Part #2: Vicente’s Email to NXIVM Friends on Pam Cafritz’s Death and His Efforts to Question Raniere

Pam Cafritz

The following is part #2 of Mark Vicente’s ‘dire warning’ email to his friends at NXIVM. He sent it 16 days before the FBI arrested Keith Raniere.

As discussed in the first installment of this series, Vicente was Raniere’s friend and student. He became disillusioned with Raniere in 2017 and sent his email a year later to a group of NXIVM members who he considered his close friends.

These friends had shunned Vicente because he had left their Vanguard. Vicente sent his email while Raniere and some of his followers were in Mexico, hoping to rebuild NXIVM and DOS.

Vicente wanted his friends, all of them followers of Raniere, to understand who their leader was, and why he left, and maybe do the same – leave Raniere.

Vicente sent the email on Saturday, March 10, 2018. Fifteen days later, men who appeared to be Mexican federal police captured Raniere. Overnight, he was deported on a commercial plane to the USA.

FBI agents arrested him when he deplaned.

That was more than five years ago, and Vanguard has not tasted a day of freedom since. He has another 98 years to serve on his federal sentence.

Farewell to the Vanguard.

Keith Raniere captured in Mexico on March 25, 2018

Vicente’s email discusses the mysterious circumstances of Pamela Cafrtiz’s death.

Cafritz died on Nov. 7, 2016, but for reasons unclear, Raniere did not inform the NXIVM community for almost two months.

The few who knew she died were tasked with lying to the others when they called to ask how Pam, who had been suffering from cancer, was doing.

Eduardo, since you are trying to debunk the lies people think about NXIVM, maybe you would care to debunk the lie Keith told his followers to tell. He told them to lie, to say Pam was still alive, to keep Pam’s death a secret.


Raniere told some of his followers to tell other of his followers that a dead woman was still alive. Pam was not just any dead woman. She was the third highest ranking person in NXIVM, behind Raniere and Nancy Salzman. Pam wore the purple sash.

She was also a woman who had been Raniere’s ‘partner’ for 30 years.

That means, my good man, that Raniere lied to his followers about something important. Almost like his lie that his son was not his son and that the mother was not the mother.

Eduardo, your attitude about Raniere is not unlike what old Peter Reese told FBI agents when they wanted to question him.

Reese: So let me get this straight:  It is a crime to lie to an FBI agent. If I lie to you, it is a federal crime.

FBI: It is a felony crime to lie to an FBI special agent.

Reese: Is it a crime if you lie to me?

FBI: No, that is not a crime.

Reese: So you can lie to me, but I can’t lie to you?

FBI: That’s right.

Reese: Then how do I know you’re not lying now?

The agent was silent. The interview was over before it began.

Ditto Raniere.

Eduardo, it is fine for Raniere to lie to us, to everyone, even to you. But if anyone believes a lie about NXIVM, you want them to know the truth.

But Eduardo, when you tell us the ‘truth’ about Raniere, how do we know he is not lying?

If you want the truth, it has to cut both ways. Raniere must be held to the standard you want from us: Find out the truth.

That was what Vicente was trying to say in his email — find out the truth about your Vanguard. Some of them who didn’t listen, found out the truth the hard way.

But then these friends shunned Vicente because he had left their glorious Vanguard.

Pam Cafritz, Raniere’s partner of 30 years, who died of cancer in 2016.

Mark Vicente wrote on March 10, 2018, to a number of Raniere Followers about Pam’s Death

By Mark Vicente

Some of you may remember when Pam died. It was November 7th, 2016. That information was kept secret from almost everybody for almost two months. A veil of secrecy and silence was imposed on the land.

I remember suggesting to leadership that we make plans with the community to pick a date for a memorial. To give them ample time to get there, out of respect for their time and family plans. (As many people lived very far from the bustling metropolis of Albany).

I brought it up with the [NXIVM] Executive Board.

I was summarily shut down; “Vanguard would decide to release the information [about Pam’s death] when he deemed fit!”

So we all waited.

And things got weirder and weirder…. It was the strangest experience for some. They knew something was going on, but the upper ranks were mute. It was beyond peculiar… Even the upper ranks were perturbed

The late Pamela Anne Cafritz shortly before she passed away

Then SUDDENLY the memorial was announced, and panic set in as everyone tried to get people to fly last minute from all over the world to attend.

When the event did happen, it was again very very strange.

Remember that odd silence?

That’s been happening again for the last six months. There’s an odd silence punctuated with stories that don’t entirely make sense to some of you.

Some of you have the feeling you’re being lied to. And the story keeps changing.

Mark Vicente is on Sabbatical…

No wait, he’s a Luciferian…

DOS doesn’t exist…

OK, it does exist…

OK, but Keith Raniere didn’t know about it….

OK, but Sarah Edmondson re-branded herself to make it look worse…

Oh wait, no [Sarah’s brand] photo-shopped by the NEW YORK TIMES….

And, if you ask too many questions, you will be ‘silenced.’

You will be shown that your NEED for information is an attachment and part of your issue.

Just know one thing…

YOU are always wrong.

THE LEADERSHIP is always right.

Sudden Disappearance?

Some have said I suddenly disappeared… that I didn’t use the proper channels to bring my concerns forward. I spent 12 years in this Organization. I loved what I believed the organization was, and I tried to make it the best it could be.


I spent years bringing my concerns forward. In 2012, I challenged Keith Raniere on the reported rape allegations.

Response?… They’re all lying.


But I trusted him and consequently backed down.

In 2015, I challenged Keith Raniere on what he was doing with all the skinny girls/women.

Why were they malnourished, gaunt and haunted?

I posited to him, making skinniness a prerequisite for psychological or spiritual purity/advancement played into women’s worst fears about body image and would be disastrous to their bodies and their psyches.

Don’t girls have enough problems with anorexia and bulimia? (FYI some high ranking DOS Masters were bulimic when I left.)

These concerns and questions were received with word-salad.

[Stay tuned for Part 3: Mark Pleads with the Inner Circle.]

See Vicente’s: understand ‘word-salad’




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  • It’s a little nuts this whole nxivm story. Somebody should make a documentary about it would be real good.

  • Who’s uglier?
    1. Suneel
    2. Pam

    I’ll go with Suneel. Pam isn’t as ugly now that she’s a skull and bones.

    • I don’t Suneel is ugly. I just think he is an asswiper.

      Pam is not skull and bones. She was cryogenically frozen. I am pretty sure the flesh and organs (especially the brain) are left intact.

      If she is brought back tto life, she will probably die again quickly once she gets her credit card bill.

  • Keith didn’t want anyone to know Pam was dead because he was still USING PAM’S CREDIT CARDS after she died! If they knew she was dead, they would have freaked at him charging crap to her credit card. The truth only came out AFTER Pam’s credit cards were maxed out 2 months later and he couldn’t use them anymore. That is TRUTH Eduardo, Michele, Danielle, and the rest of the stooges. You should all check if you have a brain tumor, because any other person with basic common sense would know that only an unethical theif would keep their partner’s death a secret so they could contine to use their credit cards.

  • “… Some of you may remember when Pam died. It was November 7th, 2016. That information was kept secret from almost everybody for almost two months. A veil of secrecy and silence was imposed on the land …“

    “CI Case 144

    CI patient #144 was a 56 year old female from New York. The patient was a CI member at the time of her death.

    Emergency arrangements were made with Suspended Animation, however, the patient died in the hospital mid-afternoon on November 7, 2016 while the SA team was en route to the hospital. Suspended Animation arrived and provided cooling, performed chest compressions, and transported the patient to Detroit by private jet.

    The patient arrived at the CI facility, packed in ice, at 3:15 am on the 8th of November, approximately 12 hours after death. Nasal temperature was 3c. There was notable edema in the face and lower extremities before the perfusion began. The perfusion was started at 4:00 am. There were no clots noted and there was good flow from both jugular veins.

    Hillary McCauley performed the perfusion. During the perfusion there were 5 liters of 10% Eg solution used, 8 liters of 30% Eg solution used, and 32 liters of 70% VM1 solutions used. The final refractive index of the effluents exiting the right jugular vein was 1.4165. The final refractive index of the effluents exiting the left jugular vein was 1.4156. The average perfusion pressure was held at 130mm and metal cannulas were used. Flow rate started at 1.36 liters per minute and was reduced to .32 liters per minute by the end of the perfusion. Nasal temperature was 0c. The body perfusion was stopped at 5:00 am, as there was very minimal evidence of perfusate uptake in the extremities. The perfusion to the head was complete at 5:35 am. Considerable dehydration of the head and face was noted along with a bronzing color of the skin.

    The patient was then placed in the computer controlled cooling chamber to cool to liquid nitrogen temperature. The human vitrification program was selected and the time needed to cool the patient to liquid nitrogen temperature was five days and 11 hours. The patient was then placed in a cryostat for long-term cryonic storage.“

  • Stupid not to listen to Vicente. It’s not like he knew nothing. Why not listen. Instead they ignore the the truth just like Eduardo does now. Same disease. Just all of them have it in different degrees. Willfull blindness

  • Ya think it kind of creepy that Keith didn’t tell his people his partner was dead ? Something is up there. Ya think the will was in his name before or after she died or like where did her body go ? Can we visit her grave ? Was there a cremation ? Death certificate? Kind of questions I have might lead to police.

    • How can you swallow something that Keith says, when you cannot open your own mouth and swallow a few bites of personally chosen food?
      He’s been in jail for a while, yet they still orbit in his universe.
      FFS people, open your dumb minds. I hope none of these dopes have children.

      • No, none of the dopes have children. The horny pig got them pregnant, but forced all but 2 to have abortions. The two babies that survived was because it was either too late for abortions when he found out or the mother took off. A third pregnant (lesbian) committed suicide.

        Keith had these poor women convinced that sex therapy was what they needed. “You will see a blue light when I screw you, and you will transform into the highest form of enlightened being.”

        Instead, they found themselves pregnant and forced to murder the child growing inside them.

        And that is who the Nxivm Stooges are defending: a horny pig who was having sex with 25 women and girls at the same time, but still wanted to brainwash a lesbian into having sex with him. And when she got pregnant and committed suicide? (Or was murdered?) What did the horny pig do? Screwed yet another dozen, while he ordered them to get more “fuck toy slaves” for him. Danielle, Michelle, Nicki, Lauren, Allison… none of them have children, even though he promised them all super babies. But in a way, thank God. Though they all gave up their chance to have children with a real man, choosing instead to let them be used as fuck toys, nothing more, for a super horny pig.

  • Were the women staved? Or did they choose to follow Allison Pimp Mack diet plans (that she was on herself)? They could have left at any time. The “collateral” was only for them to keep their traps shut about DOS. Very sleazy for Vanturd to ask his harum to do that, but it was voluntary. This being said, if you let women eat too much they turn into blimps. Would you all rather the slaves be fat pigs and diabetic?

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