Is Catherine Kassenoff Dead? Allan’s Friend Claims She’s Alive and Laughing at His Ruin

Catherine Kassenoff posted on Facebook 18 short videos of her husband yelling and acting cruel to her and the children, while Catherine, filming, remains cool.

On May 27, she posted on Facebook that she planned to commit medically assisted suicide that day in Switzerland, and then posted no more.

Her post and the videos went viral. The husband, Allan Kassenoff, lost his job as a high-paid lawyer over it and is moving up the charts as one of the most-hated men in America.

A woman may have lost her life. The father of her three children lost his job, and his reputation is tainted all on the public stage. It is now a matter of public interest to hear all the facts of the story.

It may offend some, but this is fair game.  And there is worse to follow.

In any event, the public will soon know if Catherine died by suicide in Switzerland, and FR will endeavor to report it. At press time, we do not know.


A national news show recently reported they confirmed the death of Catherine Kassenoff.

When I contacted the news director, she told me their “confirmation” was based on Catherine’s executor, attorney Wayne Baker, telling them he “believes it was carried out” and he should have the death certificate in about a month.

Today, Amy Polacko posted on Instagram that “An official source who does not want to be named said they just received the official confirmation of Catherine Kassenoff’s death yesterday.”

Polacko does not reveal what the confirmation is – a death certificate, her ashes, a videotape of the suicide, or the attestation of witnesses.

Polacko wrote about Catherine for Ms. Magazine in 2021: 

Empty Home for the Holidays: Mothers Who Can’t See Their Children Blame Broken Family Court System

And again: Remembering Catherine Kassenoff and Continuing the Fight for Fair U.S. Child Custody Outcomes

‘Daniel,’ a source I have spoken to numerous times, is a friend of Allan Kassenoff. His opinions are his own.

Frank Report does not take an editorial position on it, except since it is open season on Allan, it is fair to hear from his supporters. He has lost his job, which not only impacts him, but also Catherine’s children, especially if she is dead and cannot support them.

It is a longstanding principle of fundamental fairness and due process, when it involves the law, that the accuser, not just the accused, is to be investigated and judged for the truth of their allegations. It is for this reason that FR publishes the following from ‘Daniel,’ a friend of Allan Kassenoff.

Allegations of Deception: Did Catherine Kassenoff Stage Her Own Death?

By ‘Daniel’

I’ll give you some points to consider on Catherine Kassenoff and whether she is dead or not.

Proof of death is a body or ashes that can be tested. Not a piece of paper.

Where is the body or the ashes from a Swiss facility that charges over $9000 to kill you?

At Dignitas, a room where a patient dies.

Swiss law requires a videotape of the suicide and two witnesses. Who are the witnesses? Where is the tape?

Catherine’s Family Silent

And how come Catherine’s family hasn’t said a word? Why haven’t her mother and her brothers declared her dead and condemned Allan Kassenoff like everyone else?

I will tell you why they are silent they realized she was mentally ill and stopped talking to her long ago.

Here is an email that was sent by Catherine’s brother, and her reply.

The subject heading is FW Trip to Texas. The exchange is dated March 2, 2016 three years before Allan filed for divorce.

The brother writes:

Cathy… it is clear that you are bipolar and you need professional help. You need to get it for the sake of your children. I am not mad. I just want you to get better. Until you get help, a relationship with you is impossible. I am not wasting anymore of our time.

Within minutes of the ending of this email, Catherine replies to her relative:

Stop contacting me or my children. I will show your text to your children and nieces if they asked me what happened here. I want nothing more to do with you. You are pathetic and angry. You should seek medical help and anger management counseling. I feel terrible for your kids and wife. If you contact me again, I will involve the police.

Canadian Citizenship?

Why did Catherine fly to Switzerland? Canada is one of the easiest countries to get assisted suicide. Canada provides free medically assisted suicide for citizens and will reimburse your family for flights to an assisted suicide.

You don’t have to live in the country. You only need Canadian citizenship.

Catherine had Canadian citizenship.

Why didn’t she have her medically assisted suicide done for free a few hundred miles away, instead of flying 4000 miles and paying $9,000 in Switzerland?

By the way, Catherine arranged to get her two biological children Canadian citizenship without telling the kids or Allan, and lied to the court about it. Then, she would not relinquish their passports to Allan. About eight months later, she admitted to the court that she got them citizenship. I think she planned to abscond with them.

New Home

Then there is the house she bought.

On April 18, 2023, a month and nine days before she announced she was ending her life in Switzerland, Catherine Kassenoff bought this home in Larchmont, New York.

On April 18, less than 60 days ago, she bought a house for $900,000 cash near her children’s home. People who plan to kill themselves or have terminal illnesses don’t put all the money they have in a property they’ll never live in, unless they are actually crazy, or not dead.

Mother’s Day Fiasco

Immediately before she claimed she went to Switzerland to kill herself, she fought for visitation with her kids on Mother’s Day.

The girls were afraid to be with her and didn’t want to go. Allan begged them to see their mother. The kids waited at the door for her for hours. She didn’t show up. 

Then they read on Facebook that she claims she never could see them. I hope you understand why these kids wanted nothing to do with her.

There is nothing she isn’t capable of doing, including faking her death.

Help From Group for Abused Mothers

At one point, Sanctuary for Families assisted Catherine. They help women who can’t afford a lawyer escape an abusive relationship.

After a few months, they were being used to fight for a private school, and private violin and tennis lessons. Not exactly their initiative. After a few months, they withdrew from the case. 

Throughout this case, she had 17 lawyers:

  1. Mitchell Lieberman
  2. Andrew Frisch
  3. Evan Wiederkehr
  4. Jill Speileberg
  5. Peter Nissman
  6. Lisa Zeiderman
  7. John Kornfeld
  8. Robert Spolzino
  9. Harold Burke
  10. Faith Miller
  11. Marcia Kusnetz
  12. Alyson Kuretsky
  13. Ruchama Cohen
  14. Lisa Vara
  15. Heather Hart
  16. Katherine Miller
  17. Robert Spolzino

Catherine Kassenoff

9-11 Commission

Catherine defrauded the 9/11 commission out of $300,000. She was not even in New York City on 9-11. She falsely claimed her cancer came from that tragedy, instead of telling the truth. She got cancer because of excessive fertility treatments needed because of an abortion she had to get when she had an adulterous affair with a married man while she was still with Allan.

Identity Theft

She is capable of faking her death too. She assumed her cousin’s identity and opened fraudulent credit cards and loans in her name.

Yeah, faking death is easy. All you need to do is press send on Facebook.

This is a case of a mentally ill woman trying one last time to destroy her ex at the expense of her children. 

Catherine’s Supporters Are Sadistic

Meanwhile, aunts, uncles, and grandparents are being harassed and threatened with rape and violence. Her children are afraid to leave their home out of fear of the angry supporters of Catherine abducting them.

Random people direct message the girls and comment on TikTok that they will come and rescue them.

There have been meetings with local police and hourly patrols of residences, town watches, everyone is on alert.

In one instance, the Catherine mob tracked down the identity of a man, called his job, and tried to get him fired because of a single comment he made on a Frank Report saying “maybe there is another side to the story.”

Catherine needed mental health care, but people on the internet bought into her fantasies and encouraged her to fight against made-up oppression.

If she is dead, which is unlikely, these crazy supporters killed her, not Allan.

Allan Was Not an Abuser

As for Allan’s so-called abuse, it’s not real abuse. It’s words. No black eyes, no broken bones. 

He raised his voice, and it’s abuse. 

The neutral custody evaluator’s report said she is a “manipulative narcissist with sadistic tendencies.”

Way to Go?

Consider how sadistic this is: She loves her kids more than she hates her ex-husband?

She lets her kids learn about her death from Facebook?

She did not arrange to confirm it promptly, making her kids wonder if their mom is dead for three weeks now.

Here is how they found out. Some parents saw it on Facebook and told their kids, who asked the girls, “Did you hear about your mom?”

Is that normal behavior?

Do you disagree that someone who fakes her death and makes her children believe they are dead solely for media attention to destroy their ex is a good mother?

Meanwhile, the threats from the flock of Catherine sadists continue to worsen every day. And I think Catherine is alive, watching this, and loving every second of it, laughing sadistically at her husband’s ruin.


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  • I am a mother who has been tortured by the family court system for many, many years. Judge Lubell, Marc Abrams, Gus, Carol Most- all corrupt – that is true. But I do not believe Catherine, and I was her friend. I believe she got a very fair chance with the new judge, Capeci (sp?), McKay is wonderful, she got to approve all the new AFC’s, new therapists were appointed to the kids… Catherine messed it up for herself and when the outcome came back, she staged this whole show. No other mom that I have known or heard of has been given such a fair chance with a DV judge who sided with her and ordered Allan to pay her a bunch of money. The rest of us just continue to get screwed.

    She did go through attorneys like toilet paper and always maintained a full dream team which included herself. We all know she was a very experienced attorney. She sued everyone, including the moms who helped her, without focusing on the main issue which was visitation with the children and the return of them. She told all her supporters that she wasn’t allowed to see her children when in fact, she had every right to see them when she had supervised visitation but that was not to her liking. I saw my children while I had supervision because I would never dream of not seeing them at all. So did every other parent I know. If the children don’t want to see you after such a prolonged period of time when they’ve had no contact, it’s not surprising.

    Most importantly, if anyone can continue to defend her after listening to her interactions with those children on the audio & video recordings, I have no words. NO circumstance or person can force you and make you become that way. I am not defending Allan, but the words directed at the children are vile and 100% inexcusable.

    None of these journalists have independently researched Catherine’s allegations in her farewell post. She did not recently get fired from the governor’s office. She never slept in her car. The things she talks about absolutely do happen- they just didn’t happen to her and she is not dead. She was not sick. She chose a place where she could fake it and where they could likely forge a death certificate. She definitely had her ways. What bothers me is that she had zero concern for her children in all of this. She published their real names and didn’t disguise their faces. No protective parent would ever do that. Go ahead and attack me. I had to speak my truth.

    • Anon 6:53. No attacks from me. I was friendly with her as well and I do know that family court is torture, but I’ll admit certain things did not add up to me with her situation and she often seemed more focused on winning than maintaining or re-building a relationship with her children. Allan seemed abusive too though. And I do think her situation is shining a light on family court and for that I am thankful. But I’m also disappointed that she seems to have lied to many of us fellow supporters.

      Why do you think she’s still alive? Is that a mere guess? Can you explain?

      • Anon 12am I don’t believe she’s dead because none of it adds up. She was not sick. C craved sympathy & attention. If she truly was terminally ill, she would’ve posted about it and used it to further her cause in her legal dispute. Such as the battle for her mother day visit which was such a hotly contested issue when she could’ve simply said that it was going to be her last Mother’s Day. There’s no way she wouldn’t have used that.

        She also would definitely have discussed it with Dr McKay. None of the evaluations Dr Brewer in Switzerland which she uploaded, mention that she had a terminal illness or any illness at all- just that she was struggling with her ex and the family court system. None of her friends or colleagues who saw her on a daily basis knew she was sick or saw any physical changes in her. I sure didn’t.

        She purchased a house 5 weeks before she allegedly killed herself and while she was actively pursuing MAS but it kept getting put off?! Common! She was still fighting like hell in court. That is not what someone who has a terminal illness does knowing she won’t be able to raise her kids and that her family won’t step in.

        She chose a specific place where it’s easy to disappear and never get definitive answers. That’s how much she cared about her kids. All of this sounds exactly like her. Why? Became she did not know how to lose. It wasn’t an option. She had to win at all costs and the results were in- she finally lost it all and had to do something about it. She had to make sure Allan still lost. I don’t disagree that he was an abuser too, but no less than she was. They BOTH involved the children and used them as pawns. But she aimed her cruelty directly at them and that is inexcusable. We are held to a higher standard as mothers and we feel more for our children as mothers. I will never be able to unhear the venom she spoke to those children with, or forget the eldest daughter’s desperate cries for it all to stop… over a measly bar of chocolate.

        • Anon 11:55. But isn’t it possible she just didn’t have terminal cancer and she used that detail for the extra impact and sympathy you say she so often craved? But that the rest was true… She certainly did seem to have been entertaining suicide for real. The house is not an issue either way, in my opinion. She likely started on that purchase well before her suicide and I can see how she contracted to buy it, hoping things would turn for her in her litigations. But either way, it was an asset to leave her children.

          What good would hiding out do?

          I also see she could be abusive to her daughters too. Like Allan. But I don’t find those recordings unforgivable like you seem to. Many loving protective parents I know have found themselves temporarily acting in ways they are ashamed of, buckling under the stress of constant litigation and financial and emotional torture.

          In sum, what is the evidence she’s alive? I really would hate to think this was all a hoax. For what? Just for the sympathy. But what would be her next step?

          • Anon 6:51pm Why do you feel such a desperate need to believe someone who you admit may have been an abuser but are sympathetic to her saying that she may have buckled under the pressure of litigation, finances, etc. I am not on Allan’s side but did anyone say that about him when his video’s came out?? Did anyone give him the benefit of the doubt? No, everyone just called him a monster. Just because she’s a women does not mean she’s entitled to “buckle”, it means she is the mom and in no way to outside forces excuse you from calling your child a “moron” or telling them that they’re a “weirdo”. Arguing with them when don’t get to see them as if you were their age and not letting it go. If the child is lying, it’s because they’re going through hell. The remedy to that situation is not arguing it death but maybe letting them know that you love them and don’t care what they do or try to hold them. The chocolate bar incident is just sick and absolutely shows the true colors of the Catherine I know.

            Yes, the woman I know who, as I posted above would threaten to sue the moms who helped her. The moms who were in a much worse situation legally. There are thousands of us and we suffer in silence. We don’t beg for attention or post about our ex. Sure that creates something to keep you all entertained but hurts our children very badly. I have been battling way, way longer than she has and have managed to shield my children from this. She had plenty of money including the money she defrauded from the 9/11 Fund (are you not seeing a trend here??) most of us moms don’t have any money at all because we didn’t work during our marriages. I do get anxious- very anxious, and there have been a handful of occasions throughout all these years when I’ve raised my voice but it was to say things like “I can’t watch right now “ not to pull them aside and torture them. You’re making excuses for someone who deserves zero sympathy. HER CHILDREN ARE THE ONES WHO DESERVE THAT SYMPATHY!!!

            You’re asking me to explain why I don’t believe she killed herself when I already did- you just don’t want to accept it. I can’t convince you despite the fact that there’s more evidence proving she’s alive than not. If you knew her, you’d know that she would NEVER give up & she’d do anything to stick it to Allan. By doing this, she did. All her closest friends have already come out saying the same thing. It’s only her loyal followers who refuse to believe. You are hurting her children who are so deeply affected by this. Stop believing a woman who thought nothing of children as is evident by her failure to the minimum and conceal their identities and start accepting the truth.

  • I read Daniel’s statement, trying to give it a fair hearing. It makes some serious allegations, but many are supported by evidence from statements in and findings of Westchester Family Court, which is also under investigation in the court of public opinion. Interspersed with the weighty allegations are several rather gossipy points offered as evidence, such as the apparent silence of Catherine’s family, with unspoken conclusions about what that means. Then we’re offered as evidence supporting a case for her severe mental disorder, the backstory of her brother begging her to get help, with a malevolent reply in Catherine’s voice that is ungrounded in place and time, goes on too long, and resembles, in its abusiveness, Allan’s voice. And some of it is just confusing, such as the list of Catherine’s seventeen lawyer’s names.

    But friend Daniel tips his hand clearly when he defends Allan as not abusive because there are no broken bones or black eyes, only words. Only his voice raised in anger. This is a fallacy that is well known to some students of abuse, and it ain’t gonna fly.

    And a final point of irritation— people following the story who are sympathetic to Catherine are labeled “Catherine sadists.” Hyperbolic much?

  • She’s alive going under a different name. Her lawyer knows. They are in it together. She’s laughing at Frank and all you stupid People. Just you wait.

    They will be uniting lawyer and Catherine.lovers. She’s not sick she not dead. Using the name – Amelia and died her hair. We have agents who spotted her. She is in Paris France 🇫🇷 though she may move we got our eye on her. We will produce photos

  • What will Allan’s supporters, which consist of him and his girlfriend say when it is proven she is dead. Will they still challenge it? Or will they shut up and let Catherine RIP?

    • If she is dead it’s because she finally recognized that her campaign of stalking, harassment and slander was never going to get her anywhere.

    • My guess is most, except other crazies, of Catherines supporters (like I was) will soon be Allan supporters once the whole truth comes out.

      • Dear 5:31 pm,

        Your message appears to be:

        “Everyone who supports Catherine is crazy. I was once supported Catherine and don’t support her anymore, so you shouldn’t support her, either. I support Allan now and everyone else should, too. The whole truth isn’t out yet. When it is, you will believe Allan and me. Also, all of this has nothing, nothing, nothing to do with the horrible crimes and corruption in Westchester County family courts.”

  • I too found it incredible that this person would make critical comments on her end of life choices- especially the cost that she could have saved money doing it in Canada . Unbelievable .

    • If you are going to end your life why wouldn’t you go to a beautiful place. Canada is no Switzerland.

  • It seems the courts made Catherine a non-human. They stripped her of motherhood and then stripped her of all that she was- they took her career, her home, and her liberty. She was terrorized by courts that are said to be fair and just.

    Family court is a breeding ground for sadists and pathological liars.

    And even in death- Catherine is chastised because she spent HER MONEY to travel to a country SHE CHOSE, to see a doctor of HER CHOiCE, to end HER LIFE on HER TERMS.

    And Daniel takes issue with this.

    Daniel thinks Catherine deserves nothing. Daniel weighs in on how and where Catherine should commit suicide. Daniel wants Catherine to die in Canada because she’ll save $9,000 which she won’t be able to take with her.

    Daniel determines Catherine should die at no cost and the money she earned while here in earth- should not be wasted on her suicide in Switzerland. Catherine does not deserve to treat herself with dignity and respect even as she dies.

    Catherine is a non-human (the custody evaluator and court actors said so) and Daniel takes issue with such self-indulgence when Catherine has been told for four years that she is non-human! That she is nothing. That she is unworthy. She has no value to anyone or anything. She is hated. She is useless. She is criminal. She is repulsive.

    Why did she not get the message from Daniel and the court criminals?Catherine must be crazy NOT to take heed when court experts told her in every way imaginable that she was loathsome and reprehensible.

    How dare Catherine REFUSE to accept their narrative.

    Who the fuck does Catherine think she is anyway? Right Daniel?

    • Every time I read a post like the one above, all I think is this Catherine lady was even more mentally unstable than I thought. Nothing more dangerous than a woman scorned. Her so called “death” is a blessing for these young ladies. They can leave the craziness of this nonsense behind them and start life a new without this drama queen wife in their lives. A time for them to heal. I hope wherever ms catherine is, she has enough chocolate bars for herself. she is probably over the moon that she doesn’t have to share them with anyone.

  • Family court destroys everyone— even the financiers of the child abduction like Allen—

    Whatever abusive traits or tendencies the financier has are compounded exponentially when family court actors empower, encourage, and participate in the abuse and isolation of children from the other parent (and usually from the entire side of the family).

    Court actors are exploiting the abuser – it’s a purely for profit relationship- they stand by him only until the abuser runs out of money.

    Or until FR shines the spotlight on them. Then they scatter like the vermin they are.

    Watch how long Gus sticks around. Or Adler. They’ll make a strong statement or two and then they’ll fade fast. Onto the next wallet. No court expert will remain in defense of Allen. They got paid. They delivered the cargo. Catherine’s dead. Kids traumatized. Allen’s fired and exposed.

    Too sad, so sad they said all the way to the bank.

  • This is all you’ve got? Silly attacks with no basis?

    Catherine bought the home in the girls neighborhood because the court appeared to have begun to see the truth –

    Which is that no parent or child deserves to be subjected to a no-contact order or an order of supervised visitation when there is no foundation for it whatsoever.

    And there was no cause nor a proper hearing upon which the ex parte order of no contact was forced upon the girls and Catherine- the girls pleaded to stay with Catherine.

    Her oldest daughter ran away twice to be with her mother. Why were the Children’s cries and feelings dismissed for years? Why did the experts force separation with a loving parent to whom they were bonded?

    Why is it now, only years after the girls were isolated from Catherine and all they knew, and subjected to brainwashing of court appointed experts – that the girls voice matters? Parental alienation is what the courts and narcissistic parents do to children. The entire cabal colludes to destroy one parent – and a false narrative is endorsed in spite of Catherine’s medical professionals and many others who could attest to her mental fitness and history of being a good parent.

    What gives the court the power to violate unalienable rights to bring up our children and children’s rights to be raised by both parents?

    The court violated all rights and did it for $$$$$. That’s what drives these cases which are dubbed “high conflict” per the AFCC playbook/manuel. This is the basis which then allows the den of thieves to latch on and services of court appointed experts will drag on indefinitely. The financier- the wealthy parent loves the experts and they s willing to pay and pay and pay – and gets to destroy their spouse with the money she should have received.


    1. These court appointed expert psychologists and/or social workers never reported any abuse by Catherine to Child Protective Services.

    2. These “experts” hold licenses which deem them to be Mandated Reporters.

    3. Mandated reporters are required to report suspected child neglect or abuse within 12 hours.

    4. Every mandated reporter/court appointed expert in this case (and in all of these child trafficking cases) NEVER report the targeted parent to CPS/dcf.

    5. Why no report to CPS/DCF? Because the children would be found safe in Catherine’s care. There was never any risk in immediate physical or psychological harm.

    6. The goal (on paper anyway) of CPS/DCF is to “keep families united” and to help build strong bonds with both parents. No-contact order flies in the face of cps/dcf guidelines which these agencies are being paid millions to do each year.

    7. No. No reports made. No allegations of neglect or abuse against Catherine. The girls never complained of her abuse to school personnel. Nothing. This was contrived by Allen who choreographed the child abduction with his cronies.

    8. Attorneys in all fields know the money-driven game of the bottom feeders- family court attorneys. These attorneys have little respect among credible attorneys. Family court attorneys are the joke- the bottom of the barrel attorneys who can’t practice law- and don’t. Instead they steal and abuse in family court.

    Catherine bought the house. She had moved in. She was hopeful.

    And then a single custody evaluator- who will soon lose her license – rubber stamped the fraud of the first custody evaluator-

    For the second time a no-contact order was recommended which put Catherine back to square one.

    For three years Catherine endured unspeakable abuse and trauma by wrongly having her girls taken.

    Court criminals stole her children, her reputation, and her job by subjecting her to a contrived conviction of violating an unjust restraining order.

    And even when Catherine proved the most egregious wrongs of court criminals – even when she had repeated psychiatric evaluations- even when she subjected herself to supervised visitation (no basis given .. no criteria… no end in sight- as long as Catherine paid thousands each week just to see the children she is constitutionally permitted to raise!), even when she discredited a judge and a custody evaluator-/ none of this would matter.

    Her faith was taken when she was again sentenced to an unconscionable order of no-contact.

    Because even fair and respectable judges cannot go against the court “cabal.” The reach of these criminals is great and long standing.

    Few know about this criminal enterprise because our media is told not to report it. They can use the excuse- it’s in the kids best interest to keep it out of the media.

    No. It’s not in the children’s best interest to keep draconian orders and child abuse out of the media. It’s in the attorneys best interest to conceal this lucrative criminal enterprise.

    Catherine wanted nothing more than to mother her girls in the home she purchased for them. It was within miles of Allen’s home. Custody should have and could have been shared.

    But shared custody WILL NEVER be restored by family courts once children are abducted by these court actors.

    Thank you FR for your dedication to all the children abused by family courts.

  • Canadian here. Daniel has no clue how our medical system works. Omg. You can’t just move back and immediately get government paid care. You have to live here to qualify. And meet in person to go through the medical assisted death process. Why are you publishing his inaccurate ramblings without fact checking anything?

  • And I just believe that this is Allan continuing the smear campaign against Catherine. This “friend” giving details of an alleged abortion because of an affair? It does not add up. She spent thousands of dollars in in vitro fertilization to have her two daughters. I wish I could publish the document that I found there is a docket on the courts currently regarding her death. 7:2022cv02162 case #. June 5, 2023 motion: confirmation of Catherine‘s death. In the audio recording with Catherine is upset with the child lying which seems to be a consistent problem with her, Allan is escalating the situation. I am curious what part was cut out of that recording.

    • Curious why you can’t publish it or give us a link. Why not give us a summary That would answer so many questions.

  • I have a dear friend with dual citizenship in Canada and USA who investigated assisted suicide options and ultimately chose Switzerland Dignitas because the process and supportive care offered was fine tuned and superior to meet her needs. She was concise, aware and methodical so to me it is of no surprise one would choose Switzerland to ensure the act was well done and no glitches.
    Secondly, three years before divorce was filed and her brother accused her of having Bipolar Disorder may have been a red flag to family that Catherine was exhibiting signs and symptoms of trauma from chronic abuse. They manifest as similar to some mental health diagnosis.
    Is it REALLY appropriate for Daniel to ascertain that fertility meds or abortion GAVE Catherine cancer? That is just bullshit hype.

  • This doesn’t prove that Allan wasn’t mentally ill. All these videos are showing me that Allan got custody because he was able to fund the custody battle. This unearthed a real conversation about the court system. This doesn’t make Marc Abrams any less of a slimeball to the other women he sexually harassed. It also doesn’t make the judges any less corrupt. Those poor girls may they be well.

    • Everything proves Catherine is a mentally ill con artist that is abhorred by almost anyone that is unfortunate enough to get close to her IRL. (Other mentally ill women she has manipulated via her crazy lies online don’t know her). She’s alienated her brothers, mother, husband, three children, employers, 15 lawyers, etc.. Allen would have to be Ted Bundy crossed with Gertrude Baniszewski for Catherine to be seen as the better parent to have custody by a court. Foster care in the South Bronx would be far better choice than Catherine for that matter. Allen obviously has issues to have ever married a woman as vile as Catherine, but he’s still the picture of stability and sanity when compared to Crazy Cathy.

  • Allan cannot stop himself from the Catherine smear campaign even though she may no longer be of this earth. So much energy spent hating a person who is probably gone.

  • Dear Daniel,

    You wrote: “The girls were afraid to be with her and didn’t want to go. Allan begged them to see their mother. The kids waited at the door for her for hours. She didn’t show up.”

    If that’s the official story, is that what actually happened?

    Who witnessed what happened that day? Just Allan and the children?

    If Allan actually begged the children to see their mother, why did he need to “beg”?

    Have you seen the video from March 18, 2023 showing Allan taunting Catherine at Hommocks skating rink? In it, he tells her: “Your children don’t want you here, Catherine.”

    There’s one day between March 18 and March 19, 2023.

    There are 56 days between March 19 and May 14, 2023.

    Please see the therapist’s Treatment Summary/Update from March 19, 2023.

    It says, “Over the last two months there has been progress with all three girls and their relationship with their mother. Healing is clearly occurring and it is vital that progress continue. ******** behavior and attitude during visits has been consistently quite positive … ***** sessions with her mother have continued to go very well. …”

    According to those notes, it “cost” the children when they wanted see their mother.

    Do you know what it cost them?

  • Laughing at his ruin? She has sealed her fate to never be able to see her children ever again. Frank has published a lot of crazy “protective” parents on his blog, but this beast takes the cake. Anyone associated with her should be ashamed.

    • Mentally ill, BPD women as far gone as Catherine will always chose short term revenge over long term goals. Allen will be fine, this silly tempest in a teapot will blow over and he will be additionally vindicated when he has the consular report that Crazy Cath isn’t dead. Even his firm will take him back in August as soon as this blows over. Catherine, otoh, has forever sealed her fate. She will never get to see her kids again and she will be unemployable in the legal profession. Maybe she can beg someone in Wheeling, WV to let her make debt collection cases in circuit court, but she probably wouldn’t be allowed in the WV Bar. After this stunt I’m sure Allen will make sure the bar association in every state is aware of Catherine’s total unsuitability to be admitted to the bar. Her career and life is really over, even if she’s still alive.

      • “Allan will make sure the bar association in every state is aware of Catherine’s total unsuitability to be admitted to the bar”. This suggests the USA bar association can be bought, and that one lawyer in NY can influence the entire system. It also suggests that any woman with a mental health condition shouldn’t be allowed to practise whereas a man with similar is fine. Catherine appears to be the victim of the horrendous coercive control conditions she’s been put under by Allan rather than BPD.

        • The bar can be bought, what? Allen doesn’t have to pay a cent. Catherine paid for disbarment over and over and over with her actions.

  • Catherine was not mentally ill and underwent thorough testing for her career and for her kids. Abrams is for sale. Lubell is for sale and Gus D and Carol Most are as corrupt as they come. This email from Daniel is BS at best. He fails to comment on Catherine and the kids finding Daddy in bed with his slutty girlfriend. He could easily have paid for a hotel but he wanted to do that in front of his family. It’s sadistic behavior.

    • In Catherine’s submission to bar association, there is a note of Allan having sex in the kids playroom with his “paramour”

      • So what? Many children have accidentally walked in on their parents. I did in 1970 and my mother and I laughed about it up until her death. Why is his girlfriend “slutty”?

        • Did you walk in on Daddy boinking his girlfriend in your mother & father’s shared home in your room?

          Dad brought the girlfriend into the family home & did her in the kids’ playroom where they walked in on her. That’s not exactly the same as wandering in on your parents doing it.

          Cheating sucks but bringing the person who are cheating with to screw around in the family’s home where the other person stills lives & there is kids around is beyond disgusting. Especially, if this guy can spend millions of dollars on this case he can shell out some bucks for a hotel room.

  • “On April 18, less than 60 days ago, she bought a house for $900,000 cash near her children’s home. People who plan to kill themselves or have terminal illnesses don’t put all the money they have in a property they’ll never live in, unless they are actually crazy, or not dead.“

    I wondered about that too. An attorney friend told me Catherine bought the home for all three girls when she thought the “family court” would eventually increase her parenting time. Then, the court stopped all visitation. Is that true?

    Did the court stop all visitation after Catherine bought the home? Is there a simple chronology of key events somewhere so he can figure out what went right, what went wrong and when?

  • Finally an article that makes sense. This whole drama has been fishy from the beginning. Of course, I fell down the rabbit hole reading about this screwball comedy. Unfortunately, this is these children’s lives, not a theatrical performance. The mother is a nut!! I have always thought she was lying. She is good at that, but a poor story teller. Stories make no sense. Food! Chocolate! All this nonsense/abuse over her child “stealing” a chocolate bar. A real mom freely give her children food. An efing chocolate bar. WTF. Nut job. Come on flying monkeys, you are all nuts whose children have been taken away for the same/simular reasons, mental health reasons. Thank You court system for at least saving these children from this maternal nutcase. Allen is no saint, but jeez, at least he has empathy. Catherine will show up at some point. Not her ashes, but her flesh and blood body, with some new poor fellow that fell into her BPD trap. Don’t know any of these characters, but the truth is sooooooo obvious.Good luck little ladies, you will be okay. I am a woman, who usually side with other women. Found about this story from Ms. Magazine. Ms. you hooked me in to feel sorry for this woman. Shame on you, reporters. You jumped the gun on this without an iota of proof.

    • Is that you Gus? The hired gun? This is likely the same writer as Kassenoff “Facts” who also says he usually “sides with the sisterhood” and a has “Gone Girl” theory, etc. Similar writing style… Whatever views we all have about the dynamics within the Kassenoff household, the court system further fueled this fire and took advantage of an already fragile situation.

      • I am not Gus. I am an 65 year old single woman in Sarasota Fl. Retired health care provider. . Your post confirms everything I have thought about this whole fiasco/tragedy. “Crazy” is not confined to the male gender. Equal amount of “crazy” females. I salute the court system for doing what they did. I fell for the deceptive article in Ms. Magazine and felt horrible for this woman. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

  • Why is an abortion being publicly announced? HIPPA violations. The list of attorneys mean nothing. Women are being forced to go pro se and winning their cases. Because the attorneys won’t present evidence in court. They can’t get the purjury of the gals on record otherwise. The courts are funded by billions of dollars of fatherhood initiative money. It’s creating discrimination in the family courts.

    • HIPPA only pertains to health care professionals. Not the FR comment section. Billions of dollars? WHAT? List of lawyers shows a lot, you just prefer to ignore it.

    • What do you kill leaking childrens info to crazy nuts on the internet actually documents from real doctors for the world to see. Not one line in a offbroadway site get a grip. SHE LEAKED HER OWN KIDS MEDICAL INFO ONLINE FOR CLOUT AND LIKES. THAT IS AN ACTUAL MESSED UP THING TO DO.

      • These public court opinions are public and they go on and on 46 pages of it are public, its out there, and the harm vs. transparency of the corruption of Family Court that really actually ruins children, the good outweighs the bad therefore Catherine Kassenoff had to do what was necessary, there is nothing in there that is that embarrassing either.

        • “there is nothing in there that is that embarrassing either.”

          Right. In the documents that Catherine voluntarily shared. Mostly in violation of court orders.

          The poor woman lost the plot. I pray that she has committed herself to whatever the modern day version of an insane asylum is. She needs serious help and it is tragic that she was able to run amok and destroy her chances of ever having custody of those children.

          People like you who have enabled her, court news, have blood on your hands. Frankly, I think that people are enabling you to your destruction, too. Stop listening to enabling slime balls like Michael Volpe. They have found a pipeline to money and crazy pussy and have made a cottage industry by preying on noncustodial moms. They don’t care about you ever getting your children.

          • Yea, because biased, BS court orders matter more than getting the truth out? Not like the kids had any embarrassing diseases. Clearly you are trying to silence those who will expose dipshits like you.

          • “Yea, because biased, BS court orders matter more than getting the truth out?”

            Hey, if you don’t care if you never get custody of your children, go ahead and keep violating court orders. If getting “the truth” out matters more than having your children in your life, have at it.

            What a sane person would do is cooperate with the authorities to get their kids back in their life, and once they’re 18, then you could “get the truth out.”

            Otherwise, you are just destroying the chance of ever having custody.

          • “Not like the kids had any embarrassing diseases”

            You don’t think having a public release that a child was showing signs of sociopathy might be a little bit embarrassing for that child? Never mind extremely damaging for that child to read for themselves?

          • Maybe embarrassing but exposing the corruption in family courts has far greater value and importance as the root of the cause of what is actually destroying children. Kids can handle it these days, after Depp v. Heard, and the state of our political climate revealing everything, you get a wave of #metoos in hopes there will be true reform, and truly saving these children who are preyed upon and used as weapons, you think forcing your child to talk to endless therapists is NOT damaging??

  • Abortion doesn’t cause infertility and Catherine had triple negative breast cancer (in 2008) – meaning it was not hormonally driven. This form of cancer, in particular, is widely believed to be caused by either genetics (BRCA 1 or 2) or environmental factors. She was tested and did not have the genes.

  • This is an eye opener. I think people are so quick to jump on the ban wagon because family court has really discriminated against mothers. There is so much funding for fathers and tons of false alligations of parental alienation. It easy to get behind the mom. believe they both parents are troubled. This has spiraled out of control. The girlfriend getting involved in the case didn’t help. She definitely poured gasoline on the fire. If Catherine is so dangerous and mentally ill, why would the girlfriend engage. I’m not sure she is mentally ill as they say. If Allan is a narcissist, which I believe he is. I’m sure the abuse drove her over the edge. Maybe they are both crazy.

  • Mental abuse can be far worse than physical abuse as the effects are long lasting, although physical and mental abuse together must be sheer hell. After 3 years in a child custody battle where the father didn’t even want children living with him (Allan has a nanny) but doing it as another form of mental torture, it was like treading on eggshells with every little thing taken out of context and kept for ‘evidence’ that I was an incapable mother. We didn’t have money and I didn’t have cancer, the father got fed up with having children curtailing his life and returned them, they were then far happier. Recent research on the National Library of Medicine refutes the claim that fertility treatment causes cancer. This may be Allan’s ‘friend’ but in their patriarchal society he will of course believe everything Allan says without question.

    • “After 3 years in a child custody battle where the father didn’t even want children living with him (Allan has a nanny) “

      Um, Catherine had a nanny when she still lived in the home. Does that mean she didn’t want the kids? People here are so stupid.

  • Damn this sounds like my opponent Thygesn, all filled with lies, exaggerations and falsehoods, if he was really a victin his firm would NOT have fired his ass

  • Glad to see the truth on this narcissistic psycho published. Catherine is toxic poison to everyone unfortunate enough to get near her.

    • “First of all, Frank must be commended for his intrepid integrity in pursuit of the truth. Rarely are people so brave as to take on such a huge project and relentlessly go after evil, lies and also inertia on the part of the so-called authorities.”

      — Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia

  • So much of this is absolute insanity and purely projection on his part. Raising his voice? Yeah, sure. It’s all he did was raise his voice. When you can clearly see it in videos. Just trying to defame a woman even more who can’t defend herself. This is so sad. Especially saying the kids were scared of her yet sending her emails saying how much they missed her… makes sense as to why they can’t speak for themselves. Everyone helping him also needs psychiatric help. This is fucking evil.

    • What kid sends emails?! None. They text. She clearly wrote them as the kid says in the audio she set up their emails and knew their passwords. Cmon. Ask 10 kids how many email I bet u they all respond never

  • “As for Allan’s so-called abuse, it’s not real abuse. It’s words. No black eyes, no broken bones.”
    I didn’t realize the only form of abuse was only physical…. So ‘Daniel’ finds mental and emotional abuse (who knows, maybe sexual and financial too) okay because there weren’t any marks left? That says all I need to know about this person’s character.

    • They were both verbally abusive, and unlike physical abuse, the man does not have an unfair advantage. The playing field was level and they were both as bad as the other, based on the videos.

      So it was horrifically wrong of the mob to go after Alan, when Catherine was just as bad.

      I can’t believe how stupid people are.

  • Even if a tenth of this were true, none of it negates “we wish mommy was a dead duck”.

    Besides: cancer caused by excessive fertility treatments needed after abortion? Where is documentation of the abortion? Please. She was an older mom. Those need fertility treatments more often than not.

    How does any of this – even if a tenth of it is true, which it isn’t because there is documented domestic violence against Catherine by Allan – have any bearing on the documented evidence against Allan?

  • I think this article is more gruesome behavior by Allan Kassenoff and people around him. The brother’s email, my gut plus Katherine’s email back to him tells me this brother was probably verbally abusive like Allan (women often marry those who resemble family) and was probably clueless in understanding his sister. Where are all the other emails he sent? But of course Allan and friend will use any little nugget they can get their hand on.

    I don’t believe accusations against Catherine from these people. She fought long and hard for the kids and herself, and in the end, these people took a mother’s children away from her, she no longer had any say whatsoever in their upbringing. And very little contact permitted, and they ruined her in the kids’ eyes. This is the work of monsters.

    I don’t think she is alive, but I hope she is, so she can see that she did have some power in this situation, power to shine light. I hope one day her kids will understand, either way, and maybe there will be reunification.

  • What also doesn’t add up is she had several past approvals for the assisted suicide, from months before she bought the house.

    She claimed her assisted suicide decision was because of a terminal diagnosis, compounded by stress from the divorce.

    So she was terminally ill for about two months and bought this expensive house??
    let’s say she had in her mind at first that she would seek treatment. don’t you want to hold onto your money for expensive cancer treatment and care instead of putting $1 million cash on the house?

    It is not adding up in many ways.

    • Also, I’m still not understanding why at 5:34pm Swiss time she writes “I will be ending my life today” instead of “tonight.”

    • 11:22 this is stupid reasoning. maybe she bought the house hoping things would improve in court? At the same time, she could have felt helpless and wanted to consider all options. Closings take 60 to 90 days in NY usually. Maybe she put the wheels of the house purchase in motion bc she wanted a tangible asset to leave her kids, no matter what. Real estate can’t be easily moved from an account like cash can. Good for her

      • Leave assets to her kids? She won’t even share her chocolate bar. Helpless? This Catherine woman is ANYTHING but helpless.

  • Yes, the Court always gives the absent father custody if he has $$$$ in my case Thygesen son of the CEO of DocuSogn who admitted “he never wanted the child” and wanted an abortion Sole Legal and Physical Custody of a child.

    • In all honesty, I think all of the effort supporting Catherine should be directed toward you and your struggle. I do believe Catherine was a Victim and has probably taken her own life. However, even if I just look at the documents she posted, she made a lot of poor decisions in terms of court orders. I know if lost my kids, I wouldn’t care about court orders either BUT she was an officer of the court and should have known what would happen to her. I don’t know the particulars of your struggle but if your willing to share, people will get behind you.

    • Kalian you be thankful your kid doesn’t have to grow up with a crazy mother like you not spiteful. Thank at how much more love will be in his heart now instead of the hate it would be filled with if he was still with you. Psalms 51 you should read it you need it

        • Please keep the comments away from ad hominem attacks and focused on substantive issues. Thank you.

          • Thank you ! That is exactly the point of this case. People on both sides are so heated because it’s personal to those of us who have lived through the absolute terror that is a non-amicable divorce. We need to bring to light the real enemy – the divorce attorneys who dragged this on for so many years to fill their yachts with money. Even if she is bipolar, as they say, it should be criminal to terrorize a mentally ill person for 4 years. I don’t believe some of the “facts” from either side – because a divorce lawyer put a spin on them. It’s because of the unscrupulous attorneys these children have been harmed. Let’s bring the real issue to light ! These divorce laws are archaic and terrorizing to the whole family. Criminal trials are done within 12 -18 months ! Criminals are given an easier time in the court system than single moms!

          • Christine Geis- I have also been battling custody an entire decade and agree with everything you’ve said. It’s not that they can’t do anything to shorten the time spent on battling custody or that there aren’t more efficient ways to go about it that wouldn’t destroy our children and any chances of coparenting. They know exactly what they’re doing and the long term effects this has on kids, not to mention the devastation on mothers.

            If they simply were to enact the Approximation Rule, it would do away with almost any need to fight for custody after separation. The Approximation Rule, for those who don’t know about it, states that whichever parent raised the child/ children up until that point, should continue to raise them after the separation/ divorce absent any major changes such as that parent starts becoming an addict. The other parent cannot allege that the children’s primary caregiver was an addict the entire time or mentally unstable at the time of separation if they were not making those allegations previously.

            In my case as in most other cases, I had my child taken away because my ex first started making those allegations after I left as a form of retaliation and it has never proven. But once the child has been removed, it is nearly impossible to reverse the “temporary” change especially when the other party is the monied spouse.

            There is also a desperate need to run background checks on all those involved in making these life altering decisions: judges, attorneys for children, forensic evaluators, parent coordinators, etc. Most of them are unfit and we have almost no way to have them removed from our cases.

            Mothers almost always appear frazzled because we are emotional and dealing with the potential loss or have already lost our children (many of us have also been abused) while the fathers appear cool and calm. It’s a no win situation and I don’t see it ending any time soon because there’s way too much money to be made by all the dirty players involved. *this is about the family court system and does not apply Kassenoff case specifically.

  • “The neutral custody evaluator’s report said she is a “manipulative narcissist with sadistic tendencies.”

    Can you please elaborate on her sadistic tendencies?
    Thanks 🍑

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