Devastated by Corruption: Canadian Woman Shares Hauntingly Similar Story to Catherine Kassenoff

For those who think Catherine Kassenoff’s family court story is unique or confined to the USA, listen to Millie’s story in Canada.

By Millie

Thank you for reporting on Catherine Kassenoff’s story and your work to expose corruption. I am devastated for Catherine’s children and hope the courts will take action against their abuser. Her story is similar to mine, except I live in Canada.

I pray that my children and I do not suffer the same fate as her and her children. I am a registered social worker.

My ex-husband, a physician, and I had three daughters. During our marriage, he abused me for years. In 2015, when I was fighting stage 3 breast cancer, my husband had another episode, threatening to kill my daughters and me. Thankfully, the police came and arrested him before he could make good on his threat

My cancer went into remission, and I left him because, sick or well, his abuse was relentless. After our divorce, I had primary custody. I was a stay-at-home mum, and I obtained my degree online. He had weekend visitations.

At the time, I earned about $40,000 per year. My ex-husband earned over $400,000 per year.

I do not drink, smoke, or take drugs. I don’t swear and have not dated since my divorce because of what my ex-husband subjected me to.

In 2022, just six weeks away from graduating with a Bachelor of Social Work, my ex refused to return the children after his weekend visitation.

The Orwellian named Ministry of Child and Family Development intervened.

Within days of refusing to return the children, he submitted a 33-page document falsely accusing me of abuse and neglect towards two of my girls Mary, then 12, and Linda, 9 to the Ministry of Child and Family Development [or Child Protective Services] and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police [RCMP].

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police got down off their high horse to serve the best interest of the moneyed father and helped take two happy children out of their home with their mother.

Due to his accusation, MCFD put in an immediate supervision order and liaised with the RCMP to assist in their investigation. The girls were not coming home. I tried to fight his lies in Family Court. The traction my ex-husband gained by outsourcing his abuse to the legal system was shocking.

It devastated me financially and emotionally, but, more importantly, it destroyed my children’s lives.

Children are the main commodity in family court, but not every parent would agree to sell or buy them.  The solution is, whenever possible, stay far away from family court. The minute you walk in, you are the serf to the judge. Your due process rights disappear, and whatever the judge decides for you and your children becomes your fate. 

My ex husband is a physician, and the court gave more credence to his false claims than the ACTUAL EVIDENCE I put together.

I lived next door to a child protection social worker, who advocated for me in the strongest possible terms. Our eldest daughter, Janet, 22, and friends, colleagues, teachers, and people who knew the girls leaped to my defense.

I am still deeply traumatized by this phase and have PTSD. The result was that I was allowed only one 1/2 hour a week supervised visit with my children, whom I raised and cared for their entire life.

MCFD social workers monitored the visits and treated me like a criminal. They searched my bag and told me I could not hug my girls. I asked the social workers what they were looking for, and they did not respond. I suspect they were looking for recording equipment. Because they were terrified I would expose their mistake.

In the end, no one would listen to me, and his history of abuse, transcripts of conversations, and letters of support from friends and family who witnessed his abuse towards me and knew me to be a kind, loving, devoted mother to my girls, were inadmissible in court.

Once the MCFD and the RCMP were investigating me, his nasty, vicious, and expensive lawyer, a man well known in town as the ‘go to’ for abusers who wish to outsource abuse, turned up in court, forcing my lawyer to have me agree to hand over temporary custody.

I refused—nothing I said or did mattered. As I entered the family court legal system, the rules of fairness and normalcy no longer applied. Instead, family court was a strange world whose practices I struggled to understand, but I knew this: The parent with the most money wins, so I knew the court stacked the odds against me.

Even my lawyer seemed to be in on it. He forced me to agree to things against my wishes. He shouted so loudly at me once that his paralegal came in to see if I was OK. On the way out of the office, she took me to one side and, with tears in her eyes, told me she was sorry for what was happening to me.

Is that a flying monkey or a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police?

A good name for family court agents manipulated by the affluent abuser is ‘flying monkeys’ after the ones in The Wizard of Oz. The abuser, [the wicked witch], stands undetected in their castle, sending agents to maim and damage their victim the protective parent.

Before, my husband abused me directly. Now, he abuses me through systems, lawyers, court actors, paid psychologists who writes what he tells them, and government agencies.

Recently, he attacked my finances. The court ordered that I pay child support to him, despite him earning ten times what I make.

I currently get one hour a week of contact with my daughters, which he insists is supervised despite no child protection concerns!

I’ve spent $30,000 on lawyers. My lawyer told me it would cost me at least $100,000 more before the proceedings were over.

My ex has money to spare. He paid $30,000 for a psychologist report to support his position. It ignored all the mountain of evidence of his abuse. Though there was no evidence I ever abused my children, the report repeated his lies. Though it did not say I did one single act of abuse, the psychologist wrote he could not rule out my ex-husband’s claims.

Since my ex paid the bill, the psychologist would unlikely bite the hand that feeds him. He could not expose my ex for what he is, a narcissist out for revenge because I left him.

Because my evidence of his abuse is solid, the extraordinary way the MCFD social workers ignored it in their mad rush to support my ex-husband, I filed a complaint. Presently, a senior MCFD investigator is conducting an administrative review and inquiry into the behavior of MCFD social workers.

Meanwhile, the children remain unhappy with their abuser, and I do not have the money to compete with him in the pay-for-play family system.

I have little hope of the MCFD calling out their social workers for the horrific treatment the children and I endured at their hands! Their failure to recognize what happened to me was an extension of his domestic abuse. Their unthinking acceptance of his version of events damaged my children and perhaps my life irreparably.

This beautiful Gold Symbol is the emblem of Family Court. Do not enter its doors unless you have plenty of emblems to spare  


I am stunned that this pay-to-play family court system is allowed in our society. Did it take the death of Catherine Kassenoff to wake up the public t0 this ongoing crime against mothers or any parent who cannot compete financially?

The family court system is a sick, depraved, warped, evil world where profit-driven flying monkeys deliver children to the parent with more power and money. But for their cover of being the government’s own flying monkeys, the RCMP would have to arrest and charge every one of them with child trafficking.

Catherine Kassenoff lost her children, got cancer again, and died after years of abuse and a horrific custody battle overseen by the American family court flying monkeys with great glee.

My ex-husband did the same to me, and the Canadian family court flying monkeys forced me into poverty. I miss my two girls, who suffer daily at the hands of their wealthy abuser.

I have resolved that should my cancer reoccur, like Catherine Kassenoff, I will also terminate my life.

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  • “… For years, Leah Moses accused her ex-husband of being abusive and she wanted to regain custody of Om to protect him.

    Gandhi was a neuropsychologist and psychedelic therapist and earned a doctor of philosophy in clinical psychology and neuropsychology from BYU with a focus on neuroimaging and brain injury. He was active in the local yoga community and friends saw him as a kind, caring person. Others, however, said Gandhi had a darker side. …”

  • Is this Catherine’s alter ego role play? I believe this story as much as I believe Crazy Cathy unalived herself at a Swiss Spa. The Frank Report has been turned into a narc slumber party for a few BPD women this month.

    FR can’t be desperate for content, can it? I’m assuming Frank’s looming federal sentencing kept him distracted and he’s let some real idiots write and make content decisions to turn this into a divorced crazy cat lady gossip circle.

  • Yeah, yeah. Just like every convicted criminal will tell you they were framed. Let’s get real here.

  • He’s not “attacking your finances” by asking for support. Child support is a law in Canada, where you pay based on your income. I don’t get why a 20 plus marriage to a rich doctor would end in poverty. You get half of all the assets and a long term marriage you get spousal support. And even her lawyer is in on it? Too many holes to be credible.

    • The Kassenoff Facts site seems suspicious and biased. The author “Jesse Williams” takes an earnest, curious tone. He claims to be neutral but the information provided essentially spins in Allan’s favor while laying out the case for Catherine’s mental illness/fake suicide. He does provide the 2 additional audio files + an email between Catherine and her brother. He has a few details I have not seen posted elsewhere. His “Document Library” is limited to the 2 videos and 2 audios of Catherine, the family email, the bill of sale for the newest Larchmont home, and a few selective court documents. No Allan videos, no mention of the repeated false arrests, etc. Why would anyone “leak” information to this person? Odd.

        • I think it does hold value, I just don’t believe the author is a curious amateur sleuth on a fact finding mission. Gus has made comments on here using the same Gone Girl movie script theory. The access to unreleased details leads me to think that either Gus or someone with intimate knowledge of the case is doing the writing under false pretenses.

  • Any reason all your reporting on family court corruption ignores the fact that over 90% of dvros are issued to women with no evidence to pay off court friendly people? I think it’s pretty narrow viewed to be posting only female cases of court abuse, when men are abused as a rule in any divorce proceeding an attorney thinks they can collude for profit and trade favors with the judge for rubber stamped orders.

    Men are far more commonly victimized. Reality. We complain less and have no support groups. There is zero relief options for men. Women abuse us openly in shared support groups and if you say anything like “hey please stop talking to the males like we don’t matter” you get kicked out by the female “leader” of a volunteer group you did more for than them.

    Men are literally trained from birth to bottle it up until we break. The family court, and attorneys representing females use these orders to cause trauma, then use that trauma that their abuses CAUSED as an excuse to deny you any rights as a human.

    Following those orders, trying to get justice for yourself gets you blackballed by the entire court, extremely illegally, and nobody says a damn thing about it. Not the news, certainly not Frank Partlato. Just women. Only women can be the better parent. Only women can be victims. Not men.

    These are just a tiny number of challenges an innocent man faces in EVERY family court. The DAs TEACH local attorneys to do this in FLEC meetings and trainings. Also included are how to coerce a settlement (felony) and how to ignore a child’s best interests while blandly reciting “the court must act in the child’s best interests” when they have never met the child and are completely clueless to the child’s best interests. The “experts” don’t have the required knowledge or ongoing education, and the judges know this, while intentionally and routinely denying men the bare minimum of fairness let alone any recognition of civil rights.

    The family courts rape men. They sell children. And somehow a man using any tactic to fight back is automatically “psuedoscience” even though science says the trauma is very real. So there’s trauma, but the title is wrong, so the trauma is automatically fake? How does that compute?

    C’mon Frank. Pick a male in California, any of the millions drained of every penny for trying to be a good, protective parent. I know one who tried to protect his daughter from being molested by his stepfather a billionaire and now has to deliver food for money, can’t pay his rent and hasn’t seen his daughter in years. Meantime, nobody is making sure the child is protected, especially the mother who protected the abuser caught in the act. But hey daddy dishes out the money, so he can touch anyone he wants to get off right?

    Do a little research on CA family courts. Start in Sacramento and then move south, watching the trend of court policies, procedures, and legislation all being pushed on people while attorneys are IMMUNE via the judges.

    Reality dictates that men are far more victims in family court. In fact, this makes the third generation in my family, including myself, in which I have watched the female benefit from ruining the male forever.

    There is zero justice in family courts for men. Zero news exposure. And the women getting the exposure are going on sexist rants about it, completely ignoring the violence perpetrated against males in the court, millions at a time, all over the world, every single day.

    Fairness in reporting would be appreciated.

    • You post them or any other site for that matter. They don’t exist, that is why they aren’t being published everywhere, judging from the comments there should be “hundreds” of them. They don’t exist. If they did the multi million dollars machine would be churning them out.

    • Kind of agree. This sort of thing happened to my uncle. He’s a hard-working doctor with a big heart, and I guess that’s why he’s had his fair share of problems. He divorced his wife after a long 20 years together because she was always putting him down and belittling him, even in front of their kids, and was overall a nasty person in the end. She decided after the divorce that she’s going to keep the kids away from their father and with her most of the time instead, so he always to pay child support and she hardly has to lift a finger on her own. He loves his kids but hardly gets to see them, meanwhile his ex wife constantly tells them how terrible their father is and now they’ve grown up hating him. Nowadays my uncle’s just trying to live with the pieces of his life, since he can’t put them back together at this point. All his kids hate him and he can’t escape his narcissist ex wife from begging for more extra money as if he owes it to her. Whenever he tries to move to a new city to get away from her, she picks up again and moves close by. It’s sickening that she’s been leeching off of him for the past 30 years and just won’t let him have even a shred of peace. And of course the way it is by California law is biased toward the mothers. Courts can’t do anything about it because my uncle’s a man and will always be seen as the villain, while the ex wife is some poor pitiable woman who’s been wronged. The whole situation has divided my family. My parents supported my uncle through his worst times, but even my grandparents have listened to the ex wife’s lies about their own son and taken her side on many occasions. I just hope someday my uncle can find some peace in life, or hope naively that the narc gets bored and finds someone else to leech off.

  • The criminalization of loving parents by court vultures.

    The public needs to see it but it’s so difficult because we have to accept our friends and neighbors- attorneys- who we believed were ethical- are the most sadistic people motivated solely by greed.

    That’s a lot to absorb. Much easier to believe everyone is good and honest and mom is insane.

  • Please do NOT terminate your life. Fight.

    Trudeau and Biden both are child-traffickers. Also, they are both traitors who conspired to cover up the origins of COVID.

    • A babbling elder, a Freudian slip, just interesting or an extremely significant deliberate choice of words?

  • ALL systems are set up and run to support the wealthier, male abusers. I have experienced abuse from physicians, social workers, lawyers, insurance companies, etc. The so-called protections are a complete farce.

    Men with wealth have power, and for reasons I honestly can’t figure out, they ALL protect and support each other. A whole network, step by step along the way, will rule against you, make up lies about you, and crush you and your life, DESPITE the mountain of evidence against THEM. I honestly don’t know how they do it. Bribes? Blackmail? Threats?

    HOW is one man able to turn entire networks–from colleagues to investigators, to the legal system, all against their victim, and get their cooperation, protection and support, when THEY are the abuser!! If a physician rapes a patient, the entire medical and legal system will turn on her and do everything they can to destroy her, while the rapist gets their support. WHY??!!!

      • Please review documentaries out on how women are being intimidated when reporting. Police forcing them to recant. Please study the epidemic on college campuses of young women being raped. The colleges don’t want the public to know about. Please educate yourself. The information is out there. Women are being discriminated against. Are being treated extremely poorly. People need to start taking note of it.

      • True. Unfortunately due to the fatherhood initiative way to many women/mothers are wrongfully painted. There is little to no support for motherhood any where. When you go to court and prove a father is suffering from alcoholism or drug abuse. Documentation of neglect and medical records of abusive behavior. The courts still try to force a relationship. There are cases of unfit mothers. That are abusive. Because of the national push and billions of dollars invested in the fatherhood initiative. We have an unbalanced and bias system. That’s negligent in dealing with abuse and forcing children in unhealthy relationships. Placing them in harms way. Many court appointments. Lots of money being made by the family court legal professionals. All geared towards hidding abuse. Labeling it parental alienation. The fact that abusive mothers in some cases exist, is not an excuse for what is going on regularly in family court. If Catherine is the abuser in the situation. It doesn’t negate the thousands of other cases where the father is the abuser. The courts are sweeping it under the rug. The system is not designed for children or divorcing spouses. It’s designed for profit.

        • Women are manipulators too. Movies always portray the mean old guy….never show women. Entertainment bias.

    • Women get to cry and put on fake tears and it works like a charm. When men cry or show emotion its manipulation….but when women do it….it’s oh poor woman. Courts slam men too. Courts are biased in either direction…male or female. They are usually not in the middle…where it should be for the kids. Every judge has human bias. Depends on what judge you get. They screw one party over the other. They don’t care. All that get hurt is the kids. Make the judges be PhD psychiatrists who actually understand child psychology.

    • I’m a man. The ex wife has a rich dad who drains me of money and lies and exaggerates in court documents….much like Nancy did to her adversaries. In the end…hopefully the court will see who is the real good parent and who is the one hurting the children.

  • That image of the evil ex-husband MD is either a drawing or a really bad AI rendering. Is it supposed to be proof or evidence of some kind?

    This article demonstrates that yes, one (sometimes both) parties are often dissatisfied / angry / enraged at the outcome of their divorce settlement. Surprise, surprise.

    When married couples split up, their joint property has to be divided up, and there’s the kids to consider. Who are they going to live with? It becomes a question for the courts, guided by social workers. How else would you suggest it be done? Trial by combat?


    Nasty contested divorces leave people pissed off and bitter. I am not in the least surprised by this, and I have no interest in taking sides in someone else’s divorce contest.

    That bad AI image did catch my eye though, it’s spectacularly awful.

    • A.S. I believe the point of all this is, the children should not be trafficked to the parent who has better lawyers.

      • I don’t think children should be trafficked either, Pilgrim.

        I really don’t see any point in this torches and pitchforks online campaign. Biased accusations and anecdotal evidence are not proof. No matter how outraged these make an online mob.

        I have yet to see any actual evidence of this supposedly systemic “trafficking” by family courts across the U.S. (and now Canada!)

        Most contested divorces end up with the man paying child support to the woman, who gets custody of the kids. That’s because men typically earn more than women, and women typically have done most of the kiddie-raising.

        The “trafficking” argument (such as it is) claims that the party with the most money wins. If that were the case, usually the man would get custody. When of course the reverse is true.

        All I see here is a whole lotta strangers getting all worked up about someone else’s nasty four-year divorce battle.

    • Congratulations for falling right into the bullshit narrative of the AFCC which has looted family savings of thousands of innocent parents and abused even more children.

      Extremely disappointing Aristotle Sausage. Zero thinking on your part.

    • The state holds no interest against these parents. Why are you agreeing to turn such power over if attorneys when the agencies put in place to protect children have found nothing against these mothers??

      Why are you justifying the decisions of judges who are violating the 14th amendment by virtually stripping children of one parent? The children are experiencing the death of a healthy parent as a result of corruption.

      There is no medical doctor who would advocate to eliminate one parent from the lives of their children no matter how angry parents may be at each other.

      Please consider what’s happening in these cases.

  • Connecticut is starting to have a number of cases where they are trying to take over jurisdiction. Reverse custody already decided in another state. Men fleeing to Connecticut to gain custody because of the discrimination against women and mis use of parental alienation. Have child support modified. Connecticut only too happy to take their money 💰.

    • They don’t need to move to CT. Google any of the other states and they all have the same issue.

  • Millie- your story is spot on to what happens in family court. Your attorneys were absolutely working for the opposition and getting paid by him as well.
    There is no way such an outcome could exist if it were not racketeering. Please stop hiring lawyers and go pre se. It’s scary, but the outcome will likely be better and certainly cannot be any worse than what your lawyers have done to you.
    The abuse of the lawyers is more gaslighting- well coordinated abuse to leave you hopeless and with ptsd.

    I knew and respect Catherine tremendously, but please take suicide off your list of possibilities even if cancer returns.

    Your daughters love and need you. You are their hope. Leaving this world takes away all hope for them. And that’s the worst place to be.

  • This is heartbreaking. May God shine a big spotlight on every lie and abuse of the system. People need to be aware that abusers by nature are lying and manipulative. Everything he said needs to be heard through the lens of an abuser seeking revenge.

  • In the tragic event of the death of a U.S. Citizen in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, you should report it as soon as possible to the U.S. Embassy in Bern.

    The Swiss authorities will seek to locate the Next of Kin and other family members and/or close friends living in Switzerland or the U.S. to inform them of the death. If the deceased’s next of kin lives in the United States and cannot be located by the Swiss authorities, they will contact the Embassy and pass along all relevant information. The Embassy, will in turn, contact the next of kin at the earliest possible time to notify him/her of the death.

    The Special Consular Services Team can assist family and friends in the event of the death of a U.S. citizen in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. We can act as liaison in arranging the disposition of remains and help with forwarding personal effects. The family or legal representative must pay all funeral home charges, shipping costs for the remains and personal effects (if applicable). We will work with any funeral home selected by the family to ensure proper documentation for shipment of the remains to the United States.

    Even if no assistance is needed in making funeral arrangements, the death of a U.S. citizen, whether resident or tourist in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, must be reported to the Embassy so that a Report of Death of a U.S. citizen Abroad (CRDA) can be issued. This document is necessary to settle legal and estate matters in the United States.”

  • Dear, Catherine Kassenoff
    People pretend that you’re dead. That vigil was hard to watch because I think you’re alive. It’s like I’m in Jerry Seinfelds Bazarro World. You remind me of the book Gone Girl.

  • The problem isn’t family courts people. It’s these crazy, hormonal, pre menopausal women, who just want to stay home. They become more lazy as the children grow and need more attention. To meet the demands, of his family, the man has to work longer and harder. Men work all day and come home to piss on the floor and an empty dinner plate. Then comes the night. The wife wants sex. Her halo long gone, with the ripe smell of liquor. What man deserves this?

  • “Colorado Lawmakers Consider Reforms to the Way Family Courts Handle Abuse Allegations

    Several people who testified in favor of the proposed reforms are plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit against former custody evaluator Mark Kilmer, alleging fraud and breach of contract. …

    … In Colorado, the fees for parental responsibility evaluations — expert psychological assessments intended to inform judges’ custody decisions — are paid by the parties to a case. Fees are not capped and typically range between $12,000 and $30,000 for a custody evaluation, with some Colorado parents reporting that they paid over $50,000 …

    … In his evaluations, Kilmer routinely cites parental alienation, a disputed psychological theory in which one parent is accused of brainwashing a child to turn them against the other parent …”

  • These story’s are all too common. What is happening in family court is tragic 💔. The AFCC is to blame for the the injustice going on around the world.

    • “… Premiered Jun 7, 2023

      ‘CONTRALAND’ is a compelling crime documentary film that educates adults about the evils of sex trafficking in America. It’s the brainchild of Craig “Sawman” Sawyer—a former decorated member of the elite Navy SEAL Team Six.

      The documentary begins with actress Nancy Stafford greeting the audience with horrifying statistics about sex trafficking in the United States. Sex trafficking is a 38-billion-dollar industry that turns children into “contraband”.

      This frightening documentary film shows how Sawyer and his team travel to Utah, Connecticut and Arizona and work in tandem with law enforcement agencies in sex sting operations, which led to 22 arrests. They host stings that lure predators only to arrest them for engaging in the desire to exchange sex with minors for money.

      Craig Sawyer says he’s only scratched the surface and plans to make more documentaries about human trafficking in America. Share, like and leave your comment below, help us raise awareness about this cruelty.”

    • “Every single one was trafficked by a parent ”
      You dropped Nancy Saltzman from the suit though??.

  • Dear Millie,
    My heart ❤ goes out to you 100 tines over. And I send you a generous hug 🤗 via this post. Frank Parlato is an angel. He is deeply committed to helping mothers who have been cruelly expunged from the lives of their children by twisted family court proceedings. A mother who is a cancer survivor and is terminated from her children’s lives suffers a compounded affliction because her days are numbered. She cannot console herself by saying someday she will see her children because that “someday” may not arrive for her. We must break open this scandal. I write academic books and editorials on this subject. Please feel free to look up my contact information at
    Perhaps I can write an editorial on your story in a Canadian newspaper? I feel your pain and want to help you very much. We don’t have to accept this affliction. We can surmount this cruelty. God is stronger than any force in this world. I’d be honored to help 🙏 you!
    Stay strong 💪 ✨ 💓
    Amy Neustein, Ph.D.
    New Jersey

    • Agreed that Frank Parlato is committed to bringing out the truth. He has a heart like no one.
      But when you hear how the mom spoke with her kin? Oh man, it’s enough to make me spit.
      Both mom and pop are freakin cracker jacks.
      Hope those kids see how much the public want them to soar. Those kids deserve better.

      • Of course we should be most concerned about the children. But isn’t the point that the courts corrupted the relationship between both parents and the children as much as the relationship between the two spouses?

        Just to take one example, “supervised visits” are an unnatural and uncomfortable way for parents to have interactions with their kids. It’s not a good environment for mother/daughter bonding, for doing enjoyable things together, for making the child feel like the parent is a valued part of their lives. Then you have scenes like them saying “I don’t want to be here” and it escalates to “I hate you”. Think of it from a child’s perspective. They’re not adults happy to spend 90 minutes sitting around talking with their mom. That’s not a fun, child-centered activity. If it becomes a chore, something the adults make you do, kids will associate spending time with their mom with frustration and a loss of agency, not with love and nurturance.

        I know there’s a lot of literature suggesting that “parental alienation” is a bogus theory. But maybe the more accurate truth is that PA exists, only usually the opposite of how courts see it: the father actively alienates children from the mother more than the other way around. Here — and probably in many cases — the courts allow that to happen or even cause it to happen in the first place. The courts may have had legitimate concerns that Catherine mistreated the daughters sometimes, but they overlooked the same behavior from Allan.

        Instead they should have ensured both parents have plenty of chance to make amends with the children and steered both Allan and Catherine toward a more supportive and nurturant relationship with them.

      • Good people know the children deserve a bright future.

        Decent people know “mom and pop” are human, just like everyone. Why hide an insulting comment about the mother in the middle of the southern accent? Why not add “barefoot” and “basket of deplorables” to “spit” “kin” “freakin” and “cracker jacks”? “Fireworks” would make your comments memorable, too. The drama you try to stir here — at everyone’s expense — in order to distract and re-direct attention is pathetic.

        Despite your efforts, many who don’t already know the following will soon learn: Family court corruption in Canada mirrors the family court corruption in America which mirrors the family court corruption in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Israel, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, The Netherlands, Germany and Ireland … and many other nations.

        Most probably won’t be surprised to learn that the for-profit family court corruption seen in the Kassenoff case in New York and Miriam’s case in Canada are out of the same playbook found in nations all over the world.

        Most of the public already knows: a few horrible individuals have deceived the people of our nations to gain power and control. If you didn’t already know that, here’s information “about a secret memo from the Privy Council Office regarding the use of communications to downplay concerns related to mRNA vaccine-related deaths and injuries. The story has gained attention, even being covered by the Toronto Sun.”

        Most Americans have never heard of the Privy Council. What losers, right?

  • It happens to good mothers who were stuck in domestic violence and then children and mother are abused for life. Happened to me too with a wealthy ex- who was made wealthy by my assets that paid for his lifestyle durning his medical education. He secured all assets, I lost everything I came in with, and lost the most precious part of my life: motherhood. Never accused of any wrong doing – a AFCC judge diagnosed me! No medical professional! Catherine had the excuse of cancer to be able to die. Most of us mothers do not have the luxury of suicide. And it is a luxury

    • It’s like watching the Bronfman sisters destroy the lives of the women who left NXIVM. Whoever has the most money wins.

    • But only mothers. Divisive sexism. Exactly what the court wants so you can all internally justify those fake dvros they tell you are necessary, but you know are not and then everyone, especially men by far, loses a ton of money over nothing so the woman can abuse the male and child using the court. There is no such thing as what you are imagining. Ask yourself why the court does not keep track of dvros issued.

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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