Visit Clare Bronfman’s Luxury Fiji Island Retreat for Six Nights for $15,000

Clare's Wakaya Island Retreat
NXIVM's Clare Bronfman's Wakaya Island retreat, a secluded paradise in Fiji known for its pristine beaches, has a new General Manager.

Fiji native Monika Pal was recently appointed as the general manager of Clare Bronfman’s exclusive Fiji hideaway, Wakaya Club & Spa.

Bronfman also owns 80 percent of Wakaya Island.

Bronfman has not visited the island in several years. A prominent financier of Keith Raniere and NXIVM, Bronfman at the Philadelphia Federal Detention Center. Her release date is set for June 29, 2025.

Wakaya Island is a private island in Fiji’s Lomaiviti Group, known for its pristine beaches, ocean, lagoons, and cliffs.

Originally developed in 1973 by gold-mining entrepreneur David Gilmour, Wakaya became an exclusive resort with luxury bungalows, a staff of 300, and other amenities such as a freshwater reservoir, an airstrip, and a marina.

Bronfman owned a private home on the island before prior to acquiring Wakaya from Gilmour and his wife Jillian in 2016.

Speculations of Plan for Escape

At the time of Bronfman’s purchase, there was speculation that the acquisition was part of a master plan for Raniere, herself, and select members of NXIVM to leave the United States.

Many believe Clare Bronfman, in the service of her master, Keith Raniere, purchased property on Wakaya Island to facilitate his escape from US arrest and extradition.

Fiji is well-known for governmental corruption, and officials there might be induced to forstall extradition.

Fiji has bilateral agreements on the surrender of fugitive offenders with the United States, but extradition can only occur if the offense is considered a serious crime in Fiji and not politically motivated.

Raniere and company might have had a legal fortress from extradition on Wakaya Island, but they never made it there.

Mexican police apprehended the Vanguard on March 25, 2018. He was swiftly handed over to US authorities and has been in custody ever since.

Raniere. now federal inmate 57005-177, is scheduled to be released from prison on June 27, 2120, with good behavior.

You Can Visit Wakaya, But Clare Won’t Be There

The new general manager, Pal has 23 years of experience in the hospitality industry.

Pal said she plans to continue Bronfman’s Wakaya Club and Resort “exceptional guest experiences, while preserving Fiji’s cultural heritage and natural resources.”

According to the resort’s website, a seven-day, six-night stay in their Ocean View Bure next month will cost $15,000.

That doesn’t include airfare.

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis issued his judgment in the criminal case of Clare Webb Bronfman on October 6. According to the judgment, after Bronfman is released from prison, she will serve three years of supervised release.

Bronfman is currently set to be released on June 29, 2025,

Afterward, while on probation, Bronfman will have to report regularly to a probation officer, and will be limited in her contacts and permitted activities, most requiring pre-clearance.

Absent an exception, the earliest Bronfman legally can return to Fiji is June 29, 2028.


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Wakaya has a number of blue lagoons. It is about 5 miles long.


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  • Imagine that you own 80% of this island and you choose to spend your time in Albany eating grass and taking orders from Keith while remaining abstinate. Talk about a wasted opportunity.

  • I visited Wakaya. It’s a long ass trip to get there from LA and six nights is not long enough for the trip. Better plunk down $30k and relax a minute.

  • Bula vinaka! Thank you for the updates appreciated. Well deserved and Congratulations 🎊 👏 to Monika Pal’s new appointment as GM at the Resort!

      • She owns more than 80%. Between 2013 and 2017, she bought all the houses except one and a handful of lots sold by Gilmour, whose owners or their estates still hold . But if you consider the island is 2200 acres and she probably owns 2180 of them, she owns around 99% of it.

  • It looks beautiful. Too bad she can’t enjoy it. I feel sorry for Clare. She probably still don’t see how she squandered everything. But she still young. She can get a new life.

  • I would love to go on.a honeymoon with Clare in Fiji. She could be a beauty if someone could just let her see how wonderful she is. I must confess I’ve been in love with her for about the last 7 years.

  • Frank, any update on sister Sara? Does she use the island? I think she was last living in Portugal. Does she still live there?

  • To All DOS Members:

    Most of you who lain with
    Kieth Raniere now have HPV.

    HPV causes more throat cancers than cigarette smoke.
    It’s the truth!

    You need to let your sex partners know! Please be responsible!
    The HPV strain Kieth Raniere carries is hyper virulent.

    Most strains of HPV go away. Raniere’s strain does NOT!

  • Does someone have any info on why Keith chose to flee to Mexico instead of to Clare’s Fiji Island? Was Clare really not in DOS as she claimed, and didn’t know about it? I can’t find info if she was in Mexico with Keith. Nancy wasn’t invited into DOS (been there, done that, didn’t want her anymore; wanted the younger version, the daughter, instead). Was it the same with Clare? Was she left behind in Albany when he fled to Mexico? It’s possible he thought he would be untouchable in Mexico and be able to expand his sex cult with very young girls in Mexico. Better than he could in Fiji, where Clare was there?? Though he had hijacked her brain completely and could get whatever he wanted from her. So why not flee to Fiji with Clare?? Was it because he no longer wanted Clare sexually, and that she actually didn’t know about his sex groupies cult and he didn’t want her finding out? Anyone in the know, please share.

    • “Jack Levy, married to Bibiana Huber, construction entrepreneur and owner of Grupo Veq in Guadalajara and developments throughout the Mexican Republic including the Aria Ocean development in Nuevo Vallarta where Keith Raniere filmed a porn movie with minors, was an unconditional of Raniere who managed the businesses and money laundering of NXIVM and its sect.

      Bibiana is a designer and architect who helped design and decorate, among other places, Clare Bronfman’s Fiji Island Wakaya Resort, a former owner of the Seagram Group and a Keith Ramiere home.

      Clearly Bibiana Huber [above] is too chubby for Keith who invites her to lose that «taco-eating fat» and drop another 15 pounds, she might be thin enough to interest Keith. Meanwhile, she’ll have to settle for her husband, Jack
      Bibiana and her sister Vanessa Huber and Ludwika Pale with Emiliano Salinas’s wife sent approvals of new followers to the sect on their Instagram accounts.

      Jack Levy’s wife, Bibiana Huber, was one of 66 people who sent Judge Garaufis letters of support to Clare Bronfman, Raniere’s spoiled, sentenced on September 30, to nearly 7 years in prison and three years of unconditional release.

      When Keith Raniere was arrested and charged with sex trafficking after a confrontation with Mexican federal agents in Puerto Vallarta, Bibiana Huber and her husband Jack Levy were hiding him at their Ocean Pacific resort. In Nuevo Vallarta. In June 2019, he was convicted of federal charges of sex trafficking, racketeering, obstruction, and racketeering.“

      • Thank you, Frank. So maybe they believed Fiiji’s the first place they would look for him, and also thought he had a network of protecters and a future for expansion in Mexico.

          • As always, he miscalculated. A constant trait of Raniere. And incurable. And remains an eternal loser.

          • Just as he miscalculated the commodities market. Losing 60+ million must have stung, but being imprisoned for life’s gotta really hurt. Whatta Dumdum.

            It’s when I see him in a video clip at some formal dinner, wearing no jacket or tie, just a severly wrinkled shirt, MC Hammer pants, and greasy hair so long it makes him look about three feet tall as he eats with his hands and knobbles across the room like a toddler who just learned to walk–I guess his ass was really sore–no wonder he had to hijack women’s brains in order to sleep with them.

  • Wakaya Forever!
    It’s a shame KR was born white, otherwise he could have called himself “The Black Vanther” or some other damn thing.

  • Does it have a volleyball court?

    $15,000 is no problem for Mrs. Nice Guy, femme avocat . If Nice Guy is coming hopefully it comes with an open bar though. (JK NG !)

  • For 15 K per night will Clare Bronfman provide you with complimentary bug spray?
    Or does Clare follow the plans of Globalist Klaus Schwab who wants us to all eat bugs?

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