Bangkok Condemns Frank for Believing Suneel’s Experts on FBI Cheating – Frank Replies

Bangkok, AKA Magoo, is not Dennis Burke. He is a frequent contributor to Frank Report.

Bangkok: Frank promises he’ll ‘dive deep’ into this Rule 33 motion soon. Really? LOL. Frank has become a senile old fool, but he’s also become a wanna-be COMEDIAN. You can’t ‘dive deep’ into a technical matter without consulting with outside experts who weren’t paid by Keith Raniere’s legal team.

Frank: Bangkok, I will start by talking to the paid experts. I want to hear what they say. I have to make a judgment about the lead expert, J. Richard Kiper, retired FBI agent.  Would he cheat or lie for a payday? Would it be worth it for him to ruin his reputation to lie for Raniere?

Dr. J. Richard Kiper


Bangkok: Frank is too STUPID to understand how to read technical data by himself. He can barely operate his own iPhone. Frank is a relic of times past.  Frank is almost equivalent to an old dinosaur, not a raptor or T-rex, more like a placid herbivore who gets eaten by bigger dinos.

Frank was conceived in an era of antiquated copulatory technology, such as the faulty Buckskin condom, which exploded on the night he was conceived back before WWII (undoubtedly against the true wishes of his parents, who were probably pissed off when the condom exploded and little Frank was set upon the world).

Anyway, Frank’s idea of ‘diving deep’ (into this motion) is to redundantly recite the credentials of Keith’s experts, while simultaneously kissing their butts without consulting anybody else who might contradict them.

Frank: I have been looking into cyber forensics. I realize it is a complex and tricky area. There are many levels of it. From the basics of encryption and passwords to hacking Bangkok’s computer.

Bangkok: Frank just recited a huge list of alleged government misdeeds, LOL, in a pathetic attempt to magnify this situation for his ‘dumber’ readers. In reality, it’s just one allegation (the FBI allegedly tampered with Cami’s photos). The rest is just Frank orchestrating a ‘PR campaign’ at the behest of his NXIVM masters, LOL.

Frank: I published the list to show Joe Tully accuses the FBI of criminal conduct. Tully said the FBI manufactured child pornography. They planted it on Raniere’s hard drive. The FBI falsified, fabricated, tampered with, and manipulated digital evidence to frame Raniere. Then they engaged in perjury to put him away. Those are strong words, and guys not in prison put their names on it. Sure, they got paid. But it is still strong.  If they are wrong, they declared war on the FBI.

Bangkok: As I said previously, until we see the government’s response (to this motion), we won’t have access to the OTHER EXPLANATIONS, which can also explain this same data.

I’m relatively sure that after the government responds and refutes these allegations (and proves they’re frivolous and have no merit), Frank will soon begin saying the appellate court is working in ‘cahoots’ with this government conspiracy, LOL.

Frank: It is before the district court – Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, and not the US Court of Appeals.

Bangkok: Frank has become an embarrassment to true journalism. Frank has become just a shell of his former self. Frank used to be a real journalist from 2017 through part of 2021.

Let’s not forget that Frank wrote hundreds of articles from 2017 thru 2021 that he’s recently DISAVOWED. (i.e., Frank recently claimed hundreds of his own articles were BULLSHIT and UNTRUE, lol).

Frank: Would you care to explain?

Bangkok: Let’s ‘dive deep’ into this issue, shall we?

From 2017 to 2021, Frank wrote hundreds of negative articles (collectively) about people like Nicki Clyne, Allison Mack, Danielle Roberts, Kristin Kreuk, Kendra V, Brandon Porter, Karen U, James Del Negro (and many others). When Frank wrote these articles, he claimed he had REAL SOURCES and REAL FACTS to back them up (otherwise, it wouldn’t be real journalism).

But recently, Frank told us that we should NOT believe any negative stories he wrote about

  1. Nicki,
  2. Allison,
  3. Danielle,
  4. Kreuk,
  5. Kendra,
  6. Karen,
  7. Del Negro,
  8. and many others. LOL.

In other words, Frank says ALL those negative articles are UNTRUE. He admits ALL those negative articles were MADE-UP out of whole cloth.

What kind of a ‘journalist’ writes hundreds of articles but later admits he was just BULLSHITTING us and/or using LIARS for sources?

Why would we believe a so-called ‘journalist’ who can’t even keep track of which of his own stories are true and which are BULLSHIT?

Frank: Let’s begin with Allison Mack.


Allison Mack leaving court
I tried to convince her to get away from Raniere. I remember a call I made with Catherine Oxenberg to her agent. This was before the New York Times story came out. I was trying to warn her that this would not end well.
She is a tragic figure. Whatever you can say about any of the women who followed Raniere, you can say about her, except more so. When she bit, she took the whole hook. She was a rising star, and she detonated herself. She is in prison. That’s punishment enough.
I suppose I changed my views as I report the stories. I heard Jessica Joan ask Judge Garaufis to give Allison life in prison at her sentencing, and I shuddered. I had a hand in putting Allison where she was, but life in prison? She did not kill anyone.
Nicki Clyne
Nicki Clyne. I can be friends with someone and disagree about the most important person in their life. Nicki has a hundred good qualities and one flaw – she is blind to Keith’s other side. Maybe that’s a virtue, to be so loyal to a friend that you cannot see any fault in them.
At first, I tried to convince her that Keith was selfish, and his idea for DOS would never have worked. Five thousand women branded with his initials. No one finding out. Everyone keeping DOS a secret. Of course, it was a stupid idea. She told me that when I wrote about DOS, it ended. I am glad I put an end to it. To the extent it deceived people – especially the branding and collateral – it was evil.

At least with Nicki, she didn’t go too far, as Allison did. Nicki did not give out seduction assignments. There were no harsh punishments for slaves. She was not good at recruiting slaves, and the few she did recruit, did not feel abused. That’s why she was not arrested. No one claimed to be a victim.


Danielle Roberts was another woman I got to know a bit. She was an excellent doctor. She was foolish to take part in branding, irresponsible not to tell the women it was Keith’s initials.

When Sarah Edmondson sought to take her medical license away, I thought it was too much. Sarah complained to the NY Office of Professional Medical Conduct.

Sure, it was a terrible thing to do to Sarah – brand her with an asshole’s initials and tell her it was the four elements. But Danielle did not do it. Lauren Salzman did it to Sarah. Lauren was Sarah’s DOS master.

Lauren Salzman and Sarah Edmondson
Sarah wrote a letter to the judge asking for leniency for Lauren. Lauren recruited Sarah into DOS, it was her responsibility to tell Sarah about the brand.
I remember asking Sarah if she would consider helping Daniele. Doing the same for Danielle, not pressing for the revocation of her medical license. Sarah told me Danielle had to renounce Raniere, then she’d consider it. Otherwise, she might be dangerous. Raniere might order her to do something drastic. Sarah said devotion to Raniere is Danielle’s priority. Her medical ethics came second.
That is exactly what the medical board concluded when they took Danielle’s license away.
But Sarah was consistent. Lauren renounced Raniere, then Sarah sought leniency for her. But to take away a person’s livelihood seems more punishment than her crime deserves.
Of course, I wasn’t branded. I’d feel like Sarah if I had. If someone said the brand was the four seasons, and I found it was Bangkok’s initials, it would turn violent.
Kristin Kreuk
I now believe that Girls By Design was not Kristin’s and Kendra’s plan to recruit teen girls for Raniere to fuck. That may have been Raniere’s  plan. NXIVM attracted Kreuk and vice versa. Sharing the teachings with teenage girls was her motivation. Mentoring teen girls was Kendra’s interest.  As for recruiting virgins for Raniere, GBD was a flop. I have yet to discover a single teen girl from GBD who wound up in his sex lair.
Dr. Brandon Porter lost his NYS medical license. .

Brandon Porter is an example of a man whose punishment went too far. I know, I had a hand in him getting fired.  The human fright experiments – the emotions studies. Dumb to think it wouldn’t backfire. But losing your livelihood is going too far.  The man is, from all accounts, an excellent doctor. New York should reinstate him. Permit him to do his highest and best work.

Karen Unterreiner
Karen is a fascinating person. Super smart. She was the first in and one of the last out. Forty years with Raniere. She now sees him as a skunk. So I got to know her a bit. Karen was not in it for evil. She believed in NXIVM. She believed in Raniere. Loved him.
She thought he had a message for the world despite his bizarre lifestyle.
Karen and Susan Dones accepted my invitation to meet Suneel, Nicki, Marc and Eduardo. We met at a diner in Brooklyn. It was a good meeting. In the end, everyone hugged each other and remembered they were all friends once before. To be friends, you do not have to agree on everything.
Jim Del Negro

There was a time when Jim Del Negro and I were friends. I took him to Los Angeles to help me crack a case and recover millions of dollars. We succeeded. When Keith went after me, Jim sided with Keith. So I was a little hard on Jim, but I don’t forget the good times in Albany and Los Angeles. I was glad I got a chance to see him toward the end.

I had not seen him since 2008, then I saw him in 2020 and spoke to him on the phone in 2021. He even wrote a post on Frank Report – on freedom. So when I heard he died, I was sad. I wrote an eulogy. I understand they printed it and passed it around among his family and friends.
I related this before, but I met Jim in New York City. He was in town for Keith’s sentencing. He was with about 20 Raniere supporters who blamed me for Keith being in prison. Twenty of them and I was alone. He was the oldest of the NXIVM group. Here was his opportunity to tell me what he thought of me. I was ready for hard words both ways.
Instead, he acted like when I had seen him last. The smile in his eyes. He said hello in his friendly way, and we shook hands, and 12 years vanished. It is hard to remember anything wrong they ever did when a friend dies, but only the good. That’s how I remember Jim.

Bangkok: Here’s some food for thought. First, suppose Kiper’s allegations are irrefutable, as Suneel claims. In that case, consulting an OUTSIDE EXPERT (who isn’t paid by Suneel) will only PROVE Kiper’s allegations and strengthen Suneel’s motion even more, in the eyes of your readers, Frank.

Yet, you seem to be AFRAID of that, Frank. Try consulting an expert NOT paid by Suneel and company. Try consulting an expert who doesn’t have a history of making negative comments about the FBI or government.

Frank: Not a bad idea. First, I want to understand what the Suneel-paid experts are saying. Then we should get independent experts. The government will have its own experts. I want to hear from them too.

Bangkok: I finally understand why Keith hired Frank in 2008 to be NXIVM’s PR guy. At first, I wondered why Keith would hire a guy like Frank, who has almost no qualifications to be a PR guy. He’s a real estate guy.

D Peskov and V Putin

But recently, I can see Frank is acting almost like Dmitry Peskov, ignoring reality and repeating whatever nonsense his master wants him to repeat. That’s probably the ‘quality’ Keith recognized in Frank in 2008 when he hired him as NXIVM’s PR guy. Gotta give Keith credit for that. He sniffed out Frank’s personality flaw immediately.

Frank: When I was with Keith, his fortunes went up. There was no bad press. Things were getting cleaned up with all the bullshit lawsuits. In LA, I solved some difficult problems. I tried to reconcile Keith with some of his enemies, so he could focus on what he wanted.

I never believed he was the world’s smartest man. So, I was able to help. Keith and I had a falling out. That was because I did things my way. If I had done things his way, which was the insane way, I would have stayed on longer. The pay was great. The people, nice. I even planned to reunite the Bronfmans with their father.
Now on a personal note. Speaking of sniffing out flaws, Bangkok, I know it’s a struggle for you. You still blame me for what happened. You never got over Lauren’s indifference. It’s not that she liked canines better than you. She just preferred dogs she could groom. She never loved you, man. Get over her. Move on.

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  • Frank my one-week boycott of the Frank Report comment section starts tonight.

    I will be gone until next Friday or at which time you apologize to Bangkok and myself.

    During this boycott, I want you to consider the fact that Bangkok, Shadow, and myself have been faithfully coming to your blog for almost 5 years. Think about all of our valuable contributions.

    All three of us have suffered your verbal abuse and flippant treatment.

    • I agree I have been too rough on Bangkok. I got the news that Bangkok has met a terrible fate. I am too heartbroken to say it all right now. But our friend Bangkok is no more.

      I will be announcing it tomorrow. But when you come back, you can read about it. Very sad, when you hear the way he went,

        • Magoo told me the details. It is lamentable. I want to wait till tomorrow since Nice Guy won’t be around for a week.

  • At least Nicki Clyne didn’t go too far? She continues to support a rapist and a pedophile. And I read that Clyne DID give out seduction assignments…

  • Magoo(PiousBangkok),

    This latest writing that you have authored is pure brilliance; nonpareil thought!
    This is your 5th Symphony! You’ve pulled back the curtain, torn down the facade — the great OZ is exposed! The Emperor has no balls!!!

    His cojones fell off! You chaffed and he’s chafing! Pardon the alliteration!

    Frank has been USURPED

    Tehee and ta ta!

  • I can’t imagine that the images/files that Kiper is viewing are the actual files that were entered into evidence. What images/files exactly is he reviewing? Are they files from computer-techy-scoundrel Suneel? Other than the fact that Kiper is going to sing for whatever side is paying him, it doesn’t make sense about which files he is reviewing….

  • To the Dishonorable F’ Parlato,

    RE Your Vitriol Attack on Bangkok:

    You sir, are a wicked and most contemptible scoundrel. Sir, you denigrated the young and chaste Bangkok without cause.

    The poor lad, aged 29, committed NO crime, other than to showcase your LACK of judgement and nonexistent moral compass.

    He embarrassed you and damaged your pride…. You, malcontent!
    …..So you then set upon him, savagely, illicitly, and in a most grotesque manner. You fashioned a club, out of his UNREQUITED love, to CRUSH his indomitable spirit. (The source of his heartbreak the trollop, Ms. Salzman)

    Presently, the whippersnapper cries out afar, in visceral pain, while you sadistically bathe in his lamentations.

    You went so far as to make the allusion that he’s uglier than a dog or a duck’s vulva. YOU KNAVE!

    I repeat, his only crimes were to illuminate your own impurity ignorance, impropriety, idolatry and gross idiocy.

    Do not take umbrage with my words, sir, it’s you, who cast the first stone.
    You’ve gone beyond the pale!

    The POOR tike was lusting after a HPV positive woman with a big schnoz; is that not punishment enough?

    He looked upon you as a father figure and you, knave, stabbed in the back.
    “Et tu Brute?”

    I shan’t chastise you further, knave.

    In protest, to your barbaric act of cruelty, I shall take leave of the Frank report for a 1 week period.

    During said time, you should contemplate your venomous words.
    …And seek forgiveness from God!

    FYI: I shan’t be using my numerous sock puppets either.

    • Other than your uncalled for attack of Lauren, nice post to go out on for the next week.
      What is niceguy doing during his one week boycott of FR?

      1. Checking to see if Danielle Roberts will brand Alanzo’s dazzling headshot on his rumpsteak. (he’ll settle for just the dreamy eyes)
      2. Visiting his fake home in the Hamptons and fake cottage on the Cape.
      3. Taking his imaginary attorney wife on a pretend luxury vaction to the Caribbean.
      4. Wearing his pink hat and doing the wave at Fenway.
      5. Quick studying up on basketball rules in case that team from Boston makes it to the Basketball Cup World Series.
      6. Checking out the new gas station pills and trying to get his underdeveloped left hand to catch up.
      7. Boozefest to celebrate the triumphant return of Bangcock.
      8. Webster reruns and screaming MA’AM, GEORGE!
      9. Shotgunning Narragansett as he listens to acoustic Tracy Chapman.
      10. Practicing more ways to use “knave” in a sentence.

      • NutJob
        I shall indulge you and your whimsical list:

        1. Nope! It’s all Alonzo and you getting tattoos and perhaps riding the seesaw of love. What goes up must ‘come’ down. Mmh!
        2. I have no place in the Hamptons, I wish I had that kind of money. I never said I’m wealthy.
        3. Nonfiction Wife pays otherwise I couldn’t go. Frank knows the Turks and Caicos IP cuz of me. Turks is not part of the Caribbean.
        4. I wear a pink leotard and tutu when I party with Roger Stone.
        5. Boston teams vs Floridian, I’ll take Boston.
        6. Only Chinese made gas stations pills work I use my left hand to walk the “dog” too.
        7. Keg Party!
        8. Wrong! I loved Different Strokes. It takes Different Strokes move the world. Diff’rent Strokes – theme song (longer version) – YouTube
        9. Dead on.
        10. Shakespeare used the word nave 13 times in the Taming of the shrew. (I thought it was 20)
        Now, I must depart for my self-imposed exile.

        I leave on Thursday( Thor’s day) and return on Thursday(Thor’s day).
        I only recently found out where the word Thursday comes from.


      • NutJob!

        When I am in character — please address me as such. It’s been years and you still will not abide by my wishes.

  • I think it’s very human that your feelings evolved about some of the NXIVM people. I also seem to recall that you once wrote words to the effect that once Keith was in jail and the threats to you were neutralized, you could finally exhale, and look at things differently. Not everyone has the objectivity to do that.

    • For some reason, he seemed to have needed to destroy my life. He enlisted Clare Bronfman and Kristin Keeffe to aid him. The first part of my battle was to show the world he was in the wrong. The second part, which is upcoming, is to show that the government became his tool.

  • “The one who has the most joy wins” – Keith Alan Raniere.

    Wins what?
    Why is it a contest?
    Who decided the rules and parameters of this dubious competition?

    When does the contest end? Must you steadily increase or maintain your self-reported joy level the whole time?

    Would an “ethicist” desire winners and losers in the human race?

    Would a true humanitarian want the most joy for the most people? Or just one person?

    Who decides how much other people are experiencing joy versus themselves? Is there a joy judge?

    What if it gives you joy to give other people joy? Is that considered cheating?

  • Frank
    I am just starting to follow this NXIM case. Would like to know your thoughts on Lauren, and how she got off so easily compared to others? And why Sarah is still so loyal to Lauren? Even on her podcast. I mean, as you noted, Lauren was fully responsible for branding her. More than anyone, including Keith. But Sarah is so forgiving of her. Have you discussed this with her? Do you think that Lauren got off easy compared to others?

    • Lauren testified for the DOJ and showed contrition – and hence, she got off Scott-free.

      To put it in perspective:
      The mafia boss Sammy Gravano admitted to murdering 19 people and countless other crimes — after cooperating with the DOJ, he received 5 years in prison.

  • “I so not view abortion as a right. I believe it is a tragedy.”
    Joe Biden

    When the Midterms Are Closing In

    • Abortion is a tragedy until it helps Joe Biden get reelected.
      Then abortion becomes a sacrament.

    Roberts orders leak investigation as court confirms authenticity of draft opinion

    The Supreme Court on Tuesday morning confirmed that a draft opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, published by Politico on Monday night, is authentic. In a press release, the court stressed that the draft opinion, in which a majority of the court appears poised to overrule the Supreme Court’s landmark decisions in Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, is not a final decision by the court. And Chief Justice John Roberts indicated that he has directed the court’s marshal to launch an investigation into the source of the leak.

    In a brief – but itself highly unusual – statement issued in response to the leak of the draft opinion, Roberts vowed that the leak would not “undermine the integrity” of the court’s operations. Roberts emphasized that the people who work at the court “have an exemplary and important tradition of respecting the confidentiality of the judicial process and upholding the trust of the Court.” The leak, Roberts concluded, was a “singular and egregious breach of that trust.”

  • Who would trust a politically corrupt FBI? Not Chief Justice Roberts!

    In the recent leaking of Justice Alito’s draft majority opinion of the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Chief Justice John Roberts did not task the FBI with investigating the source of the leak.
    Isn’t the FBI qualified to investigate a potential criminal case?

    John Roberts ordered the US Marshall to investigate who leaked Alito’s proposed decision.
    Apparently Chief Justice Roberts believes that the FBI is politically corrupt and tainted.
    The FBI has shown itself recently to be Storm Troopers for the Biden Administration.
    When someone tried to transfer Ashlee Biden’s diary to journalist James O’Keefe Biden’s minions ordered FBI SWAT teams to raid O’Keefe’s office and home searching for a copy of Ashlee Biden’s diary.
    An illegal search.

    The FBI has become a political police carrying out the edicts of corrupt public officials.
    When Hillary Clinton’s campaign officials fabricated a phony narrative of Trump collusion with Russia, FBI dutifully followed Hillary Clinton”s lead and spent four years and 40 million dollars investigating a Hillary Clinton lie.

    The Democrats, desperate to change the narrative in a losing election season leaked Alito’s draft opinion and have sparked riots across the country.
    The FBI is a corrupt organization staffed with political hacks.
    The FBI is now more corrupt than it was during the days of J. Edna Hoover.

    Enjoy this video of FBI-inspired riots from the last few nights.

  • “The pay was great”. – I should say so. Clare gave you $1 million dollars to do some Google searches and drive around LA County for a while. Good work if you can get it.

    While it’s nice to have you back, Bangkok, comparing Frank to the Russian propaganda leader that is running a disinformation campaign hiding mass rape, theft, and genocide while bringing the world to the brink of nuclear annihilation, I think is going a bit far.

    As for Lauren, you might try a different approach. Try to win over her mother. She’s not doing much these days. Maybe when she gets out, you, Lauren, Nancy, and Frank can have dinner together. And in the morning, if Nancy gets lucky ;), she can finally make Frank those omelets she’s so known for. How would you feel about being Bangkok’s father-in-law, Frank?

  • Unrequited love is no joke. I feel Bangkok’s pain. I only hope Nice Guy doesn’t get on here and rub salt in the wound. Bangkok needs time to heal.

    • Anonymous 12:22,

      There are some lines even NiceGuy won’t cross, unrequited love is one of them.

      I am not NiceGuy, don’t know NiceGuy, and don’t want to know NiceGuy.
      (I’m paraphrasing Chris ‘Albino’ Ambrose)

  • Lauren told me it was the thought of bathing Bangkok and delousing him that was the deal killer.

  • I never got impression that Frank believes Suneel’s take on Rule 33, he just has enough knowledge and maybe direct experience, to know that cops (the FBI are cops despite their fancy title of Special Agent) can do corrupt and stupid things and so remains open to the possibility of it being true.

    I have dismissed it because at the end of the day there exists no real motive to cheat the evidence. They had plenty of evidence for the charges, cheating the photos wasn’t going to turn a losing case into a winning one nor was this the type of case to make any agent’s career (too small scale). The prosecutor benefited but it’s because of her total career, not this one case.

    I do agree about Clyne. She just makes me sad. Such wasted potential. Which continues as she barrels down a potentially even darker side of the far right. The desperate need to be part of something “bigger” than her seems to be a constant. I put the odds of her starting or landing in another cult at 100%.

    I suspect the only reason Clyne avoided having sexually violated slaves is less about inability and more about lack of effort. She was passively resisting sharing her man with others, or at least didn’t want to be the one that steered more lovers his way while she worked on being his number one. Hopefully one day she will move on, but that day doesn’t seem to be coming anytime soon for her or the other loyal acolytes of their pedo lover.

    • As usual, Erasend, you’re right on the button. Frank clearly has a deep love for Nicki, whether that’s paternal or otherwise. However, by overly protecting her from some of the things she’s done, he’s doing her no favors. The best thing that could happen to Nicki is to be deported back to Canada for immigration fraud: one thing I’m convinced of is that she never was a lesbian. At least then she might reconnect with her old life and old friends, not to mention her mom and younger brother, and eventually move on with a normal life.

  • “Bizarre lifestyle” = fucking kids. Making child pornography. Really?

    That’s a criminal life. Not a “lifestyle”

    No matter how many “good” qualities a person allegedly has once they start attacking a person who was abused and groomed since childhood like Cami – to dance for a pedophile outside a prison and dedicate their life to freeing him -who cares?

    Squeaky Fromme was considered smart, fun and good company by other Manson cult members too.

    You can have a “100 good qualities” like John Wayne Gaccy. But if your 1 bad quality is raping boys and burying your crawl space after you’ve killed them – that 1 bad quality is enough to tip the scales.

    You are confusing surface “qualities” like Ted Bundy’s nice smile and charm with what actually matters. His actions. In Ted’s case, sexual assault, killing women brutally and necrophilia.

    And those who continue to support and enable monsters to destroy people are even worse in many ways than the predator.

    Frank, you are really not helping any of the dead-enders by promoting their never-ending feeble efforts to free Keith Raniere. They need to move on with their lives. You are giving them false hope.

    And that’s not a real relationship if they only want something from you. Making their fight your fight is a bad investment. If Keith were out of prison and back in their lives tomorrow, he would not be grateful. They would all dump you on your ass and file a lawsuit against you with Clare’s money.

    They would treat you the same as they’ve treated any other enemy of Keith. Which you still are and will always be.

    • “And those who continue to support and enable monsters to destroy people are even worse in many ways than the predator.”

      That’s the problem with the dead-enders. They don’t see how Keith enjoys destroying people. Enabling him IS dangerous. There is enough “data” on Keith’s psychopathy to call the dead-enders complicit in supporting a predator.

      Frank is using the storylines. The dead-enders have one goal in mind – freeing poor victimized Vanguard. And yes – if Vanguard was ever freed, his vengeance would make Edmond Dantes look like a pansy.

  • Wow. Excellent article! Great job ripping on each other, and great points on both sides.

    Remember the time Niceguy thought he was getting a butt tattoo of Bangcock’s initials, and it turned out to be a tattoo headshot of Alanzo…

    • Having a headshot tattoo on NiceGuy’s ass will extend Alanzo’s sphere of influence, and increase his reach and control of the physical universe.

      But it really should be a brand.

      I would need to video the procedure, smell the burning flesh, and see Nice Guy weep the whole time, tho.

      It’s a dream I have.

  • If Karen Unterreiner is “supersmart”, then why during her forty years with Raniere at no point did she see or sense something was amiss? Never saw or noticed anything suspicious? In forty years of NXIVM? That is impossible. So, in my book she is a pretty stupid person. Or is she? For somebody first in and last out of NXIVM she appears to have sailed through all the turmoil unscathed. That’s pretty impressive. Maybe she is smart….

    Remember, in one of your earlier posts, you accused Karen of conspiring with other members of Keith’s harem to procure teen girls for him. You later retracted that accusation, after you talked to her. But what do you think she would say to you if she had done that? Yes, I did that for Keith”? Of course not.

    I would be very suspicious of Karen. She is not telling you everything.

    • I understand where you are coming from, but I’m with Frank. Karen bought into Keith’s bullshit and wasted so much of her life trailing after him like an abused puppy. She was very naive. Very unassuming. Very introverted. Very nice. And very comfortable to be around. It’s a shame Keith took advantage of her many positive traits and used them against her.

      In the old articles saying she helped procure teen girls for Keith, I remember coming to her defense in the comment section. (But I was never 100% sure – because that whole group was fucked up)

    • Karen Unterreiner has not come out of NXIVM unscathed and “allegedly” has heavy metal poisoning. I wonder where this came from …?

      Who has investigated these poisoning cases at all and can confirm that they are really true? Where are the toxicological results and who made them?

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” He also appeared in "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM, and was credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premieres on May 22, 2022.

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