A Very Pleasant Birthday Wish for Clare Bronfman, Age 44

MK10ART's Clare Bronfman, a follower of Keith Raniere.

Last month, just before her birthday, Clare Bronfman was transferred back to the maximum-security FDC Philadelphia from Danbury’s low-security prison.

The move came after she sued the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) for the second time, challenging its authority on administrative procedures. Her attorneys had a strong argument and harsh criticisms for the BOP, which opted to transfer the heiress back to maximum security rather than fight the case.

Today marks Bronfman’s 44th birthday, and for the third consecutive year, she will spend it in a 96-square-foot prison cell featuring narrow windows, a bunk bed, a toilet, and a writing table.

It appears Bronfman has yet to learn when to accept her circumstances. Her legal team spent months working to transfer her from Philadelphia, where she spent 21 months, to Danbury.

The Philadelphia Detention Center is one of the USA’s most unhealthy and punishing federal prisons. A Chamber of Horrors that future humanity will one day look back at and wonder how medieval and cruel this period was. No sunshine, no fresh air, never outdoors, terrible food, mold, dust, vermin, dank, cold—an obliterator of health that our society condones for those we hold in custody.

View of FDC Philadelphia from the street

Perhaps readers will extend a kindly wish for Clare on her birthday.

Mine would be for her to be more like her sister, Sara, who thoughtfully escaped the USA, forsaking a scoundrel in light of the overwhelming evidence of his rapacious nature, while embracing her freedom.

Had Clare remained silent and not penned a letter to Judge Nicholis Garaufis expressing her unwavering loyalty to Raniere on the eve of her sentencing, she might have received a sentence closer to the guidelines of 21-27 months.

She would be free now, instead of facing release in June 2025, and could have bid farewell to her confining cell in Philadelphia.

A year ago, Clare was anticipating a fresh start at FCI Danbury, a low-security prison where she could stroll outdoors, enroll in college courses, reside in an open dorm rather than a cell, and have weekly visits and video calls. It must have seemed like a dream compared to grim Philadelphia, but like all dreams, it was short-lived.


According to the BOP’s website, Clare will have two more birthdays in prison. She will leave at age 46.

On this her 44th birthday, I hope Clare denounces the rogue Raniere and embrace the idea of a second chance.

She will still be a young woman when she is released and with a fair chance for a new beginning – with several hundred million dollars left.

She can follow the path of others in NXIVM, who have come to understand that a master swindler deceived them.

He robbed many of their money. He stole from Clare, taking not only her money, but her liberty.

Perhaps one day, she will reflect on her time in prison with gratitude, recognizing that it enabled her to break free from the manipulator who sought to control her for the rest of her life. She faced a life sentence under Raniere’s influence. Instead, she received an 81-month term.

As for him, he will spend the rest of his days in prison. No, Clare will never have her Vanguard back. So perhaps on hour 44th birthday you will., I wish, realize this and move on.

Painting of Clare Bronfman by MK10ART.


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  • Whether or not Mormonism, Scientology, NXIVM and the CIA are political operations, they have a lot in common.

    “Karma Triyana Dharmachakra is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Woodstock, New York, United States, which serves as the North American seat of the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa, head of the Karma Kagyu lineage. It was founded in 1976 by the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa with Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche as abbot. He held this position until his death in 2019. The Third Bardor Tulku Rinpoche stayed in the United States to help Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche and Mr. Tenzin Chonyi establish and develop Karma Triyana Dharmachakra.” — Wikipedia

    “According to New York State Supreme Court documents, in October 2022, former Buddhist nun Vikki Hui Xin Han voluntarily opted to discontinue what is known as a pre-action petition related to a potential civil case against Karma Triyana Dharmachakra Monastery, the North American home of the 17th Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje, and the Karma Kagyu Institute. Han had previously alleged that the Karmapa, one of two claimants to the title of the 17th Karmapa in the Karma Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism, had raped and impregnated her …

    … Han first filed a lawsuit against the Karmapa in May 2021 in Canadian court. Tricycle previously reported that Han alleges the Karmapa raped her while she was a nun on retreat at Karme Ling Retreat Center in Delhi, New York, in 2017. Han said she became pregnant during the nonconsensual encounter in her bedroom. At a private audience a month later, Han told the Karmapa she was pregnant, and though he denied responsibility, he gave her his phone number and email address, and Han said the two continued to communicate as a couple in a relationship until January 2019.

    In the New York State proceedings, Han’s petition, filed in March 2022, alleges that Han was raped while on a 39-month monastic retreat at Karme Ling, and that the forcible act took place in the women’s quarters, where men are not allowed. The petition noted that the Karmapa “functioned outside these rules,” and that “staff, trainee nuns, and attendees in the women’s quarters would likely have seen him enter” Han’s room.

    In an affidavit included in the court file, Lama Lodro Lhamo, KTD’s president and the monastery’s retreat master, wrote, “the Petitioner has made many false, defamatory, and damaging statements about KTD, its mission, and its operations. These claims seek to jeopardize the important work and mission of KTD.”

    Documents filed by Han’s attorneys also show large deposits in her bank account in 2018 totalling approximately $800,000. According to Canadian court documents, Han gave birth to a girl in June 2018, and Han told the court she had received a total of $770,000 (Canadian) for the delivery and postpartum care, the first year of the child’s life, a wedding ring for Han, and a home.

    The Karmapa has not publicly addressed the accusations by Han. His office did not respond to a request for comment.”


    • “… In the West, the Tibetan religious leader Ogyen Trinley Dorje is admired for his youth (he’s 25), his looks (he was once introduced at a U.S. event as “His Hotness”) and his courage (as a teenager he fled Chinese-ruled Tibet on horseback). But in India, where Dorje, the reputed 17th incarnation of the Karmapa Lama, now lives, he is seen by many in less reverential terms. This week, the second most famous Tibetan-in-exile (after the Dalai Lama) found himself at the center of an Indian media storm after government investigators confiscated about $1 million in cash kept in his monastery. The fact that a sizable chunk of the currency was in Chinese yuan prompted manic headlines in India’s ever voluble press, querulously asking whether this was proof that Dorje was a Chinese “spy” or “mole.”

      Dorje, his associates and his allies — the Dalai Lama chief among them — have dismissed the spying accusations, explaining that the money is an accumulation of unsolicited donations from devotees around the world, including Chinese Buddhists living in mainland China. In Dharamsala, the Tibetan capital-in-exile, some 2,000 Tibetans rallied in support of the Karmapa Lama. Facing a crowd massed at his Gyuto monastery on Feb. 2, Dorje urged his backers to “be at ease … truth will prevail.” In a nod to his hosts, he reportedly added, “The Indian government, in contrast to the communist regime in China, is a free and democratic country.” All the while, Indian news channels documented the continuing investigation into the matter by the Research and Analysis Wing — New Delhi’s equivalent to the CIA …”


    • “… 21] Ms. Han’s expectation was that the parties would live together in the future. She says they planned to live together. Those plans evolved over time. Initially they involved purchasing a property in Toronto, so that Mr. Dorje could visit when he was in New York. They also discussed purchasing property in Calgary or renting a home in Vancouver for that purpose. Ms. Han eventually purchased a condominium in Richmond using funds provided by Mr. Dorje.

      [22] Ms. Han deposes that the parties made plans for Mr. Dorje to visit her and meet the child in Richmond. In October 2018, however, Mr. Dorje wrote that he needed to “disappear” to Europe. He wrote:

      I will definitely find a way to meet her

      And you

      Remember to take care of yourself if something happens …”


    • “… And then he told me to buy an internet bath … And then I followed his instruction … And then he called again to me. And then he told me to download Skype. I followed him and then I downloaded Skype to my laptop. And he also told me that his Skype name is soul.boy.99 …”

    • “… What do those abused need?
      What does the perpetrator need?
      What does the organisation / institution need?
      What does the community need?

      … The abused need to be heard and taken seriously. ⬅️ ⬅️ ⬅️

      Then help should be offered according to her/his needs and wishes – without pressuring or manipulating her/him to either stay silent or to go public. ⬅️ ⬅️ ⬅️

      Also the perpetrator and the leadership of the organisation should take responsibility, acknowledge the harm their own actions (or inactions) have caused and honestly excuse. ⬅️ ⬅️ ⬅️

      Further steps according to the needs and situation should be taken, like offering financial help for therapy or financial compensations to balance the harmful impact abuse has had on the person’s life – for instance, trauma that prevents a person from being able to have a secure income / job or limits her/his ability to work for more than a few hours or that requires a longer reconvalescence treatment. ⬅️ ⬅️ ⬅️

      In the long term, the abused need support for her/his process of healing. In an interview for this blog psychotherapist Kata outlined three possible steps:

      to see and to accept that abuse happened,
      to understand how the abuse happened and the role of everybody involved,
      to process on the path by taking responsibility for what one can control and to find solutions to move on …

      … 47 Carol McQuire on December 9, 2020 at 9:39 pm

      I fail to understand why HHDL is being blamed for the OKC corruption when the lamas directly responsible for that centre – Kangyur Rinpoche’s sons and Shechen Rabjam Rinpoche – don’t seem to be in the picture at all! Why not? And these lamas function completely independently to HHDL. Why is there no public campaign to shame the lamas most directly involved? They even have a new film just appearing in festivals this year, about the life of Kangyur Rinpoche – surely a good time to point out the problems?

      48 matilda on December 10, 2020 at 4:25 am
      Yes Carol, apart from the comments above, i wasn’t aware that HHDL was being blamed for the OKC scandal involving child abuse. Yes, there are other lamas much closer to the action, so to speak. I doubt whether this is coming from the affected justice-seekers.

      49 Kungyal on December 10, 2020 at 4:42 pm Reply
      You can doubt whatever you want, we, at OKCinfo, know exactly who to blame and it’s not just 3 son’s of a dead ancient TB teacher, it’s a network, it’s a network of men’s protecting other men’s, including the DL, you can try to avoid it, but the train is coming and it won’t stop because you try to dammage control.

      50 Kungyal on December 10, 2020 at 4:40 pm Reply
      The lamas closer to OKC have already been contacted, in fact in the last 20 years they have gotten several warning about what is happening in the OKC cult. Rabjam Rinpoche and also the 3 son’s of Kangyour Rinpoche, OKC got a reply from one of the brothers, the one less implicated with OKC and Robert Spatz, he replied with some answers to how this was even possible, but fails to explain what they got from OKC/Spatz and why they can’t denounce him and OKC for what they are, publicly.

      This is why, in my case, after having received a promise to organize an international meeting on sexual abuses in 2018 from the DL, I’m escalating this issue and will keep doing so, until not only the lama’s closer to OKC and heirs of OKC assets, speak against the cult publicly, I will keep tormenting them, including the DL on his failed promise, until they do what leaders should do : use their power to push away these predators and help people make better informed choices, if they don’t want to use their power to do good, to do the only compassionate thing to do, they will be dragged in the mud. They will be taken for what they are : indirect accumplice, because their name, their lineage and their father was used and abused to make naive westerners trust the organization and the OKC official myth that Spatz aka Lama Kunzang is supposedly the heir of the Kangyour Rinpoche lineage & school.

      The DL met with Robert Spatz at OKC in 1992, in one of his visits to Brussels, in 1992, there was not yet a police raid on the cult, but abuses, sexual abuses on girls minor of ages where ongoing, both in Nyima-Dzong, beloved by so many different TB’s over the last 40 years but also in Brussels and in Spain, where Spatz lives.

      Do you really expect people to find it normal that one of the most known person on the planet, meets with predators without any kind of fact-checking and knowledge of their orgnizations ? do you reall think that the Kashag send a letter of authenticity to the court and used by OKC since 20 years without knowing what the attestation will be used for and how ?

      I find these position utterly naive and they are the work of guardians of the Temple, dog guardians, without much difference than any other adept in denial about the very indirect complicity that even just their image allowed to happen.

      If the TB’s, including the DL, does not understand this, if the 3 son’s think they go buy with their business without accountability, if the DL think he can legitimate OKC and Spatz without any integrity and ethics, I will be at the corner reminding them about ethics and integrity, which in my view, should be the base of any action, even more for people in their position.

      You can keep controlling the narrative or actually help the victims and right now, I don’t think this conversation is helping any of the victims of any of the centers, in fact, it’s making the exact opposite.

      That’s why I will go back to actually doing something worth doing …”


    • OKC news:
      “In the spring of 1974, following indications from Kangyur Rinpoche, Lama Kunzang discovered in Provence, France, an ancient domain of the Knights Templars, some 112 hectares in size, bearing the name “Chateau de Soleils”, which he was able to acquire thanks to financial assistance from his father. Thus Nyima Dzong was born. During the following years, Lama Kunzang received numerous teachings and transmissions from Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche and Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche. For all important decisions he had to take, particularly concerning the different centres he subsequently founded, Lama Kunzang always referred to the spiritual direction and the precious advice of these two great Masters.”

      The Brussels Times, Wednesday, February 21, 2018:
      “The Buddhist community, Ogyen Kunsang Choling (OKC), and its spiritual leader Robert Spatz, are appearing before the court accused of financial offences, non-compliance with employment legislation and incidents relating to taking to child hostage-taking. Spatz is also accused of sexual abuse of girls and women who were members of the OKC.“

      Who besides the CIA and the Bronfman sisters paid the Dalai Lama? What roles did the Dalai Lama play in modern world politics?

      Nancy Pelosi … Hollywood movie stars … politicians … world leaders … so many photo ops — to promote what?

  • “Had Clare remained silent and not penned a letter to Judge Nicholis Garaufis expressing her unwavering loyalty to Raniere on the eve of her sentencing, she might have received a sentence closer to the guidelines of 21-27 months.”

    How about if Suneel had not written a letter to Judge Garaufis bragging about wiping Clare’s behind. The judge probably added six months because he was grossed out.

  • Would Clare know if Allison Mack shared a photo of Marina Abromovich on Twitter on January 23, 2018 at 4:00 AM and/or 7:00 AM? Would she know the significance of that if it’s significant at all?

    A video of Marina Abramovic!
    Who is Marina Abramovic?

  • Dalai Lama Apologizes After ‘Suck My Tongue’ Incident With Child
    The Dalai Lama has issued an apology after a controversial clip emerged on social media showing the spiritual leader asking an Indian boy to “suck his tongue.”

    The incident took place at an event in the Tsuglagkhang temple in the northern Indian city of Dharamshala in late February, although the footage went viral only recently, triggering outrage among some social media users.

  • Looking at Janine’s photo at the end of the article, she’s clearly renovated her bathroom walls with utmost decorum 🥹

    Can’t we also have a pic of what she does next in there? 😐

  • “Had Clare remained silent and not penned a letter to Judge Nicholis Garaufis expressing her unwavering loyalty to Raniere on the eve of her sentencing, she might have received a sentence closer to the guidelines of 21-27 months.”

    She didn’t know what was happening?

    How could she not know what was happening?

    Has she apologized and is she sorry?

    If she’s not sorry when she’s released, what might she do to people next? 😳 😬 😱


    • How could she (Clare B). not know what was happening? Cognitive dissonance, antisocial personality disorder or sin?

      Perhaps her lawyers did not serve her well.

    • Does anyone know what kind of “agency” Clare and Sara Bronfman hoped to buy?

      DOS women use the word “agency” a lot.

      Women “with agency” used to do good and great things. We secured the right to vote. We became astronauts and engineers. We’re teachers, doctors, legislators, judges, business owners, writers, mothers, sisters, daughters, friends and CEOs. We raise healthy happy families in happy, healthy communities.

      When did we start advocating for sexual slavery and exploitation? Was it after so many suddenly couldn’t think of a definition for the word “woman”? Was it after we could no longer call ourselves “mother” or “father” on state forms?

      How did The Dossier Project women go from following The Vanguard … to fawning over the Dalai Lama to … extolling the virtues of … Andrew Tate??!

      “… The short story is that 35-year-old Tate is a self-help personality who revels in misogyny. Purporting to extoll wisdom to men that helps them “escape the matrix,” Tate has falsely claimed that women bear some responsibility for being sexually assaulted and that they have no “innate responsibility and honor.” …”


  • Would Clare know if Allison Mack shared a photo of Marina Abromovich on Twitter on January 23, 2018 at 4:00 AM and/or 7:00 AM? Would she know the significance of that if it’s significant at all?


    • Why do you think she may be mentally ill? All indicators point to her just being an evil, vengeful, cold, slimy and sadistic. Maybe she is just a bad person. They say she was the mist brutal, ruthless and darkest NXIVM executive.

    • Marina Abramovic was the “Spirit Cooker” and artist who cooked food in a broth of blood.
      Martina was born in Serbia but lived in Upstate New York between Albany and New York City.
      Here is Marina Abramovic’s Facebbok page for those who appreciate such art.

      The fact that Clare and Allison would share a love for such art shows that both women are deeply disturbed.

  • Who is f’uglier?

    A. Clare Bronfman
    B. Suneel Chakravorty

    At first blush the answer seems obvious, but is it so obvious…..

    • Could be worse… he could have asked the kid to suck on something else……
      You know, these celibate religious leaders………….all have the same “issues”….

    • On 2 or 3 pictures she actually looks pretty. These are probably taken before she met Keith…. The worst is the picture where she enters the courthouse with a COVID-mask on. She is extremely thin and her hair is blowing in every direction. She looks terrible.

    • Yes, it will be Mark because is does not have as high a profile as Sarah.

      My prediction is Horseface Clare will go after the weakest first. She will take out all the lower profile victims and bankrupt them to avenge Vanturd.

      Her life’s work is suing NXIVM dissenters. That is why Dead-Enders exist: out if pure fear. Brink, Suneel, DOSSIER Project, etc. are all just scared to speak the truth. For them it’s easier to just keep supporting Vanturd and hope Horseface hooks them up with her filthy, evil Bronfman money.

  • Clare could find true love. My opinion is that there is one man who will wait for her. I see Clare and Suneel hitching up. They will make beautiful babies.

  • Keith convinced Clare that the money she inherited was “dark”, from evil doings, and the only way to cleanse it was through him. Then he pounced on her creating an “ethical breach” (blaming her for an article in which her father called Nxivm a cult). She feels she must spend the rest of her life repenting to Keith. She feels she deserves all of her suffering (though caused by Keith) because Keith convinced her she not only failed him, but cost him his life. I think she feels she owes it to Keith to suffer, because in her mind, she’s the failure, not Keith.

    Keith’s M.O. was to pounce on anything he could blame an ethical breach on, to make that person ‘owe’ him and repent to him for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, I think Clare will spend every last dollar of her hundreds of millions on lawyers for Keith. I hope her sister will one day help Clare to release herself from Keith’s grip.

    It’s just so, so sad though, that so many talented people gave up their careers, and wasted so many years. Where wouldmthey be now, had Keith not hijacked their brains? The actresses who wanted to become better actors gave up acting. The Olympic class equestrian stopped competing. The filmmakers stopped making films for Hollywood, and instead created films of and for Keith. The doctor who left her practice… on and on… no one who was in Keith’s orbit succeeded forward in their profession. Instead of improving in their profession, they were all convinced to leave the path they were on and jumped into Keith’s world where the only person who mattered was Keith. These people literally gave up their lives, and the best years of their lives, to Keith. So tragic.
    Happy 44th trip around the sun, Clare. Please don’t waste any more of them on Keith.

  • The super wealthy fail to develop personalities. Their money is always front and centre, you see their wallets, before you see their faces or shake their hands. It could have much worse for Bronfman. It could have been booze, coke, and cock. No love, no broken hearts.
    The rebels need to get themselves ironclad restraining orders against her.
    She will emerge from jail, chequebook in hand to right all her perceived slights. She doesn’t know who she is. Keith built a character for her to play, and she loved him for it. She only knows how to be the Bronfman that Keith told her she was. She doesn’t know the value of money, because she has never been without it. But in jail, I hoped she might understand the cost. And the price she was to pay.

  • A 96-square-foot prison cell is quite spacious, assuming that the cell is sparsely furnished. And it is. It’s simple and practical and uncluttered. You can quickly find things you’ve misplaced. Why overlook the benefits of living in a space like this. And you don’t have to clean as much. It saves time, of which the inmates have little or are not fond of cleaning. And you have to remember that Clare never had to clean herself because she had servants to do it. And in prison, Clare no longer has servants unless she pays other inmates to do her chores.

  • Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Both sisters are criminals, abusers, enablers, and entitled whiners, and I don’t care if they’re still in prison when they die.

  • Federal Bureau of Prisons

    First Step Act Time Credits Policy Released
    Three changes included to how time credits are calculated


    Sentence reductions should not be available for offenders like Clare Bronfman, who, like her, disagreeably and disingenuously relativize or negate their own crimes and crimes committed by others, and defend a criminal racket and its convicted leader. Or illegally restoring or circumventing in-prison no-contact orders with former members (as Bronfman’s lawyers allegedly did). The First Step Act should be strengthened again for such cases.

  • Sending that letter to the judge was as good as asking for triple the recommended sentence.

    The realities of the current power dynamic seem to escape her- she’s acting as if Bronfman money privilege can prevail but for Clare, the hate is too great.

  • I too hope she breaks free from Raniere’s spell. But there are no signs of it yet, after three years of imprisonment.

  • She’s only 44!?! That’s another die hard that seems to be aiming for grandma looks before grandma age.

  • Birthday Haiku;

    Dark day, April 9th
    Devil child spawned on this day
    Breath like horses balls

    ~ Pilgrim

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