Drip, Drip, Flood: Incredible Surge of News in the Epstein Trafficking Saga – Here’s 15 Shocking Developments That You May Have Missed

By Paul Serran

The last few days have brought to the light an incessant flux of new (and not-so-new) information about the Jeffrey Epstein trafficking ring, its clients, enablers and co-conspirators.

Unless you are following the issue with a magnifying glass like we are, it’s hard to wrap your head around it.

There’s two main avenues of disclosure: a string of connected lawsuits that are ongoing in Federal Court in NY against the banks JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank, that are producing court filings and decisions containing new pieces of information; and the release of old documents about the case, and about Epstein’s relationship with the intel community, made by both the media and by independent journalists.

In late April, the Wall Street Journal came with a bombshell revelation: they had secured Jeffrey Epstein’s personal calendar, and uncovered his meetings with members of the elite.

“The calendar – the Journal has shown – reveals scheduled meeting with a host of powerful figures, such as current CIA Director William Burns, banker Ariane de Rothschild, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, Bard College president Leon Botstein, Obama White House counsel Kathryn Ruemmler, Harvard University professor Martin Nowak, anthropologist Helen Fisher, and professor Noam Chomsky.”

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But that was just the start of a crazy week: here you have a collection of things that we learned (or were reminded of) in the last few days:

Judge Rakoff.
  • Senior U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff, in the Trafficking Victims and US Virgin Islands lawsuits Against JPMorgan bank, wrote a decision allowing both suits to proceed. The judge also wrote that, if it becomes proven that former JPM executive Jes Staley knew about the Epstein Trafficking Ring activities, that makes JPMorgan liable.
  • Jes Staley is accused of forcibly and violently raping one of the victims/plaintiffs, and is said to have told her that Epstein ‘authorized him to do whatever he wanted to her’.
Former JPMorgan executive and Barclay’s CEO Jes Staley.
  • The judge also reminded us that Jes Staley, whose 1200 emails with Epstein have been looked through with a microscope, received photos of young [presumably sex-trafficked] women in sexy poses.
  • (It has been known for quite some time that some of these messages between Staley and Epstein have a distinctively pedophiliac tone to them, with mentions to children story characters like ‘Snow White’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’.)
  • This makes me believe that JPMorgan is on track to be found liable on the case, because even if Staley is not found to have raped the plaintiff, it’s virtually impossible, by now, to deny that he was WELL acquainted with the Trafficking Ring’s doings. So much so that JPMorgan is suing him in a different proceeding, alleging that he withheld the extent of his relationship with Epstein from the bank, trying to have the executive reimburse the bank for any losses.
LinkedIn’s Hoffman.
  • Billionaire LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman visited Jeffrey Epstein’s private island and had plans to stay at Epstein’s notorious Manhattan townhouse back in 2014, a new report revealed.
  • Philanthropist Barnaby Marsh claimed that Jeffrey Epstein said he ‘played a role’ in managing money for Bill Gates — contradicting the Microsoft cofounder’s efforts to downplay his ties to the convicted pedophile.
Marsh and Gates.
  • Mash, who ‘advises the wealthy on their charitable giving’, also said that Epstein liked to gather billionaire power players in his Manhattan apartment — including Gates — to try to solve issues wealthy donors faced.
  • The Wall Street Journal revealed more documents revealing Epstein’s scheduled meetings with former Treasury Secretary and Harvard President Emeritus Lawrence Summers and Apollo Global Management co-founder Leon Black, and others.
Leon Black and Lawrence Summer.
  • That’s awkward, because Apollo Global Management co-founder Leon Black just won the latest round of a bitter legal fight with former Russian model Guzel Ganieva, after an appellate court said she must remove from her lawsuit “inflammatory factual allegations” linking him to disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein. Ganieva, who claims Black raped her, sued him two years ago, accusing him of defamation for calling their relationship a “consensual affair” and claiming she had extorted money from him.
Epstein was deeply tied to the Intelligence Community.
  • Epstein victim Maria Farmer and her lawyers sent a letter to the FBI director, the AG and the IG to demand an inquiry into the FBI’s failure to seriously investigate Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.
  • Independent Journalist Techno Fog uncovered FBI records that show that Epstein was a confidential source for the Bureau since 2002, much earlier than previously thought.
  • Independent journalist Liz Crokin recalled for us the Bradley Edwards’ book Relentless Pursuit.  Edwards is an attorney who represented many of Epstein’s victims.  “In his book he claimed that while Epstein was serving his first jail sentence in 2006, he sent his bodyguard to CIA headquarters in Virginia for a special training course.”
  • Billionaire Investor Buys Epstein’s Private Islands for $60 Million. Stephen Deckoff, the founder of Black Diamond Capital Management, said he planned to build a 25-room resort on the ‘Pedophile islands’.
JPMorgan’s Dimon and Google’s Page.

The way things are going, it’s expected that. by the time this story hit the Frank Report website, there will be additional developments, and this piece will need an update.

Drip, drip, flood: for years, we studied the Jeffrey Epstein Trafficking Ring saga, hoping for more information to be released, and for the clients, enablers and co-conspirators to be brought into the light.

Now, it’s happening, information is coming out so fast that we can hardly keep track of it. It’s been a wild ride, but buckle up – because this story is very far from over.

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