More on Pam Cafritz: Raniere’s Death Announcement; Her Body Flown to Michigan and Frozen

MK10ART's Pam Cafritz

Raniere Kept Cafritz’s Death a Secret for Three Weeks, Not Two Months

It was not two months that Keith Raniere kept Pam Cafritz’s death a secret, as Mark Vicente claimed in his email. It was three weeks.

Pam died on November 7th, 2016. NXIVM sent out notices for her upcoming memorial on November 28, 2016.

It is still peculiar.

Raniere told insiders who knew about her death that they were not to say she died. If anybody asked, they told them her condition was the same.

Raniere’s Control Over Cafritz’s Health Regime

Pam had renal cancer since 2013. At one point, she went into remission. She had a kidney removed, and it seemed she would survive. Keith took over her health regime and provided her with a milky white drink.  

MK10ART’s painting of Pam Cafritz drinking the milky white beverage.

The cancer came back.

There is a record of an ambulance taking Pam to St. Peters Hospital. She apparently died that day – November 7, 2016.

Cafritz’s Last Will and Testament

Pam’s Last Will and Testament was made in Raniere’s favor to the tune of $8 million.

21 Oregon Trail, the last home Raniere and Cafritz shared together.

Pam Cafritz
Pam Cafrtiz with Allison Mack
Pam Cafritz [l] three months from death. Keith Raniere [r] had kept her on a low-calorie diet for 30 years. Her kidneys failed; she got cancer. Keith said he would take charge of her medical treatment.

At the memorial service in January 2017, Keith blubbered and called Pam his life partner. Here is the memorial invitation – sent out on November 28, 2016, three weeks after Pam’s death.

Nxivm Communications <>
28 November 2016

Subject: With deepest sadness
Pamela Anne Cafritz
On Monday, November 7, 2016, at 2:37 p.m., we suffered the indescribable loss of Pamela Anne Cafritz. She had battled cancer heroically for the past few years, and passed away cared for by her life partner of 30 years, loved ones, and dearest friends.
The world, humanity, and women are better because she walked this earth. Her footprints will forever leave an impression on thousands, and open a path for us all. Amongst many substantial accomplishments she was one of the founders of Jness; a founding, and highest ranking, student in NXIVM; a role model who started, built, and led, an affiliate network of over 250,000 individuals; a champion athlete, winning 1st place in the open division of the international Fifth Avenue Mile run; and a wise woman, touching many individuals with the softness of her being, and the care of her soul.
Many of us who knew her found her profoundly empathetic, pure and innocent with deep wisdom, and a person who joyfully gave her self, and her most precious things, to help others, even strangers. Truly to Pam, all people of the world were her family and under her care.
A memorial celebration of her life will be held January 10th and 11th, 2017.
Anyone who has text messages, voice messages, videos, pictures of, or with, Pamela Cafritz please send copies to:

Cafritz Entombed in Cryogenic Vault, Waiting for Future Revival

Several years ago, FR reported Cafritz’s body was entombed in a cryogenic vault. Cafritz’s body appears to be located in Clinton Township, MI, at Cryonics Institute. Cafritz appears to be Case 144.

The Cryonics Institute suspends humans and pets at cryogenic temperatures – ranging from – 238 F to – 460 F “in hopes that future medical technology may be able to someday revive and restore them to full health.”

Here is what CI reports on its website:

CI patient #144 was a 56 year old female from New York. The patient was a CI member at the time of her death.
Emergency arrangements were made with Suspended Animation, however, the patient died in the hospital mid-afternoon on November 7, 2016 while the SA team was en route to the hospital. Suspended Animation arrived and provided cooling, performed chest compressions, and transported the patient to Detroit by private jet.
The patient arrived at the CI facility, packed in ice, at 3:15 am on the 8th of November, approximately 12 hours after death. Nasal temperature was 3c. There was notable edema in the face and lower extremities before the perfusion began. The perfusion was started at 4:00 am. There were no clots noted and there was good flow from both jugular veins.
Hillary McCauley performed the perfusion. During the perfusion there were 5 liters of 10% Eg solution used, 8 liters of 30% Eg solution used, and 32 liters of 70% VM1 solutions used. The final refractive index of the effluents exiting the right jugular vein was 1.4165. The final refractive index of the effluents exiting the left jugular vein was 1.4156. The average perfusion pressure was held at 130mm and metal cannulas were used. Flow rate started at 1.36 liters per minute and was reduced to .32 liters per minute by the end of the perfusion. Nasal temperature was 0c. The body perfusion was stopped at 5:00 am, as there was very minimal evidence of perfusate uptake in the extremities. The perfusion to the head was complete at 5:35 am. Considerable dehydration of the head and face was noted along with a bronzing color of the skin.
The patient was then placed in the computer controlled cooling chamber to cool to liquid nitrogen temperature. The human vitrification program was selected and the time needed to cool the patient to liquid nitrogen temperature was five days and 11 hours. The patient was then placed in a cryostat for long-term cryonic storage.

The Fall of NXIVM: Raniere and Associates Behind Bars

After Raniere announced her death, he reportedly told people that he would always keep the house they shared in the same condition – right down to the decorations – as it was on the day she died. When he brought her back to life, she would return to the home she knew.

Raniere at volleyball with Cafritz.

But fate eluded all. Raniere is in USP Tucson, set to enjoy federal hospitality for the next 98 years.

The house on Oregon Trail is no longer in his possession. And Pam, we cannot say when, may indeed emerge one day from CI’s cold storage vault. If she does, she will look for Raniere, only to find him long gone.

Nothing will be the same anywhere, for when she left, he was at the height of his power. He had indicted his enemies, and had started a master slave blackmail and branding MLM, a novel invention if ever there was one.

Now, Raniere, Clare Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, are in prison. NXIVM is no more. The government owns the tech. Lauren, the former director of education, grooms dogs.

Except for a few stragglers, ‘dead-enders’ they say, every one of his followers, all those who once adored him, and ate every word of drivel that came out of his mouth as if it were the staff of life, have all gone on their way.

Yes, success, like in the case of Pam Cafritz, whose body is in a frozen tomb, whose real chances to return to life are about the same as for NXIVM reviving or Keith Raniere walking free again.

Viva Executive Success!



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  • The Second Hundred Years
    a T.V. show where the guy was frozen in Ice Cap incident, later thawed , was a great show!!

  • “… Billionaire tech investor Peter Thiel told independent journalist Bari Weiss on her podcast, “Honestly with Bari Weiss,” that when death comes knocking on his door, he has opted to be cryogenically frozen, even though he isn’t entirely sure if the technology will revive him at a future date.

    Weiss asked Thiel:

    “Is it true that you’re signed up to be cryonically preserved when you die so that you might be brought back to life in the future?”

    … Thiel joins a list of billionaires who also want to be cryogenically preserved. Some have already had their bodies frozen at temperatures of -321°F in the hope of being revived centuries later when medical science has advanced enough to treat the cause of their death. …”

  • Are those few federal cases, “Make Justice Blind” and Mr. Dershowitz’s tampering argument all that’s left? says:

    If some of the people who criticized Dr. January Lalich criticized her because she said “the Democratic Workers Party” is a cult, maybe NXIVM was actually a cult for Democrats who say they are Democrats and are not.

    If NXIVM wasn’t a cult secretly working for the Uniparty, how can anyone explain such deafening silence coming from all the many Democrats who once promoted NXIVM? Where were the statements from those associated with any political party who were at one time or another so deeply (or pretty deeply) involved in promoting NXIVM?

    Where are the post-NXIVM statements from Richard Branson, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and The Dalai Lama? Did they show support for Raniere or distain?

    Did Pam’s family know Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz? According to Wikipedia, Morris Cafritz “founded the Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation in 1948, funding it with $11.5 million. Today the foundation is the largest private foundation focused on Washington, D.C., with assets of over $700,000,000.”

    Pam Cafritz’s immediate family didn’t fund NXIVM, apparently. They seem to have been old-style Democrats who didn’t willingly give any money to Raniere. They were probably horrified to learn what Raniere did to Pam. A May 7, 2021 Washington Post article (behind a paywall, of course) says the late Buffy Cafritz was, “… one of the last great hostesses and philanthropists in Washington, she believed in discretion, in manners, in bipartisanship. She believed that civility trumped politics, that people should be …”

    The (free) Wikipedia article about Morris Cafritz says his “… second cousins were brothers Maxwell Chaffetz, an FBI special agent and grandfather of future Congressman Jason Chaffetz, and Hammond E. Chaffetz, who pioneered federal antitrust prosecution policies …”

    According to a writer at Forbes, Edgar Bronfman Sr. was “ … ‘considering legal action’ to stop his two daughters, Clare and Sara, from using their trust to fund NXIVM, an executive training firm run by Keith Raniere.”

    Did Pam’s family release a statement about what Raniere did to Pam for thirty years? What have they done about all the information and evidence revealed at the trial hearings?

    Has the anyone from the Cafritz family or their representatives proactively pursued justice for Pam?

    Besides the cryogenics and NXIVM’s Disney-like memorial service, justice for Pam would be a blessing.

    • “ … DR JANJA LALICH is a well-known researcher, author, educator, and professor emerita of Sociology at California State University, Chico. She has studied and taught about the subject of cults for more than 30 years and has appeared on countless documentaries and podcasts …”

  • I recognize Alison, Mark and Keith in this clip. Who are the two other women? Did Pam walk in with Alison or was that someone else?

    • I am still investigating that. There is a possibility Keith supported her getting cancer every way he could.

          • Legitimate Mistletoe studies don’t use — and have never used — NXIVM’s sleep/food deprivation protocol.

            “Eating a nutritionally dense, low carbohydrate, seasonal, local, and clean diet has been shown to change the tumor microenvironment to make it more responsive to standard of care and integrative therapies while maintaining the nutrient status needed to support the immune system and other aspects of the body to heal.“


            Which government agency provided oversight for NXIVM’s experiments?

            With so many influential connections all over the world, which of those connections knew what Dr. Porter, Clare and Sarah Bronfman were doing in their “Ethical Science Foundation”?

            Did the “Ethical Science Foundation” provide oversight for Pam’s Mistletoe therapy?

  • It’s her life and her choice. If cryonics works the it amounts to a life extension procedure. If it doesn’t then you are no worse off then someone buried or cremated. Either way science is advanced through its method of testing. This is how we developed heart transplants and revival from CPR or cardiac defib. If you don’t try you Don’t learn a thing.

  • I hope Pam is restored to life. It would be good for Keith to know he has someone loyal after that bitch left him.

  • Imagine how Pam’s life would’ve been much different if she didn’t fall for the charlatan at a chance encounter at a ski lodge. How easy one such meeting can destroy — or in the case of protecting another from someone like him, could save — someone’s life.

  • Did Mark promote ESP/NXIVM as a political project for global conquest?
    Why was Alison guilty if she was deceived and brainwashed? How many knew what was happening and how many were hoodwinked? Sarah wrote about blindfolds in her book, “Scarred”.

    Did some global transhumanist group somewhere used Raniere the same way a global group used Charles Manson for global goals? Charles Manson and Raniere shared the same interests and proclivities. They both studied Scientology. They both used word salads to present themselves as better than everyone around them. They both had help from hidden hands. “Espians” followed Raniere the way “The Family” followed Manson and few from both groups still follow.

    A clip from The Vow, Season 1 Ep 4 shows Alison Mack’s first meeting with Raniere on November 14, 2006. Keith had been playing volleyball in the gymnasium and Mack and Raniere sit on a bench off to the side. Mark Vicente and another woman also sit on the bench, watching as Raniere lectures Mack. A young man sits on the floor. Those watching Raniere stare at him like a captured audience. They listen to each word he says. Keith knew how to read and use body language. He developed that skill as much as the “Neurolinguistic Programming”. He was a predator in that clip and Alison was his prey.

    Sarah Edmondson describes “The Lift” technique in her book: develop rapport, find out why new recruits were there (what they most wanted to change about themselves) and use that. Recruiters were to get new recruits to agree that they couldn’t accomplish their goals on their own. Recruiters were to “Turn if into how”. Sarah wrote, Espians and NXIVM followers weren’t learning as much as they were being “indoctrinated, deceived and brainwashed“.

    RANIERE (to Alison): Is art important to you?
    MACK: Yes.
    RANIERE (quickly): Why?
    MACK: Why is art important to me? Because it’s … um … Because I think it’s — Hhmmm. Because so much of who I am is wrapped up in art.

    Alison had been looking at Raniere while leaning her head against the wall. Raniere mirrors Alison, leaning his head against the wall.

    RANIERE: Give me an example. I guess I’m not —
    MACK: When I go to see a film or a piece of artwork or — something happens to me that is so exciting and wonderful. Blissful. Joyful.
    RANIERE: Yeah. We can practice generating an extreme feeling of joy over anything.
    MACK: Mmhmm.
    RANIERE: There are methods that we have, especially in 2C, that are —
    MACK: What is 2C?
    RANIERE: It’s, ah — (waves his hand nonchalantly) one of our intensives. It’s — (looking at an Espian who’s sitting on the floor) What’s it called, now? Civilizations?

    Espian (sitting on the floor): Civilizations and humanity.
    RANIERE: Civilizations.


    The video cuts to a few minutes later. Something was said or done. Alison looks defensive. She covers her mouth with the tips of her curled fingers, palm facing inward. Did Raniere research her weaknesses before he met her to target those vulnerabilities for that conversation?

    Keith casually looks up at the ceiling and slows his speech, inviting Alison to imagine with him whatever hypothetical he’s going to describe next.

    RANIERE (looking up toward the ceiling): What if artistic endeavors were really bogus? What if —
    MACK (sleepily): Hhmmm.
    Alison first smiles a little, following his train of thought. She seems content to be part of the select few to consider such profound possibilities. Two seconds later, it looks like her brain registers Keith’s use of “artistic endeavors” and “bogus” in the same sentence. Her eyebrows draw closer together. She closes her eyes, still covering her mouth, she seems to brace for whatever’s next.

    RANIERE: What if art was just an excuse for those who (turning his head quickly to look directly at Alison Mack) couldn’t do?

    Alison raises her eyebrows, her eyes open wide for a second. She relaxes her face, back to the more dreamy mode to deliver her next line.

    MACK: And it is sometimes.

    She blinks her eyes quickly a few times, smiles a quick friendly smile. She knew she was being filmed. She knew how much that conversation had the potential to threaten her entire career. As she said: so much of who she was was “wrapped up in art”.

    Keith knew a young woman in Hollywood would feel inadequate, no matter how accomplished she was. Mark was working at the Los Angeles Center, right? What information did he have about her? Did he find her vulnerabilities to pass that information onto Keith? Why was Alison so thrown? Did the New York prosecutors consider the brainwashing, the deceit and the manipulation when considering the charges?

    A few minutes later. Alison faces Raniere, leaning her head against the wall. She’s not covering her mouth anymore. Looking slightly hesitant, she seems willing to believe whatever Raniere says. Was Alison deceived or was she a willing participant in her career’s demise? And, what about Pam?

    RANIERE: The most excitement that you’ve ever felt is yours to have all the time. Independent of art.
    MACK (nodding): Hhm—hmm.
    RANIERE: The bad news is you sort of have to divorce yourself from the thought that it comes from the art.
    MACK (nods in submission)
    RANIERE: If you feel that art is necessary for that, that’s almost a self-condemnation.

    Alison nods. She lowers her head and hides her face. She begins to cry. How old was she there?
    RANIERE: Why is this emotional for you?
    MACK (crying, waves at person filming): Hi.
    RANIERE: It’s okay. She comes in close.
    MACK (laughing, wiping her tears): I know, right? I should be used to this. It’s what I do for a living.
    MACK (answering Raniere’s question) Hhmmm. Because it’s pointing at something I’ve never thought about. And part of me is kind of freaked out about accepting this. I’m used to that self-condemnation. (laughs, reassures Keith) I’m comfortable with that.

    A few minutes later. Alison gathers her thoughts. She explains what she thinks just happened. She had no idea what just happened.

    MACK: If I let go of that belief, that it’s not the art that’s giving me this feeling — it’s me that’s giving me this feeling — then I have to trust that I will be capable of giving myself that feeling. And I don’t necessarily trust that right now.

    Raniere nods compassionately. He leans his head toward the wall, looking at Alison with caring eyes as though she’s all that matters at that moment.

    MACK (hyperventilating): And so that’s scary, because I want that feeling.

    Scientologists had lists of Hollywood celebrities to recruit into their ranks. The Dalai Lama wrote the forward for Raniere’s book. Tom O’Neill wrote a magazine article about the Dalai Lama, Hollywood and influence. I hope Alison has a chance to read Sarah’s book. Writing about recruiting new people to join the group Sarah wrote, “To me, building trust with someone new was everything. To our founders, building trust was just a ploy. In fact, the entire company was just leveraging trust.”

    What was ESP/NXIVM, exactly – and how many purposes did it serve?

  • Imagine paying all that money, probably millions, to cryogenically freeze an entire body, and then even more money to keep the thing frozen for god knows how many years…for what? As Anon 10.05 says below, that bitch aint ever coming back. That dosh could be used to do something useful for the living. And those hypocrites claim to be ‘ethical’? What a sick joke! The whole practice should be illegal.

    • No telling what flying her body to Michigan cost, but the cost of freezing and preservation is $35,000. Not millions.

      • Yes, something of an exaggeration, but $200,000 seems to be the going rate for the all-in delux version:
        What they don’t tell you is any neuroscientist worth their salt reckons there’s zero chance of bringing back the person in terms of proper brain function and memories. When you’re dead, you’re dead and there’s no escaping the laws of physics. Probably just as well – who’d want to wake up on this planet in another 100 years? Assuming there’s still a habitable planet to wake up in…

        • Agreed! Who would want to come back to the way things are now? Well, possibly one of his followers. They, after all, have the tech to fix everything, right? So why didn’t they? Oh, I forgot. The savior is now behind bars.

        • Well, yes, if she were cryopreserved in Europe, using Tomorrow Biostasis, i think it would be a 6-figure sum.

          But if she was cryopreserved in Michigan, the price would be $35,000. And if she were already a member of CI, that price would be $28,000 (exclusive of a one-time $1250 membership fee).

          Now, regarding what a neuroscientist of 2023 might say —- well, she won’t be revived by somebody using 21st century technology. Rather, her case will be dealt with at some unknown point, many centuries in the future. They will have different technology, which cannot be imagined by us any more than the Vikings could imagine our technology.

          The experts will put you in the grave any time they get a chance.

          But for a small amount of money (yearly insurance premium) you just might be around to sample a new world. (You could visit the experts’ graves, if you can find them, some sunny day yonder.)

          Hope you come with us!! 🙂

  • This is all so crazy! Poor Pamela wasn’t right, I don’t think. Smart maybe, but something seemed really off in the clips I saw of her. Was this just another thing to satisfy his ego? Cuz he COULD? Wonder why Barb Jeske didn’t rate the deep freeze? Any thoughts?

    • Because Barbara’s sister was in their way: she did everything she could to get possession of the body and was succesfull. I read on the FR that Keith was trying to make a deal: he would have Barbara’s head and her family could get the torso. I’m not joking. It’s what I believe Frank mentioned in one of his posts.

      • You are CORRECT! I had forgotten about that! I believe it was in the Lost Women of NXIUM! Thank you 😊

  • You’d think with all the cheesy horror movies out there, people would know better than to dream about re-animating corpses. It never turns out well.

    • Truth is stranger than fiction, Sausage.

      A few thousand people control many cults all over the world, The United Nations, multinational corporations signed up to monopolize public-private partnerships in the World Economic Forum network and probably a few of your local government officials believe in that kind of thing. Some actually look forward to eventually making you and everyone on the planet a slave in their “Internet of Bodies”. NXIVM will look like a walk in the park compared to the Black-Mirror-style future if those visionaries succeed. Merging us and our appendages with their technology will be without our consent. Just as Keith was special, the people who want to control you and the entire the world are that kind of special. Look for the latest world financial news — and news about something called, “Central Bank Digital Currency”.

      “It was the annual meeting of the Mormon Transhumanist Association, a group of people who believe that the development and dissemination of advanced technologies—cryogenics, bionics, artificial intelligence, and so on—will raise humanity to the heights of power and immortality that Smith envisioned. In the past, the meeting has included presentations from visiting scholars such as Richard Bushman, a prominent Mormon historian and Smith archivist, and Aubrey de Grey, the chief science officer of the Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence Research Foundation, whose slogan is “Reimagine Aging.” This year’s edition featured talks with titles like “Zion as Superorganism” and “The Infinite Resurrection,” with a lunch break for deli sandwiches in between. …”

      • Not just Mormons, Scientologists and Espians. Elon just fired a rocket with 33 engines for space travel. His former father-in-law owns a company that permanently edits genes. His grandfather promoted technocracy. His company called, “X” is to be a social and business platform for exchange of information and currency — probably the Central Bank Digital Currency backed by air with Masters just like Vanguard and Prefect in control of the world before we know it unless we stop them.

      • What about the most excellent Lovecraft film Reanimater? (Sp)? I bet Vantard thinks he’s got a super pineal gland like in the other Lovecraft horror flick! From Beyond! Gave a whole new meaning to ‘giving head’! Lolol

  • Years ago I ran into a woman and her daughter who had served a summer internship at Disney World.
    I could not resist the temptation and asked the woman, “Did Disney Corporation let your daughter look at Walt Disney’s frozen body?
    The woman, her daughter and the bank teller all howled with laughter!

    In 2002 the Boston Red Sox player Ted Williams died and his head was supposedly removed and frozen for preservation.
    This picture is supposedly the frozen head of Ted Williams.

    The full story:

  • Attention Reader!

    There are two important things regarding Pam:

    1. Pam helped procure minors for Kieth Raniere. Pam’s MO was to hire girls to walk her dog – Kieth then raped the children.

    2. Pam ain’t coming back. Never! Cryogenics destroys all the brain cells during the freezing process. The human brain turns to mush.

    • Hi Anonymous,
      We have heard about Rhiannon and Pam hiring her to walk her dog, but are you aware of any others? That would be of interest to us. Thank you.

      • I agree with Janine.

        To Nic-errrrrr Anonymous:
        We have heard the Rhiannon story. Does Rhiannon actually think that Pam was procuring her for Keith? Why was Keith hiding in broom closets etc if Pam was perfectly fine with him raping Rhiannon?

        Pam is different than most of Ranierre’s followers because she never had the opportunity to defend herself from awful allegations. Just as it was enlightening to hear Karen U’s version of events, I wish we could have had the opportunity to hear Pam’s version.

        When Janine asks – “are you aware of any others?” it is a great question. Was there a pattern of behavior or is Rhiannon the only example?

      • Hi Janine-

        I don’t have any information aside from what I’ve read on the Frank Report.

        The web mod. NutJob has all the answers.

    • Pam Cafritz groomed children for sex with Keith!? How many witnesses and victims are suspected? Can Frank Report track them down?

      Janine, I look forward to more on this. There must be people who know more. Can you interview Lauren? She seems to be turning over a new leaf. She may be will fess up more info. She probably has 1000’s of secrets eating away at her soul and just needs the right forum to tell all about the deeds of her “Community”.

  • They Saved Hitler’s Brain

    1h 32mins in glorious B&W

    “At the end of World War II, Nazi officials spirited the living head of Adolf Hitler out of Germany to a hiding place in the South American country of Mandoras, in order to revive the Third Reich at a later date. By the 1960s these men believed the time had come… “

    • Thankfully, some enterprising individual edited the movie down to include only those scenes depicting der Führer’s head, and posted the result on YouTube, saving me 1h 28mins that I’d never get back.

    • His “Living Head”? How did they accomplish that? His head lived on after he killed himself? Please elaborate?

    • Jeremy Bentham, father of Utilitarianism, had his head preserved and placed between the feet of his waxwork effigy, all neatly set in a glass case, to sit forever in his old alma mater, so that future generations of students could prove its overwhelming usefullness, by nicking the head every fresher’s week – jolly japes for the greatest happiness of the greatest number of people!

  • Hard to find anything good to say here.
    What a load of deluded simps Keith surrounded himself with. What a cesspool of humanity. Easily the worst of the worst of the worst; with cash.

    Good luck with your next incarnation.

  • Pam left Vanturd $8 million and he still maxed out her credit cards after she died!?? What a little ghoul Vanturd is. The Bronfman morons gave him another $150 million? This guy must be horrible with money. What a fucking dingbat.

  • All paid for by Clare I presume. Clare should brake free of Keith’s spell and write a book. It would be a sad story of a privileged life pissed away…

  • Disgusting Vicente lies!
    Disgusting you share private arrangements of peoples death choices !
    Disgusting for years you implied others had something to do with her death !
    And frankly, perhaps a good deal of that 8 million was left to pay for this cryogenic lab? I’m sure its not free to maintain!

    Although this would not be my choice apparently it was hers.
    And Walt Disney for that matter.

    The tactics you employ are as horrendous as his were.
    And you BOTH destroyed plenty.

    • 3wks vs 2 months is the “disgusting” Vicente lie you speak of? Or is there more I’m missing?

      There are still implications of others (Raniere) having something to do with Pam’s death. (see milky white liquid up above) If Raniere had something to do with her death, the cryogenic vault is extremely pertinent.

      Allegations of someone poisoning Walt Disney don’t even exist and we aren’t shaming whoever disclosed his death choices.

      I’d argue and say that Keith destroyed everything himself. Frank Parlato gets the credit but Keith motivated and taunted Frank into his role of destroying Keith’s house of cards. If it wasn’t Frank, Keith would have continued pushing the envelope until someone or something else was given credit for destroying poor Vanguard’s reign.

      May I kindly suggest that you find some tissues and cry it out.

      • Then why after 6 years hasn’t Pam’s brother allowed a testing to verify this claim one way or the other?
        And put this to rest? Along with his sister.

      • “There are still implications of others (Raniere) having something to do with Pam’s death. (see milky white liquid up above) If Raniere had something to do with her death, the cryogenic vault is extremely pertinent.”

        If the milky white liquid was packed with protein, excessive protein could have taxed already compromised kidneys.

      • —Allegations of someone poisoning Walt Disney.

        Nobody poisoned Walt Disney. Are you crazy? I had thought you were one of the sane ones on the
        Frank Report. Boy was I wrong.

    • Actions speak louder than words--Keith demanded breakfast as Pam lay greased in her own sh*t! says:

      Now, now, don’t have a mental breakdown, Lovesick Pet. At least, not until you use your last 2 brain cells to question why the love of your life–the great Vanturd–couldn’t cure Pam’s cancer, being that he was the most intelligent man on earth! Vanturd was so “loving” that when Pam was dying and had defecated in the bed she couldn’t get out of, instead of lovingly cleaning her up immediately and treat her with dignity, he went to Nancy’s house and demanded she make him breakfast first! He sat at Nancy’s table like a pig, scarfing down a huge plate of food covered in Raniere gourmet sauce (99 cent ketchup) and slurping hot coffee, while Pam laid in her own sh*t for HOURS! Are those the actions of an honorable man? No, they are the actions of a selfish narcissist. Open your eyes and ears, you lovesick slave.

      • Says Nancy
        Who has been dropped from suit
        and known to lie, I not a love sick anything, a reader here sometimes, I just think it makes sense to follow through

        • And you think she lied about that. I think that this was probably one of the true statements made by Salzman (N).

    • Dear Anonymous at 11:06 pm,

      “Good news: you heard wrong! With CI, the minimum fee for cryopreservation at CI (which includes vitrification perfusion and long term storage) is $28,000 — a one-time fee, due at time of death. And though the fee can be paid in cash, usually a member has a life insurance policy made that pays the amount to CI upon death. A term life insurance policy in the amount of the minimum fee often costs around $30 per month for a person starting their policy in good health at middle age. Funding at a higher level can be used to defray additional costs, including transportation (which is not included in CI’s base fee) or even a cryonics standby team to perform rapid cooling and cardiopulmonary support upon pronouncement of death.

      Advice from an insurance professional is recommended before selecting a policy.

      A person who wishes to become a Lifetime CI Member can make a single membership payment of $1,250 with no further payment required. If a new member would rather pay a smaller amount up front, in exchange for funding a slightly higher cryopreservation fee later on ($35,000), he or she can join with a $75 initiation fee, and pay annual dues of only $120, which are also payable in quarterly installments of $35. (And such a dues-paying member can upgrade to Lifetime Membership at any time, saving $7,000 and future any dues.) Members at a distance may have to pay local funeral director fees and transportation costs to Michigan to be cryopreserved. These payments are not made to CI, and are not included in the figures outlined above.

      Take a look at our Membership page to find out more. And if you’ve got any questions, or want to talk about making special arrangements? Give us a call at (586) 791-5961 or drop us an email at We’re more than happy to help.“

      • A lifetime member ?
        I don’t got time for this but sounds ridiculous, first upfront fee, the lifetime membership with dues?
        It is cheaper than I imagined though!
        I do know you can just donate your body to science…and cadavers are used to train doctors to save your life.
        Also seems to me if cryotherapy doesn’t allow autopsy then its Not pertinent as Nutjob suggested.
        I certainly don’t think anyone could prove intentional murder here by supplying extra protein, IF in fact thats the case.

    • How do you know this was her wish? And how do you know for certain ANYTHING! Ease up! Nobody is pointing fingers. Just stating what they thought. Like you.

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