Guest View: Clare Bronfman Gets Out in Two Years – Raniere’s Enemies in Danger

Clare Bronfman is scheduled to be released from federal prison on September 2, 2025. That means in two years and eight months, she will be in probation. She may actually be out of the low security Danbury camp in about a year and a half, if she gets a half way house and/or home confinement. Here is a guest view from a reader uncomfortable with the heiress’ pending release.

By Alexandria

Clare Bronfman caused far more harm and suffering than she has endured in prison. Fifty-nine months is far less time than the time her harm and suffering has already caused and will forever cause.

She’s in prison temporarily. Her victims have been and will be imprisoned in their minds and life experiences because of her actions.

Clare and her associates are the most dangerous kind of people, because they act like they’re not: passive aggressive, no conscience and endless resources.

Clare, her sister, Sara Bronfman, and their associates are smart enough to know what kind of person Keith was and is, and they know exactly what he did.

Clare had the power to do something good, and still could. That’s probably not her ambition, and it probably never was.

True humanitarians don’t deceive people, and she’s not “a monumentally stupid woman with more money than brains”.

Cruel, entitled sociopaths with endless financial resources and political connections aren’t dumb or altruistic. They’re extraordinarily dangerous.

Clare wasn’t brainwashed. She doesn’t have an extremely low IQ. But she has vast wealth.

MK10ART Clare, Keith and Sara Bronfman

Clare and Nancy knew about Keith’s MLM history. They knew about the slogan, “Just get two people”.

They knew about the story of rice on a chessboard and exponential numbers. They’re smart enough to know about Keith’s history and his sociopathic tendencies — just as those who enabled Charles Manson knew about Manson’s history and sociopathic tendencies.

Were they Keith’s handlers? Some try to conquer as many people as possible, along with as many of the world’s resources as possible “by any means necessary”.

Mission Statement #12: “A world of successful people will undoubtedly be a better world indeed; a world devoid of hunger, theft, dishonesty, envy and insecurity. People will no longer try to destroy each other, steal from each other, down each other or rejoice at another’s demise. Success, ethics and integrity are co-inspirational. I pledge to share and enroll people in ESP and its mission for myself, and to help make the world a better place to live.”

How did the mysterious “C.B.”, “S.B.” and their associates plan to “help make the world a better place to live”?

See Mission Statement #11 for the answer:

“People control the money, wealth and resources of the world. It is essential for the survival of humankind for these things to be controlled by successful, ethical people. I promise to ethically control as much money, wealth and resources of the world as possible within my success plan. I will always support the ethical control of these things.”

People in certain circles controlling the world with ill-gotten and endless financial resources didn’t save the world. They ruined it. Look around.

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  • Why would Clare wait?

    Certainly it’s all already in motion?

    What else do Clare and Keith have to do with their time but plot and spy and scheme against people? Through proxies now, sure, but these vengeful kooks spent an inordinate amount of time, energy and resources going after people who never actually did anything to them.

    There is no chance they are sleeping on retaliation and revenge NOW.

    Timing is everything but they are patient and used to the long con.

  • Bonnie, Mark, Sarah, Nippy, Catherine, India and especially the Mexican girls need to lawyer up. Because the empty human husk that are the Bronfmans are coming to get them. In the absence of character, money becomes a persons personality. What these two lack in morality, common sense and a sense of human decency, they make up for in dollars. As victims of Keith and the Bronfmans, the rebels have rights that include having these people not enter their home states, or contact them directly or indirectly through social media.
    Keith will have only one thing on his mind if any of his soldiers are released, revenge.

  • There have been threats on social media by Raniere’s followers that they plan to come after those who have opinions about the NXIVM case.

    Since Clare Bronfman has been the one who has been funding such attacks for decades, it made sense to draw the conclusion Clare would be involved directly or indirectly in this recent “We coming for you” campaign.

    It could also mean Bronfman is unaware, and it’s a plan Raniere has hatched with his people using funds from his business in Mexico. He’s been talking about his civil lawsuit with the BOP.

    If involved, Suneel Chakravorty seems the most likely to be the main go-between from Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman.

    Now that Raniere has been cut off from contact with his NXIVM followers, his only way of getting messages to and from Clare would be through his lawyers via Chakravorty (or someone else) to get a message to Bronfman or her lawyers.

    If there is a “Get Back At Them.” plan at foot, does this border on conspiracy since Raniere and Bronfman are not supposed to be in contact?

    If happening, would this put those passing messages between the two of them in any legal trouble?

  • I’m pretty sure that Clare has encountered women in prison who clearly recognize the structure of DOS (and actually Nxivm in form) was remarkably similar to a prostitution stable with the girls closest to KR (excluding Clare) operating as “bottoms”, the females who control the mid level girls with all the money and sex moving up to the defacto pimp.
    Someday Clare will be forced to recognize what he was actually doing, regardless of how he spun it. I doubt she will have any further interest in the man whose guidance resulted in the destruction of her life, reputation, career, and future while loosing millions of dollars of her money, and totally impairing six years of her life. Reality will just break through and she will be done with it all.

  • “Bronfman had been involved with NXIVM, a professed self-help group, since 2003.” Almost fifteen years is a long time for C.B. to not know what was happening in NXIVM, why it was happening and the politics of it all. Was S.B. not charged because she wasn’t directly involved in the crimes?

    Did NXIVM have something to do with what the Bronfmans, their wealthy friends and wealthy acquaintances were trying to accomplish in world politics? What did the Bronfmans, their wealthy friends and wealthy acquaintances know about the take-down of Libya?

    Do any Bronfmans, their wealthy friends and wealthy acquaintances know many people of how many African nations want to be free from their masters?

    From Truthout (org) … “Of the 3,000 emails released from Hillary Clinton’s private email server in late December 2015, about a third were from her close confidante Sidney Blumenthal, the attorney who defended her husband in the Monica Lewinsky case.

    One of these emails, dated April 2, 2011, reads in part: ‘Qaddafi’s government holds 143 tons of gold, and a similar amount in silver…. This gold was accumulated prior to the current rebellion and was intended to be used to establish a pan-African currency based on the Libyan golden Dinar. This plan was designed to provide the Francophone African Countries with an alternative to the French franc (CFA).’ …”

    • “… Jean-Luc Brunel (1946 – 19 February 2022) was a French model scout. He gained prominence by leading the international modelling agency Karin Models, and founded MC2 Model Management, with financing by Jeffrey Epstein. The subject of a 60 Minutes investigation in 1988, Brunel faced allegations of sexual assault spanning three decades …”

      “… Ginta Lapiņa (born 30 June 1989) is a Latvian fashion model. Lapiņa was born in Riga, and raised in Aizkraukles and began her modeling career in 2005, after being scouted in Riga by Nils Raumanis, and after placed with MC2 Model Management in New York City …”

      “… Adam Hock (born October 9, 1964) is an American businessman who has founded and co-founded several companies in the financial sector. He was married to Latvian model Ginta Lapiņa, but the couple divorced in 2017 …”

      “… In November 2011, Sara Bronfman traveled to Libya with fellow NXIVM member (and future spouse) Basit Igtet, accompanied by consultants including Adam Hock and Joseph Hagin. In 2012, Igtet and Bronfman founded the Canada-Libya Chamber of Commerce, serving as its inaugural president and chairman of the board respectively …”

  • I hope Clare is being treated well and has made some good friends. Seems to me she kinda fell into something with the wrong group of people. I believe she was abused.

    I also sense she may be the most humble and self sacrificing of anyone in that entire group, ever, even more than Pam.

    I honestly, truly hope that prison has helped Clare to become a little more gangster! It would be so cool to see Clare blossom and become a real G!

    Guess we’ll have to wait and see how she plays her cards but I’m gunning for her! She’s got a dangerous amount of money so fingers crossed, hey?

  • Any bookmakers here? Given her steadfast refusal to denounce/renounce KAR and NXIVM, what are the odds that Clare commits a probation violation within 12 months of her release?

    • I think she’ll be given some good non-NXIVM handlers. I’d put the odds low. 15%. Not sure I’d take action, but would throw some money at it if the bookie saw it a different way.

        • Frank,
          Just say 50/50. That’s some
          Price is Right odds. It’s a Vig. LOL

          I’ll give anyone +2300 odds.
          No way Clare pays out.
          Three reasons:
          1. My opinion is she has asked all the NXIVM’ers to not contact her or say anything about her. I bet she’s not even communicating with her sister.

          2. Clare is petrified of staying longer.

          3. Clare can pay off anyone (Obviously.)

  • Clare Bronfman’s time in custody seems to change daily.

    Bureau of Prisons
    Register Number: 91010-053
    Age: 43
    Race: White
    Sex: Female
    Located at: Danbury FCI
    Release Date: 08/18/2025

  • Did Clare fall for Raniere’s schtick, or was she just as evil as he was? Was she a dumbass, or a fiendishly accomplished manipulator? Was she always on the lookout for a Raniere type to do her bidding, or was she corralled by him into his own reckless ventures?

    It’s really hard to come to any definitive answers. Even insiders will no doubt have their own opinions. You can also think of it all as a continuum with the truth somewhere inbetween. However, there’s always going to be some kind of interaction between people that will impact the direction of both. Whatever the case, there is no doubt that like the Dead-enders, her devotion to, and belief in Raniere bordered on the pathological.

    What we can say with some degree of certainty is that the whole operation required both parties. She bankrolled him and he called the shots. Was it something like $60M dollars he lost on commodities trading? That can’t have gone unnoticed. And yet the money continued to flow in. Did NXIVM / ESP ever make any profits? The tax records would seem to suggest otherwise. It’s anyone’s guess how much Clare knew about DOS, but surely she must have known something?

    Perhaps it’s slightly hyperbolic to claim they ruined the world: we all bear some responsibility for that. Their collective action did ruin many people’s worlds though. Like any major investor in a new company, she no doubt claimed to her friends that everything was going swimmingly until they ran into a bit of a branding issue.

  • If the guy with the one-track mind wants to respond with his anti-Jewish vitriol, he should stop before he starts.

    Real Jews don’t use our time or resources to commit crime after crime to do so much harm to so many. Senior NXIVM members weren’t living according to Jewish tradition. Exploitation of others for the sake of earthly materialism, controlling others through blackmail and sexual extremism aren’t religious tenants in any of the world’s major religions.

    After twenty years of the feds looking the other way, that group’s sinister deceit and destruction eventually went international. What took so long for the feds to file charges? And, after the top layer of the network was exposed, why were no charges filed against all senior NXIVM members who were as responsible for all that harm done?

    Old news points to solid evidence of actionable offenses committed by more than just the few in that apparently international organization. An article in the Daily Mail says:

    “… Bronfman called the u-turn a success in a post on her blog. ‘After an onslaught of negative articles and powerful local personalities voicing their lack of support for his proposed visit, His Holiness postponed until the truth became evident,’ she wrote.

    ‘In the end the truth prevailed, but in the process we lost participants, money and good faith.’

    In a YouTube video of the event held at the Palace Theater in Albany on May 6, 2009, Raniere can be seen in the audience on the front row as the Dalai Lama speaks.

    Sara Bronfman and sister Clare can be seen up on stage alongside the Tibetan Buddhist leader.

    However, the event seemingly backfired for NXIVM when the Dalai Lama, during a question and answer, was asked about his canceled visit.

    The 81-year-old said of Raniere and NXIVM: ‘If you have done something wrong, you must accept, you must admit, change, make correction. If you have not done (anything wrong), make clear all these allegations (are untrue), truthfully, honestly, openly, transparently.’

    Then he asked the media to investigate Raniere and report the truth of their findings.

    Despite the rebuke, sources claim the visit was seen as a significant ‘endorsement’ by senior NXIVM members. …”

  • “Those who enabled Charles Manson…”

    So now there’s supposed to be some giant conspiracy behind Manson? How fascinating! Do tell!

    Is it the same giant conspiracy that “handles” Raniere? Fascinating…

    The Rosicrucians, perhaps? The Trilateral Commission? Knights Templar? The Jooz?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    “See Mission Statement #11 for the answer”
    God I love conspiracy theories. They tell you there’s this super secret society that runs the world. How do they know? It’s right there in their mission statement! Kinda lets the air out of the “super secret” bit, no?

    Thanks for this. I needed a good laugh to go with my morning coffee and donut!

    • Ever hear about Frederick Lenz III?

      When deprogrammers deprogrammed one of his followers, they mentioned Charles Manson. Maybe it meant nothing or maybe they were talking about what Tom O’Neill knew about. Ever hear of the book CHAOS published about 2019?

      Lenz’s group is still going strong after about the same number of his followers were mysteriously knocked off — about the same number knocked off as with the Bronfman group. Scary people. Not anything to joke around about.

    • I think you’re taking the phrase “those who enabled” in a way that was unintended, i.e., some conpiratorial bent. It just refers to the people who did the helped Manson, without whom he couldn’t have done the things he did, just like there were people who did the same for Raniere, like Clare Bronfman.

      • Hey Allen A’loon’er Stainfeld!
        Glad you’re back!

        “Reason is achieved on a case by case basis.” (Alanzo)

        What a grand pronouncement!

        …And the ‘case’ is your logic is infallible. So therefore your reason is unquestionable…..

        LMFAO @ you!

        You obviously day dream, about being a CULT LEADER.

        Poor, Alanzo, you’ll never be a cult leader because you are a NEBISH.

        Have a great night, yah putz!

        Still using the “R” word. Don’t you remember the MOTHER who asked us all not to use that WORD because her son has autism?
        I thought you cared about me people – I guess that’s a schtick. Damn you a pathetic piece of shit.

  • Clare is demonic. When she gets out, she will only be more calculating. The survivors are in danger. This time she will not take on the high-profile NXIVM critics; this time it will be the weakest of the critica. Dani, Cami and Jessica will be first.

    I do disagree on the IQ part. Clare didn’t even have enough brains to graduate from high school. I think she is as dumb as pocket lint, yet she has strong predatorial instincts and is extremely skilled in sadism and causing pain. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t a complete dimwit. She needs to be on supervised probation for life with bimonthly visits with probation officers and psychotherapists. She will kill for Keith if she gets the chance.

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