Raniere Supporters to Deliver Affidavit to 7 Prosecutors ‘Demanding’ They Swear to No Misconduct

Suneel Chakravorty and Michelle Hatchette
  1. Former Assistant US Attorney Moira Kim Penza,
  2. Assistant US Attorney Tanya Hajjar,
  3. Former Acting US Attorney Mark Lesko,
  4. Assistant US Attorney Kevin Trowel,
  5. Former US Attorney Richard Donoghue,
  6. Former Acting US Attorney Seth DuCharme.
Prosecutors Tanya Hajjar, Mark Lesko and Moira Penza. Will they sign the affidavit?
Only Trowel and Hajjar are still at the Brooklyn office.  The Washington DC office of the DOJ is Lesko’s location. Penza left the DOJ to practice law with a private law firm. Breon Peace replaced DuCharme, who replaced Donoghue as US Attorney for the EDNY.
Here is the petition:


Whether you think Mr. Raniere is good or bad, guilty or innocent, please support us in demanding answers from the prosecutors about their participation in indisputable government malfeasance, including the fabrication of child pornography evidence used to convict Mr. Raniere.

Please see the affidavit below, that will be served to the prosecutors on Monday, May 2, 2022, along with a petition that we would like you to sign. Help us publicize, through your various media and social platforms, the serving of this affidavit, and keep demanding, publicly, that these prosecutors respond until they answer. Any immoral refusal to be held accountable is a disgrace to notion of due process and the principle of justice.


Make Justice Blind Team

Here is the affidavit:

Dear Former Assistant US Attorney Moira Kim Penza, Assistant US Attorney Tanya Hajjar, former Acting US Attorney Mark Lesko, Assistant US Attorney Kevin Trowel, Former US Attorney Richard Donoghue, and Former Acting US Attorney Seth DuCharme:

Please affirm the following statements, related to your handling of Mr. Raniere’s case by initialing each of them – and if you cannot affirm a statement, please mark with an ‘X’ – and return a completed copy to team@makejusticeblind.com within 24 hours:

The statements prosecutors are asked to initial are:

We, the Prosecutors–

  1. Did not knowingly make any false or misleading statements to the public or media.
  2. Did not knowingly make, or allow any federal agents to make, any false statements to the court.
  3. Did not allow any of our witnesses to commit perjury about events or facts known to, or evidence possessed by us.
  4. Did not withhold exculpatory evidence from the defense.
  5. Only used evidence that was secure and had an unbroken chain of custody.
  6. Did not use any evidence that was modified or altered while in FBI custody.
  7. Did not tamper with evidence or know that evidence had been tampered with.

List of Petition Signers

The list of people who have signed the petition seems prioritized in descending order of social media influence. There are well-known supporters of Raniere, who signed, as well as Allen ‘Alanzo’ Stanfield and others in various walks of life.

Here is the list:

– Ian Miles Cheong, Writer and Journalist, Human Events (@Stillgray 320.2K followers)

– Adam Crigler, Commentator & Journalist, The Crigler Show (@AdamCrigler 130.5K followers)

– Chase Geiser, Podcast Host, One American Podcast (@RealChaseGeiser 61.4K followers)

Nicki Clyne is a member of the Dossier Project and former First Line leader of DOS.

– Nicki Clyne, Writer and Criminal Justice Advocate (@nickiclyne 37.1K followers)

– Mark Eglinton, Author (@MarkEglinton 21.4K followers)

– Kurt Schemers, Syndicated radio and television host of Traders Nation® (retired), Business Development & Strategist (@KurtSchemers 9K followers)

– Yaakov Strasberg, Journalist, American Pigeon (@17AmericanTruth 3.8K followers)

Suneel Chakravorty has led the team to find and coordinate digital forensic experts’ reports.

– Suneel Chakravorty, Tech Entrepreneur and Coding Instructor

Eduardo Asunsolo on the phone, outside of Moira Penza’s office building, the last time the group tried to get an affidavit signed by prosecutors.

– Eduardo Asunsolo, Actor, Activist and Investigative Reporter

– Geoffery King, System Administrator, State of California

– Stephen Palmer, retired military and stay at home dad

– Joseph Dwaine Fullmer, Sr. Software Engineer, Optilogic

– Kelli Dutra, Fraud Detection Analyst

Esther Carlson was a former green sash head trainer of NXIVM.

– Esther Carlson, Entrepreneur Health & Life Wellness Advocate

– Rick Fisk, Co-Executive Director, Adopt An Inmate

– Megan Mills Hoffman, Writer, Social Education Entrepreneur, Community-Sufficient Learning Advocate [a former NXIVM member.]

– Chris Pearson-Smith with his coach Allison Mack.

– Christopher Pearson-Smith, Insurance Broker & Real Estate Investor [former NXIVM member]

– Mariah Strand, Concerned citizen, homeschooling parent

Allen Alanzo Stanfield

– Allen Stanfield, critical thinker on cults & anticults. Signer of petitions that seek to hold those with governmental power accountable.

Brian Elliott

– Brian Elliot, Entrepreneur and Real Estate Investor [former NXIVM member]

Linda Chung

– Linda Chung, Business Owner, Investor and Former Lawyer; member of the Dossier Project.

Michele Hatchette

– Michele Hatchette, Humanitarian & Entrepreneur; member of Dossier Project

– Cal Adler, Just a citizen concerned about the many instances of federal prosecutor and investigator misconduct that have come to light over the last several years

– Peter David, Studio Mechanic

– Kerri Romeo, Concerned citizen

– Caitlin Metcalf

– Artie Gonzales, Writer/Consultant

Angelica Hinojos

– Angelica Hinojos, Mother & Entrepreneur; member of Dossier Project

– Daniel Campbell, Telecommunications Technician, former Law Enforcement Officer

– Jay Skidmore, Factory Worker

– Jack Levy, Entrepreneur and Developer; former NXIVM member

Second Time

Members of Make Justice Blind went to the US Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn in September 2020 before Raniere’s sentencing. At tah time, they wanted prosecutors to sign an affidavit. The first affidavit was like the current one.
They asked prosecutors to declare they did not cheat while prosecuting Raniere. Prosecutors elected not to sign their affidavit.
The earlier affidavit secured the support of Amanda Knox. Convicted of a 2007 murder, Kno xspent four years in prison before her exoneration.

Knox told the Albany Times Union, “These supporters of Mr. Raniere asked me to sign a petition asking the prosecutors in the case to affirm some principles of prosecutorial conduct that any prosecutor should be able to affirm, such as not engaging in perjury, not tampering with evidence, and not threatening witnesses. I signed the petition because violation of these practices would constitute prosecutorial misconduct, regardless of Mr. Raniere’s guilt or innocence.”

Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman are currently in federal custody, serving their sentences of 120 years and 6.75 years.

On September 25, 2020, Chakravorty, Clyne, Asunsolo, Marc Elliot, Hatchette and a camera man, sound man, and a producer for a docuseries, showed up outside the building where Penza has her law offices – at 130 W 42nd Street. Penza’s office is on the 24th floor.

The office building is in midtown Manhattan, where Moira Penza’s office is located.

The purpose was to serve a copy of the first Make Justice Blind’s affidavit alleging prosecutorial misconduct.

Eduardo Asunsolo
At the time, Raniere was residing at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, NY.
Metropolitan Detention Center, Brooklyn, NY.

Back in September 2020, in words that might be prophetic, Suneel Chakravorty said, “These prosecutors need to know that we will keep the media pressure on until they individually answer each point of the affidavit. Did they lie? Yes or no. Did they threaten witnesses? Yes or no. We need media coverage because the prosecutors may retaliate to suppress the exposure of their wrongdoing.”

Presently Raniere is residing at USP Tucson.
It is unknown if the Make Justice Blind group will come with camera, sound man and producer when they visit the DOJ today.

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Frank Parlato


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  • Each signature on this Petition is worthless. They are silly and ridiculous. Any con man will sign a petition. It’s worthless on its face. hahahahaha.

  • To the morons who put entrepreneur in their bios:
    Entrepreneur is a quasi-euphemism for “I’m unemployed”.

  • So far, no one has explained a puzzling fact: WHY would the prosecution bother to tamper with evidence in Raniere’s case?

    One might accept such assertions of government malfeasance in the case of, say, Assange or Snowden, because of the ramifications in world politics. But why go after little old Raniere who was simply teaching self-help courses? He may be the Vanguard for his followers, but to the general public, he was a nobody.

    The trial was only covered widely because

    (1) it involved the Bronfman money and other heiresses;

    (2) everyone wanted to know how a non-descript ageing bloke you wouldn’t look at twice managed to persuade grown, supposedly rational , intelligent ’empowered’ women to stage a group blow job;

    (3) the rather gruesome ‘branding’; and (

    4) the school-boy whining in emails about the size of his manhood and how his ‘slaves’ needed to go find him new ‘fuck toys’ (Nicki, how does it feel to know you were but a ‘fuck toy’?).

    All salacious, sad, occasionally hilarious stuff, but hardly the kind of important stuff that would necessitate ‘framing’ when there was an abundance of documents & recordings to convict him? Or are his followers not telling the whole truth? Maybe there are really ‘powerful haters’ in the background that wanted KR out of the way. If so, who are they? What did KR do to put their noses out of joint?

    Whose important toes was he stepping on? Whose ‘territories’ did he try and muscle in on? Now if KR’s supporters would give us facts, name names, cite specific reasons why anyone outside of Nxivm should have feared him enough to have him framed, I might take it more seriously. But you can’t claim to be just an average Joe (albeit a rather grandiose, sex-crazed and manipulative one) – and be so hated and feared by unnamed agencies who will stop at nothing to take you down. So, which is it?

    • Why, indeed?

      The Raniere faithful like to think the little toad was a great man of earth shattering importance. To everyone else he was just a two-bit grifter running a Scientology-wannabe cult in some godforsaken Albany suburb.

      Nobody was going to risk career, pension, and prison planting evidence to nail this nonentity.

      And if they were to plant evidence it would be evidence of one of the crimes he was actually charged with.

  • “On September 25, 2020, Chakravorty, Clyne, Asunsolo, Marc Elliot, Hatchette and a camera man, sound man, and a producer… showed up outside the building where Penza has her law offices… The purpose was to serve a copy of the first Make Justice Blind’s affidavit alleging prosecutorial misconduct.”

    Oh, is that what the purpose was? It wasn’t to disrupt business, make a scene, to intimidate, to propagandize, in service of making outrageous accusations? Defending their cult leader, a convicted sex trafficker and racketeer?

    Reporting like this is heavily biased. Biased in favor of a notorious cult leader who had women branded with his initials. Women he blackmailed. Women he happily referred to as his slaves.

    This is the cause the FR has taken up. The (quixotic) attempt to free Raniere.

    “Back in September 2020, in words that might be prophetic, Suneel Chakravorty said, ‘These prosecutors need to know that we will keep the media pressure on’…”

    Prophetic? This gerbil is a prophet now? And what “media” is taking any of his bullshit seriously, other than the FR?

    Oh, but the FR is just “presenting both sides”. Keeping an open mind on “questions” like prosecutorial misconduct and FBI tampering. All in the service of a greater justice. Right?

    Wrong. These aren’t open questions. Raniere was convicted by a jury, not by the government. The evidence tampering allegation was dreamed up by a couple of Raniere cult hard-liners and has not one iota of proof behind it. Neither it nor the baseless accusation of prosecutorial misconduct have any merit whatsoever. They are feeble and futile attempts to free Raniere. Or, that being impossible, to at least rehabilitate his image.

    To say, “Raniere may or may not be guilty, but the government is just as bad if not worse” may be the “truth” in crazy town where the Nxian dead-enders reside, and increasingly so on the pages of the FR, but not in the real world where I live.

    Raniere was convicted by a real-world jury. They were presented with a mountain of facts that proved Raniere’s guilt. Interlocking testimony and physical evidence. Raniere’s guilt is a fact, not one side in an ongoing debate.

    Those are Keith Raniere’s initials branded on women’s pussies. We heard in court how they were tricked, coerced, and blackmailed into being branded. We heard how his minions recruited, coerced, and subjugated women into DOS under his direction and how the minions’ pay was withheld if they failed.

    The evidence against Raniere is voluminous. The evidence of FBI malfeasance is nonexistent. That’s why this is not an open question and why it isn’t a subject for endless debate.

    Raniere is guilty of multiple felonies. The prosecutors in the case are guilty of nothing.

    Them’s the facts, Jack.

    • Those sure are the facts, A. S.

      And is it really “prophetic” to simply state your own future plans? To telegraph your own next move?

      Then I prophesied that I would see a doctor at my next regularly scheduled appointment that I made for myself. I too am able to see the future!

      The media cares not a whit. The dead-enders may believe they are, “keeping the pressure on” prosecutors through the media but the media doesn’t reflect it.
      Not so prophetic at all.

      The remaining cult followers have consistently over-sold and under delivered.

      Rookie moves.

    • Aristotle, Ice-9, EraSend all make well valid points which also happen to roast the NXers fairly well.

      This trio has proven yet again the NXers are dumber than a box of hair.

      Rico Suave also makes a few good points. Kid has been taking smart pills.

  • My take on the above candid photos of the NXIVM players:

    SUNEEL, looks like he stared on the TV show The Big Bang Theory.

    EDUARDO, never cracks a smile. He looks like a guy who found out his wife and dad costarred in the same porno and they didn’t use condoms.

    NICKI looks presentable, classy and attractive. She also looks like the type of woman who married a man she never would’ve dated, in high school — cuz he’s got an 8-digit bank account. Correct, Nicki?

    ALANZO, Allen Stanfeld, looks like a sweet and respectable philosophy professor — we all know Alanzo is a whack job and nothing could be farther from the truth.

    MICHELE HATCHETTE, I won’t make fun of her because looks like she’s sufferers from alopecia — or vacationed at Chernobyl.

  • Did Suneel get quite old overnight or have you been posting very dated photos?

    Or maybe just HEAVILY filtered ones like Nicki Clyne posts of herself?

    • Yikes-

      Suneel appears different in every one of his candids. This fact has led to speculation that Suneel is not of our World.

      His species may be capable of polymorphism.

  • I actually support these folks looking into possible evidence of FBI tampering or planting. I don’t know if it happened or not, but if there is evidence, I want it brought to light. 100%

    However, i don’t understand the “why” of these affidavits. My guess is that they know that nobody will sign them, and they are hoping that their refusal to sign will be interpreted as a possible admission of guilt. ? Is that it?

    Like, if I asked my husband, “Hey, do you swear you didn’t cheat on me when you were on that business trip?” and he refuses to answer, I might be like, “Ah ha!!! So, you did! Otherwise, you’d just say no!” Although it could also just be that he thinks it’s a ludicrous, baseless question that he doesn’t want to justify with an answer. Especially if I’m always asking him if he’s cheating, without any evidence to back it up. Now, if I have evidence, I don’t need him to swear to anything. I already know the truth. So if they have the evidence, who gives a s#it about affidavits?

    So, I’m just confused as to what they hope to accomplish with these affidavits. I don’t understand it. Can anyone explain?

    • The hope is probably to keep their cult leader’s name in the public eye + to gin up outrage against the government in general so as to conflate the two issues

      Most people are skeptical of law enforcement at this point but that has nothing to do with Keith Raniere.

      No prosecutor is going to sign an affidavit for a particular case because why then wouldn’t they be signing them for every case? You have to treat everyone the same under the law. So, it is also very hypocritical of the cult dead-enders to ask for special treatment for Vanguard.

      Lawyers already have taken an oath. So, what’s the difference if the dead-enders are not going to believe in that first swearing of an oath? It’s like saying to someone who has already made a promise that you want them to make another promise because you don’t believe the first promise. Why would you believe the second promise? It makes little sense.

      It’s not a situation where any outcome of signing or not signing is going to make any difference in what the dead-enders actually believe. It’s a joke!

      • It’s the ‘when did you stop beating your wife’ tactic. We demand you sign this affidavit, if you don’t you have something to hide. We accuse you, if you don’t deny it, you’re guilty. It’s the favorite tool of narcissists to manipulate you: it’s called a double-bind. It’s set up so that, should you decide to engage, it’s a) you lose and b) you lose, and they get maximum publicity with their stunt. Just gamesmanship. Best ignored.

    • “Michele Hatchette, Humanitarian & Entrepreneur; member of Dossier Project”

      “Entrepreneur” – I did not know that running a sex slave scheme that had no product or service, earned no revenue, and paid no wages made you an entrepreneur.

      “Humanitarian” LFMAO.

      I think you are laying the bullshit on pretty thick here, Frank.

  • If Suneel (new Vangaurd) and his minions don’t stop harassing prosecutors, Raniere will end up in Colorado at the SuperMax,

  • These idiots are too much!

    Let me tell you how this shit will play out. No one is going to sign your affidavit. 33 is getting shot down.

    Nicki is getting sent back to Canada. Suneel will die a Virgin. Clare will lose her civil suit and will move to some far off part of the world. Keith will die in prison and the rest of the dead enders will be lucky to find a job at McDonald’s in 2 years. But hey at least you have each other right? Lol

  • If Nicki Clyne walks up to Tonya Hajjar or Kevin Trowel and tries to fuck with them, I would love it if they said, “No, I won’t be signing that. But since you are here, you are under arrest for immigration fraud and will be deported back to Canada. Thanks for stopping by.”

  • They don’t have to sign shit. Doubt they will.

    Why does Raniere get special treatment?

    Are the dead-enders going to get a film crew and affidavit for every criminal inmate and all prosecutors?

    Isn’t justice suppose to be equal for all?

    Is this all just so Eduardo can add another fake credit to his “acting resume”?

    Eduardo forgot to put this on his “acting” resume:

    Danced like a little bitch nightly in front of MDC for his pedophile cult leader.

    None of the jobs Aunsuolo listed pay him.

    How does he support his children?

    What have any of these “justice advocates” done for anyone who is not Keith Raniere?

  • Ya right, isn’t going to happen. They will be lucky if they don’t end up getting restraining orders with their Raniere games BS

  • “indisputable government malfeasance, including the fabrication of child pornography evidence used to convict Mr. Raniere.”


    First of all, nothing guarantees the integrity of the copies of the CF card and the HD that went to their paid “experts”.

    There wasn’t even a semblance of documented chain of custody for them that guarantees it in any way at all, unlike for the government agency which they repeatedly criticize for being corrupt. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    These were in the hands of supporters of a cult leader whose motivations are to free him and who have taken and signed no ethical oaths required of their positions, unlike the agents of the government who they want to sign this so-called “affidavit”.

    Second of all, just because a report was produced from the said people, this doesn’t prove “malfeasance”, nor make it “indisputable”, nor the evidence a “fabrication”, nor was it the only evidence used to convict Raniere.

  • And the clown show continues.

    I think for maximum effect a baker’s dozen of these misfit losers ought to pile out of a Cooper Mini in front of the DOJ building dressed in motley, brandishing a giant feather pen and scroll. They can record themselves being escorted off the premises by security and put it up on YouTube.

    Either way, they’re just setting themselves up for further ridicule.

  • Where’d they get the money to go back? I thought all of them were too broke to travel? Maybe they should focus more on employment than ridiculous affadavits.

  • I will give them credit for being creatively stupid. It might work as a PR stunt, but I doubt it. The press has moved on and covering this ground requires writing a rather long article explaining the background and it’s not with the effort for old news.

    As for the group signing it, they would be foolish to give it oxygen. The document could be as simple as “Swear you a human” and I would still tell them where they could shove it.

    Now if they were willing to sign a document that says:

    We, the acolytes of Keith Raniere –

    Did not knowingly make any false or misleading statements to the public or media.

    Did not knowingly make, or allow any federal agents to make, any false statements to the court.

    Did not allow or support anyone who engages in pedophilia acts like taking pictures of minors or engage with sex with minors.

    Did not withhold exculpatory evidence from anyone.

    Did not withhold personal information, often called collateral, from the original owners of the material.

    Did not deceive people about the nature of DOS, what branding meant, and who the true leader of it was.

    (This is just a start, sure could add more)

    Seems only fair if they are going to continue to claim some high moral ground while they dream daily of their pedo lover.

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Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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