Wrestling Nusbaum
Ed Nusbaum told Frank Parlato: “Anytime you want to take your boxing skills against my wrestling skills, I will put your face into the pavement.” I wonder how Nusbaum looks in tights.

Trembicki’s letter demanded that certain “defamatory” and “libelous” information be removed immediately from the Frank Report and Art Voice websites. Nusbaum wants all the mean (and accurate) things Parlato said about him to magically disappear from the Internet.

Last week, Nusbaum had Trembicki send another letter demanding the removal of “libelous articles” about his client, warning that “the longer they stay up, the more [Nusbaum’s] damages go up.” Nusbaum likely expects a hefty payout for his troubles, but he may be in for a surprise.

Will Parlato have to face off against “New England Wrestling Champion” Ed Nusbaum and his hired guns? Check out the link to Trembicki’s letter and judge for yourself, but be warned: it’s a long, dull read. I’ve summarized the highlights for you below.

Will Rascal Ed Nusbaum Really Sue Journalist Frank Parlato?

Frank Parlato is compelled to respond to Ed Nusbaum’s outlandish demands, if only to defend the integrity of his reporting. The following details how that response could go.

Investigative Journalist Frank Parlato
Award-Winning Investigative Journalist Frank Parlato

Every one of Ed Nusbaum’s demands deserves particularized treatment. But first, here are some general points, many of which were communicated in Frank Parlato’s previous letter published in the Frank Report.

Ed Nusbaum Can’t Sue Frank Parlato in Connecticut

If Ed Nusbaum goes after Frank Parlato, he’ll likely do so in Connecticut State Court, where Nusbaum practices law and all his buddies are. It’s a cozy spot for him. But if Nusbaum claims defamation, as Trembicki’s Letter suggests, he’s gotta serve Parlato himself, per Connecticut law. He’ll need to hire a process server to knock on Frank’s door.

Process Server
According to Section-52-59b of Connecticut law, if Nusbaum wants to sue Parlato for defamation, he must hire a process server.

Since Parlato is not a Connecticut citizen, Nusbaum is, and damages exceeding $75,000 have been alleged, the case could be removed to federal court. This doesn’t bode well for Nusbaum. Any “hometown” advantage he might’ve had would vanish with the case out of the murky waters of the Connecticut State Courts.

To sue someone out of state and avoid dismissal, Nusbaum has to prove a hook that would bring Parlato to Connecticut. Lawyers call this “jurisdiction,” and the rules apply in both state and federal court.

In Trembicki’s letter’s last paragraph, Nusbaum admits Parlato is a journalist, which is correct. Frank has been an investigative journalist for decades, and his work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets worldwide.

Frank Parlato [l] is known for incisive and hard-hitting investigative journalism, including his exclusive jailhouse interview with NXIVM’s Keith Raniere [r].
As a journalist, Frank can’t be sued in Connecticut. Courts have already ruled it unfair to force an out-of-state journalist to answer a case in Connecticut courts based on an article reporting the news, especially on an open internet website. A judge would have to find that Frank Parlato and his media outlets injected themselves into Connecticut, e.g., via interactive website features.

Frank Parlato’s media outlets and websites are solely devoted to journalism and protected free speech. They don’t target individuals in Connecticut for commercial purposes. Neither has Parlato made any statements on the websites that he believed would affect persons in Connecticut beyond news reporting.

CDA Section 230

Nusbaum may argue (as Trembicki has done in his letter) that Parlato is liable for statements made in his websites’ comments section. Nusbaum may claim this is the hook to make Frank answer for his “First Amendment crimes,” but he’d be wrong.

CDA Section 230
CDA Section 230 shields online publications from liability for third-party commenters’ statements.

The Communications Decency Act (CDA) of 1996’s Section 230 governs online liability for third-party content. The law permits online services to moderate content on their platforms in good faith, removing harmful or illegal content, while providing a forum for free speech and diverse opinions.

Therefore, Parlato and his websites face no liability whatsoever for statements made by third parties monitored in good faith to remove obscenity and criminal behavior. This liability shield even applies to commentators from Connecticut.

Nusbaum can’t demonstrate he can sue Parlato in Connecticut, and Frank already told him so on January 29, 2023. Ed must be a glutton for punishment, that old rascal.

Journalism, Free Press Protections, and Rule 11 Sanctions

Nusbaum’s threatening to sue a journalist for doing his job, reporting the news. But he can’t just do that without showing actual malice. That means he has to prove that the journalist knew the reporting was false or didn’t care if it was wrong.

As a newspaper man, Parlato has First Amendment rights and protections from Anti-SLAPP laws. He’s also shielded from disclosing his sources by reporter’s privilege laws recognized by Connecticut’s state and federal courts. Nusbaum won’t be able to identify any of Parlato’s sources.

Newspaper Man
Newspaper Man

Nusbaum and his lawyer should know better, being attorneys themselves. If they go ahead with a baseless lawsuit, they could be hit with monetary sanctions under Rule 11 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

In short, Nusbaum doesn’t stand a chance against the journalist and his news outlets. Any lawsuit is doomed to fail before even getting started.

Nusbaum’s Specific Objections to Parlato’s Reporting

Trembicki’s letter delivered an (at times comical) laundry list of “affronts” to Nusbaum and his “impeccable” reputation.

Art Voice, December 30, 2022

Fraud? CT Atty Edward Nusbaum Billed for Scores of Phone Calls and Emails That Don’t Match GAL Hurwitz Billings –Criminal Charges May Result

Nusbaum is upset about a painting of a man carrying a bag of money.

MK10ART’s painting of Nusbaum is not a defamatory act, but an artistic representation. Nusbaum’s portrayal as a wealthy lawyer could even be a compliment. The work of MK10ART is benevolent and flattering, not malicious.

Nusbaum alleges that only Karen Riordan or Parlato could have disclosed certain information about him. However, due to the reporter’s shield law and privilege, Nusbaum may never be able to uncover the truth. This is a testament to the strength of the American legal system.

Nusbaum takes issue with an article stating that criminal charges may arise from allegations of billing fraud. Such behavior is typically considered unlawful and may result in penalties such as disbarment. Similarly, the Lawyers’ Rules of Professional Conduct prohibit dishonesty and theft from clients.

Nusbaum disputes the amount of money paid to him by Riordan but fails to provide evidence to support his claim. Therefore, there is nothing to be corrected in the reporting.

Finally, Nusbaum disputes comments attributed to specific individuals, but Section 230 provides absolute liability protection to Frank Parlato and his websites.

Frank Report, December 8, 2022

CT Family Court Attorney Edward Nusbaum Fights to Keep File and Work Secret

Nusbaum gripes about a Frank Report article penned by Dick LaFontaine, which alleges Karen Riordan never paid him the claimed $100,000.00 mentioned earlier.

Moreover, Nusbaum moans about comments made by Pat Karoll and Taggart Adams on the same post, which aren’t actionable under Section 230.

Connecticut Judge Anne C. Dranginis
Connecticut Judge Anne C. Dranginis

Nusbaum continues his grievances, pointing out a comment attributed to “Anne Dranginis,” a former appellate court judge, who denies saying, “why does the law protect thieves like Nusbaum?” Nevertheless, Section 230 shields Parlato and his websites from liability.

Lastly, Nusbaum takes issue with the statement that he has a history of misconduct, but provides no evidence to back up his objection.

Frank Report, December 1, 2022

Nusbaum claims a (non-malicious) misspelling of Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto’s name.

Connecticut Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto
Connecticut Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto

Frank Report, December 10, 2022

Nusbaum complains about misspellings and a comment by “Anthony Truglia” referring to “kickbacks to the judges,” covered by Section 230.

Frank Report, November 22, 2022

CT Family Court’s Worst Rascal: Attorney Ed Nusbaum Billed $100 K for Emails and Phone Calls

Nusbaum is outraged by the statement that he billed $100,000 for emails and phone calls. Karen Riordan’s bills and the current lawsuit against her show that the amount is what Nusbaum charged, and no other evidence was provided.

Nusbaum objects to the article’s claim that his clients cannot question their bills. He argues that his retainer agreement encourages clients to bring up any billing concerns with him. However, Nusbaum’s retainer also states that if clients dispute his bills, they must go through arbitration, where they have no chance for discovery and cannot challenge the basis of his billing.

Frank Report, January 14, 2023

Bangkok: Nusbaum’s Unconscionable Retainer Makes Him a ‘S–Bag’ Lawyer

Nusbaum gripes about FR gathering news on his cases. But that’s what the media does, report the news.

He also takes offense at the suggestion of disbarment, which stems from allegations in David DeLeo’s court documents. Nusbaum himself admits as much.

In an article that also involves Trembicki and Portanova, a comment in the section calls them “career criminals.” It’s a harsh opinion, but Section 230 protects Parlato’s website from liability.

Frank Report, January 14, 2023

Clients Allege Nusbaum Malpractice, Billing Fraud; Arbitrator Daniel Portanova to Cover for Him

Nusbaum frowns at a “distorted” portrait of himself, showing “canine teeth.” But, the image was merely a painting, an artist’s creative vision.

Nusbaum questions the statement, “The case of Karen Riordan sparked our interest, and we have already uncovered many similar cases of alleged overbilling, collusion with opposing attorneys, withholding records, and fraudulent billings.” Nusbaum wonders how Frank Report got hold of Karen Riordan’s records unless it was directly provided by her. The media outlet and its journalists are protected under the Connecticut journalist shield law and are not required to reveal their sources. Nusbaum may never find out.

Frank Report, January 13, 2023

Nusbaum’s Fairfield County Family Law ‘No-Rules’ Arbitrators Challenged

Nusbaum takes issue with an artist’s portrayal of his face as a “vulture.” While it resembles more of a hawk or eagle, the “New England Wrestling Champion” should appreciate the comparison. After all, what lawyer wouldn’t want to be likened to Harvey Birdman, Attorney-at-Law?

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law
Harvey Birdman, Attorney-at-Law

The news piece listed the names of 33 family law attorneys Karen Riordan had reached out to via email. It is what it is – reporting the facts.

A comment in the article suggests that the national media should cover the story, which is just someone expressing their opinion and exercising their freedom of speech.

A hypothetical statement bothers Nusbaum regarding Melissa Needle’s response, but it’s not actionable defamation.

Connecticut Attorney Melissa Needle
Connecticut Attorney Melissa Needle

Once again, Nusbaum is bothered by Section 230-shielded comments, including Alex Cuda’s alleged exclamation of “Horsesh*t” and another comment claiming “Nusbaum screws over DeLeo – Sacrifices child for profit.”

Nusbaum is also upset that Paul Boyne mentioned the “long history of legalized plunder” in the Frank Report to a Disciplinary Official. Nusbaum doesn’t deny the existence of such a history, but he’s unhappy Boyne is bringing it up in this context.

January 7, 2023

Riordan Not Alone –Nusbaum Has Been Sued By Clients for Malpractice for Decades

Nusbaum takes issue with accusations that he has achieved nothing of legal note, made no courtroom appearances, and fabricated many phone calls and electronic correspondence in the Riordan case. These claims are rooted in an analysis of Nusbaum’s billing records submitted to Riordan and those provided by the GAL.

Moreover, Nusbaum protests against MK10’s apparent lack of understanding regarding “no-fault divorce.” MK10’s brushwork, however, is admirable.

Evidently, Ed Nusbaum doesn't watch "Shark Week."
Evidently, Ed Nusbaum doesn’t watch “Shark Week.”

Nusbaum complains that his opponents dragged his son into their verbal battles, asking, “Can your kid sculpt a shark?” Another commentator, “Jesse Nusbaum,” insinuates that Nusbaum is willing to let children be abused. Parlato chimes in with his opinion, “I think we will see a documentary coming soon,” which Nusbaum finds objectionable.

Furthermore, Nusbaum takes issue with the statement Riordan accused him of fraudulent billing and withholding records. While Nusbaum insists he provided the file to Riordan’s former counsel, Nickola Cunha, there is no proof that it was delivered or accepted. Riordan denies ever receiving the file, leaving the issue unresolved.

Adding insult to injury, three paintings by MK10 Art depict Nusbaum carrying a bag of money, further “sullying” his reputation as a wealthy and successful lawyer.

Nusbaum is angered by Parlato’s opinions, which could damage his “reputation and respectability,” such as “Run. Don’t walk” and “Beware of him most of all.” As a seasoned lawyer of 50 years, Nusbaum knows that opinions are not defamatory.

Furthermore, Nusbaum is perturbed by a comment made by someone claiming to be “Roy Scheider” on the article, even though the actor died in 2008. Nusbaum seems to have forgotten that his supposed childhood hero from Orange, New Jersey, who starred in “Jaws,” is no longer with us. I wonder how many times Roy Scheider had to “put heads into the pavement” back on the mean streets of the Garden State?

Roy Scheider. Ed Nusbaum's hero?
New Jersey-born Roy Scheider. Ed Nusbaum’s hero?

Nusbaum was bothered by Parlato’s expression of his belief when he said, “I will never agree to their criminal therapy racket that is created to separate mothers and children.” This is another statement of conviction or belief that cannot be considered defamation.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Additionally, missing from Trembicki’s letter is any acknowledgment that Nusbaum provided Alternative Dispute Resolution to Parlato, whose decision to participate in “Special Arbitration” has been ignored and left unanswered:

If Mr. Nusbaum is serious about what he might call the “face in the pavement” arbitration, I am amenable.
If Mr. Nusbaum wishes to settle the matter in this way, please execute a release from your client, holding me harmless for any injuries he may sustain in mutual combat with me.
Upon receipt of Mr. Nusbaum’s release, I will provide the same.
As for the date and venue, I am flexible. However, I am firm that it cannot be Connecticut, where laws seem to be made up as they go.
Also, please advise if Mr. Nusbaum, you, or his designated second, plan to negotiate the rules of combat, such as the use of a weapon[s], holds barred, the obligations, if any, of the victorious party in the event of a fatality, and what legal steps we must take so that our mutual combat is judicially sanctioned in the jurisdiction of the fight.
Finally, if a further dispute arises over our contractual agreement to resolve our dispute by mutual combat, I will not consent to arbitration without discovery, and where the arbitrators are lawyers in his neighborhood who practice the same field of law as he does.
Body Cast
Ed Nusbaum might have a tough time practicing law after his proposed ADR session.
I would consent to mutual combat with a dispute clause that specifies jury trial, and with a contractually binding clause, relative to jury instructions, that the jury may apply the unwritten law of the “fair fight” and disregard punitive damages if the jury finds Mr. Nusbaum’s heirs are entitled to compensation based on the well-settled family law principle that if any person slays or permanently disables another person in a duel, the slayer must provide for the maintenance of the spouse of the person slain or permanently disabled, and for the minor children, in such manner and at such cost, either by aggregate compensation in damages to each, or by a monthly, quarterly, or annual allowance.
If this proposal meets your approval, or if you believe we should talk further, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I haven’t laid my eyes on Las Vegas for years, but the fight of Parlato-Nusbaum is a spectacle you cannot afford to miss. The pressing question on everyone’s mind is how Nusbaum will handle his law firm from the hospital bed. Nevertheless, the wonders of modern technology make anything possible in this day and age.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates on the Parlato-Nusbaum “Big Event.”

One fact we gleaned from Nusbaum’s barrage of legal letters is his claim that his “damages go up” every day that Frank Parlato’s coverage persists. It appears Connecticut’s most notorious scoundrel missed a critical lesson in arithmetic: zeros only hold weight when a corrupt digit precedes them.

About the author

Richard Luthmann

Richard Luthmann is a writer, commentator, satirist, and investigative journalist with degrees from Columbia University and the University of Miami. Once a fixture in New York City and State politics, Luthmann is a recovering attorney who lives in Southwest Florida and a proud member of the National Writers Union. 

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  • What Mr. Nussbaum does isn’t called racketeering, corruption or conflicts of interest. He harms and destroys children and families with “rainmaking through networking” and “black belt networking”.

    Here’s the advertisement on the Associated Press website. A small portion of Karen Riordan’s children’s college fund paid for it.

    It says “ADVERTISEMENT in very light type at the top of the page, several inches above what looks like a typical AP news article headline written by an AP staff writer.

    The headline reads:

    “Community Channel: ‘Rainmaking through Networking’ presentation Jan. 14; Nusbaum family firm names Harold Haldeman partner”

    Staff Writer
    January 11, 2019

    … Rainmaking through Networking … Although networking is a critical skill in business, most people are not as effective at networking as they could be because they never received formal training. Learn how to become a ‘black belt networker’ by learning how to introduce yourself, set measurable objectives and how to best follow up. …”

    The headline news was about adding Harold “Rusty” Haldeman as partner.

  • Frank parlotio it would be really interesting for you to do interview with investigation into Paul . I think the public would like to see who is behind the family court circus. What happened to make him so angry . Something twisted him up. We would like to know.

    • I’ll write the article for you: Paul Boyne is an abusive malignant narcissist who lost his shit when he lost control over his wife. The end.

      • Nusbaum is also a narcissist and a predator.
        He also loses his shit regularly, screams and threatens his clients when they don’t comply, and participates in the abuse of children.

        He steals clients money and signs contracts to drain family resources without informed consent.

        He’s a practiced liar but so are many attorneys in ct family court. Still, nusbaums violations are so great, that he can’t participate in any arbitration with oversight- thus creating his own sham of Justice that FR is exposing. He’s gotten away with it for decades. Time to retire Ed.

      • The fact that PB ends up named in so many decrees these days, sometimes more than the litigants, just proves he’s better at psychological warfare than you, Chris. He’s so deep under your skin you’ll never be free of him. You and all the other freaks will see him every time you close your eyes for the rest of your lives.

        • Yes, Boyne is really good at manipulating vulnerable mothers caught in custody battles and destroying their chances of ever getting custody…but that’s nothing special, most malignant narcissists are excellent manipulators. It’s easy to manipulate when you have no conscience and see other people as mere objects.

          • It’s a fine thing to be able to anonymously diagnose people. And one of the best methods of all is to diagnose in others your own disease.

    • It’s fairly obvious. Go read what the court did to him and his family.

      He may be bigoted but it pales in comparison to the blatant child abuse inflicted by family court attorneys, gals, and custody evaluators- and judges condone it for the money streams.

      The evil, the inhumanity, is seen concealed in family court.

      It’s a for profit racket — an unregulated business of thieves. Child sacrifice and willful destruction of parental bonds to conceal the abuse of psychopaths.

    • PB is a matter of public interest. He’s been writing about the court system for years. I think the Woman were going to loose custody no matter what. He wrote up about Dubric. Please follow up. We want to hear what started it all.

      • Your obsession is really unhealthy, Chris. PB has no origin story as he has transcended into mythological status now, all thanks to a bunch of pedos who cannot help themselves but take the bait, every single time.

  • So little Eddy wants to join Geoff Herzog whose failed Defamation Lawsuit against Nickola Cunha which brought out his own dirt for Frank Report and Chris Ambrose who has obviously made himself into an absolute laughing stock. Little Eddy Nusbaum has gotten away with his reported thievery for so long that he believes he can’t be touched. This “untouchableness” is what fueled Geoff Herzog and Chris Ambrose to continue going after their ex-wives and now Nusbaum is following their lead.

    Nusbaum reminds me of the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Gerry Nadler, Mitch the Bitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, Obama, Biden and a host of other useless idiots in our political system. These people have all gotten away with thievery and lying for so long it appears their crimes originate from a troubling genetic source. I believe Mr. Parlato is sitting in his home and laughing at Nusbaum, as he should be. I would be surprised if the corrupt Judges in the corrupt Connecticut Family Court system haven’t told little Eddie to shut his mouth before they are all exposed in a Courtroom somewhere.

    Does Nusbaum know Geoff Herzog? Do they chat together with Nusbaum playing little Geoffy’s (Linda 24) on-line daddy ready to have sex with him/her? Or does Nusbaum cut his hair short for Chris Ambrose to pretend that little Eddy is a hispanic boy for his own pleasures? Mr. Parlato may be onto something even more weird here. The therapy sessions required after reading those Frank Reports would be numerous. I digress.

    Nusbaum is another Connecticut Family Court player who is frustrated that he has been caught and outed doing what all of those players routinely do; working to make money taking children away from the safe parent and delivering them to a psychologically, physically, potentially sexually abusive and high paying parent. The criminality against innocent parents, predominately mothers, and children is something that the disgraced FBI should be looking into but doesn’t.

    May Nusbaum, Herzog, Ambrose and all those who support these disgusting humans one day receive the natural Karma (not a threat, just Karma) they so deserve for the pain they have caused innocents to experience. Heck, even Jefrey Epstein could not escape his own vile actions

    Mr. Parlato, thank you for bringing the criminality of the Connecticut Family Court system and its players to the light of day. Your work has given hope to those without a voice and without any potential for combating this corruption through this system. Wishing you all the best and please send tickets if you and little Eddy Nusbaum agree to the ADR. Except please demand Nusbaum not wear wrestling tights because that is an image that can’t be washed out of our minds with bleach.

  • Parental alienation has fueled money streams since the 1980’s. It’s begun to run its course thanks to investigative journalists like Frank Parlato.

    Biren-Caverly, court appointed custody evaluator and abuser of children has run into hiding after FR exposed her. Adelman punished Riordan severely for outing his precious pet- and defended this court vendor in the memorandum of decision, showing his bias to the world as he defended his cash cow Caverly.

    But the AFCC and Democratic Party are already moving to a new tactic to destroy families and collect money streams for decades to come.

    That being sexual dysphoria.

    NOW- under the guise of “a child’s best interest” (if we could only ban this phrase) divorcing parents must honor the gender whim of a child. Should a parent refuse the concept of calling Bobby, Barbie- that is a strike against them in family court.

    In California, legislation has just been passed whereby the legislature “strongly suggests” the judge to consider the child’s sexual preference and the parents who refuse to do so, may be considered “less fit” because going against the sexual preference of even a pre-pubescent child caught in the crossfire of a kangaroo court, will cast you in the light of a parent who doesn’t put their child’s needs first and is therefore less fit.

    Get ready for it. They’re pushing the gender fluid, transgender agenda in public schools and in the courts. They’ll take custody from the parent who resists a child’s desire because it’s far more profitable to give custody to the parent in favor of transgender —

    The therapists the court would have to appoint to support the child, the doctors, the therapists, the parental supervisors needed to protect the trans child from the resistant parent will be assigned by the court- securing endless income streams for the court actors, while destroying family bonds and vilifying a healthy parent.

    And for a simple divorce the court imposes itself into the lives and decisions of parents- destroying the family unit for years to come.

    Watch for it. It’s happening. Government and public school agenda.

      • She’s with the AFCC and is a court whore like Linda Smith. She’s pure evil and uses her license as a weapon. She’s a pathological liar who destroys lives of children and is going to have her license revoked.

        • Ahhh another disgruntled “parent” who is pouting over the outcome of his/her custody evaluation.

          • “Ahhh another disgruntled “parent” who is pouting over the outcome of his/her custody evaluation.”


          • Your days of racketeering are numbered. A welt is out of business. No more custody evals ordered in family court.

            FBI investigates. Caverly will lose her license. She’s a fraud.

            She states children are at possible risk of imminent harm but fails to call DCF. She’s a mandated reporter and must report any risk of abuse to DCF within 12 hours.

            Caverly never makes a report because there is no risk of harm.

            Case after case caverly shocks the healthy parent and steals children but not once dies she notify dcf.

            Horwitz and freedman never report to dcf because there is no harm and they are handing children to their abuser.

          • “Cry harder, pedophile. Justice is coming for you”

            You are the one who brought up pedophilia. I’m sorry if you were abused as a kid but that doesn’t give you the right to accuse innocent people of being pedos. If anyone here is a pedophile, it is probably you. Tell me, can you go one single day without imagining children being raped? Might want to see a shrink for that.

          • [Biren-Caverly] “states children are at possible risk of imminent harm but fails to call DCF. She’s a mandated reporter and must report any risk of abuse to DCF within 12 hours.”

            Dr. Kenneth Robson was an evaluator in a few hundred Connecticut family court cases. He was affiliated with Hartford Hospital’s “Institute of Living”, where many Catholic priests from all over the nation were set up to fail.

            In Mr. Robson’s “Custody Primer” for Connecticut’s GAL/AMC certification program, he suggested: “When alienation is taking shape or exists intervention is urgent (he italicized “urgent”) since the elimination of a parent from a child’s life may be at stake. All new allegations of abuse must first (he underlined “first”) go to the GAL/AMC before (he underlined before) going to police, pediatricians, DCF, violations of this route may lead to sanctions.”

          • How about you stop messing with kids instead. Then you won’t have to worry about all the tells you telegraph.

      • RE: Republicans, Democrats, power players and untouchable rings

        Senator John McCain was a Republican. Cindy McCain still is. She’s also now the Executive Director of the World Food Programme. Maybe Dr. Biren-Caverly will eventually see how human trafficking hides in plain sight in family courts. Maybe she’ll eventually write a book about everything she’s witnessed.

        As Mrs. McCain said: “You know, it’s like everything. It hides in plain sight. Epstein was hiding in plain sight.
        We all knew about him. We all knew what he was doing. But we had no one that was – – no legal aspect – -that would go after him. They were afraid of him. For whatever reason, they were afraid of him.

        All of a sudden, someone said, ‘B.S. We’re not afraid of you anymore and what you’re doing is not only wrong, it’s illegal – – it’s you know – – all those things.’

        It’s like a house of cards, now. It’s going to start tumbling, believe me.

        And these guys – – if they don’t leave the country, number one, they’re gonna get caught – – and not only will they get caught, but they’re going to be made examples of. And that’s exactly what we should be doing with these guys, especially. …”

      • If a family court judge orders a child into “therapy” with Ms. Biren-Caverly and if Ms. Biren-Caverly gives the child the books “Flamer” and “This Book is Gay” to “enrich and support“ the child, if one of the child’s parents protests, the “family court judge” can punish that parent. Family courts do whatever they want to children and good parents can’t do anything abut it. It’s a nightmare.

        The public has no idea what’s happening in “family courts”.

        “… The books have been in the Staples library for as little as under two years, for ‘Flamer’ and nearly eight years, for ‘This Book is Gay.’ …”

    • If there is consideration for second chance before crime was committed before 25. Children can not have a say in relationships with parents before 18. No child should be making such a large desissions on gender medical treatment before 18 or 25.

  • Judge Adam Taggart intervenes in both Sabina Brandts case and Riordan’s case to rule in favor of Nusbaum and Trembicki. He moves in to confirm arbitration award to Nusbaum in Brandt’s case and moves in to force Riordan to arbitration with Portanova– despite a hearing on the docket scheduled by prior judge. J Adam Taggart eliminated the hearing and made a court order to force Riordan to the illegal arbitration, thereby violating her right to be heard as ordered by prior judge. Larceny abounds.

    • “Taggart eliminated the hearing and made a court order to force Riordan to the illegal arbitration”

      It’s not illegal. Just because you wish it were doesn’t make it so.

        • Yes, I saw that a while bsck. But choosing a lawyer among many is a bit different from going to the only indoor ski lodge in the area. And in Riordan’s case, the court has upheld the contract, didn’t it?

          • I’d argue the bargaining power differential is greater with a lawyer and an unsophisticated client than between a ski lodge and a skier for many reasons. The biggest issue is that while the “morals of the marketplace” may apply to ski lodges, lawyers have a fiduciary duty, and if not, at least a heightened duty. CT Supreme Court has adopted Meinhard v. Salmon and it’s progeny. That’s a strong argument Riordan should be putting forward.

          • “ I’d argue the bargaining power differential is greater with a lawyer and an unsophisticated client”

            But was she unsophisticated? She’s highly educated and, by the time she signed up with Nusbaum, was very familiar with the term “discovery” and what it means. She had been through at least one other family law lawyer before him,if not more than one, and would know what a typical lawyer contract looks like.

          • Re: Riordan being unsophisticated…I believe Nusbaum may have been her 4th family law attorney during this divorce. She was certainly familiar with family law attorney contracts by the time she signed with Nusbaum. She has advanced degrees and was years into her divorce battle which involved subpoenas of records from both parties, so she certainly knew what discovery meant.

      • “Re: Riordan being unsophisticated…I believe Nusbaum may have been her 4th family law attorney during this divorce …”

        You’re obviously not a mother, father, guardian or grandparent who lost everything after thinking Connecticut family courts protect children.

        Most protecting parents pay at least four or five attorneys before seeing how that game is played.

  • Nusbaum and Trembicki are playing the same sleezy game of larceny to Sabina Brandt (CASE: The paperwork is nearly identical, the plays are the same. They have forced her to the illegal arbitration despite her request for a jury trial: chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/

    Sabina Brandt knows Nusbaum’s “alternative arbitration” with their Fairfield county court buddy, (likely) Portanova, will result in all monies going to Nusbaum. He’s gotten away with this for years, which is why he told Frank with confidence that he’d win every penny of arbitration against Riordan. Corruption pays.

    The court recently told Riordan her concerns re: no-discovery, denial of transcripts, and denial of a copy of her file by Nusbaum (all in violation of due process and rules of professional conduct) could be raised AFTER arbitration.

    That Riordan could return to court once Portanova made his determination in the arbitration that has no-discovery, no rules and no oversight; and at that time Riordan could raise the unfairness of being forced into arbitration under these conditions. Ass backwards.

    Nusbaum has done the same to Sabina Brandt who did not show up for the scam of an arbitration. And now Trembicki files motions to block any claim against Nusbaum–

    Same playbook. Same violations of due process. Same theft of funds and abuse of clients and their children by Edward Nusbaum. The same judges slide in and grant motions by Trembicki and Nusbaum– among them HON JOHN KAVANEWSKY– old timer who defended the pedophile Monsignor William Genuario.

    And now we must ask, is Monsignor William Genuario — a known sex offender and pedophile, related to the current judge ruling in Nusbaum’s case: HON ROBERT GENUARIO

    • “They have forced her to the illegal arbitration despite her request for a jury trial”

      It’s not illegal. She signed the contract agreeing to arbitration. Later requesting a jury trial means zilch.

          • Find something else to do sissy Chrissy. You troll the internet fir young Latinos and now you sue parlato while you troll his blog, and incessantly make comments – again taking on different personas.

            But your writing skills are lacking- thus your plagiarism- and your message is the same regardless of feigned voice.

            You’ve lost. You’re a lonesome loser who’s kids know you and despise you.

    • Those who destroy children and families with “family courts” are infiltrators, too.

      “… In ‘Infiltration: The Plot to Destroy the Church from Within’, Taylor Marshall touches on a topic that is deliberately ignored today. …

      This hostility has reached its peak in our day. Not a few high-ranking members of the Catholic Church’s hierarchy have not only yielded to the relentless demands of the modern world; they are, with or without conviction, actively collaborating in the implementation of its principles in the daily life of the Church in all areas and on all levels. Many wonder how it could happen that the Church’s doctrine, morals, and liturgy have been disfigured to such a large extent. …

      … The first infiltration in the Church happened with the apostate apostle Judas Iscariot. Since then, there have been in the Church intruders – priests, bishops, and even in very rare cases, popes – whom Our Lord called “wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

      It is noble and meritorious to sound the alarm when robbers and other intruders are secretly breaking into the house and poisoning the food of its inhabitants. In the past fifty years, such an alarm has been sounded several times by courageous bishops, priests, and lay faithful. Those in responsible offices in the Church, however, have not paid due attention to those alarms, and so the intruders – wolves in sheep’s clothing – have been able to wreak havoc, undisturbed, in the house of God, the Church …

      Christus vincit! Christus regnat! Christus imperat!

      + Athanasius Schneider Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Saint Mary in Astana …”

  • Nusbaum has been deceiving his clients and signing agreements without their informed consent for decades. He works in collusion with opposing counsel. Nusbaum has signed his clients up for supervised visitation without his client’s knowledge and consent. He also signs “stipulation agreements” that are in direct opposition to his client’s position and directives. “Specifically, the plaintiff claimed that the defendants negligently had entered into a stipulated agreement on behalf of the plaintiff in which the plaintiff was permitted only supervised visitation with his children.”

    Here, Nusbaum once again signed his client up for supervised visitation– he signed this stipulation agreement with the court without his client ever knowing he had done so. He did the same in multiple cases since 2007. Nusbaum purposefully undermines his clients position and desire– and sells out his client and their children.

    This memorandum is the trial court’s decision from the remand of the Supreme Court: “The judgment is reversed and the case is remanded to the trial court for further proceedings according to law.” DeLeo v. Nusbaum, 263 Conn. 588, 601, 821 A.2d 744 (2003).

    The court finds the following facts. The plaintiff, David DeLeo, brought this action against the defendants, Edward Nusbaum, an attorney, and the law firm of Nusbaum and Parrino, P.C., in which Nusbaum is a principal. The plaintiff claimed that the defendants had failed to represent him adequately in a dissolution action brought by his wife. The plaintiff commenced this action against the defendants by service of process on June 27, 1996. In his complaint, he alleged that twelve acts or omissions by the defendants constituted negligence. Specifically, the plaintiff claimed that the defendants negligently had entered into a stipulated agreement on behalf of the plaintiff in which the plaintiff was permitted only supervised visitation with his children.

  • Nusbaum turns divorce into high profit– $294,831
    On June 25, 2007, pursuant to a written retainer agreement, Colon-Collazo retained plaintiff to represent him in a divorce proceeding in Connecticut. Both Colon-Collazo and Thomas P. Parrino, Esq. (“Parrino”), a principal with Nusbaum Parrino, signed the retainer agreement. The following day, defendants added their signatures to the agreement under a paragraph that reads: “WE HEREBY IRREVOCABLY AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, MY OBLIGATION TO PAY JUAN COLON-COLLAZO’S LEGAL FEES PURSUANT TO THE PROVISIONS RECITED HEREIN.” (Pl.’s Application Attach. Ex. A at 6.)

    Around August 28, 2008, Colon-Collazo chose to replace plaintiff as his attorneys. That firm alleges that at that time Colon-Collazo owed it $294,831.87 for legal services rendered and costs incurred. Despite demand, both Colon-Collazo and defendants refused to make payment thereon. On November 6, 2008, pursuant to a provision of the retainer agreement requiring arbitration of any fee disputes, plaintiff commenced an arbitration proceeding against defendants with the American Arbitration Association “to recover the fees due and payable, together with interest and costs in this matter including legal fees.” (Pl.’s Application Attach at 4.)


  • Discrimination against Catholics in Connecticut public schools AND in Connecticut public “family courts” says:

    WHERE’S the petition addressed to Connecticut State Attorney General William Tong asking him to investigate hiring practices, potential illegal discrimination and misconduct among family court judges, lawyers and associated private family court vendors?

    Attorney Nickola Cunha noticed discrimination in Connecticut “family courts”. What happened next? Which individuals in Connecticut decided to silence Attorney Cunha? Why did the office of the Attorney General not investigate discrimination in family courts when she witnessed discrimination?

    Discrimination against Catholics clearly occurred in Greenwich public schools — and in family courts.

    “GREENWICH, CT — Jeremy Boland, the Cos Cob School assistant principal under investigation for comments he made in a viral video released late last summer, will resign effective June 30, according to Greenwich Public Schools.

    Earlier this month, the school district accepted a letter of resignation from Boland, who was placed on administrative leave on Aug. 31, 2022, after a surreptitiously recorded video posted by Project Veritas appeared to show Boland making disparaging remarks about Catholics and his own personal hiring practices in the workplace.

    • He resigns. No findings of wrong doing. They cornered Greenwich public schools which should have fired him months ago.

      • That’s what it looks like when the state pushes religion in secret, with secrets — many, many, many secrets.

  • Is it just me, or does Nusbaum look a bit like a used cars salesman ? Are those real teeth? What gives

  • Chris Ambrose could start his own blog called “ The Marshmallow Man’s revenge” Heck, maybe turn it into an animated series.

    Since he’s not above plagiarizing, he could just photoshop his face over Wild E Coyote s head.

    First episode should be called Secrets and Fries.

  • I hope the lawyers do go after Frank there are hundreds of people who can go testify to the fraud that is going on. Just like happened in 2014. This time we are going to demand legal action be taken. Not one person Ed represented has come on here. There are hundreds even thousands of people in Connecticut that have been the victim of fraud. If you don’t think they are not connecting evidence. It’s time to shut down the Connecticut family court. It’s just begun with calvery. We had enough.

      • Ahhh so that’s what all the victims for decades before this forgot to do? Demand legal action! Why didn’t they think of that?!

        Go ahead and try it, newbies. See where it goes…

          • Seriously, Anonymous 9:23.

            What kind of legal action was “demanded” and when?
            In which office(s) were those demands filed?

            We testified at public hearings.
            We filed appeals.
            We gave information to the DOJ.
            We filed complaints with the Grievance Committee.
            We filed complaints with the APA.
            We filed complaints with the health department licensing board.

            When did victims of family court corruption “demand legal action”?

            It seems that’s what victims of family courts need to do next.

    • Trembicki will not file against Frank as he opens Nusbaum up to discovery … a brutal enema for the little shit, exposing the racketeering by the family court bar association … never gonna happen. Alex Cuda and Joette Katz will stomp Trembicki into the ground for even suggesting the suit. The mafia has its own rules, Nusbaum is drawing too much attention, exposing the racket … he will be punished.

    • “Not one person Ed represented has come on here.”

      Exactly. Where is the swarm of angry ex-clients if Nusbaum is such a baddie? It’s Only crazy Karen who wants to renege on a contract she read and signed. Cuckooooo.

        • “Chris – give it a rest. Find a job, find a hot Latino – a twink to avoid arrest and fuck off.”

          I’m not Chris, and you sound like a pervert.

    • Ambrose will never survive a lawsuit against Parlato and neither will Nusbaum because unlike Nusbaums illegal buddy-system of unregulated arbitration, there will be discovery— something Ambrose managed to avoid for three years.

      Since all actors were being paid solely by Ambrose with “marital funds” that wife had no access to and her signature for payments wasn’t required as it should have been, deeming her irrelevant— it was in the courts best interest to allow Ambrose to conceal his finances throughout litigation.

      When Riordan raised the issues, she was ignored, delayed, or it was tossed out and said to take up on appeal.

      Parlato will destroy Nusbaum and Ambrose if either goes to trial. It’ll put an end to family court corruption in Connecticut and expose the abuse of children by Nusbaum and Ambrose. Let nusbaums grown kids see that he does for a “living”.

      • “… it was in the courts best interest to allow Ambrose to conceal his finances throughout litigation.”

        It was actually in Adelman’s best interest to allow Ambrose to conceal his finances throughout litigation.

        Why did Adelman allow Ambrose to conceal his finances throughout litigation???

  • I refuse to believe the author is an attorney. Any attorney knows that even members of the press can’t show reckless disregard for the truth when they publish. You are doing Parlato no favors by letting him believe that he’s exempt from defamation just because he says he’s a reporter. He will be in for a rude awakening when he sees how many people are going to be sue him because of all the crap Karen Riordon gave him. They will all hire one lawyer together and parlato will have to defend himself.It’s a good thing they pulled your ticket. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • That kind of case precedent would let anyone sue ANY journalist for “reckless disregard” for the truth.

      If a journalist’s “disregard for truth” gets millions. How many millions would “disregard for truth” AND offering medical advice without a license get?!

      For example, Rachel Maddow said on March 29, 2021:

      “… It means that instead of a vaccine being able — excuse me, it means instead of the virus being able to hop from person to person to person to person, spreading and spreading, sickening some of them but not all of them, and the ones it doesn`t sicken don`t know they have it and they give it to more people cause they didn`t recognize it, alright?

      Instead of the virus being able to hop from person to person to person, potentially mutating and becoming more virulent and drug resistant along the way, now we know that the vaccines work well enough that the virus stops with every vaccinated person.

      A vaccinated person gets exposed to the virus: The virus does not infect them. The virus cannot then use that person to go anywhere else.

      It cannot use a vaccinated person as a host to go get more people.

      That means the vaccines will get us to the end of this. If we just go fast enough to get the whole population vaccinated.”

      What’s the statute of limitations? 🤔

      • “That kind of case precedent would let anyone sue ANY journalist for “reckless disregard” for the truth.”

        Um, anyone CAN sue any journalist for reckless disregard for the truth.

        • Your reckless disregard and “reckless disregard” are two different things.

    • There’s been no reckless disregard. There’s been no defamation. Please identify what has been published that is untrue.

      Chris Ambrose cannot even identify one false statement. Chris Ambrose had legal and physical custody taken from him by DCF. The children were found to be unsafe in his care. This is the truth. There have been no false allegations.

      Who’s going to sue Frank?

      The gal Jocelyn Hurwitz who charged almost $200,000 and perjured herself for 2+ years? Who worked with the police to try and find a crime against the wife while protecting an abuser? Is she going to sue Frank?

      The custody evaluator, Biren Caverly, who is a fraud and doesn’t fact check her work of slander? Who creates diagnoses that don’t exist? Who is being investigated for her fraudulent reports? Biren Caverly, who says kids are at imminent risk but never makes a report to DCF because they will never substantiate her bullshit. Biren Caverly who should be arrested for her failure to report the alleged abuse. Is she going to sue Frank?

      Dr. Robert Horwitz, who is a known child abuser and has been running his game along with Adelman and Freedman for decades? Robert Horwitz who lied to DCF, who withheld his records and abused the children by separating them from the mother without cause? Robert Horwitz, a mandated reporter who never reported ANY abuse to DCF but then endorses the isolation of children. Is he going to sue Frank?

      William Horn, who engages in a dual relationship to the detriment of a child? Who accepts over $25,000 from Ambrose alone in one year– and then says whatever Ambrose wants the GAL and custody evaluator to hear. Is he going to sue Frank?

      Nancy Aldrich? Is she going to sue Frank for reporting about Ambrose stiffing her $67,000?

      Gee Chris, looks like you’re all alone. And you are perjuring yourself continually. You’re digging your own grave.

      Instead of seeking employment, you seek revenge on those who expose you– those brave enough to stand up to your bullshit and criminal conduct. Those who care enough about the rights of our children to call out the corruption and lies spun by you.

      And you seek revenge for a “big payoff” because all you’ve ever cared about is money, but you’ve never earned an honest living.

      Plagiarism, perjury, and penile dysfunction. That’s who you are.

  • Nusbaum threw his client, Karen Riordan, under the bus in August 2020. He made an arrangement with Nancy Aldrich and Jocelyn Hurwitz. They needed him to coerce his client to act against her best interest and that of her three children. Riordan was onto his game in July– and said as much. Instead of doing right by his client, the scavengers swooped in to take her out of the game–

    Nusbaum did not inform his client of a ‘status conference’ in July 2020. At that conference secreted “stipulation agreements” were made without his client’s informed consent. There is NO RECORDING of this status conference.

    Whether or not a recording is made of a status conference is up to the judge. In this case it was Judge Jane Grossman who took away her legal custody of three children based on a single, unvetted affidavit submitted by attorney Chris Ambrose.

    It’s no surprise the status conference where they conspired to force stipulation agreements regarding the sale of her marital home and steal her children, is NOT RECORDED.

    Nusbaum did the deed for gal pals Nancy Aldrich and Jocelyn Hurwitz. He threatened to quit to force his client’s compliance, and backdated and ‘agreement’ to the court. He also lied to the court when he said he had his clients informed consent on two “stipulation agreements” — one of which his client had never seen.

    As a quid pro quo, gal pals promised to bring Nusbaum onto another case in September of 2020.

    Nusbaum abused and violated all rights of Riordan in August 2020, and then was asked to join Aldrich in another money making case in September of 2020. Details can be found

    Ed joins Aldrich and Hurwitz in Marshall case as reward for fucking over Riordan:

    Attorney: Appearance was E-Filed ALDRICH & ALDRICH (409128)
    WESTPORT, CT 06880
    Appearance For: Family Superior Court Only File Date: 09/27/2019
    Attorney: Appearance was E-Filed NUSBAUM EDWARD LAW OFFICES OF PC (100615)
    WESTPORT, CT 06880
    Appearance For: Family Superior Court Only File Date: 09/30/2020

    Attorney: Appearance was E-Filed JOCELYN B HURWITZ (406765)
    P. O. BOX 1821
    BRIDGEPORT, CT 066011821
    Appearance For: Family Superior Court Only

    • Sounds about right. There are no court transcripts of these hearings. A consistent pattern. No body knows what is discussed. The judges can’t be held accountable. Even when you are in the court house you are asked to stay in the hall.

  • According to CT law, Ed Nusbaum made a criminal threat:
    “A person is guilty of threatening in the second degree in the state of Connecticut when they: By physical threat, intentionally places or attempts to place another person in fear of imminent serious physical injury. Threatens to commit any crime of violence with the intent to terrorize another person.

    “Anytime you want to take your boxing skills against my wrestling skills, I will put your face into the pavement.”

    Fortunately, Frank remained undaunted by Ed’s 1950’s wrestling moves…

    At nearly 80 years of age, Ed can’t let go of those days of those glory days, so long, long ago.

      • Name one award Parlato won? Don’t get me wrong, being praised by Catherine Oxenburg is good, but it’s not an award. Journalism 101 = stick to facts.

          • What is an accolade finder?

            I like Frank, but Luthmann does him no favors by making false claims about him. Unlike Luthmann, I’ve been reading this blog for years and had never heard of Parlato receiving an award for journalism. Just saying. Isn’t the truth always fair?

          • No awards?

            In 2022, I won the Frank Report journalist of the year.
            In 2021, I won the Frank Parlato Award for Great Journalism.
            In 2019, I was inducted into the Frank Report Hall of Fame.

            I have many other similar awards, accolades, trophies, certificates, buttons and photos of myself on my office wall.

            The Frank Report Statuary Contest Committee unanimously selected me as the Greatest Writer of the last 1000 years, and will erect a bronze statue of me in heroic pose, which I plan to display in front of my house.

    • The award for the biggest balls.
      The award for fairest fighting journalist
      The award for best journalistic combat
      Frank, I could go on but I don’t want to bore people on how awesome you are, they’ll get jealous

      • I think Frank is a talented writer, but I see no actual journalism awards listed there. I find it very hard to believe that if Parlato had won an award for journalism, he wouldn’t have put it in his bio or ever mentioned it before. Richard, it seems It’s very challenging for you to stick to the truth, as much as you like to recite “the truth is always fair” like a brainwashed sycophant.

    • CT top pick for honest report of the family court legal system. He’s dared to go where others are paid not to

      • Exactly. Thousands of families are viewing his reports. Many of us have reached out to Frank Parlato but live in fear of retaliation– something very real. The court and abusive spouses work in lockstep with GAL’s and court appointed actors to destroy parental bonds and steal your life savings. They try to criminalize parents–and if they can get them locked up they will. But they destroy their reputations and send them into hiding–in fear of their lives. They leave fit parents unable to advocate effectively with no money and living under threat.

        We are the people who Frank Parlato protects. Who he stands up for. There’s no award that could capture what he has done and continues to do on behalf of our children. He speaks the truth of our children’s experiences; of the abuse inflicted upon them by the court and the abusers.

    • … and, Frank Parlato’s a hero.

      Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Bob Woodward was a CIA guy. Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama bombed Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan. Find out who used “Scientology” for what purposes.

      Those who hide behind big, shiny distractions start cults and wars to rule the world. Good people don’t need spotlights and those who crave Hollywood spotlights and Disney rewards need to learn: most people don’t need spotlights or rewards to do what’s right.

      If you research what’s happening in Libya, France, Germany, the rest of “the West” and everywhere else, you’ll find those who started all the “unrest”.

      Read a few Parlato articles from every year since FR started. Frank has done more good for the world than Bob Woodward and Barack Obama — and the powers-that be have attacked him ever since.

      “… The similarities between the two organizations are many: from the use of indoctrination and deception tactics, to going after ex-members who criticize them, and even using the same legal defense. Many of the interviews conducted by The Epoch Times, including one with a former Scientology member who taught NXVIM classes, confirmed many of the similarities.

      The similarities emerged after The Epoch Times reported parallels between the NXIVM case and a new lawsuit launched last week against the Church of Scientology International (CSI) and its leader, David Miscavige. Both cases detail allegations of abuse ranging from human trafficking to child abuse. Some say the new lawsuit is unlikely to go forward, given Scientology’s vast financial resources and its record of settling out of court.

      “It became clear to me that this [NXIVM group] was a group driven by a defined personality of a leader, which is uncannily similar to that of the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard,” cult expert Rick Ross said during testimony at NXIVM’s trial on June 12 …

      … Scientology founder Hubbard, who died in 1986 at age 74, wrote in several of his books about his strategy for persecuting critics. In the 1959 book “Handbook of Justice,” Hubbard wrote:

      “I never forget people who attack Scientology, even punctuation. People attack auditors, staff, organizations, or me. I never forget it until the slate is clear …”

    • The “article for The New York Times ... the following fall ...“ The following fall?! What took the NYT so long?! 🤔 says:

      Anonymous at 10:54 pm:

      Listen to what happened a few years ago:

      … SARAH EDMONDSON: We told this local blogger who had been trying to expose Keith for years. His name’s Frank Parlato. He has a website called Frank Report. And I went to him and I told him about the… about the branding.

      NARRATOR: Another tradecraft tip – when you’re mounting an operation, it helps to figure out exactly who your potential allies are. And you have to be certain of their allegiances. For Sarah, Frank Parlato was one such ally. His blog, Frank Report, published a shocking exposé that went viral within the cult.

      SARAH EDMONDSON: And that was enough to stop the next round of branding, except for we found out later, one continued anyway.

      NARRATOR: The plan was proceeding relatively smoothly. Sarah had become a confident spy, outwardly maintaining her friendships with key members of NXIVM while working to bring them down. But that wouldn’t last. The end of Sarah’s subterfuge began with a call from her proxy.

      SARAH EDMONDSON: She said: ‘Oh, my goodness, Beth is supposed to move to Albany. She’s freaking out.’

      NARRATOR: The proxy had been speaking to a young woman – whom Sarah calls ‘Beth’ – who was struggling with the idea that NXIVM could be anything other than a positive force in the world

      SARAH EDMONDSON: ‘She saw the Frank Report. She doesn’t believe it, Will you talk to her?’ And so I was like: ‘Oh, no, I don’t want to. I don’t want to, I wouldn’t want to put myself at risk in that way.’

      NARRATOR: Eventually, against her better judgment, Sarah called Beth.

      SARAH EDMONDSON: And she’s like: ‘I’ve got to call you right back.’ So she calls me back. And I get her on the phone and she’s like: ‘I don’t know, this Frank Report, it’s full of lies.’ And I said in a moment of exasperation because I was dropping my son off at daycare, said: ‘Oh, my God, Beth, do you need me to show you my f****** brand? Do not move to Albany. This shit is real. It is dangerous. Please, for the love of God, do not move to Albany.’ And she goes: ‘Oh, I didn’t know that. Thank you for telling me. Of course I won’t.’ And she hangs up.

      NARRATOR: A few hours later, the phone rang again. This time, it wasn’t Beth.

      SARAH EDMONDSON: This other woman contacts me, who I’ve been in touch with, and she admits to me that she is in DOS and Beth is her master – and she has already been branded.

      NARRATOR: Beth’s ‘slave’, Melanie, wanted out of DOS. She told Sarah that the leadership had become suspicious of Sarah, Mark, and Nippy. And she had worse news than that. They had asked Beth to record Sarah admitting that she was working against NXIVM. According to Melanie, Sarah had walked into a trap. Remember those phone recording apps we mentioned earlier?

      SARAH EDMONDSON: Which is why she had to call me back, because she just set up the recording app on her phone, call me back and get me on tape saying: “I’ve been branded, don’t move to Albany.” And now I was labeled officially as a defector, not just somebody who was unhappy and leaving, but now the whole organization knew that I was bad news.

      NARRATOR: The gig was up. It was time for Sarah to come out of the shadows. And if you have to reveal your hand, you might as well come out fighting.

      SARAH EDMONDSON: At this point, it is full-on, gloves off, full-on war, and I was not shy about it anymore. And I would tell everybody. I would show them the brand.

      NARRATOR: Sarah and her team were waging an information war. But NXIVM’s specialty was information – they could manipulate it, withhold it, and recontextualize it to suit their needs. As a result, many of Keith Raniere’s most devoted followers could not be swayed.

      SARAH EDMONDSON: And those people, by the way, are still in. Those people are still devoted to Keith. They’ve still not woken up. They still cannot see that he is a sociopath. They still think that what he did was for… maybe not conventional, but for our growth.

      NARRATOR: In the years that have passed since Sarah’s defection, she’s worked tirelessly to expose Keith Raniere. In the absence of any meaningful interactions with the FBI at the time of her leaving, she continued to use the press as a weapon. If she could apply enough heat, NXIVM’s denials would lose their credibility. In the wake of the publicity, the FBI would be compelled to take action, too.

      SARAH EDMONDSON: What happened was we did an article for The New York Times, which came out the following fall, and that article was what initiated the case to be opened by a different district in New York.

      NARRATOR: With law enforcement back in the picture, Sarah could finally bring to bear the huge cache of evidence that she’d collected against the NXIVM leadership.

      What took the New York Times so long?
      What took the DOJ so long?

      “it helps to figure out exactly who your potential allies are. And you have to be certain of their allegiances. For Sarah, Frank Parlato was one such ally. His blog, Frank Report, published a shocking exposé that went viral within the cult.”

      … 🏆 🏆 🏆… 🥇 🥈 🥉… 🏆 🏆 🏆 …

    • If I looked as good as ED with panties on, I’d be prancing around town in em like I was AC Slater at Bayside High.

  • Nusbaum is such a dick. I met some people from Stonington, CT who know him and said he is a total ass clown. His lawyer must be a super tool bag to even represent him. They probably got shut off on Viagra at the Pharmacy and are super agro, so going after Frank to try to reassert their long lost manhood.

    • Dick Butkus dealt with his unfortunate name by become a bad ass. ED deals with his unfortunate name by being an ass clown who still slips into his glory days wrestling panties.

  • Trembicki is a sleaze, violating Rules of Professional Conduct, making false claim that his client Nusbaum is not a sleazebag, both practicing fraud and deceit, incompetence at law. Both need to be disbarred.

    • Where’s the legal community in Connecticut?
      Some ignore, some condone and some fear that misconduct.
      So few question that misconduct.

      • They are silenced. Black listed if they come forward. This goes beyond the attorneys. There are political agendas going along with the court system. Financial insensitive to go along with the broken system.

  • Pretty laughable that Ed Nusbaum is threatening someone that has brought to light how much of a dirt bag he really is. Even funnier is the fact that he claims to be a New England Wrestling Champ. Ed that must have been back in the day when New England wrestlers were the worst in the country. Threatening someone that you would smash their face shows everyone what a “TOUGh” guy that you think you are. Must be nice to bilk and steal money from people and sleep well at night. Karma is a great thing and you will get what you deserve some day soon

  • How would Dr. James Lindsay and Tucker Carlson respond to rascal Ed Nusbaum’s latest missives?

    Dr. James Lindsay might say Marxist politics set firmly in place in Connecticut after “the long march through the institutions” allowed the worst administrators of “family courts” to allow the worst “family court” players to steal millions of dollars from families since the 1980s.

    Dr. Lindsay might say the Marxist long march through the institutions allowed “family court” players such as Nusbaum, Adelman and Freedman “to critique, re-examine, discard, dismantle, subvert and otherwise overthrow” family units and extended families in traditional communities with two set goals: (1) To make lots of money while (2) destroying traditional families and morals.

    Dr. Lindsay might ask you to note the Bolshevik’s first laws for families in their new “Soviet Union” after they overthrew the traditional government there. He might ask “family court” victims if the facial expressions of the worst “family court” players at the most dangerous times for children and families in Connecticut family courts showed pleasure or satisfaction.

    Dr. Lindsay might say: Since Nusbaum might not know who or what allowed him to collect all those millions all those years with that lucrative “family court” corruption, the courage to speak freely about experiences in Connecticut family courts is the most powerful weapon to combat that corruption.

    Tucker Carlson might say: Many of the worst who designed the most destructive “family courts” thought they were God … and, the worst “family law” attorneys working in the worst “family courts” today make millions in and because of that godless system. He might also say: The courage to speak freely about experiences in Connecticut family courts is our most powerful weapon.

    James and Tucker would probably respond to rascal Ed Nusbaum’s latest missives by speaking freely and politely in public about what’s happening in Connecticut family courts. They might respond to the question of what to do about Nussbaum’s missives with many more swear words and much less decorum while speaking among friends.

    When Frank and Richard write here on FR, it’s almost as though they’re communicating in public among friends.

    They’re fighting a corruption so deep and so entrenched that could go on forever if friends let it.

    • Boss Tweed and Tammany epitomize corruption in American history. Thomas Nast used insight and humor to expose their house of cards.

      Hard-hitting prose is satisfying, but nothing beats an enjoyable read. As social creatures, storytelling is inherent to our being. I aim to spin engaging tales, as one would with friends.

    • “So all the way back two thousand years, we have the same complaint about the same people doing the same BS …”

  • Why would you remove it to federal court when you can just let him have his tantrum all by himself in the sandbox of CT? No need to give him an avenue when his little arms can’t reach all the way across state lines.

  • Dear Connecticut family law Attorneys,
    We are tired of your bullshit. We are tired of the poor representation. We are tired of the back door wheeling and dealing. We are tired of you throwing your own clients under the bus. We are tired of the over billing. The majority of us wish no physical harm. We wish to hang your law license over the toilet paper rack. We would like to see you in a jumpsuit. We would like the system to actually work for anyone who passes through the system. Their are assholes jumping on the I hate Connecticut family court bus. We hope they fall off. We would like a system that is not run based on profit to the state and the attorneys. We understand you deserve to be paid for your actual represention. We don’t want to be forced to use your uneithical friends.
    If the attorney looks like shit, smells like shit , as well as leaves a giant skid mark on your bank account. Then they are probably an absolute complete piece of shit. Report on Frank

  • Nusbaum owes MK10art a huge thank you!

    What exactly does he think he looks like? Her art makes him look young, vibrant, and relevant– even as a swindler.

    In reality, he’s a tiny, homely, little man, who sadly believes year round tanning and a silver Porsche will camouflage his flawed being.

  • Whatever happens, I hope that none of us show up at [redacted] in Westport. That would be unfortunate, so please don’t show up, or do anything bad at [redacted]. In Westport.

    • Snolax — I had to redact the address for the safety of people who might try any funny business around Ed Nusbaum. As you may not know, he was the Eastern Coast wrestling champion in 1976 and I do not want any of my readers hurt, pinned down or have their face shoved in the dirt as Ed is wont to do.

    • You would Ed, wouldn’t you? Or else you’ll have to flex some “New England Wrestling Champion” muscle. 🤣🤣🤣

      Bernstein never gave Nixon a day off. Parlato’s not giving Nusbaum one either.

      • Paranoid much? I’m not Nusbaum. I’d just take it down bc Who gives a shit about a billing dispute between one client and her lawyer? It’s not a hill worth dying on or even worth the hassle of Frank filing a single piece of court paperwork over.

        • Nusbaum has already threatened to sue Frank, claiming damages increase daily. This is well beyond a billing dispute. Short of a negotiated settlement, neither side is going to stand down.

          • The articles in question are about a billing dispute between a lawyer and his then-wealthy customer. BFD. In my opinion Frank should save himself the hassle and just take them down or revise the inflammatory stuff. It’s not worth the bother to go to court bc Karen apparently failed to read her contract before signing. Why should Frank need to ‘wrestle’ with the courts and waste time and resources over something so minuscule as 1 person is miffed with a legit contract she signed? It’s not an important topic worth his time in court, imo. This article asked what Frank should do, and that’s what I think he should do.

          • You are seriously comparing a private family law attorney with an unhappy client to an impeached President of the United States? Are you in a bipolar mania or something? Earth to Richard! Take yer meds.

          • So anon knows it’s just inflammatory and not defamatory. Cool. So then Frank can just keep the articles up and still not bother going to court about it…. Go suggest to little Ed that it’s not worth wasting court time over 1A speech he doesn’t like.

          • “Yep. From where I’m sitting, both were crooks.”

            And technically, you and Frank are “crooks.” Nusbaum has no criminal record. Your pious stance toward Nusbaum is pure hypocrisy.

          • “So anon knows it’s just inflammatory and not defamatory”

            I have no clue which one it is. But even if Frank would win in court, why waste the time and money when you could just make a few revisions to the posts? Fighting in court is too much of a hassle for such a minor issue as someone else’s client/lawyer billing dispute. Doesn’t Frank have bigger fish to fry? That is the advice I would give to Frank as a friend. Of course, if he doesn’t mind all the bullshit of dealing with a court case over this minuscule story, then whatever. go for it.

          • “So, you want to get ad hominen.”

            How is stating a fact an attack? A crook is informal for a dishonest or criminal person. You’ve been convicted of crimes = criminal = crook.

            And are you now pretending that ad hominem attacks are not within your playing field? More blatant hypocrisy and fake piousness from you.

          • Ok, unnamed genius. If you would like to get technical, Meriam Webster’s Dictionary defines “crook” as “a person who engages in fraudulent or criminal practices.” I do not engage in fraudulent or criminal practices at this time. I am a journalist. Do I have to explain to you the concepts of time and past/present/future tense?

            Relatedly, the Latin term “Res Ipsa Loquitor” is defined as “the thing speaks for itself.”

            And the term cocksucker is defined as “one who performs fellatio, often used as a generalized term of abuse.”

            Res Ipsa Loquitor, cocksucker.

          • Richard…this Anonymous is likely Chris Ambrose — Advocate of the CT Family Court System and All The Crooks Involved.

          • “Do I have to explain to you the concepts of time and past/present/future tense?”

            And yet you still label people like Chris Ambrose a plagiarist for one incident that happened many years ago. In the past. Pot = kettle. Just saying.

          • I’d give Chris Ambrose another shot at writing. It’s Hollywood that won’t. You can kill someone, and in a couple of years you’ll be back doing pictures (Alec Baldwin). Plagiarism gets you blackballed.

            The whole discussion was about crooks. And being a crook doesn’t even have the stigma it used to, especially after yesterday’s indictment.

        • Ed’s the one who’ll be dying, not Frank Parlato.

          These Ct family law attorneys are the bottom of the barrel. The scavengers. The dumbasses that couldn’t cut practicing real law, so they went the CT kangaroo court route.

          • “And being a crook doesn’t even have the stigma it used to”

            If that makes you feel better, ok.

        • The Unanswered Question” was a lecture series Leonard Bernstein (not Carl Bernstein) presented as the Charles Eliot Norton Professor of Poetry for the 1972/73 academic year at Harvard University.

          Charles was a professor at Harvard. He also worked with the Loyal Publication Society promoting The American Civil War. “The literary and financial elite of Boston and New York” started The Loyal Publication Society in New York and New England Loyal Publication Society in Boston in 1863. They promoted war, not peace.

          Did they want Americans to be loyal to the waging of civil war much like corporate mainstream news provokes national division and international wars today? Who were those “literary and financial elite” in New York and Boston planning and promoting war in 1863? Were their “publication societies“ loyal to all Americans? The British monarchy or the banks?

          Did none of them know Albert Pike?

          Why wouldn’t they simply tell Albert Pike to stop his “Knights of the Golden Circle” campaigns?

          Because “Blacks” didn’t really Matter back then — just as “Black Lives” don’t really Matter now.

          “… James Loeb of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. created The Charles Eliot Norton Memorial Lectureship in 1907 In memory of his former lecturer and friend Charles Eliot Norton. Loeb also gave money to the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry to help his psychiatrist (Emil Kraepelin) open the Max Planck Institute … Kraepelin held racist views about Jews. Ernst Rubin was Kraepelin’s student. Ernst Rudin, was a leading advocate of racial hygiene and forced sterilization or killing of psychiatric inpatients for which he was personally honoured by Adolf Hitler …”

          “… Ernst Rüdin was a Swiss-born German psychiatrist, geneticist, eugenicist and Nazi, rising to prominence under Emil Kraepelin and assuming the directorship at the German Institute for Psychiatric Research in Munich. While he has been credited as a pioneer of psychiatric inheritance studies, he also argued for, designed, justified and funded the mass sterilization and clinical killing of adults and children …”

          “Aaron Burr founded The Manhattan Bank Company in New York in 1799. In 1930, the bank bought The Equitable Trust Company of New York in 1930. John D. Rockefeller, Jr. was the largest stockholder of that bank. In 1955, The Manhattan Bank merged with Chase National Bank, creating Chase Manhattan Bank which is now JPMorgan Chase & Co., one of the largest banks in the world.

          “… The American Rockefeller Foundation funded numerous international researchers to visit and work at Rüdin’s psychiatric genetics department, even as late as 1939 ..”

          “… Sylvia Bernstein (Carl’s mother) … worked as secretary for the War Department. She and her husband were members of the Communist party … she worked as a statistician with Resources for the Future, an economic think tank. She then worked for the Bill Clinton administration where she answered the correspondence of first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton …”

          Tucker Carlson on January 19, 2023:

          “If you really want to understand how the American government actually works at the highest levels, and if you want to know why they don’t teach history anymore, one thing you should know is that the most popular president in American history was Richard Nixon. Richard Nixon. Yet somehow, without a single vote being cast by a single American voter, Richard Nixon was kicked out of office and replaced by the only unelected president in American history …

          Richard Nixon believed that elements in the federal bureaucracy were working to undermine the American system of government and had been doing that for a long time. He often said that. He was absolutely right. On June 23, 1972, Nixon met with the then–CIA director, Richard Helms, at the White House. During the conversation, which thankfully was tape-recorded, Nixon suggested he knew “who shot John,” meaning President John F. Kennedy. Nixon further implied that the CIA was directly involved in Kennedy’s assassination, which we now know it was … Bob Woodward had no background whatsoever in the news business. Instead, Bob Woodward came directly from the classified areas of the federal government. Shortly before Watergate, Woodward was a naval officer at the Pentagon.

          He had a top-secret clearance. He worked regularly with the intel agencies. At times, Woodward was even detailed to the Nixon White House, where he interacted with Richard Nixon’s top aides. Soon after leaving the Navy, for reasons that have never been clear, Woodward was hired by the most powerful news outlet in Washington and assigned the biggest story in the country …“

          Albert Pike, Ernst Rubin, Adolf Hitler, Jeffrey Epstein, Bob Woodward, Hillary Clinton, Victoria Nuland, John Kerry, Richard Blumenthal, Gerard Adelman, Ed Nusbaum.

          They’re all the same.

          • How they’re all the same:

            “… In 1932 communist W.Z. Foster predicted the destruction of America’s “education, morality, ethics, science, art, patriotism, religion” was necessary to establish a “New World Order.”

            America’s social, economic, and sexual stability rested on Judeo-Christian beliefs and laws − abstinence before and faithfulness during consensual heterosexual marriage.

            Her national health and wealth testified to the success of this normal biopsychological sexual model. From 1941, when America entered WWII, the Rockefeller Foundation (RF) began funding the work of Dr. Alfred Kinsey, who would have been known to RF as a sadomasochistic bi/homosexual.

            RF backing ensured Kinsey’s 1948 book, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male instant popularity; “the Kinsey scale” codified “fluid sexuality” for the future, ensuring his enduring international fame.

            RF connected Kinsey with a wider network of RF-funded scientists. From c.1946 Kinsey partnered with RF’s Columbia-Greystone Brain Project at New York’s “Snake Pit,” Rockland Mental Hospital. The results of Kinsey’s studies of sexual responses of lobotomized patients, are sanitized in Kinsey’s 1953 book Sexual Behavior in the Human Female …

            … The 1955 RF-funded Model Penal Code (MPC), drafted by RF’s approved team, citing Kinsey, would over-turn prior sex laws, including obscenity laws by 1957, and trivialized sexual abuse.

            In 1964, the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS), funded by Playboy, and based at the Kinsey Institute, taught schools to disparage chastity, heterosexuality and monogamy.

            Soon, with “obscenity exemptions” allowed for “education” K-12 instructed in exotic sexual behaviors. Ever-greater upticks in child rape, pornography and deadly STDs have, predictably, followed.

            In 2014, the Kinsey Institute (KI) won United Nations consultative status for “educational” materials which aimed at over-riding the most basic instinct for self-preservation in children of all ages, effectively preparing them to co-operate with RF’s social change agenda …”

            “Social change agenda”?

            That’s only “a conspiracy theory”, right? … right?


    • It goes far beyond a billing dispute. Nusbaum is a snake who abuses children and parents — he’s gotten away with it for years and it’s time to expose the abuse, trauma and larceny against many, many clients.

      Riordan is at the end of his career but many have come before. He does no work. He’s a bullshit artist who rarely goes to court, rarely files a motion, and makes hundreds of thousands in false Billings- 100,000 in phone calls and be emails in Riordan’s case.

      Signing “agreements” that were never agreed upon by his clients. He’s a sick snake.

      It’s just over 5ft tall and he’s a bully. A hot tempered little man who hides behind other attorneys and has no skill. He lies for a living.

      • “He does no work”

        And yet, people keep recommending him and seem happy to accept his 750/hr fee. 🤔

        • Is “work” more emails and phone calls than family court hearings?

          Aren’t family court judges supposed to be objective and neutral, writing rulings based on facts and evidence rather than emails and phone calls?

          What’s the operational definition of Mr. Nussbaum’s “work” in Connecticut family courts?


          That’s because attorneys cover for attorneys and judges in family court cover for attorneys 🙂

          IT’s also bc Nusbaum has an illegal agreement which unsuspecting clients sign– one would not imagine a legitimate attorney would have a contract that violates due process rights.

          Then Nusbaum and Trembicki force clients to a sham of an arbitration with Portanova– everything is sealed. Judges are hand picked to push clients to the illegal arbitration which has no rules, no oversight and no laws apply.

          • “one would not imagine a legitimate attorney would have a contract that violates due process rights.”

            Due process doesn’t apply to private arbitration, it’s for public litigation in courts. Nusbaum has done nothing to violate anyone’s constitutional rights.

          • “Very true. So which of the Lawyer’s Ethical Rules is applicable for treating clients unfairly and dishonestly?”

            Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Nusbaum is doing nothing illegal. I’d also argue it’s not unethical. The contract was written in plain English. he is at fault for using the legal options available to him to protect himself? If you don’t like it, fight to change the system. Don’t crucify an 80-year old small town family law attorney for trying to save time and aggravation in court.

          • So what he did was arguably unethical?

            I don’t hate on Ed Nusbaum. He’s had a great run. FR has the paintings that show how wealthy and successful he’s been.

            But many people think he’s left a path of devastation in his wake with activities that you have admitted are “arguably unethical.”

            My two cents is that he and Parlato should get on the phone and work this one out. This isn’t the hill anyone should die on. Parlato was one hell of a boxer back in the day, and long after Ed was a “New England Champion.”

            And anyone who knows wrestling knows the fifth and sixth place guys in Iowa and Ohio would pin a “New England Champion” in the first period.

          • “So what he did was arguably unethical?”

            I’m using common speech, not legalese. I’d argue/say that it’s not unethical. That’s my POV. He didn’t hide the terms. They were up front, in large font, in plain English, and immediately above where Karen signed. Limited or No discovery in arbitration is common practice bc discovery is what takes up the lions share of time. If you don’t like the terms, don’t sign.

            And sorry, but, I’m highly skeptical of those boxing claims.

          • “Some people are happy to send hit men, drug cartels and crooked politicians $750/hr, too.”

            No one would pay a hit man, cartel or politician if it was known over 40+ years that the payment accomplished nothing. So it sounds to me like Ed actually does do work, unlike what someone posted earlier.

  • Trembicki, Nusbaum and Portanova have been running this scam against unsuspecting clients for decades. It’s about time they were exposed.

    His contract is illegal and certain judges (like Taggart) cover for him. Portanova works with and for Trembicki. The paperwork in all cases shows that, but it’s all “under seal.”

    This is the tip of the iceberg of all Nusbaum has done to innocent clients. He regularly signs contracts without informed consent, hanging his clients out to dry– and gets payoff from the opposition. His career is far from sterling. It’s just been buried well. Keep digging! Bodies are buried.

    • “His contract is illegal ”

      It’s not illegal at all. It’s standard to have limited or no discovery in private arbitration.

        • Where is the law that says you have to use AAA, JMS etc? Aren’t those private, for-profit organizations? There is no law dictating their use in private arbitration.

          • Hanks v. Powder Ridge…Tunkl factors… Nusbaum might stop the gravy train for every Connecticut lawyer if he makes this a test case.

            If this were Alabama, I wouldn’t be worried. Much harder to justify in “woke” CT.

  • Attorney misconduct as displayed by Nusbaum in his underwear, Trembicki in his bra and g-string, required summary disbarment to protect the court.

  • Frank reports news the way Tucker Carlson, Rachel Maddow and every other news person reports news.

    Why would Nussbaum think he could silence a news reporter? 🤔

  • “Nusbaum is upset about a painting of a man carrying a bag of money.”

    Who’s the guy carrying the swag bag? Has to be protected by artistic license, and surely too good looking to be Nusbaum!

  • Frank, I know you get tons of requests. If you ever get time, please spend a couple days doing FOIA requests or teach me how and I will do it for you so you can publicly out the William Ridgeway Family Relations court. Judge Jimmy “gimme all your money” started two programs that literally allow him to trade favors for attorneys to take judge appearances. I have been seeking help for a huge number of felony crimes and federal crimes even committed by judges against me for years. I can’t even file a document now, because when I filed an appeal, Judge Ueda got angry. She has refused to substitute out that lawyer, who dropped me mid appeal due to threats, and I can’t file anything. The family court facilitator wont help because “you have an attorney” substitution has been filed twice without being returned for denial, and it hasn’t been accepted by Judge Ueda, because I informed opposing attorney Carla Harms (temporary judge, criminal, scum, child abuser, ripoff artist) that I was preparing removal for inpropriety filings and prejudice against the judge for implied prejudice in findings and orders (she echoes Harms insults). I have been sanctioned for Laura my STILL wife crashing my car and canceling the insurance without my consent. She has been embezzling that car the whole time, and even got the court to hear it under the restraining order, even though the car is mine separately and in my name. She has crashed that car approximately 8 times in the past 3 years, all with our son in it. I think she does these things for attention somehow, or she’s the worst driver on the planet. She owes $15,000 and has paid 0 on it. I would gladly give all of that to anyone who can get me away from Judge Ueda and more importantly awat from Judge I mean scumbag Carla Harms. I haven’t seen my son since June. A copy of my file shows Judge Ueda has been refusing to include my filings in violation of state and federal law, in order to prevent records of Carla Harms committing felonies, because her coworker (as Judge Ueda admitted she considers her in the last hearing) would no longer be able to trade favors for human trafficking. Judge Mize has been fucking up family court and hiding the actions of the judges in that court for 20 years. They recently laid off a bunch of reporters, probably because they wouldn’t make reports disappear when told to, like they did with my trial and the video recording of it, and in the hearing where no reason was given for granting a permanent order against me (lifetime) when I had 0 contact and 0 violations of orders and her prima facie was “his way of thinking is concerning” and that I had exercised my first amendment rights in protesting the court. I also recorded Judge Ueda admitting she was going to shield Carla Harms from felony charges. Please help. I am inches from this corrupt court assigning my home to this lawyer to pay her fees for victimizing my family. I have orders to see our son, but they refuse to cooperate, knowing I am now broke and can’t get the judge to substitute me to in pro per. Please help me. I am a disabled veteran with no violent or criminal history and I am a good and loving father for our son, named for me and my hero grandfather. I am not hiding who I am, because I am not guilty. There wasn’t any claim of violence or threats. Laura even admitted to spousal battery and didn’t admit it but also poisoned me and then abducted our child the day she was supposed to move out with divorce proceedings looming. Please help my family.

      • Richard, I forgot to tell you— Colbert the other night!

        You remember on The West Wing when Josh & Sam tried to start a fire in a fireplace and the flue was closed?

        Well, Kamala Kneepad Harris was on Colbert, and honest to God, she recounted her having done the exact same thing. Wood. In a West Wing fireplace. Closed flue. Smoke. All chirpy and bashful as she, here: 2:18-2:58

        I don’t care about race or gender or ethnicity or sexuality or neurotypicality of West Wing inhabitants (and have never understood those who vote by demographic), but I want somebody in the West Wing smart enough to love the writing of The West Wing. Not the politics necessarily, but the writing. Her people failed her debate prep for Colbert badly, and should be fired immediately. You would have adored it, Richard. (Hmmm. Did Colbert catch it and cover for her? 🧐)

        PS Why don’t people sign their names to what they write here? (Or anywhere?) Aaron Sorkin remarked that “when he writes something, he puts his name on it. I do so. Frank does so. You do so. It seems to me if someone wants to disavow what they say that fails many of the Right Speech prongs.

        • Do you know who Thomas Paine is? Good grief.

          Why might people who have had their children and all their assets stolen by a pedophile mafia mossad front, who get hunted down like pigs for years, not want to sign their names on their comments????? It’s so hard to understand…

    • Indeed! It’s a rude awakening for CT attorneys.

      The wrath will be strong – adult tantrums as shown by Nusbaum are the result of a career in the shadows- stealing money with court endorsement.

      The larceny against Riordan is how Nusbaum has made his career.

      Hardly “impeccable!”

      His kids will be ashamed. The emperor has no clothes.

  • Main Event:

    Frank “NXIVM Nuker” Parlato
    Ed “Cialis Phallus” Nusbaum

    Old Eddie still butt hurt. Sounds like he’s been freebasing Cialis and burned his lips.

    Can this be a Thunderdome match? Or are there rules beyond: “Two men enter, one man leaves…”??

  • As Supreme Court Justice Brandeis said over 100 hundred years ago, “Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants.” Frank Parlato, Richard Luthmann and many others are doing such important work to enable sunlight to shine on dark characters like Ed Nusbaum.

    Nusbaum and so many others associated with the family court system in Connecticut have undermined justice and have facilitated the absolute mistreatment of people like Karen Riordan and her children. This is an ongoing perversion of justice that needs to be covered more broadly. How many families are being destroyed because of the greed and callousness of Nusbaum and his cronies, who appear to be driven by money and nothing else?

    • “Important work”? Arguably, this is the most important work that can be undertaken. Investigative journalism of this caliber brings to account those unworthy of the sacred trust reposed in them. The public revelation of fully verifiable conduct of those who exploit this trust is a mighty deterrent. One cannot serve two masters, it is said. Frank (and Richard) are simply setting out in stark relief the facts that indicate the master that is chosen.

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