Suzanne to Dead Enders: ‘Keith Is Worst of Worst; Scum of the Earth’

Painting ofKeith Alan Raniere by Marie White

Let’s hear from Suzanne, who is no fan of Keith Raniere and his supporters. Coupled with Suzanne’s finely reasoned words, Frank Rerpor presents some artwork of Marie White, an inspired artist who took up painting because of the Frank Report. 

Marie White

By Suzanne

There’s no point watching those dead-ender slave women’s Zoom recordings.

But once in awhile, a statement they’ve made is repeated elsewhere, and it will be like “Keith was a bad boyfriend, but that’s not a crime.”

They’re too indoctrinated to realize that’s the first chink in the armor of understanding Keith as a dishonest and unworthy savior.

Vanguard presented himself as chaste, a renunciate, and the most ethical man in the world.

So being a bad boyfriend is significant. It means Keith lied and misrepresented himself to his flock. And all the students of ESP.

Keith mistreated so many women. Keith ran a massive decades-long systematic reign of abuse and terror. He’s juvenile. Driven by the most base and negative desires. Keith is a complete fraud.

Whether those horrible qualities, personality characteristics, and behavior are criminal? Should be irrelevant to the dead-enders.

The Dead Enders have been criticized and kicked around by all those who think Keith Raniere is scum, which is, according to a Frank Report poll, 99.9999999999 percent of humanity. Or put another way, the Keith liking rarity is one in 425 million.

What is painfully obvious is that Keith is not the man they were led to believe. Or that the dead-enders led others to believe. And they are still trying to lead themselves to continue to believe.

How could the dead-enders know what Keith did to Kristin Keefe and his own child, and not realize that Keith is the worst kind of man?

Keith publicly denied his paternity. And spied on, stalked, harassed and tormented both his son and his baby’s mama.

Keith terrorized so many people with vexatious litigation. Even if the dead-enders are unwilling to look at Keith’s actual crimes, they can look at his behavior, his life-long actions, and most of all, Keith’s treatment of the other people in the community.

Keith was a destructive force. Driven by vengeance, jealousy, penis-size envy, hatred, the desire to control crush and break people. Pedophilia.

Keith is a man who sexually is impotent unless he is controlling, humiliating and debasing other human beings. Does it have to be further spelled out that Keith is not a good guy?

Marie White’s “Keith in the SHU.”

Being a ‘bad boyfriend’ is a bit of an understatement.

Objectively, Keith is an awful human being. And that is significant.

Even Keith’s attorneys acknowledged Keith as a low life.

Again, that is significant. Because it means Keith was a fraud. A protracted drawn out con man who was robbing people of their resources and best qualities. Using them for free labor, like Daniella because she was so intelligent, and also abusing her body because she was young and desirable to him.

Stealing years of her life by confining her.

Exploiting people’s health by putting them on extreme caloric restriction.

Marie White’s “The Pale Squalid Vanguard’

All your Vanguard’s intentions must be re-examined upon the realization that he is a very bad person and was motivated by very bad, puerile urges.

It’s the first step to realizing that not only is Keith not the smartest, most ethical man in the world, but he’s a crass, lowly, dumbass, and a truly bad person.

Marie White’s painting “A pig hoof and happy herpes”

Once that window to reality is cracked open, the light should be sufficient to examine the rest of the evidence clearly and conclude that Keith committed the criminal acts he is convicted of doing.

Keith is the one who has altered legal evidence (whether directly or ordering other people to do so). As a result, Nancy Salzman is currently in prison.

Based on past Keith behavior, is it likely anyone else messed around with any of the pornographic images, or was it probably Keith? (if tampering even happened. It didn’t) Or some of Keith’s minions?

Marie White’s “Keith photographing Camila for his Studies folder.’

Keith lied about his involvement in the slavery ring. Keith had others publicly lie for him about his involvement. Keith’s story about the origin of the sex trafficking and blackmail and everything else DOS has changed multiple times. Not so the witnesses who took the stand and testified under oath. Those witnesses’ accounting has been consistent and truthful. And also subject to perjury and intense cross-examination.

Keith is a known and proven liar. Keith has a long and storied history of deceiving the public and those closest to him, and profiting from a false image and representation of himself.

Artist Marie White’s painting, “Keith Raniere, judo champion.”

It goes a lot further than being a bad boyfriend. That’s as silly as a statement, as reframing Daniella’s imprisonment is staying in a room. Just crack that indoctrination window open a little and let the truth shine in. Realize that not only is Keith not one of the world’s best guys, Keith is one of the worst.

Marie White’s painting of the Vanguard embraces Clare Bronfman. She is imprisoned at FCI Danbury.

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  • How can the organisation’s co-founder receive 3 years in a low security prison while her business partner got 120 years? If you plead guilty and start bawling your eyes out means you deserve 117 years less?

    She claimed through tears she “did not know… “, well, the training video recordings do not present her as someone out of touch with reality by far…

    This is like Epstein’s work. Prince Andrew is guilty for everything yet hundreds of other multi billionnaires definitely paid more and screwed more… Does anyone care??? Is that a problem?? Nah, whoever is trying to raise this point is such and such… etc, etc…

    Yet the British are so outraged as if Prince Andrew screwed them all…

    In a way, Alanzo does have a very very valid point, I must say. The audience at large, consists of cretins!!!

  • I love the artwork!

    The Dead-Enders are almost impossible to watch. Their pathetic and repetitive attempts to make Raniere seem “acceptable” is cringe. 🤢

  • Frank-

    You have besmirched the
    Dead End Kids by mere mention of their name juxtaposed with Raniere.

    We have spoken on the FrankReport of James Cagney’s
    “Angles with Dirty Faces” along with his costars the Dead End Kids.

    You are indeed a most
    clodpate type man….

    The other commenter who is a B&W movie buff. Shadow loves the Dead End Kids more than even “Little Rascals”. You offended his sensibilities as well!

    PS: Even to this day Shadow has a crush on Darla( actor Darla Hood).
    “Alfalfa & Spanky never got to 2nd base with Darla. I got to 3rd base with her corpse at an LA cemetery. Would’a slid into home but the cops showed up.”

  • Raniere is a spectacularly shitty human being. Over-the-top, three ring circus level shitbaggery. That’s why his case got so much media attention. I mean, branding women on their nethers with his initials. Running a literal slave ring. With actual “masters” and “slaves”. And using those actual words.

    It’s hilarious that he got caught and is now serving a life sentence. It’s just like a morality play. It’s a classic fucking comedy!

    And it’s even funnier that there are a dozen or so of these clowns who actually defend him. Like they think if they just plead his case a little harder, the masses will rise up and demand his release!

    You truly cannot make this shit up.

  • One just can’t buy this kind BS anywhere the dead enders are 2 bologna sandwiches ,3 drumsticks ,a bag of chips and a coke shy of a picnic lunch . Goofy as hell but always entertaining .

  • Thank you to Suzanne for continuing to remind everyone exactly who Keith is as a person.

    The dead-enders do lots of changing of topics, misdirection, and drawing parallels between two unrelated circumstances. Even if we accept their arguments, and even if we accept thier sleight of hand reframing of history as fact – NOTHING will change who Keith is and who Keith has been. He is a horny fraudster who was too greedy and too fucked up in the head to continue enjoying the fruits of his cons.

    If glorious Vanguard wasn’t in prison, he’d still be hell-bent on ruining enemies, and would still be pushing the envelope to God knows where.

  • Thank you, Suzanne. Another beautifully written piece, and credit to you for having the fortitude to sit through such excruciatingly dull DOS zoomcasts; no amount of money could possibly compensate one for that, so I can only surmise you have a great sense of civic duty.

    If there is even a hint of light trying to break through the darkness, I suppose we should be grateful. Nicki holds the key, for she is now their spiritual guru (top dog or is that top bitch?) and HER epiphany will ultimately be theirs. The real proof will come either with an unequivocal denunciation of Raniere, or else an admission (even a tacit one) that regrettably the experience of some former DOS members was not always a positive one for obvious reasons.

    ‘Sorry’ always seems to be the hardest word, as the song goes.

    • She should do the artwork for a nxivm cartoon series. It would be amazing. Her art captures the sinister that is nxivm and Keith..

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