20 Reasons: Destructive Family Court Is Money-Maker, Corrupt and Unmonitored

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By Mary Sue

Frank Report paints a pretty accurate picture of how “family” courts operate in Family Court Is a Business and Political Operation; First, Last and Always!

Here are more points to ponder based on 15+ years of experience.

1. “Family” courts are not courts of evidence or law. They are solely courts of equity.

2. So why do we allow “family” courts to hear cases involving claims of abuse and neglect?

3. “Family” courts are the only courts that do not read or inform you of your rights.

4. Because they want you to believe you have no rights and are subject to the whims of the state. (False.)

5. By most accounts, 86% of all parents in “family” court are Pro Se and can’t afford an attorney.

6. There is a vast difference between how Family Court handles low-income and high-income cases.

7. The more money to be made, the more conflict the “family” court will promote.

8. The states make money under SSA Title IV-D, forcing the separation of children from their parents.

With Title IV-D, the federal government pays the state grant money for every dollar of child support the state reports collecting to the federal government.

This provides a financial incentive even  for state courts to separate a child from one of the parents to force the payment of child support even where none is needed.

9. The Divorce Industry uses the false portrayal of ‘deadbeat’ or abusive dads to promote its agenda.

10. Hollywood perpetuates this myth.

11. The suicide rate for divorced men is 10x the national average.

12. The vast majority of divorce cases do not involve abuse or domestic violence.

13. Most claims of abuse or neglect do not start until after a divorce is filed and attorneys get involved.

14. There is no penalty for making false claims of abuse, engaging in open fraud, or perjury in our “family’ courts.

15. “Parental alienation.” or whatever people may wish to call it, is very real.

16. More money flows through our “family” courts than all other courts – combined.

17. Yet our “family” courts are subject to practically no checks or balances or audits for performance.

18. No “family” court judge or “family” court attorney has ever once been held accountable for flagrant and even criminal violations of law or rights in the State of CT.

19. The U.S. is home to more single-parent households than any other country on the planet.

20. The Divorce Industry has grown into a $60+ Billion industry over the past 20 years.


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  • http://www.stephenkrasner.com/articles-family-law.html Enough information to make your head spin.
    A Broken System: Halls of Justice

    Stephen Krasner, Contributor

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  • There are very few lawyers who sue other lawyers. Ever noticed that ?
    There’s a reason.

    I think an interesting way to reform family law is to enforce insurance. Insure the evaluators. Insure the lawyers. Then when they mess up, slap a lawsuit on the insurance company. If we can’t get juries, create more loopholes. And also get the right to tape record everything. Stop agreeing to pay ridiculously high retainers. Make them prove to you THEIR salt, not the other way around. Ask exactly what you are paying for. Don’t use your lawyer like a therapist. They are charging you for every single tear drop. In fact, they’ll charge you literally for «  thinking «  about your case, while in the shower. Become as educated on the law as possible. Go and watch other cases. Go many times. Get in the driver’s seat of your life.

  • Take the cases to federal courts. Sue for fraud.

    This is American slavery. It is not just happening in one segregated area of the Untied States though, it’s sadly everywhere.

    It’s business as usual, of course.

    Just like doctors commit fraud all over America for running a racket, so do the experts in family court.

    They all have god complexes. Don’t let them bully you.

    Sue them all for fraud.

    • I’ve called every major law firm representing civil rights cases in America, and no one would take my case. I’ve been told by every lawyer I spoke to that that bringing cases before SCOTUS is “impossible”. Attorney General of my state says he has “no control” over family law. Everyone in the industry knows that parents lose otherwise inalienable rights (such as the right to parent a child, right to relocate, right to defend self, etc) without the possibility of a “fair and impartial hearing” or even representation. In no other legal realm is the victim of a crime responsible for coming up with tens of thousands of dollars to hold perpetrators accountable or lose *everything*.

      I must add that “parental alienation” is only a thing when the courts do it to both parents in separating one or both from their children. It has been widely discounted in clinical research, and the dude who came up with it also thinks sexual relationships between adults and children is okay. ACK!

      • I hate to say this, but the major law firms wont help unless their client has connections, power and money. If you just have money, they’ll just squeeze you like a cash cow.

        Thing is, these people take oaths. They serve the courts, not the people. We have no idea how much oversight is going on. These megawatt money making institutions were carefully crafted long ago. If they let one of us out of the web, more soon will follow. They have been told not to let that happen.

        Got to find the loop holes. Real people, with less to loose make it happen. Think think think….

  • Someone lost his son overnight after a one hour interview with a custody evaluator. He has been fighting for years. He finally decided to coach baseball at the school. He said that the kids all said that he was such a wonderful coach, word spread and his boy sought him out.

    • Please tell us more.

      Which states’ family courts are the worst? How so?
      Which states’ family courts are the best? What makes those courts better?

      • I have no idea which family courts are the worst, but I can say personally that the Family Court in the State of California, Santa Cruz County is atrocious. The forendic evaluator, Elizabeth Lee, PsYD is just as bad.

  • Very informative and empowering. Enjoyed that this was about America at large, not just one isolated state. I feel like there is more power focusing on the devastating effects that occur nationally. Easier to identify with. Inspiring. Thank you.

  • Dear Connecticut legislators and family court system. Please be advised of the current situation in Connecticut. Take Julie Monique for instance. She went to police with over 200 text and messages I believe. The prosecutor office wanted more evidence.

    Probably because women are being labeled as liars hysterical and not credible. As a result she was brutally murdered. Not with a gun. Infront of her children. A life lost and the kids traumatized. The state has learned nothing. Now we have a woman that was almost burned to death.

    Kids killed.

    When will the state stop labeling and take people seriously. Women abusing too. When you have political figures ignoring people and the heads of agencies can not develop an open dialogue with the majority of the people they are serving. You are bound to have a disaster on your hands. Please pay attention to the public and stop labeling people. Listen and learn from the Frank report.

    It would not exist if their wasn’t a big problem. Stop these family law attorneys /Gals from further victimizing the public. Stop the embarrassment and harm to the state Noted to be one of the most broken 💔 in the country.

  • Actually conflict happens after divorce. Look up USC 242 k

    Title v D and E money
    HHS money
    So much missing in This
    Start with why anyone is a plaintiff or defendant in a no fault divorce state

  • “… Connecticut allows judges to summarily disbar lawyers for conduct that “occurs in the actual presence of the court,” the Hartford Courant explains. The Statewide Grievance Committee also disciplines lawyers, but it has to defer to judges who exercise jurisdiction.

    Cunha told the Journal Inquirer that she is “shocked and embarrassed” by the disbarment, and she will appeal. She told the New Haven Register in a statement that she is being “targeted for going public with the truth.”

    “What they expect and will not get is for me to bow down and apologize. I will not apologize for something I did not do,” she told the Journal Inquirer.

    Moukawsher had asked Cunha to produce proof backing up her allegations of bias by Judge Gerard I. Adelman, according to the Hartford Courant. Moukawsher got the divorce case after Cunha sought to disqualify Adelman. Cunha represented the wife, Karen Ambrose of Glastonbury, Connecticut, who now uses the last name Riordan. The husband is Christopher Ambrose of Madison, Connecticut.

    During a hearing on her claims, Cunha talked about a Jewish conspiracy and said she could prove her allegation with “a list of cases,” Moukawsher said. Asked to produce the list, Cunha acknowledged that she doesn’t have one, according to the judge’s opinion.

    She also alleged that her client’s children had been sexually abused, and Adelman was ignoring the issue. But the Connecticut Department of Children and Families had found the abuse allegation to be unfounded, Moukawsher said.

    Moukawsher said Cunha and her client had claimed that the system is broken and corrupt, but in reality, the system had indulged Cunha too much.

    “In a quest to achieve fairness and give the benefit of every doubt, the system has allowed itself to be tied in knots,” Moukawsher wrote.

    “Misconduct like this threatens to drag the courts into the primordial ooze that passes for public discourse in some quarters today,” Moukawsher wrote in his decision. “One whiff of this swamp should be enough for the courts and those of its officers who are true to their duties to set out firmly in the other direction. This moment is one chance to do so.”


    • And there’s me thinking we all sprung from some kind of ‘warm little pond’ containing all the ammonia, nitrogen etc necessary to produce a cell or cells etc.

      Turns out Moukwasher’s strain comes from something different and inherently superior?

      One wonders – but not for long.

      How does a person so disgusted with and contemptuous of the ‘Public” hold the office he does?

      Again, one wonders – but not for long, because the stench of corruption will lead us eventually to the cause of the stink.

      Then its just a question of cleaning up.

      • “To oppose corruption in government is the highest obligation of patriotism.”

        G. Edward Griffin

  • From the legislative desk of Senator Nancy Schaefer 50th District of Georgia

    November 16, 2007

    BY: Nancy Schaefer

    “… In this report, I am focusing on the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services
    (DFCS). However, I believe Child Protective Services nationwide has become corrupt and
    that the entire system is broken almost beyond repair. I am convinced parents and families
    should be warned of the dangers … “


  • Parental Alienation, or whatever people call it, is real. It’s not real. That is quite the statement. What is it? When you say Parental alienation, what are you referring to? If it’s real, why is that question so difficult to resolve. As real as gold unicorns.

  • There are many different aspects of family courts that appear unlawful. The portrial of women as alienators and hysterical is up their with the dead beat dad imagine. There is little stated on the effects on children. Growing up distrusting the legal system. Increasing suicide rate. No ability for the children to have a voice at any age. Women in the country and the world are the fastestly becoming the majority to be removed from children’s lives. For simply going to court and telling the truth in many cases. The best interest of children is completely lost with the fight over financial matters. . The system has lost objectivity and focus on children. Child support is only a small piece of the court system problems. Parental alienation supporters or what ever you want to call it. Continues to be gender bias. The statitics in this article support that. Family court problems know no boundaries. Continue to be a problem for both genders.

  • More money flows through our “family” courts than all other courts – combined-

    Think about it- a no fault divorce can drain a family of their life savings and college funds, inheritances and property.

    How is this financial obliteration possibly in the best interest of children?

    How is making one parent indigent while the gal and court appointed actors get hundreds of thousands of dollars for the parent that finances their crimes?

    It’s going to end. Thank FR for continuing to write when others don’t bc of fear, threat, and frivolous lawsuits arise to break your bank.

    • Others, like major news reporters; especially in Connecticut do not report because they are “literally CONTRACTED with the judicial court system to NOT report on the matters pertaining to family court. That’s why there’s no coverage. The big news companies receive a payout as a grant under contract. Pay money=hush money.
      Frank isn’t interested in all of that, he’s interested in the truth. Much respect and admiration foe FR.

      • very true.. I have provided the media/editors and the FBI with clear cut evidence o f corruption amongst attorneys and judges … what did they do ? their response was very clear and concise “these issues are something we can’t deal with.”

  • If anyone has Jessica biren caverly as a custody evaluator fire her immediately.

    If you’ve had her in the past- contact FR. Her “evaluations” are sealed to hide the fraud. Biren Caverly is a perverse vile being who takes pleasure in her ability to inflict pain on children abs the parent they love.

    Caverly’s career is over. Prison to follow. Her husband – prison security- can lock her away each night.

    • I hear FBI is investigating her. I pray they are. Tax payers are tired of paying the judges with their taxes for them to steal their children and steal other constituents/tax payers children.
      The only thing to end this is a Rise of The People, Protest, Marches, everyday until it ends.

  • “Parental alienation.” or whatever people may wish to call it, is very real.

    See stories on Richard Gardener. One sick pedo who created this cask cow for sadistic “therapists” like Robert Horwitz and Bruce Freedman – the biggest child abusers in CT.

      • Jerome H. Poliacoff, Ph.D., P.A., Cynthia L. Greene, Esq., and Laura Smith, Esq would tell you this:

        “The value of an expert’s contribution to the courts’ deliberations regarding children’s welfare should be based on clinically sound reasoning formulated from empirically derived data that will serve the best interest of the child and not on unsubstantiated hyperbole.“

        Some comments here are unsubstantiated hyperbole. Some are smoke and mirrors. Some typing the hyperbole, smoke and mirrors are trolls. Some in family courts are also trolls who use hyperbole, smoke, mirrors and fraud upon the court to profit from custody cases involving sexual abuse of children.

        Family courts are about law, science, medicine, facts and evidence. Unfortunately, Richard Gardner and/or a rogue federal office somewhere invented “The Parental Alienation Syndrome” in the 1980s to use in family courts in child custody cases.

        Since then, the most criminal of family court practitioners have used Gardner’s “PAS” in child custody cases involving the sexual abuse of children for profit. Some of the most criminal of family court practitioners have used Gardner’s “PAS” to promote the early sexualization of children. Some of the most criminal state and federal court administrators have used Gardner’s “PAS” in family courts to promote a diabolical political agenda in coordination with well-known organizations such as AFCC, Inc., HHS, The Kinsey Institute and The United Nations.

        As long as America is still a sovereign nation and not sucked into a dystopian one-world government, the Daubert and Frye standards for scientific knowledge will provide boundaries in state family courts so everyone practicing law and medicine in and alongside state family courts is obligated to color within the lines.

        Unfortunately, a few ruthless individuals involved in dangerous family court cases don’t color within the lines on purpose and they don’t play by the rules. They use deceit to muddy the waters in dangerous family court cases and just like a few of the trolls commenting on some of these family court articles, they’re experts in the game of Smoke and Mirrors.


  • 2. So why do we allow “family” courts to hear cases involving claims of abuse and neglect?

    This is a major problem.

    If there is a claim of abuse or neglect it should be reported to dcf or a physician. It is criminal to have judges and lawyers decide if there is abuse or neglect. Typically they use one custody evaluator (Biren Caverly and Linda Smith are the two beasts of ct court) and then lawyers fed hundreds of thousands from the abusive parent deliver the children to their financier.

    There is literally zero work done by anyone. They keep one parent spinning and the children abused and traumatized.

    Gals are not even mandated reporters! How can this be? They are required to report nothing and they don’t. Instead they launch a campaign to destroy the reputation of the protective, healthy parent as they drain the family bank.

    Often one parent (usually the stay at home mother) has gotten cut off from family funds and they simply ignore her- she doesn’t matter. Her signature means nothing. They work for the parent with the checkbook. And they take liberally, for years, as they sever bonds, traumatize children, and laugh all the way to the bank.

    No one wins. Abusive spouses think they’ve “won” but society knows they’re psychopaths who deny their children the love of the other parent.

    • Because Connecticut is and has been pushing marriage upon women as our only “safest option, to have more protections and rights”.
      They are severing women’s autonomy rights, and pushing marriage in Healthcare!!!

      Soon the states will only allow women rights through Marriage. Soon we will be forced to be Married and have children. Pay attention to the laws NOT ONLY being passed, but being introduced to see the “mentality and view of our government on women/mothers/children.

      The ONLY WAY THIS WILL END is by attacking the FUNDING, states only care about $$$. Follow the $$$.

  • Let’s just say that ‘family court’ is un-American, run by choosey people, converting family savings to [redacted].

  • Never understood how federal funds pay the state for child support collected.
    Even if you hear stats on single parent homes, no one would think it’s the result of family courts killing off one parent.

    • “… I’ve just been recently working and sent out a white paper on the corrupt business of Child Protective Services, and that is a bureaucracy in itself that is not really caring for the poor and for our children, and this is kind of the direction that our bureaucracies — our government bureaucracies — are taking, where they’re not so interested anymore in the individual person. And when you have that going on, plus the disintegration of our culture and our morals and our nation, it doesn’t make for a good situation. And there’s some concern there for that …”

      — Georgia State Senator Nancy Smith Schaefer, June 28, 1936 – March 26, 2010

    • It’s fascinating how the money works- devastating if it affects you. HHS and social security money-
      States are reimbursed every dollar they collect in child support- this is why the crook lawyers do not want anyone to register child support with the state- so they can promptly take it away – about 4 months- to destabilize children and parents

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