Are Tony Quinn Educo Followers Still Stalking Defectors?

Tony Quinn

On June 21, 2021, I wrote an article about Tony Quinn and Educo.

Recently, several people have requested I write stories and provide a forum for those who claim to have had bad experiences with Quinn or Educo.

Tomas wrote:
I went to a Tony Quinn seminar. The guy helping him run the seminars – Jim Fitzgerald – was more interested in chatting up the women in the group.
Tony Quinn has a group of people around him – like Aideen Cowman and her cronies. They operate like a cult.
They recruit people and pay them to go after those who have attended seminars, but may have gone in a different direction. They pay these people to follow and mess with their heads…. 
Shiela McCaffrey, who was involved in an oil deal in Belize, spoke about this in one of her posts. People followed her constantly, and she thought she was going mad.
Susan Morrice turned on her and arranged to plant drugs in her house because she refused to sign massive shares in the oil company to Tony Quinn…
I want to hear from ALL who have experienced their mafia-type behavior. People follow you, tracking your every move, making your working environment miserable, and hacking your emails, phone, and computers. You start to question your own sanity.
Let’s start peeling back these layers and exposing these EVIL people for who they are and what they do.
Let’s start talking and gathering our group to bring down Aideen Cowman, Martin Forde, Susan Morrice, and Co.
Remember, this money is coming from Jersey into Ireland and the UK. 
Please tell your story. Let’s start talking and taking action. Then that’s where you come in, Frank. This is a massive story to crack and bring to the attention of the law.
Please post your experiences. There is strength in numbers. There must be hundreds, if not more, of you out there. Frank, I’d like you to be our center point of contact.

What is Educo and Tony Quinn?

Educo, founded by Tony Quinn, operates out of the Bahamas but has agents for “EDUCO Enlightenment Seminars,” in New YorkFort Lauderdale, and Denver.

Educo, Quinn says, comes from the Latin word “for education meaning to draw out from within.” 

People have claimed Educo operates like a cult.

  1. coercive-control
  2. cut off contact with their friends and family
  3. Sexual-assaults,  Quinn claims he was awakening women’s kundalinis.
  4. Pressure on members not to speak out.
  5. Ex-members saying they are afraid to speak out.

Tony Quinn, 78, was born in Dublin. He lives on Paradise Island in the Bahamas.

An Educo website describes him:

Dr. Tony Quinn is a world leading expert in the areas of health, wellness, human potential and mind technology. Dr. Quinn is the pioneering mind behind The EDUCO® Model.

In his younger days, he said he was a butcher, bouncer, ice cream salesman, bodybuilder, hypnotherapist, and psychological trainer.

He claims he has a Master of Science degree from the University of East London, where he majored in psychotherapy, modeling (Designing Models), and programming, and a “doctorate” in Clinical Hypnotherapy (State Approved, California, USA),

In the 1970s, Quinn claimed he could heal all manner of sickness and all manner of diseases among people who came to him, including those with cancer. His leaflet.

Quinn also claimed to do “absent healing” by meditating simultaneously with a sufferer miles apart and who were healed in the selfsame hour.

Some of his followers believed he was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ and kissed his feet in rapture.

Quinn veered away from healing the sick of diverse diseases to conducting seminars to teach people to heal themselves.

He called the process “Unconscious Attention®” and the “EDUCO® Model.”

In the 1990s, Quinn began teaching seminars in the Bahamas, claiming his “mind technology” would increase a student’s “life force” [or Qi], raise their consciousness and deepen their life experience.

He taught that by increasing “life force,” a person becomes happier, healthier, and more successful.

He taught that people must tap into the “innate mental capacity and power” of the unconscious mind to increase life force. This allows them to use more of their mind to achieve their highest potential and transform into “Super You”.

Ten-day seminars cost $20,000. After learning preliminary mind technology, students can advance to the “Mind Masters” course, which costs $50,000.

According to an EDUCO website

The key is attention – with greater attention, the unconscious mind comes into play and more of the mind is accessed….
Dr. Quinn was able to train people to achieve pure attention and the ground breaking results achieved as a result, are documented and recorded across the areas of sport, medicine, business, health & fitness, personal success, anti-ageing and Self Realisation to name a few. At the purest level of Unconscious Attention®, a person can tap into their LIFE FORCE within which is the world’s greatest untapped power.

Quinn, who does not teach at every seminar, will do one-on-one consulting. He said he is the highest-paid ‘Human Potential’ speaker, in the world. 

Quinn claims he can flow the Qi at the purest level to people to cause life-changing transformation. . 

Educo agents recruit students using an MLM model. Agents have a downline and earn commissions for those they and their downline recruit. 

Quinn also has a line of Educohealth supplements, which he says are “formulated to increase a person’s LIFE FORCE.”

INE Company, Belize

Quinn was or is a director and shareholder of International Natural Energy (INE) in Belize. The company’s directors reportedly gave him millions of dollars worth of shares after he used his “mind technology” to help them find oil.

Susan Morrice and Sheila McCaffrey from Northern Ireland founded INE. Most of the 300 investors in the company were Quinn’s Educo students. 

In 2012, McCaffrey accused the company of mismanagement and claimed the company earned more than $750 million from oil wells in Belize since 2005, but never paid the investors any dividends.

Sexual Assault Claim

Maire Lalor, a former follower, accused Quinn of assault and battery; allegedly obtaining money by false pretenses; alleged fraudulent misrepresentation, intentional or careless infliction of mental suffering and suborning her by undue influence.

Lalor worked as a healing therapist for Quinn and later sold seminars for him. Quinn denied the claim and said Lalor was trying to extort money from him. 


Quinn established a chain of gyms in Ireland, Belize, London, and Los Angeles called Educogym. The program involves a ketogenic diet, Quinn’s dietary supplements, and a “Time Machine” exercise device.


Amelie ‘Eve’ Hattingh and Tony Quinn. 

Personal life

According to his Wikipedia page, Quinn has a South African girlfriend, Amelie Hattingh, who is about 40 years younger than him.

A Educo agent recruited her to attend a seminar in 2005, when she was 19 She was introduced to Quinn, then 61, and he greeted her, saying, “Eve, I presume.”

Quinn also said he has a Martello tower house in Malahide, Dublin, a property on Hamhaugh Island on the Thames in London, three cottages in Arbour Hill and a cottage in Rush.

Photos of Quinn with Amelie ‘Eve’ Hattinghin in 2014.

Tony Quinn Said:

If you were to relate to me, by that I mean give up all your resistance, give up all your ideas that are in the way and align yourself to me, then I can bring out all the Self and put in a programme that you and I believe was best for you and give you this perfect life…
Something in them, which I believe is their force, recognizes the force in me and they instantly, quite frankly, would do anything that I told them and there is no problem.

Other Links

Dialogue Ireland documenting EDUCO for years. Also see their:

Quinn’s life.

 EDUCO Model promises results

Documentary by TV3’s 20/20 show

Documentary about a student

Rick Ross on EDUCO

London 2020.

An ex-member’s account

Additional comments


There are so-called recruits who Educo pays to follow people or mess with their heads. Another person is Susan Hayes… She went on seminar and the Educogym training and she is now receiving money from Educo to follow people and report back to them. This stuff sounds crazy, but it actually goes on. They are doing this for years. Headed up by Aideen Cowman and Susan Morrice.

Susan Morrice

Aideen Cowman supposedly does “absent healing” on people.

People send her money and requests for her to work on. One look at this woman, and anyone would know she comes from the other side. She is dark and scary looking.

Fairgamed Educo Nobody

I haven’t been aware of much of what is going on in EDUCO’s homeland. I do have contacts there, but since the court-cases 2012-2014, EDUCO has seemingly gone to ground. But I know they are still recruiting there:.

I worked with Babu Shah, when he imported EDUCO into the UK and covertly recruited in my workplace. On finding out Manj Weerasekera was exposed online in 2017 for covertly recruiting for EDUCO, I have been able to piece together some of what has been going on here in the UK.

Many people involved in recruitment here in the UK are listed here.

I was informed early on in my discoveries, on finding out about EDUCO in 2020, that new recruits are groomed, and often it is only after they have paid £5K that they are told it’s EDUCO & “Dr.” Tony Quinn.

EDUCO hasn’t just recruited covertly, though; as can be seen in this post from 2018. I found Meet-Up “Events” on the subject of “Enlightenment” (much like Mary Ann Malone’s groups above) what were attended by recruiter Alexandra Weerasekera.

I have been pulled into a London Police Station this year (EDUCO members like calling the police about me) and told by one officer that EDUCO is “about wellness”, which I find a ridiculous statement: . I am not sure what it is with the Met Police and Cults!

I have been told of multiple serious sexual assaults in EDUCO dating back to the 1970s. A verified member of the communes in the 1970s told how a child who joined the commune when she was 4 had sex with the commune-“Guru” Tony Quinn by the time she was 17.

I have heard privately more disturbing… I know most members are wary of associating publicly with their group. Some even conceal their association until their new recruit has paid thousands for the “Enlightenment Seminar”, where they are assured they will become enlightened in 20 seconds!

Listen to Madness Madness episode on Educo (from 10min 30sec onward).


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3 months ago

Frank, I need to update you on the events currently happening in Ireland with this cult. It has now escalated beyond belief. This cult is acting like the mafia – recruiting and recruiting. They now have some garda involved. You need to write about this and expose what is going on. The person they are targeting needs help NOW. I have tried to contact you. What is the best way to contact you please urgently. Tomas

7 months ago

Thank you for your very good work Frank.

Can I ask, did the class B shareholders for the oil company ever recieve any dividends.

10 months ago

Frank I have sent you an email on your Gmail. Can you check please. I need to contact you. Tomas

10 months ago

Honestly this guy make a lot of sense. Tap into the subconscious mind and get to be Super You. I would consider taking his course.

10 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

More fool you

10 months ago

It’s absolutely a cult– the tactics are so clear. RUN– Far and fast and don’t look back. Then call Frank Parlato.

10 months ago
Reply to  Dovi

Totally agree. Only problem these people are relentless.

Fairgamed Educo Nobody
10 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I will write a proper comment in the coming days as Frank’s article has had an impact.

When Frank published his first article ( ) on June 21 2021 (a Monday I recall) I was ecstatic and remain very grateful. (I know other ex-EDUCO members are similarly impressed with Frank and his insight into these types of groups.)

But what happened on the Sunday later that week of Frank publishing was the beginnings of some very strange events. I was taken from my flat in the afternoon and driven by 3 Police officers to Charing Cross Police Station. I was held in cells for 25 hours and placed in front of a magistrate. When the CPS were asked to present evidence as to why I was there they responded they had no evidence and I was released, with a condition to not tweet about a forthcoming trial.

Whilst waiting for my turn in front of the magistrate my solicitor asked me about someone who was claiming I had called them, bothering them. I told them I had done no such thing. All I could remember was a phone call I had from Pam Sidhu on May 4 2021. She had called me asking why I was tweeting about her and EDUCO. She denied knowing anything about EDUCO which I found out later to be a lie. I have written this up here:

What I later found out was Sidhu’s husband Ranjeev Singh Sidhu ( ) renamed his company that same week from “The Enlightenment Project Ltd” to “The Exec Branch Ltd”.

Other events have happened, such as a chap called Peter Loy (brother of Declan Loy) sending me late night messages of an insulting nature in October 2021. Peter did explain he had attended the EDUCO Seminar.

I’d love to compare notes on harassment by EDUCO members from others who have been subjected to it.

(Note: The EducoWorld subreddit remains “Banned” by Reddit for the reason of “Spam”, although it did interest Cory Doctorow enough to retweet about it. Doctorow was an associate of Aaron Swartz who co-founded Reddit. Luckily most of the content is archived on, . The recent video I posted online of me visiting a Tony Quinn residence to wish Tony Quinn a Happy-New-Year isn’t archived and I’d like to share with Frank.)

Aristotle’s Sausage
Aristotle’s Sausage
10 months ago

“Life force”? “Qi energy”? “Mind technology”? Anyone who believes this shit needs to have their head examined.

Mind control is soul control. Soul control is spiritual warfare.
Mind control is soul control. Soul control is spiritual warfare.
10 months ago

“Quinn rebranded in the 1990s as a business guru and began mind-coaching seminars …

… As Quinn says: “Bill Gates transformed the world through computers. My vision is to transform the world through mind technology.”

Fairgamed Educo Nobody
10 months ago

Today was taken down! What a day! Thank you for posting this Frank

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