Price of Revenge: Dirty Divorce Tactics of Attorney Gus Dimopoulos in Kassenoff Case

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Jonathan Davidoff is an attorney and friend of Catherine Kassenoff. He believes she is deceased and ended her life at a medically assisted suicide facility in Switzerland on May 27.

Davidoff is responding to a guest post written by ‘Miriam,’ a friend of Allan Kassenoff and his girlfriend, a woman Frank Report calls ‘Judith.’

FR has given her this assumed name because she has been the victim of hate mail and doxxing. And though many know her real name, she is not part of the divorce and custody battle, having met Allan after he and Catherine split.

One more commonality. Catherine and Davidoff went up against family law attorney Constantine ‘Gus’ Dimopoulus. Gus represented Allan Kassenoff against Catherine, and he represented Davidoff’s wife in his divorce matter.

A Tragic End to a High-Profile Divorce: Catherine’s Death Sheds Light on Allan Kassenoff’s Actions

By Jonathan Davidoff, Esq.

No threats or acts of violence are appropriate

Under no circumstances should anybody threaten or commit any acts of violence to Allan Kassenoff or his girlfriend ‘Judith.’

I hope those threats cease immediately.

The truth should be exposed, and the results of the exposure have ramifications on Allan (deserving) and the children (undeserving).

What Allan is enduring now is his fault, and lies on the shoulders of his attorney, Constantine ‘Gus’ Dimopoulos, who took Allan down this ugly path.

Allan Kassenoff chose to fight his wife, and mother of his children, in family court, and he won… sort of…

There is an old saying you must expect to get dirty when you play in the pig pen. Every divorce and custody case is a pig pen when Gus is the lawyer for one of the parents.

This is what Gus likes to do. He creates storylines and plays them out. He hires his attorney friends to play roles as characters in the play.

Gus does not care what the results are as long as they harm his client’s spouse significantly. Even though Gus knows that the results likely will have a detrimental effect on the children, he encourages and promotes this conduct to try to win it at all costs. That is the Gus playbook.

As a client of Gus Dimopoulos, the client ultimately decides to let the play go on or to walk out during the performance and end it.

In Catherine’s case, Allan let the play go on, and he sat on the sidelines and enjoyed his popcorn while watching Catherine and his daughters suffer.

And in this play, it appears the result is the death of Catherine and the loss of a mother.

Miriam, it is true that children are resilient. However, underneath that resilience are significant scars.

Catherine and Allan Kassenoff 

The three Kassenoff girls will live forever with the scars.

Yes, even during horrible divorces, children laugh and appear happy.

Sometimes, children put on a good look in public.

That is not evidence that the children have not suffered, nor that the children would not have been better off with two parents who could co-parent through a divorce.

Additionally, who cares if either Allan or Catherine had an affair?

That is irrelevant to determine if a mother or father is or will be a good parent. Additionally, an affair is not a basis or grounds to spend a million or more on divorce to try to get even and destroy the other parent.

Over a year ago, I was told Allan had already spent over $2.5 million on the divorce. I know Gus Dimopoulos’ billing well. I have seen his bills and have seen how he bills his clients.

In this case, there were multiple trials, forensic evaluations, depositions, and significant motion practice. Even the cheapest matrimonial lawyers would have charged over a million dollars for the work performed for Allan in the divorce.

Therefore, I know you are not speaking the truth.

As for Judith, she does not deserve the treatment you have described.

I hope those who have performed those acts stop. However, she was part of Allan’s plan and Gus’s playbook.

What you’ve described is Judith replacing Catherine as the girls’ mother. You have described another one of Gus’s acts in his manuscript.

You have described Allan as the dad and Judith as the replacement mom, and both living with the girls in a little community.

Is there a white picket fence surrounding the house?

Miriam, I did not hear you say that one of the girls walked downstairs and saw Allan and Judith naked having sex.

This was several years ago, at the early stages of the divorce. Again, it doesn’t matter when they met, but discretion and privacy for sexual encounters would be responsible for both.

If not for a friendly judge, who made an initial ruling on Catherine’s emails, Allan would have been found guilty of computer trespass and illegally accessing Catherine’s emails.

Again, a friendly judge, and let’s see who was involved with her judicial campaign.

I end this reply hoping that all will cease the threats, violence, and harassment of both Allan and Judith.

However, do not fool yourself. Allan is not a good person. He did awful things to Catherine and his daughters.

His girlfriend, Judith, is just collateral. She probably didn’t even know she was part of Gus’s performance.


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  • That is ridiculous. I recently retained Gus Dimopoulos’s for a nasty divorce. When the opposition sunk low and got dirty Gus remained professional and ethical. There were times I wanted to do some things. And Gus smartly advised me not to. This was a divorce and custody case between two off balanced people. Gus, being the professional he is represented his client to his best ability. You should be ashamed for staying rubbish you don’t know anything about

    • 12:36 am …

      What more can you write about your case? What was “opposition” and what do you mean by “sunk low”?

    • Any divorce that lasts longer than a year is when one parent is mentally unstable. Criminal cases get to trial between 12-18 months. Why should we be treated worse than the criminals? Why should anyone be dragged through Supreme Court longer than murderers! Even child predators get to court sooner! This is a problem.

      • Yea in criminal cases you also get an attorney, and if a expert is required you get that too, none of that is available in Family Law cases, and murders, rapists get to see their children in prison, but oh no in family court someone with no criminal record whatsoever can be forbidden to see their children, the standard of evidence is perjurious hearsay thats it.

  • Is there no oversight and no accountability for family court lawyers in New York and Connecticut?

    Do family law attorneys police themselves?

    Who tracks and charts votes tallied to select only certain lawyers to receive such prestigious rankings listed below? Are those “Best Lawyers” the most ethical, the most vicious, or did they just receive the most anonymous votes?

    “… The views expressed in this post are the author’s own …

    By Jason Kannon, Neighbor and Head Coach for The Weston High School Boys Varsity Tennis Team

    “… Ranked by U.S. News & World Report and Best Lawyers as a 2020 Best Law Firm in the category of Metropolitan Tier 1 Stamford for family law. This is the 10th consecutive year these rankings have been announced and the 10th year Nusbaum’s firm has earned this recognition. …”

    (No other attorneys were better than Mr. Nussbaum’s firm’s attorneys in “Metropolitan Teir 1 Stamford” for ten years?)

    “… Recognized in The Best Lawyers in America© for 2020

    A Martindale-Hubbell AV Preeminent-rated attorney

    A Connecticut Super Lawyers Top 50 attorney by Thomson Reuters

    Best Lawyers in America for 26 consecutive years

    Ranks among the top five percent of private practice attorneys nationwide

    A Fellow and past president of the Connecticut Chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

    Fellow of the International Academy of Family Lawyers

    Member of the Connecticut Bar Association’s Resolution of Legal Fees Dispute Committee …”

    So many accomplishments — or, so much unchecked fraud and conflicts of interest?
    So many good works — or, so many parents and children with substantial assets destroyed?
    Such ethics in family law matters— or, such deceit?

    Maybe someone who knows can answer these two questions:

    Are Connecticut and New York family law attorneys now allowed to target “… individuals with substantial assets in all areas of family law matters, including divorce, alimony, child support, property division, child custody and relocation cases”?

    Have Connecticut and New York family law attorneys been allowed to target “… individuals with substantial assets in all areas of family law matters, including divorce, alimony, child support, property division, child custody and relocation cases”? with no oversight and no accountability for the past forty years?

    Who knows and how many care?

  • Catherine’s brothers and mother are monsters! How can they ignore the death of dear Catherine! Why have they not had a funeral and memorial for this brave woman? Are they just going to pretend she never existed!?! Catherine deserves the dignity of a proper burial and memorial service! Why hasn’t this happened??? Where is her body/cremains??? Why hasn’t she been laid to rest!?! Frank needs to claim her body to give her a proper burial and memorial.

    • Now you are demonizing her mother and brothers? What is wrong with you people? How about leaving everyone alone. You want to help…go volunteer at at a dv shelter or something else productive.

      • It’s Allan’s girlfriend. She is spinning the narrative on her. Obviously she is spiralling out of control. She was wearing Catherine’s clothing and had the kids call her mom. She clearly a little sinister. She is responsible for a majority of the negative comments about Catherine. She and her sister are trying to make Catherine out to be all the problem. Yoga classes don’t pay the bills.

        • Funny that “courtnews” is responsible for all of the negative comments about Allan’s new GF. Sounds like she’s upset she wasn’t as successful at bagging a rich man as the GF. It might help to get psychiatric help. Men only like crazy women for sex, not long-term relationships.

  • What kind of prejudicial picture and headline and all based off the word of one of Catherine’s many attorneys? Why not just let the article stand on its own instead of poisoning the well. It seems just like everyone else involved and I mean everyone frank repot is just grabbing for clicks money.

    • “What kind of prejudicial picture and headline”

      Frank is playing to his audience of noncustodial parents. Let’s say that Allan was a woman who lost custody and Gus was disbarred for alleging a Jewish conspiracy with no proof to back it up. Then the headline would be that poor gus was just a zealous advocate trying to do his job in a corrupt system. It’s a spin to favor crazy women who lost custody and thus have no responsibilities to prevent them from flying down to Florida.

      • They should take the midnight train 🚂. Florida appears to know what the hell is going on. Look up the past case where Connecticut tried to snatch a court case because the family once lived in Connecticut. Trying to over turn all the orders the Florida courts put in place. Flipping custody to Daddy. Father’s running to Connecticut. Momma running to Florida. Stay strong Florida!

    • Kevin, if Frank was wanting click money he’d have shitty ads running between his beautiful writings.

      • Frank doesn’t want click money, he wants more crazy non-custodial mothers to call him so he can white knight for them. that is his target audience here.

  • It’s now day 25 of Catherine’s fake suicide. People trying to pretend a deranged woman is dead based on a crazy FB post and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE after almost a month. It’s a truly absurd black comedy at this point.

    If you think Catherine is dead then you also must assume either her mom got ashes in the mail, dumped them in the trash and decided it wasn’t worth mentioning to anyone. Her own brothers don’t think dear sister was worthy of a burial, memorial, obit, funeral or even a brief “RIP Sis”. NOT ONE single family member has expressed any mourning or sorrow at Catherine’s supposed tragic suicide. There is total silence because they are all horrified at how far her mental illness and toxic rage has gone. Cathy alienated her own blood family just like she alienated her husband and children.

    It occurred to me that you can tell how obsessed and narcissistic Cathy is with status and image even in her crazy suicide baiting stunt. The logical way to fake a suicide stunt is to leave a car by the Throgs Neck bridge or leave her phone and purse near a shore line, but no, our posh martyr needed an “idyllic setting in Europe” for her fable. A common jump into the drink just wouldn’t do for our prom queen. She needed a clinic in Switzerland and doctor’s agreeing that Allan’s treatment of Cathy totally merited her having to commit suicide. You see Cathy isn’t mentally ill. She’s got reports! A doctor agreed that a totally sane woman needed to un-alive herself thanks to her mean old husband.

    The state department regularly issues stats for American deaths abroad and Allen can request a CRDA to verify that Catherine did not die anywhere in Europe. I suppose that’s why she went with the “six weeks to confirm” only it’s really six weeks to confirm she’s not dead. She must have figured Allan would be able to verify she was not in Switzerland and did not die anywhere in Europe via a CRDA request for May. She’s also assuming everyone is totally ignorant of how assisted suicide in Switzerland works and the sheer laziness of journalists to not even bother to investigate how ridiculous her entire narrative because they will take the drama clicks. There’s a reason only tabloid press would touch this story, they are always happy to ignore facts for some juicy drama that gets clicks.

    The news cycle has moved on, no one believes this woman is dead now that it’s been 25 days with no proof. Cathy needs to dummy up a screen shot of a Swiss death certificate to get any more interest. The Frank Report believed that absurd TikTok “Samsung” screenshot so he’d probably believe run a poorly done screen shot of a “totes real” death certificate too.

    • Words spoken without any proof.
      The familiarity of using “Cathy“ leads me to believe you were either Allen writing this or one of his little minions.
      Those documents in the dropbox were downloaded by many of us. There are other court procedures that we also have in hand.
      The terminology “crazy“ in a lot of these comments on the post also fairs in the direction that it is you Allan, A pathetic excuse for a husband and father.
      And further pathetic as any form of a legal counsel in trying to redirect attention away from your abhorrent behavior.
      Conveniently leaking audio tapes which have not been verified as being actually Catherine. There is the video of Catherine yelling at her daughter the day she had skip school and scared everybody. And in the moment when is she is trying to have a conversation with a child as to her dangerous behavior you chose to pick up your phone to record a very obviously upset mother trying to address the situation with the child.
      You will spend the end of your days trying to burn whatever decency you may have left in you to destroy a woman who suffered breast cancer and had everything in her life taken away from her. Karma is a bitch.

    • I saw it. I have no doubt Catherine is/was mentally ill. Why else would an intelligent woman violate court orders again and again and again, and then act surprised when the court doesn’t grant her custody? It doesn’t compute.

  • “In the tragic event of the death of a U.S. Citizen in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, you should report it as soon as possible to the U.S. Embassy in Bern.

    The Swiss authorities will seek to locate the Next of Kin and other family members and/or close friends living in Switzerland or the U.S. to inform them of the death. If the deceased’s next of kin lives in the United States and cannot be located by the Swiss authorities, they will contact the Embassy and pass along all relevant information. The Embassy, will in turn, contact the next of kin at the earliest possible time to notify him/her of the death.

    The Special Consular Services Team can assist family and friends in the event of the death of a U.S. citizen in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. We can act as liaison in arranging the disposition of remains and help with forwarding personal effects. The family or legal representative must pay all funeral home charges, shipping costs for the remains and personal effects (if applicable). We will work with any funeral home selected by the family to ensure proper documentation for shipment of the remains to the United States.

    Even if no assistance is needed in making funeral arrangements, the death of a U.S. citizen, whether resident or tourist in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, must be reported to the Embassy so that a Report of Death of a U.S. citizen Abroad (CRDA) can be issued. This document is necessary to settle legal and estate matters in the United States.”

  • Cameras in Family Court- Kassenoff Effect
    Jun 13
    Say-it-ain’t-so-Joe got political money from Google Grandma, helped protect Greenberg Traurig’s dirty Kassenoff deeds and doesn’t want to answer questions about the public $ he shipped to WomenSV as he appointed ” Judge” Rosen to the Child Abuse Political Board.

    • Could you post a summary? Is that quick tweet an introduction to a longer article covering separate subjects — or do Joe Biden, Google and WomenSV have something to do with Greenberg Traurig?

      What’s “WomenSV” and who is Judge Rosen?

    • Let the family grieve in peace. Attack the corruption in family courts all. Over. The. World. says:

      “Below is the eulogy I gave at Catherine’s vigil last Monday night. May she finally rest in peace 🙏

      Catherine Kassenoff

      Or Catherine Youssef. That is her birth name and still how she exists in contacts on my phone. Born in Canada to an Egyptian father and an English mother. She grew up in blue collar town of Wheeling West Virginia. An hour from Pittsburgh where I grew up.

      We first met in law school at NYU in 1992.

      Growing up in steel country we bonded as mutual Steelers fans, Watching games together during law school and in the years since.

      Over 30 + years we spent time together including from her first wedding to spending time with her and her 3 young innocent sweet curious adorable daughters.

      She was a smart tough federal prosecutor but she also could be compassionate, engaging. Sweet but she was also fragile. She was a true friend who was there for me when I needed a support at a difficult moment in my life. I was lucky to have her as a friend

      10 years ago or so I sat with her when she was getting chemo through an IV drop in her second bout with cancer. She was strong and she was a fighter

      Most of all she loved her 3 daughters in every cell of her body. The mother I observed was attentive, present caring mother who wanted her children to excel and grow.

      Over the last 4 years, I spent countless hours discussing her divorce and the dysfunctional broken family court system in Westchester county. I consoled her often. And tried to express empathy for the horror she was living through. Fact is she was living a nightmare of constant grief and torment every day for years. The victim of injustice after injustice in the Westchester family court system and a victim of a toxic and vindictive ex husband. At some level I suppose I understand why she did this but in many ways I never will understand.

      I spoke to her shortly before she left this world and I can tell you she was calm, composed rational and at a peace with the path she had chosen. Her heart was still bleeding for how this would impact the children but that was they only discomfort I observed. It was all too much for her.

      This cloud has no silver lining – everything about this situation is a tragedy. Going forward, the children should be of paramount concern. They have suffered and will suffer more in ways I can’t comprehend. Please consider giving them and their immediate family the space to grieve in private and in peace.

      I’ll leave you with this since I can see many of you are experience waking nightmares to quote Albert Camus – French philosopher “Should I kill myself or have a cup of coffee?” Have a cup of coffee. There is always tomorrow and tomorrow is hope and the possibilities of life. Death leaves no possibilities.“

  • Frank are you running a journalism site here or have you moved to local town gossip? These posts have deteriorated to 3rd hand rumor mongering and slander. While it is clear from the comments that many readers seem to love rubber necking this ‘car crash’, why are you posting all this back and forth personal crap? You certainly aren’t reforming the court system or helping those innocent kids by using your site as a mudslinging forum for titillating hearsay about a couple of unknown parents in a failed marriage. Do better!

    • These Attorneys sure are not happy that these cases are getting exposed. If the family courts were running the way they are supposed to the blog wouldn’t be necessary. Family law attorney, gals and judges scramble to cover it up. Society is greatly effected by our judicial system and politicians are doing little to nothing to fix it. Money, power and no eithics. Time and time again. Moraless society of entitlement.

    • part of the script from the movie, “War on Everyone”

      “… You will be out on your asses next time.“

      “Oh, that’s not great.”

      “You’d be out on your asses already, frankly, if the powers that be could prove some of the rumours I’ve been hearing.”

      “Yeah, but you know what they say about rumours, though. Rumours are the mothers of invention.”

      “No, necessity’s the mother of invention.”

      “What are rumours, then?”

      “The opening sequences of War on Everyone are so furiously fast and funny it’s nearly unimaginable that McDonagh can sustain the pace. And yet he does. When the script eases up on the rapid-fire quips, segueing into hilarious music cues (all that Campbell!) and slapstick violence, it brings its best game. Because these flawed but funny characters have dimension, depth, deep desires and, damn it, cry out for a franchise.’ — Vanity Fair

      Furiously fast and funny. Nearly unimaginable. Rapid-fire quips. Hilarious music cues (more music, please!) Slapstick violence. It brings its best game. Flawed but funny characters have dimension, depth, deep desires.

      That’s the people at FR. May FR win every good war fought for truth.
      Rumours are rumors,
      many rumours are gossip
      and then proven facts.

  • This happened to another person I know. The dad was sleeping with one of the childrens friends mother. The children reported it to everyone they knew. The two were not discreet and had sex where the children could hear and see it. They kids were ashamed and embarrassed by the father’s behavior. The judge and GaL still accused the mother of alienation. Despite other adults coming forward and reporting what the children told them. At least four other adults not related to or friends of either parent. Narrasist often do these type of things to get back at the spouse. Trying to hurt them and they don’t care if the children are harmed in the mean time. They behave in this way ntentionally so it gets back the spouse. That’s how sick these people .

    • No buddy. she didn’t loose. The mom finally got too much evidence in no thanks to the Attorneys. My point is someone should stop brushing everything off. Allan could be a victim but he may not. This case was jacked up. There discusting games abusers play during court cases. I believe this lawyer is telling the truth. He’s sticking his neck out. The family courts get angry when people tell the truth. Never concerned. Kids are resilient to a limit until they are not.

  • Judith is every bit as responsible for what has happened. She should be charged with custodial interference.

    • Years ago, shaming would have discouraged the breakdown of the family unit. Today, “furries” are trending, it’s cool to wear “Do as Thou Wilt” sweatshirts and “anything goes”.

      Here’s why: “Today, repression operates through the desublimation of desire, wherein no desires are forced underground, therein eliminating forms of critical distance from society. For examples, see the acceptance of pornography, sex work, drug culture, BDSM, furries, gay culture, lavish living, trans culture, and the like, which are no longer seen by society as negative or pernicious lifestyles. The pursuit of these is now sanctioned and celebrated, meaning being a member of these types of forms of life is no longer a subversive action or lifestyle, but in fact, has been commodified and now perpetuates capital society via the value-form. A negative has been turned into a positive – only operating here at the level of desire-production.”

  • Say what you will about affairs. When children are placed in a situation where a parent has been deceptive they question weather a parent is trustworthy and honest. To say affairs don’t effect children is a lie. Any psychologist that says otherwise is a liar. Children who grow up in families where adultery is committed are statistically likely to do the same. Damaging the entire family. Often cheating spouses not only neglect the spouse but the children. The divorce rates are significantly higher than than every and climbing. The divorce industry has made infidelity a non issue. It demonstrate poor character and deception. . Takes away stability in children lives. If you want to run around get a divorce prior. It has a lasting effect on children when they find out. Lasting effect on other parent Any psychologist, lawyer or judge tells you differently is a liar.

    • Dear commenter always trying to re-direct the conversation toward salacious gossip and away from obvious corruption in Westchester County family courts,

      As you know:

      The commotion in the news lately isn’t about private or personal dynamics of the families in Westchester County, New York. The commotion is about crimes committed in family courts against families. Crimes and corruption in family court harms children, parents, relatives, friends and the broader community as a whole, far more than yelling, screaming and a few bad choices.

      Family courts must be investigated and reformed. 👈

      “Juvenal originally used [the term Bread and Circuses] to decry the ‘selfishness’ of common people and their neglect of wider concerns. The phrase implies a population’s erosion or ignorance of civic duty as a priority.”

      Moral of the story: Don’t be selfish and don’t be ignorant. Don’t erode your population. Remember your civic duty.

      • 9:17,
        Please note: That comment isn’t addressed directly to you. Yikes. Sorry. 😕 i should have worded it a bit differently. it’s meant for a few commenters on these threads who try to keep the spotlight on personal faults in private lives instead of the bigger picture of the worldwide family court crisis. We need to address the cause more than the symptoms., right? 💐

        • Have you missed the part where the TikTok mob is attacking a private individual (Allan) based on perceived personal faults from a few carefully chosen and edited video snippets?

          As that scumbag Harvey said on NewsNation (paraphrasing) “It’s not illegal to yell in your home. But that’s why I’M HERE. To make him pay!” It was nothing about corrupt courts. It was about punishing Allan. Totally sick and like a twisted, dystopic episode of Black Mirror.

          Like, what in the fuck????

          • “perceived personal faults from a few carefully chosen and edited video snippets”?

  • “And in this play, it appears the result is the death of Catherine and the loss of a mother.”

    Because Catherine had a virulent, life-ending cancer and chose to die by assisted suicide.

    “Miriam, I did not hear you say that one of the girls walked downstairs and saw Allan and Judith naked having sex.”

    Proof? Or just taking Catherine’s words the children said that.

    “If not for a friendly judge, who made an initial ruling on Catherine’s emails…”

    Please tell us what the context of these emails were. Did Catherine ever take responsibility for what was in those damming emails?

    • The children wrote her emails about it. Take a look in the Dropbox/Google folder under “Childrens Emails”. If Catherine ended her life, it was because she was heartbroken and had given up the will to live. My 86 year old mother has had stage 4 breast cancer for the past 3 years and she is still here. Takes walks everyday, goes to art classes, we go out for an occasional margarita. It’s not impossible to live with advanced cancer, she just didn’t see a reason to.

      • Unfortunately, those emails could be fakes that Catherine wrote herself.

        And if the child really did walk in on them having sex, I’m willing to bet it was just a one time awful accident. IF it even happened.

        I don’t see why you feel a need to publicly describe an accident like that other than to try to publicly embarrass Allan and the GF. If it really happened, you know damn well it was not intentional on their part.

      • Also, Catherine said she had a virulent form of breast cancer, aka fast-acting.

        I suspect that since Catherine was beyond humiliated when she was busted for writing dirty emails/texts to a married man while she was married and having those emails/texts shared with the court, she created fake emails from the kids to try to humiliate her ex and his gf regarding their sex life.

        • Catherine supposedly had another relationship. Allan claimed. His sex life wasn’t the issue. It’s his lack of consideration for the girls. If the roles were reversed. Allan and the girlfriend are calling Catherine at alcoholic for a video with empty wine bottle glass. Staged. These are the classic tactics abusers use to deflect from their own actions. Classic narrasist.

        • Yeah, no. The texts and emails – her own and those from the children – were admitted into evidence a few years ago AND she requested a jury trial knowing that all would be made public. She was fully aware that her own behavior would come to light and must have believed Allan’s to be more damning.

          • Right, except it was reviewed by four judges, and her videos and her behavior was determined to be more damning. Just because she “believed” doesn’t make it so. Sure, she wanted a jury based on her belief that she could easily manipulate ordinary uneducated people, as she seems obviously very good at doing.

          • @2:52pm, the point is those judges and experts are all part of the problem. Koba and Lubell campaigned with one another. Lubell was the supervising judge of the matrimonial part and is considered a “Must” be friends with judge if you want to become a judge! So, that means nothing. Unfortunately, this case had Lubell’s fingerprints over every ruling.

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