Riordan Raises Issues of Potential Fraud of CT Atty Edward Nusbaum and His Suspicious Failure to Provide Her File to Justify Inflated Billings

MK10ART's paintings of Attorney Edward Nusbaum, though perhaps not flattering are not libelous.

Last week we published an important story that strongly suggest CT Attorney Edward Nusbaum fraudulently billed his client Karen Riordan.

That story is: Fraud? CT Atty Edward Nusbaum Billed for Scores of Phone Calls and Emails That Don’t Match GAL Hurwitz Billings –Criminal Charges May Result

The story came from Nusbaum’s lawsuit against Riordan to get his hands on $64,000 he has in his escrow account of her money.

The money comes from the forced sale of her home at 1 Hemlock Hill Wesport CT that Fanily Court Judge Jane Grossman ordered sold.

It appears that Nusbaum deceptively arranged the sale with other court actors so he and they could rake in the proceeds.

It almost worked. Except that Riordan blocked his rapacious money grab by refusing to permit him to take her hard earned equity, without him even proving he did any work for her.

Riordan recently filed an affidavit regarding the representation she got from the high flying, high billing, but low dealing Fairfield County family law attorney.

It might be worth reading by those considering heading to family court in Connecticut or retaining the shark of Fairfield, attorney Edward Nusbaum.

Here is an abbreviated and slightly edited version of her affidavit, without the legalese.

Karen Riordan alleges her former lawyer, Edward Nusbaum of Westport, Connecticut, is an "Attorney-Predator" in recently-filed court documents.

By Karen Riordan  

Attorney Edward Nusbaum represented me in my divorce and custody case, Ambrose v Riordan, for four months – from May 2020 through August 2020.

He billed me $98,163.50. But to this day, he refuses to turn over a copy of my legal file.

The need for my file, to which I am entitled, is exacerbated by an unusual provision in Nusbaum’s retainer agreement, which precludes discovery in the event of a billing dispute.

His retainer also contains nonstandard arbitration with no set rules or governing principles or standards, and restricts the range of qualified arbitrators to attorneys who practice with him in family law in the same county as he practices – Fairfield County.

Such a retainer seems to be Nusbaum’s attempt to stifle his clients from bringing his attorney misconduct, legal malpractice, and fraudulent and tortuous conduct to light in the Connecticut courts.

His withholding of client files is a violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct.

Because of the unique arbitration clause in Nusbaum’s retainer agreement, his clients cannot seek relief in the American Arbitration Association forum, with its established rules and procedures overseen by qualified neutrals who are most often retired judicial officers.

Instead, Nusbaum limits arbitrators to his cronies – lawyers who practice family law in his county.

Edward Nusbaum MK10art

Although Attorney Nusbaum is required to keep a copy of my complete file, he claims he handed it to my former attorney Nickola Cunha.

Even if he did, that does not waive his responsibility for holding my file in his office and giving me a copy at my request.

My former attorney Cunha was disbarred in January for conduct in my case, which I did not authorize.

But Nusbaum is not telling the truth if he says he turned over my complete file to Cunha.

Missing from the file provided by Nusbaum to Cunha is evidence that his bills are dishonest, inflated, and fraudulent.

The file Nusbaum provided to Attorney Cunha has more missing information than it provides.

I realize that some billings were evidently fabricated and fictional.

The missing information Attorney Nusbaum failed to provide includes, but is not limited to:

a. Evidence of two motions Attorney Nusbaum said he filed with the court on my behalf, but somehow is not found on the docket. See Exhibit A.

b. Documentation and records to reasonably support his four months of billing totaling $98,163.50.

Most of his billings are for emails and phone calls, many of which are highly suspect. I compared Attorney Nusbaum’s billings with Attorney Jocelyn Hurwitz, who was the court-appointed guardian ad litem in the case for which Nusbaum represented me.

Two-thirds of the phone calls and one-half of the emails for which Attorney Nusbaum billed me are not supported on Attorney Hurwitz’s invoices.

Mk10ART painting of ‘the unsavory thief’

c Documentation notifying me, as his client, of status conferences and the purpose thereof which he billed to attend.

d Evidence/legal records provided to Nusbaum of my maternal inheritance exceeding $150,000, and what efforts he made to recover these funds from an absconding spouse. He billed me to review information, but took zero action to recover the money.

Neither did he report to me why he did not or could not obtain my inheritance, which was taken by my absconding spouse, something he admitted in court testimony.

f Information regarding the alleged appointment of Lisa Kerin, including an alleged signed contract and evidence of the alleged marital funds paid for a retainer to Kerin in the amount of $7,500.

g All correspondence/communications to support Attorney Nusbaum’s billing of four months of emails at $750/hr. The referenced emails have not been provided; their existence, purpose, relevance, and length are unknown. Just his word that he wrote or reviewed them, something already suspicious based on the comparison of Attorney Hurwitz’s billings.

Attorney Jocelyn Hurwitz

h Documentation/records stating the purpose and duration of calls allegedly made and received at a billing rate of $750/hr.

i All correspondence regarding court stipulation agreements, which have not been provided.

j Evidence of my informed consent to an alleged supervised visitation ‘agreement,’ as he represented to the trial court judge, and may represent one of the clearest examples of his perjury or forgery.

k Evidence of my legal and proper 72-hour rescission clause in a contract for the sale of my house, which he failed to represent to the court that I rescinded. Instead, he misrepresented to the court that I had fully consented to the sale and persuaded the court to pay him $64,000 of monies from the proceeds. This money, Attorney Nusbaum claims, is in an escrow account and forms the basis of his lawsuit. It is my refusal to let this attorney, who accomplished nothing and apparently over-billed me with inflated time spent, fictional calls, and emails, take this money that prompted his lawsuit.

l Correspondence and records regarding DCF and other medical records demonstrating that the children at the center of the custody dispute suffered from clinical depression, anxiety, and self-harming behaviors, and suicidal ideations because they were in shock from being removed from their mother.

This occurred shortly after custody was flipped from their primary attachment figure and sole caregiver [myself, their mother] and handed to their father.

MK10art’s poetic and classic painting  of “the unsavory thief,” whom some people think was based on CT attorney Edward Nusbaum.

Custody was flipped on the basis of a single custody evaluation report paid for by the father, which shockingly recommended that the children be deprived of any contact with their mother to build a better relationship with their father, who they claimed abused them.

The children were moved instantly and traumatically out of their home they had shared with me for their entire life to the home of a    father who had been most often away – without any finding of wrongdoing, negligence, or incompetency against me, and fully against the children’s wishes.

This is a fully traumatizing event in the children’s lives and their subsequent and ongoing trauma and depression is proof of the horrible outcomes possible in CT Family Court and when Attorney Nusbaum represents a client.

It was obvious to anyone that the children were plunged into paroxysms of grief, yet Attorney Nusbaum, rather than informing me, his client, and working to protect his client and her children, kept these records of their trauma and abuse secret and worked instead to ascertain more billing opportunities.

i Attorney Nusbaum misrepresented a “letter re: GALS”. It was my instruction to file a petition to remove the GAL who sided with my spouse, who was paying most of her bills out of funds he absconded with from our joint marital assets.

Nusbaum erroneously billed me, then charged me for this without ever filing the requested petition with the court. See EXHIBIT B.

j Evidence of Attorney Nusbaum’s billable time spent investigating family and friends and my net worth to presumably ascertain how much billing he could ultimately achieve before the “well ran dry.”

He was billing me to investigate how he could bill me more.

As evidence of this, Nusbaum invoiced me for phone calls and texts to various individuals who are prepared to testify that his call was made to ascertain the value of family or personal assets. He did not call to discuss the case for which he was retained to represent me.

He spent time eagerly trying to find out how much money I had or could raise and called friends and family to “grill” them.

Of concern is that he has reversed on his invoice in some instances the originator of the call [himself] and texts, and invoiced the call or texts as if the individual placed the call or texted him.

Phone records of these individuals will show this was an error at best, and more likely, an effort to deceitfully hide the fact that he was on the hunt for money and not my best interest.

This further supports my need for my complete file.

k  Many Nusbaum billings charge for the review of emails without identifying the person(s), purpose, length, and time spent on this task. There are no emails that support these immense billings.

Many of the emails may be fictional and help explain how Attorney Nusbaum could bill almost $100,000 in four months, but accomplish not one legal objective or ever appear in court to represent me.

l Nusbaum billed for text exchanges without providing the purpose, length, or time spent on this task. Nusbaum has also not provided the referenced text exchanges with several persons.

In an affidavit of January 3, 2023, Attorney Nusbaum refers to a previous grievance I filed against him with the Connecticut Bar Association. The issues raised in my current lawsuit – in particular his billing fraud – have NOT been raised yet with the Bar Association.

This and other information are newly discovered evidence and were not known to me at the time of the submission of my grievance in February 2021. Moreover, the grievance before the Connecticut State Bar is not dispositive of any of the issues raised in this lawsuit.

All the claims I raise are based on new and additional evidence, and are not barred from the CT Court’s consideration.

Just because Attorney Nusbaum is an attorney and shares fees with all the people involved with the administration of justice in Fairfield County, Connecticut, does not mean he should get special treatment, or that I should be denied due process and equal protection of the law.

Comment by Frank Report 

A word to the wise for all the adults and their children who might venture to that den of incivility and choice inequity called family court, that if you value your children’s and your own future, shy away.

Run. Don’t walk.

But if you must be foolhardy and self-destructive and go there to settle your grievance with your spouse, then by all means stay clear of one man above all others.

Caveat emptor, my dear friends.

Please, when dealing with the great shark of Fairfield, Edward Nusbaum, whose teeth are sharper than any shark that swims in the nearby Long Island Sound, please do not engage with him, engage him or retain him.

Embrace, a thousand times embrace, instead, the Blue, Mako, Hammerhead or Tresher sharks that swim in Long Island Sound seeking their prey.

At least when they take your flesh or eat you alive, they won’t pretend they are on your side, and giving you the best representation money can buy.  They will bite the living flesh right off your bones, but you will know where they are coming from – the deep sea.

Not so with the grand shark of Fairfield. He will eat you with a smile, and when you object, he’ll shout, yell, and eat you faster, and belch at the end a disgustingly perfidious and malodorous belch which signals he is satisfied and done with his feeding. This will coincide precisely at the moment he has extracted the last bit of blood from your bank, home, pension and any stray assets, children’s college funds included – and you will get no results that do not please him.

There is no lawyering here. Just the extraction of your wealth.

Beware of him most of all.

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  • I’m gobsmacked after reading this. Where’s the oversight? This entire system is out to just ruin people and their kids. Disgusting.

  • Nusbaum and Alex trembicki have been ruining lives with impunity

    there is no oversight. just mutual masturbation between lawyers and judges and the gal

  • Could we imagine a surgeon or doctor asking their patient to waive their oaths to do no harm? To waive their mandate to practice medicine according to professional medical standards? To operate in violation of their medical licenses?

    The CT Bar Association becomes complicit when it looks the other way. Shame on all of them.

    • If the CT Bar Association is complicit because it looked the other way for decades, all of them should be ashamed.

      How many are? Most are probably intelligent and courageous enough to demand accountability and reform. If they have the numbers, they can do it.

    • Exactly– the pattern of collusion, corruption, fraud and the willful infliction of pain on children and innocent parents for this profit-driven industry in family court is well established– and proven. It’s racketeering and the Judicial committee knows it. Everyone is allowing it.

  • In 2014, the legislature created a Task Force to examine GAL corruption in this state. In a scenario we couldn’t make up if we trued, two of the Task Force chairs were among the most corrupt and connected GALs in the state “family” court system, collectively bilking parents and families millions of dollars for their “services.”

    When evidence was presented to the task force that one of these GAL chairs billed nine (9) parents for the same hour of time in court – not a single member of the attorney-packed Judiciary Committee cared or batted an eye.

    The Nusbaum situation is unfortunately not unique – it’s typical in this state. Where a small cabal of 40-50 well connected “family” court actors are allowed to destroy parents, children and families – for money. Beholden to no one. Accountable to no one. Responsible to no one.

    Apart from billing irregularities, tax evasion among these state ‘family” court actors is also rampant.

    This is part of the reason we’re known as CorruptiCut. Many thanks to Frank for being one of the journalists paying attention and helping to shine bright lights where we need them.

    • Where’s the evidence and follow-through?

      What actionable evidence is there of:

      ✅ “two of the Task Force chairs were among the most corrupt and connected GALs in the state “… collectively bilking parents and families millions of dollars for their “services.”

      ✅ one of these GAL chairs billed nine (9) parents for the same hour of time in court

      ✅ a small cabal of 40-50 well connected “family” court actors are allowed to destroy parents, children and families – for money.

      ✅ “Beholden, Accountable, Responsible to no one?” We need copies of all complaints filed and responses received.

      ✅ billing irregularities

      ✅ tax evasion among these state ‘family” court actors

      What can residents of Connecticut do to help? Let’s find this information and present it to someone who can help.

      What FOIA requests still need to be filed?

      Which state/federal office(s) are prepared to receive evidence? Who will follow through with appropriate responses?

      • That information was complied and presented to the ct judiciary committee. There were 1,000 signatures from parents along with comments from many parents who experienced this same abuse and exploitation.

        I will see if I can post it here or will send it to frankreport and maybe they will publish it.

  • It is not enough for an attorney that he be honest. He must be that, and more. He must be believed to be honest. It is absolutely essential to the usefulness of an attorney that he be entitled to the confidence of the community wherein he practices. If he so conducts in his profession that he does not deserve that confidence, he is no longer an aid to the court nor a safe guide to his clients.He may be a creditable and useful member of the profession, so long as the practice is to him a clean and honest function. But possessing all these great faculties, if once the practice becomes to him a mere “ brawl for hire,” or a system of legalized plunder where craft and not conscience is the rule, and where falsehood and not truth is the means by which to gain his ends, then he has forfeited all right to be an officer in an court of justice or to be numbered among the members of an honorable profession. Bar v Taylor 60 Conn 11, 17.

    Per the case law above, from the state supreme court in 1891, the standard to practice law requires Nusbaum be disbarred, as his practice is mere ‘craft of plunder’, as is Aldrich, Hurwitz, Trembicki, Callahan, Laliberte, Knopf, Finch, McKeon, Brigham, Fasano, Guiliano, and their pals in the Family Bar under leadership of Alex Cuda, all protected by Judge Albis, Bozzuto, Grossman, Adelman and the big guy Richard Robinson.

  • Norm Pattis, another lawyer just had his license suspended. They are all crooks! Go figure he was representing Cunha…another corrupt lawyer. They are all in this together…..

    • Interesting timing for Pattis to abandon the lawyer who spoke out against corruption in family courts.

      Could that mean the feds are finally investigating the massive networks of corruption in Connecticut family courts?

      From The Connecticut Law Tribune:

      “ … Shh … What’s Behind Attorney Norm Pattis’ 40-Year Gag Order Barring Him From Discussing Dulos Case?

      “If someone wants something secret and will give something in return, such as something to do with legal fees, then you make an agreement like this,” said attorney Bruce Rosen, who is not involved in the agreement.

      July 22, 2021
      By Robert Storace

      Legal experts say a 40-year gag order that bars discussion of the Fotis Dulos case, a deal to which Dulos’ two lead attorneys agreed on July 13, with the approval of a probate judge, is highly unusual for its length and attention to detail.

      Bruce Rosen, a Florham Park, New Jersey, attorney who specializes in First Amendment and defamation cases, said the agreement between Dulos attorneys Norm Pattis and Kevin Smith and Dulos’s estate ‘is unusual.’ …”

  • NUSBAUM v HARRISON BUBROSKY– Balance owed from divorce with Eddie the Shark Nusbaum: $531,554.49!!!
    What a bargain!

    In 2002, Nusbaum had not yet perfected his scam… his criminal retainer agreement, which gives him license to steal, cheat, defraud and abuse clients, has evolved over time. Nusbaum’s contract in 2002 uses the American Arbitration Association, but requires the appointed arbitrator to be a Fairfield County family court attorney.

    Why? Because they’re all pals. It’s understood that what you do for me, I shall do for you– And there is no better place to do for one another than Fairfield County- The GOLD COAST.

    Even with a Fairfield County Attorney appointed as arbitrator, the American Arbitration Association had too many rules, and provided too much oversight for the Nusbaum bandit.

    The American Arbitration Association did not allow Nusbaum’s “no-discovery” provision, and that’s what Nusbaum needed if he was to steal millions without detection. He got Trembicki on board, and there’s been no stopping these scoundrels…

    Until now.

  • Nusbaum and Trembicki use identical tactics in every case. Notice in Nusbaum v Foisie, he uses Trembicki for his private arbitration. Foisie, seeing the signs, no doubt doesn’t bother because he knows the outcome is fixed. As Nusbaum smugly states, former clients who dispute fees have got “ZERO CHANCE OF WINNING… ZERO”.

    Trembicki files the same paperwork and he bills heavily each time he represents Nusbaum. Knowing arbitration will rule entirely in their favor, the former client then pays Trembicki’s fees– as he charges $500/hr. for the most basic motions. This is over and above whatever balance is ‘owed’ to Nusbaum. And the final verdict is sealed by the court… why? What’s Nusbaum hiding? The scam? The pattern of collusion and corruption?

    And Trembicki has a pattern of referencing EXHIBIT A… but then EXHIBIT A (in this case Nusbaum’s unethical and illegal contract) is not attached to the motion, nor is it found anywhere on the docket. THIEVES.

  • Spread the word, "Don't enter the family courts in the U.S. unless you want to commit suicide." says:

    Bottomfeeders, all of them. It was nice to finally hear the voice of the wife in this matter. $98k for 4 months!!!???? Is it even possible to rack up that many hours in four months? It’s painfully and abundantly clear that many of the family courts in this country have degraded to nothing more than end of marriage fleecing operations.

    This is an insanely obvious crime, so where are our faithful policing services?? That is the big wake up call here folks, not only will you be taken advantage of in the family courts to within an inch of your life, but no one will help you.

    Literally no one, almost as if law enforcement were protecting this system, eh? We are all living a massive delusion that our government is here to help us, in fact it loves us, and that services have been set up to protect us; the sooner we get over these lies the safer we will be.

    Do Lawyers of Distinction realize that Edward Nusbaum uses a retainer ‘agreement’ that undermines public policy and a non-discovery clause that allows him to conceal egregious fraud?

    Do they realize that Nusbaum rejects both the CT Bar Assoc. Arbitration process and the American Arbitration Association process? It seems attorneys should seek to give their full support to these processes. But instead, Nusbaum and his cronies collude to backroom politics to swindle the last dime and maintain a “winning” record.

    Lawyers of Distinction Certifies Edward Nusbaum as a Member
    Nusbaum, also recognized in The Best Lawyers in America© for 2019, has been practicing family law in Westport for more than 35 years.

    WESTPORT, Conn., Oct. 22, 2018 — Lawyers of Distinction today announced Edward Nusbaum, a Westport-based family law attorney, has been certified as a member. Lawyers of Distinction is recognized as the fastest growing community of distinguished lawyers in the United States. Lawyers of Distinction limits membership to 10 percent or less of attorneys in any given state.

    LOOK OUT! Based on disciplinary history? How can Nusbaum ever be disciplined when he conceals all wrong doing in his lucrative star chamber?

    Members are accepted based upon objective evaluation of an attorney’s qualifications, license, reputation, experience and disciplinary history. Please visit Lawyers of Distinction for further details concerning membership qualification.

    Nusbaum, recognized in The Best Lawyers in America© for 2019, has been practicing family law in Westport for more than 35 years. He has been a Martindale-Hubbell AV Preeminent-rated attorney for 25 consecutive years and been named a Connecticut Super Lawyers Top 50 attorney by Thomson Reuters. He also has been rated Best Lawyers in America for 25 consecutive years and ranks among the top five percent of private practice attorneys nationwide.

  • Nusbaum is a lying, ruthless, abusive attorney. He signs contracts against his client’s interest and without their informed consent; he lies to his clients regularly and lies and withhold information from judges as he works for the opposition.

    This conduct was evident in the DeLeo case. Nusbaum’s despicable tactics are so hard to imagine that by the time the innocent client regains his ground and gets an understand of how badly his own attorney has wronged him, much time has passed.

    In the case of DeLeo v Nusbaum, where DeLeo would have slammed Nusbaum, the 3 year statute of limitations had passed. But Nusbaum has run the scam for too long– with sky high billings and the lowest of morals.

  • Nusbaum should be disbarred. He has stolen millions throughout his career, and his contract is against public policy. Attorneys have a duty to be honest and there’s nothing honest about this scumbag.

    I’d like to know if he requires his “good ole boys” arbitration (Daniel Portanova–anyone else?) where only fairfield county family law attorneys may participate, for all of his lawsuits or only those where his crimes are most blatant.

    The case below was in 2005– Nusbaum refused the CT Bar Association Arbitration and insisted on the American Arbitration association. There was also no mention of a “no-discovery” clause.

    When did Nusbaum and Trembicki create their private, closed door, no oversight, sealed verdict scam of arbitration? When did Nusbaum begin to have trusting clients sign a retainer, which is unethical and void of public policy. And it is with this closed-door money making racket of arbitration, Nusbaum arrogantly brags that he wins every arbitration.


    The Homannays in their state court action alleged that Nusbaum and his firm charged Christopher Homonnay the sum of $397,831.28 in legal fees (for no-fault divorce), of which the Homonnays paid $335,304.78, leaving a claimed balance due and owing to Nusbaum and his firm in the amount of $24,720. The Homannays claimed they demanded arbitration through the Connecticut Bar Association, but Nusbaum and his firm refused to submit to the Connecticut Bar Association arbitration proceedings; insisting, instead, that the arbitration be held by the American Arbitration Association in accordance with the terms of the retainer agreement.

    This sounds familiar:
    The Homonnays in their state court legal action alleged that the fees charged by Edward Nusbaum and Parino Nusbaum, P.C. were unreasonable and “breaches the faithfulness of the agreed, common purpose of the retainer agreement in that the Christopher Homonnay thought he would only be charged a reasonable fee,” and that the fees charged by Nusbaum were “excessive, unconscionable and contrary to public policy.” The Hommonays further claimed that the defendants engaged in unfair or deceptive acts or practices in violation of the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act (“CUTPA”), General Statutes § 42-110b et seq.

    The judge ruled that the Homonnays had to use the American Arbitration Assoc. as agreed to in the retainer, however, that is a valid arbitration process, with rules and oversight. Not the buddy-buddy system Nusbaum now insists upon. Nusbaum also did not include a provision of no-discovery– Likely because the American Arbitration Assoc. would not allow such abuse of power. Nusbaum would go on to try and sue for vexatious litigation, but he was tossed; the judge saw his trickery.

  • Hurwitz and nussbaum are pigs in a blanket. Nussbaum worked with Alex trembicki for years- no ethics. Destabilizing families and robbing life savings. Kids don’t matter. To these bottom feeders

  • Thank you, Frank, for continuing to shine a desperately needed light on the dark dealings happening in family court. I don’t understand why this isn’t a bigger national story.

    • It’s not a news story because a lawyer overbilling is “dog bites man” not “man bites dog.”

      It’s kinda like how they don’t run national news stories about an auto mechanic who overcharges.

        • Many. I had it happen to me in Washington State. Lawyer took the money and ran without even pretending to do any work. He was disbarred about 5 years later. Didn’t make the news at all.

      • It’s more than over billing. They all systematically tried to destroy an innocent mother. It’s cruelty reminesant of the dark ages. Karen my advice to you is just move on with your life. I’m not saying forget about your kids. Hopefully you’re rebuilding yourself so no man hurts you again. Hopefully you have a safe place ready for your children because there coming home to mommy one day. Kids grow up, they get drivers licenses. Hell, maybe they’ll sue their father? Wouldn’t that be fun?

          • “They all systematically tried to destroy an innocent mother.”

            Why do you say that statement is “wrong”, 3:15?

  • Warning:
    CT attorneys look at your property and then hook the proceeds of your marital home sale attorney and GAL fees!

    They underhandedly make the course sale and distribution of proceeds part of the court order when it should be decided by the parties.

    The judges make sure the attorneys are paid before all else. You can be homeless and the judge doesn’t care.

  • July 18, 2019 ………. Mr. Ambrose hired Ms. Aldrich.

    July 22, 2019 ………. Ms. Aldrich’s 1st motion was a “Motion for Order re Therapist for the Minor Children”.

    Which “therapist(s)” did Aldrich recommend? Any conflicts of interest? 🤔

    September 5, 2019 ………. The Court ordered counsel or a GAL for the minor children. There was “no agreement”.

    Which Counsel(s) and guardian(s) ad litem did Ms. Aldrich recommend? Any conflicts of interest? 🤔

    April 27, 2020 ………. Ms. Ambrose hired Mr. Nusbaum. Did Nusbaum have any conflict(s) of interest?

    May 28, 2021 ………. Mr. Nusbaum hired Lynch Trembicki & Boynton to sue Ms. Riordan for $64,809.00.

    July 20, 2022 ………. Ms. Aldrich hired Lynch Trembicki & Boynton to sue Mr. Ambrose for $65,767.30.

    Was it a coincidence that Ms. Aldrich and Mr. Nusbaum BOTH hired Lynch Trembicki & Boynton?

    Did Mr. Nusbaum disclose ALL conflicts of interest to Ms. Riordan BEFORE he told her to sign the contract that forbade ALL discovery in ALL future — maybe planned it in advance — arbitration?

    How many conflicts of interest did Attorney Cunha notice before Mr. Moukawsher disbarred her for speaking up about the obvious corruption?

    • Nancy Aldrich wanted Jocelyn Hurwitz, and despite Riordan’s opposition (Jocelyn had taken two adolescent girls from their loving mother and placed them with abusive father– in Darien CT– see Bugsy v MacVicar–and hid all evidence of abuse from the court– just like in Ambrose case)– Jocelyn was appointed anyway.

      Jocelyn Hurwitz is the GAL on five of Nancy Aldrich’s cases– last count. It’s a sick, sick system. They are ALL CHILD ABUSERS.

    • Trembicki is the go-to scoundrel. A bully. A scammer. No talent. No integrity. All flab; No Substance.

      He has endorsed Nusbaum’s illegal retainer for his own personal profit.

    • Moukawsher’s words of wisdom about the governor’s mask mandates:

      “It’s only when leaders evolve into masters and masters transform into tyrants that we regret losing the means to keep them in check in the ways enshrined in our founding legal documents. And by then it is too late.”

      Unfortunately, Moukawsher’s words about corruption in Connecticut family courts look like an Aleister Crowley quote from the demonic realm:

      “Imperfect, human justice. Let them reflect on that too. If they come to believe it, they have nothing to lose but their bitterness.”

  • I’m a lawyer who practices in Connecticut primarily divorce and wills and estates. Not all of us are dishonest sharks but there are plenty who are. I don’t know Ed Nusbaum except by reputation. He is a bare knuckles but very effective lawyer. This seems to be Riordan’s experience with him. I think he is treating her horribly, but his agreement will hold up in court. I’m not saying that is fair (I don’t think it is) but I’m sure it’s air tight. The billing practices she raises are very troubling and I hope she keeps going after him. Has she tried being nice?

    One fact I need to correct her on is this question of her inheritance. She has accused the husband of taking her money many times. Connecticut is an equitable property state. Everything that a person receives during a marriage including inheritance is part of the marital estate. The judge has a lot of discretion in these matters. They take into account how long the couple was married, when in the marriage the inheritance came in. If a couple’s married 20 years and someone inherited $100,000 in year 18, chances are the court is going to consider the inheritance as joint property.

    If someone gets $100,000 3 months before they file for divorce there might be a different result. I’ve only known of two cases where a spouse was able to segregate an inheritance. One was where the inheritance was all personal items, which included $50,000 of jewelry from a sister and the other was when the check itself was deposited by the husband who inherited it from his father into a separate account for a sailboat.

    The wife knew about the account and even had given him money in the past herself. The father wanted the son to have money to buy the boat he always wanted and left it in his will. Other than that every other case I know of any inheritance is treated like income. You don’t usually see people fight about this because if there is real money there is a trust. it’s rare that inheritance is just an amount but $150,000 isn’t so much that you would make a trust. In Riordan’s case the marital estate was $3,000,000.

    All the money was because of the husband because she was home with the kids. She doesn’t seem to think it’s unfair for her to get half this money (and neither do I) but she should consider this when she is trying to get $150,000 which seems to be the only money she contributed of the $3,000,000. This brings up another point. I have read a lot of these stories, Riordan blames others for every problem she has.

    As I said, Nusbaum isn’t doing her right but according to her no one treats her right even her own attorneys. Everyone is always bad to her. She hates her husband, his lawyer, all the judges, doctors, police and her own lawyers. When no one is ever right but you you have to ask yourself who is really the problem here? I hope she has people who will ask her this.

    • Nusbaum’s agreement isn’t as airtight as he may look lead you to believe. It is actually torturedly confusing between Nusbaum personally and the Law Offices of Edward Nusbaum, PC, a separate legal person. Also, the billing discrepancy between Nusbaum and the GAL billing could sink him. No lawyer ever really anticipates someone like Frank Parlato obtaining all the billing records and then putting them side by side.

  • Predatory practice in the state of Connecticut. Gals are being forced on cases. No regulations of cost or caps. No regulations or caps for clinic psychologist. No one watching. No supervision for anyone. No supervision for parenting cowardenators.

    The office of family services is a state agency and no one is being allowed access to use it if there is any financial resources by the parties. They appear to be considered incompetent and unable to handle the cases. Why is this not being addressed. The deputy director is involved in the violent offender program. He is sitting on the Ccadv.

    Many complaints and no obligation to focus soley on the compitance in the best interest of the minors in the state of this office. Why are we continuing to fund it? DCF the gals opening hate and discredit. What is being done to insure the courts trust and competency in the best interest of the minors in the state? The psychologist are the same. Out side services and medical community hated by the gals. Banning them and bad mouth by the gals.

    The judges are not requesting better service for the minors with in the state agencies. Just pushing costly services in the conflicted cases. Predatory practice within the Attorneys collecting fees for poor in affective representation. No compelling legal argument Not ensuring evidence is admitted to the court to support compelling legal argument. All cases jacked up with the slightest of issues. All focused on parental alienation/ custodial interference. Very little concern on the children. The general public police department, health care provider all powerless in complaints. Two children and a mother have died in the state recently in a short period of time. All involved in the system. The AG office, elected officials are going to allow the system to continue as is. The investigation almost 10 years ago ignored and business as usual.

    A blind eye to the family court industry. Being reported that DV advocate cautioning victim’s about being punished by the judges for exposing and advocating for themselves.

  • Nusbaum used attorney Daniel Portanova for his arbitration on January 20, 2022. He recommends the same arbitrator for his litigation with Riordan. One hand washes the other. And Nusbaum is sadly proud of his “wins”– bought and sold.

  • Don’t speak so evil of sharks! Nusbaum is a vile, nasty creature. Sharks make nice pets. Sharks will celebrate holidays, eat ham on Easter, bacon at Sunday brunch, pulled pork barbeque at picnics, even protect their babies. Nusbaum and his chosen pals, not so much.

    • Predatory lawyers are the problem, not Judaism. Family law attracts the lowest types of attorneys and these are the type that will profit from custody of children and family break up.

      If a family lawyer did the sensible thing in the best interest of children, they’d make very little money.

      The fair and decent thing to do is tell your client to calm down, work things out peacefully, not stoke the fight for more billikgs and not lead custody toward whatever results in the most billings, for you, the other attorney, the GAL and your crony therapists, custody evaluators, visitation supervisors, etc.

      I wish you and others would stop the hate mongering. I hear from people all over the nation, and even from other countries and the exact same problem exists regardless of religion, race, or nationality.

      When an adversarial and for profit system takes control of the family unit, where the more conflict and the more harm the more money [and this includes the not for profits and govt agencies] the more harm.

      • Your worldly observations are imperfect. No fault divorce did not exist on the planet before 1918, where a chosen ideology installed it to defeat Orthodoxy in advancement of communism, Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin et al were not lawyers. Destruction of the marriage bond for no reason was advanced in 1963 by the AFCC in California, becoming law by Governor Reagan’s signature in 1969, no Christian institutions involved. The concept was pushed on Europe, Australia, New Zealand, where central banks held control. Similar trajectory for gay marriage, gender fluidity, transgender butchering, it all has roots in the same ideology along with pedophilia, traced to the Berlin Institute of Sexology of the Weimar Republic, all based on non-christian beliefs. You make false claim of cause of ‘predatory lawyers’, who simply cannot succeed without ideological support of judges and legislators. Where in the U.S. Constitution is separation of children from mothers a ‘best interest’? What is a ‘best interest’? What ideology controls? Your repeated commentary refuting the obvious simply proves you cannot recognize the true purpose of family court. Sad really.

          • Bolsheviks and their U.S. sponsors were not godless, in an atheistic sense, they held their chosen beliefs, goal of destroying beliefs of the unchosen, subverting cultures, destruction of humanity, attacking family unit. Communism is a vague descriptor when used to eradicate Christianity, tear down churches, eliminate parents. In the case of Connecticut, the chief architect of familial destruction is Elliot Solomon, a non-christian, who defies liberty protections afforded by U.S. Constitution. Destruction of mother-child bonds absent petition by the state in protection of the child is deprivation of due process … no religion involved. Chosen ones hold no love for protections of American liberties. Learn to be more objective, you ignorance of the underlying structure of family court is disturbing.

        • Thank you for posting that comment, Mindy.

          Joseph O’Hara asked authorities to investigate NXIVM. He was ignored for years until news articles forced good people in authority to notice.

          Feds also ignored Epstein and Maxwell until news articles forced a few good people in authority to notice.

          Feds also ignored the McCarrick/Egan/Lori infiltration in Connecticut Catholic Churches.

          Then, after news articles forced them to notice, instead of launching a federal investigation, a few feds let the private for-profit law firm of Pullman and Comley investigate the Catholic Church.


          Why is Pullman and Comley Inc. still the contact for victims? Why are victims told to give information to Pullman and Comley instead of the state Attorney General’s office?

          What does ignoring crimes that caused so much suffering and destruction tell us about politics of the history that got us to this point?

          Who has controlled America’s Department of Justice and who controls it now?

  • Well standard practice in family law. I was billed 144k with someone I ever had a contract with or who was appointed as a GAL. Mary Brigham worked in concert with Michael Fasano and mostly Rosemarie Juliani to go to hearings that occurred post judgment (without moving court to reopen- not legal) and Judge Robert Resha told me liquidate my federally protected pension or go to jail. I asked for a contract or order of appointment to prove I incurred cost. Nope straight extortion with a rash all with shackles next to me for 5 hours while my children were delivered to our abuser. Par for CT. No one cares- especially not AG

    • The Bergamini blunders. She doesn’t appear to be held accountable for her conduct. People file complaints and she is rewarded by the system by being forced with no choice on other cases. She given all the case files after the murder suicide of the Suffield Attorney and his wife. Eric Stevens isn’t going to endure her services either.

    • Mary Brigham is one of the most vile and abuse attorneys out there.

      They do threaten and put parents in jail.

      Why is it never told that the bills of a gal will fall under “child support” and will be treated as such? This is criminal racketeering.

      Agreed- the AG knows and allows it.

  • Rather than continue to go down this road, why won’t Karen put an effort into being reunited with her children? It’s pretty simple- she goes to therapy and can then see her children. I don’t understand why these defendants who are ordered to therapy in order to regain some custody won’t do it. If I was Karen, I would have started therapy the day the judgment was issued. Because I love my children and they need me in their lives. Karen is short sighted and selfish. Contributing to these posts and those on FCC only hurt her. And her kids.
    And, no, this is not Chris. I’m just another parent in the system.

    • I would never submit to their criminal therapy racket which is designed to keep mother and children apart.

      • How do you know that? Do you have evidence of mothers who participated and then never saw their kids again? In a large enough number to indicate that the mothers were likely not all dangerously mentally ill?

        • I have been publishing stories for more than a year. The cases are egregious. Susan Skipp, Sunny Kelley, and Robin Herzog are three of many cases where credibly accused abusers got custody.

          I have a lot more stories to go. But I am still aghast at the Ambrose case, where the man with the money bought custody with his wife’s share of the marital assets and ruined the happiness of the children.

          They say stolen fruit never fructifies, except in CT, where it is their delight.

          • And all three of those women followed court recommendations for therapy and supervised visitation? Or did all 3 refuse and then act surprised when the court couldn’t give them custody?

    • It’s a scam and a setup. Ask yourself why an attorney is ordering therapy without any medical input.

      The judge cannot make post judgement orders of this kind. Unfitness is not determined by family court.

      Follow the money. Ambrose paid $7500 for a retainer to supervise his wife’s visits with the children.

      It’s a joke. A playbook.

      Like most children, the kids want to be with their mother and there is no finding of unfitness. No interest by the state.

      This is a tool for Ambrose to abuse and control his wife and sever maternal bonds so kids are entirely dependent on him.

      It forces Billings to the court long after a no fault divorce. It’s a money making racket. It’s already been proven and ignored by the AG and judiciary.

      • Are we all missing something here? Chris went to very expensive and extensive efforts to keep Karen away, as if she is a plague. Excuse my language, but what the fuck did Karen do to Chris to retaliate like this?

          • For one, Riordan attempted to kidnap the kids early on, but her plan was foiled by cops pinging her cellphone and uncovering her secret location. Had a four hour standoff with the cops, putting the kids through untold trauma.

          • That’s actually a total falsehood. Chris Ambrose had been accused of sexually molesting his children by his children – months after he had won custody – the DCF released the children to the mother for their safety And. 96 hour hold to investigate Ambrose.

            He got the Gal to get a judge to overrule the hold and then came and got his horror stricken children with the police.

            Horror stricken by his abuse and feeling safe with their mother. It’s all in the record.

            He still couldn’t get the kids that night. and they had to stay with a family friend. He lied to police that they were kidnapped. It was one of the most vile things he ever did.

            All the children wanted was to be with their mother. And he traumatized them.

    • “Another parent in the system” might be interested in this email exchange on “Freelist . Org”

      Robert Horwitz (formerly of the non-profit for-profit CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF AFCC, INC.) referenced “adversaries” who benefit from collaboration (in some circles, it’s actually collusion 🤫).

      “Re: [CollabLaw] What Does It Mean To” Collaborate”?

      From: Robert Horwitz

      To: CollabLaw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
      Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2013 20:23:07 -0500

      Great catch, Woody!  Tom Friedman’s column on collaboration has much to say to all of us.
      I love his use of the word “co-opetition” to describe how
      adversaries find ways to work together for their mutual benefit.

       — Bob Horwitz (New Haven, CT)

      On Sun, Jan 13, 2013 at 10:17 AM, Forrest Mosten <mosten@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

      As Collaborative Law continues to produce more initial interviews, we are
      often asked: What is “Collaborative” about what we do?

      In today’s NY Times, Tom Friedman addresses this question head on in his
      column, “Collaborate v Collaborate”

      Friedman compares Washington DC where “collaborator” means “traitor”
      compared to Silicon Valley where “collaborator” means “colleague”: 

      Friedman says that working together is the best way to serve customers (clients for us).

      Friedman closes by quoting Jeff Weiner, CEO of LInkedin: “With
      collaboration, one plus one can often turn out to be four. I will always
      work with you – if I know we’ll get to four. You can’t build great products
      (settlements) alone. And if everyone understood that you can’t build great
      government alone our country would be in a different place.”

      A very provocative and inspirational piece—to help us all through 2013
      and beyond.

      Forrest (Woody) Mosten
      Collaborative Attorney
      Certified Family Law Specialist
      Board of Specialization, State Bar of California

      Another customer/client In the system wrote about her experience with Woody:

      “Very very priced legal fees with very little understanding on how to accomplish a simple task that was requested. Clearly wishing to create more revenues for billing  rather than understand client's need, pace and budget. Beware of using this lawyer for your needs. There are many more helpful and attuned expert people who can assist you. Although he may have years in the "business" it is about his making money for him. I could say more about his concerns when I brought these issues to him, only worried that the referral source to me would find out how he operated.”

    • “If I was Karen, I would have started therapy the day the judgment was issued.“

      Maybe you would have started therapy with Dr. Kevin Root of Riverside:

      “He studied at New York University and the Carl Jung Institute in New York. He has been a license mental-health practitioner since 1992, according to state health department’s records.

      Root specialized in dream analysis, and he ran a “dream group” in which people discussed their nighttime visions. He also works in marriage counseling and other forms of mental-health services. His office was on East Putnam Avenue.“

    • In response to Anonymous: nope – we readers are not so gullible – sorry.

      I’m sure Karen knows better too and has seen enough to understand the so-called therapy by court appointed therapists will not serve to get her closer to spending time with her children. More likely the court appointed therapists will use the opportunity to further bolster the bogus narrative being advanced by the courtroom bad actors involved in and profiting from this case.

      • Most definitely more likely.

        It’s been the same criminal patterns and the same gross lack of oversight for forty years.

    • Cunha is the worst thing to happen to the CT system. You won’t hear that from Frank because he loves her. She stole money but Frank wont even accept it. How do you pick which lawyers are criminals and which lawyers are your friends?

      • Attorney Cunha put her heart and soul into her work. That’s what good lawyers do and her money is money she earned. As a lawyer, she asked for FAR less than $750 an hour.

        Instead of noticing a man charging vulnerable people $750 an hour for doing nothing, you seem thrilled in some twisted way to see a good woman punished for speaking against blatant corruption.

        Most people think those who speak against blatant corruption are good people and heroes.

        Your anonymous pretend name is a creepy mocking threat — and “the worst thing to happen to the CT system” in this comment section are trolls with bad intentions.

  • Fairfield county family law attorneys are connected to the real estate attorneys. They collude to attach the proceeds of a marital home sale to the divorce!

    The judge then orders all proceeds first must go to paying the gal and then the attorneys!

    Can’t make this up. It’s a playbook.

  • Nusbaum forced me to his private arbitration. He and Trembicki appointed Daniel Portanova.

    Nusbaum was awarded everything. And then per his contract, it’s filed with the court but sealed to hide his corruption.

    I will sh I realized what was going on at the time. He’s filth. No talent. Full of greed. No empathy at all. A real snake. Exploits men and women – it’s all about the money.

    • The Department of Justice hasn’t noticed all the damages done in “family courts” all over the country?

  • The Grand Shark of Fairfield! Love it. He’s a predator.

    So many burned by this lying, conniving, coward. His kids will no doubt be mortified by his conduct. Fraud is absolutely clear. Shameful. He almost made it.

    Time to retire.

  • Nusbaum and Alex trembicki have been running this charade for decades.

    The no-discovery clause and only Fairfield county attorneys for arbitration equates to no former client “winning”.

    The same attorneys participate and instead of being held accountable, they exploit an innocent client further by racking up costs of $400/hr for their arbitration buddies, knowing full well the ruling will go 100 percent in favor of the attorney being sued.

    There are no rules, no oversight, and no list of “members” of nusbaum and trembicki’s private arbitration.

    How they’ve gotten away with it for this long is unreal.

    Keep going Frank- this is the top of the iceberg.

  • I love this nusbuam guy. I’m divorcing my wife. So how can I get him in the case to represent my wife? I really hate her and I want her to lose so how do I get her to take Nusbaum? So I can win.

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