Family Court Is a Business and Political Operation; First, Last and Always!

Family Court is a business and political operation. It is not governmental. It is not altruistic. It is not concerned with the administration of justice. Not even slightly.

Not understanding this will lead to disastrous results.

The governor, state legislators, family court administrators, judges, and vendors – attorneys, GALs, therapists, custody evaluators, parental visitation supervisors, social workers, social service bureaucracies, not-for-profit, and advocacy groups – derive their living or preserve their positions and funding through family conflict.

To earn more income, vendors can exacerbate problems. To make less, they can solve problems quickly.

Judges depend on legislators and the governor for appointments and reappointment. Likewise, the governor and legislators depend on financial and political support from the robust legal, mental health, and child advocacy world.

Family Courts operate primarily to support the financial and political self-interests of those who support and are supported by Family Court.

It can be considered primarily a local, county-based business with some state-wide political interests.

The business that is Family Court will be in conflict with what is best for its commodity — children and parents – since common sense solutions do not require the intervention of vendors and the adversarial system.

Take the word “family” out of Family Court and substitute the word “commodity” and the word “Inc.” at the end, and you will begin to understand it.

Commodity Court Inc.

The adversarial system benefits vendors but is in contravention to everything that must form the genesis of a family, and the salvation of a family, now in strife in its division.

An effort to return the members of a family to peace, and friendly in division is inimical to the proficuous needs of the vendors.
They live with this conflict always.

Because the people are not involved in the decision-making for the resolution, because there is no jury, judges have unlimited discretion. Because judges are of the professional governing class and were often vendors [attorneys and GALs] in the Family Court Inc. racket before a governor nominated them and a legislature approved it, their position in the business is like a well-paid upper-level management position.

Without the jury, which could be likened to a regulatory body, and the only checks and balances to monitor the professional adversarial and profiteering class, the Family Court business has removed any unpredictability as to results. Everyone in the decision-making process is paid, and conflict produces better than harmony.
In a good business, the needs of the “management” supersede the needs of the commodity – the family.

To expect a grocer to put the needs of a tomato above his own is preposterous. To expect a family lawyer to put the needs of his client above his own is naive.

Once you learn that, you will understand family court. If one crate of tomatoes goes bad, there is another crate. The family in the family court is not the customer. The vendors are the customers.

The attorneys [not the parents] are the customers of the guardian ad litem. The GAL is the customer of the custody evaluator, and the therapists are the customers of all three. And the customer is always right.

Parents, or rather their assets, are the commodities. Children are the tools to leverage those assets from the family to family court vendors.

Tomatoes are to be divided based on the needs of the various customers, the lawyers, the GAL, the custody evaluator, and the therapist. All eat. Their mouths are red with tomatoes.

Remember it.

A Critical Assessment of Child Custody Evaluations; Limited Science and a Flawed System by Robert E. Emery, Randy K. Otto, and William T. O’Donohue’s supports the theory developed at the Frank Report.

“Sadly, we find that:

(a) tests specifically developed to assess questions relevant to custody are completely inadequate on scientific grounds;

(b) the claims of some anointed experts about their favorite constructs (e.g., ‘‘parent alienation syndrome’’) are equally hollow when subjected to scientific scrutiny;

(c) evaluators should question the use even of well-established psychological measures (e.g., measures of intelligence, personality, psychopathology, and academic achievement) because of their often limited relevance to the questions before the court; and

(d) little empirical data exist regarding other important and controversial issues (e.g., whether evaluators should solicit children’s wishes about custody; whether infants and toddlers are harmed or helped by overnight visits), suggesting a need for further scientific investigation.

We see the system for resolving custody disputes as deeply flawed, for reasons that go beyond the problem of limited science.

The coupling of the vague ‘‘best interests of the child’’ test with the American adversary system of justice puts judges in the position of trying to perform an impossible task, and it exacerbates parental conflict and problems in parenting and coparenting, which psychological science clearly shows to be key factors predicting children’s psychological difficulties in response to their parents’ separation and divorce.”


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  • I have had the misfortune of bearing witness to the money making machine of Injustice ! We need think tanks to dismantle that entire system and rebuild on a solid foundation of Law not a wink wink and a payday to purposely abuse .
    Congress has to recognize this as inhumane abuse and act ..

    • H. CON. RES. 72

      “Passed the House amended (09/25/2018)

      Expresses the sense of Congress that:

      child safety is the first priority of custody and parenting adjudications, and courts should resolve safety risks and claims of family violence before assessing other best interest factors;

      all evidence admitted in custody and parenting adjudications should be subject to evidentiary admissibility standards;

      evidence from court-affiliated or appointed fee-paid professionals regarding adult or child abuse allegations in custody cases should be considered only when the professional possesses documented expertise and experience in the relevant types of abuse, trauma, and the behaviors of victims and perpetrators;

      states should define required standards of expertise and experience for appointed fee-paid professionals who provide evidence to the court on behaviors of abuse victims and perpetrators, specify requirements for the contents of such professional reports, and require courts to find that any appointed professionals meet those standards;

      states should consider models under which court-appointed professionals are paid directly by the courts, with potential reimbursement by the parties after due consideration of the parties’ financial circumstances; and

      Congress should schedule hearings on family courts’ practices with regard to children’s safety and civil rights.”

  • Justice is coming. Biren-Caverly’s reports are pure trash-novel and used to steal children.

    Ambrose case exposed it- they got too greedy and Ambrose is way out there in terms of abuse, fetish with young lads, shaving heads obsession, illegal business, and theft of his wife’s money.

    Ambrose also dictated a few too many times. Stiffing powerhouse Aldrich revealed his arrogance. And he still keeps going.

    The financier hasn’t noticed his servants have run for cover. He weeps for his GAL Jocelyn. His performance is hysterical.

  • Bravo, sir! I’ve been a victim of “family law” for 13 years now, and have had every law meant to protect DV/SA victims used against me by my abuser. It doesn’t take long for abusers to figure out how to use the courts to further harm their victims. I’ve been treated like a criminal at nearly every hearing, right here in the bluest of blue states. There’s no one to even complain to… lord knows I’ve been ignored by every politician & organization I’ve contacted for help! We’re not allowed to even tell our stories, lest our words end up hurting us even more in court. Everyone knows the system is broken, but who’s really doing anything to change it? My subjugation is almost over, and I plan on producing a documentary about DV/SA survivors experience in “family law” (a multi-billion dollar industry). I plan on gathering stories throughout America, and urge others to do the same. I advocate nothing less than the abolition of “family law” on the basis that it operates outside the limits of our constitution. The problem now is finding funding, since 13 years of responding to frivolous motions wiped me out. I eventually lost custody because I could no longer afford an attorney. The OP buried me in motions over the years, and that’s all it takes. How is this allowed to continue?!

    The most surprising aspect of being a victim of the courts is that absolutely no one – not even people who’ve known me my whole life – could believe that I lost custody through no fault of my own. Surely there was some horrible deed I must’ve done, but I’ve never been accused of any crime. It was always about money, and who was more willing to lie under oath, and that includes the lawyers and judges. I have no respect for “American justice” after my experience, but that just makes me want to work to change it for future generations. I never want another parent and child to endure what we’ve been through.

    It’s so important for our allies to support us so we can gather the courage to fight another day! Speak to your representatives. Share the volumes of data from studies over the years demonstrating the poor outcomes of these devastating hearings, and the effects of which extend throughout society. Urge our legislators to audit family law decisions in our county and gather data on a variety of fronts – like how many parents who bring allegations of DV/SA lose custody of their children? How many low-income/pro se parents lose custody? How many disabled parents lose custody? What is the average cost and time for a full parenting plan? Mediation? I think the public will be surprised.

    Thanks, Frank! Keep writing!

  • These cases are all over America and all over the world. In Australia, Argentina, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Israel, Spain … they’re all the same “cookie cutter” cases in which the exploitation happens in the same kinds of ways.

    In each of these kinds of family court cases, details are different and the patterns are the same: Divorce papers are filed … hours billed for lawyers and services … child(ren) disclose(s) father’s sexual, emotional and/or physical abuse … mother asks the family court to protect the child(ren) … father’s attorney tells the court “Parental Alienation!!!” … court orders certain for-profit vendors onto case to “evaluate” … more hours billed for lawyers, “services” and “evaluations” … small groups of corrupt vendors refer cases to and from each other … more hours billed for lawyers and “services” … “evaluators” “diagnose” “Parental Alienation!!!” or “Undefined Mental Illness!!!” … the courts then flip full legal and physical custody of the child(ren) from the protecting mother to the father/guardian who the child(ren) identified as perpetrator of the sexual, emotional and/or physical abuse.

    The mothers and children are harmed in different ways or destroyed. The term “hired gun” describes what happens when hours are billed for lawyers, “evaluation” and “services”. While hundreds of millions of families are broken, larger political and spiritual goals are served. Incentives for the for-profit family court industry keep the war machine churning just as the for-profit weapons trade promote wars for conquest of entire communities and nations. The longer the case, the longer the war, the more millions and billions of dollars are made. “Follow the money.”

    Meanwhile, distraught mothers lose their jobs, unable to function knowing of the constant danger child(ren) face … courts soon order non-custodial mothers to pay child support … many mothers are physically unable to endure that extreme level of stress and trauma, often developing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder … more hours billed for lawyers, services. Legitimate medical services diagnose PTSD … “evaluators/hired guns” frame symptoms of mother’s PTSD as: “unstable” “histrionic” “bipolar” “manic”…

    When extreme abuse continues, children often develop “Stockholm syndrome”, adapting to the abuse. Children who can tolerate the “custody flip” are often only free from the family court scam when they “age out” of the system. After the “flip”, the identified perpetrator is often on his best behavior, re-writing the script to flip the script. If the perpetrator’s abuse doesn’t continue, the children are raised without their mothers who love them.

    Throughout history, political and spiritual goals have been served all over the world wherever land has been stolen and families have been destroyed. Lisa Marie Simon’s book, “Eternal Spring, Eternal Tyranny” shows the many ways in which American bureaucrats and officials stole land and destroyed millions of families in Guatemala. Connecticut family courts show the ways in which American bureaucrats and officials committed more atrocities in family courts after that.

  • Frank Report paints a pretty accurate picture of how “family” courts operate. Some more points to ponder (based on 15+ years of experience…)

    1. “Family” courts are not courts of evidence or law. They are solely courts of equity.
    2. So why do we allow “family” courts to hear cases involving claims of abuse and/or neglect?
    3. “Family” courts are the only courts that do not read or inform you of your rights.
    4. Because they want you to believe you have no rights and are subject to the whims of the state. (False.)
    5. By most accounts, 86% of all parents in “family” court are Pro Se and can’t afford an attorney.
    6. There is a vast difference between how low income and high-income cases are handled.
    7. The more money to be made, the more conflict the “family” court will promote.
    8. The states make money under SSA Title IV-D forcing the separation of children from their parents.
    9. The Divorce Industry uses the false portrayal of ‘deadbeat’ or abusive dads to promote its agenda.
    10. Hollywood perpetuates this myth.
    11. The suicide rate for divorced men is 10x the national average.
    12. The vast majority of divorce cases do not involve abuse or domestic violence.
    13. Most claims of abuse or neglect do not start until after a divorce is filed and attorneys get involved.
    14. There is no penalty for making false claims of abuse or engaging in open fraud or perjury, in our “family’ courts.
    15. “Parental alienation” or whatever people may wish to call it, is very real.
    16. More money flows through our “family” courts than all other courts – combined.
    17. Yet our “family” courts are subject to practically no checks or balances or audits for performance.
    18. No “family” court judge, or “family” court attorney, has ever once been held accountable for flagrant and even criminal violations of law or rights in the State of CT.
    19. The U.S. is home to more single parent households than any other country on the planet.
    20. The Divorce Industry has grown into a $60+ Billion dollar industry over the past 20 years.

  • Thank you for this commentary. I have written an article on Fixing the Divide and it is based on the fact that parents (men and women) need to come together on common ground so that we can start fixing the system and take the control back of our families from the government and greedy adversarial attorney system. There are many areas that both sides agree are not safe no matter what gender is trying to get sole custody. These are the areas we need to come together on and start finding ways to deal with the mental health personality issues that are fueling the dysfunctional families and family courts.

  • This was so well written. A perfect post. I also enjoyed that it was about the system at large, not just one particular state. Many people need encouragement all throughout America.

  • Ive been dealing with this for a ridiculous amount of time..
    And I’ve read from every outlet I could find and this is exactly what I know to be true. It is also the first time I’ve seen it laid out so clearly.

  • The photo at the top adds a thousand words. Thank you for caring, Frank.

    The bad guys don’t want the public to know the terror of family courts.

    Thank you also for your courage.

  • Visuals are fantastic; you capture the emotional brutality of a RICO conspiracy operating in family court with no fear of consequence. Thank you. Please post this everywhere you have access or connections.

    This article applies to family courts throughout our country. The public needs this information. It’s brilliantly presented.

  • Frank- Thank you for your commitment to help the thousands of victims throughout the US who have been terrorized by the family court criminal racket.

    They are far more cruel than most because the viciously abuse our children. The Gal’s are psychopaths. They absolutely have no soul or moral compass.

    Those who speak out are retaliated against by family court judges who are deeply invested in keeping their criminal enterprise going. These savages literally do no legal work whatsoever. It’s all lies and records and Billings are withheld, preventing the innocent parent from exposing the truth or fighting back.

    Mothers (and sometimes fathers) are left homeless, no contact with their kids, penniless, and with a ball and chain attached by the judges to make sure the gals snd court appointed “therapists” are paid for years far beyond the dissolution of marriage.

    There are no laws. There is no oversight. Shutting down the family court business is the best Justice we can hope for. Simply do not enter family court. Your life and those of your family will be destroyed.

    • I went thru this from 2014-2016, I was left with nothing, lost custody and contact with my two daughters. I was gaslight to think everything was my fault, I was told to never speak of the things that were done or I would end up in Jail. My divorce degree was filled with lies and I wasn’t allowed to challenge it, just told to sign it as nothing would change. Its been 7 years and I am still trying to get my life back. I do blame my Lawyer, the GAL and of course the Judge that was on my case. I wish I knew back then what I know now, I thought it was just me, but to find out there are a group of the same players that continue to treat SAHM the same way, it needs to stop

  • Your intro is most effective and 100% accurate:

    “Family Court is a business and political operation. It is not governmental. It is not altruistic. It is not concerned with the administration of justice. Not even slightly.

    Not understanding this will lead to disastrous results“

    We need to get this article circulated in every way possible. It’s said with such clarity and the analogy is brilliant.

    Family Court— where disastrous realists are guaranteed.

  • This should be used as a public service announcement- a warning not to enter family court under any conditions.

    Family court needs to be viewed as what it is— a Dangerous option that should be avoided at all cost.

    They’ll take your life and everything you’ve ever loved, earned, or depended upon.

    The evil that exists in this criminal enterprise is more sadistic and callous than anyone can imagine.

    • So callous and sadistic that they create more objects (they do not recognize good parents nor do they recognize children, they are both considered “Objects” or “Bitcoins”) with PTSD. In many cases it is just as horrific as the holocaust.

  • Family court is politically motivated. It’s has nothing to do with children or family. The laws mean nothing. Because the players in the game want money. The political figures want to remain in office. In Connecticut they are slapping band-aids because of the exposure. Bringing crumbs to the table. The hearing almost 10 years ago have done nothing. Until the Connecticut family lawyers are out of the grievance panels and judicial committee the problems remain the same. Judges need to be elected to the bench. We do not need more gals. Broken 💔 systems. Many honest family law rendered powerless. The greedy custody evaluators/psychologist are being exposed yet continue to have a license. The public needs to be able to speak out on factual stories for the greater good. Sincerely appreciate Franks continue reporting for the greater good of the general public. Follow the funding. Financial driven system harming children.

  • “… if you’re going to install a false religion you have to negate the real religions.”

    • Breaking news this is Shadow’s calling card. Shadow is the only one allowed by Frank to post pre-clips of video. I’m jealous. What did the Sassy Shadow have to do for this privilege? Frank has peculiar taste.

      • Dear Anonymous 3:45 pm,

        Start at 54:50 … “… and this is why we have to understand the negation of the real.”

        The acceptance of so much blatant corruption in family courts is the negation of the real.

        Here’s the real:
        “Family courts” have harmed hundreds of millions of vulnerable families in already dangerous situations all around the world.

        Purposely creating more problems for vulnerable families in dangerous cases with a problem>reaction>solution set-up: destroys children and families and steals money from parents.

        Destroying children and families and stealing money from parents isn’t in “the best interests” of children.

        Have you ever wondered how it came to pass that “family courts” are now for-profit, purposely adversarial cottage industries managed by small cabals of horrible people?

        Who in authority allowed those with no morals to destroy hundreds of millions of children and families in so many family courts around the world? While the details in the family court cases around the world are different, the patterns are all the same.

        Why has there been no oversight and no accountability for all that destruction for the past forty years?

        If you know who Alfred Kinsey is and the role he played in the development of family courts, did you know Kinsey worked with Nazis in Germany? That’s a fact. Have you seen the photo of Kinsey with Kenneth Anger in “The Abbey of Thelema“ in Cefalù? That photo exists. Did you ever see the tattoo on Kenneth Anger’s chest? It says “LUCIFER”.

        Individuals waging wars in “family courts” to steal as much money as they can from families and children are the same kind of people waging war on entire nations to steal as much as possible from those nations. Remember when the sun never sat on British soil? It still doesn’t.

        A few hundred years ago, New Haven, Connecticut in New England was a new haven for small occult groups in secret societies leaving England, Spain and France etc. for “the new world”. They established a New England, a new Alexandria in Virginia and many new ways to divide and conquer after that.

        Is it any surprise that just a few hundred years later, purposely adversarial for-profit courts could destroy billions of children and families around the world to weaken nations?

        Around the 1940s and 50s, strong families in strong communities in strong towns, states and nations were getting stronger and stronger. Strong families moved out of the cities into the suburbs. The Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) was signed into law in 1974. Take a guess which small cabals in control of the banking industry today played a role in sabotaging families for so long.

        Guess which cabals pushed “sex and drugs and rock and roll” in the 1960s to get that damned upward mobility to disintegrate. Guess which cabals protected thugs who destroyed children and families in family courts Since the 1970s. Abused children going to identified perpetrators picked up speed in the 1980s. Convincing children to remove their body parts has helped, too.

        Communities weaken wherever children and families are destroyed. Have you seen the videos of tents and drug addicts in once-thriving American cities? That kind of destruction doesn’t happen by accident. Destroyed families weaken communities to create vulnerable towns and cities. Vulnerable towns and cities weaken provinces, states and nations. At that point, all Lord Mark Malloch Brown has to do is: install weak government officials and the game’s over.

        Governments unable to handle things such things as bioweapons attacks and climate change need help. Should we worry about how vulnerable we all are now? Of course not! Public private partnerships are ready with a “New World Order” in a “One World” government to “build back better” in this “Great Reset”! 😃

        In their “Great Reset”, old-style colonizers would like to colonize the entire world — and that’s okay, right?

        The “Long March Through the Institutions” wasn’t conspiracy theory. Small “family court” cabals were incentivized to play a role. Millions were to be made on the purposeful destruction of families in nations. The worst of the worst judges, lawyers and random family court vendors have been happy participants.

        Mr. Adelman, Mr. Horowitz, Mr. Nusbaum and Mr. Freedman etc. made millions with help from the small cabal that created the “AFCC, Inc.” public-private partnerships —first in Connecticut, California and Minnesota and then around the world.

        Children and families in family courts around the world today are prisoners of war of those small cabals and like all war, massive profits to be made motivates those who couldn’t care less about the best interests of children.

        Early versions of family court reforms in the 1950s and 60s focused on social services in what were called “conciliation courts”. Those earlier mostly non-profit efforts were designed to truly help children and families in difficult family matters until a few participating in the process along the way had hidden motives, hidden philosophies, abysmal moral standards and very specific political goals.

        A few hundred years ago, Hegel thought about how creating problems, then offering pre-determined solutions can help achieve political goals. Unfortunately, those repeated Problem > Reaction > Solution political operations led us to the biggest problems the entire world faces today. Good people didn’t govern and the worst of the worst took control.

        Although Hegel probably had no idea that horrible people would eventually create “family courts” in which children and families are destroyed for money, he probably could have predicted the global consequences of the destruction of hundreds of millions of families in carefully chosen nations around the world. Everyone watching family courts destroy already vulnerable children and families in already weak nations today should be able to make a few predictions, too.

        “… Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, (born August 27, 1770, Stuttgart, Württemberg [Germany]—died November 14, 1831, Berlin), German philosopher who developed a dialectical scheme that emphasized the progress of history and of ideas from thesis to antithesis and thence to a synthesis …”

    • If Shadow state tilts their head too far to one side a whole bunch of dust would fall out. There is nothing there besides a YouTube button, dust, maybe a few disintegrating spiderwebs.

  • You’ve captured exactly what happens in family court in such a way that readers can grasp how these sadistic rulings are made and how they are enforced over time.

    All who have a hand in delivering the children to an abuser have participated in child abuse and it becomes in their best interest to keep the children silenced.

    Thank you for helping the children and parents who enter family court with the expectation of truth, Justice and protection.

  • Ive passed this article on to everyone I know because it summarized «  family «  court perfectly.

    No one should be subjected to this imbalance of power.

    Just the mere fact that a marriage doesn’t work out is hard enough, but to then be abused by a system that is supposed to protect each partner is overwhelming. Not protecting children is completely blasphemous.

    People don’t have any idea just how dangerous it is to marry someone until it’s too late. When we marry, we are actually marrying the state.

    • That’s a really interesting concept- that we’re marrying the state.

      If I only knew then… thanks for making this clear

    • OMG. Never thought of it that way but you are so right. After you file they don’t want to let you go until the kids are 18. That’s when you finally break free.

    • Can you write and explain the federal component? I’ve heard people reference it – and Title IV funding but I don’t understand the role it plays.

      Thank you.

    • Absolutely. The money is funneled to the state agencies. The programs are ineffective. In most cases. They want to pass 50/50 so the legal battles continue. Even the worst abusers will be given 50/50. Supposedly rehabilitated. The kids will be shuffled and have no say. The funding is for the offenders. The parental alienation industry and reunification therapy will escalate. Cause anyone and everyone will need it. That’s why the judicial branch is advertising for more guardian ad litums it’s a financial cash cow for the legal system and the state. The suicide rate will escalate among the kids. At least it won’t fall on the body count for homicide for domestic violence. Suicidal children are continuing to be placed with abusers. No one is blinking an eye.

        • Yes. Any child who has been abused or a parent moves. The children have great upset to their lives. The system doesn’t recognize the individual needs of the children. Unless someone is dead or left nearly dead the system works very hard to cover up abuse or neglect. It was done in my case. I have seen it done in many others. If the other parent is not doing their part you have to take them back to court. With great expense. Evidence could speak for itself but they force a costly gal anyway. 50/50 is fantastic in some cases probably not in the majority. There are people who can co parent nicely. For those who are stuck with a vindictive x partner it’s a nightmare. For both men and women. I lived the nightmare.

        • They wouldn’t. The person has it backwards. 50/50 reduces court activity and conflict.

          The way Title IV-D comes into play is this: The federal government pays the states grant money for every dollar of “child support” the state reports it’s collecting to the federal government.

          This provides a massive financial incentive for state courts to separate a child from one of their parents to force the payment of ‘child support’ where none is needed.

          • You have no idea how much money is being used for programs. The state is collecting beyond child support. That is one of many issues.

          • Say no to 50/50. There are larger issues then parents obligations to support their children until they are adults. 50/50 should be for responsible co parenting not getting out of supporting your children. Insensitive to work as a mature adult with the other parent to ensure that the children needs are meet. Not dropping off with grama and leaving with the new spouse.

  • “Sadly, we find that:

    (a) tests specifically developed to assess questions relevant to custody are completely inadequate on scientific grounds; …”

    If the tests are useless, who could use all that data?

    “Pearson Education is a British-owned education publishing and assessment service to schools and corporations … 60 percent of its sales in North America …” They produce, distribute and score K-12 school tests, family court tests and many other tests.

    Pearson CEO Andy Bird worked for Richard Branson and The Walt Disney company. He’s also Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. If Pearson Inc. isn’t a data collector for a massive political operation, they could be.

  • No matter how many laws are named for family court victims, if no one in the State Comptroller office knows how many trillions of dollars have been wasted on useless family court tests for the past forty years, the Dulos case taught legislators nothing.

    • Agreed. But I think the legislators do know exactly what’s going on in Connecticut courts.

      It’s one corrupt state. Jennifer Dulos was targeted and given the playbooks “evaluation” which had to remain sealed.

      No doubt it suggests some mental illness or instability to use as a weapon against her. All of her rights were violated and those of her children. Her docket alone shows how litigation is dragged out — for money.

      The courts haven’t held Michelle Traconis accountable in any way. They don’t want to call attention to the corruption of family court. If they actually held a fair trial, the truth of family court could be exposed.

  • Family court atrocities occur daily in family courts throughout the US. It is a silent epidemic because no one is brave enough or cares enough to put themselves at risk for the lives of our children.

    Thank you FR for holding ground and refusing to cave to the threats.

    Ambrose is suing you. He’s a sick man. He should realize you’ll get discovery. You’ll be able to call witnesses. He doesn’t stand a chance.

    And reporters will be lining up to make sure your first amendment rights are protected!

    His arrogance will be his demise.

    He already demonstrated that when he rescued to pay his attorney.

  • My friends daughter was sexually and physically abused her whole childhood and her daughter told many therapists what happened. An evaluator (hired by the father) said that she was being coached.
    So the mother lost custody overnight.
    I personally know five women who have this same story.
    It is not okay with me.
    It is worth fighting for.

    I also know an adult woman who was that child. She was sexually abused by her father for years despite her testimony. She was forced to go to her fathers. Dropped off. Sexually and physically tortured.
    She’d run back home to her loving moms.

    The POLICE would arrest her and take her to juvenile hall.

    She preferred juvenile hall over her fathers.

    So broken by the failed system she trusted no one in authority.

    Soon after she became addicted to painkillers. Next came heroine, then came prostitution. Then came many stints in jail .She tried to get back on track over and over, but she kept stumbling back into the same loop of pain. Now at 40 years old, she says that she can’t believe that she lived as long as she did. I personally witnessed her howl with emotional pain.

    This is worth fighting for.

    • Thank you for sharing this information. It’s brutal. It’s happening still to others which shows how long this has been going on and endorsed by the courts.

      Please keep posting and providing information. The more information contributed in comments, the better it is for all of us.

      I’m glad your friend had the strength to survive. Was she able to reunite when with her mom when she came of age? At 16 or 18?

      • I am friendly with both of them, the mother and the daughter. They both are deeply affected by the way family court failed to protect the then child victim of extreme sexual and physical abuse by the father. The mother acquired many health problems. She always warns me not to allow the stress of family court to take a toll on my body. Her daughter has been coping with so much rage , depression and confusion for so long, she is in and out of therapy, drug addiction, sex addiction. Then she gets better, then she gets worse. It’s almost cyclical..
        But year after year, she does get a little bit better. She has a loyal group of friends and in her way, is happy.

        The woman who was molested by her father was so tormented by the memories of sexual abuse and felt so powerless because no one in authority would ever help her and her mother, she became the black sheep of the family. Even when her mom remarried and had more children with a decent man, she was so hurt, she didn’t fit in and it caused a lot of damage in the family. She was like a living tornado. Her siblings were younger and couldn’t understand her emotional arrest. Everyone in their family has been devastated by this. That is how much power family court has over humanity.

        Now her siblings have children, and whatever untreated emotional damage they have, might pass on to their children and so on..

        The abusive father did eventually go to prison for tax evasion. THAT the government cared about. But they do not want to hear about child sexual abuse.

        I have always suggested that they write a book about what it was like as mother and daughter to give two different perspectives, but while the idea of it intrigued them both, it was too overwhelming because it brought back such painful memories, they both couldn’t take it and wanted to just move on. I can say that after knowing them both for over a decade, avoiding the pain has not protected either of them from it. The pain still seems just as fresh as it did when I first was introduced to this harrowing story.

        It is just what the system wants. To paralyze peoples emotional development.

        I have so much deep compassion for my friends and for humanity. It hurts so much to describe their story I can’t imagine the pain that they’d feel writing about it.

        I will say that even though my friends are broken by this, they both are trying their hardest to get through it. They both are warriors in their own right.

        The father was sexually abused as a child. His grandmother was also. It really does pass on.

        I think that we have to find out ways to treat these symptoms through education in schools and churches and community. Not just hand it over to the powers that be. We really need to create independent empowerment. Because, by the time we find out that our own children have been abused, we can get so overwhelmed by despair, we sign off our lives to absolute strangers in court. We feel we don’t have any power, so we let them step in. We gladly surrender to their bs circus without even knowing what we are doing. The lawyers are literally liars. They feed off the anxiety and the more problems the case, the more money they make. Lawyers are not philanthropists, they are not humanitarians, they simply passed the BAR and have a license to use our families to practice what they learned. They have a certain amount of immunity. Once our cases are over, they continue on. So their agenda is quite different from ours. They serve the court. And family law is different from other courts. They don’t even always follow the law. It’s a crazy circus.

    • Connecticut? Other states? Other countries? This is happening all over the world. Some political group somewhere must have used a template and networked internationally to establish “family courts” for profit and destruction.

  • This explains the dynamics brilliantly. You’re spot on regarding the vendors and customers- and the customer is always right.

    This should be used in presentations to warn anyone going into family court.

    Please keep reporting on this. We’re sure you’ve been threatened or sued or both. Connecticut shuts down everyone who dares to expose the truth of what they’re doing in family court!

    Everything is allowed under “judicial discretion”.

    Thank you! I’ll never view a tomato without thinking of the criminals of family court.

  • …children can decide to change their gender, but cant be taken seriously in family court (AKA commodity inc.)

    That is outrageous.

    • It is outrageous and cruel indeed. The statutes suggest kids as young as 11 have a say in custody.

      Connecticut courts don’t care even when the kids are 16- the age of consent. They refuse to give them a voice.

      It’s sickening. Do not enter family court— ever. This can happen to men or women. It’s all about who controls the money.

    • Sorry, children should bever be placed in adult positions. Anytime the state wants to “speak for children” watch out – that’s where the real abuse and destruction begins.

  • How can any normal loving parent not feel shattered when their children have been stolen from them?

    This commodity Court Inc.
    (Human factory farming corporation) thrives off of vulnerability and inexperience.

    Clearly this needs to be addressed as a failed system. It doesn’t meet the needs ( and should be RIGHTS) of the citizens involved: THE CHILDREN!

    It is a civil rights matter. And like all other civil rights issues, there needs to be a revolution.

    Different races have gone to battle for their civil rights, women have fought. Adults have turned over cities to choose their sexual preference.

    But children? Nope. Not the same.

    They are considered property.

    And they are not.

    • If they aren’t property, then they can’t be “stolen” since you can’t steal something from a person that they do not “own.”

    • Fit parents represent the best interests of THEIR children. Not the state. Not a court. Not a GAL. Not an AMC. Not any state “family” court actor. Fit parents.

  • The Commodity Court (CC) is also much the same as a Mafia run organization filled with secret ex parte communications by the Actors directly to the court and judge of that court without inclusion on the surface of the targeted parents lawyer or the target parent itself. They are all part of the commodity as you state.
    No oversight what so ever for all the unethical Actors involved in the CC. Even the judicial oversight organizations hide all unethical practices of these CC Actors. Some states are trying to fix this but I’m sure in many cases the AFCC group and its members are insuring that nothing is done to upset their very rich commodity especially when they find a member of a divorcing couple, with Bitcoins (children), who have an endless bank of money, usually the father, and no concern about how it is wasted feeding the commodity. The judicial oversight agencies of all 50 states are operating contrary to the public interest especially for the Actors involved in the CC.
    See the article written by Joseph Sweeney in 2017 about the judicial oversight issue at this link:
    Title: Why all 50 states need to overhaul their judicial oversight agencies

    There is many more articles out there on this subject of judicial oversight if one starts looking.

    After spending the last 2 years of researching all the issues of the Commodity Court (Family Court / Mafia Court / Corrupt Court, etc) because of a personal involvement with a mother who has ultimately lost custody of her 2 children to narcissistic uncaring father and seeing the unethical behavior of the father’s attorney of blatantly hiding all evidence that proves the children not only are at risk being with this father but their lives to some extent may be in danger, I see no viable solution to fixing the Family Court system.
    It is my opinion that the Family Court needs to be totally abolished. Any decision to be made by a court over the disposition of the children needs to be only done in a fully open court system (maybe the Civil Courts). Any start of a court involvement starts the clock and all decisions have to be completed in 1 year or less. After that any further court involvement begins a heavy fine against the individual or denial of any further involvement by the court. (This stops a father, for example, who has horrible mean stigma of hating the mother and trying to make her life miserable, regardless of what it all does to the children).
    This Commodity Court started with Gardner back in 1986, being fine tuned year after year by Mafia organizations such as the AFCC and those fake brain washing camps. The time is way overdue for this problem to be fixed. It is a hidden epidemic world wide, not just in the U.S.
    An area that could help put an end to this epidemic could be the media, but when the media takes a peak inside of this Commodity they suddenly turn silent and run for the exit door spouting all kinds of excuses for not talking about it publicly.
    How many children and Mom’s are murdered by the father but it does not get reported? Too many, and probably the number is higher than we really know.
    I just don’t want to every hear of another child and/or mother being executed by sick and uncaring father.
    Frank B.

    • Unless you’re a mom who is actually killed, not just had an attempt- no one cares. Unless a kid who’s killed, not just mind shatteringly abused- no one cares. And even when killed- three day news cycle until the next one

      • Exactly. They don’t care. They hurt it because the money is more important. The state governments silently endorse this conduct.

        CT families made it clear in 2015 and 2017. The AG was at the reappointment hearing where judge Adelman lied under oath. It was proven. Still he was reappointed and has targeted and punished women unceasingly.

        The word is out. FR will take down the courts. He’s patient. Slow by slow…

  • Yes. Yes. Yes.

    This is a very sobering and staunch reality, but the sooner we accept it, the better we can deal with it.

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