Anonymous Website Teases Upcoming Documentary ‘Con Job: United States vs. Raniere’; Claims the Con Was Not Raniere’s

Some person or persons have published a new website called,  to promote an upcoming “investigative documentary” called “Con Job: United States vs. Raniere.” 

While the documentary is unavailable for viewing, the website informs visitors it is “COMING SOON.”

The website claims the government is the one that did the con job on Raniere.

The website states:

Raniere was convicted on charges of racketeering, sex trafficking, and other crimes which sent shock waves through the public consciousness, leading to the imprisonment of several prominent individuals associated with the organization.

However, a new documentary reveals claims that the investigation was marred by corruption and misconduct, potentially casting doubt on the fairness of the trial and raising questions about the guilt of those convicted. Join us as we delve into the depths of this intricate case, aiming to uncover the truth that could impact the lives of those entangled in the NXIVM controversy.

five minute trailer of “Con Job: United States vs. Raniere” is available through the website and on YouTube.

The trailer features Raniere’s forensic experts, who claim the FBI tampered with evidence. It also shows Raniere’s newest attorney, Arthur Aidala, filmed after a visit with his client at USP Tucson.

Also on the website are:

Retired FBI Agent Dr. Rick Kiper’s letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray “detailing historic FBI fraud in a criminal case.”

A “letter to Congress from four former FBI agents requesting an investigation of serious unlawful actions by the FBI and Department of Justice.”

Affidavits from seven of Raniere’s forensic experts, who claim evidence was fabricated while in possession of the FBI.

Audios of Raniere speaking from prison “about astonishing never before heard details of his case.”

 A video of attorney Alan Dershowitz on the need to investigate FBI evidence tampering in the Raniere case. 

Video testimonials by “former members” who “reveal their experiences in NXVIM and… shed light on the salacious stories that dominated the headlines, unveil the nuances behind misleading statements, and provide insight into the missing facts that have shaped public perception.”

The testimonials come from Michele Hatchette, Angelica Hinojos, her husband Luis Sandoval, Esther Chiappone, Justin Elliot, Brett Diamond, and Megan Hoffman Mills and focus on the media representations of NXIVM and how it did not conform to their own experiences. 

Megan Hoffman Mills, a former NXIVM member, had some complaints about how the media represented NXIVM and herself.

The website owners keep their identity anonymous but offer the opportunity to contact them by email at:

The trailer for the movie has over 35,000 views on YouTube in four days, but there have been no comments, likes or dislikes. 

Whether this is the result of buying fake views,  the result of advertising, or something else, is unclear. Having a video with tens of thousands of views without a single comment or like is odd.

I provided the first comment:

If the allegations are even partly true, it is a serious matter. Even if Raniere is fully guilty of every crime, it would not justify the FBI’s tampering with evidence. I would like to know the names of the producer and director. Anonymity casts doubts about the veracity of the documentary. 

September 15 is the deadline for Raniere’s lawyers to respond to the US Attorney for the Eastern District of NY’s memorandum in opposition to Raniere’s Rule 33 motion for a new trial.

Raniere based his Rule 33 motion on allegations the FBI tampered with digital evidence during his trial.

After Raniere files his reply, it will be up to Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis to decide whether to deny or approve Raniere’s motion for a new trial or hold an evidentiary hearing to get more information.

If Judge Garaufis denies Raniere’s motion, he may still appeal it to the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. If it is denied there, Raniere can appeal to the US Supreme Court.

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  • I saw the trailer as an advertisement (no option to leave comments). The minute I saw the website name I skipped the remainder of the ad to go back to the video I was viewing

  • Frank, I believe Megan Hoffman Mills is talking about you at the end of her little monologue.

    I do not recall anything about her. Is she a legacy Dead-ender or is she brand new?

    By the way, what the fuck type of insurance agent uses their personal Gmail on their business profile? Doesn’t even have a business domain?

  • Buffalo Rising


    Megan Mills Hoffman, Alaskan-born and raised, arrived in Buffalo in 2003 thinking she’d stay for a few months, much like her other brief sojourns in Missoula, Montana; Oxford, Mississippi; Portland, Oregon; and Albany, New York. Then she discovered Wegman’s cheese aisle and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Darwin Martin House, the first of which reminded her of her mother’s experience living outside Manchester, England and the second of her father’s experience in construction in Alaska. While discovering Buffalo’s others treasures, she worked with Buffalo Rising as it first expanded online, the Burchfield Penney Art Center’s New Museum Project, Buffalo State College, Western New York Land Conservancy, Young Audiences, and The Gow School. She has served on the boards of the Allentown Association, Mandala School, Western New York Environmental Alliance, and Field and Fork Network. With a B.S. in Sociology and twenty plus years of experience working in community development and grassroots organizations, she has embraced, developed, launched, and established, to varying degrees of success, a variety of local social movements, all directed at changing the way we think about our education and learning. She lives in a small town south of Buffalo, much like the one she grew up in, with her Buffalo-born husband, daughter, and Bernese Mountain dog.

  • Frank Report

    Raniere Supporters to Deliver Affidavit to 7 Prosecutors ‘Demanding’ They Swear to No Misconduct
    May 2, 2022

    [ … ]

    List of Petition Signers
    The list of people who have signed the petition seems prioritized in descending order of social media influence. There are well-known supporters of Raniere, who signed, as well as Allen ‘Alanzo’ Stanfield and others in various walks of life.

    Here is the list:
    [ … ]

    – Megan Mills Hoffman, Writer, Social Education Entrepreneur, Community-Sufficient Learning Advocate [a former NXIVM member.]

    [ …]

  • Megan Mills Hoffman was also a signatory to the NXIVM affidavit.

    ‘Nxivm 5’ affidavit

    Dear Former Assistant US Attorney Moira Kim Penza, Assistant US Attorney Tanya Hajjar, former Acting US Attorney Mark Lesko, Assistant US Attorney Kevin Trowel, Former US Attorney Richard Donoghue, and Former Acting US Attorney Seth DuCharme:

    Please affirm the following statements, related to your handling of Mr. Raniere’s case by initialing each of them – and if you cannot affirm a statement, please mark with an ‘X’ – and return a completed copy to within 24 hours:

    We, the Prosecutors, did not knowingly make any false or misleading statements to the public or media.
    ______ MKP ______ TH ______ ML ______ KT ______ RD ______ SD

    We, the Prosecutors, did not knowingly make, or allow any federal agents to make, any false statements to the court.
    ______ MKP ______ TH ______ ML ______ KT ______ RD ______ SD

    We, the Prosecutors, did not allow any of our witnesses to commit perjury about events or facts known to, or evidence possessed by us.
    ______ MKP ______ TH ______ ML ______ KT ______ RD ______ SD

    We, the Prosecutors, did not withhold exculpatory evidence from the defense.
    ______ MKP ______ TH ______ ML ______ KT ______ RD ______ SD

    We, the Prosecutors, only used evidence that was secure and had an unbroken chain of custody. We did not use any evidence that was modified or altered while in FBI custody. We did not tamper with evidence or know that evidence had been tampered with.
    ______ MKP ______ TH ______ ML ______ KT ______ RD ______ SD

    We the people demand answers.

    Signed By:
    Ian Miles Cheong, Writer and Journalist, Human Events (@Stillgray 320.2K followers)
    Adam Crigler, Commentator & Journalist, The Crigler Show (@AdamCrigler 130.5K followers)
    Chase Geiser, Podcast Host, One American Podcast (@RealChaseGeiser 61.4K followers)
    Nicki Clyne, Writer and Criminal Justice Advocate (@nickiclyne 37.1K followers)
    Kurt Schemers, Syndicated radio and television host of Traders Nation® (retired), Business Development & Strategist (@KurtSchemers 9K followers)
    Yaakov Strasberg, Journalist, American Pigeon (@17AmericanTruth 3.8K followers)
    Suneel Chakravorty, Tech Entrepreneur and Coding Instructor
    Eduardo Asunsolo, Actor, Activist and Investigative Reporter
    Geoffery King, System Administrator, State of California
    Stephen Palmer, Retired military and stay at home dad
    Joseph Dwaine Fullmer, Sr. Software Engineer, Optilogic
    Kelli Dutra, Fraud Detection Analyst
    Esther Carlson, Entrepreneur Health & Life Wellness Advocate
    Rick Fisk, Co-Executive Director, Adopt An Inmate
    Shawn Tyler, Writer, Entrepreneur, Criminal Justice Advocate
    Megan Mills Hoffman, Writer, Social Education Entrepreneur, Community-Sufficient Learning Advocate
    Christopher Pearson-Smith, Insurance Broker & Real Estate Investor
    Mariah Strand, Concerned citizen, homeschooling parent
    Allen Stanfield, Critical thinker on cults & anticults. Signer of petitions that seek to hold those with governmental power accountable.
    Brian Elliot, Entrepreneur and Real Estate Investor
    Linda Chung, Business Owner, Investor and Former Lawyer
    Michele Hatchette, Humanitarian & Entrepreneur
    Cal Adler, Just a citizen concerned about the many instances of federal prosecutor and investigator misconduct that have come to light over the last several years
    Peter David, Studio Mechanic
    Kerri Romeo, Concerned citizen
    Caitlin Metcalf
    Artie Gonzales, Writer/Consultant
    Angelica Hinojos, Mother & Entrepreneur
    Daniel Campbell, Telecommunications Technician, former Law Enforcement Officer
    Jay Skidmore, Factory Worker
    Jack Levy, Entrepreneur and Developer
    Damon Brink, Youth Baseball Coach, Writer, Entrepreneur
    Shirley Aprile, Mother and Writer
    Heather Russell, Business Owner
    Micaela Zahner, Designer and Consultant
    Brandon Porter, M.D., Ph.D.
    Alberto Sanchez, Director of Fire Protection
    Brett Diamond, Entrepreneur Insurance Manager and Broker
    David Carroll, Industrial Electrician
    Juan P Lambert, Entrepreneur
    Karen Trojan, Concerned citizen
    Jocelyn Ecker, Singer
    Jerome Fressinier, Executive Chef
    Sahajo Haertel, Entrepreneur and Humanitarian
    Marie White, Artist

  • Celebrating a convicted sex offender? This was obviously their tribute to their Vanguard. If Michele and the Frenchman have a baby will Raniere be the God father?

  • Why am I just now finding out woody fucked his children? His baby children! Has anyone else heard Mia Farrow talk about what he did to those babies?

  • What about the guy Raniere met at the MDC who got all the money to make a film for Raniere? Did he finally come through?

    No one seemed upset that Raniere (aka Clare Bronfman) got ripped off

  • I wanted to fuck Allison Mack, she was skinny but she came back hot from prison. Do you know if she has a venereal disease?

    • FR is pleased to announce she is healthy and 100 disease free. Unfortunately she declined your polite offer. Have you considered Tindr?

      • Wait, my advanced IQ level KF (Keith Raniere) connected the dots:

        This response bears the signature of Nicki Clyne’s literary style, and she wouldn’t resist responding about her ex/current partner at this moment, and, most importantly, they are back together!

        And Nicki is indeed working with you, Frank!

        Elementary, my dear Watson.

        • My comment about Allison was merely tongue in cheek. Your IQ is too high for your own good. I do not know anything about Allison, and I hope she is doing well.

          • Certainly, Frank. While I’m having fun, I’m fully aware of the significance and responsibility of your statements.

            However, as I mentioned in the previous unpublished 5-point text, it’s crucial to keep a watchful eye on these alluring temptations that, in the end, can only lead us to unfathomable depths. Don’t cross the line.

            And what if the master manipulator rotting in prison had actually been the masterfully manipulated one? (just a passing thought).

      • Frank, I wouldn’t put your money on “disease free”. Allison wrote about having Squarefoot and Dani’s stench on her the next day, after a threesome. That’s either chlamydia or gonorrhea laced discharge.

        I’ll put it this way: I wouldn’t touch her genitalia with a ten foot pole.

        On that matter, I wouldn’t touch any female who slept with Squarefoot. That’s basically begging for an STD.

  • I can’t watch it on YouTube (wanted to see the not so many likes and comments and I get his message ”this video has been removed by the uploader’. Con Job The Movie is a con.

  • Not a single positive comment, all negative comments are hidden (no doubt because 100% of them were negative), and all thumbs down are hidden. Typical “information management” deployed by cult leaders and their stooges.

  • Frank-

    Megan Hoffman Mill?

    I hope you be illuminating Meg’s role in NXIVM.

    I don’t recall prior mention of her

  • The whole thing can’t be con job, can it? Too many victims have come forward. I don’t doubt there could be tampering. But won’t that come down to Camillas word against Raniere’s? I mean, the other charges weren’t tampered with. There’s a paper trail. Am I missing something? Wrong was done here.

  • RE The Website & the Future:

    When will the ugly toady and web host named Suneel – make his grand appearance – announcing previously unknown evidence or undiscovered DATA – vindicating his master Vanguard. Will Suneel’s melodrama be equal to my own verbosity!

    Who is this Megan Hoffman Mill? She is unknown to longtime readers. Could it be Frank has been obfuscating her presence as part of a yet uncovered diabolical plan.

    Frank’s machinations are far scarier and darker, than the late publisher Al Goldstein or
    Bernie ‘Commie’ Sanders because Frank is intelligent and non-Jewish.

  • Ice-nine just watched the trailer. Ice-nine says, “EXPLOSIVE.” “WOW.” and “WOW AGAIN”.

    They’ve got FBI agents holding flashlights!!! Hands grabbing prison bars!!! Coders typing really hard stuff!!!

    So just out of curiosity, in this documentary do we get to see the full iStock video clips they purchased $9.90, or is that just in the trailer?

    Can’t wait for the sequel.

  • I’m going to make a documentary about a documentary based on a documentary I seen on the internet about a guy who thought about a documentary that made a documentary about a documentary

    • Suneel and Clare – Close Encounters of the Turd Kind… Well, someone has to take up the slack if Benji isn’t around. 😊

  • As it turns out, the REAL story isn’t about how New York AG offices allowed ESP/NXIVM to exist for twenty years! 🤡

    • “Well, that’s what I’m wondering. Was there something going on behind the scenes that by you’re testifying would have exposed the big picture that they didn’t want to expose? And what I’m wondering is – – the stuff that happened in LA when they actually had evidence against him and didn’t charge him and they kept releasing him and releasing him.”

  • I love that their website was built on a free WordPress site by amateurs that don’t know how to edit the favicon LOL ( it’s that little icon thingy on the browser tab that currently has the WordPress logo). So I’m sure the documentary itself has a high production value.

    Do you think they’ll include that footage we saw in Vow 2 where they get all riled up, put on their suits, and jet out of the house to storm Moira’s office and make her sign an affidavit, only to arrive in Manhattan and find out she wasn’t there that day? Cuz they really got her good 😂😂😂

    • Ice-nine,

      You are right!! Lol. What a bunch of knuckleheads! WORDPRESS!?!?!?? Even I use a paid service for my half-pint website, I sorta have just to protect the domain URL.

      They went all out with embedded YouTube videos. They are SOOOOO savvy.

      I will guess the “documentary” is existing video spliced together using some sort of entry-level, amateur video editing app.

      Suneel, if you had anything to do with this, I’d omit this from you resume/reel.


    • I love when Mark Elliot says “Yeah, ‘holy shit’ is right!” So STUPID and corny!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • At the 1:06 minute mark, Serious Narrator Voice says, “Friends betrayed friends”.

    We see a photo of Lauren Salzman in a comfy room of close “friends” directly opposite Nicki Clyne. Nicki is the “friend” sitting all the way to the right (of course) soon to betray them all.


    Whoever else is in that photo completes the foreshadowing to direct the viewer toward the goal of the production.

    So, which individuals would produce that film, placing that particular photo right after such a sharp accusation as if to say, “Nicki Clyne betrayed her friends!” “Everyone hate on Nicki Clyne!”

    Once we hear the narration and see the stills, interviews, documents and the whatever else, the slant will be obvious.

    The film will target “suppressives” along with the government “culprits” who are probably associates and/or stooges of the filmmakers who pulled off the “government tampering” as quickly as clothes were stripped off of those precious young women in Mr. Raniere’s dungeon right before the whipping and the paddling began.

  • … “A promise to deliver higher consciousness. …” … A con job movie to con the public to take the focus off of the human experiments done on clueless cattle …

  • Lighthouse International Group teased multiple documentaries, both by themselves and a known trickster on Twitter.
    None have come to fruition. Lighthouse International Group were shut down by the UK Government in the UK High Court on 28th March 2023 in the public-interest.

    The announcement of a documentary is the reaction of a narcissistic-injury – the need to exert control by a Cult in the decline.

    I doubt any “documentary” will come to light.

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