It’s Not Over Yet: Revisiting the Jusse Smollett Alleged Hoax or Hate Crime

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  • It’s hard to even look at this low life charlatan. He TRULY gave black and or gay people a black eye. Much like the Al Sharpton/ Tawana Brawley hoax..she too lied right up until the end dropping all charges for the “white racist sheriff’s ” in upstate NY. The MSM persecution was unrelentingly viscous. So much so that one of the sherriff’s deputy COMMITTED SUICIDE.

    He is sickening to look at. His mother SHOULD be EMBARRASSED and revolted. The world should boycott ANY production he is ever involved with..after he gets out of prison.


  • It’s so sad a person reporting a attach on them because of who they are you want to degrade them what would he have to lye for he has to much to lose are you for real ? Oh I get it because he didn’t want to give up no money . did you ever think those two man were lying ? That’s why they went back to there country , and you won’t find them .Emiper needs to know every time they run a rain you still have to pay Jessie he’s the reason why I watched the show him and Cookie bring him back what happen innocent until proven guilty you just dropped the man for real ? That’s sad it’s all about money right so you want to bring that man down like that.

    • why would they lie? they are the fall guys?…makes no sense…how did Jessie know they were WHITE MEGA supporters when they were wearing masks??..doesn’t add up ..its a HOAX

  • Another thing that I cant understand about the text exchange is that the dates dont appear to make sense.
    The messages where Smollett asks one of the brothers to participate in a sexual encounter are dated February 3rd, but the messages where they discuss being done with his “Gaylord ass” are dated in January, so those January texts cannot refer to Smolletts sexual proposition.

  • Cook District Attorney Kimberly M. Foxx should be removed from office upon completion of the investigation, the results of which are unfortunately already very predictable. And that regardless of which party she belongs to.

    I’m far away from Chicago, but still close enough to know what’s right.

  • If the 2 brothers said that they were done with Smollett in their earlier texts, then why did they later agree to participate in the hoax? That part doesnt add up.

    • Not sure what you’re even implying, Canadian girl.

      Who cares if shit doesn’t add up in your head. You liberal cat lady.

      Jussie was strolling down the street in below freezing weather at 2:00am. Yet the 2 bros just happened to be strolling along at 2:00am on the ‘off chance’ that Jussie might be searching for a sandwich shop at that particular time?

      Does that add up? Yes, it does. It adds up to a hoax.


      The 2 bros — who don’t have a speaking voice similar to MAGA racist white guys — just happened to convince Jussie that they were white racists when they taunted him with verbal threats, even though Jussie has heard their voices countless times before?

      Does that add up? Yep, it does. Adds up to a hoax.

      Also.. The 2 bros spoke with Jussie on the phone from Nigeria just days after the attack.

      Everything adds up if you have a brain.

      Now go back to tending to your cats, Vancouver cat lady. 🙂

      • And I didnt mention any of those things, did I, Retard. I thought my implication was clear- why is the writer of this article being deliberately misleading? Surely he noted those dates himself, and so he knows those remarks were not in reply to the other texts.

        In fact, the texts asking one of the brothers to participate in a threesome was dated Feb 3rd, which is just a few days following the alleged attack. That seems a bit odd, considering.

      • Also, if the brothers were already in Nigeria a few days after the attack, how could they also be in Chicago at the same time, texting with Smollett? Does that add up for you, Bangkok?

          • Those are specific dates. The date on the text is February 3rd, as you can see. This is 5 days after the attack. Bangkok just said that Smollett phoned the brothers a few days following the attack, while they were in Nigeria. So, if they were in Nigeria, why would Smollett be texting them to ask about having a sexual encounter? Obviously that doesnt make sense. So do we know exactly what day the brothers left the US following Smolletts attack?

          • Smollett was texting them while they were in Nigeria so they wouldn’t drive across town and beat the sh!t out of him. Did they never intend to return from Nigeria?

  • Remember the letter that supposedly had anthrax in it and the Fed’s were investigating was that a hoax or just simply a crime that was swept under the rug

  • While Jussie Smollett likes to whine about being persecuted for being black and gay, he never mentions that he purchased marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy from the two brothers who supposedly attacked him.

    Jussie Smollett is an ass.

    Jussie Smollett bought drugs from the brothers who staged the alleged attack, documents show

    New documents released by Chicago police Thursday show Jussie Smollett discussing drugs with the two brothers who accused the “Empire” actor of paying them to stage an attack on him.

    The texts were among the 460 pages released by the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office and Chicago Police Department Thursday after a judge ordered Smollett’s case file unsealed last week.

    The documents show that Smollett initially communicated with Abimbola ‘Abel’ and Olabinjo ‘Ola’ Osundairo about buying marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy before enlisting them to stage his alleged attack on Jan. 29. The brothers later told Chicago police that Smollett paid them to stage the attack on him.

    • And don’t you think Smollett would have been smart enough to realize that the police would check his phone records and see that he had been purchasing illegal drugs? Also, if these brothers are drug dealers, then there’s a good chance they are involved in other crimes.

      Was Smollett really this stupid? Obviously, it explains why he was reluctant to hand over his phone to the police. Was he so dumb that he planned the attack but didn’t realize the police would see he had been buying illegal drugs? I don’t know…..

  • Great article.
    I am also wondering why people stopped dying in the Dominican Republic, and the FBI toxicology reports from June are nowhere to be found…

    • People either stopped visiting there or stopped drinking the hotel alcohol. Perhaps it is taking longer for the toxicology reports to be released because there are ongoing criminal investigations that they don’t want to be compromised.

  • ““This is MAGA country!” Smollett said the men said”

    Jussie Smollet is full of crap.
    Smollett lives in a Chicago neighborhood of expensive condos and townhouses called “Streetville.”
    Streeterille is filled with white liberals who hate Trump and are very tolerant of gays.
    Navy Pier, a major tourist attraction, is in Streeterville.
    Streeterville is one of the safest neighborhoods in the city of Chicago.

    Citywide Hillary Clinton won over 83% of the city vote and Trump only 12%.
    890,705 votes

    132,738 votes

    In Streeterville the vote was 74% for Clinton and 20% for Trump.

    And Chicago just elected Lori Lightfoot, a black lesbian as Mayor.


    Dan Webb is a respected lawyer in Chicago and the former US Attorney.
    He prosecuted 76 corrupt judges, cops and lawyers in the Operation Greylord case.
    Webb also prosecuted Admiral John Poindexter in the Iran-Contra scandal.
    Politically Webb is a Republican who is closely associated with former Governor James Thompson, a moderate Republican.

    Daniel K. Webb (born 1945) is an American lawyer and public official. He is the co-executive chairman of the international law firm of Winston & Strawn.
    He is a former United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois and previously served as the Special Counsel in the Iran-Contra affair. As the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, he was the top federal law enforcement official for the city of Chicago on behalf of the United States Department of Justice.[1] As U.S. Attorney, Webb led Operation Greylord and successfully prosecuted 76 corrupt judges, police officers, court clerks, and lawyers.

    Alongside Rudy Giuliani, current attorney to President Trump and former Mayor of New York City and United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Webb co-founded the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF). To date, OCDETF, which comprises 2,500 law enforcement agents from eleven federal agencies including the FBI, DEA, ATF, ICE, IRS, U.S. Marshals Service, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection, has conducted operations that have led to 44,000 drug-related convictions and the seizure of over $3 billion in cash and property assets

    • Absolutely! I lived there for 20 years and still have friends from Chicago. It is definitely NOT MAGA country. And remember the temperatures that night, too. And there are plenty of restaurants open at 1 AM in that area, not to mention that you can get almost any knd of food you want delivered. And why was Juicy still wearing the rope like a necklace? On and on we go with this fable. Very surprised to see this kind of thing on the Frank Report. So many holes in their narrative that you may as well use it for a collander.

      • Chicago is almost as liberal as New York City and San Francisco.
        Even Illinois Republicans march in the annual Gay parade.
        Anyone who understands Chicago and Illinois politics knows this story was a total fabrication.

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