Frank Parlato’s Indictment Shrinks from Concealing Millions to a Failure to File a Single Tax Form

The federal case against Frank Parlato may end on July 6th, after 12 years of malingering. It began when Clare Bronfman filed a criminal complaint against him in 2011.

Parlato is currently scheduled to be sentenced at 11:00 AM on Thursday.


After a four-year federal investigation, the US Attorney for the Western District of New York charged Parlato and codefendant Chitra Selvaraj with a 19-count indictment on November 20, 2015.

The US Attorney alleged that Parlato and Selveraj engaged in a conspiracy from 2006-2014 that included wire fraud, and money laundering of millions of dollars. The alleged victims were Seagram’s heiresses Clare and Sara Bronfman, who alleged Parlato had defrauded them out of one million dollars, a posthumous victim, Lawrence Reger (who never claimed to be a victim), and the IRS.

Parlato and Selvaraj appeared in court – and spent an hour in custody while US Marshals booked them.

They denied all charges and pleaded not guilty. 

Assistant US Attorney Anthony Bruce, who was the lead prosecutor on the case, told US Magistrate Jeremiah McCarthy that because the case was “complex”, he would need more time to prepare for trial.

Former Assistant US Attorney Anthony M. Bruce

The court granted a nine-month adjournment and released Parlato and Selvaraj on their own recognizance.

Superseding Indictment

Three and a half years passed, with numerous motions made by the government and the defense.

Among the motions the government made was to ask the judge to prevent Parlato from bringing up at trial jury nullification, prosecutorial misconduct, and introducing the sworn testimony of the alleged victim, the late Lawrence Reger, where he clearly stated in a civil trial that he was not a victim of Parlato.

Parlato replied this was not a case where jury nullification was appropriate, because he was factually innocent of the charges and that despite evidence of prosecutorial misconduct, the case was so false that it could be tried on its merits.

Parlato also argued that, since Reger was deceased, his sworn testimony, given 13 days before he died, should be admitted into evidence if Reger was alleged to be a victim, since anyone who heard it would realize that Reger was not a victim, but actually benefited financially by his association with Parlato.

On May 23, 2018, the US Attorney dropped the Bronfmans as victims and extended the conspiracy period from 2014 to 2017, filing an 18-count superseding indictment.

Sara and Clare Bronfman

By removing the Bronfmans, and without a living victim, the government’s focus shifted primarily to the defendants’ alleged concealment of money from the IRS.

Twenty of the 25-page superseding indictment referenced steps Parlato and Selvaraj allegedly took to “conceal and disguise the nature, the location, the source, the ownership, and the control” of millions of dollars.

While every step the Superseding Indictment described was a legally permissible action the US permits business operators to undertake, the government alleged that the defendants’ intent was not legal, but rather a conspiracy to cheat on taxes “by impeding, impairing, obstructing, and defeating the lawful functions of the Internal Revenue Service… in the ascertainment, computation, assessment, and collection of… taxes.”

The US Attorney did not charge Parlato or Selvaraj with tax evasion – thereby creating a curious inconsistency in the charges that a jury might have difficulty comprehending. 

How could someone conceal millions from the IRS and not commit tax evasion? Why did Parlato take these otherwise legal steps with the intent to hide money from the IRS – and then file tax returns and pay taxes reporting 100 percent of his income?

The government later acknowledged that the tax returns were 100 percent accurate. The prosecutors posited that Parlato only filed his accurate tax returns because he was aware of an IRS and FBI investigation. Parlato submitted evidence in a motion to dismiss that he had provided all income and expense records to his outside accountant the same exact data used to prepare the filed tax returns more than a year before the investigation began.

Additional discovery and additional motions caused more delays, and then COVID struck, thereby delaying the trial another year.

Finally, the Court scheduled a jury trial for September 13, 2022, with an expected duration of six to eight weeks.

Plea Negotiations

On August 3, 2022, the US Attorney presented a proposed Plea Agreement offering to dismiss the 18-count Superseding Indictment, provided that Parlato would plead guilty to a single count of Failure to File Returns Involving Cash Transactions of More Than $10,000.

After 11.5 years of investigation and prosecution, with an indictment alleging millions of dollars in fraud and concealment, the government offered a Plea Agreement to a single failure to file IRS Form 8300 pertaining to $19,700 that had been collected in cash as rent from a food stand 13 years ago.

The government conceded in the Plea Agreement that Parlato declared the $19,700 as income on his 2010 tax returns and paid taxes on it. His sole offense was not filing an additional form — Form 8300.

Changes in Plea Agreement

Parlato rejected the proposed Plea Agreement just minutes before a status conference on August 5. The purpose of the status conference was to notify the judge whether the defendants had come to an agreement with the prosecution or whether they would proceed with a trial.

In the courtroom, the government agreed to amend the Plea Agreement.

The amendments included striking a paragraph that controlled how the Sentencing Guidelines were calculated and adding two handwritten amendments. This all took place inside the courtroom before the Court took the bench.

Paragraph 6 was struck and initialed by the Government and Parlato:

Striking paragraph 6 eliminated the predicate facts necessary for the Government to establish a felony crime under 26 U.S.C. § 2703.

Debunking the $400,000 Tax Loss

Paragraph 4(e), of the Plea Agreement stated that Parlato had not paid nearly $400,000 in taxes. It read:

“As part of relevant conduct, the defendant admits that, from 2006 to 2017, he failed to report income he earned from managing One Niagara. The tax loss from the defendant’s unreported income was approximately $390,346.”

Parlato protested this allegation as false. He negotiated to modify paragraph 4e by adding a handwritten amendment, 44a, which stated that Parlato paid “approximately $260,614 out of the $390,346 tax amount mentioned in paragraph 4(e).”


To clarify that Parlato was only pleading to one offense, he negotiated adding a final paragraph, which read:

“The parties agree that the only crime the defendant is pleading guilty to is a violation of 26 USC section 7203 and Section 6050(i). The parties agree that the only charge to which the defendant is pleading guilty is a failure to file an IRS Form 8300 in 2010 as set forth in the Superseding Indictment and factual basis.”


After the Government added the amendments, both parties signed the Plea Agreement. Moments later, Parlato appeared before the Court and pleaded guilty to one count of Failure to File Returns Involving Cash Transactions of More Than $10,000.

During the plea colloquy, Parlato asked the Court if it was clear he was pleading to only one crime:

The Defendant: It’s my understanding that this is the one and only charge I’m pleading guilty to, which was a failure to file an 8300 form in 2010.

The Court: Mr. Kruly, this is the only charge he’s pleading guilty to?

Mr. Kruly: Correct. The count is contained in the superseding information.

The Court: And the Indictment that’s pending right now will be ultimately dismissed?

Mr. Kruly: At the time of sentencing.

The Court: So, there will be no charges pending after this plea?

Mr. Kruly: That’s correct.

Subsequently, during the Colloquy, Parlato asked:

The Defendant: Yes, I do, with just one question, Your Honor. It is my understanding that there was the only charge here is just the as written in item D, that there is not numerous I’m not admitting to numerous failure to file, just this one instance.

Parlato attorney, Herbert Greenman: Judge, we believe that Section 4, Subdivision D, reflects the allegation in the Superseding Information that he is pleading guilty on one occasion for not having filed an 8300 form because the aggregate of numerous multiple payments exceeded $10,000 in cash. That is the only thing he is pleading guilty to, and I think the Government would agree.

The Court: You agree with that, Mr. Kruly?

Mr. Kruly: Yes, Judge.

The Court: Okay. It’s on the record. Okay.

During the colloquy, Judge Richard Arcara commented that there were “a lot of numbers floating around” in the Plea Agreement.

The government admitted it inflated a tax loss to sentence Parlato for conduct he did not commit.

Assistant US Attorney Charles Kruly: Yes. And that difference, Judge, is the basis for one of the handwritten changes on page 15, which I’ll read now. I think it fits in here.

Mr. Kruly read Paragraph 44A, then added:

Mr. Kruly: So, essentially, Judge, the tax loss for purposes of the guidelines calculation is 390,000, but the defendant paid approximately 260,000 of that tax amount, which is why the restitution is lower.


Parlato co-defendant Chitra Selvaraj

Codefendant Accepts Misdemeanor

Following Parlato’s plea agreement, his codefendant, Chitra Selvaraj, accepted a misdemeanor charge of failing to file an income tax return in 2009. 

In May 2023, Judge Arcara sentenced Selvaraj to “time served” and a $25 fine (In this context, the term “time served” refers to the hour that Selvaraj was in custody on the day that she and Parlato were arraigned). r

Parlato Sentencing Memorandum

On March 14, Parlato filed a sentencing memorandum, along with some 75 letters of support from people who know him.

Government Sentencing Memorandum

On June 23, the US Attorney for the Western District filed a sentencing memorandum recommending the Court imprison Parlato for 24 months.

In the memorandum, the US Attorney alleged Parlato admitted to owing $400,000 in unpaid taxes. Although the government did not charge tax evasion in the original Indictment or the  Superseding Indictment, and agreed there was no tax evasion in the Plea Agreement, the memorandum paints a caricature of Parlato as a man who engaged in an uncharged “pattern of tax evasion,” a “pattern of defying tax authorities” with a “dangerous and lawless attitude,” and a “dangerously-flippant attitude” as he secretly “evaded the IRS for years” yet “openly flaunted his disdain for the IRS,” and though he engaged in “classic tax evasion” he added a novel element where he “defied his obligation to pay taxes” and “encouraged others to do the same” and possessed a streak of moral righteousness. He was a man, the government alleged, “who views tax evasion as one’s civic duty.”

Parlato Reply: Not $400,000

On June 30, Parlato responded to the US Attorney’s sentencing memorandum, providing evidence that the US Attorney invented the $400,000 tax loss.

Parlato wrote:

The government’s … “nearly $400,000” in taxes is based on a false number created to inflate the sentencing guidelines rather than reflecting actual conduct…

Parlato cited paragraph 44b in the plea agreement which proved he paid more than 2/3 of the government’s purported loss before he was indicted back in 2015.


Actual Tax Loss Zero

Parlato added:

The Plea Agreement covers the years 2006-2017. The Government admits that I fully paid the taxes [amounting to $260,614] for tax years 2006-2013.

The Government estimates $129,732 in unpaid taxes for 2014-2017. This estimate needs to be corrected. It is not surprising that during that period, while under Indictment or facing the threat of Indictment, I experienced reduced income and increased expenses.

Following the execution of the Plea Agreement, I filed tax returns for 2014-2017, which showed I owed zero taxes. The above facts establish that the actual $390,146 tax loss is incorrect. The true tax loss is zero.

No Tax Evasion

Parlato also addressed the Government’s “injecting into these proceedings at the 11th-hour brand new and contrived accusations” of tax evasion. Parlato wrote in his reply to the Court:

The Government’s unsubstantiated portrayal of me in its Sentencing Memorandum runs the gamut from the patently false to the absurd…

 The Government never charged me with tax evasion despite a four-year investigation, followed by Indictments spanning more than seven and half years.

The Government has possessed my 2006-2013 tax returns for over a decade and did not charge me with filing a false return. In the Plea Agreement, the Government has not argued that my filed tax returns are not 100 percent accurate.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series on the case of the USA v Frank Parlato.


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    « Lastly we have to stop blaming the whistle blowers « 

    Of course he’s being targeted.
    Tax form? Seriously ?!!
    FP has been blowing the whistle on family court child trafficking, child abuse, sex cults ( that harm
    Children !!!!!!)

    Our government doesn’t give a horses hoof about anything but $, power and control. Of course the DA is going to want to bury a whistle blower! Duh.

    Political shenanigans.

    • “First, I think HHS’s number one priority is oversight. They must commit to oversight transparency and accountability.”

      The Bronfmans targeted Frank because he blew the whistle on NXIVM. Then, a few feds kept the Bronfman’s targeting going — either because someone paid them to keep the targeting going— or because Frank and other whistleblowers who agree about the need for oversight transparency and accountability are making oversight transparency and accountability happen.

  • America has a two-tiered justice system. Frank needs to change his last name to Biden (or identify as a Biden if changing his last name would take too long). He also needs to hurry up and make a few multimillion-dollar deals with a few Chinese spies. Can someone please call the prosecutors’ office tomorrow morning and ask them if that would be acceptable?

  • Can someone smart write and post here a first draft for a letter addressed to the New York Attorney General’s office?

    Seriously, Frank Report readers could work together to write a letter asking questions we still want answered. Does anyone want to ask New York feds and prosecutors whether or not they investigated ANY of the NXIVM cancers and suicides? If the feds investigated already, does anyone want to know where to find those reports? If the feds haven’t investigated those cancers and suicides yet, does anyone want to know why they haven’t investigated yet?

    If the feds have no good reason for not investigating, does anyone want to know if the AG’s office prosecuting Frank has something to do with a few people wanting the spotlight off of capital region offices after federal offices ignored the cluster of NXIVM cancers and suicides?

    “… Kristin Snyder, Barbara Jeske, Gina Hutchinson, and Pamela Cafritz all died under suspicious circumstances, according to the documentary, the New York Post reports. The four died over a 14-year period between 2002 until 2016.

    Snyder was believed to have drowned but her body was never found, according to Fox News. Meanwhile, Hutchinson’s death was ruled a suicide by gunshot, according to the Post.

    Jeske and Cafritz, who were rumored to be two of Raniere’s live-in girlfriends, both died of cancer. Jeske died of brain cancer while Cafritz died of kidney cancer, which seems like natural causes — but the film puts forward the idea that perhaps they were poisoned.

    “Meanwhile, former NXIVM member Kristin Keeffe, who also reportedly dated Raniere, became ill with cervical cancer but survived, Fox News reports.

    An unidentified woman who survived bladder cancer after living with Raniere submitted a hair sample to a forensics expert in the documentary, which allegedly showed that she had traces of poison in her that is often found in gun powder and rat poison, according to the outlet. …”

    • “… Kristin Keeffe became Raniere’s partner in the early 1990s. In 2013, Keeffe gave birth to Raniere’s son Gaelyn. In February 2014, Keeffe broke with Raniere and his group. Fleeing the region with her son, an email bearing Keeffe’s name explained: “I have full sole legal custody of Gaelyn. Keith was experimenting on him. I had to get Gaelyn away.” Keeffe publicly described Raniere as “dangerous”. In 2015, Keeffe alleged that NXIVM leaders had planned to lure critics to Mexico with an invitation to an anti-cult conference; once in Mexico, the critics were to be arrested on false charges by order of a judge who had been bribed. …”

      Why did New York Attorney General offices let Raniere, Salzman, Clare and Sara do what they did? 🤔

  • Frank Parlato terrifies people because they do not want the truth to come out and he relentlessly goes after it. Of course he is going to be roughed up. He was targeted.
    Anyone else would have caved in. He’s the real deal. A real man.

  • They obviously targeted Frank. Of course they did. They don’t want the truth to come out. A lot easier to control him whilst dealing with this bull

    • It looks like “obstruction of justice”, 9:59 pm. Their lack of follow through on Frank’s leads is inexcusable. He keeps investigating and reporting anyway and would be free to help all those embarrassing AG offices a lot more without all that lawfare. Do the feds not see that? The feds should hire him. They should have hired him years ago to help them solve all the NXIVM crimes. Along with those still unaddressed NXIVM crimes, the articles about family court corruption in New York and Connecticut hint at more actionable evidence in family court systems. With all that potentially actionable evidence reported on FR so far, how many AG investigations and prosecutions followed?

      How many investigations and prosecutions in America are political, now? 🤔

    • “… February 2015

      Bronfmans claim an additional $ 50,000 (in addition to the $878,168.44) for disturbances, inconveniences, additional sums paid to other investigators and damages caused in their claim.

      Bronfmans claim they lost a civil lawsuit because of the false information provided. It is beleived they addeed another $1 million to their claim.

      Canaprobe claims it informed the Bronfmans since 2009 of the accuracy problems in the reports produced by the Ontario couple. The two sisters deny this statement.

      The precise targets of this investigation are kept sealed in the Bronfman lawsuit.

      Feb. 24, 2015

      Kristin Keeffe writes an email to NXIVM lawyers Pam Nichols and Steve Coffey. She sends a copy to Nancy Salzman, Loretta Garza, Marianna Fernandez, Camilla Fernandez, Clare Bronfman, Steve Ose and others warning them about their potential complicity in criminal acts. Among the crimes she alleges are the unlawful attempt of Clare Brongman to use a Canadian firm to spy on US citizens including federal judges.

      Subject: The unfortunate realities…

      Dear Pam and Steve,

      … You should know that I had forwarded all the Canaprobe transactions to a third party gmail account for safe keeping as they came in…. Barbara Bouchey already knows about Canaprobe, she turned over in discovery an invoice to Clare from Canaprobe stating “Rick Ross bank sweep” (among other line items) in the Ross litigation.

      I am guessing Clare never disclosed to either of you the depths she went to, as directed by Keith, to obtain financial records for leverage against every potential anti- NX party. This included getting records for every Judge in every NX related case. Cavanaugh, Falk, Sharpe, Treece, Macevoy, Littlefield, the Judge in the O’Hara criminal case, the USPTO officials who denied the NX patent for Rational Inquiry, Chuck Shumer, the Suttons, Rick Ross, Peter Skolnick, The World Jewish Congress, Rabbi Israel Singer, Steve Herbits, Jim Odato, George Hearst, Rex Smith, Steve Forbes, Her Father, and the list goes on and on….“

  • “The federal prosecutors, as part of their plea agreement with Parlato, have said they will not seek a prison term of more than 24 months.“

    Shame on those prosecutors. Did the Bronfman sisters not start that investigation?

    Where was the prosecutors’ office when the Bronfman sisters were wreaking havoc on the state and around the world?

    Does the New York AG office hope to distract public attention away from their regional AG’s office’s total lack of due diligence in the NXIVM catastrophe? Why didn’t New York’s AG save people like Allison Mack from that NXIVM hell?

    Does the New York AG not protect citizens from dangerous cults?

    Did prosecutors not notice the threats and lawsuits the Bronfman sisters threw at their critics?

    Did the Bronfman sisters or their political connections pressure the AG office or the courts in some way?

    What in the world has been going on there in that area of New York?!

    If they jail Frank for one minute, a petition with enough signatures should force that regional AG office to review every single business tax record in that region with the same exact fine tooth comb they used when they shook every bush to try to make someone’s case against Frank. How many someone’s created and continued that prosecution for so long? Do the prosecutors really not think their prosecution wasn’t punishment enough for their goals? How much money did the prosecutors spend and how much did they receive for their efforts. Something is very wrong with what they did.

    No matter what happens in Frank’s case, that fine-tooth-comb method those prosecutors used should be mandatory from now on to investigate every single business in that region until they find out what’s going on there.

  • Scott Johnson can’t commit suicide—cuz he already has no life. LOL

    Scott’s shits are smarter than he is. LOL

    If Scott were any more of a loser, his name would be ALONZO. LOL

    Scott Johnson eats Amway duck biscuits out of [redacted].

  • Frank wrote on this website many times that he would never plead guilty.

    Fact: Frank pleaded guilty.

    Frank was not a man of his word.

    Ultimately, only the judge’s opinion matters. Wait until tomorrow.

    Are you brave enough to post this, Frank?

    • I believe I said I would never plead guilty to something I did not do – and nothing in the indictment was true.

      I did not file an IRS form 8300 in 2010 failing to disclose that $19,700 came in cash. I reported the $19,700 income and paid taxes on it. Is that clear enough? Why even Scott ‘Scullin Joe’ Walker would understand that.

  • This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.

    — Elmer Davis

  • Hmm. This form 8300 sounds similar to but different from FINTRAC requirements in Canada. Here, the onus is placed on banks and such to report all cash transactions greater than $10k within a 24 hour period. I’m not aware of any CRA requirement to independently report this information on a tax return.

    I’m thinking this info could be gleaned by looking at a report of annual sales by customer but also thinking this step could be easily missed if someone didn’t follow a proper checklist. Or, what if there were accidentally duplicate customer records or otherwise bad master data, say, company xyz and company xyz Inc? Or if they were set up under a both a legal name and operating name? Each could have sales of $5k amounting to $10k in total. But if the accountant didn’t notice and combine them, it could be easy to miss.

    Seems a shame Frank is getting so much heck over this.

    Hope all goes in your in your favor on Thursday, Frank.

  • “… The prosecution case alleges Assange risked American lives by releasing hundreds of thousands of US intelligence documents.

    One of the most famous of the WikiLeaks releases was a video – filmed from a US Apache helicopter, Crazy Horse 1-8, as it mowed down 11 people on 12 July 2007 in Iraq. The video starkly highlights the lax rules of engagement that allowed the killing of men who were neither engaged with nor threatening US forces.

    Two of those Crazy Horse 1-8 killed in east Baghdad that day were the Reuters photographer Namir Noor-Eldeen, 22, and a driver/fixer, Saeed Chmagh, 40.

    Their Baghdad bureau chief at the time, Dean Yates, said the US military had repeatedly lied to him – and the world – about what happened, and it was only when Assange released the video (which WikiLeaks posted with the title Collateral Murder) in April 2010 that the full brutal truth of the killings was exposed.

    “What he did was 100% an act of truth-telling, exposing to the world what the war in Iraq looks like and how the US military lied … The US knows how embarrassing Collateral Murder is, how shameful it is to the military – they know that there’s potential war crimes on that tape,” Yates said. …”

  • Frank really rankled the DOJ.

    The DOJ dragged out the case before offering a plea deal – most likely to cause Frank to incur excessive legal costs.

    In other words, the DOJ wanted to “fuck” with Frank.

    I’d love to know who the shot callers were at the DOJ who directed the prosecutors to drag out the case.

    • The public has a right to know who the shot callers were.

      Shmuel Shmueli (probably not a shot caller) apparently told Frank he was a member of the Israeli secret intelligence (he probably wasn’t). Mr. Shmueli apparently also told Frank he could force him to pay $500,000 in legal expenses (he could probably do that. anyone can do that in that kind of justice system).

      Did Mr. Shmueli have connections with the feds or with the “shot callers”?

      “Interfor” was also involved in the “NXIVM” project. A transcript in one of the Interfor cases says: “In 2005 or 2006, Kristin Keeffe (“Keeffe”) was given the title “legal liaison” at NXIVM for her responsibilities that had commenced in 2003. (SOF ¶ 10; see also D.E. 734-1 Interfor’s Deposition Designations of Kristin Keeffe (“Keeffe Dep.”) at 25:14-25.) In that role, she “facilitate[d] communication between NXIVM and its attorneys, as well as among NXIVM’s attorneys.” (SOF ¶ 11; see also Keeffe Dep. at 26:2-7.)” Kristen Keefe, Pam Cafritz …”

      Kristen, Pam and how many other key witnesses in a how many potential cases involving the “NXIVM” project mysteriously developed cancers … or disappeared … or were “suicided”?

      Did the Albany feds investigate ever ANY crimes involving the “NXIVM” project?

      Did “the feds” ONLY investigate “NXIVM” critics? 🤔

    • Did Mr. Bruce’s line investigators look through garbage, too — or just “shake bushes”? says:

      “… As stated above, NXIVM first tasked Interfor with investigating the disappearance of Kristen Snyder. (6/19/17 Tr. at 17:14-18:12.) Soon after the investigation began, however, it evolved to focus “on ascertaining the basis for Rick Ross’[s] anti-NXIVM campaigning and related activities” (P20-012, Response No. 5), which NXIVM described as “vicious false and fraudulent misrepresentations” about it. (id., Response No. 6).

      Interfor provided NXIVM with an investigative report on Ross dated November 23, 2004, which included a biography of Ross, financial information, and a list of people with whom Ross communicated. (P7.) In collecting information for the report, Interfor analyzed Ross’s garbage that had been left on the curb outside his residence. (6/19/17 Tr. at 30:17-31:3.)

      NXIVM knew about and approved of Interfor collecting Ross’s garbage as part of its investigation …”

    • Let’s ask Anthony Bruce. I’ll go to my grave baffled at how a man turned a 40 ft death trap into a sprawling money making machine, to then be stripped from his good deeds by two spoiled brats and a fat retired prosecutor. Many people were so blind to the truth of the matter and persecuted Mr. Parlato while hiding behind fake names on social media. How can a man survive under the pressures he’s endured? How many people walked away from him because of the lies made by the Bronfmans and the W.DOJ? Talk about character assassination. But through all the grief, Mr. Parlato kept his ax sharp and is now at the finish line. Thanks to his writings, women are not being branded. Thanks to him, women are back with their children. Thanks to him, millions of people will always park at One Niagara. They will enjoy food and gifts at One Niagara. And lastly, hopefully, they will take a boat ride to see the power of Niagara Falls. You did so good, Mr. Parlato.

  • “Defendant Keith Raniere has been indicted on charges arising from his involvement in several hierarchical pyramid-structured organizations he founded” — United States of America v. Keith Raniere, May 2019

    “You might have wondered why the trial isn’t happening here, and why it didn’t occur years ago, when questions about NXIVM came to light. Good question. Why NXIVM founder Keith Raniere is only now being tried in the federal Eastern District of New York, which includes Brooklyn, and not the Northern District, which covers the Capital Region, is a lingering mystery. Officials here didn’t merely drop the ball; they never even picked it up.” — Times Union, May 2019

    • What did the Albany feds do for 20 years? ⛹🏻🏄‍♀️🚴🏾‍♂️🤹🏻🏋🏻‍♀️⛷🏌🏾‍♂️🤼‍♂️🏊🏼‍♂️🏃‍♂️🧜🏼‍♂️🧚‍♀️💁🏻‍♂️🙅🏾🤷‍♀️ says:

      September 3, 1996 “… Now, on motion of Dennis C. Vacco, Attorney General of the State of New York, Thomas G. Conway, Assistant Att:orney General of Counsel, attorneys for plaintiffs, it is hereby

      1. ORDERED and ADJUDGED that defendants Consumers’ Buyline, Inc., Keith Raniere, Pamela Cafritz and Karen
      Unterreiner are permanencly enjoined from promoting, offering or granting participation in a chain distributor scheme in the State of New York in violation of GBL § 359-fff; …”

      May 2019 “… Defendant Keith Raniere has been indicted on charges arising from his involvement in several hierarchical pyramid-structured organizations he founded” — United States of America v. Keith Raniere

      • Someone, please send a letter to the prosecutors prosecuting that one lousy tax charge.

        Ask them what they know about NXIVM’s income and taxes for those twenty years and when they plan to give Frank a salary — retroactively to the time he first started working for them.

        Please ask them when they plan to do what’s right. Full benefits and a pension is the least they should offer.

  • “litigation to punish their adversaries and critics” and a few people at the DOJ office enabled NXIVM. says:

    “The journalists, former Times Union reporter James Odato, and Suzanna Andrews, a freelance journalist who has written about NXIVM for Vanity Fair magazine, were not charged in the criminal case but were named as defendants in a related federal lawsuit filed by NXIVM in 2013. The lawsuit was thrown out last month by a federal judge in Albany.

    The NXIVM organization’s penchant for secrecy is widely known. In 2012, the Times Union published a series — Secrets of NXIVM — in which one expert referred to the organization as “an extreme cult.” The organization’s leaders also have been accused of using litigation to punish their adversaries and critics.”

  • “When I came forward with what had happened to me, Clare did not call me, as you may expect a friend or a compatriot in a so-called humanitarian organization might.

    Instead, she flew to Vancouver and used her connections and her resources and her Bronfman name to work with the VPD, the Vancouver Police Department, to try to get me arrested on completely trumped-up charges.”

    • July 2017:
      Did Clare Bronfman and/or Keith Raniere contact the New York City Police Department and the Vancouver Police Department, attempting to have criminal charges filed against DOS whistleblower Sarah Edmondson?

      September 2017:
      Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere drafted letters to DOS whistleblowers, threatening them with criminal prosecution.

      👁‍🗨 Key word translations:

      “news media, social media, blogs, or websites, relating to this subject matter“ = NYT, Frank Report …
      “people in the media (and also bloggers and the like)” = NYT, Frank Report …

      “.. Based on non-privileged materials in the government’s possession, on or before September 6, 2017, Raniere and Bronfman were alerted to the fact that The New York Times would shortly be publishing an article about DOS, based in part on interviews with former Nxivm members.

      On September 13, 2017, Raniere sent Bronfman the following email with the subject line, “What are your thoughts?”:

      Ms. [Jane Doe 9],

      I am the chief attorney of a criminal investigation in Mexico of more than 20 individuals tied together in a cooperative destructive network. These individuals, including yourself, have been acting against individuals who participate in the NXIVM corporation community.

      You are currently connected to the criminal investigations involving fraud, coercion, extortion, harassment, stalking, theft of trade secrets (which includes use of trade secrets compromised of, amongst other things, client lists), criminal conspiracy, computer crimes and corporate espionage.

      I strongly suggest that you cease and desist, undo, reverse, cancel, and retract, participation in all past, present, and future, conversations, conference calls, meetings, news media, social media, blogs, or websites, relating to this subject matter until the criminal matters are resolved. You should do everything in your power to affect this.

      Your best course of action to minimize your exposure, in addition to the above, is to repair all damages to parties you have acted against, reconciling with them, and fully cooperating with the criminal investigations. In this regard, I can help you for I represent some of your victims and have access to others.

      I know that people in the media (and also bloggers and the like) can be coercive, abusive in their power, and force unwitting, uninformed, participants to complicate situations and potentially even waive rights. You still have the ability to pull away from all participation with these people.

      Please contact me as soon as possible,

      (September 13, 2017 Email, Exhibit 3.)

      Less than thirty minutes later, Bronfman sent the text of the email to a co-conspirator (“CC”) based in Mexico. The following day, September 14, 2017, Jane Doe 9 received an email from Mr. Olmedo Gaxiola with the subject line “CAUSA PENAL EN MEXICO.”

      Attached to the email was a Microsoft Word document containing, word-for-word, the text of the email sent by Raniere to Bronfman. (See 9/14/17 Olmedo Gaxiola Letter, Exhibit 4.) The metadata of the Word document received by Jane Doe 9 reflects that the creator of the document was Bronfman. …”

    • If the people who prompted — and those who carried out — the first and second indictments haven’t silenced mainstream news outlets yet, The Buffalo News could print maps showing networks of witting and unwitting accomplices in NXIVM’s unprincipled litigation.

      For example: In September 2017, Clare and Keith drafted for the “chief attorney of a criminal investigation in Mexico” a threatening letter. That same threatening letter was sent to “more than 20 individuals” in America.

      Which state or federal offices did or didn’t do something about those twenty threatening letters sent in 2017?

      How many threats and lawsuits did NXIVM throw at critics and whistleblowers before and after those twenty threatening letters from Mexico? Did state and federal offices simply watch all those threats and all that malicious litigation?

      The author of “The odd case of NXIVM” Times Union editorial published May 11, 2019 wrote, “As sordid testimony unfolded last week in a Brooklyn courtroom about a supposed self-help group based in Colonie, you might have wondered why the trial isn’t happening here, and why it didn’t occur years ago, when questions about NXIVM came to light. Good question. Why NXIVM founder Keith Raniere is only now being tried in the federal Eastern District of New York, which includes Brooklyn, and not the Northern District, which covers the Capital Region, is a lingering mystery. Officials here didn’t merely drop the ball; they never even picked it up. …”

      If whatever allowed “NXIVM” to commit crimes and target enemies is still a “mystery”, maps of all involved can help.

  • Frank saved the world from “NXIVM” and the Albany feds didn’t lift a finger to help. says:

    “Sara and other devotees are talking about erecting centers in Australia and elsewhere. Raniere has lined up private investors to pay for a $15 million, 75,000-square-foot building near Albany. As originally designed, the building was to emerge from a stone foundation under a six-sided, glass roof. It is meant to be a tribute to civilization–another step in the mission to spread Vanguard’s gospel around the world. ‘I don’t know how much you know about my family,’ Sara Bronfman says, admiring the silky cloth around her chest, ‘but, coming from a family where I’ve never had to earn anything before in my life, [it] was a very, very moving experience for me to be awarded this yellow sash. It was the first thing that I had earned on just my merits.’ … ”

    • Frank has given a voice to countless others who have been bullied and severely abused.

      This is ridiculous hoopla over one tax filing is assinine

  • “ Keith Raniere has run numerous scams, pyramid schemes, and cults, which he uses to siphon money from recruits and handpick his personal harem of female sex slaves. One of his largest schemes was Consumers’ Buyline, Inc. (CBI), a multi-level marketing company (pyramid scheme) that Raniere ran for approximately four years until 1993, when the company was forced to close after investigations by 23 states and two federal agencies alleged it was an illegal pyramid scheme.

    In this 1992 report on NewsCenter 6 Maine (WCSH-TV), consumer reporter Ursula Lipari covers the Consumers’ Buyline pyramid scheme just as it was starting to implode. She interviewed disgruntled scammers who had left the pyramid scheme when they were not paid by scam ringleader Keith Raniere.

    After Consumers’ Buyline was shut down, Raniere started the National Health Network in 1994, another multi-level marketing business (pyramid scheme) that also failed.

    Raniere has consistently used his business scams to recruit numerous women and even underage girls to serve as his sexual partners, and in many cases, his sex slaves.

    Keith Raniere was arrested in Mexico in March 2018 on multiple federal counts of sex trafficking and forced labor. The criminal complaint against Raniere — known as “Vanguard” to his followers — alleges that he encouraged the formation of a secretive subgroup within NXIVM called “Dominus Obsequious Sororium” or “Dominant Over Submissive” (DOS), in which women were coerced into serving as sex slaves. The complaint outlines how the victims were forced to turn over “collateral” — identified as potentially damaging personal information or materials, such as nude photographs — with which they were later blackmailed.

    Numerous women who were successfully recruited into the cult were forcibly branded with the initials of the cult’s Grand Slave Master Keith Raniere and Slave Master Allison Mack. A cauterizing pen was used to make the permanent marks near each victim’s pubic region. According to a former NXIVM publicist, the brands were used to mark victims “as lifelong slaves who have taken the vow for lifelong obedience to Keith Raniere and Allison Mack.”

    Allison Christin Mack joined NXIVM in 2007 and, according to the group’s former publicist, went on to recruit at least 25 women into the terrifying slave cult. According to former NXIVM members, Mack eventually became second in command and was known within the cult as “the Madam.”

    Until recently, Allison Mack’s bio on her website stated that “[o]ver the course of several years, Mr. Raniere mentored Mack in her study of acting and music. As such, she has developed a deep connection to the nature of humanity as it relates to acting as an art form and a tool for personal evolution. In 2013, Mr. Raniere worked with Allison and a small group of equally skilled and dedicated professionals to develop a curriculum that is currently taught through a private arts academy, The Source. There Allison serves as president and is one of its top trainers. The Source provides a unique toolset and innovative exercises to increase one’s mastery of the art of compassion, utilizing the disciplines of acting and expression.”

    Mack starred as Chloe Sullivan in the TV series “Smallville” from 2001 to 2011, and also acted in numerous other TV shows and films. Mack ended her acting career in 2017, allegedly under direct orders from Raniere.

    Raniere fled to Mexico in late 2017 after an expose of his cult was published in the New York Times on October 17, 2017. Arrest documents state that Raniere was living with “several women” at a luxury villa near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico at the time of his arrest.

    Raniere and Mack both face 15 years to life in prison.“

    Allison will be set free from prison, today.
    May she now free her mind — if she hasn’t done that already.

  • Marie – Please ask Frank to wear or carry something green on the 6th. A green aventurine crystal would be best.

    • FYI Pyreil, Frank is kind enough to publish the work of many who prefer to remain anonymous. He’s a great guy.

      From another great guy: “Hence I most seriously believe that one does people the best service by giving them some elevating work to do and thus indirectly elevating them. This applies most of all to the great artist, but also in a lesser degree to the scientist. To be sure, it is not the fruits of scientific research that elevate a man and enrich his nature, but the urge to understand, the intellectual work, creative or receptive.” Albert Einstein, Ideas and Opinions

  • Scott had a bad experience with Nice Guy some duck biscuits and Anway taking his down line away

  • This is a superb presentation of the facts. An accurate, full, and ordered recitation without embellishment. Kudos to you, Ms. White, and thank you.

  • Anthony Bruce is a predator. He’s responsible for the false incitements. These prosecutors fabricated money owed to justify jail time.

    It’s a joke. They have nowhere to go and nothing to charge.

    His alleged co-conspirator committed a misdemeanor. Frank committed a misdemeanor as well. The govt needs to somehow save face.

    Much ado about nothing.

    • “These prosecutors fabricated money owed to justify jail time.”

      👆 That’s exactly what the transcripts show.

  • Nice tricky words and phrasing, just like Parlato does on a regular basis. As the sentencing memorandum clearly states, and is backed up with similar cases, filing late, especially when caught, is still tax evasion. If the judge doesn’t take him into custody after sentencing, he’s welcome to come on my podcast again, or wait a couple of years when he gets out. LOL

  • The Bronfmans filed their complaint; the feds agreed to “shake the bushes”; line assistants dug up whatever they could; the Bronfman sisters withdrew from the case; the case continued as “nothing personal or political, of course” for almost ten years after the Bronfman sisters started it … and did the DOJ ever figure out many women were killed? 🤔

    “… Parlato, who comes across in the film as a hard-nosed personality with a single-minded agenda, tells that he initially had though Hutchinson ‘was a suicide. Now I’m not convinced that she is.’

    Like many of the NXIVM followers, he says, he initially had a positive impression of the group when he began consulting for them in 2007.

    ‘At first, everybody seemed like they were just a group of misunderstood people who were just trying to forge a life that was a little bit different than mainstream,’ he says. ‘It really wasn’t ‘til I discovered some financial improprieties I began to suspect that the group was possibly doing some illegal activities.’

    Still, he admits: ‘I didn’t think it was going to wind up being’ in any way connected with deaths.

    ‘I believe once it airs, the authorities will sit up and take note,’ Parlato tells, explaining his opposition to the group as a ‘dogfight’. ‘The end result being that … these assumptions [of causes of death] will be revisited.’

    He says he’s looking into ‘several other curious cases where women were here and now they’re gone. We don’t know that something bad happened to them, but there’s a possibility that the number may be larger than four.’ …”

      • Amway Johnson-

        LMAO!!! UR [sic] so funny!!!

        Trolling everybody “pretending” to shit-on [sic] Frank and “secretly” giggling on the web moderator subpage. Do you make Frank laugh? LOL

        Frank has had multiple successful careers. He’s made “real” money. He’s been a successful real estate developer, a talented PR man, and a investigative reporter with his own televised documentary on the Discovery Channel.
        In other words, actual real world, revenue streams and fame to boot[sic].

        You on the other-hand have a bullshit radio-show; gaming-stream, and caricature-porn-doodle business. Do your ventures cover the electricity bill or the water bill?
        How are those veteran’s benefits, can you supersize a Big Mac meal?
        you being such a loser reading my comments makes me feel good. I’m a crank and you’re a loser ass tool bag. The funny thing is we both make Frank laugh for the same reason. We’re whack jobs. You don’t realize “it” because you have a dog turd between your ears for a brain. You don’t realize it! How’s the marriage? LOL

        You have a great day!!!!

        • Scott-

          I enjoy when you don’t respond because that’s when I know my words are truly [redacted].

          I know all about your [redacted]. Sucks doesn’t? Too bad! LOL

  • “For 38 years, Bruce enjoyed conscienceless antipathy to Blackstone’s ratio of “It is better that 10 guilty men go free, than one innocent suffer.”

    In Bruce’s world, innocence and guilt were of little concern.

    He wanted to win.

    He feared no one, not judges, not defense lawyers, nor colleagues or juries. Nor his bosses at the Department of Justice.

    He was above the law.

    And he indicted Frank Parlato at the behest of Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere. He may now be under investigation himself.

    In coming posts, we will examine the cases Bruce led – where he knowingly indicted innocent men.

    Most think he did it for the perverse pleasure. But some – considering the way he indicted the clearly innocent Parlato for the Bronfmans – now think he may have also gotten a reward for his work.

    Bruce announced his retirement immediately after indicting Parlato.”

  • It looks to me like the government prosecutors are simply pissed off that they wasted so much time and money on this case, and now they’re trying to get even by making false accusations about Frank in their sentencing recommendation to the judge. Although I certainly understand why Frank decided to accept the plea deal and put an end to more than a decade of abusive tactics by the prosecution, it almost would have been better had he gone to trial and kicked their asses.

    Let’s just hope that the judge sees through all this bullshit and gives Frank the sentence he gave to Frank’s co-defendant: time served and a $25 fine.

  • If a US Attorney and/or others
    spent hundreds of thousands of US tax dollars (or, was it millions?)
    to fish to build a federal case
    on behalf of Sara and Clare Bronfman 👸🏼👸🏼
    so few would be surprised.

  • So what they are saying is, they spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer money on a witch hunt perpetrated by cultists with money. A decade passes and nothing is owed. By the court’s own stupid admission. Amazing how people start to act correctly with people watching. Now if someone would put eyes on Sacramento’s family court.

    Sacramento’s family court employees are the source of most of the illegal practices in most of the west for the past 3 decades. Piloting clearly illegal programs since at least 2000 under McBrian, and now Mize. McBrian isn’t allowed to act as a retired judge due to conduct according to the JC, but the city planner and a judge at the same court rehired him as a commissioner.

    There are standing orders since 2008 to deny litigants any representation versus their court temporary judges, which conflicts with california rules of court demanding equal representation, and clearly violates due process.

    Nothing is signed in by clerks. They don’t allow electronic filing, because it automatically creates a record of who accepted the file and permanently saves a copy, blocking them from swapping documents and backdating orders, like is done quite commonly to hide their misconduct.

    All of the employees are in on it. Anyone who says anything is fired on the claim of budget issues.

    Court reporters get canceled. Reports go missing. Access to public records of recording in the courtroom are illegally denied, they fall squarely under the language of the Freedom of Information Act and the California Public Records Act, but they will violate your civil rights and destroy the recording.

    This place needs a camera and mic up every ass in the place until they slip up so we can vacate current staff and replace them with people who aren’t uneducated con artists who hate people and sell children.

          • Commingling with Dads attorney account seems illiterate or lazy to me. I’m sure Frank knew better.

          • It was not commingled. The money was exclusively my money. This was adjudicated in NY State Appellate Court, and it was not found to be criminal, but only a technical violation.

          • Scott-

            I do so enjoy the Abbott & Costello act that you and Frank do to garner comments. The schtick is pure comedy gold, but getting a little stale.

            Frank at the end of the day is successful. You’re not even successful by handicap standards.

            You tortured a mentally ill woman.
            There is nothing else to know about you. I doubt you have ever had compassion for another human being. I bet you’re giggling. LOL

            When you die – no one will care…..

            …..And that’s something you are definitely cognizant of.

            Maybe one of the losers you play video games with will care slightly. LOL

  • Does anyone know if Frank/Marie is covering Allison Pimp Macks release tomorrow? Would be nice to see some pics of her sorry ass leaving prison.

    As far as this case goes, Frank should sue the Bronfmans for filing false criminal complaints against him. I detest the Bronfman demons.

      • Nah, I don’t think Frank will go to prison. Fed boys know they fucked up by colluding with Horseface Bronfman. “Pimp” will be back in jail soon.

        • Did a few Albany feds not know (for about twenty years) that Keith was more than just “the conceptual founder of Nxivm”?

          If none of them knew, at least a few of them must have known by May 2019 after Keith Raniere was “indicted on charges arising from his involvement in several hierarchical pyramid-structured organizations he founded …”

          Since then, all feds everywhere probably know by now that NXIVM and ESP were “several hierarchical pyramid-structured organizations” for almost twenty years.

          Does that mean a few Albany feds were accessories to NXIVM’s crimes? Have Albany feds ever considered that they might have been aiding and abetting Keith Raniere and Clare and Sara Bronfman?

          If a few Albany feds were accessories aiding and abetting, whether or not they knew it, they can’t be too embarrassed today to admit what the whole world knows.

          1. Clare and Sara Bronfman and Keith Raniere tried to silence Frank.

          2. Albany feds helped Keith Raniere and Clare and Sara Bronfman.

          The Northern District of New York office helped NXIVM.
          They helped Raniere and they helped the Bronfmans.
          They tried to silence journalists.

          Wrongs aren’t righted and “the fear of appearances is the first symptom of impotence” in some other countries. We can’t allow that to happen anywhere in America.

        • Time will tell, and it won’t be much longer. Fed boys aren’t pleased with the resources Parlato sucked up, they don’t have much of a sense of humor about those kind of things. LOL Why do you think “Pimp” will be back in jail soon? LOL

    • The truth is going to come out. Bronfman’s hunted for a prosecutor to file bs charges. Tony Bruce was their stooge.

    • Supreme Court justices are bought and paid for. This is totally believeable. Judges stopped obeying the law a long time ago, and haven’t started to unless they are under heavy scrutiny. They get paid a lot and get special treatment by the rich. Why would they be honest when they can do whatever they want without any checks or balances?

          • Sorry if this offends you, but can you see how others might think your comments are creepy and weird because of the way you posted the same kind of statements after so many comments? Would you be honest and tell us if you’re a paid troll of some kind?

          • Scott,

            Could you please explain the website connected to the link you provided?

            Were you a member of NXIVM and/or are you working for NXIVM, now?

            NICHOLAS G. GARAUFIS, United States District Judge.

            Defendant Keith Raniere has been indicted on charges arising from his involvement in several hierarchical pyramid-structured organizations he founded. …” ⬅️


            Did Assistant US Attorney Anthony Bruce and/or his colleagues working in the Albany office allow Keith to run “several hierarchical pyramid-structured organizations he founded” after he signed an agreement with the feds promising he wouldn’t do that?

            Did Mr. Bruce investigate any other journalists who were investigating NXIVM?

            Is it possible that Mr. Bruce and/or his associates had something to do with the hacking of Edgar Bronfman’s computer?

            This is all so absolutely horrific.

            Why do you find it so funny? Please explain.

About the Author

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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