Will Eduardo Investigate His Vanguard in Support of Debunking Lies?

Eduardo Asúnsolo
Eduardo Asúnsolo

For the sake of disclosure, I like Eduardo Asunsolo. I have spent time with him, dined with him. Had a drink with him in the bar at the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge. Spent hours talking to him in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Great Barrington. We filmed many of those conversations.

I do not think Eduardo would condone what Keith Raniere has done.  Still, he seems strangely unwilling to look deeply into the Vanguard’s past, where the things Eduardo is either avoiding or does not want to know about are easily discoverable.

I asked him, would you leave Raniere, and stop supporting him if you found Raniere had sexual relationships with underage girls?

He said he would not support him and publicly condemn him.

I asked him to investigate. It would improve his chances of getting anyone to take him seriously about his FBI tampering claims.

If Raniere is a statutory rapist, Eduardo should want to find out.

I pushed him to investigate this together. I offered to introduce him to women who claim Raniere abused them when they were underage. He seemed agreeable at first. Then he came back and said his priority is to prove the alleged FBI tampering.

I’d like to invite Eduardo to look into the statutory allegations again and a few other untidy matters.

SOP training teaches that women are like fleas. When they find a good host, they attach themselves. If they find a better host, they jump on that.

Eduardo is the sole remaining High Council leader of SOP. Does he believe the above?

In Her Room

The room where Daniela stayed for almost two years.

Daniela’s parents supported keeping her in her room. They’d leave food at her door.

MK10ART’s sketch of Daniela

Daniela’s father and mother, her sister and brother, worked together to bring Daniela food three times a day for almost two years. Would Eduardo do the same?

MK10ART’s painting of Raniere

Raniere previously shared sisters. Eduardo knows this. He knows the three sisters, Daniela, Mariana and Camila.

Is he capable of doing this himself?

There are medical records and testimony that prove Raniere had dozens of abortions. Other women were forced to take birth control pills. Is Eduardo supportive of this?

‘The Successor?’

From the trial of Keith Raniere. Lauren Salzman, testifying about Raniere, explained what the successor is:

He told me that as long as he had been alive, he had always had something called a successor and a witness, and this was the first time in his life that he didn’t have people in those roles because Pam had died and… Cami wasn’t the successor. …  He didn’t know if he was going to be living like that. He didn’t know if he had a purpose anymore… His life purpose might have ended without this….
The successor… had to be somebody who was a virgin — and that they were looking to find a replacement for Cami…  Cami had had another [sexual] relationship, and that was why she wasn’t the successor anymore….
There had been efforts to find a successor…. Daniella and Loreta and Rosa Laura… were exploring possibly bringing… sisters or cousins or people they knew in Mexico to come to Albany… To possibly fill… the successor role….
A person that would be so close to Keith that he would be able to experience things through them, and I didn’t know if…  [it] meant experience things through them currently or experience things through them if he were to die… while they were still here.

Pam Cafritz had been the witness. But she died.
 Keith Raniere sought a virgin successor .

Rosa Laura offered up her daughter to become Raniere’s successor. Here is an email from her that was read at Raniere’s trial.

Hello, M. [Master] I fear I may be affecting Lauris and your possibility for success. I used to easily feel inspired and alive. I feel now crippled to operate my daily life. I am being a crappy sl. [slave].
I can’t find the inspiration to become uplifting, regaining some hope.
What triggered this state has been experiencing the complexity of your life and commitments and knowing intuitively that it will only get more complex and complicated. I love you and have enough of a conscience to want only what’s best for you and serve you. I don’t want to add more to your burdens.
Wanting anything from you automatically makes me a burden, so I can’t allow that. Part of me feels love, but the other part of me feels neglected, doomed to miss out. I should know better than to want petty things.
I humbly share this because it may be affecting Lauris, keeping her away from you. If I don’t experience my commitment to you joyfully, I cannot genuinely projectively want that for my daughter, and she probably feels that. Personally, I feel it’s a phase that I will outgrow, but we don’t have time. I have failed to overcome it and I want your thoughts before I do more damage.
I am 100 percent clear that you are what I want for my daughter and, obviously, for myself.
I am sorry for my shortcomings. [Frown face emoji.] RL. [Rosa Laura].

If Eduardo succeeds in freeing Raniere through his FBi tampering claims, will he support finding Raniere a virgin successor?

The task may well fall upon him and will he shirk his duties if, as Raniere allegedly claims, he may not live much longer without – though possibly he might get by with a fuck toy to rev him up.

Let us leave Eduardo to ponder the following text exchange with the woman who said he groomed her when she was 13.

October 1, 9:19 a.m.

KEITH: I think it would be good for you to own a fuck toy slave for me that you could groom and use as a tool to pleasure me.

CAMI: Huh? Not disagreeing, just don’t understand.

KEITH: But you’re my wife. She isn’t. Just a tool for you to use for me.

CAMI: A person?

KEITH: Get a slave, you’re her master.

CAMI: Hmmm, do you really want that?

KEITH: Do you not?

CAMI: I’m not as turned on by owning.

KEITH: Then I’ll own.

CAMI: I don’t know. What if you like her more than me?

KEITH: Will never happen. That insecurity is why I suggested her being your slave.

CAMI: Okay, okay, okay, maybe I can get behind that.

KEITH: Maybe I’ll command you.…  I need to go. Text later my dearest little fuck toy slave.

CAMI: Yes, my love.

KEITH: Sometimes you might call me “Master” when you are being my slave.

October 9, 10:18 a.m.

KEITH: … would you accept a brand?

CAMI: What does that mean? A brand? Like a cow? Branded like cattle? I thought that’s what you meant last night and that’s why I brought up tattoos.

KEITH: Using heat, creating a mark more permanent than a tattoo, I think the branding of humans preceded that of cattle.

CAMI: You want to burn me?

KEITH: You don’t want to burn for me?….

CAMI: I am going to burn in hell for you, but I didn’t think you would want to burn me. I’ll do it if you want. I don’t understand your resistance towards tattoos, though.

KEITH: Not the point. I don’t want to burn you.

CAMI: I prefer tattoos, honestly, they are more defined and I like them more aesthetically.

KEITH: This is different. You will have tattoos for other things, branding is more unique and possessive.

CAMI: I am not against it, but it is not my favorite choice.

KEITH: I understand. I don’t think you understand it. If you did, I believe you’d really want it.


Eduardo, to paraphrase Raniere, I don’t think you understand him. If you did, I believe you’d really not want to support Raniere.

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  • Lest anyone forget how fucked up Eduardo is. when Jim del Negro died, Eduardo thought the best thing for his remembrance was to beg for donations to Make Justice Blind, IN EDUARDOS OWN NAME. That’s about as disgusting as it gets.

    “Leave a sympathy message to the family on the memorial page of James Joseph Del Negro II to pay him a last tribute. You may also make donations in support of “Make Justice Blind” to Eduardo Asunsolo (Venmo or Paypal “easunsolor@gmail.com).


      • Re: Swami stories

        The same happened to Charlie Manson …

        … Height-Ashbury … petty crimes … California work camp …

        “… After high school, Lenz joined the tide of young people washing into Haight-Ashbury. He got busted for selling marijuana, and during a short stint in a California work camp. …”


        “… Kaplan is referring to Norman Marcus, who was – and still is, along with Norman Oberstein – the older, clearheaded power behind the Lenz enterprise. (Both declined to be interviewed for this article.) Marcus was a Los Angeles-based Ernst & Young partner when he became Lenz’s accountant in 1993. Four years later he retired from the Big Five firm to work full-time for Lenz, taking charge of the group’s financial operations, which had become increasingly complex as Lenz’s wealth expanded.

        Oberstein, a Los Angeles attorney, generated many of the numerous contracts Lenz supporters were asked to sign. Followers didn’t object to contracts that restricted them from talking about the Lenz group, and they could afford to keep up with the fees because they were gaining ground in the world of computer programming. They were landing contracting gigs in the information-technology units of Wall Street companies like Salomon Brothers. …”

        The same kind of thing happened to Alan.

  • “Will Eduardo Investigate His Vanguard in Support of Debunking Lies?”

    Will pigs fly?

  • To Suneel, Marc, Danielle, Michele, and the rest of you defending Keith Raniere:

    Let me give you the enlightenment you should have been given, instead of the brainwashing Keith gave, that it’s okay for middle aged men to want and take the virginity of teen girls. THIS is what you should have been told instead:

    To be human means to have elevated yourself above the animals by gaining control over your animalistic drives and desires.

    The difference between humanity and the animal kingdom, is the male animals simply jump on any female and have sex whenever the urge hits them. Whenever they have the urge to defecate or urinate, they just squat, then and there. Social behaviors evolved in humans, differentiating us from animals. ELEVATING us above the animals into the realm we call humanity.

    But if a huMAN cannot control his sexual urges, if he wants to behave like an animal and f*ck whomever, anytime he pleases, then he is not a man. He is an animal. To be a man, is to have CONTROL over your animalistic desires.

    To want to f*ck as many young virgins as you can, to not consider the impact that this TAKING of virginity has upon the young human female (because it HAS A MASSIVE impact), this is not the behavior of a man, it is the behavior of an animal.

    Keith Raniere was not an honorable man; he wasn’t even a man. He was an animal who didn’t have the self discipline to control his animal desires for sex. He wanted sex with young virgins without caring what that did to their psyches. He also wanted sex with many, MANY multiple partners, and did not wear condoms, and spread sexually transmitted diseases (FACT from medical records). An animal doesn’t give consideration to the consequences of his desires, but a huMAN does.)

    Keith impregnated DOZENS of women (another medical FACT) because he didn’t like wearing condoms (again, another animal act, not a huMAN one–a real man considers the repercussions and takes preventative measures, such as wearing condoms) and then forced them to have abortions when the repercussions of his acts emerged. Only an animal wants to f*ck at will without considering any of the consequences.

    A real HUMAN man (when he matures) commits to one woman, creates a family unit, then protects and provides for that family. Only an animal humps everything it can pounce on, DOZENS at a time, for decades!. A REAL human man, an honorable man, MATURES into MONOGAMY, and creates a family unit that serves to protect and support each other. Only a pig like Raniere never grows up, and behaves like a horny animal for decades. Only an animal seeks young females to use as “f*ck toys, instead of treating them with respect, as you would another human being. They aren’t human to Keith, because Keith doesn’t know what being human is. Keith never evolved into humanity. Keith is still an animal.

    So keep defending your animal. It just makes you look like brainwashed zombies who have had your morals sucked out of you.

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself, except Keith is worse than an animal, because the latter just lives according to its nature. Keith actively worked against human nature (the human being is a RATIONAL animal) to devolve into an animal that just fed its base desires, while pretending to be other than that with his BS “Rational Inquiry” and manipulating others so he could do so. Calling Keith an animal is an insult to all animals.

      • His female fleas 😂 and he was the host. What the he’ll dies Keith know about fleas?

    • Animals can be kept in cages and are not entitled to remedies and legal action, such as lawsuits. Why is Raniere still treated like a human being. This has to change.

    • Keith is a pig-like animal. The proof is that he grunted like a pig when the women at home went to the refrigerator to get out some food. Anyone who acts like a pig and grunts like a pig must be a pig. Prima facie evidence.

    • Yeah great points. Raniere was more Caliban than Ariel, and his psychopathy made him hanker for the basest of desires – sex and control. His ‘teachings’ therefore tried to sugar coat such urges with pseudoscience. As someone once said, it’s hard to see the stars when you’re looking up from the sewer.

  • The fuss is crazy about the sex with 15 year old. So stupid a 15 year old can change their sex . Why the big deal about them having sex?

    • The 12 year old is the bombshell. Not proven, but supposedly he raped a 12 year old dog walker hired by Pam Cafritz. We need to get to the bottom of it.

  • I know Suneel was a relative newbie under the grasp of Raniere, but how long did Eduardo know Raniere?
    Was it a close relationship?

  • I honestly think Frank you are not being fair to Keith. Why don’t you consider the data that is out there about these women were paid to say these things.

    • Isaac Edwards (Suneel),
      If you truly believe that there is “data” proving women were paid to tell these stories, please provide it.
      1. Who paid them?
      2. How much were they paid?
      3. How did you get this “data”?
      4. And if it exists, why hasn’t it been given to the courts?

      If their stories were made up, why is there collaborating “data” PROVING it happened? How do you explain the recordings of Keith instructing Allison how the women should be held down and ask, “Master, it would be an honor to be branded”?

      How do you explain text messages from Keith to Camilla telling her he safeguards the naked pictures he took of her when she was only 15? READ the messages.

      It is also clear that he is instructing a still very young Camilla (remember, Keith is in his FIFTIES at this point!) for her to get a “fucktoy” to service him! And Keith’s lawyer ADMITTED this was TRUE; he argued that she was of age and that it was consensual.

      Even if you choose to believe that she was 18, not 15, when he started having sex with her, do you honestly believe that it is “honorable” for a man in his late 50s to have sex with a teenager?

      This is FACT: teen girls are NOT interested in fifty-plus-year-old men unless they have been groomed and manipulated into it. WOULD YOU let a 55 yr old man have sex with YOUR teen daughter, whether she be 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, no matter! The answer is NO for any DECENT, honorable man. The answer is only yes for PIGS like Keith Raniere.

      The data is ABUNDANT and CLEAR that this middle aged pig was looking for YOUNG VIRGINS! And here you are DEFENDING such a pig. So does this mean, Suneel, that YOU are a pig also? Why else would you defend such disgusting behaviour? Please explain how you believe that a man in his fifties is behaving honourably by having sex with 18 and 19 year olds, plus also having sex with dozens of multiple partners, spreading sexually transmitted diseases, impregnating dozens of women, forcing dozens of them to have abortions. You really believe these are the actions of an honourable man?

          • That’s that Rainbow babble. “We now know”. Oooooo so creepy Ok bro if you say so. Did you know your Vanguard is like Goldie Locks and the three bears? This sister is not young enough, this one’s bush isn’t bushy enough, but Marianas is just right. He’s the big bad wolf that huffs and puffs and blows complaints around

  • Keith’s use of abortion as birth control is one of his most vile traits in my opinion, with all his pretensions about “ethics.”

    I’m still fascinated by that sinister looking SOP logo. Has its esoteric meaning ever been revealed?

    • ‘’Right! He was telling all these women he was going to have magical babies with them; that he had supernatural powers. Only to make Kristen lie about their child. And went around coercing the other into abortions. What? Did he just want to make sure he wasn’t sterile???
      I agree with a woman’s right to choose, but the act to so psychologically damaging. It was just another way to keep those women tied to him in some traumatic way. Oooo, he was evil. I’m so glad he’s in prison!

  • I just finished listening to Sarah Edmondson’s audiobook, “Scarred”.

    If Eduardo knows what Keith, Nancy, Lauren, Clare and Sara were doing and if Eduardo still supports Raniere, Eduardo’s a horrible man.

    • Eduardo had his humanity stripped away from him by Keith. Because Eduardo has no humanity left, he believes there’s nothing wrong with Keith behaving like an animal.

      • How many said things such as, “I felt like my inside was emptied” and “It felt like my brain was washed”?

        Where are the documents showing evidence of the hypnotism, brainwashing and human experiments?

        • You don’t need documents when there are videos. Of young men wearing swimming caps with wires attached to them. That was a human experiment. Performed by no one qualified to do so. Lots of documents exist too. That’s why your lover will die in prison. He recieved 120 years for performing human experiments as well as sex crimes. You seem to think a few people who disliked Keith just made up stuff and the justice system went along with it. There was massive amounts of evidence that you just refuse to look at. I hope you WASTE the rest of your life on that pig, because it would be the same as being in prison, which is what you deserve for supporting such a disgusting animal.I hope you spend the next 20 years pining for that pig, then look back and see how your life was completely wasted.

  • I hope Eduardo’s wife is a flea and finds a better host ASAP. That said, what kind of woman would put up with the shit of this man? Was she in NXIVM or had Eduardo managed to take on Keith’s persona and suck this woman in? I can’t imagine sharing a home with this pathetic excuse of a man with such sick views. She should flee like a flea and get a real man who doesn’t idolise rapist narcissists like Keith, Trump and Tate.

  • Eduardo does understand Raniere. He know what Keith has done. He don’t mind that cause it’s not like Cami was a child. Cami was 15. That’s plenty old. She weren’t 8 or 12. Old enough.

    • Cleo.

      That sounds about right regarding Eduardo. He knows Keith (a 40+ year old man) groomed a 13 year old to rape her at 15 years old.

      And Eduardo is cool with it.

      Eduardo is also good with a 45 year old man breaking the law and creating child sexual abuse materials.

      You are speaking Eduardo’s truth.

      But you are wrong legally and morally about everything else.

      • I was sexually active when I was 14 and I knew what I was doing. That’s why I support teenagers having control of changing their genders. I wish I had changed then.

        • That’s because you were a boy at 14, “Cleo”. Boys mature sexually (ie, develop a sex drive) much, much earlier than girls. So don’t compare or confuse the sexual appetites of a 14 yr old boy with a 15 yr old girl. Girls are NOT wanting intercourse at 15, and it would be a shocking and traumatic experience if they did–especially while being crushed by a middle aged man. We’re not talking making out with a cute16 yr old boy when a girl is 15. This pig was middle aged and a ‘teacher’ of sorts. Just because you would have loved getting your dick sucked at 14, doesn’t mean 15 yr old girls love getting pounded by middle aged men. That is a traumatic experience for girls, and it is WRONG. Please STOP pretending it isn’t.

    • Cleo, if you think it’s OK for your 13-year-old daughter to be groomed by a repulsive 43-year-old psycho creep, and then get raped by him 2 years later, you really need to get help.

        • So, you’re into beastiality? Was it Keith’s chest fur that turned you on? Or was it his 4 1/2 inch erect pens? Did it remind you of your dog’s? I thought I saw Keith in the park the other day, but it was just a look-alike: an Afghan hound. He was wearing the same dog collar though. You know the one… he had charged it to Pam’s credit card a month after she had died.

          • Did you do the measurements yourself?

            Are there any nude photos of Keith Raniere? Are there any porn photos or videos of Keith Raniere? Why wouldn’t there be? Keith certainly recorded his sexual activities for pleasure and to blackmail others with. Where is Keith Raniere’s personal porn archive?
            Didn’t Keith like to record and keep everything?

        • There’s no doubt that the dead-enders share your point of view, Cleo

          But they’re dishonest.

          Folks like Eduardo, pretend there is FBI tampering, instead of just saying that they don’t think there is anything wrong with 15-year-old Camila being featured in child sex abuse materials at the hands of 45 year Keith Raniere.

          The dead-enders lack the courage to stand by their true beliefs.

          So they fabricated a work around to avoid being forthright and honest.

    • ‘She weren’t 8 or 12.’

      Rhiannon was 12. Cami was 13 when the cult snares were set. 15 when raniere came for his quarry -he hoped to destroy her innocence, her fresh future, the first best gift she could give as she chose, when she chose. Devastating. Experience can destroy innocence. That’s its ultimate destructive power. The relation is intransitive. Mostly experience moves to protect innocence, its the general trend of this site and most of life. Its a rare shithead who seeks to exploit and destroy it.

  • Eduardo is a good kid. Keith mentored him. He learned a lot. Eduardo is loyal. He sticks up for his teacher. I think he is a good man for being loyal.

  • Great questions, Frank!

    Also, how chilling is that letter from Rosa Laura? She’s apologizing to Keith and believes she’s hurting her daughter by not offering her up to him! She’s also clearly unhappy about being a slave. Feels crippled now, in her daily life.

    It’s pretty heartbreaking. She appears to be fighting the instinct to protect her daughter, making excuses like “she knows it’s a phase she’ll grow out of”.

    Hard to understand how this man got such a hold on people and why so few ever stood up to him? She’s practically groveling at his feet, the feet of a man who feeds his sense of superiority and entitlement on making people beg and grovel! And otherwise feel not good about themselves.

    I hope she’s feeling better now!

    • “Hard to understand how this man got such a hold on people and why so few ever stood up to him?“

  • Didn’t Eduardo take an oath last year affirming that he would “absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any…potentate…of whom or which I have heretofore been…a subject”?

  • Frank, did SOP members have to kill their unborn babies as well? Approximately, how many abortions have you calculated within Keith’s menagerie? And did any of the children Raniere raped have abortions? Thanks

  • Anyone else find it suspicious that Eduardo claimed he and his wife couldn’t conceive without Keith’s help?

    A lot of those DOS guys sounded like they got cucked by Keith, but Eduardo alone looks so stupid and brainwashed enough to let Vanguardia do the nasty with his wife and then raise Vanguardita as his own.

    Eduardo, did Keith at least let you watch?

    • Anyone else find it suspicious that Eduardo claimed he and his wife couldn’t conceive without Keith’s help?
      Well who else was going to give her the blue light special? Eduardo doesn’t know the value of good lighting. Only Keith

  • Aspidistra
    April 28, 2023 at 10:34 am
    I think the time has come to start new investigations into Keith Raniere and three girls he molested prior to his incarnation as Vanguard.

    Eduardo Asunsolo has reminded me of something I had forgotten. Thanks to him I’m going to start collating evidence, old photos and more importantly letters and emails from friends.

    Times come to really put this thing in the Feds hands to shut down Keith and the strangglers forever.

    This thing is going on too long

    • Keith is shut down. Frank and others saw to that. You can’t blame the stragglers for seeking Justice. The conduct of the fbi in this case warrants investigation. But nothing is going to change the outcome for Keith.

  • Let us not forget basic facts here. Eduardo’s nickname (from Kieth himself) was RETARDO. Keith never gave two flying fucks about Retardo before everyone left. The only reason that Retardo is still loyal is because he is dumb as fuck and getting 5000 bucks a month from Claire. and he got a few more stripes on his sash after the actual leaders left. He was a parasite then and is a parasite now. Why isn’t anyone talking about that?

  • “Branding is more unique and POSESSIVE ” wrote Keith Raniere.

    There’s never been a question the brand was to mark ownership.

    Keith’s ownership of the slaves.

    Vanturd the fucktard says it himself

  • I’m not putting up with this bullshit! Either Eduardo and the dead enders gouge their eyes out and truly make their justice blind or else!

  • Eduardo seems to believe in top-down style government and a top-down life. That’s okay. Most of the world seems to agree that governments and families need that top-down style to survive. Some call that top-down style: “machismo”. Some call it patriarchy or part of Christianity, part of Islam, part of Judaism, part of Mormonism or part of Freemasonry.

    Freemasonry’s top-down style with Masters, Grandmasters and collateral is closer to NXIVM’s style than it is to machismo. Sarah Edmondson’s description of Lauren’s top-down Master’s attitude toward her right after Sarah became Lauren’s slave was absolutely chilling. Collateral Sarah gave Lauren turned their relationship openly evil overnight. Eduardo doesn’t seem to be an evil kind of guy. He just seems like a typical guy who could do a lot of good for his family and his two nations.

    If and when Eduardo finds out that NXIVM was an experiment like the Manson Family was an experiment, if and when he finds out that he was a rat in a cage he will realize that NXIVM’s experiment was operating to help a few jerks steal Mexico. If and when he realizes he was a slave for jerks and everything about NXIVM was to engineer more colonialism and more slavery for the people of his country, what will he think about that? Does he already know?

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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