Computer Glitch or Intentional Misleading: Has Allison Mack Been Released From Prison?

Allison Mack enjoys a meal just prior to entering prison.

For months, the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) has listed Allison Mack’s release date as July 3, 2023. However, as of today, the date before her alleged release, her release date has changed to June 18, 2023 — last month.

What’s curious about it is not that she couldn’t have been released a couple of weeks early — either for good behavior or to avoid potential harassment — but that when an inmate is released, the website typically no longer lists the facility. For reference, this is what it looks like after someone has been released from BOP custody:

So why would Mack still be listed at Dublin FCI if she were let out? Why would it have changed the day before her alleged release?

There are several possible explanations. It could have been human error — someone may have updated the system wrong — and maybe she’s actually getting out on the 18th of July. It could be a computer glitch; maybe she’s still due to get out tomorrow. Or it could have been an intentional fake to avoid the media or others from meeting her at the release gates of her California prison.

Whatever the explanation, time will tell and, hopefully, Mack will get to move on in peace.

The last time we saw Mack, she was on an outing with what looked to be her boyfriend.

The Federal Correctional Institution, Dublin (FCI Dublin) is a low-security United States federal prison for female inmates in Dublin, California. The facility also has an adjacent satellite prison camp housing minimum-security female offenders.

FCI Dublin is located 20 miles southeast of Oakland on the Parks Reserve Forces Training Area. It is located near Santa Rita Jail, which is operated by Alameda County.

In 2021 and 2022, the facility was embroiled in a scandal over a permissive and toxic culture of rampant sexual abuse by staff at the facility.

While we’re trying to figure this out, we see on the website that there’s been a suspension of all visits. Whether this has to do with why we’re not able to get accurate information, we’re not sure, but we’ll continue to investigate and report the findings.

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  • From 7NEWS Spotlight:

    “… Enticed by faith and friendship, both women eventually moved into cult houses, where every aspect of their life was controlled. They were told to wake up at 2am each day … As they began deteriorating physically and mentally, their new “friends” introduced Liz and Amy to the controversial aspects of the Providence doctrine, including the concept of ‘faith stars’. Essentially, the prettiest, tallest, most obedient female members are brainwashed into believing that they are brides … Liz and Amy were quickly identified as “faith stars” with photos and profiles sent to Providence Headquarters in South Korea …

    … During this period, Liz and Amy travelled from Australia to meet JMS in jail. ‘(We were told) him being in prison for 10 years wasn’t because he raped women, it’s because he is saving all of mankind’s souls’ explains Amy. ‘It made sense to me. Unfortunately, it really did.

    … I was asked to go into a room with him and there was a translator present. It was initiated that I should take my clothes off and he would dress me’ she says. ‘After he dressed me, he went and sat down on a chair and asked me to stand in front of him and began speaking to me. And at that moment he just lifted up my skirt and put his hands into my underwear. And for that whole five minutes he was just talking to me… touching me.’

    … Amy reported the assault to a senior, female Providence leader who sits below JMS in the chain of command. ‘She educated me around it, saying “He’s your husband in the world too, can’t the husband do that kinda thing to their wife? It’s the same here, you’re the bride, you should be thankful, it’s your blessing” ‘

    … His handwritten proverbs are tied to trees across the property, while a painted silhouette of his face adorns a giant boulder. Then there’s the medicinal spring they claim prevents cancer.

    … Members tell us they’re unfairly targeted by the Korean media because of their ‘unconventional’ beliefs. Mr Young, the lawyer representing JMS, denies all allegations of brainwashing and sexual assault, convinced his client’s previous conviction for rape was a grave miscarriage of justice. He told me the women claiming to have been abused — including Amy — ‘don’t have the mental or physical signs’ of being victims.

    … Maria Naselli, President of the ‘The Lord’s Hope Church’ in Sydney – a faction of Providence – sent a video message to Amy demanding that she stop: ‘We want you to stop attacking us and to stop taking actions against us. If you do not heed this strong warning, we will hold a press conference against you’ she says in the selfie-style video… We will reveal every unfortunate, unethical, and amoral thing that you have done… this will detrimentally affect your life and definitely your future career.’ …”

    NXIVM was Providence. Providence is NXIVM. Either MKUltra went away in the 1970s or it went worldwide and someone thought “kult” in the name was clever.

  • Do the feds in Australia and America not know what cults do?

    “… To take on a leader like JMS and to call him out and hold him accountable for his behavior – – it takes enormous courage. And, if people do not have the courage to come forward and tell their stories uh – – they can get away with it again and again and hurt even more people. …”

    “The qualities that they target in a new recruit in – – um, in especially the women they recruit are people who are willing to passionately commit to something at the expense of everything else. …”

    • “… willing to passionately commit to something at the expense of everything else. …”

      RANIERE (to Allison): Is art important to you?

      MACK: Yes.

      RANIERE (quickly): Why?

      MACK: Why is art important to me? Because it’s … um … Because I think it’s — Hhmmm. Because so much of who I am is wrapped up in art.

      Allison had been looking at Raniere while leaning her head against the wall.

      Raniere mirrors Allison, leaning his head against the wall.

      RANIERE: Give me an example. I guess I’m not —

      MACK: When I go to see a film or a piece of artwork or — something happens to me that is so exciting and wonderful. Blissful. Joyful.

      RANIERE: Yeah. We can practice generating an extreme feeling of joy over anything.

      MACK: Mmhmm.

      RANIERE: There are methods that we have, especially in 2C.

      MACK: What is 2C?

      RANIERE: It’s, ah — (waves his hand nonchalantly) one of our intensives. It’s — (looking at Del Negro, sitting on the floor) What’s it called, now? Civilizations?

      Del Negro: Civilizations and humanity.

      RANIERE: Civilizations.

      RANIERE (looking up toward the ceiling): What if artistic endeavors were really bogus? What if —

      MACK (sleepily): Hhmmm.

      Allison smiles a little, following his train of thought. She seems content to be part of the select few to consider such profound possibilities. Two seconds later, it looks like her brain registers Keith’s use of “artistic endeavors” and “bogus” in the same sentence.

      Her eyebrows draw closer together. She closes her eyes, still covering her mouth. She seems to brace for whatever’s next.

      RANIERE: What if art was just an excuse for those who (turning his head quickly to look directly at Allison Mack) couldn’t do?

      Allison raises her eyebrows, her eyes open wide for a second. She relaxes her face, back to the dreamier mode to deliver her next line.

      MACK: And it is sometimes.

      RANIERE: The most excitement that you’ve ever felt is yours to have all the time. Independent of art.

      [He is setting her up even then to quit her acting career.]

      MACK (nodding): Hhm—hmm.

      RANIERE: The bad news is you sort of have to divorce yourself from the thought that it comes from the art.

      MACK (nods in submission)

      RANIERE: If you feel that art is necessary for that, that’s almost a self-condemnation.

      Allison nods. She lowers her head and hides her face. She begins to cry. How old was she there? She was 23 years old.

  • Is Costa Mesa expensive to live in?
    The average cost of living in Costa Mesa is $2169, which is in the top 4% of the most expensive cities in the world, ranked 398th out of 9294 in our global list, 313th out of 2202 in the United States, and 108th out of 319 in California.

    Is Costa Mesa expensive to live?
    The average cost of living in Costa Mesa is $2169, which is in the top 4% of the most expensive cities in the world, ranked 398th out of 9294 in our global list, 313th out of 2202 in the United States, and 108th out of 319 in California.

    Where did Allision Pimp Mack get all that money?
    Is she on the
    Bronfman pay roll?
    Are the Bronfmans paying Mack to keep her mouth shut?

  • Either way, she’s likely free by now. Watch the social media, as I’m sure she will light it up as soon as she is able to. She’s been starved for attention for some time now.

    • 70 countries? Let’s hope they’re not allowed in upstate New York as NXIVM was for 20 years. 🙄 says:

      From News7 Spotlight:

      “… ‘Providence’ was founded in 1978 by self-professed ‘messiah’ Jung Myung Seok (JMS). The group claims to be a Christian religious movement with more than 40,000 Korean members and a presence in more than 70 countries, including Australia …

      Providence, in South Korea, is a cult.”

  • Probably a halfway house; I just checked the inmate locator says she was released on 07/03/2023.

  • At this very moment, Kevin and Shadow are driving around searching for their quarry (Allison).

    Poor boys must be so despondent.

  • If worse comes to worse Allison Pimp Mack can be thee new spokesperson for Tranny Beer, replacing Dylan Mulvaney!

  • I think Anonymous at 11:58 PM probably hit the jackpot on this one.

    It’s quite likely that Allison was transferred to a Halfway House on June 18th – and was released from there early because of the long holiday weekend. Since Halfway Houses are considered BOP placements, her status – and her location – in the BOP’s Inmate Locator System would not necessarily have been updated until she was actually released from BOP custody.

    PS: When an inmate is being transferred, the BOP often delays updating its Inmate Locator System until after the transfer has been completed for security reasons.

  • When Allison Pimp Mack is out (maybe she already is), will she hook back up with Nicki? To my knowledge, Nicki left her because she renounced Vanturd at her sentencing, to lighten her own sentence. But now that Nicki has renounced Vanturd, will this change the dynamic of Pimp and Nicki’s relationship? Pilgrim

    My favorite quote from the Bible and one that Theodore Roosevelt was fond of:
    As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool repeats his folly

    As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool repeats his folly,_so_a_fool_repeats_his_folly

    “”As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool repeats his folly” is an aphorism which appears in the Book of Proverbs in the Bible — Proverbs 26:11 (Hebrew: כְּ֭כֶלֶב שָׁ֣ב עַל־קֵאֹ֑ו כְּ֝סִ֗יל שֹׁונֶ֥ה בְאִוַּלְתֹּֽו Kəḵeleḇ šāḇ ‘al-qê’ōw; kəsîl, šōwneh ḇə’iwwaltōw.), also partially quoted in the New Testament, 2 Peter 2:22. It means that fools are stubbornly inflexible and this is illustrated with the repulsive simile of the dog that eats its vomit again, even though this may be poisonous. Dogs were considered unclean in Biblical times as they were commonly scavengers of the dead and they appear in the Bible as repugnant creatures, symbolising evil.[1][2][3] The reference to vomit indicates excessive indulgence and so also symbolises revulsion.”

    Just as the Oxenbergs got linked up to another cult, one that consumes dangerous drugs, and Mark Vicente hopped from cult to cult, I expect that Allison Pimp Mack will be involved in another cult. ShadowState1958

    • How can anyone not like dogs? “Repugnant creatures”, eh?

      Add Sarah Edmondson to the Nxivm list of cult hoppers. Daughter of a pair of Vancouver hippies (“Mom was like the Jewish-Canadian Joan Baez”, she writes), she’s into the vegetarian yoga flaky spirituality shit. And she’s already into the Tony Robbins cult.

      Seems about three quarters of the fools who got into Nxivm are cult hoppers. Most of them will probably end up in another one.

    • “I expect that Allison Pimp Mack will be involved with me soon.”

      ShadowState is nuts!!!!!

      What a freak show!

  • When Allison Pimp Mack is out (maybe she already is), will she hook back up with Nicki? To my knowledge, Nicki left her because she renounced Vanturd at her sentencing, to lighten her own sentence. But now that Nicki has renounced Vanturd, will this change the dynamic of Pimp and Nicki’s relationship? I love this real-life soap opera. Or will Pimp start hanging with the Dead-Enders and lobbying for Vanturd? This NXIVM shit is a drug, I cannot get enough – even after five years. I feel so fortunate that I never fell for any pyramid schemes like it. The whole cast of characters is so kooky and weird:
    Dr. Brandon Porter “Potty”
    Nicki “Squeaky” Clyne
    Allison “Pimp” Mack
    Clare “Horseface” Bronfman
    Suneel “The Asswiper” Chakravorty
    Lauren “The Groomer” Salzman
    Rosa “I Pimp Out My Underage Daughter To Con Men” Junco
    Marc “The Asshole” Elliot
    Keith “Vanturd” Raniere

    Who else is there? Someone please help with a more comprehensive list.

  • Did Raniere make “oink oink” noises when he saw Allison eating that sumptuous food item in the picture?

    Oh I “forgot”, he’s in prison for the rest of his life and probably never saw it.

  • Are prison visiting hours currently prohibited because of an outbreak of contagious disease, or because there is an investigation? What could be under investigation that therefore visiting hours must be cancelled? Perhaps a crime in the prison?

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