Rule 33 Filed: FBI ‘Engaged in Perjury and Criminal Tampering to Frame Raniere’

Keith Raniere filed a rule 33 motion today. Joseph Tully, Raniere’s latest of a series of attorneys, filed it. The motion is now before Raniere’s trial judge, Nicholas G. Garaufis. 

There may be a legal technicality here, since Raniere is also appealing his conviction before the US Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit, and they have not yet rendered a decision on his appeal (The oral arguments in the appeal were held on Tuesday, May 3rd).

This may mean the Rule 33 motion will be on hold until Raniere’s appeal is decided. However, even if that is the case, Raniere was required to file the Ruel 33 motion no later than June 19, 2022 – the three-year anniversary of his conviction.

 It is now on record and is a timely filing. But nothing may come of it for months, as the 2nd Circuit considers Raniere’s appeal. 

The Rule 33 motion begins with a quote above the text from Dr. J. Richard Kiper.

Dr. J. Richard Kiper PhD.

“In my 20 years serving as an FBI agent, I have never observed or claimed that an FBI employee tampered with evidence, digital or otherwise. But in this case, I strongly believe the multiple, intentional alterations to the digital information I have discovered constitute evidence
manipulation. And when so many human-generated alterations happen to align with the government’s narrative, I believe any reasonable person would conclude that evidence tampering had taken place.”

From there on in, it is a peon of castigation.

Tully begins:

Keith Raniere’s attorney, Joseph M. Tully.

Tully: In its prosecution of Keith Raniere, the government manufactured child pornography and planted it on a computer hard drive to tie it to him. Additionally, the government falsified, fabricated, and manipulated all the key evidence it used to convict Mr. Raniere of the most heinous crimes he was charged with, that is, possession of child pornography and sexual exploitation of a child – for purportedly taking twenty-two contraband photographs in 2005.

Such extensive government tampering renders the critical pieces of evidence used to convict him of these charges incompetent, unreliable, and invalid. The government’s conduct here not only shatters rights inherent in the concept of ordered liberty, but it also shocks the conscience.”

The 22 photos of Camila, which the government proved to a jury, were taken of her when she was 15. Camila did not testify. The government relied on FBI expert witnesses who testified on forensic evidence used to date the photographs to 2005, when Camila was 15.

Raniere’s Rule 33 relies, in turn, on three expert witnesses. Dr. J. Richard Kiper, Ph.D., a retired FBI Special Agent, is the top expert. Two other experts support him. Steven M. Abrams, JD, MS, and Wayne B. Norris, “accomplished forensic analysts in their own right,” agree with Dr. Kiper’s findings.

Kiper is quoted a second time: “My analysis demonstrates that some of these alterations definitely took place while the devices were in the
custody of the FBI. Therefore, in the absence of any other plausible explanation it is my expert opinion that the FBI must have been involved in this evidence tampering.”

Keith Raniere’s attorney, Joseph M. Tully.

Tully: All three experts agree that the electronic evidence in Mr. Raniere’s trial was extensively manipulated while in FBI custody and that it was falsified to fit the government’s narrative of criminal conduct. This newly discovered evidence of illegal tampering by the government is conclusive, indisputable, and shocking.

The experts’ key findings are:

1. During the execution of the search warrant at 8 Hale Drive, Halfmoon, New York, on March 27, 2018, FBI agents initially ignored several areas with evidentiary items in the downstairs of the residence, went upstairs, ignored several more areas, and then went straight to the study area, where the very first two evidentiary items they collected just happened to be the Canon digital camera with its compact flash card, hereafter “CF card” and a Western Digital hard disc drive, hereafter “WD HDD.”


Canon Camera


Lexar camera card similar to the one seized at the executive library of Keith Raniere.


The actual hard drive seized by the FBI.

These two evidentiary items [the camera and camera card were seized as one item] also just happened to be the only two pieces of digital evidence used to prove the alleged contraband, which just happened to be discovered over ten (10) months later.

2. The backup folder on the WD HDD where the contraband photographs were placed has all the hallmarks of fraud. The names of subfolders within this backup folder were manually altered to look autogenerated in a manner that comported with the government’s narrative that the photos were taken in 2005. The government used this 2005 date to establish some of the photos as contraband.

Further, the photographs’ metadata within these subfolders were also manually altered to comport with the government’s 2005 narrative. Additionally, the backup itself was not done in a manner consistent with a user backup and is only plausibly explained by someone planting the alleged contraband photographs on the WD HDD inside a backup folder that they mistakenly backdated to 2003, rather than the photographs being there due to a legitimate automated backup.

3. Despite being the first items seized, the camera and CF card were not checked into the forensics lab until 332 days – ten months and 26 days later. During that time, two FBI Special Agents, hereafter “SA,” Maegan Rees, and Michael Lever, broke protocol and checked the camera and CF card out of Evidence Control twice for a total of 24 days, even though FBI policy strictly prohibits the agents from examining either of the devices before such devices are examined by a forensics examiner in a forensic lab.


The FBI’s Digital Evidence Policy Guide: content review of digital evidence, hereafter “DE” is authorized only after DE is processed by authorized personnel… Content review of original DE is prohibited by those not trained and authorized by the Operational Technology Division, hereafter “OTD.”


Special Agent Michael Lever checked the camera card out of evidence control on Sept. 19, 2018.

4. At least once, while the CF card was in SA Lever’s custody, it was accessed improperly, without authorization, and was altered. It was
undoubtedly tampered with, as the thumbnails of a brunette impossibly became thumbnails of a blonde.

5. All three experts, who have over 100 years of technical experience combined, conclude that the only reasonable explanation for the plethora of anomalies on the WD HDD and the CF card – which all support the government’s narrative – is that the government, acting with
malfeasance, tampered with the evidence – destroying, constructing, and altering it.


According to the Rule 33 motion, Steven M. Abrams, J.D., M.S is a licensed attorney, a retired State Constable in South Carolina, and an expert in digital forensics, which he has taught to police and military organizations around the world. He has used the forensic tool programs at issue in this case for nearly 20 years.
Wayne B. Norris has served as an expert witness in more than 100 technology-related cases in federal, state, and municipal courts. He currently specializes in digital forensics.

This newly discovered evidence of tampering and purposeful fabrication constitutes a due process violation necessitating, a new trial because the government obtained a tainted conviction of Mr. Raniere by using evidence that the government knew or should have known was false.

Keith Raniere Black and White
Keith Raniere in his library where the hard drive was found.


Parlato: The list of allegations of foul deeds and nefarious conduct by the government is almost as long as the government’s list of venal and heinous crimes alleged and proven against defendant Raniere.

Here are a few:

  1. The government manufactured child pornography and planted it on a computer hard drive
  2. The government falsified, fabricated, and manipulated all the key evidence
  3. Extensive government tampering
  4. The government’s conduct… shatters rights…
  5. The government’s conduct… shocks the conscience.
  6. Plain evidence of tampering
  7. Illegal tampering by the government
  8. Undoubtedly tampered with
  9. Purposeful fabrication
  10. Use of false evidence
  11. Government criminal activity
  12. Representations regarding the evidentiary chain of custody were false
  13. False testimony
  14. Government manipulation and fraud
  15. The government engaged in perjury and criminal tampering against Mr. Raniere.
  16. Knowingly false.
  17. Tampering of the digital evidence to frame Mr. Raniere
  18. Falsified evidence
  19. Manual alteration of the digital photographic and file system evidence
  20. An unsuccessful attempt to cover that manual alteration

We will dive into the Rule 33 motion in detail in subsequent posts. Read the Rule 33 motion in its entirety

Click to access rule-3-filed.pdf

Read the reports of Raniere’s expert witnesses. They were initially filed with the Second Circuit Court and now with the District Court.

Click to access Kiper_Exhibit_Motion_to_Stay.pdf

Click to access Abrams_Exhibit_Motion_to_Stay.pdf

Click to access Norris_Exhibit_Motion_to_Stay.pdf

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  • Someone explain to me where the FBI got naked images of 15 year old Camila to plant on Raniere’s hard drive and camera card.

    Maybe her hacker sister, Daniela ? Just saying, it’s a possibility, not accusing her.

    • You are not “just saying” you are accusing her. With no data to support that possibility.

      After everything Daniela was put through?

      You honestly believe that Daniela was in posession of naked, graphic photos of her minor sister?

      Are you suggesting that Daniela took kiddie porn of her youngest sibling?

      And then got Cami to claim it was Keith?

      Beyond any logic

  • Your “expert witness,” Steven Abrams, is a legend in his own mind. When I saw that he also lived in S.C., I became curious and did some digging. First of all, his website is an atrocity.

    The only thing he left out of his “professional” timeline was his grammar school accomplishments.

    Then I searched for his office address. No professional office…just a run-down house.

    Bottom line, if he’s everything he and the attorney says he is, he wouldn’t be working out of his dark dingy basement.

    Bless his heart…

  • FBI dirty as sin. They tampered and Dr. Kiper knows how they did it. Why don’t you wake up, you fools? They’ll come next for you.

      • Yet the dead-enders do not support Amber Heard’s 1st amendment right to pen an op-ed.

        And they’ve “heard enough” of Amber’s testimony. Even though she’s only in court because she was legally obligated to participate.

        The dead-enders want “Even the most hated” to have a fair trial. Except not Amber Heard. She’s a lying birch. Because the media says it’s true. Social media hates this woman she does not deserve to be “heard” when she is being sued.

        Amber Heard is not deserving of an unbiased trial. Because she is a hated person whom the dead-enders have a bias toward and they hate. She has to be lying because the media says so and the loudest part of popular opinion is not on her side.

        Do the dead-enders give her the same grace they want for Keith Raniere? No.

        They’ve jumped right into the MEDIA HATE BIAS narrrative and pushed the same party line about Amber Heard before hearing the case.

  • Blah.Blah Blah
    No one but NXIVM Loyalists, Raniere, the people paid to write this report and Frank believe this fairy tale

    Why would the FBI need to make up such evidence?

    They had enough to convince the jury of all charges without the photo of Cami.

    There was no child pornography charges on Raniere’s list of charges at trial.

    Why would the FBI or the DOJ take such a risk? They wouldn’t and they didn’t need to.

    Judge Garaufis will deny this motion. It’s just will he do it sooner or later?

    He might have the motion reviewed.

    He will wait for the government’s response.

    He will not allow Raniere’s cheating game.

  • Dammit – I missed the live stream. Personally I think the Cami pics don’t matter much to the overall KAR case – child porn isn’t one of his charges. His goose is cooked.

    I am def going to read all of Clare’s appeal docs tho. On the one hand I think the life destroying damage she caused – quite zealously and with distinct purpose – funding KAR’s ego to legally bury naysayers was the most egregious to all the Nex victim’s in this case and their livelihoods….. She’s still a brainwashed victim herself. She just had the biggest stick.

    So with that I’m with Frank in taking a look at facts of the charges and at the legitimate fairness of it.

    I personally think she’s the worst but I do think it’s healthy for us all to consider the facts of the punishment.

  • RE Rolling Stone Reporting, Hajjar Masterful Explanation for Camila Abortion Evidence:

    “Hajjar, in turn, argued the abortion evidence was fairly limited in scope, but still valid. She pointed out in particular that medical records tied to the abortion of one of the sisters, Camila, was used to help establish that she was underage when Raniere began a sexual relationship with her.” (Rolling Stone)

    Rolling Stone Raniere Hearing:

    NXIVM losers still lose!

    Besides the Hard Drive, the abortion evidence still proves Keith Raniere committed statuary rape with Camila.

    • Cami appeared at Raniere sentencing.

      She said a lot of things

      Raniere took those pictures of her
      had a sexual relationships with her from the age of 15
      Was groomed by Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere to have this relationship
      Was kept out of school by both of them

      She also had to appeared before Judge Garaufis to say things under oath to receive her victim compensation.

      Those pictures are of her.

      Judge Garaufis knows this.

      The rule 33 is going to be deny

    • “Besides the Hard Drive, the abortion evidence still proves Keith Raniere committed statuary rape with Camila.”

      Ehhh…suggests but doesn’t prove, unless they ran a DNA test on the embryo to prove paternity.

      • Which they can do. But it more than “suggests”. It “supports” that Keith was the father

        Every single communication between Keith and Camila supports that she was a virgin.

        Keith took her virginity when she was a minor child, and he was in his 40s. Camila was isolated from everyone.

        Keith Raniere monitored her every moment.

        When you look at the totality and then Camila’s own words and supporting evidence, it is very obvious that it was Keith who impregnated Camila.

        If Keith lost his mind over Robbie, there would have been hell to pay over any other indiscretion. Certainly, over a pregnancy. And Keith would have brought it up constantly.

        Camila was only allowed to be in the nxivm community and under Keith and Nancy’s thumb. Where/when/how was Camila meeting another male?

        Why wouldn’t any man in the cult who got her pregnant somehow under those extremely unlikely circumstances then come forward now? To free Keith?

        Because it was Keith. There is no other child rapist. No other child pornographer

        It was Keith. No one else even had access to this child.

  • Kiper the disgruntled former FBI administrator bloviates “… in this case, I strongly believe the multiple, intentional alterations to the digital information I have discovered…”

    What alterations? Tully talks of “manufactured” child porn. Is he claiming these photographs of Camila aren’t real? Drawings maybe?

    Someone explain to me where the FBI got naked images of 15 year old Camila to plant on Raniere’s hard drive and camera card.

    And explain how it is that Camila herself says Raniere took the pictures.

    The three stooges that the Raniere cult hired can cite tomes of technical gobbledegook but they can’t explain away those two obvious objections to their lunatic theory.

    Who cares what this Kiper idiot “strongly believes”? The FBI plot they dreamed up makes no sense.

  • Frank is promising that he’ll ‘dive deep’ into this Rule 33 motion soon. Really? LOL.

    Frank has become not only a senile old fool, but he’s also become a wanna-be COMEDIAN too.

    You can’t ‘dive deep’ into a technical matter without consulting with outside experts who weren’t paid by Keith’s legal team.

    Frank is too STUPID to understand how to read technical data by himself. He can barely operate his own iPhone.

    Frank is a relic of times past.

    Frank is almost equivalent to an old dinosaur (and not a raptor or T-rex either, more like a placid herbivore who gets eaten by bigger dinos).

    Frank was conceived in an era of antiquated copulatory technology, such as the faulty buckskin condom which exploded on the very night he was conceived back before WWII (undoubtedly against the true wishes of his parents, who were probably pissed off when the condom exploded and little Frank was set upon the world).

    Anyway… Frank’s idea of ‘diving deep’ (into this motion) is to redundantly recite the credentials of Keith’s experts, while simultaneously kissing their butts without consulting anybody else who might contradict them.

    Frank just recited a huge list of alleged government misdeeds, LOL, in a pathetic attempt to magnify this situation for his ‘dumber’ readers.

    In reality, it’s really just one single allegation (the FBI allegedly tampered with Cami’s photos). The rest is just Frank orchestrating a ‘PR campaign’ at the behest of his NXIVM masters, LOL.

    As I said previously, until we see the government’s response (to this motion) we won’t have access to the OTHER EXPLANATIONS which can also explain this same data.

    I’m relatively sure that after the government responds and refutes these allegations (and proves that they’re frivolous and have no merit), Frank will soon begin saying that the appellate court is working in ‘cahoots’ with this government conspiracy, LOL.

    Frank has become an embarrassment to true journalism.

    Frank has become just a shell of his former self.

    Frank used to be a real journalist from 2017 thru part of 2021.

    Let’s not forget, Frank wrote hundreds of articles from 2017 thru 2021 which he’s recently DISAVOWED (i.e. Frank has recently claimed that hundreds of his own articles were BULLSHIT and UNTRUE, lol).

    Let’s ‘dive deep’ into this issue, shall we?

    From 2017 thru 2021, Frank wrote hundreds of negative articles (collectively) about people like Nicki Clyne, Allison Mack, Danielle Roberts, Kristin Kreuk, Kendra V, Brandon Porter, Karen U, James Del Negro (and many others). When Frank wrote these articles, he claimed that he had REAL SOURCES and REAL FACTS to back them up (otherwise it wouldn’t be real journalism).

    But recently… Frank has told us that we should NOT believe any of those negative stories he wrote about Nicki, Allison, Danielle, Kreuk, Kendra, Karen, Del Negro, and many others. LOL.

    In other words… Frank is saying that ALL of those negative articles are UNTRUE.

    He’s basically admitting that ALL of those negative articles were MADE-UP out of whole cloth, LOL.

    What kind of a ‘journalist’ writes hundreds of articles, but then later admits that he was just BULLSHITTING us and/or using LIARS for ‘sources’?

    Better yet… Why would we believe a so-called ‘journalist’ who can’t even keep track of which of his own stories are true and which are BULLSHIT?

    Here’s some food for thought…

    if Kiper’s allegations are as irrefutable as Suneel is claiming, then consulting an OUTSIDE EXPERT (who isn’t paid by Suneel) will only PROVE Kiper’s allegations and strengthen Suneel’s motion even more, in the eyes of your readers, Frank.

    Yet, you seem to be AFRAID of that, Frank.

    Try consulting an expert NOT paid by Suneel and company. Try consulting an expert who doesn’t have a history of making negative comments about the FBI or government.

    I’m finally understanding why Keith hired Frank, back in 2008, to be NXIVM’s PR guy.

    At first, I was wondering why Keith would hire a guy like Frank, who has almost no qualifications to be a PR guy. He’s a real estate guy.

    But recently, I can see that Frank is acting almost like Dmitry Peskov, in terms of ignoring reality and just repeating whatever nonsense his master wants him to repeat.

    That’s probably the ‘quality’ which Keith recognized in Frank back in 2008, when he hired him as NXIVM’s PR guy. Gotta give Keith credit for that. He sniffed out Frank’s personality flaw immediately.

    • I have to say I’m as baffled as the rest of you when it comes to Kiper’s evidence presented so technically in Tully’s Rule 33 Filing.

      As I said in an earlier post, it’s just too messed up; there are too many anomalies; it smells all wrong – there’s something rotten in the state of Denmark!

      The Deadenders’ claims that it’s all a government conspiracy are part of a narrative they continue to push that seeks to undermine public confidence, not just in Raniere’s conviction, but also in Federal institutions of all kinds – the FBI, CIA, DoJ, NSA, pretty much any three letter acronym associated with Federal power.

      They seek to devolve power to independent states, where local legislatures can impose whatever laws they choose, regardless of people’s basic civil rights. Their ultimate goal I suspect is towards ever increasing anarchy, where a system of communes and cults lay down their own laws, and we all know how that ends…

      To counter their claims I’d like to play Devil’s advocate (no, not Mr Tully!) and outline a little thought experiment which could more realistically account for the evidence they present in their affidavit.

      Here goes…

      Cast your minds back to the end Of DOS. Remember Raniere had bravely run away from Albany with Allison Mack and others to Mexico, not wanting to face the music. Most of the Mexican First Line Masters also took their cue and did the same. The ones that were left were really quite exposed and it wasn’t long before the Feds came a-calling.

      Of course, what the Feds wanted was Raniere, so naturally they would have spoken to anyone senior who was still around and put the screws to them, the stick. The carrot, of course, was the promise of no indictment and an agreement not to deport. Yes, you know who I’m talking about.

      Despite her loyalty to her master, she may well have felt jealous at being left behind and desperately vulnerable being without him for the first time in her cult life; all the others had mostly gone too. She didn’t know he would get a 120 year sentence. How could she? In her own mind he had done nothing wrong. Well, apart from maybe that thing with Camila when she was 15. Her hope was to get him back. Maybe he’d do a little jail time, but after that things would surely get back to ‘normal’. Besides, the prospect of being deported and forever isolated from her master was, in her mind, a fate worse than death itself.

      The plan was set. The Feds knew eventually he would contact her to arrange a rendezvous. All she had to do was take a photo when she was there and put it up on her Instagram page. That was the arrangement. GPS data works especially well in rural areas, and the Feds had established high level cooperation agreements with their Mexican counterparts to move in for the arrest.

      She already knew all about exif data; all social media aficianados do – it’s their way of showing off to their friends about where they’ve been. All she had to do was something like climb a tree and pose for a shot. It was plausible deniability.

      But before that there was something she needed to do at 8 Hale Drive. Raniere had instructed his Chief Collateral Librarian to delete everything in his ‘studies’ room. She couldn’t do that as she’d promised it to the Feds as part of the deal. The best thing to do would be to tamper with the ‘sensitive stuff’ so it could never be used as evidence against Raniere. Perhaps this would one day turn out to be the ultimate Trojan horse if the Feds didn’t do their checking properly, and so it transpired.

      For additional insurance she made copies of whatever ‘collateral’ she could, just in case. So exactly where did Suneel come by his redacted naked photo of Camila?

      The timeline also supports the narrative. The raid on Raniere’s hideout came just days after the photo went up. She even filmed it, though that too may have been part of the deal. Everyone is in various stages of panic, except herself – she’s as cool as a cucumber, as if she were somehow expecting it.

      And then the raid on Hale Drive just a day after that when Raniere was safely in the bag. How did they know exactly where to go? It was as if they had been given very specific instructions by one of the very few people who knew exactly where the hard drive and the camera were located. That person had to have been right at the top, like a ‘collateral librarian’.

      Even in the unlikely event that it can be proven that the exif data was tampered with at the time it was in FBI custody, it could still have been arranged between an FBI handler and their informant for certain favors. Such relationships can often work both ways.

      Now, I’m not necessarily saying any of this is true. All I’m saying is that it sounds to me a lot more plausible that what Mr Kiper is asserting. After all, this version is based on a full MMO model – that’s Means, Motive and Opportunity, which I’m sure he’s also familiar with from his days as a young trainee FBI crime investigator.

      Nicki Clyne, a Fed informant? The mind boggles…

      • Yup. Exactly the kind of scenario that I find plausible as well.

        IF there was any messing about with photo data. IF (and there wasnt. Not a chance of tampering). IF…

        A dead-ender or Keith TRIED to preemptively tamper for insurance.

        And that’s IF there is any changes. Which is doubtful. There is no proving they were made in FBI custody. Could have been prior.

        But more likely it’s all desperate dead-ender bullshyte. Much more likely. Complete cult make believe. Like Keith not being rained upon.

  • Why exactly would the government change a brunet to a blond and how do you know it wasn’t done ahead of time?!?!?!?

  • The FBI knew where to look. That’s not surprising. They are experienced. They did recon. This is one of the most ridiculous parts of the complaint. It is the definition of “frivolous”.

    There is no proof that “tampering” (IF it happened at all. It didn’t.) was “done while the evidence was in in FBI custody”. Zero proof. Nada. Zilch. None. Unprovable.

    Because… IF there was tampering (there was not), it could have taken place prior to the FBI search.

    The absolute fact is that none of the experts for the defense can testify to how/what condition the evidence on the camera/hard drive/ (found in the cookie jar. Or whatever. Ha ha) was prior to the experts seeing it or the FBI locating it.

    Maybe Keith Raniere himself began “tampering” with his own porn cache? Before he fled to Mexico? Maybe Keith Raniere considered deleting his child porn but could not quite bring himself to do so… But messed with it for a little insurance policy? Maybe Keith directed a loyal slave left in Albany to manipulate the images? Maybe a slave who was keeping all the other collateral?

    Maybe Keith called in an order from Mexico? Who knows? Not the experts.

    Didn’t this whole “tampering” theory come from Keith Raniere? And the dead-enders? Maybe it’s something one of them “knows” because they are responsible?

    Why would the FBI “tamper” but not do a thorough job on a high-profile case?

    Even if the FBI had an opportunity, why would they do it? What’s the motive?

    This will go nowhere.

    The FBI did not even need the child porn for RICO. Or to convict vanguard the vain and inglorious.

    Keith doesn’t even think this will work. He just wants to try and eliminate the child porn charge because he believes that he can retain more dead-end followers if they do not have to defend a pedophile.

    Ditto getting new supporters to back his “wrongful conviction” narrative. The sex-trafficking and child porn are the hardest to justify as “consenting adults” nothing to see here blah blah.

    Keith knows that in the highly unlikely scenario that 1 charge gets thrown out tand hat all the other charges will still keep him in prison for life.

  • The live video for the US Court of Appeals for Keith Raniere’s appeal isn’t working and only audio is working! Somebody needs to report this!

  • The leaking of Justice Samuel Alito’s proposed majority opinion on the Roe v. Wade case is a blatant attempt by radical Marxists to bring chaos to America’s streets and pack the US Supreme Court with Communist bots beholden to the Woke Left.

    “Betrayal of Confidences”: Justice Roberts Orders Investigation of Roe v. Wade Leak
    “To the extent this betrayal of the confidences of the Court was intended to undermine the integrity of our operations, it will not succeed.”
    “The work of the Court will not be affected in any way.”

    U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has ordered an investigation into finding the source of the leaked draft majority opinion that would strike down Roe v. Wade.

    “To the extent this betrayal of the confidences of the Court was intended to undermine the integrity of our operations, it will not succeed,” said Roberts in a Tuesday morning statement. “The work of the Court will not be affected in any way.”

    “I have directed the Marshal of the Court to launch an investigation into the source of the leak.”

    Roberts’ statement confirms the authenticity of the POLITICO report that published the draft opinion by Justice Samuel Alito that would overturn Roe v. Wade’s holding of a federal constitutional right to an abortion.

    Attached to Roberts’ statement was a message from the Supreme Court that stressed Alito’s decision was not final:

    “Yesterday, a news organization published a copy of a draft opinion in a pending case. Justices circulate draft opinions internally as a routine and essential part of the Court’s confidential deliberative work. Although the document described in yesterday’s reports is authentic, it does not represent a decision by the Court or the final position of any member on the issues in the case.”

    • Shadow, seems to you’ve been watching the wrong court channel – this is a different case!

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