The Brushstrokes of Trans-Inclusion; FR Art Critic Ranks Top 7 ‘Diversity’ Paintings

By Thomas Van Der Kunst

FR resident art critic

Frank Report art critic Thomas Van Der Kunst rated the top #7 new paintings in the growing trans-art world. Here they are in descending order.

Shellfish or Selfish?

Jamie Beaumont

Jamie Beaumont’s painting, ‘Selfish or Shellfish?’ immerses viewers into an exploration of identity transformation with a man yearning to trans into the selfhood of a shrimp.

Each brushstroke captures the longing as he emerges from the canvas with a compelling palette of horseradish white and ketchup red, transfiguring his features into a mouthwatering crustacean.

The presence of aquatic elements hints at fluidity, questioning the rigidity of identity constructs. Through deft brushstrokes, Beaumont invites us to dive deep into the ocean of self-discovery and contemplate the beauty of embracing one’s inner shrimp.

Make Room for Mama

Morgan Delacroix

In Morgan Delacroix’s masterful oil painting ‘Make Room for Mama,’ viewers are invited into a transformative moment as a trans woman steps into a locker room filled with cisgender women.

Delacroix’s lush brushwork and thoughtful composition foster understanding with a vibrant color palette bringing depth and texture as a timid trans woman navigates her new space with grace and vulnerability, expressing her desire for inclusivity so often denied by binary gender divisions.

A Place of Belonging

Taylor Monroe

Taylor Monroe’s compelling ‘A Place of Belonging’ offers a thought-provoking exploration of a trans woman who confidently enters a cisgender locker room, effortlessly creating an atmosphere of comfort and camaraderie.

Monroe’s vibrant color palette brings life to the playful faces of the cisgender women. Each brushstroke portrays the trans woman’s self-assured authenticity. Her body language and facial expression convey a sense of belonging.

Monroe skillfully captures the diverse reactions of the cisgender women embracing diversity resonating with empathy and compassion in bridging divides, fostering understanding, and finding acceptance.

Demanding Inclusion

Avery Magpiesi

Avery Magpiesi’s compelling ‘Demanding Inclusion’ presents a powerful exploration of perseverance and acceptance, as a trans sow pushes her way into a men’s restroom, asserting her right to be included as a female human.

Magpiesi brings home the bacon with bold artistic brush strokes featuring vibrant colors of pink and crispy brown, amplifying the struggle faced by trans-humans not to transition to a heaping hunk of pulled pork or slow-cooked St Louis-style BBQ ribs, while being excluded from spaces that align more closely with their identity.

Magpiesi’s brushwork exudes the urgency and determination of a sow’s unwavering resolve not to ham it up in a piggish stunt, but to break down barriers of the trans [not SUB!] human yearning for acceptance, while dismantling exclusionary practices that tend to keep trans humans endlessly slow-twirling on a spit with an apple in their mouth and striving for a society which does not seek to live high off the hog, but embraces all creatures in all their delicious forms, as truly human.

Nurturing Love

Reese Fontaine

In the artwork titled ‘Nurturing Love,’ Reese Fontaine captures a poignant scene, portraying a man engaging in chest-feeding, tenderly emotionally nourishing a young child.

With its delicate brushwork, the artist skillfully captures the intimate connection between man and child, evoking a subtle interplay of light and shadow creating a serene loving atmosphere, while highlighting the importance of men breastfeeding babies as the universal language of love. The serene, if malnourished countenance of the babe in ‘Nurturing Love,’ encourages viewers to reflect on the woeful slight to men who cannot lactate, prompting a reevaluation of Nature’s naturalness or the Divine’s infallibility, in light of the too-frequent blunders in mis-selecting bodies and genders misfitted to the mind and emotions of their inhabitants, inviting viewers to embrace forgiveness while celebrating the fact that the need for human milk is not as important as imbibing the milk of human kindness.

Come Be At Peace

Riley Valencia

Riley Valencia’s wondrous watercolor ‘Come Be At Peace’ presents a thought-provoking exploration of inclusivity, empathy, and the power of love as it portrays a poignant scene where large trans women encounter hesitation and rejection from diminutive cisgender women in a locker room.

However, the giantess trans women respond with acts of kindness, baking cookies to bridge the divide and foster an understanding that cis are sisters too.

Valencia’s brushstrokes blend hues guiding the eye to the central figures—the large trans women and the diminutive cisgenders seeking acceptance with discomfort and hesitations encountered when large trans women bake cookies to build bridges and create harmony and hand them to you when you are naked, which highlights the empathy and compassion for the struggles faced by cisgender individuals who unnecessarily fear the physically larger trans women when they should realize cookies can bridge the gaps that separate.

This Bud’s 4 Ze


MK10Art’s ‘This Bud’s 4 Ze’ is a remarkable canvas that encapsulates the essence of a trans woman’s journey while evoking the specter of $4 billion worth of flat beer.

With brushstrokes that transcend confidence and exude vulnerability, MK10ART portrays trans woman Dylan Mulvaney with a delicate interplay of translucent colors, capturing the complexity of her experience and inviting viewers to embrace profound humanity while their stock investment in Budweiser plummets.

The title, ‘This Bud’s 4 Ze,’ subtly references the pivotal moment when Budweiser faced an unanticipated corporate miscue combined with the underscoring power of identity and resilience.

The composition boasts meticulous attention to detail; the artist employs a tableau vivant, breathing life into this poignant narrative which makes us want to celebrate the joy of beer and the removal of our testicles.

While Budweiser sales go a-flushing down the toilet with no bidet in sight, Mulvaney radiates strength, authenticity, and a soul brimming with a six-pack worth of calorie-light, cash-lighter Bud Light – a testament to the resilience of a corporation willing to triumph with self-expression over profits.

‘This Bud’s 4 Ze’ provides a much-needed quenching of our thirst for inclusivity and beckons viewers to get drunk like a man on the only beer that will expand your diversity while excluding your inclusive waistline so that when you finally fully transition and slice off that nuisance you’ve wanted to be rid of all your life, you will be inviting a more compassionate understanding of the drunken deepest long-parched quest on this gloriously light blue, light pink and white earth.

‘This Bud’s 4 Ze’ is in its simplest translation a profound artistic statement, merging the death of the corporate beer, as it transitions from flat flavorless, and unappealing, as you, once you transition to the opposite gender of your birth, do the opposite, celebrating the transformative power of lower-caloric beer as the door to self-discovery.


Thomas Van Der Kunst is Frank Report’s most respected and influential art critic. He pursued a formal education in Art History at many top online universities, where he gained a comprehensive understanding of every artistic movement and all their varied techniques.

Kunst’s approach to art criticism is characterized by supreme intellectual rigor and unparalleled observation, delving into underlying concepts, cultural contexts, and artistic intentions that uncover the essence of any artwork, as he examines formal elements, compositional choices, and thematic resonances enabling lucky FR readers to appreciate the depth and complexity of the works he evaluates which they otherwise would be highly unlikely to comprehend. Beyond his written work, Kunst is a much sought-after speaker and lecturer, sharing his limitless perspectives at prestigious art institutions and symposiums, too numerous to name in a brief bio.


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  • Research political history to see what happened where more and more conversations were eventually banned. says:

    “Jul 3, 2023

    Helen Joyce is causing a lot of trouble. YouTube recently removed her conversation with Jordan Peterson (due to vague accusations of “hate speech” and “inciting violence”) and the BBC doesn’t invite her on air anymore. Among her heresies, she is guilty of believing there are two sexes and saying it out loud.

    Helen, an Irish journalist, bestselling author, and director of advocacy at Sex Matters, spoke to Peter Boghossian about the differences between men and women. In many arenas, the differences don’t matter, but they are a matter of consequence regarding women’s privacy, vulnerability, and physical competition. …

    … ‘I’m saying that there are two sexes. That humans are mammalian. That those two sexes are evolved categories and that in no mammal can somebody change from one of those categories to the other.’ …”

  • Search: “Yale” “Mao” “Bolsheviks” “Tavistok Institute” “social engineering” says:

    The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and Mao’s Chinese Cultural Revolution were for full control and eventual genocide.

    “… Dylan Mulvaney now identifies as a lesbian and is ‘hoping to be impregnated’ by another woman, says Sky News host James MacPherson.

    ‘Mulvaney is a man identifying as a woman claiming to be a lesbian hoping to be impregnated by a woman,’ Mr MacPherson said.

    ‘President Biden says the public need more exposure to this.’ …”

  • “… Taxpayer funded “care” for transgender service members includes:

    speech/voice therapy
    cross-sex hormones,
    laser hair removal,
    voice feminization surgery,
    facial contouring,
    body contouring,
    breast/chest surgery (“upper surgery”)
    genital mutilation surgery (“lower surgery”).
    Psychological counseling

    Service members who identify as transgender may receive a waiver for grooming and uniform standards.

    Service members who identify as transgender may receive an indefinite waiver for physical fitness standards. This waiver often becomes a de facto permanent situation, and the transgender identifying service member just has to renew the exemption request every six months.

    Service members who identify as transgender will be considered “non-deployable” for up to 300 days while taking hormones for their “transition” period. Again, given that these hormones are often required for life, this may render the transgender identifying service member as permanently unable to deploy. …”

  • Intelligent FR readers should watch Rufo’s film ... Marxist trolls should go pound sand. says:

    “… The Transgender Empire
    How the trans movement conquered American life.


    The transgender movement has conquered American life. Activist teachers have converted classrooms into propaganda. Influencers are driving billions of social media impressions. And doctors are cutting up kids in the name of gender-affirming care.

    The story goes deeper than you might imagine, featuring rage-filled intellectuals, a trans billionaire benefactor, and large scale medical experiments in a Detroit ghetto.

    In this new short film, I tell the story of the transgender empire, how it came into being, and how it hopes to change the face of American society forever. …”

    • “The great weakness of the cultural revolution is that it negates the metaphysics, morality, and stability of the common citizen. As it undermines the institutions of family, faith and community, it creates a void in the human heart with its one-dimensional ideology.” Chris Rufo

  • Frank has a new documentary special coming out—hence a new censorship policy.

    Congrats Frank! Now blow my [redacted].

  • Breaking News:

    Toni Natalie identifies striking parallels between Frank Parlato and the notorious Al Capone.

    Toni Natalie believes Frank’s tax problems are the tip of the iceberg.

    “The way I look at it is Al Capone was convicted of tax evasion, but we all know there was so much more.”
    -Toni Natalie

    How much more? Frank could be hiding something big—and I’m not talking about [redacted].

    Rumor has it Toni is a [redacted]. Some say Frank [redacted] at a VFW bar. I say Frank [redacted] and [redacted]. Then he [redacted] faster than [redacted] color tv.

    Source Article:

  • Dear Uncle Frank,

    Which longtime commenter plays the video game “Dave the Diver?”

    If he was any bigger a loser he’d be [redacted].

    For those not into Retro-Video-Ganes:


    Game play involves scuba diving, snorkeling, and fishing.

    All things I do in my real life….

    I bet Frank fishes and doesn’t play video games about fishing. LOL

    I might be a crank – but at least I’m not 56 year old loser playing a 1994 retro-video game. LOL

  • May 2020 … “Levine’s story went national when it was learned she moved her 95-year-old mother from a personal care home to a hotel at the same time her department was forcing care facilities to admit and re-admit coronavirus-positive patients. Confidence in Secretary of Health Rachel Levine’s ability to handle the COVID-19 outbreak has been called into question after data revealed that 69 percent of the deaths in Pennsylvania have taken place in senior care facilities under the oversight of the state’s Department of Health” …

    March 2021 … “Rachel Levine became the highest-ranking openly transgender government official in U.S. history when she was confirmed by the Senate as the 17th Assistant Secretary for Health in March 2021. Her clinical and public health work has helped people dealing with a range of medical issues, including eating disorders, the opioid crisis, and COVID-19” …

    October 2021 … “Dr Rachel Levine, 63, is now an admiral of the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. Dr Levine, appointed by President Joe Biden, is already the highest-ranking openly transgender official in the US” …

    The Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health (formerly the Office of Public Health and Science) oversees:

    📈 Twelve core public health offices
    📊 Ten regional health offices
    📉 Ten presidential and secretarial advisory committees

    A few years ago … “ … in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation …”

  • For those of you pissed off at the govermnment/
    California Reparations Task Force Calls to Ban Police from Enforcing Public Urination Laws

  • He’s not just any blogger. He’s a blogger who’s gone ham and cheese sandwich of some shitty ass people, including Toni Natalie. I remember her lies in her book. It sucked by the way. Have you seen her stats? Suneel can use the extra paper to wipe Clare’s ass when she gets out.

    • So
      PARLATO WAS ALREADY in trouble with taxes in 2015, Before any NX stuff & to the tune of $400k. He delayed , delayed delayed.

  • 1. The trans crowd has been around forever. But at the end of the day, it’s “plastic surgery” and health insurance and tax payers shouldn’t be paying for it.

    2. No, men shouldn’t be participating in women’s sports. They should be ashamed of themselves for doing so, Be man enough in your life just once to stay on your own team.

    3. And if minors have the ability to “consent” to such surgery, they should also be charged for crimes they commit because clearly their age for consent to commit felonies and other crimes needs to be lowered.

  • Frank-

    I laughed my-ass-off!!!

    I don’t have a problem with trans-women…


    ….The bathroom and changing room is BS!!!! It’s not fair to regular women.

    Unless they don’t have dicks!

    I agree with your satire.

  • Who do we all know who sex trafficks children?
    3:48 / 52:00
    Who in NXIVM sex trafficks children?
    Sound of Freedom Trailer
    Sound of Freedom: New Film Exposes the Dark Truths of Human Trafficking

  • A song for Avery Magpie

    Fish Heads
    Song by Barnes & Barnes
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    A song aLLSO WELL FIT FOR nxivN==M’
    Dr. Demento – Fish Heads (Drawn)

    0:07 / 4:43

    Barnes & Barnes – Fish Heads”


  • ……This artwork is reminiscent of silkscreen paintings sold on NYC sidewalks in the 70s.
    Is there an Elvis portrait to be had for $20? Please someone deliver me from the CheeseWiz artwork.

    CGI is indeed the new silkscreen. It’s like someone trying to pass a BigMac off like it’s steak tartare.

    Ta-ta everyone!

  • I am woman hear me roar, hilarious. How did bathrooms and locker room s become so controversial? Were Roman bath houses the same, more exceptional or what?

  • The shellfish pants is the funniest, I laughed out loud. The delightfully morbid AI art reminds me of eating chocolate covered mushrooms.

  • “van der Kunst” translates from Dutch to English into “from the Art”. appropriate here…..

    Talking about the Dutch and gender and art: Yesterday,a trangender was crowned as “miss Holland 2023”: Here’s the newsreport:
    (“Rikkie Kolle wins title miss Holland as first ever trans-woman”)

    Now, I understand and accept that a very tiny percentage of people are “born in the wrong body”. And I support the doing whatever they need to do to feel better, surgery included. But this is crazy! The message here is that the most beautifull women in the country apparently is a man, albeit with a surgically removed penis.. I’m curious how the other contestants of the pageant are feeling about this. I think it’s crazy…..

  • Frank, you are getting a little silly with the AI. Where are you getting the inspiration to create this shit? “Thomas Van Der Kunst”? Are you, perhaps, taking any pharmaceuticals?

    • I resent that comment on behalf of my real name!
      Art VandeLay!
      The Life & Times Of Art Vandelay | Seinfeld

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