Kassenoff v Kassenoff: Anatomy of a Divorce and Custody Case in Westchester Family Court

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The Functioning of Juryless Family Court

Allan Kassenoff v. Catherine Kassenoff was a contentious divorce case in the New York State Supreme Court of Westchester County.

The case is a superb example of how the juryless family court operates in Westchester County and the nation.

It is superb, because the unusual degree of litigation illustrates uniquely how the process works, or doesn’t work. Both Allan and Catherine were lawyers.

Multiple Judges and Court-Appointed Actors

The case went through at least four judges, plus provided gainful employment for a raft of court-appointed actors, such as custody evaluators, therapists, and attorneys for the children. 

The result was Catherine Kassenoff lost custody of her children. Then took her life.

The Kassanoff family (Photo: Jessie Watford)

It began on May 24, 2019, when Allan filed for divorce in the New York State Supreme Court of Westchester County. 

Ten months later, on March 27, 2020, following a forensic custody evaluation by “neutral custody evaluator” Dr. Marc Abrams, Judge David Everett awarded the father “temporary” sole legal custody and primary physical custody of the children. He ordered Catherine out of her house, where she and Allan raised the children for ten years. 

Abrams said Catherine had an “unspecified personality disorder,” a term used to indicate that he knew she had some mental disorder but did not know which one.

The DSM-5 lists many personality disorders:

1. Paranoid 

2. Schizoid 

3. Schizotypal 

4. Antisocial 

5. Borderline 

6. Histrionic 

7. Narcissistic 

8. Avoidant

9. Dependent 

10. Obsessive-Compulsive 

But Dr. Abrams’ opinion was not an official diagnosis. In New York State, a psychologist cannot diagnose someone who is not their patient. According to standards of practice published online, a mental health diagnosis requires a comprehensive evaluation by a clinician who is an ongoing therapeutic relationship with a patient who is seeking a diagnosis and provides informed consent.

None of these were present with Catherine and Dr. Abrams, who was a forensic custody evaluator. 

But based on the single report of one custody evaluator, who was not competent to diagnose, the court gave it the force of law, and the mother lost her children and her home overnight.

Judge Everett allowed the mother to visit the children she previously raised, according to Catherine, in “the humiliating circumstances of being watched” by a court-approved therapeutic supervisor. 

Catherine watching one of her daughters do a cartwheel at the Center for Trauma Free Living
Catherine’s other daughter, also performing gymnastics for her mother

She had to pay thousands to see her children a few times a month. 

Interim Custody Trial and Testimonies

In July 2020, Judge Nancy Quinn Koba presided over a 2-week juryless interim custody trial.

Judge Nancy Quinn Koba

Catherine testified she did not believe she alienated the children from their father during the four supervised hours she had with them per week, but that Allan alienated them from her during the remaining 164 hours he had with them alone.

The children did not testify.

In August 2020, Judge Koba issued a Decision and Order, continuing Allan’s “temporary” sole legal and physical custody over their children, exclusive occupancy of the marital residence, and Catherine’s visits be supervised by a therapeutic supervisor “who can intervene if the mother begins to engage in harmful behavior and who can assist her in developing the skills to be with her children without damaging their emotional health” during “in-person visits with her children for two hours twice per week, and 15 minutes of supervised Zoom calls on the days that she did not have in-person visitation.” 

Judge Koba, who never met the children, relied on the Court-appointed “neutral” forensic therapist, Dr. Abrams, who testified for Allan at $400 per hour at Allan’s expense. 

Dr. Marc Abrams determined Catherine’s unfitness to mother her children

Continuation of Temporary Custody

Judge Koba ruled Catherine failed “to recognize and understand that… the father’s ability to provide for the children’s emotional well-being and development is superior” to hers, just as Dr. Abrams testified. 

Judge Koba agreed with Dr. Abrams that Catherine was “manipulative” and put “her self-interest above the interests of others,” made “false allegations of abuse against the father,” and made “purposeful actions to alienate the children from him,” which made her “unfit to act as a custodial parent.”‘

And as Dr. Abrams testified, Judge Koba echoed, “there was no evidence presented that the father manipulated the children into making any false claims against the mother.” 

Despite losing her children, Catherine endured and fought for three more years. 

Following Judge Koba’s August 2020 decision, Allan’s attorney wrote in another matter that “Mr. Kassenoff sincerely hoped that Ms. Kassenoff would get the help that she needed so that she could one day have a meaningful and healthy relationship with the children. But she has steadfastly refused. Instead, Ms. Kassenoff has opted to make it her life’s mission to exact revenge upon each and every person involved in the Matrimonial Action that led to the loss of her children.”

After she lost her children, largely due to the decision of Dr. Abrams, Catherine filed a complaint against him with the Office of Attorneys for Children and the Mental Health Professionals Certification Committee, alleging gross misconduct, including a false diagnosis of her mental health, minimizing Allan’s domestic abuse based on his financial alignment with Allan, bias, and sexually harassing her and other women.

Complaint and Removal of Dr. Abrams

On August 24, 2021, the Panel of Forensic Custody Evaluators in the First and Second Judicial Departments removed Dr. Abrams. He could no longer do court-ordered custody evaluations.

Later, a new judge, Lewis Lubell, signed an order of protection requiring Catherine to stay at least a mile away from her children, preventing her from stepping foot in the one-mile village of Larchmont, where the children live.

Grievance Against Judge

After posting photographs of Judge Lubell presiding over Dr. Abrams’ wedding on social media, Catherine filed a grievance with the Commission on Judicial Conduct against Judge Lubell, in which she detailed his inappropriate relationship with Dr. Abrams, his threats to incarcerate and arrest her, and refer her to the grievance committee, hold her in contempt, and his intemperate demeanor, which he displayed by screaming in the courtroom at her.

Judge Lubell officiating Marc Abrams’ wedding

On November 29, 2021, Judge Lubell, announcing “strong support for recusal in this matter,” removed himself from the case.

False Arrest and Dismissal of Charges

In January 2022, Allan filed a complaint with Larchmont police that Catherine came near one of her children at her school. 

Four armed police officers came, pinned her behind her car door, and she was paraded in front of her daughter’s school in handcuffs, frisked, put in a cell, and arraigned on charges of violating the order of protection requiring her to keep one mile distant from her children. 

Police took Allan’s word that the order was in effect despite it having expired and no longer in force. 

The attorney for the children, Carol Most, worked with the assistant district attorney, Christine Paska, to ensure Catherine was convicted.

Attorney for the children Carol Most

But Catherine showed the district attorney’s office that there was no legal protective order – the one-mile stay away order had expired and while a judge approved a new protection order, Allan had yet to serve it on Catherine, making it also legally unenforceable.

The DA dismissed the case.

Governor Kathy Hochul fired Catherine from her $170,000 per year job because of the arrest – Catherine claimed.

Misconduct by the Attorney for the Children

Catherine later alleged the prosecutor, ADA Paska, discussed with the children’s attorney Carol Most joining her law firm, which Most did not disclose to the Court. Later Paska joined Most’s law firm.

In the fall of 2022, Catherine alleged the court-appointed attorney for the children, Most, had engaged in unethical conduct.

The new family court judge, Susan Capeci, removed Most from the case for misconduct, including Most altering emails between her and Allan, and denied $113,000 of Most’s $270,000 invoice for “services” on behalf of the children. 

Catherine also filed a complaint against Most with the Second Department’s Office of Attorneys for Children. The results of this complaint are unknown and may be pending.

Second Custody Evaluation Ordered

With Abrams removed, the Court ordered a second custody evaluation, which took over a year to complete. 

During that time, Catherine was making progress in a rapprochement with the children, according to the court-approved therapeutic visitation supervisor, Jennifer Culley, whom Catherine paid. 

Culley told the Court of her progress despite setbacks caused by Allan alienating the children from her.

In March 2023, Allan wrote an eerily prophetic email where he reiterated court-ordered settlements he paid Catherine over three years – $885,000 – and vowed to fight to the death, whatever the cost.

Allan wrote, “You must really be proud of yourself for financially decimating me and the children. …everyone knows that your goal is to destroy me and you don’t care what that means to the children…. 

“Even if this Court awards you my last dollar, I will never stop protecting [the children]. Until the day I die. If I lose my house, so be it. If I go bankrupt, so be it. I will do everything and anything to take care of the kids and protect them…. Instead of focusing on getting help, you have focused your rage on destroying me…. Even if you succeed and take every last dollar I have, I will still have my children’s love and I will move forward in life knowing that I gave everything I had to protect them.”

In April 2023, Catherine bought a house for $900,000 cash for the children and herself near the $2 million home she owned with Allan, where he and the children lived – but which the Court barred her from visiting.

Catherine Kassenoff bought this home in Larchmont, New York.

Based on the supervised visit reports to the Court from Culley, Catherine expected she would see her children unsupervised.

In May 2023, the second custody evaluator, Kathleen McKay, filed her report with Judge Susan Capeci.

McKay determined Allan should have sole custody, and Catherine should never see her children – not even with a supervisor present.

Custody evaluator Kathleen McKay

In response, Judge Capeci ordered all visits between the mother and daughters stopped, showing the inordinate sway custody evaluators have on family court even in the teeth of contradictory evidence by other mental health professionals.

Tragic Outcome: Catherine’s Suicide

Three weeks later, Catherine committed assisted suicide in Switzerland – on May 27, 2023 – four years and three days after Allan began the divorce proceedings. 

On May 27, Catherine posted on Facebook:

“…Today, I will be ending my own life. I will be doing so in a dignified and idyllic setting in Europe. There are simply no other options left.

“In the last four years of my life, I have woken up every day to a nightmare like no other. I can no longer endure the abuse and terror of Allan Kassenoff… I have also endured the emotional devastation of being without my children for so long…”

Catherine’s Facebook photo

Catherine’s death and the consequent publicity resulted in the law firm of Greenberg Traurig making a public announcements that Allan resigned from his partnership.

According to court filings, Allan earned $800,000 to $1 million per year and was noted in various law periodicals as being one of the firm’s leading patent attorneys in the USA. 

Claims of Mental Illness

The argument Allan always made was that Catherine was mentally ill. His friends say her suicide proves it.

During the pendency of the case, Catherine presented to the Court reports from two treating psychiatrists and one psychologist who were competent to diagnose her and stated she was not mentally ill. 

The sole proof of Catherine being mentally ill was, in the end, Dr. Abrams, and Dr. MacKay, neither of whom were qualified to make a diagnosis based on a comprehensive evaluation of Catherine’s symptoms, history, and functioning. 

Catherine was not their patient.

One of the arguments Dr. McKay seemed to have used to establish Catherine was mentally ill was that she was highly litigious.

In addition to removing Judge Lubell, Dr. Abrams, and Carol Most, and making many motions in the matrimonial case, Catherine sued one of the children’s court-appointed therapists, Dr. Susan Adler, in State Supreme Court in Westchester County on grounds of fraudulent inducement; the case was pending at the time of her death.

Catherine sued Allan and Allan’s attorney Constantine G. Dimopoulos in the US District Court for Allan allegedly illegally obtaining her electronic communications by intercepting them or downloading them from her iCloud account – and Dimopoulus for publishing some of them in court filings – a case pending at the time of her death.

She filed a grievance against Allan with the Attorney Grievance Committee of the First Judicial Department, which reportedly was dismissed.

Grievance Against Catherine by Court Referee

A court referee, who Frank Report has identified as Irene Ratner, who worked on the Kassenoff matter during the time when Judge Koba presided, filed a grievance against Catherine with the Grievance Committee for the Ninth Judicial District on March 23, 2023, two and a half years after Koba left the case.

Ratner wrote:

 “Prior to my involvement in this divorce proceeding, Ms. Kassenoff was granted supervised access with her three minor daughters by Judge Everett.

“This access was continued by Judge Koba after an interim custody hearing in which Catherine Kassenoff was diagnosed [sic] as having a personality disorder with narcissistic traits….

“During the two-year period during which I was assigned to the Kassenoff divorce to assist Judge Koba, I received several emails from Ms. Kassenoff which I considered threatening.

“I became very frightened at the threat and content contained in Ms. Kassenoff’s email and became very concerned for my safety. I was so concerned for my safety that I felt compelled to file a police report.

“As Ms. Kassenoff has been seen in the Courthouse, I am now afraid to be in any unsecured part of the Courthouse where I work, or to be outside alone. I notified the Captain of the Court Officers at the courthouse, and also the District Attorney’s office, of the email threat.

“During my 44 years in the NYS Court System, I have been a Court Attorney Referee, County Court Judge and Family Court Judge. I have never before experienced the kind of conduct exhibited by Catherine Kassenoff nor the threats she has directed at me. In my opinion, this conduct by Ms. Kassenoff is sanctionable.

“I hesitated before filing this complaint as I am quite aware that as a result of this complaint to the Attorney Grievance Committee, Ms. Kassenoff, in all likelihood will file not only a Complaint against me with the Grievance Committee, but will also concoct a frivolous lawsuit to file against me. That has been her pattern throughout this entire matter. However, I refuse to remain silent and permit her to continue her campaign of intimidation and ‘terror’.

“Notwithstanding the likelihood of her retaliation against me for filing this complaint, I cannot remain silent. For the first time in 44 years, she has caused me to fear for my safety from an attorney or litigant. Her conduct as an attorney in this matter, in which she has represented herself at various times during the long and tortuous divorce proceeding, and her attacks on every professional who has ever been involved in this matter who has not agreed with her nor done what she wants, have been relentless. Her campaign to harm anyone she perceives as not being “on her side’ must be stopped. She gives all attorneys a bad name.”

Letter from Treating Psychiatrist

After Judge Capeci accepted Dr. McKay’s report, which recommended Catherine should not see her children, and before Catherine killed herself, psychiatrist Stephanie Brandt MD, who was Catherine’s treating psychiatrist, wrote a letter to the Court stating that Catherine was not mentally ill.

Dr. Stephanie Brandt…

Dr, Brandt added that she spoke only once to Dr. McKay in connection to the custody evaluation report and that Dr. McKay made:

“the unexpected statement that she had never seen anyone file so many motions [as Catherine]. I was again rather shocked at the over expression of her very negative take on my patient, despite her role as a ‘neutral’.

“It is a familiar trope about women especially those in family court custody battles, regarding supposed ‘mental illness’ i.e. the lady with the bags of papers who shows up in the ER or [doctor’s] office to prosecute her case.

“It is an expression between professionals that one believes that the woman is crazy and paranoid.

“In response [to Dr. McKay], I said that I disagreed that her motions were an expression of psychopathology. In fact – she had won most of these motions. I asked [Dr. McKay] why that was an indication of anything but resilience persistence, in the face of what was for her a disaster,” i.e., the loss of her children.

Arguments in the Federal Case

In a filing in the federal case where Catherine alleged he had illegally intercepted her text messages, Allan Kassenoff’s attorney summed up what they wanted the judge to understand about her: 

“This case is nothing more than the sad result of a mentally ill litigant who lost custody of her children and rather than getting the help that she needs, she has decided to use the judicial system to exact revenge upon everyone she blames for the loss of her children.”


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Frank Parlato


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  • Thank you Frank for continuing to show Catherine Kassenoff case and show the world of the judicial family court corruption. I too was married to an abusive ex lawyer as he has been arrested 5 times here in New York. His 5th arrest for child abuse & an Order of Protection was issued out by the DA for our children he managed to manipulate and commit perjury & have in chambers meeting and was able to take out children for his “assigned weekends”. Seriously, abuse of power and favoritism! Now he’s managed to alienate me through the courts & judge turn a blind eye. Meanwhile my child has mentally deteriorated and continuing. I was always a great, protective Mother. This would and does being people to want to end their life.
    He & courts have succeeded with legal & financial abuse. These judges, Gal, attorneys must be held accountable for destroying the innocent & financially profiting.

  • Not everyone who is complaining lost custody. The system is absolutely rediculous. When you file complaints against a psychologist and your open complaint is 2 years old. Absolutely no one will return your phone call. After the investigation is opened for a little while. No one ever notified me it was closed. They just don’t respond. It’s just disappeared. I have a letter from the prosecutor’s office telling me to go to the police department and call the judges office to report the situation. The police tell you it’s a court problem. The judges office secretary tells you to never call back. The letter you send is returned. Because the of the judge they specifically told you to send the letter to won’t read it. He’s was never assigned to my case. He probably would have to do something about it. I think the situation is questionable. I totally agree that their are people jumping on the band wagon. There are plenty of women out there like myself who did not loose custody that can attest to the absolutely nightmare. Don’t want come forward out of fear. Some relentlessly dragged back to court for nonsense in court for years. . I have not spoken to too many men cause there is soo much divide around parental alienation. I’ve been attacked verbally by women who I’ve tried to help. Most do not and appreciated information . I had one father try to stop me from speaking out against false alligations of parental alienation. I had strange cars parked in front of my house after I filed complaints. You probably going to say I am paranoid. Women have had the same red jeep with veterans plates parked in front of their house after complaining .I don’t live in a place where there is that much traffic. People randomly pulling in your driveway parking for a few minutes or across the street. So much so another person in the neighborhood and sent a picture. Asking if I knew these people. This is what happens when you come forward. So I am guessing there are many more. There are many risks and difficulty trying to help reform the system. You get labeled. Discruntaled , delusional, negative and what ever else. Even when you have proof of the things you are reporting. Not everyone is bat shit crazy . So when people complain I tend to believe them until I have reasons to believe otherwise. A court appointed custody evaluations is definitely not going to convince me someone is crazy. There is definitely shady shit going on at the court house.

  • Not much change in the Westchester County Divorce Court since 1997 when i was divorced. Business as usual. Frank look into the statistics of women murdered by litigious spouses and ex spouses. Those Protective Orders are not protecting women

  • These sealed evaluation are often BS. Reform is impossible until licenses are lost. Judges are removed from the bench and the people in the legal system are held legally responsible. The psychologist are at the heart of the custody flip. People can attack people all they want. Reform means Justice for the family court victims. What is happening is a crime. We want something done about it.

    • And my guess is if someone doesn’t lose their license it will be the cabal that is preventing it from happening. . Someone was paid off, etc. etc. etc. Hundreds of cases go through these courts. Where are the hundreds of people calling for reform. Oh maybe it is just the mothers’ who lose custody, Like Amy Neustein, author of some of the articles here. Her daughter, to this day, wants nothing to do with her. Look her up on google, about page 8, her daughter has spoken out about this and what really happened. If this was going on, that rich fathers get their children, where is the PROOF. Any proof at all, not just the ramblings of disgruntled ex wives who want to exact revenge on their husbands through sacrificing their children. Shame on all of you. And, no, I do not know Allen or his lawyer or any of the players here.

    • “Reform is impossible until licenses are lost. Judges are removed from the bench and the people in the legal system are held legally responsible. … Reform means Justice for the family court victims. What is happening is a crime. We want something done about it.”

      Those who commit those crimes aren’t going to stop until something changes.

      What changes are needed and how do we help make those changes?

      Which offices are responsible for court oversight and accountability?

  • Without the custody evaluations (both) there is no way for anyone to reasonably offer an opinion on the outcomes ordered by the various judges.
    Obviously those reports should never be made public and therefore all the accusations, slander, speculations and rank gossip that have and will inevitably fill these comments should be ignored and seen for the unsupported BS they are.
    Though they won’t people should just let this family, this case and the court officials involved alone. If court reform is what is wanted (and undoubtedly needed) then that should be pursued but political power is what must be marshalled not voyeurism about a now closed case.

    • I have to disagree with you and I’m sure that about 80% of the people that know about this case would disagree with you there are a lot of players that are committing crimes against women it has been known at least since 1994 that states are acting bias towards women and mothers…. And if states are acting bias towards mothers/women then that means it’s the people that are acting by us and they should be held accountable and answer to the crimes that they committed against these mothers by making false reports and by not giving the proper diagnosis and then having a judge make a legal decision on your life. It’s ignorance and it’s unacceptable.

      • strange that there is no concrete statistical evidence that there is bias against women and mothers. I’m willing to bet the statistics show the exact opposite. Of course, every narcissist will think that that is a conspiracy/coverup. The non-custodial parents are often narcissists who believe that they are so grandly important that entire legal systems (judges, lawyers, police, dcf, plus doctors, psychiatrists etc) will collude and conspire against them. Guess what? Your sense of grandiosity is a delusion. There is no conspiracy against you. It’s your own bad behavior that put you in the situation you are in.

        • Maternal gatekeeper. Billions of dollars dedicated to fathers. The use of parental alienation that is not a single professional organization in the psychology professional will support. If bad behavior is protecting a child from credible abuse. As well as not tolerating themselves to be abused. Plenty of evidence to support the discriminantion. Stop covering it up.

        • Maybe do your homework about the statistics:


          In custody litigation, when mothers reported abuse — including child abuse and domestic violence — the mothers lost custody 28 percent of the time. But when fathers alleged abuse, the fathers lost custody only 12 percent of the time.

          “The data in this study is very powerful in showing how much worse mothers had it when they alleged child abuse,” Meier said. “All the dots get connected.”

          And what weird proof do you have that “non-custodial parents are often narcissists”? This is pure speculation on your part and I highly doubt you will find a statistic anywhere to back up your claim.

          • I am willing to bet that the vast majority of people who lost custody and blame it on a conspiracy instead of their own demonstrably bad behavior (like Riordan, Boyne, Harding-Weinstein, DiRubbia, Neustein, Broderick) have narcissistic personality disorder. All of them take zero personal responsibility for the outcome of their custody battle.

          • From the article you shared, “Meier acknowledged that the findings do not demonstrate that courts’ denials of abuse claims were wrong — only that they are happening at very high rates. And the study has several limitations, Meier said. It primarily analyzed cases that were appealed and that were published online, which is not a fully representative sample of trial court decisions.” And it also says the sample is highly skewed.

        • Yes, narcissists, in general, can be delusional, no argument there – I was specifically calling you out on your statement “non-custodial parents are often narcissists” a broad sweeping statement that I challenge you to find supporting statistics for. Your link has nothing to do with being a non-custodial parent.

          • Yes, it does have something to do with being a noncustodial parent, particularly the ones whose stories are told here, who claim that they lost custody because there is a vast conspiracy against them. Get real.

        • “I’m willing to bet” sure doesn’t sound very scientific. Based in as much fact as the diagnosis of a personality disorder from a custody evaluator. Sorry, we all need more than your intuition on this one.

        • Even if the study is flawed, you still have not proven your point. There is not a shred of evidence that non-custodial parents are narcissists.

    • The parable of the blind men and the elephant is a helpful lesson. All the many interpretations of the Kassenoff case have to do with the blind leading the blind, the lack of facts available, various philosophical approaches to life and a lot of blatant criminal corruption in that court system.

      I’ve reformed your comments to reflect a different interpretation of the case with the hope that you can remember how many interpretations of the same events often present in different ways.

      I hope you agree with the following:

      Without accurate and unbiased evaluations of the physical, mental, medical, emotional and spiritual status and capacities of both parents, there was no way for the Westchester County family court system to reasonably offer an opinion about the case.

      Obviously, those reports should have been unbiased and accurate. Unfortunately, those reports were biased, inaccurate and incomplete and therefore had to be made public so the public would know the truth about the crimes committed in the case.

      All the accusations, slander, speculations and rank gossip about Catherine, her thoughts, her feelings, her hopes and her dreams that have and might inevitably fill these comments should be ignored and seen for the unsupported hogwash they are.

      All kinds of comments about the case will probably continue until the good federal authorities investigate each and every crime and fraud committed in the case. Once competent federal offices fully investigate the case, most of the public will feel that family — and more families in family courts in the future — will be protected from that point on.

      This case is about the court officials involved. Court reform is what is wanted and most definitely long overdue.

      The harm done to that family could have been prevented. Court reform is currently being pursued and has been pursued since the 1980s.

      Political power is what must be marshalled — not voyeurism about what some would like to think of as “a closed case”.

    • Do not agree 100%. I had 2 psychological evaluations done, 4 years apart. Second report refutes the first psychological evaluation questioning even if there ever was a serious personality disorder, as described in the first report. Yes the refutable first report came straight from Dr. McKays office!! You cannot make this up! This is corruption! Reparations for the Moms who have been falsely accused of being “mentally ill” when they were acting in the best interest of their children. Those are also the Moms who had also experienced such abuses by the very same man.

  • Thank you for laying out this travesty of justice so clearly. This is occurring in family courts throughout the United States and the financial well being of families is proportionate to the duration of litigation– until the family savings is emptied.

    The exact same pattern exists in all cases of racketeering– which this is.
    GAL appointed
    Then a single custody evaluation takes the kids.

    Allegations of parental alienation and then unspecified personality disorder– and they will identify “traits” of narcissism, borderline, and paranoid personality disorder– which is entirely unfounded and presented in a way to deceive the untrained reader.

    The DSM-V is NOT FOLLOWED. An unspecified personality disorder is NOT a stand alone condition. These court actors are using their licenses to destroy targeted parents.

    When parents like Catherine challenge the conduct of the court actors (custody evaluator, judge, therapists), then they are THREATENING and Dangerous!

    Stand up for yourself and you are then deemed a threat– and the gang piles on. They endorse the lies of each other.

    The public needs to reconsider their perceptions of truth, justice, and due process in family court. It’s the wild west. No rules. No laws. No truth. And the highest flow of money goes through Connecticut family courts than all the other courts combined.


  • Incredibility sad, God bless Mr. Parlato, by exposing these animals, I have no doubt kind sir, you have saved saved lives in the process, I can’t mention his his name I am so disgusted by him, but may he rot in hell, and God spare him no mercy, a beautiful life lost because of this perverted system, damn them all.

  • Westchester County Family Court is a child-trafficking operation. The children are auctioned off to the highest bidder. The “evaluators” are paid hundreds per hour. They are corrupt. We need juries in Family Court.

    What on Earth was Lubell doing officiating Abrams wedding? Was this just a coincidence? How do they know each other? We need to know the full context of their relationship.

    Democrat run counties are by far, the most corrupt. They place children in the care of dangerous people. Once Democrat judge in California wanted to let a house full of convicted pedophiles live next to a Kindergarten.

    • In most every dangerous for-profit case, family court players sell children and extort money from parents.

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