Dr. Marc Abrams Fights Back Against Online Criticism Over Custody Evaluation

Dr. Marc Abrams, the forensic psychologist who did the custody evaluation for Kassenoff v Kassenoff, is not doing well with his Google Reviews. He has the lowest possible rating of 1 out of 5, with 39 reviews.

Remember that Google Reviews allows anyone to anonymously post a review about any business, whether they have done business with them or not. Companies can also pay for reviews.

The 39 bad reviews Dr. Abrams has are from people miffed with him because of his role as the custody evaluator in Kassenoff v Kassenoff and not from people who necessarily availed themselves of his psychological services.

Most critics simply drop the lowest rating with barely a reason.

Some leave one word to one sentence review and give him the lowest rating of 1:

Love Nature

Jackie Brown

This doctor is a psychologist who supports abusive parents.


Kay Martz

Gamers Eternal

Just give it up, dude. No one believes you.
Lisa Johnson
Willing to accept money in exchange for allowing child trauma to continue. Willing to throw a terminally ill woman out of her own house and actively keep her away from her children with no proof she was the abuser. Absolute disgrace.

Dr. Abrams replied to most reviews. Sometimes he simply replies with a link to Kassenofffacts.com, a website that recently published the negative side of Catherine Kassenoff.

Homepage of Kassenoffacts.com

He also has a stock reply:

This bogus review comes from the social media driven, court of public opinion in the Kassenoff matter. For a more balanced perspective people should spend time looking through the website http://www.Kassenofffacts.com
Several years ago, I served as one of the court-appointed, independent custody evaluators in this matter. It was actually Mrs. Kassenoff and one of her early attorneys who insisted that I was the only evaluator they would consent to using.
That fact does not support the false narrative that I was somehow a “hired gun” for the father in that matter. There were several judges involved, two independent custody evaluators, two attorneys for the children, a judicial referee, child therapists, professional visitation supervisors, and I am sure there were some other people serving in other roles whom I did not mention.
The NY State Supreme Court system impartially and fairly dispensed “justice” in this matter, never losing sight of the best interests of the children.
When one party’s anger and drive for vengeance exceeds the love for the children, the kind of dishonest misrepresentation presented by “Mrs. Kassenoff’ s side” occurs at the expense of the children.
This is the legacy that Ms. Kassenoff and those who aided and abetted this grossly inappropriate dump on social media left for these children to have to endure for the rest of their lives.

People responded.


Don’t bother replying with your “social media driven bogus review” canned response. Not gonna work. You are already slowly losing everything because of your own gross human ego. You have a long way to fall from that lofty position of yours. Nobody will help you. You are tainted.

In defense of your initial mudslinging, you recommend a website that is more mudslinging? And you think this helps you…how exactly? Trying to prove someone else is wrong doesn’t make your client innocent. If anything, it only doubles down on MY point.

You are STILL a disgrace to your profession. You cared more for $32,000 than you did for the safety and welfare of innocent children. Those children are still in abusive homes. And if that’s your rebuttal, I wouldn’t trust you to make a Happy Meal for children.

His website states “On a good day, one parent will be happy with Dr. Abrams’ report. On a bad day, both parents will be unhappy with his conclusions.” Imagine a good day only happening because a terminally ill woman died and so his one client is happy with the lies he bought for $32,000 dollars.

You, sir, are an ENTIRE disgrace to the profession. How dare you imply that you did the right thing calling Kassenoff a decent parent in the face of massive evidence otherwise. People like you are why children remain in abusive homes because of money and status. You should lose your license and pay out of pocket personally to ensure these kids go anywhere else.

Amber Nelson
Kindly just quit, you are more than useless as a Dr as well as a human being. How do you view the videos that have been shared with the world and not feel inclined to make a better decision? Have the day you deserve, you disgrace to everyone. Kindly just quit, you are more than useless as a Dr as well as a human being. How do you view the videos that have been shared with the world and not feel inclined to make a better decision? Have the day you deserve, you disgrace to everyone holding a Ph.D. BTW DO NOT just copy the generic response that you have left everyone else. Use your big brain and come up with something new.

The Doxi Mama

I guess if you can sleep good at night, doc, power to you. But in the end, we will be held accountable for our deeds. I think the other shoe is about to fall, and all involved are going to have a rude awakening.
Money before the best interest of a child? How much did you sell your soul for? 32K? Was it worth it? Your reply to the reviews says a lot about you and it’s not in a good light. As a mom who went through a terrible divorce, I have nothing but empathy for Catherine.
Thankfully, my ex didn’t have the money like your pal did, and I also had my health. Because the only way he was getting my daughter was from my cold dead grip.
I pray the children aren’t ruined from all the manipulation done to them.
UPDATE: Thank you for your reply, doc and yes you assumed correctly. But, did you actually read it? I wasn’t hiding that it is about Catherine. I clearly stated that. You talk about donating. I think maybe you should make a donation, I don’t know maybe like 32K?? You are apparently tone-deaf and have the attention span of a piece of driftwood. Happy I nor my family have ever had any sort of interaction with you. Lord knows how that would have turned out
Dr. Abrams

As to your claim about the $32,000. The Court assigns financial responsibility for each litigant side. That is outlined in an order appointing the evaluator. Both litigants were assigned a percentage and both sides paid the amounts owed. Furthermore, it was Mrs. Kassenoff (signed affidavit) and one of the early attorneys involved in that matter, who insisted that I was the only evaluator they would consent to using.

Mary Prince

Evidence and reports from CPS and police stating that Allan should stay away and evidence of physical and mental abuse, and yet you still granted him full custody…such a disgrace to the family Court system 😠😠😠😠😠

Kernie Tomblin

Just wondering how many times that Allan’s attorney, the children’s attorney, and the judge have done this? They all seem to be making a lot of money and no one is investigating? This sounds and smells like corruption, and judicial misconduct. I mean, clearly, the judge and Mr. Abrams have a personal relationship; otherwise, the judge would not be the officiant at Mr. Abrams’ wedding. Mr. Abrams also contributes large sums of money to the judge’s campaign to get elected to the Supreme Court. Why did the judge not recuse himself? How can a cps report be completely ignored? I say: follow the money. None of them were paid by Catherine, all paid by Allen.

Christopher Comella

Bro mad cause he’s getting called out for being a putz and not doing his job. Now he’s getting dragged over the coals and continues to defend himself by gaslighting people with a biased website. You’re done, dude, cooked.
Dr. Abrams
I am assuming that this is another “review” based upon the Kassenoff matter (my involvement in this matter ended in 2021).
I recommend that you go to the website http://www.kassenofffacts.com for some more balanced information in the matter that has you so very upset. I frankly wish everyone could go through the entire court file. Any rational person, after reviewing the totality of the information that the courts (several judges) considered, would not only concur with the actions that the courts took (I had no such powers), but would be reaching out and apologizing to the people who are being unjustly vilified.
I would suggest that you take your upset and find a positive outlet for it, such as donating time, money, and/or resources to a local domestic violence shelter/organization.

Nicole Ekanayake

Really not pleasurable to work with, is overall extremely disorganized, and at this point, has a horrendous reputation for his role in the Kassenoff case. Will not be working with him.
Dr. Abrams
So, this person who lives in PA, never having any contact with me, is somehow opining on my work as a psychologist. It is a shame that Google allows such bogus statements to remain.

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  • This man is disgusting. He has done this for money and nothing more along with the judge and everyone else. These children should be away from this monster so they may live in a happy environment, something they have never had. This poor woman was pushed to commit suicide by this monster. How can these so called justice for the people get away with this, it’s sickening. Maybe it’s time for everyone who is on the side of Cathrine and her children to start a petition and send it to your president. The more signatures the better. Help these children and get justice for Cathrine.

  • FBI, if you are looking into these cases, Calvery is not the only one you should be checking into. If you are looking into the actions of a gal in a Hartford case, please check into the original GAL and psychologist. There are a few cases with the dynamic duo and the same judge. No list of GALs ever given. All leading to something wrong with the momma despite the behavior of the daddy. The same judges a daddy is raising questions about. Please check into large donations to state establishments. Check into the same patterns in New York. Pay no mind to the professional flamers. There are large amounts of money involved. There is little following of professional ethics with these psychologists…

  • I don’t think any of these things evaluators are any good. I heard that Ambrose children have all run away from Chris’s house.

    • He looks like BOZO the Clown. His hairline is absolutely putrid. This THING, Marc is an absolute DOG!!

  • Sealed Custody Evaluations-

    This is another part of the scam. Much like no cameras in family court for the protection of privacy nonsense, the custody evaluations are also sealed for the protection of the family.

    So much so that the parents themselves are not permitted a copy! In the cases of Jessica biren Caverly, parents can’t even take notes on the report! It’s too secret because if any medical professional looked at the rag, the fraud would be revealed.

    Caverly is refusing to provide copies of her evaluation to pro se parents.

    They bury the evidence under the guise of child’s best interest.

    If a parent takes to the media, judges are now giving restraining orders against them! For they are harming the children by making the truth known to the public.

    Sick, criminal people.

    • The psychologist involved in my case stated she had absolutely no documentation to give me. No psychologist notes reports or gal reports in writing were ever done in my case. Another reason the department of public health won’t answer answer an open complaint. There is absolutely nothing in writing.

    • They are sealed because there is sensitive medical information contained in these evaluations.
      Most pro se parents are unhinged and just want to spite their ex spouse so I totally understand why there is a clause re: sealing.

      • Not true. There is plenty of information that is untrue. As well as parents claiming alienation. When there is proof of abuse. These people such as gal’s and psychologist hidding evidence. When you have GALs with conflict of interest controlling narratives. As well as psychologist. . These people have no chance to defend themselves and accusations either way. People have the right to defend themselves from false alligations. The courts forcing these custody evaluators. No other professionals can weigh in. You are treated worse than as of you were on trial for a serious crime. This is steering custody case. Crazy litigants is an excuse the courts keep pushing to fail to provide due process. The court system knows it.

    • What would the feds do if a veterinarian were to refuse to release pet records to pet owners? 🤔

  • While Marc is deplorable, he is not alone. He is one of many court appointed custody evaluators/psychologists, who sacrifice the lives of children for money.

    It is child trafficking- they accept money to move children – and give full custody to the paying abusive parent.

    The children are relocated, never to see the loving parent again.

    Thankful for FR and the few others who have brought this crime to the public’s attention. It is a well kept secret for everyone is involved- right up to the judges.

    No judge would cut off contact of a parent that raised them – they are inflicting trauma and violating all civil and constitutional rights.

    FR makes the scam undeniable, because it is. Usually the targeted parent is so traumatized and overwrought, that it’s impossible to determine what happened. The targeted parent is left penniless and marginalized by the family court crooks.

    All attorneys involved in these cases are participants. There is no innocent one among those in the court racket.

    • What many of you can’t seem to comprehend is that there is no financial incentive for a custody evaluator to side with one party or the other. He gets paid the same amount which is split between the parties by court order, regardless of who he sides with. There’s no monetary bonus for siding with Dad.

      • That’s not true. Many of these people rely on court referrals . The amount of money these people charge is beyond what an insurance company would be close to willing to pay. The court doesn’t use anyone who doesn’t recommend a relationship. They are welling to push court services. When has a court appointed therapist ever said that it’s inappropriate. They just keep appointing people.

  • I love his defense: the public needs therapy.., because he says so… because public scrutiny exposes his court scam and years of corruption.

    There is no just cause to have no contact orders with parents.

    Abrams is justly vilified and is gal Most and the second custody evaluator who sealed Catherine’s fate— the judge ignored medical doctors and rubber stamped the hired guns of the family court cabal.

    “ I am assuming that this is another “review” based upon the Kassenoff matter. I recommend that you go to the website http://www.kassenofffacts.com for some more balanced information in the matter. I frankly wish everyone could go through the entire court file. Any rational person, after reviewing the totality of the information that the courts considered, would not only concur with the actions, but would be reaching out and apologizing to the people who are being unjustly vilified. I would suggest you need therapy.”

    • Looks like the Kassenoff “Facts” site has closed up shop. Gus aka “Jesse”, the author, closed off the comments and hasn’t really updated the site with more “leaked” info in a bit. I don’t think his totally biased perspective was getting the kind of attention he had been looking for…

      • Or maybe there’s no point and let the family heal. The trolls will believe the words from a 5 minute TikTok. Not all information is subject for public consumption and Nir should it be. If you believe that every person’s life should be up for public debate then put your life on display but Allan clearly followed the court orders even to this day which was no talk in a social media forum. Just because Catherine chose to violate that order amongst others doesn’t mean he has to. And instead of people questioning his character you should admire his restraint. Clearly a man yelling no worse at his wife and children than she did at them shouldn’t rui his and his children’s lives. The only documented abuse in this case was by Catherine and it’s time you all start reading the facts of this case and not taking the short cut version of a predator like Robbie Harvey

        • Catherine knew the harm inflicted on her children would need proper healing as soon as possible. The initial public attention on her case was to assist in that healing process. That help was for Catherine and her children, not to “troll”

          Public debate usually looks for and finds truth. Opinion after opinion to challenge and balance more opinions helps no one. We need facts, evidence and federal investigations of the crimes committed in that case so the family can truly heal the right way, the first time.

          Short cut versions from predators in the family court hide the crimes they committed. Hiding truth in the case warps and prolongs the healing process. Too much harm has already been done to everyone in that family for too long. Anyone claiming to care shouldn’t mind an open investigation to find out exactly what happened.

      • I think they stopped because of the increasingly hysterical, violent comments and threats. That’s what it says.

  • I wonder why Dr. Abrams didn’t use some of that $32,000 to buy some positive Google Reviews. Also, how come Allan Kassenoff hasn’t written something positive about his involvement with Abrams?

  • One question reveals the FRAUD in EVERY one of these family court cases:

    As a mandated reporter did Mr. Abrams file a report against Catherine with CPS/DCF?

    He is a mandated reporter required to report to Child protective services if he believes the children have been subjected to abuse or neglect.

    These family court frauds say the children must be immediately removed from the care of their parent and a no contact order put in place, but these court appointed psychologists (not medical doctors) never file with CPS.

    Jessica Biren Caverly and Linda Smith are Connecticuts child trafficking agents. Their reports have stolen hundreds of kids from healthy parents and delivered them to the financier of the divorce.

    Both of these psychologists never report to DCF.

    • anon 12:13. This is it in a nutshell and the general public needs to understand how faulty and precarious this ‘custody evaluation’ work is. No standards, little to no oversight, reports based on unchallengeable hearsay. And these so called mental health professionals make life changing decisions for children while collecting exorbitant fees. NYs blue ribbon commission recommended an overhaul of these evaluations. It is time.

      • And that was released over a year ago. What’s been done?

        The scam of gals needs to eliminate that position entirely. There is no need for gals.

        Best interest is being used to violate the 14th amendment.

  • This dude knows what he’s doing. Papas You want custody go to him. Guaranteed wife is out and you get kids and he’s lots cheaper than some of the bitch women who sell custody evaluations.

    And mama if you want papa out go to Dr. Abrams. He can write the report to favor either parent depending on what the deal is.

    • All the system in te best interest of the evaluators pocket. Nobody cares of the truth or the children. In today family court every opinion or outcome has a price.

  • Didn’t he break HIPAA by even talking about his patients and the psychological evaluation?

  • https://www.kassenofffacts.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/Court-Appointed-Referee-Grievance-Redacted.pdf

    Kassenoff facts- what a pile of nonsense.

    This grievance letter where the referee claims she was ‘threatened’. Where are the actual ‘threats’ that Catherine made? Let’s see them. Does anyone have access to them?

    I’ve also dealt with forensics and other hack psychologists in family court, and I’ve found the minute any parent who has been dragged through and abused by the system – at their hands- expresses any frustration or anger- they run to claim they feel ‘threatened’.

    So let’s see this lady’s evidence.

    • Where’s the nonsense? You believe a woman was abused based on a 6 minute TikTok of a guy yelling. He yelled no differently than she did in many videos. The only difference is you had Robbie Harvey and his bullshit narrative leading you to believe she had cancer at the time. She didn’t. We don’t even have proof of her final terminal cancer diagnosis that she claims she had. All the documents in her Dropbox but no diagnosis. Sounds like bullshit to me. So excuse me if I don’t believe you’re an honest fact checker.
      Not all documents can be released for public consumption but I assure you if a 40+ year veteran of the court submitted her one and only letter ever insinuating that she felt threatened she felt threatened.
      Catherine threatened anyone that didn’t comply with her.
      So cut the bs and stop following blindly. The evidence doesn’t add up to corruption. Show me one piece of evidence that Allan was corrupt.
      Gus giving donations to judges, they all do as did Catherine’s lawyers. Judge Lubell even says in court papers that he knew Mr. Wiederkehr a long time. It’s a small court they all knew each other.
      It was Catherine’s lawyer and she who insisted on using Dr Abrams. In fact Allan was opposed because of Lieberman’s known real with Abrams but they conceded. Allan paid 80/20 split with Catherine because the court said he made more money but the report is only submitted after payment us made in full so it has no bearing on the results. Dr. McKay was paid equally by both parties to avoid anyone saying again it’s because he paid more. Judge Capeci ordered a new forensic who neither party was familiar with prior to the evaluation and she too felt Catherine was a danger to the children.
      Sometimes there’s No conspiracy it is what it is face value.
      A non-compliant mother who lost custody and wasn’t willing to just follow the rules so was never able to regain custody.

      Stop the hate and start the healing and if you want tp go after anyone e go after Robbie Harvey who exploits vulnerable women for his own monetary self gain.

  • What’s with the misinformation, Janine?

    “Buying Google reviews is against Google’s policy and is illegal according to rules set by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).”

      • Of course people will still try to do it., but you might want to provide the full information instead of presenting it like it’s totally kosher to buy reviews.

  • A review from 2017 long before the Kassenoff case:

    July 11th, 2017
    Be careful: not an honest broker. He bases his assessments on his personality and IQ tests, rather than genuine feelings. My wife a contemptible person and has been trying to change herself. She still struggles and she saw Dr. Abrams for a forensic assessment as recommended by a third party. His personal bias described her as unfit to be a parent, then he forwarded this to CPS. As custody is being determined, I should be happy as the report identified very clearly how abusive she has been to me. I am not happy, as the report does not reflect how she has changed over the past two years. This was a bias attack against the party who employed him, and I am certain it was at the direct behest of a fairly dishonest Senior ADA in Westchester Shari Clemons. Avoid any work with this man, as he took instruction dir ftky from the ADA, as evidenced by his write up. He referenced positions that reflect the express desires of the ADA against my possibly stbx wife. I should be happy to be in a better place for myself, but I never wanted to see someone suffer such a contrived abuse.

  • People are trying to get to the bottom of things. Many cutody evaluation are not a neutral evaluation. Many have been spotlighted. Allan is experiencing the same push back from women that father’s rights groups are claiming for women. New York had a lot of lobbying from father’s rights organization. The new York court system has been taking away children from women leaving the Jewish faith. This case and the custody evaluations are all geared towards parental alienation. An on going problem. The psychologist working for the courts not the clients. Not for the children. This psychologist has had past run in with women. People are very concerned with the on going issues in family court. The girls were going to have on going issues in regards to their mother no matter what. Allan has nothing good to say about Catherine. Neither does the girlfriend and her family. I don’t believe Allan is innocent of wrong doing. The psychologist doesn’t appear to be valuing women. People are outraged by the court. The courts often painting women in a bad light. The Google reviews may be unfair. A good look at the doctor and his antics fair. These psychologist being used to decide children fate should be under heavy oversight and public views. Unfortunately the names of the parties to the case, as well as the children’s identity is already out there. He’s focusing on the reviews are a diversion to the problem. There is a big problem with family court. A big problem with these cases it’s not just discruntaled litigants. Is it that hard to believe Catherine would go to Switzerland and end her life. Having cancer. When a father set himself on fire in New Hampshire and was referred to as a hero by father’s rights supporters. No mention of him being mentally ill.

    • Then fight the system fairly why does everyone have to be unemployed by goggle reviews.
      Our systems are what needs the work.

  • So you all know more than Dr. Abrams who saw the totality of the evidence. You all know more than the 5 judges who saw the totality of the evidence and read 2 different forensic reports and decided that Allan was the more appropriate parent and that Catherine was a danger to the children. You all know more because you saw a 5 minute TikTok by a guy who admits to doing this to make amends for his own abuse of his wife and cheating on her but also admits it’s for the clicks after all that’s how he keeps the lights on. So you follow a man who who wants to keep his lights on by destroying the lights for the Kassenoff’s family. This isn’t a man who cares about the truth. ROBBIE HARVEY is smut. He’s in it for his own self promotion.
    Do your due diligence read the court documents and formulate a real opinion not just a vindictive woman who I liken to a suicide bomber

    • We have read the court documents. And Allan and the court system were the problem. Catherine was not perfect but still deserved to be a parent to her children. Full stop. The unnatural and surreal circumstances the court imposed upon her as a parent were draconian.

      • Catherine was allowed to be a parent. She was having supervised visitation and getting closer to having unsupervised visitation but ultimately her desire to turn the children and the public against Allan and destroy their relationship with him caused her to lose those privileges. Sorry but if you violate court orders you’re going to lose. Every single time. A lot of these angry women have the same thing in common in that they don’t believe the rules apply to them. They “fight for their children” by doing exactly what they’ve been repeatedly warned not to do. You aren’t going to “win the fight” by airing your family’s private issues on social media. You aren’t going to win by attacking your spouse, the lawyers, the judges or the courts. You’re going to win by putting your children’s best interests ahead of your own. Catherine couldn’t do that. Lizzie couldn’t do that. It appears Amy Neustein couldn’t do that. There’s a whole little clique of self absorbed parents who just can’t see the forest for the trees. Sad for them but especially sad for their children.

        • The courts often attack who ever is complaining. I have a poor opinion of the custody evaluators and so called reunification therapy. The court orders are geared and targeted to paint a person. When you are called into the end of session and interrogated by an attorney. Like a bad police interrogation trying to get you to admit to a crime you didn’t commit. Many people are badgered belittled and they try to break you. Psychological warfare. I can see where people have had enough of these court orders. They brake these people. The process needs to change. It’s no good for anyone.

          • Amen to your comparisons to bad police interrogations and psychological warfare.

        • “Catherine was allowed to be a parent.”? 🤔

          Is America in China already?

          • No 6:36 this is America where you do not have some inalienable right to make your children miserable by trying to drive a wedge between them and their other parent and airing their private family issues publicly after being repeatedly warned not to.

        • The Westchester County family court system:

          ✔️ kicked Catherine out of her home; and,
          ✔️ took her three (3) children away from her
          ✔️ four (4) years ago.

        • Anon 6:52 pm. What you seem to be missing is that people are angry because they have experienced what Catherine experienced in family court. They know it is highly capricious, designed to drag out cases for years while litigants are forced to pay through the nose for lawyers and other ‘experts’ and with children caught in the middle. Catherine may not have been perfect, neither was Allan clearly, but you miss the point entirely if you focus on Catherine’s imperfections

          • Catherine chose to bring her imperfections to the public. Allan continues to remain silent because he actually loves his children and respects their right to privacy. If only the public would do the same and let this man live his life and provide for his family

          • Anon 12:08. You are delusional. Allan did not choose to remain silent. He stripped a woman he claimed to love at one time of her children and her home. Never mind the infidelity which we all know was a big part of who he was. There is no greater betrayal. Catherine complained loudly, true, but that was her right given his behaviors.

          • You don’t think Allan is angry at the court system?! A system that let Catherine file as many morons as she wanted. A system that forced him to pay 3 AFCs for each hour thereby tripling what he had to pay. You think he was happy to be forced pay Catherine over $1M in one year?!
            The one thing both sides can agree on is the court system needs reform

      • Clearly u don’t know anything and u are simply spitting back the Robbie Harvey bullshit. There’s also a ton of information you’re not privy to so stop pretending like you know anything. She abused her children namely the oldest one who was adopted. Stop saying they’re both bad. There’s no evidence of Allan’s abuse only him yelling in frustration. You make excuses for her behavior. There’s no excuse for actual abuse but contrived by a TikToker trying to continue his abuse of women by preying on them. Robbie Harvey is praying on women he’s no supporter. Explain to me the food he did by encouraging a Lynch mob to get Allan fired. I implore you to convince me that any good came from that. The girls you all are trying to save now will have no money towards their college tuition. They will most likely now need to move but don’t worry because Robbie Harvey can keep the lights on in his house. You’re a bunch of fools. Stop pretending you read over 3000 court filings and reports. Catherine even in her death was just as vindictive as she was alive. Her needs and wants above anyones including her girls. Impressing her social media cult rather than not posting as her girls begged her to stop.
        Stop yourselves already and Frank please move on so this family can heal

        • Would you like all the feds who investigate fraud in the family courts to move on, too? 🤔

          • No investigate Catherine and this bullshit terminal illness and blame on her ex for her choice to end her life. Investigate the corrupt court of Capeci that kept rewarding Catherine’s bad behavior with dollar signs. This woman claimed poverty and yet “died” with a net worth of over $1M. Investigate why she would go to Switzerland and pay $9k when she could’ve done it in Canada for free in fact she could’ve killed hers end bc she stubbed her toe years earlier. Go investigate Robbie Harvey for his misinformation and inciting a mob. Correct investigate.

        • The abuse I’m referring to is the court system itself although I do think both of them behaved badly. It doesn’t not mean one of them deserved sole custody. Allan was a bag of money to them and just a pawn in their game. The mere fact that there are 3000 court filings to begin with and however many judges, lawyers, therapists, police reports, CPS reports, witnesses, etc, is extremely problematic. The divorce and custody battle should have been solved simply and humanely from the start. That is the point you seem to be missing…

        • If Catherine abused her children, why didn’t Allan or the half dozen mandatory reporters involved with the family for years – never mind doctors, teachers, etc- ever report her for abuse? You’re full of nonsense and you know it. It’s one excuse after another to try to avoid facing facts.

        • Allan sure doesn’t seem scared or threatened by Catherine, if you watch the videos. Why did he need full custody? He refuses to take the girls to school because he’s angry, which is very petty. No one is perfect but the videos show me that he was the one with the disorder, vindictive streak, and somehow felt it best to keep his girls from their dying mom.

      • You sound like Catherine. Sometimes in life what u see is actually what u get. You had a woman not following court orders and remaining in the same situation and surprised by it. She should’ve been held in contempt. She should’ve been sanctioned. She should’ve been penalized. Instead the “corrupt” court kept giving her multiple chances. And to top it off she agreed to no posting on social media or contacting Allan’s office lave of employment. After it was entered she then asked to get it overturned. It was stayed and so she she was free to post until resolved which became a huge contention between her and the children causing many fights. They wanted their privacy she wanted a stage. Sounds like her final performance. The appeals court ruled she can’t post or contact his place of employment. She continued without legal repercussions. The damage to the relationship with her girls couldn’t be undone and it was her own doing.
        Allan isn’t corrupt. He’s a simple guy. If you ever read the papers or ever heard him speak other than old clips sliced together he’s quiet and a rule follower. He was no match for her. The professionals in this case saw it and knew it
        Maybe educate yourself on the details of this case. Not on a Dropbox by a vindictive ex wife and mother who sought revenge on her girls as well as her ex.
        You want a cause to fight. Fight Robbie Harvey who is monetizing and abusing this situation for his own net worth. He doesn’t care about Catherine or any other woman. He saw an opening and a group easily manipulated if u feed their story.
        Stop social media weaponizing now

        • If you think weaponization is the only purpose for social media,
          please take a nice deep breath and step away from the keyboard.

      • Absolutely, 100%. She was not even permitted to respond to text messages or emails from her children out of some fear that she would “manipulate” them into “falsely” reporting abuse by their father. Even her calls with the kids were supervised and recorded, giving Gus and Carol license to nitpick every single conversation but anything concerning revealed about Allan was shrugged off. But we all saw the videos. Would a description of what was in the videos be “false?” These kinds of restrictions are way beyond anything imposed on parents with criminal convictions, drug or alcohol abuse histories, or even sex offenders.

        • Wtf are u talking about. She wrote the emails from her kids and she responded to them
          I know nothing
          Her kids were embarrassed by her and her public display of their life. You think a kid wants their private and embarrassing life posted all over social media?! They begged her to stop. She wouldn’t. The only
          Love Catherine knows is the love of attention. She didn’t give 2 shits about her kids. If she did she would’ve made sure that Allan’s job was I tact not encourage his resignation. After all who’s caring for these kids now?! Certainly not her mother Heather Youssef who ran to Texas when Catherine required supervision and it could’ve been a family member. But no she went to Texas to be with her brother Jaime Youssef who probably couldn’t even pick out his nieces from a lineup. Or maybe her brother Dr Michael Youssef in Tampa. Where’s he?! Also a real winner who wouldn’t know his nieces if he tripped over them.
          Her family wanted nothing to do with her when she was alive and even more so in death. So why are u all surprised her kids wanted nothing to do with her. It has nothing to do with Allan. It’s because she was evil alive and in death

          • For sure all this public attention,gossip and mob mentality is bad for these kids and Allan which makes one wonder why you are doing the same thing in your comments

    • It took several hours to read the court documents, all that were available. And to view/listen to videos. Catherine was persistent, shook the trees, and got some people removed, maybe sanctioned. Systems don’t appreciate rebel fighters like her, but that’s how we fought and won in this country when we were just getting started. Catherine lost in the end, it seems, but she will be remembered, and hopefully her death won’t be in vain.

    • What’s your operational definition for “seeing the totality of the evidence”?

      What philosophies guided evaluators in the case? What kind of science informed all “forensic reports”?

      The case is a perfect case for learning about everything wrong with “family courts” in America.

      Zealous attorneys and mental health care providers who make any family pay $3,000,000 for four years of hell need federal investigations and prosecution as soon as possible.

    • My gosh they were using the term “parental alienation” no phycologist can diagnose a term that does not exist on the medical literature. From that point onwards everything is a charade.

      The WHO has stated that “parental alienation” is not a scientific term and the UN has recently issued a report regarding the harm being made to children and women by courts that continue to use that term.

      Should I also remind you that parental alienation was a term coined by a pedophile-friendly social worker?

      The only issue here is that family court is a system where all the actors profit from conflict and pain of the disintegrating family.

  • I don’t think positive google reviews should be allowed to be bought nor do I think anyone other than an actual client or purveyors of service should be able to make a review. Just adds phoney baloney and anyone with half a grude from 20 years ago or whatever to insight bullying , hate , and / or lies.
    Nothing professional about it., which renders it useless.

      • 7:29 AM. That’s right. Every ‘super lawyer’ out there… not actually a ‘super lawyer’ to their actual clients. That ranking is made from peer reviews.

    • “I don’t think positive google reviews should be allowed to be bought”

      It is actually illegal per the FTC to pay for people to post positive Google reviews. People might try to get away with it, but if you are caught, there are hefty fines and other repercussions.

  • I don’t know why Dr. Abrams would bother to defend his actions to this group of readers . Like I’ve written before “if you’re not with them siding with Catherine nothing you say matters !” They are illiterate close minded people who just believe if Catherine wrote it it must be truth and the mounds of evidence contradicting her to them don’t exist!
    First they accused you of being bought off (even though both sides were paying for the forensic reports) now you and others are being accused of stealing Christian babies that have Jewish fathers (even though the mother converted & the children will be considered Jewish) so that they remain within the Jewish family ! I ask you Dr Abrams, even Frank – Are these people you think you can reason with and share a logical debate ?!? Don’t waste your anymore of your time ! Know you made the proper decision based on the mother’s last stunt to hurt her ex at the expense of exploiting her children & know these children are in a safe home with a protective father & they adore and know they can count on him

      • Before “Operation Paperclip”, the 1950s brain experiments, the 1960s social science experiments and the changes to ALA’s Model Penal Codes in America that decriminalized most sexual offenses, mainstream mental health care providers and physicians would have automatically excluded him from any practice in all medical fields.

  • I think Abrams makes excellent points. It is telling how most of Catherine’s blind supporters sound like they have fifth grade educations, max.

    • Are you picturing it now? Hundreds of barefoot Hillbillies in overalls, chewing on long blades of grass. We’re on our way to Applebee’s while singing the Star Spangled Banner. Are we Jewish, Christian or Unitarian Universalists?

    • I’m a supporter as are many other people I know who have actually been in family court. Hence, why we understand and appreciate her situation and the dysfunction and corruption in the system. Every one of us is college educated, most with graduate degrees. You can try to discount Catherine and everyone else who understands her predicament with personal attacks, but the truth is shining through.

      • Really because my sister in law required supervision with her son. She played by the book. Whatever the court told her to do she did. Whatever the supervisor suggested to help her with her child she did. She didn’t sue anyone if she disagreed with them. She followed the rules and was able to get 50/50 custody. Eventually she found herself again faced with the possibility of losing her son and u know what? The agency helped her navigate the system so that she wouldn’t. Courts aren’t looking to separate mothers from their children if the mothers adhere to the guidelines and recommendations. The only time the courts choose to separate them if they’re a danger to her children and Catherine was a danger.
        Catherine manipulating her daughter at age 11 to run away. Even giving her money to take a taxi with a stranger that’s a danger to the child. U don’t have access to all the evidence that the courts have so believe that they knew that Catherine endangered her child to benefit her cause.
        Maybe there’s a lot more u don’t know

  • CT fatherhood initiative. “Safe engagement can not come at the expense of mothers” it has, it continues. Parental alienation is being used against women as a means of to control. Using the psychological trauma symptoms of both mothers and children. Financial devastation of many women. This avenue is not leading to “healthy marriage” and responsible fatherhood. The united states has the largest number of single parent households. The expenses to the mother continue with legal abuse. Your divorce rates continue to climb. The moral and eithical fiber of society is decaded. Abuse and financial abandonment of many father’s. Children trafficed and replace by replacement mommy. All the evidence is obvious in the Kassonff case. Your program is failing the whole of the country. Just look at articles from the AFCC. Father’s given custody based on financials. Discusting all of it. What has this country gone to when Richard Gardner is running the courts from the grave.

      • It does. You are missing a key point. Connecticut is being used to model the system. The fatherhood initiative. New York and the other states follow Connecticut lead. Connecticut is the role out of the processes for family court. Expose Connecticut it’s the head of the snake.

        • No, they do not follow CT on anything. Stop trying to bootstrap your problems onto this issue.

          • The state of Connecticut is the pilot mothership for healthy marriage and fatherhood initiative. No one is trying to do anything but get to the bottom of the nations court catastrophes. If you don’t think that has anything to do with the rich guy getting the majority of assets and the children you have not done your research.

          • Legislators borrow the best ideas or the worst ideas from other states, unless federal guidelines serve some purpose … and Constitutional law in family courts has been wholly ignored. Oh, also: no need to mention oversight and accountability because there is none.

  • How dare you all call me out for being a total scumbag using the primarily used format for media by most people around the world! – Dr Scumbag

  • “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Symptoms of trauma : shock, denial or disbelief. Confusion, difficulty concentrating. Anger, irritability, mood swings. Anxiety, fear guilt, shame, self blaming. Withdrawal from others. Feeling sad and hopeless. Filling disconnected or numb. ? Unspesified mental illnesses? Resembling bipolar condition. Maybe Catherine family is not trauma informed? Maybe this psychologist is not trauma informed. Maybe parental alienation AFCC members are intentionally using trauma against the mothers and occasionally father’s in family court cases. Are judges and family services employees GALs trauma informed? I’m going to say they are not. Too busy pushing parental alienation. Do these parental alienation experts ignore signs of trauma in children. State it’s parental alienation. I’m better yet. #i am Catherine. Listen to the chocolate video again. Symptoms of psychological trauma symptoms. Catherine has all the symptoms. Karen Riordan fits all the symptoms. Nichola Cunha. These ladies fit all the symptoms.

    • When court administrators allow the hyper-litigious to swamp courtrooms with lawsuits ... says:

      Protective parents in family courts and good lawyers with a conscience aren’t the only victims.

      “… some examples of abuse typically observed in litigation:

      The legal system is used as a weapon, i.e. one spouse manipulates the court to punish the other in divorce proceedings.

      The courts are used for foreclosures and other transfers of property or assets unlawfully.

      False accusations, and lying, to the extent of fraud on the tribunal, are common.

      The courts threaten, bully, intimidate, harass, and bring you to ruin, to cause a win by attrition. …”

      The late Dr. Karin Huffer coined the term ‘legal abuse syndrome’ after her husband developed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after harmful and purposely abusive court filings affected his health.


      Mr. Abrams shouldn’t be allowed near any court, unless it’s to appropriately address all the harm he’s done to so many.

    • Yes, those ladies fit all the symptoms of narcissistic/borderline personality disorder. With a dash of histrionic for Riordan.

      • Karen is a victim of a system straticly aimed at women. Labeling them and using bogus mental health professionals and so called attorney for the children all to protect rich men. These people are being trained to point cases into alienation. If your children were kidnapped would we be calling you hysterical? No we would not. Karen’s kids were kidnapped by the father through the courts. Plan and simple.

  • Breaking news: Burkina Faso and Democratic Republic of Congo now more swift annd efficient at issuing death certificates than Sweden. Sweden civil society in ruins, deaths and births taking months to report!

    LMAO. It’s shameful the Frank Report keeps milking this crazy woman’s fake death stunt for clicks.

    • Oh?

      Is it just for clicks?

      Or, is it to take down all corruption in family courts in the same way he took down a corrupt cabal called “NXIVM”?

      • You think a bunch of posts about a messy divorce, with an apparently fake suicide., is going to “take down” family courts? That’s funny.

      • If you think he’s helping anyone, or taking down family court, by pushing a fake suicide drama you are as crazy as Catherine. It makes the criticism of the family courts appear to only come from disgruntled, psychopathic, pathological liars and proves the court made very correct decisions in keeping children out of their custody.

      • I don’t care about keeping Crazy Cathy’s lies about her fake suicide correct. Has she increased Switzerland’s!!! inability to legally document a death, in a facility that specializes in it, to a year now? Switzerland Assisted Suicide facilities now legal required to witness total decomposition to bone before issuing death certificate for American suicide tourists with personality disorder American suicide tourists.

        I do enjoy the black comedy of Crazy Cathy trying to fact check her pathological lying. No wonder she looked so old and exhausted.

  • A travesty for an innocent women and children. Catherine Yousseff Kassenoff and the girls needed your help. There is No defense for your behavior Mr. Abrams, all for money! Your greedy incompetence comes to light… If you were so worried about reviews why didn’t you behave like a gentleman on your social media? You have been hoisted by your own petard. It’s pathetic that you try to defend your atrocious behavior!

  • Let’s just all remember and focus on the misogynistic and anti-women tirades Abrams ranted about on social media. The guy is dirt. Honestly he he talked to my sister, mother or wife the talks to other women, hd knock his fucking teeth out. His wife needs to be made aware of his past social media posts. I wonder if he’s ever hit a woman? Wonder if his wife or any ex’s would do an interview.

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