NXIVM Round-up: Michele Hatchette Gets Married; Dossier Women Unite in NYC; Edmondson Speaks About Cult ‘Brain Hijacking’

Tully Makes the Cover of CIO Views Magazine

CIO magazine is a platform focused on business strategies, technological hacks and innovation, and provides a source of motivation for readers by “highlighting the journeys of successful business leaders.”

Judging from his likeness on the cover of CIO Views, Tully may be the attorney who turns things around for Raniere.

Tully appears on the March cover of CIO Views magazine. He is not alone. There are 46 other covers, with 46 other people who also made the March cover of CIO.

Tully’s story is told on CIO website.

He makes several good points, including:

The dirty little secret within the criminal justice system that Tully has bravely been forthright about throughout his career is that the prosecution team is composed of a monolithic political triumvirate composed of law enforcement, prosecutors, and all too often, judges. Facing the full might and resources of the state, the average person accused of criminal charges is standing in the path of a lumbering juggernaut intent on crushing those who are unlucky enough to be in its path. Sometimes the motivation is for political gain, and sometimes charges are filed, and cases are pursued because … that’s just how power works.

Tully explains, “Everyone has heard, ‘Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. But even more fundamental than that is a quote from Frank Herbert, author of Dune, ‘All governments suffer a recurring problem: Power attracts pathological personalities. It is not that power corrupts but that it is magnetic to the corruptible. Such people have a tendency to become drunk on violence, a condition to which they are quickly addicted.’”

Raniere’s Restitution Appeal Sent Back to Garaufis

In a recent photo on the Dossier Project’s Instagram, four of the six remaining women gathered for an in-person pow-wow, despite living in different cities.

A Reddit poster shared concerns over the in-person gathering, saying, “I’m honestly worried for the people in the photo. Having an in-person meeting could be interpreted as a paranoid demand for shows of fervor in the wake of [Nicki] Clyne leaving. Also FWIW, Hatchette mentioned Assata Shakur in her last video; I don’t want to touch the politics of that at all, but the features of radicalization are coming into focus.”

Shakur was convicted of murdering a policeman, and with the help of the Black Panthers, escaped from prison and took refuge in Cuba.

Since Keith Raniere remains in the SHU in a maximum security prison, it’s unlikely he can easily direct the DOSsier slaves, but we’re waiting with bated breath for what the women are, as they said in a recent video, “cooking up in the kitchen.”

If their hero Shakur is an indication, perhaps they are planning a prison break. But then again, all these women have careers and lives to live.

Would they risk all to save their Grandmaster, Keith Raniere?

Sarah Edmondson Says She Felt Guilty For Bringing in “So Many People”

The Vow: SARAH EDMONDSON talks NXIVM & Guilt as Top Recruiter

Sarah says, “I’ve been out now for five and a half years, and there was certainly a time when even the desire to clean up my mess and fix things was certainly driven from a very, it’s almost like, you know, the whole thing of me being in NXIVM was an ethical breach that I had to fix, you know and that and that, and feeling guilty and beating myself up about making the decision and bringing in so many people, and that’s such a huge colossal public fuck up and then one of my cult therapists was like, ‘you can clean up your mess without feeling shitty about yourself and that was a shift.'”

Edmondson on “Cult Mom” Case

Cult survivor hopes Vallow trial can educate on manipulation | Elizabeth Vargas Reports
Sarah Edmondson, as a “cult survivor,” appears on Elizabeth Vargas Reports to weigh in on the Lori Vallow trial.
Lori Vallow and her husband, Chad Daybell, are charged with murder and grand theft in the 2019 deaths of Vallow’s two children and Tammy Daybell. Lori has been called the “cult mom” due to prosecutors claiming the couple referred to each other as Biblical figures named James and Elena and discussed their beliefs that people can have light or dark spirits — some so dark that they could be considered zombies, prosecutors said.
Elizabeth Vargas asked Edmondson to compare her involvement in NXIVM to a murder case.

Worse than brainwashing

Vargas told Edmondson that in cults followers’ brains can actually be hijacked.
Edmondson agreed. “That’s true. It’s amazing to really get the scope of what your entire belief system can accept when you’re in a cult.”
Edmondson appears to suggest that the alleged murderous mother, Lori Vallow, might have had her brain hijacked by the man [always the man] and might have been a victim herself of undue influence and hence killed her own children.
“In this case, Lori Vallow accepted some extreme assumptions, including that her husband had a direct line to God and was a prophet himself,” Edmondson said.
Here are more Edmondson insights:
“What drove us in NXIVM might be slightly different… but what is true for everybody is we want to do good in the world.”
“Being isolated, feeling special, having a righteous connection to the mission of the group, having an us vs. them mentality… It’s the same steps of indoctrination… In any cult, there starts out something that’s really good and it ends up as something really tragic.  In our case we were able to see it before it got to that level… but I think that the templates of abuse are the same processes of indoctrination from the beginning: love bombing, like you said, isolation, us vs. them, and believing in insane, out of this world beliefs, as we see with Lori.”

Suneel Becomes “Content Creator” with Latest NXIVM Video

To attempt to link the alleged FBI tampering in the Raniere case to other popular people and issues, Suneel Chakravorty is making videos. You can hear Suneel’s melodic voice narrating over captions and stock video scenes

Minka Kelly Mentions NXIVM in New Book

In her soon-to-be-published memoir, actress Minka Kelly provides details of her childhood and early 20s. 

She describes making a “raunchy” tape as a teen.

“I hardly even remembered making the tape… I’d become such a master at leaving my body when things were uncomfortable.”

It turns out her ex-boyfriend, Rudy, kept the tape.

He also convinced her to get a tattoo of her lip print “on the side of my pubic mound.”

She wrote, “Little did I know I’d spend the rest of my life explaining to new lovers what the mark was, lying to everyone… I was too ashamed to admit the truth. I’d been so dependent on a man I’d let him brand me as [if] I was a member of the NXIVM cult.”

Minka later bought the sex tape from Rudy for $50,000 to avoid it leaking to the press.


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    • If you look into the company it’s somewhat shady then again what financial company isn’t.

      Most financial companies would not hire a cult and pedophile(Raniere) advocate. It’s odd.

      • Isn’t “Financial Symmetry Group” full if ex ESP NXIVM PPL? Doesn’t FSP do nxivm trained methods?

    • “Lenox Advisors, Inc. (Lenox) is a wholly owned subsidiary of NFP Corp. (NFP), a financial services holding company, New York, NY. Securities and investment advisory services offered through qualified registered representatives of MML Investors Services, LLC. Member SIPC. 90 Park Ave, 17th Floor, New York, NY 10016 …”

      … Robert L Rosen, founder and chairman of the six-month-old NFP, described his firm’s concept as a producer group with the added element that member firms have an equity share in NFP and will be able to obtain capital infusions from it, if needed,” wrote Carole Ann King for National Underwriter Life & Health in April 1999 …

      … By around mid-year 2003, NFP had acquired about 138 firms for about $375 million. More than a dozen companies had failed to do what Bibliowicz was attempting, to successfully group independent financial advisers, observed Business Week. “The problem, says Dennis Gallant, of consultants Cerulli Associates, Inc., is that advisers tend to be fiercely independent entrepreneurs who like to work for themselves. ‘It’s like herding cats,’ he says.” Bibliowicz helped keep member firms on a growth track with financial incentives and disincentives …

      … The investigative spotlight of New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer was turned on NFP in 2004. Spitzer was already examining the agreements between insurers and commercial brokers of the three largest brokerages in the country, March & McLennan Inc., Aon Corp, and Willis Group Holdings. NFP’s property and casualty operations licensed in New York, which contributed less than 5 percent of 2003 revenue, was the focus of the probe …”

  • The other women who aren’t free yet
    have no idea how fooled they are.

    NXIVM was a sophisticated political operation designed to make very smart people abandon their intuition. First reactions and gut instincts are gifts. Our intuition is often more helpful than our other senses — and anyone questioning NXIVM’s goals got a quick Exploration of Meaning (EM) to keep them on the plantation.

    Sure, everyone was a slave, but weren’t they all masters, too?

    Jacqueline Breger isn’t a slave, at all. She’s also not anyone’s Master. She’s “a forensic investigator with the Harris/Thaler Law Corporation and holds a master’s degree in marketing and honors degrees in finance, financial accounting, business, statistics, economics and business strategy“ who presented information to Arizona’s Joint Senate Elections Committee and House Municipal Oversight & Elections Committee on February 23, 2023 about corruption in America.

    Sure, government officials worked with drug cartels in the past. The Iran-Contra drug deals were all over the news in the 1980s. The poppy fields of Afghanistan were in the news after that and before those drug deals, opium built this great nation.

    Maybe what Jacqueline said about the corruption is true, but maybe she just needs an EM to accept what’s happening?

    Arizona Rep. Liz Harris is apparently the elected official who invited Jacqueline to speak at that committee hearing. Rep. Liz Smith went against the official narrative and wasn’t offered an EM. She was expelled. Wouldn’t an EM be a kinder, gentler option?

    According to Julia Mueller at The Hill, “The Arizona House Ethics Committee determined that Harris broke state rules by inviting constituent Jacqueline Breger to give a presentation that alleged schemes of “money laundering, drug trafficking and sales, public corruption, bribing of public officials, and election fraud” by public officials, government employees and others.”

    True freedom is a good thing. Objecting to corruption in government is a good thing. Speaking up is a good thing.

    John Thayer is a lawyer from Arizona specializing in “forensic investigations including document and data review using proprietary algorithms to solve mysteries and to develop appropriate litigation strategy. This is where the needle is discovered in that haystack.” According to Elaine Buxton on Substack, “Forensic investigators John Thaler and Jacqueline Breger spent the last 3-4 years investigating massive racketeering networks and corruption in Arizona and other states. Part of their findings revealed criminal activities related to the November 8, 2022 Arizona elections, including governor, secretary of state, and attorney general.”

    Do John Thayer and Elaine Buxton need a few EMs?

    In Rose Minutaglio’s article for ELLE magazine in 2019, she wrote “… the LeBaron family’s community is where ex-NXIVM leader Keith Raniere “recruited young women to work as nannies in an upstate New York compound run by the accused cult — suggesting at least in part that the jobs would get the girls away from their home region’s drug violence, according a man hired by Raniere to produce a documentary about the group.”

    The Houston Chronicle reports that NXIVM’s ties to the Mormon community came up in May during NXIVM defector and documentary filmmaker Mark Vicente’s testimony. According to the outlet, Vicente’s testimony revealed how Raniere “created a ‘girls school’ for Mexican teenagers, many of whom were recruited from within the LeBaron community to live in the Albany area under the care of a ‘first-line slave’ for Raniere …”

    Rose Minutaglio doesn’t need an EM. Neither do Michele, her husband or anyone else.

    Michele feeling free enough to marry is a good thing. May she free herself totally and write a book to tell us all she knows. The world needs more farms, more haystacks and fewer needles. 🌼

    • A tattoo and a brand are two different things. Tattoos are fairly easy to remove.

      A brand is essentially permanent. In order to remove the scarring from suffering a serious burn, it requires cutting into the flesh and another scar.

      Getting a brand that you chose and are fully informed about is also very different from being lied to about a symbol and later finding out it is a man’s initials near your vagina.

      Especially because you were told that no men were involved in an all-female group. And that same man has recordings of you naked being branded and in pain for his own pleasure that you do not know we’re being sent to him. Recordings that she is on record saying we’ll be used for collateral AKA blackmail.



    • AGREED.




      Actually, I’m still here jackass!

      Also, I’m not concerned about this at all! It’s very typical for some Frenchy kike to shit where they eat in regards to their warfare tactics of miscegenation to destroy our country! This is not a true inheritor of our country!

      Second of all, even if this was a true inheritor our country, it is a much different when a white man marries a black woman than a white woman marrying a black man. Especially since the male typically carries the dominant gene. Thomas Jefferson had a niggress for a wife.

      But even then, it is permissible as long as, at best, they don’t have children, or limit themselves to one mongrel child.

      It’s a different situation.

      Sorry to disappoint the American illiterate of what I believe!

      And Snorlax! I’m getting really tired of your fat ass! Move on and stop obsessing over me and feeling the need to run your mouth about me before you get hurt!

      • PatriotGod-

        After watching the video of you skate boarding I now understand why your so angry. Maybe you should try playing in traffic.

  • Planned Parenthood communications director commits suicide – after ‘police launch child porn investigation into him’ and raid his apartment building
    Tim Yergeau, 36, took his own life five days after a botched police raid in connection to child pornography at his New Haven, Connecticut home
    Yergeau had been working as the marketing and communications director at the Long Wharf Theatre and previously worked for Planned Parenthood
    Yergeau’s neighbor, Stacey Wezenter, said she was traumatized when officers broke down her door and handcuffed her before realizing their mistake
    The former director of strategic communications at the Southern New England branch of Planned Parenthood took his own life amid a child porn investigation in Connecticut this week.

    Police have not named abortion advocate Tim Yergeau, 36, as the suspect in the probe but confirmed that the man who committed suicide in the apartment building was a suspect.

    Yergeau, 36, took his own life, five days after an apparent botched attempt by police to take him into custody. Investigators broke down the door of his neighbor in New Haven, Connecticut and handcuffed her before realizing they had raided the wrong apartment.
    ‘The person who died was definitely the suspect in a child pornography investigation and the person who committed suicide,’ New Haven Police Chief Karl Jacobson told the New Haven Register.

    Yergeau appeared to post regularly on social media until December 2022. Pictures of his godchildren, family, friends, and work events lay bare his life in the months prior to his death.

    • ShadowState-

      Why would a pedophile be pro-choice and protect abortion?

      In other words, wouldn’t the pedophile want more children to be born not less?

      Shadow it doesn’t make any sense you f’ing moron.

      • Sorry, this page isn’t available.
        The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed. Go back to Instagram.

    • It’s back up.

      Nah, I heard he is from France? Teachers are decapitated in France for showing a cartoon of Muhammad. Berkeley isnt there quite yet.

      • I don’t know but I Do know Danielle didn’t!!
        And punishing 3x over still isn’t enough for Sarah, she’s a bit too vindictive for my tastes.
        Almost like Kieth

        • Interesting, Anon 9.35, that you mention Danielle. She wasn’t mentioned in the comment made at 1.35pm. Would you care to comment further?

          My point is that Sarah did not ask anyone to seduce Keith, though Nicki has been accused of this in the amended motion.

          Not even sure Danielle had any slaves. She’s just on the list for branding (battery).

  • Question: Did Sarah make it through her appearance without crying? She is really good at the cracking voice/sniffling on cue thing.

    • Sarah is reprehensible. She recruited so many people into NXIVM who had their lives destroyed. Her and Nippy are deplorable human beings. She has a perpetual victim mentality, yet she lined up slaves for Vanturd to abuse. Someone should file a lawsuit against Sarah.

      BTW, WE WANT MORE DAMON BRINK!!!!!!!!!!!

      Can you guys get Brink to do an interview? I’d love to hear his current views on NXIVM, Vanturd, Sarah, Dossier, etc. He is so fascinating. I loved the weird word-salad on his website. Which, is no longer working?!? Did he shut down letsnotbefrank.com ? I’m getting an error. Someone, please find out!!


      • Sarah recruited over 2000 people because for many years she believed in the product she was selling. When she found out what it was an abusive sex trafficking operation for Raniere, she took a great risk in leaving DOS and contacting those she had recruited to advise them all to leave. She also shut down her centre in Vancouver.

        She was the only person in DOS to have collateral released.

        Fortunately, some people have integrity. And guts.

        • “great risk in leaving”

          Which is the greater risk? Leaving NXIVM or leaving Scientology?

          How many have been punished for refusing to join NXIVM?

          How many were threatened?

          How many killed by ESP / NXIVM criminal networks?

  • To Michele with one ‘L’
    And Jerome siting in a tree.
    It sure as hell ain’t in A-L-B-A-N-Y

    Good luck and masses of joy, move to France,

  • What is the point of Raniere trying to rescind the restitution? Does he think there’s even a chance of that happening? It’s seems he’s trying to anger and irritate everyone.

    Was it his 3 million or Bronfman money?

  • “… According to Instagram, Michele Hatchette got married on Friday April 14. In what looks like a casual outdoor wedding, with the groom wearing a short-sleeved shirt and Michele wearing a simple white summer dress, the bride carried a bouquet of feathers …”

    “… In a recent photo on the Dossier Project’s Instagram, four of the six remaining women gathered for an in-person pow-wow, despite living in different cities. A Reddit poster shared concerns over the in-person gathering, saying, “I’m honestly worried for the people in the photo. Having an in-person meeting could be interpreted as a paranoid demand for shows of fervor in the wake of [Nicki] Clyne leaving …”

      • Dear rolling eyes,

        Sorry – the wedding obviously wasn’t a pow wow and my joke obviously wasn’t funny. My point: they were probably together celebrating Michelle’s wedding and the Reddit poster probably didn’t know Michele got married.

  • It is always the man. Men do the evil in the world. Lori Vallow would never have killed her children. Her husband made her believe she had to for he was the prophet. She should not be charged. Men do these evil and lie all the time.

    Women should never be doubted.

  • ... problem + reaction = solution ... Knights of the Golden Circle; KKK; Black Panthers; BLM; Antifa; NXIVM ... says:

    “… New Haven, which was the headquarters for the B.P.P [Black Panthers Party] in ‘April and May of 1969 …”

    “By Diane Henry
    Special to The New York Times
    March 1, 1978

    NEW HAVEN, Feb. 28—A newly released memorandum from the Federal Bureau of Investigation discloses that the agency kept telephone records of the Black Panther headquarters here during the time that Alex Rackley, a Panther member, was murdered.

    The memorandum was obtained unaer a freedom-of-information request by lawyers in a civil suit representing dozens of people who believe they were overheard in an illegal wiretapping operation here by local police during the late 1960’s and 1970.

    John Williams. a lawyer, said he believes the memorandum represented the “first proof, black-and-white evidence,” that the New Haven police or the F.B.I. had wiretaps on the house where Mr. Rackley was being tortured for three days and where plans were made for his murder. He was murdered in May 1969.

    Asked if there were any other possible conclusion that could be drawn from the memorandum, John Devine, the head of the New Haven F.B.I. office, said, “If I were you I would make that same observation.” However, Mr. Devine said he did not have a copy of the memorandum in question and was at disadvantage in discussing it. He contended, however, that the bureau did not have a wiretap, legal or illegal, on Black Panther headquarters at that time.

    The memorandum lists “telephone numbers and subscribers of several numbers which were contracted from tele phone 3 (787‐5566) in New Haven, which was the headquarters for the B.P.P [Black Panthers Party] in ‘April and May of 1969.” The memorandum is dated June 19, 1969, however the Panthers moved their headquarters within days of Mr. Rackley’s murder.

    It is possible to log telephone numbers without taping conversations by using machine called a “pen register,” however such machines are commonly used with tape recorders, as was the established case with the local police wiretaps.

    No one has made any substantive charge or produced evidence that the F.B.I.’ or the Police Department had knowledge of the Rackley torture and murder plans even though evidence of wiretapping during that time appears to exist.

    Mr. Rackley’s murder resulted in the arrest of 14 Black Panthers, including the national co‐chairman Bobby Sealo During the trial in 1970 thousands of protestors trom across the country ra- lied on the New Haven Green. The trial of Mr. Seale and his co‐defendant, Ericke Huggins, were freed by a hung jury.

    The three telephone numbers attached to the memorandum were supplied by the F.B.I. in response to a specific F.B.I. request on the Hill Parents Association.

    The memorandum obtained by Mr. Williams was addressed to the special agent in charge of the F.B.I. office in New Haven, however the author’s name was blotted out.”

    • “… The effort was part of his secret (and often illegal) COINTELPRO program, which a US Senate investigation exposed as “a sophisticated vigilante operation. …

      Connecticut Panthers knew the police and feds spied on them, but the declassified files also showed that the US Army’s 108th Military Intelligence group watched the Panthers as well. The army had a secret office in the Hartford Federal Building and shared its findings with other government agencies. The military spies kept tabs on 100,000 citizens nationwide, a 1972 congressional committee discovered.

      Spurred by fears of the militant Panthers, the New Haven police department illegally wiretapped 3,000 citizens and small businesses. A 1977 lawsuit uncovered the surveillance, which the department said the FBI approved. The Bureau disavowed knowledge of the wiretaps. In a 1984 settlement agreement, however, a jury awarded $1.75 million to 1,200 people who found their phones tapped by authorities …”


      Author Tom O’Neill:

      “My book, CHAOS: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties, covers a lot of ground, police and prosecutor corruption, secret and mostly illegal government counterintelligence operations against American citizens (like the CIA’s MKUltra and CHAOS, and the FBI’s COINTELPRO), and, yes, the Manson Family murders of 1969.“

      • In the article “Tully Emails AUSA Hajjar; Demands Evidence He Claims DOJ Withheld” posted April 17, 2023

        “… 2. CART evidence receipts for all devices seized from 8 Hale Drive on March 27, 2018 … 1) … Camera … 3) One book “History of Torture” … 9) One CD titled “Heaven in Exile” … 32) box of white pills … “

      • Did Jaime Gomez ever meet Jolyon West? Note the same 🚩 patterns in the NXIVM cult.

        Tom O’Neill’s book tracks the connections from Jolyon West to Roman Polanski’s associates in Los Angeles.

        “Holy Hell director Will Allen worked closely with Michel for years, but only discovered bits and pieces about the cult leader’s life. Some members of the cult believe that Michel was involved with the “dark arts” and pornography. The only definite piece of information about Michel was that he was an extra in Rosemary’s Baby. CNN uncovered that Michel was born Jaime Gomez, the son of a wealthy Venezuelan rancher. He went on to be a ballet dancer before setting his sights on becoming a star.”

        “Michel’s followers weren’t just working for him or working out with him. They came to the cult leader 🚩 in search of enlightenment, which he gave to them during weekly 🚩 hypnotherapy sessions. These sessions, or “cleansings,” were required, and they cost $50 per meeting. In the sessions, 🚩 the followers told Michel everything about themselves, and 🚩 many of the men were subjected to sexual assault, which was written off by the leader as a kind of remedy. Followers 🚩 were expected to go to weekly sessions, 🚩 which went on for years. 🚩 Michel may have made somewhere around $100,000 a year when membership was at its peak.”

        🚩“The slaves were expected to be on call for Michel 24/7.”

        “After a member of the Austin Buddhafield sent a mass email to the group with 🚩 an allegation of sexual abuse, the cult quickly dissolved.“

        “In order to pay for rent and cleansing sessions in both Los Angeles and Austin, 🚩 many members of the group had to work menial jobs. After leaving the group, at least one person had less than $50 to their name.”

        “From the earliest stages of the Buddhafield, 🚩 Michel banned his followers from having sex … The followers may have said they were staying away from sex, but 🚩 Michel was actively preying on them.”

        “Michel believed in the importance of the human form and 🚩 wanted his followers to look like the perfect people. He made them work out for hours, eat clean diets …”


  • What happened to the lifetime vow to only Vantard??
    Did she get permission to get married??
    Sounds like an ethical breach to me lmao!

    • If she did get a waiver from Vanturd, I wonder how it was communicated. I think there is an existing injunction for ex-NXIVM members contacting him and vice versa.

  • New DOS/Michelle Haiku:

    Disappointing spring
    She married a lil soy-boy
    I would still bang her

    Michelle, it’s ok baby. We can still meet up and get down. I will give you an “Intensive” that will have your eyeballs rolling into the back of your head. There is nothing Vantard and your new soy-boy can do to please a woman like I can do. Trust me on that one. I am DTF 24/7 for you, so just let me know.

    Michelle, HMU on Frank Report.

    ~ Pilgrim

      • Beard not much of a problem for me to grow. Its the receding hairline that really fuglies up my appearance. My head is kinda shaped like one of the creatures in Aliens.

  • “new failings… er… filings from Raniere’s attorneys”
    I love it!

    As for Tully and the other 46 shamelessly self-promoting people who paid to put their mugs on the March cover of “CIO Magazine”, whatever happened to modesty? Whatever happened to honesty? I just bet Tully has a framed copy on the wall in his office. And a few copies of his self-published “book” prominently on display.

    It’s pathetic.

  • A medley of comments just for fun:
    1. Congrats to Michele H (sincerely meant. She seems like a nice woman).
    2. SHU better check on KR’s health though: a slave having congregation with another man might kill him, or so he claimed. Although, see point 4 about ‘insane beliefs’ below.
    3. Wonder how much Mr Tully (along with the other 46 people) paid for the front cover of CIO. Probably a lot cheaper than Time or Forbes.
    4. “…. the templates of abuse are the same processes of indoctrination from the beginning: love bombing, isolation, us vs. them, and believing in insane, out of this world beliefs.” (insane beliefs, like you were bred for spare parts for your brother or that your wife is the ‘reincarnation’ of your mother). Someone needs to tell the british prince.
    5. So now Suneel is specifically accusing an agent called Maegan Rees of tampering in the R’s case? Proof? or libel?
    These little titbits are actually fun. Keep them coming.

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